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Sexy phone sexRomona Romona Romona, don’t I just make you moan my name? Of course, I do, I am the queen of sexy phone sex. I am number one in all I do actually, and I am sure you know that since you are literally groveling at my feet. I am happy to use my switch to whip your ass if you are not moving quickly enough or if I just want to put you in your pathetic fucking place. You may only call me Mistress, Queen, Goddess. I am not a nice ruler of my peasants that I take advantage of every chance I get. Tying up my slaves, chains and butt plugs with tails, some of them wearing maid outfits. Others in cages. Many of them on leashes and some of them being publicly tortured. I arrange the best parties at my place, everyone that is of an upper status comes and joins me in taking full advantage of the fucktoy slaves I have deceived into becoming mine, allowing me to own them in every way. They have no idea what’s coming!

Naughty teacher

Naughty teacherEvery guy has had that Naughty teacher fantasy. I am top of the list of women most likely to be picked for horny boy toy fantasies. Can you see it now? It’s just like back in the day, when you were learning literature and you were sitting in the front row. You were eager to come to my class every day, but as most boys do you act out all the time. Trying to be a class clown, and not focusing on the subject but rather the fine woman in front of you. I know my slutty clothes don’t help but I can’t help it! This is what I will forever wear tight dresses and skirts, low cut tops and high heels to top it off. You sometimes see my nipples or even my thong, and your cock gets hard right away in class. Because you are always getting in trouble, I have been making you stay after class to do homework and you get to see me bending over constantly cleaning up. One day maybe you will get enough balls to ask me if there’s any ‘extra credit’ you can do?

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy Phone Sex I was dressed in all black, sexy stockings, the highest heels, and equally sexy thong. I have a sexy lingerie top that is tight to my body, pushing up my tits. My nails are perfect, my hair and makeup too. I just look like the queen I am and completely irresistible. Who wouldn’t want to fuck such a perfect woman like myself? I have a shaved bald pussy, that gets very creamy. I have perfect horny tits that are always ready to go. Everyone knows about my superior blowjobs, my foot fetish adventures, and about all my cuck boyfriends. It’s not a hobby, but rather a lifestyle. When you’re this attractive you simply cannot expect anything less! And most of these guys are wannabes, they have small cocks. They range from teeny tiny itty bitty to small to average to kinda big to huge then monstrous, and last but not least the bulls. They have the biggest cock of anyone, they are made to show off their huge cocks while being watched. They are too magnificent to let you touch or lick them but the best thing a sub will get from me is eating the cum out of my pussy or ass.

Sexy dominatrix

Sexy dominatrixI only offer up my precious time to submissive men, the kind that have been searching long and hard for a Sexy dominatrix like me. My latest pet was very good at worshipping the ground I walked on, he didn’t even talk back to me and never spoke unless spoken to. He was always a perfect cuckold, cleaning my pussy of all the cum the real men left behind. Never in a million years would a pathetic loser cuck get a real chance with someone as powerful and sexy as I am! It’s laughable to me, that these tiny dicked bitches try their best to change my mind. That’s not how this works you give me your money and I do whatever I want to you, obviously. I always get my way, keep that in mind. Groveling at my feet, becoming my toilet, my pain slut, my cum cleaner, and my sissy slut to dress up too. As long as I’m degrading men, I’m happy!

