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I was such a fun trip

best phone sexMy sugar daddy took me on the vacation of a lifetime and I had so much fun! We sailed on his yacht, went to 5 star resorts and did so much shopping I’m surprised that his credit cards didn’t light on fire. It was amazing but my very favorite parts were all the sex. He would find me big sexy black men to fuck while he watched and let me tell you it was hot as fuck. He found me some really hot studs with huge cocks, sometimes more than one at a time too! See, my sugar daddy has a cock that doesn’t work at all,it’s not small it just won’t get hard so he watches me fuck all kinds of other men and gets his satisfaction from that. I’m not complaining tho I get to have it all and I love every second of it.

He wanted me to have a hairy wet pussy

hairy wet pussyMy new boyfriend wants me to have a hairy wet pussy pretty much 24/7 so I grew out my pussy hair just for him. Keeping it dripping wet at all times is the easiest thing I have ever done too, he is one sexy man with a huge cock and a big fat wallet to go with it so I spend all my days shopping and fucking. What could be better than that? He spoils me rotten, just yesterday he took me shopping and bought me a whole new winter wardrobe, I’m taking outfits, shoes, coats and bags to match! He dropped thousands of dollars on me like it was nothing and let me tell you, my panties were soaked the whole time. When we got back to his place I got right down on my knees to thank him with the best blowjob he had ever had. I swallowed that huge cock all the way down my throat until his legs were trembling and he was about to blow his load. Then I pushed him down on the bed and hopped on that rock hard dick and rode that dick until we both came. He is the best boyfriend ever, I have never been taken care of like this before. I’ve had lots of men spoil me but none of them have ever done this much, this man gives me anything I ask for and more. And all he asks is that I don’t shave my pussy, that’s it! How easy is that? I would do anything to keep this man, I hope one day I will even marry him, I know if I did I would be the happiest woman in the world with the fattest diamond ever sitting on my finger. Who wouldn’t want a life like that? I know I do!

He was so sexy

best phone sexI met this guy yesterday and he was so damn sexy I just about lost my mind! He was everything I like, successful, wealthy, tall and fit my panties were soaked minutes after meeting him and all I could think was how can I make this man mine. Well we had a few drinks and I suggested we go back to my place and he was definitely into it so we left. We were all over each other things were going so well and then he took off his pants to reveal the smallest fucking dick I had ever seen in my life. I was so disappointed! He was the total package but his dick was barely 2 inches long what the fuck was I supposed to do with that?? He could tell I was upset and to give him credit he knew what would make me happy. He called a friend of his over and this guy had a huge dick worthy of fucking. It was hot to have the little dickie man watch me fuck his well endowed friend and he clearly liked it too because he squirted all over the place. Now he is going to be my rich boyfriend in public and my cucky in the bedroom its a perfect situation I think!

I made him a real bitch

cuckold phone sexThis little dickie cucky boy wanted to try to be manly but he failed miserably. All I could do was laugh as he strutted around acting like some kind of wannabe tough guy and boy he did not like being laughed at. He tried to get all up in my face like he was gonna do something so I just slapped the shit out of him and told him that he could never be in charge because he was more woman than man. I forced him to take off his fake man clothes and put on a bra and panties. He actually cried can you believe that? We had a whole photo shoot with him in lingerie and dresses and makeup and he claimed to hate it but his tiny clitty was hard the whole time. Of course I didn’t let him touch that little clit and I definitely did not let him cum either. He stayed in his girly clothes all night long too and I think I will make him be a girl whenever I see him from now on.

My neighbor was a little bitch

best phone sexMy neighbor is a little bitch, I know that because his wife screams at him every day and he just takes it. So when I saw the little bitch watching me while I was in the pool I decided to really fuck his day up. I called his wife and told her that her husband was rubbing his tiny cock while he was watching me swim and that I didn’t like it. Wow that really got her heated! She came right home and dragged him out in the street still naked with his lil peepee on full display. She was screaming at him and telling him that he needed to apologize not only to me but to the whole street for being a dirty peeper and man all I could do was laugh and laugh. Men like him deserve to be humiliated, his dick is tiny and he is a useless little bitch that doesn’t even make his wife any money so he deserves everything he got.

