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Loud and Hard All Over My Face

Edgeplay phone sex

So the prison gangbang wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be, except for a few most of them wanted me to enjoy it too. Which I did, I’m mean come on who wouldn’t love a huge gangbang. Afterward wasn’t the most fun, I had to go to the Captain’s office. Ugh, getting chewed out sucks, but I now also have to suck his cock weekly to keep my job.
I guess I don’t mind really, I mean he has a great cock to suck and not to brag but I’ve got skills. After he got done babbling about ethics and some other junk I got to give him a nice long unrushed blowjob. As he started to unbuckle his pants I said that I wanted to do it. I walked to him, unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my tits out of my bra. I could see his cock getting hard in his pants so I got them down and him sitting back down. I got on my knees and looked up at him smiling. I sucked the head of his cock and he was clearly enjoying it but kept thrusting his hips upward wanting me to deep throat him. Well, we aren’t in the prison anymore so I am going to tease and edge him like he’s never had before. His balls looked like they needed some attention too, which I gladly gave my tongue to slather all over. Not just his balls though, his taint and a little wiggle over his asshole. I know he enjoyed that, his cock got super rigid in my mouth. After a nice long session of getting him to the edge over and over, he was writhing in his seat begging to cum. Yeah, I got my Captain, the very one who was going to fire me… begging me to let him cum. I loved it! Finally, I sat up from downing his cock and said I’m going to go sit on that couch, legs spread, and mouth open. You can decide how you want to cum, down my throat or up my tight wet fuckhole. Which will it be? He throat fucked me and fucked me hard in my pussy and ass. He finally shot his load, loud and hard all over my face and tits. Not a bad day at all.

You can all fuck this whore as many times as you want

Roleplay phone sex

I don’t know who the mother fucker is that narced me out to my boss, but if I find out it was one of you I am going to tie you down and tease your cock until you beg me to stop, then I’ll keep doing it longer and longer. That doesn’t seem like much of a threat until you are in the middle of it, trust me. So because of whoever you are, I got “fired” for fucking you all. My boss was going to make me go to the prison and look after the high-security wing. There are the most rapes there and I don’t want to go. So because of you… I had to go to the jail where my boss told me to meet him. I got into the jail and I felt like I was being booked for a crime. They searched me, they took my mugshot and sat me in a cell and told me to wait for the Captain. I sat there, kind of pissed, like what the fuck?
The Captain is finally making his way over to the cell I am in. He looks at me and says “I thought I fired you, slut.” I just pursed my lips ready to say fuck you pal but I didn’t. I actually do want my job back it’s a pretty lush gig. The Captain and another officer came into the cell, both of them with a smirk and I don’t know if I was seeing things at the time, but it looked like they both had a hard on. I soon figured out why. They cuffed my wrists behind my back and marched me out into the central booking area where all the other people being charged were sitting waiting for release or a judge. They latched the cuffs to the front counter where I was facing everyone, front and center. The cells above and behind were opened and the inmates stepped out to see my jail jump suit being cut off. The howling and chanting began as the Captain asked who was horny. Every guy in there stood up clapping and grabbing their cocks. Oddly I wasn’t scared, I was thinking wow I didn’t even have to plan this gangbang. The Captain told them all he was first and they could watch how a real man fucks. They booed him but it didn’t stop him at all, he uncuffed me from the front desk and jerked me over to the stairs. He positioned my leg and all in one motion he shoved his big thick cock inside my pussy. I yelled out in pain and pleasure just as one of the other male guards took my picture. Captain fucked me hard and came inside me and made his announcement. “You can all fuck this whore as many times are you want she is here for the night for your use in cell 12, she will be cuffed so you don’t have to struggle with keeping her down.” My eyes are just huge, thinking what the fuck did he just say? As he was turning to leave he looked me straight in the eye and whispered “Well you like to fuck everything, so now everything is going to fuck you. You want your job, I’ll get nothing but good reports from all the guys … and girls that fuck you whore. Or your job goes bye bye.” He walks away and the other guards tell the inmates to come up get a number. I am dragged to the cell and cuffed to the bed with a cheap gross mat on it.
It was very … different. I have to go check on a parolee; I’ll have to write more to you guys later. Talk to you again soon.