Cocksucking phone sex

cocksucking phone sexI love Cocksucking phone sex, but let’s get one thing straight because it’s not the cocksucking most guys are used to. I am not here to make you laugh, I am here to make you cry! You are my personal cuckold, the one that I get to force to suck the same cocks that have just been completely stuffed into my pussy. I love to laugh and laugh as they struggle to fit a cock of this size into their pathetic mouths. They are constantly trying to say no, but their cock is hard as a rock so how on earth could I ever take him seriously if he gets off on me fucking other men and making him be the cleanup cuck. So amusing to me and so humiliating to him to know that he isn’t good enough to fuck me but he can taste my cum on their cocks and their cum in my pussy. My pathetic cock sucking cuck!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliationHahaha! Small dick humiliation? More like microscopic! I could laugh and laugh at that thing forever. No wonder you can’t get any woman to fuck you. No wonder you’re such a whiny cuck! You’re pathetic in every way, you don’t deserve to be called a man and you don’t deserve to call that a cock when to me it just looks like an oversized clit, at best. It pleases me to humiliate a man that is really just a girl considering the lack of cock. If you don’t have a monster cock, you’re a bitch. You are useless to society, and only a dumping ground for making fun of and torturing. Some think they are still in charge because their wives have boosted their fragile ego. They are more than wrong and I am always happy to put them right back in their place. Groveling at my knees, whining and begging as I laugh and force him to do things he never imagined. Pathetic!!!

Mutual masturbation stories

Mutual masturbation storiesI knew he was there watching me through the fence that separates our back yards. I could not see him but I could hear him jacking off. I pretended not to hear his grunts. I was catching the sun in my birthday suit to avoid tan lines. I was laying on my tummy tanning my backside first. And about 20 minutes into the sun beating down on my bare body I could hear his soft but not so soft grunts on the other side of that fence. He was a young teen at that age where his dick is always in his hand and hard. Just the thought of him being there jerking off to my naked body really turned me on. I wanted him to see how turned on I was. I rolled over onto my back spreading my legs so the sun hit my pussy juices making my pussy shine like gold. My thighs opened up giving a bullseye shot of probably the first pussy he has seen in real life. His grunts got louder as I started to thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy. I was moaning myself I almost forgot he was there as I began to squirt all over my blanket I was laying on.

Tease and denial phone sex

Tease and denial phone sexAs the Goddess I am I find it often my place be the best Tease and denial phone sex queen out there. There are so many men that think they have a chance with me, and it just makes me laugh! There’s no harm in stringing some of them along as long as he has a lot of presents to give me. I love to tease, make them want me more than anything in his entire life. I get all dolled up, daily. Smooth legs and pussy flawless hair and makeup, whore clothes that show off my perfect and amazing body. Yes, I workout. I love to make them think I would ever allow their measly cocks touch me, so funny, isn’t it? I work my body in front of them to show them what they want to have so badly, only once they’re nice and close it’s time for me to let them know they’ve been denied! Tease and denial, as fine as it comes baby.

Small Dick Humiliation

Small dick humiliationI am more than an expert for Small dick humiliation. It’s more so a way of life for me. I am a queen, and all men are below me. Pathetic and useless. They have two purposes and that’s to serve me if they are deemed submissive or please me if deemed a true man with a hefty cock. The other purpose is to fill my wallet, my bank account. Cater to my every want and wish and never tell me no when I ask for money. That’s what a man is worth to a woman as exquisite as I am. Let me tell you I’ve been wined and dined by millionaires, been on their huge yachts and attended their posh parties. It’s old news to me. They all had money but they all had small measly cocks. They got off on a goddess such as myself laughing at their measly wanna-be cocks. They would jerk their over-sized clits as I teased them and degraded them. Humiliated their tiny dicks until they paid me and squirted to being put into their proper place.

Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexPrincess phone sex is something you can get from someone of such a royal standing. That’s clearly me, as I am above all and have always gotten my way and forever I will get my way! I am spoiled, I am high maintenance, this body is immaculate and this perfect pussy is only touched by men of alpha status. I cannot let a tiny cuck bitch fuck this pussy. However, if they’re really good I can allow them to clean all the cum straight out of my pussy. While it’s still nice and warm of course! I am a prime pussy, not just regular pussy. I love to be called princess, queen, goddess, and mistress. I love when a pathetic subby cuck gets down on their knees to bow below me, to clean the ground beneath my feet. And if they are very lucky they might clean my feet as well. Who will worship me best? Who will obey me best? Who will please me and my expensive tastes? I am a princess and I am searching for you.

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