I used and abused him

cuckold phone sexThis little dick cucky boy wanted my attention so I told him what he would have to do in order to get it. First he needed to open that wallet, I like cash and presents and shopping and I expect to do every first class, I won’t settle for less. Second he needed to realize that his place in life was below me, I am the Goddess, he is the little bitch boy with a tiny dick that no woman on earth wants to fuck. That lesson was harder for him to learn, he was extremely generous with cash and gifts but he wanted to be my boyfriend and get to fuck me too. Well this pussy doesn’t accept cocks that are smaller than 9 inches so he was just out of luck. I had to prove it to him tho, I had to bring over a stud and make him compare his tiny little pathetic inch worm of a dick to my lover’s huge thick 11 inch cock and when he saw the difference he started weeping like a little boy. He was sad but resigned to his fate of being my little cucky.

He certainly got my attention quick!

best phone sexYou wanna know the best way to get my attention real quick? Spoil me rotten and I will put all of my attention right on you that is for sure! That’s why when I woke up to an email full of gift cards yesterday, I was sure to lavish my attention on the man that sent them. He is such a sweetie, he takes me shopping all the time but he’s out of town on business right now so I’m here all alone and he didn’t want me to be bored isn’t that sweet? He sent me gift cards for Victoria’s Secret and Amazon and even treated me to get a mani pedi too so I felt all spoiled and pampered. When he gets back from his trip I am going to make him the happiest man alive for taking such good care of me you can believe that! He is gonna feel so good he will never forget it!

He tried to buy me

best phone sexThis little bitch boy actually tried to bribe me to let him fuck me can you believe that? I mean I definitely took his money but when he tried to fuck me I just laughed in his face. Why would I want to fuck a little bitty dick like that?? I let him think that if he paid me more that I would maybe let him touch me so the money kept on flowing and he took me shopping and bought me dinner in a five star restaurant. I led him on all day long and at the end of the night when he was begging for this pussy I invited my lover to join us so he could see what a real cock looked like. I made him watch me fuck my lover and just laughed at him the whole time. He was pissed off and frustrated when he left but I still had his money and a real cock too so I didn’t care!

I was so disappointed

best phone sexI went on a date with this guy I met on a sugar daddy website and what a disappointment he was! First off this guy was no sugar daddy, he was a broke ass splenda daddy and that’s even being generous to say. He credit card was declined for dinner so I had to pay and then when he took me home he flashed me a look at his cock like it was something to be proud of… spoiler alert, it wasn’t. He had this tiny cock and an empty wallet so he was completely a waste of my time but I was pissed off so I invited him up to my apartment. He thought he was gonna get laid but there was no fucking way that was gonna happen. I convinced him to let me tie him up and blindfold him then I made a call to a my tranny friend and sat back to watch the show. He was loving it when she started kissing him all over but when she pulled off his blindfold so he could see the huge cock staring him in the face he was less happy. He even screamed when she fucked his tight little ass too, it really made the price of dinner worthwhile. Trust me this broke ass motherfucker will never forget me!

He fell in love

best phone sexWhat can I say, I am a beautiful woman so when a man sees me, nine times outta ten he is gonna want me so I have become a little bit picky. I don’t need to settle for mediocre when I can have the best yanno? So when I saw Steve I just had to have him. He is tall sexy and has a huge cock, what’s not to like right? I took him home with me and worshiped that cock all night long, By the time I was done with him he never wanted to leave! He said that he had never had a woman like me, one so giving and so sexual and all I could do was blush like a little schoolgirl. He makes me feel like no one else can and I love it! We’re getting together again tonight and I can’t wait, I know that it is gonna be amazing.

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