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The first visit is always quick

phone sex therapy

I know that you were nervous about your first appointment for phone sex therapy. When I sat next to you and started stroking on your cock through your jeans you started sweating from being nervous. I took my blazer off revealing just my white lacey bra. Finally, you relaxed and your dick got even harder.  I just couldn’t contain myself when I saw it grow even bigger I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it hard. Using one of my hands to spin around your cock while I was sucking on it is what it start to throb. I wasn’t stopping now I was just about to get the best thing next to money from you. Yes, darling, I am talking about that creamy delicious cum.


This is what makes my pussy purr

cuckold phone sex

I love fucking you in front of my husband. The more you make me cum the better my shopping trip will be. I enjoy my real job as a therapist but all work and no play make Ginger a dull girl. For many years now I have been manipulating my husband with his cuckold fetishes. He has never satisfied me, how could he with that little Vienna sausage of a cock he is holding. Meeting random guys like you at the bar are what my weekends are full of. I’m glad you didn’t see him sitting there at first, once my mouth wrapped around your dick you couldn’t focus anywhere else regardless. Watching my hubby face when I squirted all over you at the same time you exploded inside of me was phenomenal.


phone sex therapy

When you walk into my office I know we will both be left smiling and exhausted. Your dick is hard as fuck when you walk in. I start kissing it through your boxers so when I pull them down your huge schlong smacks me right in the face. I can’t help that I love the way that it feels bouncing off my cheeks. Opening wide because of how big you are I take your entire cock into my mouth and let it glide down my throat. Fucking my face until Your just about to cum, then you bend me over my desk. Lifting my skirt for you so that you can plow right in my juicy wet crotch. Letting all of your creamy goodness release inside of me.

Country fun

best phone sex

Well, when you told me you had a big dick I was expecting nine maybe ten inches. Your big thirteen-inch cock smacked in the face I was so surprised when I flopped it out of your shorts. I love the big toys you corn-fed boys bring to play with me. Your tongue does an amazing job getting my cunt wet before you ram your hard meat inside of me. Feeling my pussy pulse with each orgasm I have makes you thrust harder and harder into me. You even play rough to fuck yes someone taught you right. I really thought this vacation was going to be such a waste. But your big cock has made it so much better than I could have imagined.


Surprises are the best

sexy ass pic

I love being filmed. It really fucking makes my cunt wet. So when a very important client of mine asked for a sexy ass pic I wasn’t too sure how I was going to pull that off. Thank god for porn. I was watching for some inspiration when my next client walked in and surprised me. His dick was so hard I totally forgot what I had been searching for. I just threw him down on his back and stripped his clothes away. My cunt was already slippery and wet from searching the porn so his massive dick slid in with no problems. He grabbed my hips were thrusting as I was riding back. I squirted all over his cock so many times that I have to get my sofa dry cleaned from the puddle I left behind.

Cop cosplay fantasies

erotic roleplaying

I enjoy a cosplay when I find someone I can do some erotic roleplaying with. Most of you don’t know that Doc Ginger likes to indulge myself in a few women when my hubby is out of town for work. Well, one of my playmates has this fantasy of being arrested then begging the officer to let her out of it with sexual favors. I was so fucking down for this. I know just how desperate girl loves to please the punisher. Well, I was very stern and wasn’t going to take a bribe. That was until she put her mouth right on my juicy cunt. This offender really knew what she was doing. Maybe this one time I might let it slide but she had to make me cum 12 times before I would let her go. Challenge accepted she said and let her fingers and tongue search every inch of cunt.

Great day at the office

phone sex therapy

Big surprises like that long dong almost smacking me in my face are why I love being a therapist. Coming into my office you already feel that level of comfort you don’t find most places. I unbutton my blouse I see your dick grow hard. I kiss it through your trousers and just as I pull them down it smacks me in the face. That enormous trouser snake that aches to unleash its venom inside of me. You bend me over my desk ripping away my pantyhose so that your cock can slide smoothly inside of my warm wet snatch. The length of your cock makes me cum quickly so we don’t any lube. Sliding from my cunt to my asshole is what makes your dick throb it’s long-awaited release.

Good to the last drop

phone sex therapist

Yes sweetie, I really am a phone sex therapist. But I like to take a hands-on approach with the huge pecker you have hiding in your pants. We can discuss anything that you wish as long as while your talking I can have that delicious cock in my mouth. I am sure that you won’t be able to concentrate too much on what is going through your head. That is kind of the point. When you wrap your hands around my ponytail and starting fucking my mouth. I can feel all the stress of your week start to flow into my mouth. That is when I start sucking extra hard making sure that I drain every last drop from your balls. As I grab a drink off my desk I grab my business card with your next appointment date already written on it.


great blowjobs

I really do pride myself on giving great blowjobs. It’s not all about just making you cum super fast. I want you to enjoy this. I start by holding your dick with one hand and gently caressing your balls with the other. Slowly running my tongue up and down the smooth shaft. Twirling it around the mushroom head before sucking on it like a lollipop. You have placed your hand on the back of my head by now and I look up at you with my big beautiful blue eyes. That’s when I open wide and let your cock slide down my throat. Yes, sweetie having no gag reflex is what makes you blow your load. It is a surprise to most. Don’t be shy sweetie you’re not the first guy who couldn’t last.

Phone sex therapy stories

phone sex therpay

Having your huge cock pounding my wet cunt is the best part of phone sex therapy.  It is the best part of my job. You come into my office and your cock instantly grows. I walk around my desk and we undress each other so quick. Your wife still won’t blow you until completion? I’m more than happy to assist you with your dilemma. You push me back onto my desk and slide your big dick inside my juicy hot cunt. Stretching my legs far apart and just drive your long dong hard and fast inside of me. My cum is dripping off the edge of my desk as I slide to my knees in front of you. Listening to you moan as my lips wrapped around that mushroom head. Sucking on it hard while stroking it with my hand. You wrap your hands in my hair forcing yourself all the way down my throat. Tasting your precum means your about to cum. Blowing the thickest load yet. Glad our sessions help.

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