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Favorite Toy

Fantasy phone sex Men are my favorite thing to play with! Men have an awesome package swinging between their legs. So many fun and exciting things I can do with that cock and balls. But before I play with you I will have you kneel in the corner of the bedroom as I fuck a huge BBC. I want you jerking off but not cumming. When I am done getting fucked we both will come over and play with you. I can’t wait to see that BBC buried in your white tight ass. My legs will be spread before you to suckle on my charming edible kitty. If you want your reward from me you will have to satisfy us both. After we are done with playing and using you then you have permission to jerk off and spill your seed on the floor but do not forget to clean up your mess with your tongue.

Sadistic Dominatrix

Fantasy phone sex I am a dominatrix and I love to torture and humiliate sissy little boys. Just today I had to take one of my sissy boys and put him over my knee whipping him hard with a belt. I whipped him so hard and I did not stop whipping him into the welts appeared and broke open with blood coming out of them. Why do you ask? What did he so wrong? Well, when he crawled to me this morning and got into the first position which is kneeling before my head lowered and hands folded behind his back. He did it wrong his hands were not folded correctly behind his back. So for this misdeed, he gets my sadistic side

She Is My Sissy

Phone sex sitesYou want to be her, don’t you? She is my sissy. Her pee pee is so small I only allow her to wear girly clothes. Pants are for men and she is no fucking man. I keep her pee pee tied tightly with sowing string around her little pee pee head and attached to a small anal hook coming out of her ass. I know it causes her pain but that is my pleasure. She has a very nice pussy ass I love to bend her over yanking the anal hook out of her ass and do her with my favorite purple 8-inch strap-on dildo. I dig my nails into her hips and pound her ass like a sissy bitch she is for me.

little Dick

Cheapest phone sex There was this small dick sissy at my friend’s house last night. Another dominatrix brought him for us to humiliate. She said her sissy had a big clit instead of a dick. But I thought she was exaggerating. But when they showed up and she had him take down his panties there was nothing there. I walked right up to him and tugged on that clit and asked him what the hell this thing was? And his balls grape size. I wish I was exaggerating but I am not. I have never ever seen a smaller fucking dick I have ever seen on a grown ass man. Of course, calling what he has a dick is an insult to all the real dicks out there.


Sexy babe You want a dominatrix like me to get on all fours and open up my fuckable holes to you? Well, then you better know how to be a good pet. After I am done getting fucked by some big motherfucking BBC you are going to suck all that juicy, thick, creamy cum right out of my holes into I am spotless clean. And you will give me several squirting orgasms or be punished. After you are done taking care of my needs. You will crawl yourself over to any real man in the room and beg to clean them off. If they want your ass you make sure you open yourself up and thank them for their use of you.

No Man’s Bitch

Domination phone sexI am no man’s bitch. Men are my bitches! They fall to their knees and crawl to me on all fours kneeling before me. When I give them permission to kiss my heals and feet they are so happy and eager to do such a task for their Goddess. I spread my legs open and quickly close them again as they kneel there giving them a little peek at the prize if they are a very good boy for me. A man on his knees like a boy in front of me makes my pussy soak and drip into my panties. I trace my heel against their thigh moving up into my heel is stabbing at their dick and I press harder until I hear them whimper. My pussy gets wetter as I begin to have my way with them.

Short Dick Man

Domination phone sexI had sissy short dick boy come up to me in the club begging for my abuse. I ignored him at first because I love to hear a sissy boy beg for my attention. When I did decide to notice him I told him to whip out what he had packing between his legs. He did and I needed a fucking magnifying glass to see it. I laughed my ass off he was hard and no bigger than my pinky width and length. how fucking pathetic! It was the most useless excuse for a dick I have ever seen. I grabbed a hold of it and started pulling on it. His balls were the size of grapes dried up grapes. I took some floss and wrapped it around tightly between his grapes and pinky dick. I am going to do him and the world a favor I am going to castrate his poor excuse of a dick.

Dominatrix Party

Sexy chat I was at a dominatrix party with plenty of different type of boys around to use and abuse. There were sissy boys, and small weenie boys, and cuckold boys. And each and every one of them was there for total use in any way any of us dominatrix seemed fit. I have a cruel side I like to make welts form on boys small dicks and pussy asses. Every time a boy crawled or walked pass my chair my bullwhip came out and gave them at least one good wack. I giggled to myself as I saw some of the boys taking second and third rounds past my chair even slowing up a bit. I found one particular boy quite pleasing. He seemed to be eager to please as many as us dominatrix as he could. That is the boy that I allowed to suck my sweet kitty into I squirt several times all over his face.

CJ’s Training

Domination phone sexDomination phone sexCJ is a sweet girl and one of my best students I have ever had. About a year ago she came to me looking to learn how to be a good, commanding Mistress to all the sissy and small dick boys around. I took her under my wing and she has absorbed everything I ever showed her. I still make her submit to me. Every good Domme was once a bitch herself. But when it comes to the boys she does great. With Nathan small itty bitty thing he calls a dick. (Laughable!!!) She wields him like a sword. He has what we call “subspace” which means he is totally infatuated with her. CJ happiness is all that matter to him. That is exactly where you want your boys to be. CJ is not done in her training and I have so many more things I still need to teach her about being a Mistress of the boys.

Clarissa’s Huge Ass Fetish

Ass fetish I have a huge ass fetish! I love being pounded in my ass by a huge dick. And when I say huge I mean huge. Nothing smaller than a 10-inch dick is allowed near my ass. I want to feel that dick fill my ass up the deeper it pushes in. Pounding at my ass as if the dick is going to pop thru my skin and end up coming out my pussy. Getting dick in the ass makes me squirt my pussy juices. It is one of the few times I let go of control is when I am getting an ass fucking. Not many get to fuck my ass only a few have that privilege and like I said you need to be packing the goods first before I even consider an ass fucking from you. I know most women don’t care for dick in their ass. But those women have no idea what they are missing out on.

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