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Sensual Morning Fuck

Sensual Phone Sex AnnaThere’s something about morning cock that makes my cunt quiver and tighten once it slides into my wet pussy. I enjoy a good slow stroking, that way I can hear my juices slowly drown your meat stick while you moan softly leaning into my ear. I usually love to get choked up and stuffed- but this morning, I was feeling sensual. I wanted to really endure the length, girth and head of your cock. When you lean in to kiss me, you curve and hit a spot in my cunt that just made me squirt all over you but you kept going. Your dick got harder and you flipped me on side, kissing my shoulders, chest gasping with each thrust then sucking on my right titty while gripping the left. You grabbed the 7inch dildo by my pillows and slipped it into my ass using the juices from my cunt and made me lay back down on it. You began to fuck me harder until I was about to cum again but this time you exploded inside of me so that we both could curl up into one another. So we laid there, sweaty, embraced, legs curled together-tired but so pleased. That is how I enjoy my some mornings with you. 

Mature Phone Sex Women

Mature phone sexMature phone sex stories are something I have a lot of as a sexy mature woman. Younger men love me. Now that I am in my 40s I am a certified cougar. Do you know why I like younger men? Not only do their cocks get hard at hello, but they are uncomplicated and can fuck all night long. I was on a bad date the other night. We were having drinks at this new night club. Zach was our waiter. He saw the look on my face when my date said he forgot his wallet. I had to pay for drinks and dinner. Zach slipped me his number on the check. Underneath his number was, “drop the loser, I’ll take care of you.” I texted him my address. I ditched my loser date and hooked up with a 23 year old waiter and grad student. Zach showed up with a six pack of beer and a hard 9 inch cock. I felt like a college coed again. I blew his socks off. Only a sexy mature woman can give great head. It is something you get better with over time. I have sucked a lot of cock. I have a strong oral fixation. Seriously, he blew load number one down my throat. Load number two in my pussy. Load number three went up my ass. And believe it or not, I got a load number four on my face and tits. Of course that load was the next morning. I was asleep still and he took care of his morning wood himself. I woke up when his hot seed splattered all over me. I licked him clean. I do enjoy the taste of cum. I always swallow by the way. The hell with dating men my age. I am going to just stick with what I know always makes me cum, younger guys.


phone sex line mercyI occasionally like to go to the spa to pamper myself, it’s always a nice getaway and leaves me feeling refreshed and revived.

I do, however, try to pamper myself every day. I love long soaks in a hot, soapy bubble bath infused with any number of natural fragrances. I treat my feet myself daily with a pedicure. My finger- and toe-nails are carefully groomed daily, and I love to paint them. My favorite color is Louboutin Women’s Classic Red, but I also like pink and some sweet purples.

I have a whole selection of lotions, creams, and balms to keep my skin soft and supple, most of which I buy unscented and mix my own fragrances into. My favorites are Jasmine and Strawberry, depending on the mood I’m in.

I also keep fresh cucumber in my fridge daily, and I always wear sunscreen to protect my luscious skin when I am out and about.

There is not a way imaginable that I don’t take care of myself, and you can feel it in every inch of my body.