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Small Dick Man

Small dick humiliationLast night was a big disappointment, I went on a date because I was sexually frustrated. I was hoping that my date was packing an anaconda in his pants but what he had made me laugh. His dick looked like a thumb, it was so small. I was laughing so hard that I nearly peed on myself. He looked so embarrassed because his face turned bright red.
I told him, “Your dick is too small for me, you could never satisfy me with that vienna sausage.”
That’s when he started apologizing for the size of his dick like a very weak man. His personality matched his dick size.
I was ready for a little fun. He was so captivated by my beauty that I knew he would do anything to please me. I was going to push him to his limit. I dressed him up in my panties and put makeup on his face, and he never said “no”. I could tell he was so uncomfortable and it made me laugh. I called Marcus and Jordan over, these black guys have huge dicks. My date didn’t say no when I told him to get on his knees and suck their dicks. I wanted him to get Marcus and Jordan hard because I wanted some big black dick. My date behaved like a dirty slut and I realized that he was doing something that he’d always wanted to do.

Big Sissy Man

Forced feminizationI love turning a big strong man into a weak little woman. I have a client name, Bob. He’s the CEO of major fast food restaurant. He’s a man that’s always in control. He’s used to being the most powerful man in the room. But when he’s in my home his name is Cindy. He loses the suit and tie and prefers silk and lace panty sets. I do his makeup and style his long blond wig. And then the fun begins, I call men over andCindy” makes them very happy. I watch him suck cock after cock, and I wonder what his employees would think if they saw their boss on his knees. “Cindy” sucks cock better than a porn star. And he can do things in heels that even I can’t do. I love turning men into sissies. I like taking all of their power away and forcing them to do things that they’ve only thought about in their wet dreams.

Tiny Package

Small dick humiliationI had a date last night and it was a total waste of time. At the end of the date, I invited him back to my place. He was 6 ft with huge feet, so I assumed that his package would be large, too. But after some heavy making out, we took our clothes off and I couldn’t suppress my laughter. And when I say laughter, I mean rolling on the floor with tears falling down my face laughter. He was so small that I would have had a better time with my index finger. He covered his tiny cock with his hand and turned bright red with shame.
“You poor thing, I bet you’ve never satisfied a woman with that tiny prink”, I told him.
I need a man with a huge dick. I like them long and thick like a Red Bull can. I can’t believe this tiny dick man thought I was going to fuck him. His dick could have passed for a large clit. He should have been wearing panties, not boxers. I told him to let me take a picture of his tiny package because my friends would never believe his size without proof. He told me, “no”, and rushed out of my place faster than a road runner.

Pretty Sissy

Forced feminizationI’m a madam, a female pimp, and I need a sissy that willing to do anything to get money for me. I’ll make you so beautiful that you’ll be able to attract any man. I’ll teach you how to do your makeup and hair. And put you in the finest clothes, because my hoes are high-class. The next step will be your sexual education, I’ll teach you how to suck cock, and how to accept huge cocks into your boy-pussy. We’ll make so much money you’ll be able to quit your day job. It’s going to be hard work. Sometimes you’ll entertain up to twenty men a day. You’ll get so much action your lips and asshole will be sore. The only rule that I have is that you must always remember that I’m the boss and I run the show. Any attitude or back talk from you means automatic punishment. Be a good hoe and we won’t have any problems.

Watch Me Play With Myself

Tease and denialI’m a dominant female because I like to be in control. My favorite game to play is Tease and Denial. I know that I’m a sexy bitch, jaws drop when I walk into a room. I haven’t met a man that I couldn’t have in my bed. But with Tease and Denial, you won’t touch me, you can only watch. I’ll have you sit down in a comfortable chair and watch me bend over and grab my ankles. Your cock is going to get rock hard seeing my bald pussy. Watch me put my hand between my legs and place two fingers in my wet pussy. I’ll even spread my ass cheeks and show you my puckered asshole. I know it’s torture watching me finger bang my tight holes but that’s Tease and Denial. I’ll even sit on my ass with my legs spread and use my 12-inch dildo to fuck myself. It’s long and thick so I have to work to get it in my tight wet hole. But I know you’ll enjoy the show.

