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Sissy At My Feet

Sexy babe I love a sissy at my feet licking my feet, and a man fucking my pussy so nice and sweet. I love having a sissy watch me and hear me get pleasure. Something their small sissy almost a clit dick could never provide me or any other woman. You must have skill with your mouth with a dick that small. Because after this fine man is done fucking the shit out of me. And leaves me his gift deep in my pussy. You will get on your knees and show me your skills that you have with that tongue of yours by cleaning out my cum filled pussy. And if you need to suck some cock to make him happy. You will do it and love every bit of it.


Cuckold phone sex I went out for a night on the town with my girls looking for some real fine BBC to fuck. I found me a big strong black good looking man. His name was Duane. I told him of my sissy boy at home waiting for me patiently. I also told him how much I would love to fuck him and have my sissy boy watching how a BBC pleases a white woman like me. We were dancing real close and I could feel his bulge growing. So I knew he was all for the idea. I split from my girls and went home to my sissy boy with Duane by my side. Duane loved the idea of my sissy white bitch boy watching him fuck me for hours with his huge BBC. Duane laughed, taunted, and teased my sissy boy which only turned me on more.

Sissy Boy Andy

Cuckold phone sexI have a new sissy boy his name is Andy. He is useless, In the 3 weeks I have been training him I have only allowed him to cum once. I embarrass him in front of his sister too. She is younger than him but has always been in control. Andy did all her chores for her, making her bed, doing her laundry, Andy was her maid growing up. She started him on his first pair of girly silk panties. Andy loved it so much he never went back to men’s underwear again. And now it is my turn, I embarrass him in front of everyone and anyone. Strangers, friends, family. I dress him in the cutest outfits and we go out and about here and there. Hearing all the laughs, pointing and stares coming from the passing crowds. She got him started on a very good training path. But now a real woman is taking control of the situation. And Andy will end up being a very good trained sissy boy.

A Real Man

Domination phone sex I love my sissy boys. All you know this about me. But I am still a woman and a real woman needs a real man. You sissy boys are great at the domestic work and handing over the money. But you all fail miserably at being real men. You little dick can’t please anybody. I need a cock for my pleasure. Your tongue is very pleasing when you are sucking the real man’s cum out of my pussy. A dick is wasted on your sissy ass. I love when you watch me fuck a real man. Let you see how a real man pleases a woman. Compare your small dick with his huge cock. Humiliate you like the bitch you really are deep down inside.


Cuckold phone sexI took your ball and tied some sowing thread tightly around them, to cut off the blood circulation. I also took some clothes pins and attached them to your soft shaft you have on that tiny dick. I figure your little itty bitty dick can give no woman or man any pleasure so why do you need that between your legs. That thread will stay there until those grape size balls fall right off. And you better get better with your tongue if you don’t want me to take thread and tightly bind that too. The only reason I still keep you around is for your money and your ability to do women’s bitch work so fucking well. Other than that I have not found anything else you are good for.

Whiny Little Slave Boy

Domination phone sexI know you are a nothing but a whiny little slave boy. Can only get off with humiliation and degradation. Your little boy size dick is barely noticeable. And your tongue has no fucking skill. You haven’t a clue on eating good pussy. But you are great at being the housemaid and cook. You are fabulous at being at my beck and call. And when I need a good footrest your back with a nice plush pillow is very comfortable. And the very best part of you is your money. My bills need to be paid. And I want my weekly shopping sprees. But the rest of you is nothing but the dirt beneath my high heels. You are the scum I allow in my life. Be grateful, when I find better scum you will be out on your ass.


Cuckold phone sexWhen you enter you will strip down to nothing and get on your hands and knees. Slowly you will crawl over to me. I will be sitting on the couch wearing nothing but my black thongs. You will kneel before me I will spread my legs. You see my kitty, glistening wet waiting for your tongue and fingers to give me pleasure. You slide my thongs aside bringing your tongue to my clit. Flickering at it as your 2 fingers find my sweet hole and push on in. I moan and my back arches. I place my hand on the back of your head and push your face into me. Your tongue going buck wild. I clench my ass moaning even louder. My hips rocking on your fingers. Feeling my orgasim building. You push your fingers in deeper and bite on my clit. I explode into your mouth. Digging my nails into you. My body trembling, my kitty squirting and squirting. Giving you all my sweet nectar.


Fantasy phone sex I love being a Dominatrix and holding you sissy men at my feet where you all belong. Caring for my every need, Pleasing my every craving. You are no man. You are your happiest when you controlled. Under a woman’s care. You are at your best when every minute of your day is planned out for you. Not a moment in your day is your own. And I know nothing makes you hornier than that. But you will be a good boy and not cum until I have giving you permission. And when you do cum it will be on the hard floor so that you may clean up your mess with your mouth. Now tell me sissy can you think of anything better?

Ha Ha Ha

Domination phone sexYou are so pethick with your small little fucking dick. Which is more of an oversized clit it is so fucking small. You can’t please any woman with that little itty bitty thing swinging between your legs. You know it and so do I. A woman pleases me better than you ever fucking could. You are not a real man. All you are good for is sissy bitch work. And to completely take care of me. Other than that you are useless. You know it, I know it, and trust me the rest of the world knows it. You fool no one. Now bitch be a good little sissy boy and get on our knees and thank me for having you in my presence.

In Control

Sexy chat Are you looking for the girlfriend experience. You will not be finding that here with me. The only relationship I have with men are the ones where I am in control and you are on their knees. I want you begging for my attention. Eager to complete anything I command of you. Have you lay on the bed and I smother you with my pussy. Making you please me over and over again. Making a slobbering mess of your face with my juices. When I got out and fuck a man with a huge dick. You can beg to clean me out. Which I will allow. I love to look down and watch you as you clean the cum out of me and please me again.

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