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Fantasy phone sex“Ramona darling” I hear coming from the bedroom. I come around the corner where you are naked with another sexy chick. You tell me you brought her home to spice up our sex life. You knew I would like her we have the same type of slut we love to fuck. Blonde hair, blue eyes, no smaller than D cups for us. A nice tight waist and a bubble butt. Served up for both of us to play with. She was so into the kinky threesome. I stripped down before even making it to the bed. I went straight to suckling that sloppy wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around my head and her mouth around my man’s cock. I could hear her gagging on his cock what a turn on for me. I wanted her to squirt all over my face giving me that sweet cum of hers. I rammed three fingers in her and bit on that huge clit she had. Yeah, sweetheart give it to me! She made a mess out of my face. My face smells like her pussy for hours.

Small dick humiliation

Fantasy phone sexLots and lots of guys come to me for small dick humiliation. They know their oversized clits that some might call a cock is so laughable to me. They know I will tease mercilessly until that little sissy baby is crying. I only take REAL man cock – no less than the lucky number 7 in inches. That thing? It is SO SMALL! I can’t stop laughing, I’d never let that thing touch me. I bet your cum is as pathetic as your mini dickie – judging from the size of your equally measly balls. The closest a fairy faggot like you could ever get to the pleasure of seeing me cum is at the hands of a true man, hung like I need, thick and juicy and fucking me right in front of you. My tiny body takes more cock than a small-minded bitch like you could imagine. Don’t you wish you were blessed enough to fuck me? I know you wish you had a dick worthy of my presence and attention, but it’s only worth a good laugh to me. You’re my personal clean-up crew – so get to licking and slurping up all this cum left over in my cunt from my real big cock man. You know, it’s even still warm.

True Rumors

Fantasy phone sexI had some furniture that I needed moving out of my house and into my storage unit. There was no way I could move it myself so I called a moving company and I asked for them to send me the two biggest guys they had. A few hours later I heard a knock on my door and what do I see but two very fine black brothers. All of a sudden I was more interested in seeing what they are packing under their uniforms instead of getting my furniture moved. I was not subtle in my attempt to let them know I had another thing on my wicked little mind. I pushed the one brother back on my leather couch the very one I wanted to be moved and jumped on him straddling him. I would like to say he was surprised but I guess this kind of thing happens to him them. The other brother was joining us in seconds. It was almost like they were expecting it walking into my place. I giggled softly to myself and wonder if the true rumors about me and moving me are getting around town.

I Want To Fuck You

Fantasy phone sexI want to fuck you so badly. And you know it. I know you fuck around on your wife. I don’t understand why you won’t fuck me. I know you say it is because I live right next door to close for comfort for you. But I think that is just a lame excuse. Not a good enough one to deny me what I want. I hate being denied. It makes me more determined to get what I want. I have had enough. I waited for your wife to leave for her Wednesday night book club gathering. Aka drinking with the girls night. I snuck in the back door. I know you hide a key under the gnome dressed like Elvis. I play with my pussy finger blasting myself right there in your breezeway. When you open the door I will be the first thing you see. And I can’t wait for you to get home so I can ravish you. I am not waiting for you any longer I am taking what I want. You are not going to deny me anymore. I hear your car. I get excited. My pussy is very wet my fingers are soaked. I hear the rattling of the keys in the door. You walk in and flip on the lights and bam I am what you see. My legs spread wide. 3 of my fingers pushing in and out of my twat. And my boobs out bouncing for you. I see your bulge trying to rip through your pants. But yet you still try to deny me. No not tonight big boy. Tonight you belong to me. I take control seducing you making you mine for the night. And many more nights to come.

Father Son Sandwich

Mature phone sex I am taking care of a friends dog why she is out of town visiting family. And why I was there I ran into the neighbor that lives in the apartment right next to hers. Jack is an older gentleman in his late sixties. We were chatting for a good forty minutes about this and that and even finding a few common things to bitch about. As we were chatting it up his twenty three-year-old son Billy comes home from work. He was a cute young man and he was definitely catching my eyes. As he walked passed me he jokingly said: “stop flirting with my dad”. I giggled at him watching his tight ass walk away from me. Jack caught me checking out his son. I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice him catching me. But Jack didn’t let me get away with it. He leaned in and said, “If you want to fuck my son you have to fuck me first.” I gave him a little wink and whispered. “I thought you would never ask.” I wiggled my ass walking past him into his apartment. I got the impression this is something these two did often. I was happy to be one of their sluts in this father-son fuck sandwich that I was about to be a part of.

