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Sex education

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Mature phone sex

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Getting My Tan On

Mature phone sexI decide to go out on my front lawn and sunbathe topless for the neighborhood men. It was a Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining brightly. And a lot of the men were out working on their lawns. I brought out my lawn chair but a towel down took off the top of my bikini top. Pretending I did not realize I had an audience. I did a big stretch and then lay down on my back. Spreading my legs slightly and arching my back. I had on my sunglasses. I could at least 15 guys staring, I bit on my lip feeling my pussy leak a little. I loved all the stares I was getting. A few of those guys made their way on over to me. And after a few gropes on my body. I was ready to give even a better show to the neighborhood.