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You want the best phone sex don’t you?

best phone sexI know you want the best phone sex, that’s why you’re here right? Well let me tell you all about what I did last night. I went out to my friend’s house for a little party and met this sexy guy there. He was hot as fuck so obviously I went home with him and we fucked all night long. He was very attentive to me, I swear he must have licked this pussy for a couple hours! Then he bent me over and fucked me deep, I swear I was screaming so loud I thought for sure his neighbors would call the cops! It was the best sex I have ever had I swear, I just love a man that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it!

He just had to accept his fate

domination pornI know a little man named Fred and he is the wimpiest, little bitch boy I have ever seen… but he thinks he’s some kind of alpha male just because he makes a lot of money. Money doesn’t make you alpha male, it just ensures that men like that can get a woman’s attention that’s all. He always ended up submitting to me in the end but always gave me a fight about it so I decided that he needed some harsher training to really teach him who’s boss around here! I got dressed up all sexy and invited him over and as soon as he got there I forced him into his new little cage. He was all flustered and mad but I told him he had to learn a lesson and that he was going to see how it felt to be the bitch in a cage while a real alpha man fucked the shit out of me! My sexy lover put me right on top of the cage and fucked me basically right on top of my new little pet and you know what? Wimpy little Fred loved it! And he’s learned to be much more respectful too!

domination phone sex

Your dick is useless to me

tease and denialTease and denial is all you can expect from me with a dick that small! I mean seriously, do you really think I give a fuck if that tiny little dickie cums or not??? Well just to be clear on the subject, I do not have one tiny little fuck to give if your little peepee gets to cum, I don’t care if you get blue balls, I don’t care if it hurts you… I honestly couldn’t give a shit if that tiny little useless cock fell right off! It’s far too small for me to fuck, honestly the only time I will touch that tiny little appendage of yours is when I put this cock cage on you. You’ll be wearing it from now on… and yes, I will have the only key to it! No more masturbating for you loser!

He had quite a view!

best phone sexI was enjoying a little alone time yesterday when I noticed that my neighbor was watching me, he was sitting in his office and had a very clear view into my bedroom so he saw it all. I was naked and masturbating, sliding my thick vibrator into my ass and my pussy over and over until I squirted all over the place. He was clearly loving it, I could see his cock in his hand and I knew that he was getting off as hard as I was! I nodded at him and motioned for him to come over, I waited with my legs spread wide so he could shove that hard dick inside me as soon as he walked in the room! It was so hot, he had a nice thick cock and knew how to use it too, it was the best sex I’ve had in weeks!

Forced crossdressing was all he got!

forced crossdressingI had a blind date last night and at first I was having a great time; he seemed funny and was pretty cute I thought for sure that we would end the night in bed. Well, I was sure of that until I got him to my house and took his pants off anyway! Omg this guy had the smallest dick I had ever seen in my life… I swear my fucking clit was probably bigger than this thing! What the fuck was I supposed to do with that??? I burst out laughing and boy did he ever get offended but that didn’t stop my laughter, he got all up in my face and told me to stop, he was wagging his finger at me and everything so I slapped his face as hard as I could and told him he better learn how to act in front of a superior woman like myself! I told him to take off all those man clothes cus it was time for him to be my little bitch and he didn’t even complain, he just stripped and waited for his next task. I dressed him up like the bitch he was and made sure to take several humiliation pictures too, he wanted to fuck me but all he got in the end was forced crossdressing instead!

I took it all

best phone sexThis little dickie boy came to me looking for a girlfriend and was very disappointed by the response he got. I mean seriously, what am I supposed to do with a cock that small? All I could do was laugh! I made him take me shopping and spent all his money… he thought that after that I would be sure to fuck him but no, I sure didn’t. I just kept laughing at him, told him that I would never fuck a man like him all I would ever want from him is his money and nothing more. I told him that if he was very lucky maybe I would let him watch me masturbate or something but that was about the best he would ever get!

Small dick humiliation is what you deserve!

small dick humiliationThat dick is truly the most pathetic little wannabe clit I have ever seen in my life! What is it like maybe two inches long??? And that’s when it’s hard too, I bet that little bitty thing practically disappears inside you when it’s soft! You can’t tell me that women don’t laugh at you when they see it, there is no fucking way! I know I laughed at it, there you were acting like you were gonna rock my world but all you did was make me laugh! There is nothing at all about you that would get my pussy wet, it’s dry as hell looking at a dick like that! You could never get me off, I need a real man for that and trust me bitch, you will never be a real man!

I only like big dicks!

best phone sexI only like big dicks, doesn’t matter to me if they’re black ones or white ones or whatever, if they are long and thick I am all about it! So when I met Bob it was a match made in heaven. He has a giant dick, it’s so big that you can see it clearly outlined in every pair of pants he wore! This is like the best dick I’ve ever seen, it’s long and thick and perfect and I just knew I had to get me some of that! Luckily, it was easy as fuck. He came over to borrow some milk so I invited him in and one thing just led to another and I was on my knees sucking that big dick like a pro. He loved it, he said he knew as soon as he saw me that he wanted me bad! He bent me over the table and fucked the shit out of me, I swear it was the best I’d ever had!

Sissy maid stories always crack me up!

sissy maid storiesSissy maid stories always crack me up so when a little sissy bitch named Matthew called me I knew that it was going to be a very entertaining call… for me anyway, he was going to be humiliated and shamed. This little bitch boy was all shaved and had long feminine hair, he was all dressed up and had a full face of makeup on, this was clearly not his first time dressing as a sissy. He asked me if I thought he was beautiful and I just had to laugh, I told him to look at me if he wanted to see beautiful, that he was just a pathetic wannabe! You are not a woman just because you shave and put on a dress! What you are is a silly little sissy boy that needs a good fucking to show you your place! That’s why I fucked that little sissy boy with my biggest strap on cock, by the time I was done he was much more aware of his place!

Mutual masturbation stories are always fun!

mutual masturbation storiesMutual masturbation stories are always a lot of fun don’t you think? I know I love them, that’s probably why I kinda took advantage of my neighbor earlier today. See, his wife was out of town so he was home all alone. He spent a lot of his time looking in my windows so he must have been bored out of his mind, I figured I may as well give him a show right? I stripped off my clothes and spread my legs wide for him, he was so focused on my pussy that he didn’t even stop to think that I could see him too, he just pulled out his cock and started stroking it. I was rubbing my clit and moaning loud enough that I’m sure he could hear it but he still wasn’t looking up at my face, he was just staring at my fingers going in and out of my pussy. It wasn’t until we both came before he realized that I was watching him too! He was so embarrassed but I just thought it was fun!

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