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Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliationAll my cucks love Small dick humiliation they are so unworthy of anything more. Cucks have small cocks, even what might be deemed an average-sized cock to a woman like me is considered small. I am a goddess, a queen and I only accept cuck pay piggies that I can use all up. A tiny dicked bitch that can watch me get rammed and gaping right in front of him! Knowing how he could never do such a thing, it’s merely pathetic and sad. Cuck boy is forced to watch as I laugh and taunt him and his little dickie. I am getting pounded right in front of him, and he knows he can’t even compare. And the closest he will ever come to me is cleaning this cunt. Not to mention the fact that I always make my cuck bitch clean my real man’s cock clean. Lick and slurp up every bit of cum from my pussy and their cock, while it’s fresh and hot.

Cuckold Bitch

Cuckold phone sexI’d like you all to meet my cuckold bitch! His name is Ryan. He is the epitome of what cuck bitch should be. He’s an obedient toilet bitch, he’s a slave and nothing to me but a piggy bank. He has an inferior cock, it’s so tiny only 4 inches but I know it’s gotta be even smaller. I wouldn’t ever know of course, as he’d never have the privilege of fucking this prime pussy. He isn’t a real man, he’s only good for paying my bills, humiliating, using to shit and piss on and then laughing in his face as I take big meaty cocks. He could never do what they do, he’s pathetic and only good for cleaning up their cum. Not only from this perfect pussy but he is forced to clean their cocks of all their leftover cum, and any shit that might be left on their cock from fucking my ass. I am amused watching him struggle to clean up the cum, laughing as I use his credit card to do my shopping as he feels degraded and humiliated, put in his place like the cuck bitch he is! I will spend all his money while I use him as my royal throne. Nasty cuck bitch cleans my shit and piss without any complaints. It’s because he knows he is lucky to even be in my presence, lucky that I am spending the cuck bitch’s money and more than lucky that he gets clean the cum, piss, and shit out of me. At the end of the day, he will never be worth anything more to me than being my very own piggy bank toilet slave cuck bitch!

Sexy babe

Sexy babeI’ve always known I am a Sexy babe. Hell, my Dad’s friends even used to call me jailbait. I wore the sluttiest clothes, heels, nails, and makeup always done. I am a high-class girl with high standards. I was raised to know that I have a golden pussy and only give it to a man that will give you literal gold. Some might call me a gold digger, but I just know what I want! I won’t take anything less than a man that is wealthy and packing a huge cock. I could settle for a cuck, that allows me to fuck other men. Or should I say allows me to fuck real men. I desire the most expensive of things, my taste in everything is very high class and I always get what I want. That’s the perks of being a smoking hot babe that knows her worth. Prime pussy gets prime men and a premium luxurious lifestyle with me, myself, and I.

Cuckold phone sex

Cuckold phone sexTonight I am reminiscing thinking about my first husband. He’s the one that got me into Cuckold phone sex. It was the perfect relationship, he took care of me in every way. He was able to eat the cum out of my cunt and I got to get all the big fucking cock I wanted.  We did it in so many ways always mixing things up to keep it even hotter. One day he came home from work, I knew exactly when he would be there and he walked in on me taking some big black cock in my pussy and then in my ass. When he was done my husband cleaned my holes of the warm sticky treat left behind. Another time, I made my husband let me tie him to a chair and watch me get gangbanged. His cock was rock hard the whole time and I made him wait to cum till they had used me up three or four times each. Another favorite is when I made him lay in the bed next to me as I got fucked, telling him this is what a real man looks like and forcing him to worship his cock. I even made him take the load directly from the cock to his mouth this time, and afterward, he told me he had never felt more degraded.

Cocksucking phone sex

Cocksucking phone sexI’ve got a dirty little secret, and in my opinion, not many girls are into what I am. They just want to be served but don’t want to put in the effort back. The secret I have? I absolutely love sucking cock. Cocksucking phone sex is my thing. I get so turned on by giving blowjobs. I never need to be asked to suck a cock. I do it all on my own. I definitely get off on sliding a big cock into my mouth holding it in my hand and jerking it up and down while I get sloppy and nasty with that cock. I take my time to lick and rub on a man’s balls while I suck. I happily accept when a man wants to use my mouth just like it’s my cunt. Mm, please fuck my mouth harder! I am always so turned on by the idea of a hot and naughty 69 session. Who doesn’t love having their pussy eaten while they suck cock? I’ll gladly deep throat cock while sitting on a man’s face. Just so they can taste my cum and just exactly how much blowjobs turn me on!

