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Fantasy phone sexI hear you have a fire in your pants that needs to be put out. I got a fire in my panties that I need you to put out too. My pussy is aching for your thick big dick. I get on my knees and crawl towards you my boobs bouncing all the way. I whip out your already hard cock and shove it into my mouth. You taste so fucking good it makes my pussy only want you more. I am slobbering all over your dick and balls I can taste that sweet fucking precum and it drives me wild! I can not take it anymore I quickly get on all fours begging and pleading for your thick dick.

A Good Ass Whore

Ass sex pornJosh loves good ass whore. That is why I am his favorite. He says it is hard to find a good ass whore. Josh has never fucked my mouth or my cunt only my ass. He makes me squirt and cum so much when he fucks me in the ass. He is so fucking good at it. He loves me bent over and my ass smashed against his thick hard snake. He pounds away with no lube and his balls hitting off my soaked cunt. My big boobs slapping me in the face and my cunt squirting a huge mess all over the floor. I can always tell when he is getting ready to explode because he grabs tightly to my hips pushes in deep and plants his seed in my ass.

Ass Up Slut

Sexy hot women Ass up tits down and my mouth open and ready for dick. This is the best position for a sexy slut like me. At this angle, I can get a dick in all three of my wet squishy holes. I just dig it when all three of my holes are filled at once. That incredible feeling I get feeling the dicks slither in and out of me from every fucking direction. There is only that thin layer of skin that separates the dick in the cunt from the dick in the ass and sometimes it feels like they are going to bust right thru that thin layer of flesh. I become such a freaking sloppy mess squirting all over the fucking place.

BBC Fetish

Naughty neighbor phone sexMy neighbor next door has a huge BBC fetish and loves to watch a white slut get fucked by some black dick. Months ago he approached me with the idea and told me he would pay me for my time. I giggled at him I was willing to fuck some BBC for free any time of the week but since he was willing to pay I was willing to accept his offer. About twice a week I make my way over to his house and he always has different black men there sometimes a group of black men waiting for my slutty holes. Today there was seven BBC waiting for me to drain their huge balls. I was creaming in my panties before I even saw a cock.

Twenty Years Old

Cheapest phone sexThe twenty-year-old living next door has been checking me out for a while. I catch him when I am outside in my skimpy outfits or sunbathing in the nude. But every time I try to make eye contact with him he quickly looks away like he is embarrassed he was watching. I think it is sexy and he is such a hot young stud. So today, when I was outside, sunbathing I heard him in his backyard and I could just feel his eyes burning a hole in my flesh. Instead of trying to make eye contact this time I just spoke. “It is ok that you like looking at my slutty body but it would be even better if you hop the fence so we can go in my house and fuck.” Lol, guess what happened next.

Cum Bath

Fantasy phone sexGetting a good cum bath is such a turn on for me. I do love the feeling of warm cum rushing in my ass or cunt. But getting it sprayed over my tits and face is a special treat for me. It is a sluts badge of honor. And let us not forget how freaking sexy I look. I love letting it dry on my flesh this way I smell like that thick creamy cum all day into I get my slutty ass in the shower. And if I have more than one man’s cum on my slutty body at once that is even more of a turn on. Just smelling a man’s cum on my skin can make my cunt super sloppy wet. Thank God I have toys to take care of my cunt if there is no cock around for me to fuck.

A Knock On My Door

Fantasy phone sex I heard a knock on the door and when I peeked thru the window and I saw you standing there. Your wife must have just left and you are looking for a nice wet hole to fuck. She doesn’t spread her legs often for you and when she does her pussy is all stretched out from all the little brats you have running around. You need a nice tight hole that opens up anytime you want. I love your dick I have ever since the first time you slide your meat deep inside. My pussy and ass grabbed a hold of your dick and did not want to let go at all. Your cum felt so warm rushing into me and from that point on I have been hooked

Waiting For Your Cock

Sexy chatI waited outside for you to pull in next door I was naked and sunbathing in that spot in the yard where you can look over the fence and see me. I knew your wife was away for a few days and I want you! I have wanted you for a while and now is my perfect chance. I make a noise so you turn and look my way. I can feel your eyes piercing my naked flesh. I make eye contact with you and wave you over with my pinky. You waste no time in coming over. You are already pulling out your thick cock and heading straight for my open wet ready mouth. My lips grab a hold of your cock and slide down your shaft. You taste so fucking yummy in my mouth and your so fucking thick you fill my mouth full.

A Twist

Mature phone sex When I sunbathe naked outside in front lawn I do it on purpose to attract all my neighbors and the cars passing by. I love the stares and attention I get. Makes my pussy so very wet. But yesterday when I was sunbathing a twist happened. I got a hoot and a holler from a chick! That is right a chick was checking me out. And she was hot! An awesome set of tits and a slamming body to go with them titties. I yelled back “Get your cute ass over here I want you!” She came trotting in my yard and by now we had a bit of a crowd starting to appear. When she got close enough to me I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. I slid my hand over her boobs taking a little pinch of her nipple. I didn’t stop there my hand slid to her pussy I could feel the heat coming off that thing threw her shorts. By now we had an even bigger crowd watching us as we were groping and kissing each other. We went at it right there in front of ever one. She was just like me a fucking horny slut with no shyness about her.

Need To Get Fucked

Sexy chat I need to get laid so freaking bad. My pussy will not stop aching for a huge big fuck stick. I am going to go out tonight to a bar down the street and pick me up some dick. Lol, maybe two or three fuck sticks if I am a lucky little slut. I do very much try to act like the wholesome girl from next door but on the inside I know I am a raging slut and I need lots of dick. I have never turned down a guy who wanted to fuck me. Hell, most of the time I come onto them begging for what is swinging between their legs. It has been almost a whole 24 hours since the last time I had a nice fuck stick stuffing one of my holes.

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