Teasing Ready Ramona

Fantasy phone sex I need you! I saw you today washing your truck with your shirt off. I swear you were out there just to tease the fuck out of me. The way you were bending over letting me see that tight fucking ass. You know I was watching you and finger blasting my cunt. My eyes glued to your body watching you get all wet. Then I watched you walk inside and the show was over. I was not done and very upset. But Ready Ramona always gets what she wants! I snuck in your back door knowing you always keep it unlocked. And I made myself comfortable right on your living room floor. When you come popping around the corner you see me there spread wide open for you my cunt nice and juicy. I have a smirk on my face. And you pounce on me like white on rice. Nobody teases Ramona!

Suck On My Own Pussy

Fantasy phone sexI wish I could suck and lick on my own hairy pussy. My pussy looks so juicy and I know it tastes good. I always put my fingers in mouth after I make myself squirt everywhere. I have such a sweet tasting pussy I want to munch on it several times a day. But the best I can do is scoop up my juices with my fingers. But I often dream about being able to bend over and suckle on my pussy. Licking my pussy lips and flickering my own clit with my tongue. I dream about slithering my tongue in and out of my fuck hole. I dream about shoving three of my fingers deep in making me squirt directly into my mouth. I wake up from these dreams and my bed is a huge sloppy wet mess. I look down at my pussy and just see my juices dripping off of me. It makes me sad and jealous that I can not munch on my own pussy as others can.

Cum Bath

Fantasy phone sexI brought a guy home last night from the bar. I wish I could tell you his name but I don’t remember. All I know was he was a fine looking 22-year-old with a washboard stomach. He was with a bunch of buddies of his drinking and acting like young bucks do. I zoned in on him and started flirting with him. He was totally digging the Milf all over him. His buddies were jealous as I gave all my attention to their friend. I invited him back to my house for a fun night in Ready Ramona. I let him drive me back to my place so I could get a sweet taste of his cock in my mouth. His precum squirting all in my wet mouth. His precum just made me more hungry for more of him. When we finally made it back to my house which seemed to take forever. We rushed into my house and I brought him right into my bedroom. I stripped down naked and got him naked also. The way he was gawking at my body was such a turn on for me making my pussy start to squirt. He said to me in that young eager voice. “I am going to fuck all your holes but I am saving my cum for your big tits.” I love a good cum bath bring it on!

Turning Tricks

Fantasy phone sexWhen I was 18 my friend Sandy turned me on to turning tricks for cold hard cash. She made the money sound amazing and she kept highlighting the obvious that I would be having sex multiple times a day. I was interested and she hooked me up with a few clients to start myself off with. My first-day turning tricks I fucked twelve wild men. I never had so many orgasms in my life. Each fuck was better than the fuck before. And they were throwing hundreds and hundreds at me. I was getting fucked every which way in every hole. By the time I was done my head was spinning and my pussy was so fucking satisfied. That is when I knew I had found my calling in life.

Ready Ramona

Mature phone sex You come home from work and flip on the lights. You are stunned to see me there right in the middle of your floor fucking myself with my hot red vibrating dildo. You are wondering how the hell I even got in. Ready Ramona has her ways. Your mouth is open. Your dick is growing thru your pants. You walk towards me taking your dick out. You stand above me your dick an inch away from my sloppy mouth. My mouth reaches up putting your sweet tasting dick in my mouth. I moan softly as I slide down your shaft with ease. I am a slut with no gag reflex. Your cock hiding in my throat I begin to swallow on it. Your pre-cum tastes so yummy sliding down my throat. You pick me up like a caveman. Carrying me into your room and throwing me down on your bed. Go ahead have your way with Ready Ramona.

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