Revenge on the cop cock

Great blowjobs

Yes I know I’m part of law enforcement too, but I don’t really act like it. I make my parolees fuck me, men and women. Sometimes I even blackmail them into doing what I want. When I went to visit one of my parolees in jail to give him his revocation papers, there was a particular guard being … well a fucking asshole. He acted like I was just a woman in his jail. Ugh, what a dickhead. I finished with the inmate and let dickhead know I was ready to go. He saunters over to the cell slowly and takes out his keys like he’s waiting for the second coming. “Do you think you can speed it up? I have shit to do.” I said to him which his response was simply to glare at me. Finally, he opened the door and walked me down the block past the inmates. Oddly enough usually when I need to come here I get cat called and all kinds of offers of getting me off, but not one peep from these guys. I think it’s dickhead guard. We walk thru the last block on the long corridor and I am seeing all the cells are empty. I feel his hand on my arm and him just pushing me into one of the cells. I yelled what the fuck at him, he came up grabbed my neck and said “This is my house, and people do what I tell them to do in my house. Now, get down on your knees and show me you understand that concept. Bitch.” I was not happy; who the fuck is this guy to pull this shit. As he takes his cock out I am not wanting to open my mouth, but he told me if I don’t he was going to show me to the showers. I really had no idea what he meant but the fuck if I was going to take the chance and find out. I open my mouth really wide and put my tongue all the way out and he slaps his cock on it. Sucking on the head and running my tongue down his shaft and I had him groaning. My tongue slathered his cock in my spit. He started to throat fuck me. I could feel him getting closer with each stroke into my throat and mouth. His hands on the back of my head I can hear him getting close to cumming … and then his warm hot load of spunk came shooting out at me. He came all over my face and when I stood up he was just smiling a cocky smirk. I thought fast and shut the cell door with him still in the cell. I took his shirt and pants (where the keys were) and one, wiped his jizz off my face. And two threw them in the garbage. “Have fun explaining why you are naked in a cell Bitch!”

The co ed gym fuck


Coed phone sex

I work out at the gym a few times a week. I have to keep fit for some of these parolees; they are young and full of cum for the most part so I have to keep up.

I had just had a great work out; sweating like mad I hopped in the shower. It was cooling me down nicely after that rigorous workout. I was leaning on the wall when the curtain started to be pulled back, it’s a co-ed locker room. “Someone is in here I shouted.” A voice from behind the curtain said, “I know, that is why I am here.” He pulls the curtain back and there is this sexy ass man standing there with a hard cock and a smile. Working out always makes so horny, the endorphins I’d say. Anyway, he steps into the shower and I am not going to resist. I mean who the fuck would resist? He didn’t waste time at all, he covered my mouth with his and was probing my pussy for just the right spot. And all at once he thrust his cock into me, my back against the cold shower wall, but the contrast in cold and hot made it even more arousing. I came almost instantly on his cock right away, but then he took my leg and put it up on his shoulder. Spreading my pussy nice and wide, he fucked me hard and deep. Trying not to make any noise was hard. People going into and out of the gym were walking by constantly. He was fucking me so hard I involuntarily let out a scream. Some guy pulled back the curtain and was shocked to see us fucking. He seemed to want to watch and the guy didn’t seem to care. So I said screw it and rode the waves of cumming and got my fill, pun intended, of cock. Once he was ready I got down on my knees and he came all over my face, mouth and I let it dribble down my chin. I licked his cum off my chin and face put myself under the water. I open my eyes and he was gone. Perfect.

