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Look Into My Eyes

Mature phone sexLook into my eyes. What do you see? Do you see a bitch you can throw around? A bitch you can take advantage of? Or boss around. I did not think so. Of course you do not see that. Cause I am no bitch I am a Goddess. These eyes say to you. I am the one in charge. I will be doing the bossing around. I will be the to take advantage of you. Every man should be at a woman’s foot kissing and loving on every move she makes. Enjoying everything about her. A real man gets on his knees before his Goddess. And craves only her happiness. Now look into my eyes and get on your knees boy.

Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexThis is how you would be dressed in my house. Like a little sissy girl. And you would be treated as such also. I love a good sissy boy around the house. The guys I brought home for my bed would see you. Laugh and tease you for being such a sissy bitch. I bring you out in public so all could see what a pansy ass you really are. When I have parties you will be the main attraction. Being our little bitch to fuck. Clean up the cum. Get our drinks. I know plenty of men who would love to fuck your ass. And plenty of girls who need a good pussy licking. And everybody is gonna love teasing and taunting you.

Who’s The Boss?

Mature phone sex Remember that TV show Who’s the boss? Well in version of it. You would be Tony and you would be doing a lot more than just cleaning the house. Cooking the meals. And doing the laundry. My satisfaction would also be a multi daily chore. And your daily outfit would be a thong, bra, and high heels. I always loved that show and imagine how someday my pet would be if he was Tony. How I would dress him. And instruct him with a list of chores that must be completed every day or be punished. The punishment you ask? Well it is none of my kitty for you to suck. You do not get to taste the sweetness of my kitty.

Sissy Boy You Do Not Compare

Fantasy phone sex Look what I get to fuck instead of your little pecker. This cock is twice the size of your. Now this is a cock that gives me pleasure. Not that clit size thing you call a pecker. You are good for paying the bills. Waiting on me hand and foot but that is about it. I can hardly feel you when you are inside me. You can be good with your tongue. But a real woman need a real cock and baby that is not you. I love having real cock in front of you making you watch as you see what it looks like to give a real woman some real pleasure. Something you could never do with such a small little pecker.

Nothing Sexier

Mature phone sex Nothing is sexier than a boy on his knees begging for the pleasure of a Domme.  It is such a rush to see that you know your place.  I love a boy on his needs that I can just take the back of his head and push his mouth into my pussy and smother him with all my juices.  Letting you suckle and please me orally.  I keep pushing on your head moaning.  My body quivering.  Feeling your eagerness to make me  cum in your mouth.  Pushing your fingers in, my pussy pushing down, grinding.  Your tongue lapping at my clit.  My moans getting louder.  I begin to quiver as I squirt into your mouth.  Giving you the present you desire and that you have earned.  

Married Men

Best phone sex Married men come and spend their money on me. Because I give them what those married men want. I control them. Their wives want them to be men. But those men know that they can not really be men. Cause they are sissy boys. In need of control. In need of a real woman to show them the ways of being a good boy. Wives want you to take control and responsibility. Be the Man of the house. They do not know you like I do. They do not realize you need to be under thumb. That is where you are the happiest. When you are in your place. Under foot. Being controlled. You can not be a man. You know it and so do I.

Married Couple

Mature phone sexLooking for a married couple to play with. I would love to dom the male along with the wife. Having him pleasure his wife and I. I would love to be with the wife also. I love sucking on a woman’s pussy. Her husband munching on my kitty. Pushing me into his wife. Smothering me with her delicious juices. Tasting her orgasm in mouth as I moan on her pussy. Vibrating that clit, Getting two fingers shoved in my pussy. My muscles tightening as I orgasm. Those fingers flickering inside me. Pushing down on his fingers and plunging my tongue into her pussy. All three of us getting off together. And keep on going and going like the energizer bunny.

If You Are Lucky

Cuckold phone sexI love to strip and tease boys. Making them give up their money all for little ole me. You will take me on a shopping spree and watch spend your money honey at least three times a week. I want a new car. All my bills will be paid by your wallet. I will get a very generous weekly allowance from you. You will pay for a brand new house that I choose. If you are lucky I will let you stroke yourself. If you get luckier than that I will let you eat on my pussy. And let you give me such pleasure. And then maybe after all that if I find you pleasing in all these actions. I will let you jerk off in the corner.

You May Watch

Cuckold phone sex I will allow you to watch Me as I fuck this BBC right in front of you. Do not worry your pretty Little head. I will allow you to be the one to take care of My needs. Buy Me whatever I want. Take Me anywhere in the world I wish to go. Pay all My bills and obey My every command. But your dick is small and not worth much. I Am gonna get myself some real Cock. Not that itsy bitsy thing you have between your legs. You may watch. I want you to see what a real cock can do. How a real cock satisfies a real woman. Something you can never accomplish with that clit size dick.

Like What You See?

Sexy babe You like the way My body  looks?  You can have this body if you behave. Treat Me right.  Make Me feel like the Princess I am.  Shower Me in gifts.  Spoil me until My hearts content.  I will be your Princess and you will be My servant.  My special servant to take care of all my needs inside and out.  To get Me what ever I desire.  That is how you get my body.  That is how you get permission to slide your rock hard cock deep in my pussy.  This is how you get to enjoy this pussy and body.  So if you wanna play on My playground boys.  Cum make Me your Princess. And I will let your cock drain over and over.

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