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You don’t deserve a hot sexy woman like me!

hot sexy womanLook at you, do you really think a man like you deserves a hot sexy woman like me? Your dick is tiny, way too tiny for a woman like me to ever accept it, I only fuck real men. I fuck men that have big cocks, the kind of cocks that will fill me up and stretch me out, I bet I would never even feel yours at all and that’s if you manage to even get it in me at all! Lets be real here, your dick is a micro penis, too small to ever be worth my time at all.You’re just the kind of little bitch boy that gets to clean me up after I’ve fucked a real man and you will never be anything else. You may as well except that now.

Phone humiliation is what he got today

phone humiliationThis loser called me today for some fun times but all he ended up with was some phone humiliation. All I could do was laugh at him when he told me he was going to fuck me so hard with his lil 2 inch wannabe cock… he actually sent me a picture of it too and it was the smallest dick I had ever seen in my life! How exactly was he going to fuck me with that?? That dick was too pathetic for me to even touch let alone fuck! I told him to go sit in the corner and pout cus he wasn’t getting anything from me at all, I made him listen to me fuck a real man and he literally cried the whole time.  He was such a little bitch it was ridiculous! What was he really expecting tho? I can’t be the only girl that laughed when they saw his pathetic lil dickie, he should have known better!

He loved it… even to he cried

best phone sexLittle bitch boy named Daniel called me looking to fuck and I was down with it until I saw his tiny little pitiful excuse for a cock. I had to laugh, this thing was so small that I coldn’t imagine how I would even feel it inside me… if it was even big enough to go inside me that is! He cried like a little bitch and asked me why no one wold fuck him… well duh dummy, it’s that pathetic dick! Girls don’t like tiny penises, we want dicks that fill us up and stretch us out we don’t want to wonder if its even inside us at all. Little dicks are only good for one thing and that is picking on them. It’s high time Daniel actually learned that lesson even if he hated learning it!

You know you want this

best phone sexOh honey you know you want this! That’s what I said to the pathetic little cucky boy that was watching me suck and enormous dick. Honestly I wasn’t sure which he wanted more… me or my well endowed lover! He was lusting over that big cock, begging me to allow him to suck it so that he could get it hard for me but I just wouldn’t let him. I made him watch me play with that cock and then I made him help guide that massive dick into my pussy and it was amazing! It stretched me out bigger than that lil cucky’s dick could that’s for sure, he had a pathetic little 2 inch dick as big around as my pinkie finger. His dick was just as pathetic as he was, that’s why he got no satisfaction at all!

Who doesn’t want to see sexy women masturbating?

sexy women masturbatingI have to say that I am definitely a little bit of an exhibitionist but it’s not like I’m causing any harm with it, cus for real, who doesn’t like to see sexy women masturbating? I know my neighbors love it! Every time I go down to the pool they kinda gather around me trying to act like they are looking at anything else other than me. But I know that they are checking me out,it’s soo obvious! When I start stripping off my bikini their hands suddenly go in their pockets like they are trying to discreetly jerk off without me seeing it, but I definitely see it. By the time I actually start rubbing my dripping wet pussy I am begging them to pull those dicks out, let me see them! I want to see how hard they are and how bad they want me! Shit,if they would come and fuck me too that would be even better!

It was supposed to be a hot threesome

2 girl phone sexGwen and I were supposed to be getting together to have a hot threesome with a really sexy guy but the night didn’t end the way we thought it would that’s for sure. We went out to dinner and had some wine and both of us were really getting into it cus the guy was so hot! He had a great body and seemed real manly, like the type of guy that could definitely handle two women. Well, once we got back to the hotel it was a whole different story! He took off his shirt and we were like mmmmmm nice chest, nice stomach… then he took off his pants to reveal the smallest cock we had ever seen. Seriously this this was definitely a micro penis, like it was barely more than just a tip! We took one look at that pathetic lil nubbin and just started dying laughing. We asked him if he seriously thought he was gonna be able to fuck us with that and he just hung his head in shame. Well, good thing we were prepared for anything, me and Gwen fucked each other with a big strap on dick and made the lil cucky watch. Oh well, the night didn’t end how we thought it would but it was still fun!

cuckold phone sex

It was the best day

best phone sexI had the best day ever yesterday! I went out with this really hot guy, he took me out shopping and bought me whatever I wanted and even took me to get my nails done too. It was so relaxing, I didn’t want it to ever end but towards the end of the day it suddenly got even better. He brought me to this fantastic 5 star hotel, I swear the room was bigger than my whole apartment! We had a fantastic view of the city, I was looking at it when he came up behind me and unzipped my dress right there in front of the window. It was so thrilling to have him undress me right there where anyone looking up could see my naked body, I didn’t care who was watching! We left the curtains wide open the whole time we fucked, all I could think was everyone was watching me and just thinking that made me squirt so hard that I soaked the bed! It was the hottest day ever!

I got a new toy

best phone sexLately I have been so bored with ordinary sex, I needed something new, something I had never tried before. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, all I knew was that I didn’t want another vibrator or dildo I needed something new and exciting! So I went to my favorite sex shop and asked the owner what he thought I should try. He suggested that I get a fucking machine, they do all kinds of fun things and it will be like I’m getting fucked by someone even tho I would be alone. It sounded really hot to me but it was expensive so I wanted to try it before I bought it, luckily he had one all set up in the back room. I was nervous but he was right there helping me adjust everything and when he finally turned it on I was so excited that I practically came right then! It was hot as fuck and I was back there screaming for more so I eventually had a crowd of men watching me get fucked by that machine but I didn’t even care. It felt way too good to care! I am definitely gonna have to invest in one for myself real soon!

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He was just so sweet!

best phone sexMy friend came over yesterday and he was just the sweetest! He showed up with a big bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates for me just because he missed me, wasn’t that just so sweet? Then he showed me just how much he missed me by spending a whole lot of quality time down on his knees between my legs licking my juicy pussy. I was losing my mind, it felt so good and I came over and over but he just wouldn’t stop! I was begging him to fuck me but he just wanted to eat my pussy for hours! Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed his head away, shoved him back on the bed and sat right down on that giant cock! I rode that dick until we were both satisfied!

He was so cute!

best phone sexMy neighbor is just so cute! Like how could I resist someone so young and cute? His dick was nice and big too, gotta love that right? All I had to do was ask him to come over and fuck me and he was over in an instant. He had me on my knees sucking his dick so fast my head was spinning! I got that big beautiful dick of his nice and hard and then begged for him to fuck me. I needed a big cock to stretch me out and pound me real good and that is just what he gave me. It was so good! He fucked me for hours and made me cum over and over before he finally filled my pussy with that big hot load. He was too cute to resist and I know I’ll be back for more!

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