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In Control

Sexy chat Are you looking for the girlfriend experience. You will not be finding that here with me. The only relationship I have with men are the ones where I am in control and you are on their knees. I want you begging for my attention. Eager to complete anything I command of you. Have you lay on the bed and I smother you with my pussy. Making you please me over and over again. Making a slobbering mess of your face with my juices. When I got out and fuck a man with a huge dick. You can beg to clean me out. Which I will allow. I love to look down and watch you as you clean the cum out of me and please me again.

Suzi’s Good Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexMy friend Suzi came over with her pet for us to play with. She has such a good sissy boy. She has trained him very well. He does everything with such eagerness. All she has to do is snap her fingers and bam he knows exactly what she wants him to do. We humiliated him to no end. He has such a small penis. I mean hard it is maybe 4 inches. We showed him porn of what real cock looks like. Took pictures of him and plastered them on FB and instagram. He got a lot of laughs from our friends. We made sure his face was in the pictures so all could see what a good sissy boy she has.


Best phone sexAre you looking for a Goddess? I am always looking for a new boy to train. Do you want to let go of control and give it all up to your Goddess? I will dress you up in the cutest outfits. And I will show you exactly how to please me. I will show you how to make me squirt over and over, until I can barely walk. You will wake me up every morning with a full body massage. Using scented oils. You will take care of all my needs and I know you will love every moment of pleasing me. I know what you need, crave, and want. I know what you can’t live without. I know your girlfriend or wife doesn’t understand this need that you have, but I do.

Good Boy

Mature phone sexYour wife does not have a clue about you does she? She thinks your a man. Ha Ha! But you and I know differently. Don’t we? That is why you come visit me often. You need to be put in your place by a strong beautiful dominate woman. Digging my high heel into your thigh as I stand above letting you take a precious look at my kitty. I will let you watch as I fuck real men. Then I will allow you to clean up the mess that we make. And I know you will be grateful. I will have you lay down and I will put my kitty right on your mouth letting you lick his cum out of me. Letting you give me more pleasure. Smothering your face as your tongue slithers in and out of my hole. And as a good sissy boy you are I know you are grateful for all and you are welcome!


Sexy chatYou know that I love to take a man and turn him into a boy. Make him my perfect little pet. Digging at his manhood any chance I can. However there are times I could care less about men and all I want is some nice pussy for me to munch on. Is that wrong of me? Giggles I really do not care if it is wrong or if you think it is wrong. Women are tasty, yummy. sexy bitches. And sometimes cock will not do. Sometimes I need something better than cock. And let us be truthful pussy is better than cock any day of the week! Cock can be amazing and I personally do not want to live without cock. But pussy is something I can not live without.

Sweet Pussy

Domination phone sexFelt the need for some real good sweet pussy to play with. I invited my girlfriend over to my house so we could play. My one pet has a huge cock a 10”. We invited him to play along with us. He was not allowed to cum. Licking my lips I spread legs open and start to taste that sweet pussy. I ordered my pet behind me so that my pussy was in his face. I could feel his warm tongue play with me. Making me moan on my girlfriends pussy. Vibrating her pussy as I slowly fuck her with 3 fingers. Her back arches. And her moans echoed in the room. Making my pet very hot and horny and he just started to go to town on my pussy. And paying it forward I devoured her pussy in my mouth making her cum as my pet makes me cum.


Domination phone sexWhenever I go to a party I always check out the boys that the Dommes bring. Some of the boys are dressed like sissy girls. Some are hardly dressed at all. You can tell some are straight out just plain little whore fuck toys. I like to sample each of the boys. Using this one for a foot rest and another for an ashtray. I pick one lucky one to pleasure me orally. And another for a spanking. It is like going to a buffet. But a buffet of boys and not food. I enjoy watching the boys getting used by their Dommes. I pick up different ideas for my own boys. Learning different styles to do the same thing that I have already done hundred times before.

My Pet

Phone sex sites Today I took my pet shopping. Had him dressed up in a cute little lacy purple outfit. I picked it out myself for him. I bought all sorts of things clothes, jewelry, stuff for my hair. And just crazy little stuff that was just too cute to not buy. And yes my pet paid for it all as he followed behind me. I could hear the laughs, and whispers about my pet. I could see the humiliation on his face. After I was done spending his money I took him home. He was such a good pet at the mall. So for his reward I let him give me oral on my kitty. When I had my 3rd orgasm I let him jerk off on the floor and allowed him to lick up his own cum. And true to form of what a good obedient pet I have. He thanked me for all I allowed him to do today for me.

My Extremely Good Pet

Sexy babe When my pets is a good boy. And I mean an extremely good boy, not just normal I expect good boy. This includes being on best behavior with no punishments and no whining. Doing everything I say when I say. Well when he is extremely good he gets a special treat. He gets me naked on all 4rs legs spread wide. And he may have his Goddess any way he wants for his good deeds and behavior. Of course he must still please and respect my body totally. But he may have me any way. This is how I reward my good my pet. He does not get this treat often. But when he does get it. He deserves it.

Love Your Goddess

Domination phone sex I just got done getting laid by some real nice BBC. And I have come home to you for your to suck at my pussy and get all of that BBC seed completely out of my pussy. Make me cum so you may taste the his seed and mine mixed together. Show me your Goddess how much you desire me . Grind on my clit with that tongue. Give me the pleasure I deserve. Feeling you suck the BBC seed from my pussy. Your fingers in deep scooping it all out. I love the way your tongue and fingers feels. How can tell how grateful you are to be doing such a task. Just by the pure pleasure you are giving me.

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