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Fantasy Phone Sex Specialist Rebecca

As a sex therapist I make a super hot accomplice for some Fantasy phone sex. I am a specialist at all kinds of sexy roles. We can use our imagination for those fantasies that we just can’t get our minds off of. I would love to be the sexy doctor examining you. I will be the cure. Your medicine is what I have between my legs.

My sensual cock sucking skills are simply irresistible for men. But also note that the same could be said with women as well. Yes, I have instinctively wonderful oral skills. I am orally fixated as much as I am extremely sensual. Esthetics also hold a great place in my sexual provocations. A sexy, well groomed man is candy for my libido. As I hope I am candy for your sexual drive too.

Fantasy phone sex

Bratty Girlfriend Needs Punishing

Gfe Phone SexI love being that little spicy girl friend for you but my best experiences consist of being a naughty brat and ready for daddy to punish me! I told daddy just earlier today wjile we were playing how I have been playing with my dripping wet pussy all night long and I have made myself cum over at least five times! He was not happy and of course raced over to give me my punishment. He had me bend over and play with my tiny tits, pinching the nipples and making me moan, scream and cry! I guess that is what I get for not listneing to your rules while you were gone but I think that means it’s time for you to come back over and fuck me!

Naughty Teacher Farah Loves Younger Cock

naughty teacherI love being a naughty teacher. I went to grad school to be a professor for all the young cock I could get. Originally, I was just in private practice as a psychologist. I wanted access to younger studs, so I went back to school and got my Ph.D. And now I am the hottest and dirtiest woman on campus, but very few know that. I have the reputation of being sexy but reserved. That is just because I reject my fellow professors. Men my age don’t have the stamina or the cocks I want. College boys have hard cocks that work 24 /7. We are on fall break right now, and I am making use of my off-campus time. Every day of break, I have a different boy at my house servicing me for extra-credit. Today’s college hunk is a 20-year-old business major with a 9-inch cock. His name is Denny and he has milf fever. He was all over this mature sexy babe first day of class. Now, he is in me too. He brought me Starbucks coffee and his hard cock. I had breakfast in bed. Denny is by far my favorite teacher’s pet in a while. He is super smart, so I don’t have to trade sexual favors for grades. He has big cock that works like magic. And he is a trust fund boy, so he spoils me better than men twice his age. I enjoyed my morning with cock and cum in bed.

Erotic Roleplaying to Porn

Erotic roleplayingI love watching porn. Anything from vanilla to super-kinky, it turns me on so much. I watch it when I’m alone, and sometimes with him. More often than not, I also touch myself. I massage my tits, pinch and twist my nipples, and run my hands the length of my body. I like to flick my clit a few times before I spread my pussy lips and slide fingers up and down my gash. The feeling of my pussy juices spreading along my slit makes me even more excited, and I love to taste it. I’ll dip fingers into myself and start massaging my clit with my other hand. When my guy is with me, he’ll often push my fingers off my clit, and start licking and sucking on it while I finger-fuck myself. My favorite, though, is when he moves my hands completely out of the way, and slides into me at parts that he knows are turning me on a lot. Feeling him fill me up as I watch things that just make my pussy throb is the most erotic feeling, and it makes me cum so hard and fast, every time. Then, I’m pulsing around him as he thrusts in and out, and I keep getting off, driving him off even faster. Yeah, porn is so much fun!

Kiss Me

Sensual Phone Sex

Nothing is hotter than kissing. I believe this because isn’t it kissing the thing that gets everyone all started in all the other sexual things in the first place? All you gotta do is land one kiss…and at some point you know you’ll have that tiny tight pussy. At least that’s how it is with me, and some super steam sensual phone sex. Just last night… about 4am I woke up to my friend in my house. He has his own key for crashing here occasionally. He was almost naked and clearly ready to go, I was a little shy and uneasy at first – being all surprised and all. But soon as his lips met mine, and I felt his tongue slipping into mine, my fetish was satisfied. I wanted more… I wanted him to kiss me while he stuffed my pussy full. The deeper he kissed me the deeper and harder her fucked me… this was just what I wanted and I was so turned on! It wasn’t long before he was filling me up with cum and I could feel his tongue down my throat. As he pumped me full I was fully satisfied, and already thinking about the next time…