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Sexy Man With A BBC

Fantasy phone sex I looked out my window this morning and what did I see? I saw a fine looking brother mowing the lawn next door. Actually I saw a crew of fine looking brothers working in the lawn next door but one caught my eye. He was the sexiest one of them all and I wanted him. Watching his muscles in his chest as he worked that mower. My pussy was aching I grabbed my dildo sitting on my dresser and slammed it in my pussy. Stroking my dildo in and out faster and harder. I was staring at him hard. My eyes burning a hole in his flesh I just knew he had to be packing one of those famous BBC. He must of had a third eye cause he caught my eyes glued on him. I smiled at him. I pulled my dildo out and showed it to him. I showed him my skills of sucking big huge things. And with one finger I waved him over. He dropped that lawn mower like a dirty bitch and strolled over to my front door and up to my bedroom. And into my three lovely fuck holes.

Licking My Own Pussy

Fantasy phone sexI wish I could lick my own pussy. I know how my pussy tastes when I taste it on cock but still, I wish I could eat myself out. I would nibble and bite at my clit and slither my own tongue in out of my pussy hole. Imagine if us girls could get on down there between our pussy lips and just go to town munching away for fucking hours making myself cum then squirt then cum again. I never would stop munching on and fucking my pussy with my own tongue. I would have my fingers involved too. Oh I just thought of having a nice big fat dick sliding in and out of my pussy fuck hole and me licking his shaft as it does and still playing on my clit all at the same time

Yummy Dick And Pussy

Fantasy phone sex My skills for eating pussy are just as good as my skills for fucking a big fat cock. I dive right on in feasting on her pussy just like a cock. They both taste yummy in their own ways. But both are sweet and delightful to eat. Ralph is a neighbor of mine and Shelley is his wife. Mostly I fuck the men behind their wives back but not Ralph and Shelley the minute those little brats of theirs are off to school they over my house and ready to swap fluids with me. They both treat me like their sex toy and I fucking love every minute of it. They throw me between the both of them like a sex doll. Using every inch of my body to satisfy all of their sexual hunger.

Finger Blasting

Fantasy phone sexYou always say a slutty milf finger blasting herself is a piece of artwork. You love to watch me masturbate and I love performing for you. I squirt harder knowing you are watching me. I make myself a sloppy slippery mess before your dick even slides in. Our last fuck session was amazing that new trick you did with your tongue and the 9volt battery. You know I love the way you tongue my clit when I am blasting my pussy but zapping me with that 9 volts just as I was about to squirt again was out of this world I squirted so hard my piss shot out with my cum. You keep zapping my clit and I keep cumming. When you finally did shove your dick in, my pussy was so sensitive to your dick and I still couldn’t stop cumming.

Slut Of The Town

Fantasy phone sexMy Daddy used to say what Ramona wants Ramona is going to get. I was always daddy little girl. Little did he know I was the towns little slut too. We lived in a small area back then and I am surprised he never found out. I was fucking my teaches in high school to get straight A’s. Daddy thought I was just that smart. I had him wrapped around my little finger. I was even fucking Daddies business partner. I didn’t care he was married with little twats of his own. He had a huge dick and a loose wallet. Sure daddy gave me everything I wanted but a girl can always use the extra money. Daddy still gives me everything I want even tho I am all grown up. And I am still the towns little slut just a different town.

Ken’s Dick

Mature phone sexMy friend Ken was down on his luck his girlfriend kicked him out of the house. He needed a warm bed to sleep in and I have a spare one. Ken is a straight-laced one woman guy. Ken also supplies me with my weed. And every week when he shows up to give me my package I try to seduce him but he never takes me up on my offer of a good fucking. After his bitch kicked him out I offered up for him to come here. I knew he had no place else to go I had him right where I wanted him. He was here for about twenty minutes and then I attacked him. I tore off his clothes and forced myself on him. He was not going to deny me his dick anymore.


Fantasy phone sex Your wife just left for work and you are already knocking on my door. I knew you would be over and I was waiting for you in my teddy. I want your dick just like you want my pussy. Your wife does not know what she is missing and if she does not want to give it to you I am all for taking her place in the bedroom. I tear your clothes off you. You love my aggressiveness towards you something your prude wife does not possess. She never wants to fuck you and I want to fuck all the time. It gets you a rock hard dick how much I lust after you. Well, it gets me a soaking wet pussy fucking another woman’s husband being the fuck holes that she refuses to be. Every slut needs dick if your women don’t want to fuck you us sluts will.

Valentines Date Pictures

Fantasy phone sexI just got the pictures back from our Valentines date. A whole bunch of memories came flashing back. You were so steamy and so ready for my blonde bombshell body. You poked your cock in and out of my cock koozie’s teasing me along the way. You get behind me and I think I am about to get your dick. But to my happy surprise, I get your tongue and a little handheld vibe for my clit. I smother your face with my pussy rocking back and forth on your face. I remember the way you made me scream and squirt so hard I almost passed out. My body could not stop trembling because of you. My body temp now is rising remembering your magic tongue working with that fabulous vibe. I start to fuck myself hard with my fingers the moments of that night are flashing in and out of my head. I need my dildo my fingers are just not enough I run upstairs with my fingers still deep in my juicy pussy and grab my 9 incher and pound myself fast and hard. Damn darling, you drive me crazy and you are nowhere around me.


Ass fetish Tyrone is the best black mother fucker out there. I love his bbc! It is the best cock I have ever had and I love fucking him every chance I can. He never has to look for him. I am always calling him, texting him, and liking his things on fb. I got him on speed dial. I love riding him with my pussy and ass. From his head to his base. He fills my holes full and then some. He stretches me out so I can take all of him. And when he cums it is everywhere. Oh, my gawd his cum loads are three times the size of any white man I ever been fucked by. Tyrone is not a stingy bastard either! That black mother fucker makes me cum and squirt all over too.

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexYou shoot your cum load all over my face and body. And tell me to take a pose your gonna capture the moment. I squat down a give you one of my classic Ready Ramona smiles. You keep snapping pictures so I keep posing showing off the masterpiece you made of my body. You tell me the pictures are gonna go viral on all the social media sites. You think I would be shocked hearing your words but instead, it made me thrive. My poses for you got sexier. You see how much I am liking the idea that you suggest we make amateur porn. Once again I am all for the idea. You direct me to the back room and behind that close door was a room full of sex toys for pain and pleasure. I never knew you had all this hidden behind this door.

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