Equal Opportunities To Make Me Cum

Fantasy phone sex

Every now and then I like to let my hair down, same as most people I think. However; when I unwind I feel the deep desire to be dominated. Man, woman it makes no difference, in the end, if I was able to let control go and enjoy being used, then it was all worthwhile. I’m an equal opportunity sexual being ha ha ha.
My bestie is a very dominant woman in the world around her, but like me enjoys submission too. So when either one of us needs to be dominated we know who to call.
I am waiting in the play room I have only my panty hose still on as I am required by Mistress to have my tits exposed upon her entering the play room. She walks up behind me and without hesitation, she puts a clamp on each nipple and cuffs my wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling. I know cliché right? Whips and chains, but all used for good purpose. She uses a flogger to wake up my skin, the light snaps and impact of it sends my senses into a frenzy. I get goose bumps and my nipples are rock hard as she continues. She walks away for a moment and brings back what looks like an arm with a dildo attached. She sets it down and positions it right in front of my pussy. Oh wow, it’s a fucking machine. With my wrists still attached to the ceiling, she takes my legs and puts cuffs around each knee and clamps each of them to my wrist cuffs. My pussy is very exposed and then I feel that big fucking dildo start to push into my tight little twat. The nipple clamps, the cock fucking me and all the sensations, it really won’t take me long to cum hard. She puts the fucking machine at an agonizing medium pace and it’s making my orgasm build instead of just cumming. Mistress walks back over to me from where she was watching and put a suction device on my clit. In minutes I was cumming, and because of the medium pace I came and came and came. I wonder what a Master might have in store for me?

Give me what I want…. Please

Cum on boobs

Probably asking, what does she want? Maybe from my blog picture, you can guess. I want you to cum all over me, my mouth my, down my chin and of course onto my tits. I want to make you watch while I lick it off my lips, dip my fingers into your warm hot load and show you how I swallow it right down. Suddenly my pussy starts to ache again, you are spent for now but I have a great idea. I set you down in a chair and put it next to the bed. I prop myself up with some pillows and lay down right in front of you, my pussy close enough for you to touch. I spread my legs nice and wide, I take a handful of your cum that is on my tits and I start using it to masturbate. My clit starts to respond pretty quickly. Are you watching intently as your cum makes my pussy slick, a whole other kind of cream pie I think? I start to cum and you see my pussy and asshole contracting and all at once you are pounding my pussy hard. Oh and there you go again cumming. Yum!

Pegging for rule breaking

Ass fetish

Most of my clients are pretty good about catering to my rules of fucking me each time I see them, but there is always that one. This guy in particular always has some excuse why he isn’t following my you must fuck me rule.
I brought him in for a special meeting using his parole as the motivation. When he got here I immediately locked the door behind him and instructed him to get naked. He resisted quite a lot, but eventually caved and was standing in front of me naked and looking incredible. I walked around him and inspected. I asked what the issue is with fucking me and he finally tells me he thinks his cock is too small. It wasn’t too big looking when he was soft but he was a perfect 7 when hard. I told him not to worry he wasn’t going to have to use his cock today. I walked him to the bathroom, told him to put his hands on the sink and spread his legs. While he did that, I slipped my strap on cock up my legs and put the clit stimulator in a perfect spot. I ran my hand down his back with my nails scratching. I quickly lube my cock and start pushing it toward his asshole. He started to stiffen up and I told him this was going to happen either way so he might as well try to enjoy it.
My strap on spread his asshole open and he took my big cock like a champ, I was fairly impressed. I gave him a reach around and started jerking off his cock. I felt the pulsing of him when he started to cum, he grunted and groaned and sounded relieved. “Next time you fuck me.”

