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Good Bitch Boys or Naughty Boys

Naughty teacherWhen my bitch boys are being good boys I like to be sweet to them. I let them jerk their little dickies off giving them permission to cum in a cup. I don’t even make them beg to drink I give them permission right away. I do like watching them guzzle down and swallow on their thick creamy cum. When they are good boys it allows me to be very sweet too them. They get extra time licking, suckling, and drooling over my kitty. They are giving special extra time with me their princess. When they are defiant and being little bratty boys then I am wicked and naughty. I whip them severely with my belt and I don’t stop until I see the welts forming. When I use them as furniture I will dig my heels into their flesh instead of gently placing my legs on their backs. I can be a sweet princess of a dominatrix or I can be an evil nasty dominatrix. It really depends on my boys.

A Sub Or A Dominatrix

Domination phone sexI could not imagine being a sub for a man or another woman. I love being in control. I love having my cake and eat it too. I love having sissy boys for all my wants and needs. I love a sissy boy to clean my house and another for him to hand over his paycheck. I need one for humiliating and that special one to fuck me just the way I like. I am the princess. I am the one in charge. My way is the only way. My way is the right way even when my way is the wrong way. Now, why would I want to be a sub and take the orders instead of getting my way? Why would I worry about someone else’s happiness and not my own? Does that make sense to you? Because it does not make sense to me.

Are You This Big?

Domination phone sexUnless your cock compares to the size of this one you are getting nowhere near my sweet holes. If you are packing an itty bitty little thing between those faggot legs of yours, then you are a huge joke. And not good enough for me sexually. You can kneel in the corner with your oversized clit in your hand jerking it off, watching me get fucked by a real man and a real cock. If you are a behaved sissy I may allow you to clean up the mess left inside my kitty. You better do a good job making sure you get every nook and cranny. Your tongue is the only good thing you have going for you. I know the pleasure your tongue can give, unlike your little dicky.


Sexy chatI had a disco-themed sex party a few nights ago. Everybody was dressed like it was 1975. Black men with afros and BBC. White chicks with crazy hair, wild makeup, and very wet pussies. My sissy slave boys had on gold thongs and I sprayed their bodies in shimmering gold glitter. They were the sex slaves of the party. My slave boys have been very good and deserved a special treat. There was lots of dancing, drinking, snorting, and fucking. As I was glancing around the room I saw this fine black guy hit on one of my sissy boys. Too fine for me not to get a taste of that chocolate treat first. I walked over to my boy and the sexy ass black man, and I shooed my sissy boy away. I pushed that sexy black MF down on the reclining chair. And I slithered to my knees. I unbuckled his bell bottoms and let that huge black cock just suffocate me. Drool was pouring out of my mouth. He was shoving and pushing trying to get all 10 inches in my mouth. Unfortunately, that did not happen but I did get his sweet tasting seed to fill my tummy full.

Public Humiliation

Cuckold phone sex My sweet sissy boy was dressed in the cutest pink dress with blue trim today. He had red hot lipstick on, and his hair looked so cute. I like to parade him out in public. He loves the smirks and rude degrading comments directed at him as much as I do. He will use the public man bathroom but I make him sit down and keep the door open. He gets called faggot and disgusting pig. He gets hit like a bitch when in the men’s bathroom. It makes me wet to know he is degraded by others and humiliated with shame. I like to pick up a nice fine looking man. Fingers crossed hopefully a BBC of a man for us to bring home so he can fuck me for hours and you can be kneeling at the edge of the bed watching and not touching that sissy clit you like to jerk off.

Boy Come Here

Fantasy phone sex Come here boy I need you to take care of me. I want your head between my legs and your mouth deep in my wet tasting kitten. Flicker and nibble on my clit. And slowly fuck me with your fingers. Lap your tongue all around my lips and dart it in and out of my nice tight fuckable hole. I am going to grab your hair and shove your whole face deep in. I am going to want at least 4 unbelievable passionate strong orgasms that makes my muscles hurt when I squirt heavily into your mouth. Don’t make me wait I want you here now. Naked and ready to please me just the way I want you to please me.

Sissy At My Feet

Sexy babe I love a sissy at my feet licking my feet, and a man fucking my pussy so nice and sweet. I love having a sissy watch me and hear me get pleasure. Something their small sissy almost a clit dick could never provide me or any other woman. You must have skill with your mouth with a dick that small. Because after this fine man is done fucking the shit out of me. And leaves me his gift deep in my pussy. You will get on your knees and show me your skills that you have with that tongue of yours by cleaning out my cum filled pussy. And if you need to suck some cock to make him happy. You will do it and love every bit of it.


Cuckold phone sex I went out for a night on the town with my girls looking for some real fine BBC to fuck. I found me a big strong black good looking man. His name was Duane. I told him of my sissy boy at home waiting for me patiently. I also told him how much I would love to fuck him and have my sissy boy watching how a BBC pleases a white woman like me. We were dancing real close and I could feel his bulge growing. So I knew he was all for the idea. I split from my girls and went home to my sissy boy with Duane by my side. Duane loved the idea of my sissy white bitch boy watching him fuck me for hours with his huge BBC. Duane laughed, taunted, and teased my sissy boy which only turned me on more.

Sissy Boy Andy

Cuckold phone sexI have a new sissy boy his name is Andy. He is useless, In the 3 weeks I have been training him I have only allowed him to cum once. I embarrass him in front of his sister too. She is younger than him but has always been in control. Andy did all her chores for her, making her bed, doing her laundry, Andy was her maid growing up. She started him on his first pair of girly silk panties. Andy loved it so much he never went back to men’s underwear again. And now it is my turn, I embarrass him in front of everyone and anyone. Strangers, friends, family. I dress him in the cutest outfits and we go out and about here and there. Hearing all the laughs, pointing and stares coming from the passing crowds. She got him started on a very good training path. But now a real woman is taking control of the situation. And Andy will end up being a very good trained sissy boy.

A Real Man

Domination phone sex I love my sissy boys. All you know this about me. But I am still a woman and a real woman needs a real man. You sissy boys are great at the domestic work and handing over the money. But you all fail miserably at being real men. You little dick can’t please anybody. I need a cock for my pleasure. Your tongue is very pleasing when you are sucking the real man’s cum out of my pussy. A dick is wasted on your sissy ass. I love when you watch me fuck a real man. Let you see how a real man pleases a woman. Compare your small dick with his huge cock. Humiliate you like the bitch you really are deep down inside.

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