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I’m not your girlfriend

GFE phone sex GFE phone sex means I’m never going to tell you that I have a headache or say then I’m just too tired tonight. That’s why you call me anyways right cause I do all the things that your real girlfriend won’t do. And that’s what makes our time so much fun. I love the way you suck and nibble on my big fucking nipples. It’s like a direct line to my clit and it makes me want to play with myself. Stroking on your big cock makes my pussy wet. I can’t wait to feel you deep inside of my cunt baby. Fuck you feel so good. I think you’re going to make me come already. Is that what you want baby? To feel my pussy squirt all over your huge dick. My cum dripping off of your dick under your balls as it’s slapping against my asshole while you’re pounding away at me. Cum for me baby. Deep inside me.

Whats your fantasy

Fantasy phone sex  We have the best fantasy phone sex together. We have been doing this for a while now and I have not heard the same thing twice. I really enjoy that you already have my lingerie picked out for me. Considering that you will soon be ripping it from my flesh it is a nice touch. They way you describe kissing the soft skin at the base of my neck. It really makes my skin tingle and gets goosebumps. The way you gasp at the way I talk about flicking your asshole with my tongue lets me know you like that too. You know that I love it rough and hard. You always make me squirt when you fuck me like that babe. Finally concluding when you blow your huge load inside of me. I put my panties on so I can leave it inside the rest of the day.

The Doc is in

Phone sex therapy Just because you come to see me for Phone Sex Therapy doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you. Sometimes you’re just not getting what you need at home. That’s exactly what the doc is here for. I have dedicated lots of time learning every way possible to please a man. That’s what brings most guys in to see me. My reputation proceeds me I guess. I’m more than happy to schedule you for weekly sessions of mood alternating blow jobs. You have to release all of that stress somewhere and my mouth is the perfect fucking place for you to leave it. I love seeing another satisfied client leaving with a huge smile on his face and cash in my hand.

Your so much fun

Best phone sex  I had the best phone sex with you yesterday.  I was laying out by my pool when you called. Luckily I had been trying out my new dildo a few minutes before you called. My pussy got so much wetter from the sound of your voice. I started pushing my toy harder and deeper into my cunt. As I heard your voice change and I knew that you were close to blowing your load, I squirted so much. I wish that you were here and could let that hot cum land all over my big jugs. Just so I could lick it off of course. That’s the perfect end to perfect call. Both of us left with cum on our hands.

Feel like a lady

GFE phone sex   GFE phone sex calls are so awesome! I love how you talk about eating my pussy nice and slow. Circling my clit with your tongue sucking on it gently until. Right before you make me cum you stick two fingers inside of my cunt. This makes me squirt all over your face. When you flip me over on the bed face down ass up is the position you love. I reach back and spread my pussy lips as you push your hard cock deep inside. My cunt wraps around your dick like a glove. You feel so amazing inside of me. I never knew there were so many levels of orgasms until you. You make me have so many that my legs are weak once we finish.

I save it

cocksucking phone sex My husband is such a pain. He always wants to hear about my cocksucking phone sex calls. Obviously being married as long as we have he already knows the skills in which I possess with my mouth. He is just not lucky enough to receive it anymore. I would rather use my skills with the clients that come into my office. Some men have never known the softness of a tongue against the shaft of their cock, or the slippery feeling of someone’s mouth wrapped around their dick. Or even the feeling of busting their load into luscious lips like mine. These are some of the things the Doc helps you with. And if I gave it to my husband there wouldn’t be any left for you.

Girls just wanna cum

mature phone sex  Mature phone sex calls are my favorite calls. It is great when you call me because we know exactly how to please ourselves and that makes pleasing each other so much easier. I’ve always told all my clients even the female one that you have to know how to get yourself off if you ever expect anyone else to be able to do it. Guess that why they say we get wiser with age. I used to think a man was in control of my orgasm.That was until I learned that when I am on top I control it. That opened a whole new world for me. I never do just missionary anymore. Women enjoy getting off too. At least I sure do.

Let me make you happy

best phone sexI am so happy to give you the best phone sex money can buy. We always have such an amazing fucking time together. I think it’s because we are so like-minded. We are both secure in our wants and desires. Knowing what turns me on helps me to get your dick hard. The fact that I actually enjoy giving head makes me a pro at it. You never argue when my mouth is wrapped around your massive cock. Thrusting your hips and guiding my head with your hand lets me know just how much you are enjoying it. Don’t you worry sweetie I’m not stopping until you unleash all of your hot creamy load into my mouth. I just love the way you taste babe.

Let me help you

phone sex therapy I had a new client for phone sex therapy yesterday. He had been fantasizing about watching his wife with other men. Men with huge throbbing cocks. He wanted her to make him watch as she fucked them all. He felt ashamed and dirty about his fantasy. I reassured him that the things that feel dirty are what make sex so much fun. That if people would embrace their desires instead of trying to hide them and act as if they don’t exist that we would all be so much happier. I told him that the things people want to keep hidden away is exactly what makes turns me on and makes my pussy wet. It also keeps me in a job because I get to help you explore all of your fantasies.

Another satisfied client

best phone sex  It’s great when the best phone sex leads to a major orgasm. Sometimes my clients call me because they have an urgent need that they can’t wait until our next office visit for. I especially love it when they are stuck at work with a hard-on. I am there for all their needs. I am very detailed in my description of how I suck their cock slowly at first then building in speed and suction. Telling them how good it feels to have their hands guiding my head down on their cock just the way they like it. Knowing I won’t stop till they bust their load. Once they grow silent on the other end I know I have done my job.

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