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Mature phone sex with Doctor Rebecca

Mature phone sex

Doctor Rebecca appointments are sure to leave you fulfilled and coming over and over again. I love to treat my clients fantasies with every ounce of my attention. I am attentive to your bodies response and that hard throbbing and aching cock that I will suck dry while on my knees performing the best profession blowjob you have ever encountered or had in a long time. I am not only mature, professional and attentive, I am the sexiest doctor who can make all of your fantasies come true. If you need to  get your cock sucked or just need a nice tight pussy to fuck while you tell me about your inner most secret desires. I am also here to just talk about your day while you pound my mouth hole or my ass. Bring it on, I can take whatever you got. I have no taboos and want you to get the most out of your session with me.

Best phone sex Doc Rebecca

If you are looking for a quality doctor with a real need and urge to help her clients than you only have one decision to make and that decision is what time do you want to schedule your appointment. Dr Rebecca is here to make you feel good, suck your cock and balls, let you fuck every hole on her body and to generally help you feel good and work through any kind of circumstances or issues you may be going through currently. There is no one as qualified to suck a cock that will drain every last ounce of come from your balls as well as set you on that couch and allow you to feel content and comfortable enough in every move she makes and every word is trusted because of the bond that you will establish with doctor Rebecca. It is always welcomed for any client who needs something to simply ask. Please be open with me and let me know what your needs are so I can meet them.


Best phone sex

Phone sex therapist Rebecca- Schedule Now

Phone sex therapist

Quality phone sex sessions are hard to come by if you do not have a caring and loving therapist that you have developed a relationship and re pore with. I encourage all of my clients to share their innermost fantasies with me no matter how dark or how dirty they think it might be. I am not here to judge or anything of that nature. I also have taboo fantasies that I love acting out. My favorite fantasies usually take place in my office and behind closed doors with my clients. I urge all of my clients to be comfortable during our sessions, even if that includes being completely nude or wearing attire that may seem odd to others. I encourage an open door policy and having family or friends as a support system and they are welcome to join in ANY and ALL activities that take place in my office as well. Feel free to make an appointment soon.

Mature phone sex: The doctor is in

Doctor Becca is in and I love being able to help people. I have dedicated my whole life and my career to it. When I was in college getting my masters degree I had a boyfriend who introduced me into kinky and wild things that I had never dreamed of. I came from a small town where everyone was very uptight and christian like. I assumed most of the town was over 60 almost like a scene out of “Foot Loose”. But when I went to college all of that changed when I met my boyfriend . He showed me pleasures of getting my cunt ate out like a yummy dish.

Mature phone sex

He showed me how to suck cock like a porn star. He fucked me like I was that porn star too. I can give a lot of the credit for my ability to sexually help my clients to him. I rebelled a lot and became the kinky sex kitten I am in the bedroom now. I have come along way since my college days. I am now a successful women with lots of clients, and every single one is left satisfied.

Mature phone sex with my old professor

I truly believe that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. I worked my ass off to get my doctorates and I had quite a few challenges along the way. One of those challenges was a professor of mine who would not pass his student unless they slept with him. I ran into him at a restaurant out with friends. He did not recognize me at first but then when I spoke he quickly remembered me.

Mature phone sex

He told me I was one of his favorites and he offered to give me a refresher course, which I could only assume it was his way of saying he wanted to fuck me again. I thought what they hell, he was a good fuck, had a huge cock and knew what he was doing when he spread my cunt wide open when I was in college. I met up with him alter dinner with the girls that night and I aced my refresher course.

Carpet match the drapes

The first thing people notice about me is my red hair. I am always getting complimented on it and people and clients telling me how beautiful I am and how much they love it. The second most question I get asked is if the carpet matches the drapes. Now some of my clients have been lucky enough to see the answer to this question in person. The red in my hair is definable the same fiery red hair that surrounds my pretty pink pussy. The men who eat my cunt say they love it in their face and tell me I should never shave. I always leave a little bit of hair because I love the attention I get for my fiery red hair on my head but also I love the attention I get in between my legs as well. I will really dislike it as I get older and lose my red hair to white or grey but for right now my pussy hair gets me a lot of good dick.


Cum on boobs

Satisfactory service

Being a doctor I feel it is my duty to help those with illness. I do make any judgements on those who do not feel rested or well. My goal is to make my clients feel better no matter how I must do it. If talking and an ear is what they need, I am here. If a good blow job and some stern cock sucking is needed I am on my knees sucking my clients cock to help them feel better.

Mature phone sex

If my client needs a pussy hole or a nice tight ass hole, then y holes are always open to them for quality healing and regeneration for them and their fuck sticks. I do not discriminate based on age, weight or cock size. I am here to serve all. It is my job to leave my clients feeling well taken care of, fully satisfied and wanting to come back for more. I aim to please and I always deliver guaranteed results.

Doctor Rebecca Can make you feel better

The client that I had this afternoon has been a regular of mine for many years and I love doing sessions with him. I feel like I have made so much progress. I have been using hands on therapy for about a year now with him. I utilize my mouth and my pussy sometimes as well. This client is very sensual and he is in touch with his softer side. I have been able to get him to be very open with me.

Phone sex therapy

We have had sessions in the past where we ended up completely nude and in each others arms. I feel that a hand son approach is best because I think it helps heal issues that are deep.Some of my clients just need a quick session or two that never get hands on, but I also have clients like the one from his afternoon who need on going services to get to those deeper rooted problems. I can help with both.

Dr Rebecca wants to help you

In my professional opinion I feel like anyone who is seeing a shrink, should feel comfortable enough to talk about anything with their therapist. I especially encourage my clients to be open and honest with me about all of their feelings both good and bad, I assure them that I am never judging them. I want my clients to feel that they are able to open up to me about their deepest desires, secrets and fears and anything they feel they have to hide.

Phone sex therapy

I am here to help work though and navigate on a deep level of understanding for my clients. I am a firm believer in a hands on method and I always make time to ensure my clients leave my office satisfied and feeling rejuvenated and healed, no matter what I must do to help them get there. I took an oath as a professional to make my clients feel better and that is exactly what I do.

A raise for Dr Rebecca

Its so hard to be taken seriously sometimes in my profession. I went to my boss today and asked him if he had a moment to discuss my performance review. I have an outstanding record with my clients and I do anything and everything I can to keep them completely satisfied with my services. My boss tells me to close the door and to have a seat. As I sit down I can tell he is holding his cock behind his desk, he tells me that he has received mixed reviews about my services and wants to determine for himself if I should be getting a raise. He tells me to prove I have earned it. At this point I know exactly what he means and although I usually save this treatment for my clients, I go around his desk, pull his hard cock out and give him a raise. I suck his balls dry. I think he agrees that I have an outstanding performance review, because we both got a raise. Me in my bank account and him in his pants.


Cocksucking phone sex

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