Ass sex porn

Jump Parole Jump my Bones

Fantasy phone sexOne of my parolees skipped town and I tracked him down to this tiny beach town south of here. I was pissed but a little happy that my job was going to lead me to the beach, but hey business first right? I found the jumper at a nudist beach; I thought how perfect I can gain his trust that I’m not going to arrest him. I’ll be naked and nowhere to put the cuffs.
I walk up naked as naked can be, I purposely stand in his sunlight. He doesn’t look up right away just says “Hey get out of my sun.” “Just your sun, huh?” Parolee sits up startled, a few oh shits and oh fuck I’m goin to jail come out of his mouth and I just smile until he gains composure. He settles down and then finally notices that I am standing in front of him totally naked. His mouth drops open and I say “Since your mouth is open, why don’t you stick that tongue out and put it to good use.” Still, a little shell shocked he grabs me and pulls me down on top of him and slams his cock right into me. My pussy swallows his cock, and to be honest I was a little wet from being nude and showing my body to everyone, ok more than a little wet. We fucked and fucked, even had some people watch and enjoy but we just kept going. He fucked my pussy into forgiveness for him skipping out on his parole obligations to me. Pretty damn good fuck, I don’t usually dole out forgiveness for that.

A parolee and his violated asshole

Domination porn

Parolee number 119823 has been a very bad boy, and my patience is stretched to the end with him. He has a check in today and he’s already 5 minutes late. Not a good idea to keep your vindictive parole officer waiting.
I call him and leave a voice mail. “Hello 119823, I’m going to have you meet me at my home tonight to make up for your missed appointment.” I left my address on the message and time to be there.
8 pm and there is a knock. My parolee has arrived and is apologizing up and down for missing our appointment. He is working 3rd shift and fell asleep. I told him he will not fall asleep for this.
I took him to my dungeon told him to get on the floor and lay back with knees up. I put old school cuffs on each of his wrists and then bring his ankles up to each cuff. Bound legs up ass open. I blindfold him and ask if he is ready to be a good parolee. He says yes but I know he is lying. “Maybe this will be the lesson you need bad boy.”

Domination phone sex

From the corner comes one of my other parolees, he’s 6’5, black and hung like a horse. I pour some lube on bad boy’s asshole and horse cock stuffs his thick-headed cock right in. Bad boy lets out a whimper and a moan at the same time. Once he is balls deep horse cock starts to pound bad boy’s asshole brutally. I go up to the bad boy’s head and whisper in his ear. “Who’s my bitch? You will get this brutal fucking every day if you don’t start behaving, is that clear?” I get a yes Ma`am in between every thrust into his asshole.
Sore and fucked raw bad boy is released and sent home. Lesson learned maybe, we’ll see.

Parolee’s Unexpected Rules

Femdom phone sex

I notice a lot of times the guys that come to see me after being in prison for a while are constantly hard. I don’t really think it’s my fault, of course when these well-built tatted guys come in looking hot as fuck … my pussy takes over my brain and body.
My first visit with a former inmate was so fucking hot. He knocked on my door and I allowed him to enter. My eyes got super wide I am sure. When I saw him my pussy immediately wanted him fucking me. I got the usual junk out of the way of rules and checking in. But as I leaned back in my chair I sensed a little hostility coming from my parolee. I simply asked him “what is it that I am sensing.” He told me his longtime girlfriend left him for a woman and he’s been alone since he was let out a few days ago. While he talked about his misfortune with a bitch, he looked at the ground afraid to look up. I took advantage and started to unbutton my shirt, I popped my tits out the top of my bra and said “Ahem” and cleared my throat. Parolee 99870 looked up and was clearly shocked. I said “Here are the extra rules, big boy. Every week you check in, you need to be ready to fuck me until I cum. Eat my pussy, fuck me exactly how I like it. If you fuck up while free you will really have to make it up to me by being my sex slave. Understood?” He stuttered a little bit, but was standing with a “Yes Ma`am!” He was naked in seconds and sucking my tits all in one stride. He was like a starving person, but for flesh. His cock, was super hard, as I went down to give him a blowjob he picked me up and sat me on his cock and fucked me while he stood and I was folded up in his arms. Damn does a cock go deep when you fuck like that!

Roleplay phone sex

He made me cum all over him, my cummy pussy dripped my juices all down his balls, which just seemed to make him fuck me that much harder. He asked if I was satisfied for now and he put me down. I furrowed my brows in question. He asked if he could meet me later that night so he could really show me how he fucks, all night and all about me cumming as much as possible. I controlled the huge grin brimming beneath my stoic face. I can’t wait to see his bedroom skills even more.


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