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Mature phone sex Today is a special day for me the hot 23-year-old next door neighbor is coming home from overseas. We started fucking the week he was deployed and that was two years ago. He had a great body back then but he has been sending me naked pictures of himself. He is nice and buff and looking hotter than ever! We have been writing naughty kinky letters back and forth for the last two years. He tells me the wicked stuff he wants to do to my body and I share with him the kinky stuff I want to do to his body. In his last letter, he said he would sneak away from home the first chance he got to come to visit me I have on his favorite outfit and I am waiting in my bed for him.

Girlfriend And The Slut All In One

GFE phone sexI know you are just not looking for the cute slut next door but also the girlfriend experience. My callers know that when they crave the slut next door that is exactly the part of me they get. When they are in need of a girlfriend I am there for them too. I have a regular who calls me every day several times a day. I am his girlfriend and I look forward to our phone conversation. We talk about everything and anything. From the day to day events to how hard he gets for me. He is great at loving me and listening to me. He makes me feel like his little princess and his little dirty whore all at once.


Fantasy phone sex I am that girl next door. But there is a twist I am also the kinky little slut next door. I love to go prowling for BBC to bring home. I have a sweet spot in my heart when it comes to BBC. The first time I ever got fucked by a black man was in college. I was in his dorm room and we were drinking a few beers. I must admit I was flirting but I was also little nervous. Up to this point I had never been in such an intimate place with a black man before. He made the first move kissing me with his big black lips. His big hands groping my body as he stripped off my clothes. He had moves that no white man had used on me before. He made me feel like a dirty little slut and a princess all at once. And he was the first man to ever make me squirt across the room. That is why I have such a sweet spot for BBC, it brings back such wet memories for me.

Lucky Slut

Naughty neighbor phone sexI am a very lucky slut I have two very hot BBC living next door to me. And as an extra bonus, they make porn videos right out of their home. Any time I am in the mood for BBC or to make a sex video with me as the star I just have to walk out my front door make a left and walk ten steps. Any time I am over at their house there is other sluts and people fucking everywhere. I have joined in on three-some videos, black cock on white slut, girl on girl action videos, and the list goes on and on. It is a fuck party any time of day or night over there.

Goldie Locks

Hot sexy woman Sometimes I feel like Goldie locks but with three men and not three bears. And all Three men are just right not just one. Three lovely men with their hard fuck sticks. One for each of my three wet warm holes. A spot for each of them to enter deeply inside me and give me such explosive pleasure all at once. The tingly feeling I get when I am plugged tightly in every hole. To feel those dicks all at once sliding in and out of me and not in sync with each other will make my whole body start to tremble uncontrollably and I can’t stop it. And then I start squirting my juices everywhere and again I can’t stop it.

My Secrets

Lesbian phone sex The neighborhood knows what a cock whore I can be, but not many know what a carpet muncher I am. I love a sexy woman dressed very nicely and wearing at least 3″ heels. I love to nibble and suck on their beautiful tits. And then I carefully lay them down and slowly kiss up against their thighs. I put their legs over my shoulders so I can have their pussy right in front of my face. I like to spread their pussy lips and look at that wet warm site in front of me. Pushing my fingers into there hole as my tongue traces their pussy lips and flicker at their clits. I can munch for hours on a sweet tasting pussy, just as much as I can suck on a sweet tasting cock.

Your Sweet Cock

Sexy phone chat I can fuck myself for hours but nothing compares to what you are hiding in those pants of yours. I can see it bulging out almost peaking at me. I crawl over slowly pleading the entire way to taste your sweet cock in my mouth. I get to you and kneel in front of you. You grant me my wish and give me your cock. It is already rock hard and your pre-cum oozing out a bit. I take my tongue and lap at your cock head. Mm, your pre-cum tasting sweeter than I thought it would. My lips slide down your shaft I am moaning vibrating on your cock. I am going to have fun with you tonight and get my special gift that only your sweet cock possesses.

Public Fucking

Fantasy phone sex Getting fucked in public is a special kind of high. Looking around and seeing men and women watching me get pounded. I love how they get all hot and bothered by the show and soon a huge fuck fest breaks out. Clothes are being torn off and all I can see are cocks, tits and, cunts. Cum starts to decorate the room as the fuck fest gets wilder. The longer the fucking lasts the crazier it gets. That is when the good action starts. I get DP, I get to have myself a little train. And I get to fuck some nice looking whores like myself. And when it is all done and over with. There is nothing but naked hot sweaty bodies and sticky creamy cum as far as the eye can see.

Have Backup

Cum on boobsvoicemails. They must all be off with their wives. Haha!! Being the pro of a slut that I am. I am never without cock even if it is the plastic kind that takes double A batteries. When my pussy is aching and super sloppy fucking wet I have no patience and need to blast my pussy juices everywhere. I need satisfaction immediately. I am sure you all can relate to that. Giggles. I grabbed both my 9-inch dildo shoving one in my pussy and one deep in my ass. I wanted to fucking explode have the bomb of orgasm. I was showing myself no mercy with both dildos. I wanted to cum from both of holes I needed to put the fire in between my legs out. I was fantasizing about it being 2 of your massive cocks fucking me even harder than I can fuck myself.

Carpet Muncher

Sexy phone sex A sweet tasting pussy is a nice treat too snack on. When slut just like me puts her pussy in my face I don’t need any ques on what to do next. I take my hands spread those pussy lips apart and have my way with her into she squirts all over my face. I like to take a sluts clit and pull it with my teeth. And shove two fingers in her twat hole at the same time. I love it when a slut pushes her pussy in my face because of the pleasure my wet mouth is giving her. I have a wide tongue and love to lap at pussies like a dog giving wet sloppy kisses. Sluts often come to me to get their pussies.

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