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Like What You See?

Sexy babe You like the way My body  looks?  You can have this body if you behave. Treat Me right.  Make Me feel like the Princess I am.  Shower Me in gifts.  Spoil me until My hearts content.  I will be your Princess and you will be My servant.  My special servant to take care of all my needs inside and out.  To get Me what ever I desire.  That is how you get my body.  That is how you get permission to slide your rock hard cock deep in my pussy.  This is how you get to enjoy this pussy and body.  So if you wanna play on My playground boys.  Cum make Me your Princess. And I will let your cock drain over and over.


Fantasy phone sexI need a husband to take care of Me. A husband to control. A husband I can tease.  Let him watch Me have sex with other men.  Let my husband see what a real cock looks like as it gives Me pleasure, he can not.  I need a husband at My beck and call.  Give Me money every day to go shopping.  A husband to pay all my bills.  And I live My slutty life with My husband under My thumb.  I do not want a boi as a husband.  But I do want a husband who knows his place.  A husband who will strive everyday to treat me like the Goddess I am. To make me happy every single day.  In every thing I want, need, and crave.



Looking For Another Pet

Sexy babeMy pets have requested a new pet to add to group,  And I could use another play mate. So I Am putting out a call for all pets to apply if they wish.  Only one will be excepted.  Requirements are as follows:  There will be complete obedience and submission from your end. You will address Me as Ma’am until you have permission to call Me Goddess or Mistress.  You will be gracious, eager, in your service to Me.  You will not question My orders.  There will be a probation period of three months. If at the end of the three months.  I Am pleased.  My pets are pleased.  And you are pleased.  Then you will get a pretty purple collar for that neck of yours.  And you may call Me Goddess or Mistress.

My Sexy Dominatrix

Sexy dominatrixListen up you little worthless bois. This is Daisy My gorgeous sexy Dominatrix.  I bow to Her so that means you do to. No boi is worth respect. But My Mistress Daisy deserves all of our respect.  I Am Mistress Daisy pet pussy.  And she loves to hear Me purr.  I love Her perfect pussy between her legs.  The smell the taste of that sweet pussy when I Am allowed to play with that beautiful pussy.  Since the day Mistress Daisy and I have met we have.  She has owned Me. Dominated over Me.  Made me into her pet pussy.  And I fucking love every minute of it.  I love to have My pets watch as I please My Mistress.  Watching Me squirt hard as Mistress squirts.  Not letting My pets cum at all.

Watch Me Husband As I get Pregnant By Those Men

Cuckold phone sexI have decided that I want a little one. To teach how to be a good Dominatrix. But I have decided that I will not have My husbands little one. I will have another mans baby. I will go out tomorrow night and bring home three nice well hung men to fuck. Right in front of My husband. Let him watch in the corner. Not even allowing him to jerk off that little bitty thing that he calls a dick.   Let him seeing a real cocks get Me pregnant and give Me My little one I have always wanted.  I let the men cum deep inside My cunt and when I get pregnant I wont know which one of the three men gave Me My little one.  And when that little one is here.  She will rule over My husband and he will take care of Her and all She wants.

I Am Always In Control, Except For The Other Day

Domination phone sexSarah My friend came over with her friend Tony. I thought Tony was a good looking guy. I could tell he was no sissy boi. A dominatrix can always tell such things. But Tony being a Dom was a surprise to Me. Without warning he grabbed Me by the hair and brought Me to My knees. Normally this would be unacceptable and punished extremely. But the way he grabbed Me and took control. Was such a turn on for me. that I did not resist or fight. Kneeling before him as he stood above me.  Knowing this time I was not the one to make the rules.  That I was not the one in control this time.  I have to admit my pussy was very wet at this point.  Loving the control Tony had over Me.  I was his bitch not his Goddess.  And I loved it.

My Pet Catches Me Masturbating

Mutual masturbation storiesI was fucking My Self the this morning with My dildo. And My one pet caught Me. I saw him starring at Me in the door way on his knees. I smiled at him as I waved him to cum in and get closer. He is such a good boi I Am very proud of him. I slid the dildo out of My pussy and told My boi to go ahead and enjoy My pussy with his tongue. Which he eagerly did. Flicking at My cunt with that tongue. Sliding two fingers deep in My pussy. Making Me moan and groan in such ecstasy. As I start to squirt and cum in My pets mouth. Thrusting My hips up pushing My pussy in his face. As My body quivers as I squirt and cum over and over.

Ha Ha What A Small Clit Dick You Have

Small dick humiliation Oh my what a small Small clit dick you have. When Me and My friends saw this picture we laughed our asses off. What Woman would actually get satisfied off of that little clit dick? Your a freak with that itty bitty clit dick. I have seen little ones with bigger dicks then you. Does cum even come out of that clit dick? or do you squirt like a little bitch? I bet your ass feels like a pussy to a real Cock. I bet when you cum you sound like a bitch cumming. You should just cut that little clit dick right off.  You would be better off as a bitch.  Because you are defiantly not a Man.

Your Goddess Clarissa

The Way I Like My Sissy Bitch Bois

Domination phone sexThis is how all you sissy bitch bois should when not in use. All you bois are worthless little creatures. Some of you are good at being furniture. Some of you are good at eating pussies. Some of you are good at fucking. Some of you are good at being toilets. But you are all still worthless little bitch bois. I treat My animals better then My boi pets.  Bois in cages.  Bois on leashes.  Bois crawling around on all fours.  Barking.   Using the bathroom out side for all to see how worthless you are.  Hearing the mocking of the neighbors as you squat.  When I have a party bringing out for all my friends.  To be humiliated.  To be beat. And  to have your pussy ass fucked.

Sissy Boi Wanda begging for Collar

Sissy humiliation Laughs. There is this sissy boi doggy bitch Wanda. Who begs every time he sees me to have My collar. He says he will do anything for My collar. I laugh as if that would be a choice for him to do anything for My collar. Of course he would do anything and he would beg and love to do what ever I ask. Sissy boi doggy bitch’s have no choice. Have no free will. Yet this small clit dick and his pussy ass begs Me as if he would have a choice in what he would do for Me. What a worthless sissy boi doggy bitch to think such things. My pets and I laugh at him. We have never seen such stupidity in such a worthless sissy boi doggy bitch before. If he did receive My collar he would be the animal the lowest of all the pets.

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