C for Cuckold and Cock

Cuckold phone sexI’m dating an older man named Damien. And he never wants to fuck me, because he would rather sit and watch someone else do the job. He has a cuckold fetish. He likes to pay men (specifically black men) with large dicks to fuck me. Damien likes to play out the same elaborate scenario.
We go to bed early as if it’s a normal weekday. We kiss each other goodnight and lay our heads down on our soft pillows. A few moments later, we hear a noise downstairs and Damien gets up to “investigate”. He comes back into the room but he’s not alone, two big black guys in ski masks are with him and they have a gun to his head. They sit Damien in a chair next to the bed. Next, they tie his hands behind his back and put tape over his mouth. I scream and yell for help and it makes them angry. They put the gun to my head and force their big dicks into my mouth. I suck and lick on their dicks like my life depends on it. When their dicks are hard and standing at attention, they fill my pussy and ass with their powerful rods. Damien likes it when I act like I hate it at first. But eventually, the pleasure is too much and my cries of fear turn into moans of ecstasy. I turn into an animal in heat, and I beg for every inch of their big black cocks. And the whole time Damien sits there watching all of the action, acting helpless, but he loves every second. His favorite part is the finale when they shoot their huge loads and leave me a creampie mess. They untie his hands, remove the tape from his mouth and force him to clean my creampie with his tongue.

Dick Sucking Professional

Small dick humiliationAre you kidding me? Did you think I would let you fuck me with that tiny numb you call a cock? LOL! Am sorry you’re not fucking me. Your dick is so small. Are you sure that’s not a big clit? You shouldn’t wear boxers, you need to wear panties. I have some panties that will fit you perfectly. But before you put them on, let me take a picture of your tiny dick. My friends won’t believe me if I tell them how small your cock is, I need proof. Now put the panties on, you’re my little bitch. Do you know what little bitches do? They suck cock. You’re going to make me a lot of money with that pretty mouth. I’m going to have men lined up and ready for a blowjob from you. I going to keep you on your knees all day long. I want you to keep your mouth open and never let your teeth touch anyone’s dick. By the end of the day, you’ll be a dick sucking professional.

You Can’t Cum

Tease and denial You always want what you can’t have, and that’s why Tease and Denial is my favorite game. Do you want to play with me? Have a seat and watch me undress. Let me bend over and grab my ankles. Do you like the view? Doesn’t my hairless pussy look like it’s begging to be fuck? Or would you like to run your tongue up and down my wetness? Maybe I should tie your hands behind your back, because what I’m about to do to you requires a lot of self control. I’ll run my tongue up and down your hard cock and swirl it around the tip. Next, I’ll suck you for a few seconds, because I want to take you to the edge. I’ll start and stop, over and over again. And even though I won’t let you cum, doesn’t mean I can’t. Watch me spread my thighs and let my fingers play in my wet pussy. I want you to see me make my eyes roll back and hear my moans from pleasuring myself. Have you ever seen a girl squirt?

Little Dick Man

Small dick humiliationWhen you pulled down your pants, I’d never laughed so hard. Did you really think that I would fuck you? I know you know that your cock is small. I’ve never seen a cock that small. It could pass for a big clit. You should take those boxers off and wear panties. Have you ever satisfied a woman with your small package? I doubt it. Get on your knees, you’re not man enough to stand in my presence. I can’t believe you thought you could fuck me, you tiny dick man. You hear the doorbell ringing, that’s a real man. He has a nine inch cock, and he knows how to use it. Crawl to the door and let him in, then get your ass over here and eat my pussy. Get my pussy wet and ready to take his big dick. I see you staring at his big cock. Do you want to get him ready, too? Go ahead and open your mouth and please my big dick friend. You’re my little dick bitch and I control you.

Hot For Teacher

Naughty teacher I have so many clients, who pay me a lot of money to make their fantasies come true. One of my favorite clients has a fully functional classroom inside of his home, with desks and a huge chalkboard. He like to have me be the mean teacher and he’s the naughty student. I yell at him and keep him after school for detention. I make him bend over the teacher’s desk with his pants down, and I paddle his bare bottom red. I even make him stand in the corner with his nose to the wall. His cock gets so hard and the tip glistens with pre-cum. I have all of the control and he’s wrapped around my little finger. When he’s being a good little student I reward him by wrapping my lips around his hard dick. Do you want to be the new student in my class. You’ll love my homework assignments, I promise.

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