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Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I think it is so cute how you think you can please a woman. You have an itty bitty warm peepee. It is smaller then my pinky! I bet when you fuck a chick, it is the closest thing she gets to fucking a woman besides actually fucking a woman. I mean, since there is really no penetration since your dick is so small- it is more like dry humping.

Yup, that is the only way I can come, is if you rub your tiny little clit dick against my pussy lips. You should have no hair, since only real men have hair. Let is be real, your pubes would hide that tiny little pussy anyways. So go ahead and flick your little micro dick quickly back and forth with only two of your fingers.

I can not stop laughing thinking that you only need two fingers to jack your dick! OMG you are just so embarrassing.

Sensual phone sex

sensual phone sexI am addicted to big fat cocks. The bigger the better. I am fucking my boyfriends best friend. We went to his house to watch a sports game and to get cozy. I wore a tight little dress, with no panties and of course I knew from the begging that I needed to fuck his friend. I went and sat right down on his lap in front of my boyfriend and I even hiked up my dress so he could feel my pussy lips pressed up against his shorts.

I felt his cock grow underneath of me, so I took advantage of the opportunity. Right in front of my boyfriend, I whipped his best friends dick out and I started beating it up and down. I got on my hands and knees and started kissing it, licking it. I completely ignored my boyfriend. I hopped on this big fat cock and rode it hard and deep.

Looks like my boyfriend is going to have a really sloppy wet mess to clean up once he blows his fat load in me.

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI love teasing my cuckold. I know he will be home early today and I have an eleven incher that has been wanting to be pushed inside of me all day. I get on the bed where me and my cuckold sleep at night. I make sure we are right on his side. I beg for this much fatter and meatier cock to be wedged inside of me.

I open my thighs trying to take every inch of his pole rammed into me. I look over to the door way. And there is my devastated cuckold. I need a fatter cock to crave my needs tonight my love. Sit there and watch as he takes me and owns every bit of me, like you could never do. I feel that cock throbbing.

I invite all of that cum to rush inside of my pussy and fill me up. My cuckold is going to have a huge mess to clean up.

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapyI have started to do therapy sessions to help out some men that have cum filled cocks and usually some kind of a issue. I was in my office thinking that I had just seen my last patient of the day. I got so hot and bothered with my last encounter talking about how his wife preferred big heavy black dicks over his. I was dripping down my thighs, saturating my panties.

I leaned back on my couch and spread my pussy open, pulling up my pin skirt. I got my big fat dildo out. Me and that guy’s wife have a lot in common. I fucked that dildo really hard. The guy all the sudden came back into the room, because he left his wallet on the table. He was in amazement watching my pussy stretch over that cock.

I told him to sit down and watch me pleasure myself with this big black cock, and see why his wife likes this so much better then his cock.

Naughty neighbor porn

naughty neighbor pornSo my neighbor that I fuck on a regular basis with his stupid wife isn’t home, had a great idea to film me riding his cock. So we set up the camera one day and I showed off putting my little ass in the air and sucking his cock into my mouth. I fucked the shit out of his cock with my whore throat. I was gagging all over him.

My soaking wet pussy needed him. I got on top of that big fat man cock and let him stretch my pussy hole open. It was feeling so good. Right when I felt his cock getting so hard and swollen and he was about to ejaculate inside my pussy, his wife came home. The whole things caught on camera of how he poured his cum inside of me.

I guess now she doesn’t have to wonder why his cock is always empty now.

Cocksucking phone sex

 cocksucking phone sex

I have a new friend that is obsessed with me. He really wants to take things to the next level of our relationship. I know though that his cock is on the smaller side. I want him to know why we can never be perfect together because I can not be pleased by him.

I brought over a friend of mine named Jared. I made my new boyfriend sit on the couch and watch how quickly Jared makes me fall to my knees, something he could never really do. He took his pants off and his big fat ten incher flopped right out.

I fell to my knees rubbing his cock all over my face and lips getting ready to down it down my throat. I sucked him deep and hard into my throat. He was making me gag all over his cock. I guess we can also add that to the list my new BF could never make me do. I can gag on this cock.

Now watch me get a big fat load out of his balls.

Sexy phone sex

 sexy phone sex

 I am at a store needing to try some stuff on so I ask a man who works there to open up a dressing room for me. I see the ring on his left hand. It is rather funny. It is like a collar to let girls like me know that you are not getting any pussy. As he opens the door for me I step inside and pull on his hand behind me to follow.

I undress out of my sun dress and stand in front of him in my white g-string and matching skimpy white bra. I get on my hands and strip off the rest of my garments. I hit his cock against my lips and try sucking his mushroom head into my lips. I pop his cock head in and out of my mouth. I bend over and face the mirror and guide that cock into my pussy hole to fuck me from behind.

His cock pumps hard and deep inside of me. Looks like his balls will be completely drained for his wife at home.

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual masturbation stories

 I really like my best friend and her boyfriend. We are having a movie night tonight in my game room. I am super excited! My best friend leaves me and her boyfriend on the couch while she goes to the store to get some popcorn and snacks. I have been teasing him all night letting him peak up my skirt.

I spread my thighs in front of him and start rubbing my pussy. It is so wet. I slide my finger inside of my pussy hole and flick my clit harder and faster. He takes his cock out and starts fucking his dick in his hand going at the same speed that I rub my pussy at. I start moaning for him to fuck me hard.

I can feel my pussy about to squirt down my thighs and I can tell his cock is going to bust. We end up cumming at the exact same time. Perfect timing to since I just heard my front door open.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

naughty neighbor phone sexI saw my friend next door leave her house, leaving her husband all alone in the house. I made my way next door wearing a skimpy little sun dress and knocked on the door. He of course invited me in. I think I caught him in the middle of being a naughty boy. I caught a glimpse of his computer and he was on my facebook page.

I asked what he was looking at, and by the guilt on his face I could tell he was jerking to my picture before I got there. I gave him a half smile and jumped down to my knees and released that man cock that has been neglected. I took him in my mouth, salivating all over it. I made it so wet in my spit.

My mouth was eagerly taking him further into my mouth. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter. His cock entered right inside my pussy since I didn’t wear an panties. He started pounding my pussy deep and hard. We fucked all around the house, room to room.

I finally felt that dick needing to blow so I got on my hands and knees and sucked the cum juice right out of his cock. He left a cum puddle all in my mouth. Woman should learn to take care of their men better!

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

 I love sharing a big fat cock with my girlfriend. We make sure to get the really well hung guys that have huge dicks that we need to pump and bust. Lately we have had small dicked boys follow us around and that’s fine and dandy but sometimes a girl just needs a thick and rough pound by a real man.

We are inviting two of our small clitty having friends that could never fill us up like we like to be filled up. They are going to sit in the corner while me and her make out and feel one another up. We have two of our favorite big fat cock having friends hiding in the closet.

We call them out and start taking turns sharing those big long hard cocks in our mouths. We even let our tiny dick having loser friends get a taste. They are about to see how real men fuck a tight wet pussy hole. Stroke those itty bitty dicks for us.

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