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The Doc wants to help

best phone sex  Doc Ginger always gives the best phone sex calls. I had a guy last night that has crossdresser fantasies. I helped him embrace his panty wearing fetish. I told him that he could find glory holes to suck the snot out of as many uncut cocks as he wanted without worrying about being known. Having his normal life at home with the wife and kids makes it hard for him to do this locally. Good thing that he takes business trips a lot. I want you to love all the dirty thoughts that pass through your head. Don’t feel dirty about any of it because your sexuality is nothing close to vanilla. That’s why your dick gets so hard whenever you start to think about it.

Another one bites the dust

GFE phone sex

The guys who are married are always the ones who want GFE phone sex. I really fucking like it though. When you’re with me you are so eager and willing to please me. I loved teaching you the secret to making me cum with your tongue. That’s right sweetie, making small tight circles on my clit then fingering my cunt as soon as you make me cum. I have been sucking cock for a very long time so I know how much you enjoy it when your balls deep in my mouth. It isn’t very long before you throw me on to my couch and thrust your huge cock deep inside of my tight wet cunt. Your so big and you hit my spot just right making me squirt all over you multiple times before you release all of your sweet nectar inside of me. I love having a satisfied client.

Sexy sounds

mature phone sex  My favorite days are the ones spent doing mature phone sex. I masturbate out of boredom so its great to have someone to get of with. I love that we can share different things we are watching with each other. My favorite is the pussy pounding clips. When I am here with my favorite dildo I imagine that it’s you pounding my cunt. I never need any extra lubrication because my pussy stays wet with you on the phone. You know exactly how to turn me on when we talk. Especially those sexy ass sounds that you make right before you cum. I love that sound it is how I know that I am doing something right. Maybe that’s why you keep coming back for more.

Erotic roleplaying

erotic roleplaying Erotic roleplaying is something that I have been trying to easing one of clients into recently. He has all of these fantasies that he wants me involved with but we only talk about them. Today was the day! When he came in for his appointment today I was ready for him. He had a thing for country girls. And he had never left Chicago in his life. So I was dressed in the sluttiest Ellie Mae costume I could find. His dick was instantly hard and trying its best to break free of those pants. I pushed him onto my sofa freed that huge thing. Wrapping my lips around it wasn’t all that he wanted to me to do. He flipped me around reverse cowgirl and shoved his throbbing cock inside of me. I came all over him so many times. I think I may have created his fetish for him though.

It lingers

best phone sex

You will only get the best phone sex when you call upon Doc Ginger for help. I go to extreme lengths to please you. Whatever you have been lacking at home you will always find with me. I love to be gagged with your big fucking cock. It makes my pussy so wet. Even on the phone, I gag myself with a huge dildo so that the sounds you hear are natural not made up. This makes your cock start to throb and your balls tighten underneath of my hands. I can tell it won’t be very long now before all of that delicious baby batter is inside my jaws. I love the way you taste it lingers forever on my tongue.

I love my job

phone sex therapy  Phone sex therapy makes my days go by so fucking fast. There are so many clients who require my services no less than weekly so I have had to extend my business hours. I get off so many new ways each day. These guys really have some wild imaginations. I love it though. Especially when they shove their massive cocks down my throat gagging me over and over again. That shit makes my pussy so wet. Silly guys they really think that I do this job for them. How else can I be this kind of whore and not go to jail. That prude wife you have has you on a sex schedule. I don’t know about you but my libido has no time clock. I love to fuck all the time.

Always the best phone sex

best phone sex Nobody told me that part of my job would mean have the best phone sex a chick can imagine. I am by nature a comforter and encourage clients to call me after hours if they need me. Even while on vacation I have been known to slip away into a bathroom stall to talk guys through being new at cuckolding. Telling him about some of the times my husband has sat on the edge of the bed with my panties wrapped around his miniscule cock while he watches me fuck several black guys with massive throbbing dongs. Only after he has sucked their dicks and licked my cunt clean do I allow him to cum. But you and I talk all the time so this is something you have heard before.

I”m a good doctor

Mature phone sex  Mature phone sex is just one of the therapeutic treatments that I offer to my clients. So many guys have such a vanilla life at home with their family that the only time they can let loose is when they are with me. Well, summer is upon us and that means traveling for vacations. But the Doc is always on call for clients on an emergency basis. So they are feeling totally cooped up and they want to scream. They know they call me and we cum together in the most detailed kind of way. Letting all of his frustrations flow onto my beautiful fucking tits. He can now enjoy strolling on the beach with his wifey now thanks to me.

Scratch my itch

Mature phone sex  I’m glad you love mature phone sex so much. Being able to please someone else comes only from being able to please yourself first. Well, honey let me tell you something. I have been pleasing myself for a very long time now. From the way, you give such detail about your dick. I can tell that you have been pleasing yourself for a while too. Well good because that makes what comes next so easy. As if we have been together every second of every day doing nothing but fucking. That would be great. But my time isn’t cheap. Why else would I marry a man with a puny penis like my husbands? My job is my outlet and we fill a craving in each other that no one else can satisfy

I’m not your girlfriend

GFE phone sex GFE phone sex means I’m never going to tell you that I have a headache or say then I’m just too tired tonight. That’s why you call me anyways right cause I do all the things that your real girlfriend won’t do. And that’s what makes our time so much fun. I love the way you suck and nibble on my big fucking nipples. It’s like a direct line to my clit and it makes me want to play with myself. Stroking on your big cock makes my pussy wet. I can’t wait to feel you deep inside of my cunt baby. Fuck you feel so good. I think you’re going to make me come already. Is that what you want baby? To feel my pussy squirt all over your huge dick. My cum dripping off of your dick under your balls as it’s slapping against my asshole while you’re pounding away at me. Cum for me baby. Deep inside me.

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