Naughty neighbor phone sex

Naughty neighbor phone sexMm, I know exactly who I am. I know that I am that sexy sensual woman next door that is always being watched, craved, and desired. Naughty neighbor phone sex is one of my specialties. I’ve got men all around me. So it’s just a matter of which one of them will want to be a little peeping tom and see me lounging naked by my pool. Or coming out of the shower dripping wet with my windows wide open. I know they watch me get myself off, watching porn, rubbing my cunt, and fucking all my toys. I am sure many of my neighbors have had some equally steamy orgasms at the same time as me. God, this makes me fucking drip! I’ve invited over my hottest neighbor. He has got a massive cock and I need to be ripped wide open tonight. Last time he came over he tried to put it into my ass. But it was too tight! Tonight I am hoping to try that again. I want to feel a load of his warm thick goo into my horny fucking ass. He is on his way. Giggles they always cum when I call, I have it all after all.

Ready Ramona Searching For A Cuck

Fantasy phone sexI swear to find a cuckold use to be so much easier. Now it’s just sissy boys who want to be dressed up or guys who want a sexy and sweet girlfriend. Sigh what I really want is a huge monster cock to enjoy with a cuck that knows how to spoil a woman like me correctly. I need a cuck with a huge wallet and a tiny insignificant cock. I always have an alpha male at hand, hung like a horse, balls thick and full. I want my cuck to do his job, undressing me, worshipping me, kissing me, and even prepping my pussy for this real man’s cock. My little cuck knows he would never be able to please me, he can’t get me off at all. He knows the only thing he has that makes me happy is his money. He knows all he can do is watch me get fucked, up close and personal. And he knows his reward is to eat this pussy clean once my stud is done fucking me. That’s exactly the kind of cuck I need.

Pool Boy

Sexy phone sexMy confidence has always attracted men to me, no matter how old they are they always seem to want a little taste. This weekend I went to the pool, and the regular pool boy was working, he had his sleeves rolled up and he was vacuuming the pool. When he got closer I rolled over onto my stomach, showing off my ass in my thong bikini. He was clearly trying not to look, and it made me smirk. Silly, shy little pool boy. He continued to work and I jumped in the water, I could see him watching me, so I slid my hand behind my back, making eye contact and untied my bathing suit top. He was absolutely shocked as I took off my top, exposing my hard nipples, and making his cock noticeably hard. I slowly got out of the pool and dried off, walking to the bathroom. As I knew he would, he met me there, ready to give me what I wanted. It was just like when I was younger – we were making out and groping, ripping our clothes off like animals. He put me onto the bathroom sink, sliding his cock into me hard and fast. I bounced up and down on his dick and it was evident that this pool boy did this often. Soon we were both cumming, loving the secrecy of our fucking, knowing he’d always see me at the pool and miss this horny cunt.

Squirting Pussy Making Mess

Mature phone sexI need sharp alligator clips with weights snapped down onto my nipples. I want to feel that pain from those clamps rush thru my tits and down to my juicy wet pussy. Once the initial pain of the snapping clamp goes away I then get the sensation of numbness. But that does not last long as my nipples start to droop from the weights. That feeling is a really tingly feeling and if I can get the right kind of guy to slap my nipples the tingly feeling rushes straight to my cunt making me cum and squirt all over myself. If the guy was not hard before, my squirting pussy always makes them hard. One guy locked my nipple clamps and weights to an eye hook in the ceiling pulling me up on my very tippy toes. I whimpered a little bit but it was more for pleasure than the pain. He was not even touching my pussy he was slapping me with the belt and fucking my ass but my pussy could not stop squirting make a huge mess on the floor.

Raining Pussy Juices

Fantasy phone sexYou would think it was raining with all the squirting my pussy is doing. All I have to do is think of you and I start to gush instantly. Then I think of the many ways you pound deeply and hard into my holes. Forcefully taking control of all three of my tight fuck holes. Making me squirt more and more with each thrust in. Finding my G-spot in every hole I have. Pounding against it making me scream and moan. I almost pass out from your dick but you catch me by my throat and pound deeper inside of me making me explode my cum all over your dick as you shoot your big creamy load into my craving pussy.

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