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Your Obsessed

So you practice a rather compulsive love of internet porn and spend hours jacking off, edging and getting high. Some will try to convince you that it is unhealthy and treat you like you are cheating. Well, watching porn, jerking off and getting high are not cheating, even if you call a ton of Phone sex girls to get off with, you’re still not cheating. Sometimes your lover just isn’t doing it for you all the time. Well, of course your lover can’t fulfill all those kinky desires, especially if you begin to have fixations like those of big black cocks fucking young sweet pussy, or big tits jiggling around that cock… maybe your lover is flat chested and you get fixated on these porn actresses with DD or greater sized breasts and need to see them wrapped around a cock and really titty fucking it good.

Sex therapy porn

I am here to console you, assist you and let you know it’s all good. You are welcome to invite me to join in on these perversions of yours so I can adequately help you. But you must know, well, I will only be able to play accomplice in this addiction as I have a bit of an addiction myself. I love to masturbate to porn, all kinds really.

ass sex porn

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Surprise

He was a neighbor of mine and had a Birthday coming up and I knew he would be alone as he never cheats and his GF was out of the country. I could not help but offer him a special session of Naughty neighbor phone sex. My approach was to pay a visit to Eric with some Wine and a bag of blow, since most guys aren’t that crazy about cake, but give them some candy and… well… we shall see!

When I showed up I had a friend with me and until he let us in he never saw her from the front *wink* I had in mind for the Birthday man, a sexy little strip-tease of a nice big cocked Shemale. She will be offering Maid Services to our friendly neighbor and I will control him, completely. I want this man to come out of his pussy whipped shell while I know she is fucking other guys as she is my good friend! I also knew a little secret about him from his calls he has done, little does he know he has been calling me all along, and I know all about his craving for sucking dick. He will get that wish in the best way possible with my Naughty maid phone sex set-up.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

Best Phone Sex Therapy W/ Rebecca

If the best phone sex is what you seek for that unrealistic fantasy desire that works your mind and masturbation moments into an endless loop and frenzy then I should be able to assist you. My way to offer therapy is to not really judge you but maybe humiliate you a little and bring you down to the reality that you may not be manly for a reason. You need to come to terms about your sexuality maybe and just cannot get a handle on the fact that your cock is not a real cock, and certainly not one that women desire. If it’s something else that gets you worked up we can discuss that as well, especially if it has to do with that hot young daughter of your girlfriends that you know you could please if you only got the nerves or chance to.

Best Phone Sex

Best Phone Sex Is Cuckolding Therapy

Best phone sex

There are times when only the best phone sex will do when it comes to your dirty fantasies and naughty thoughts that make you desire some kind of therapy. It’s perfectly ok to feel overwhelmed by your desire for cock, watching cock fuck your lover or the desire to touch a big throbbing black cock.

cuckold phone sex

The thought of cuckolding you and making that little prick of yours throb amuses me and turns me on a little. Ok, it turns me on a lot to think of taking a much bigger dick in my sweet wet cunt and humiliate you the whole time, well when I’m not feeling intense pleasure anyway. You will be very near me and will be forced to suck a bigger cock after it has pleased my cunt. I know this is what your cock is throbbing for and it isn’t your fault you were born insuperior.

Shaved wet pussy

Naughty Maid Phone Sex For Cucky Hub

I’ve this cucky husband that just cannot help but watch me take different cocks and the best part about this is getting into the kinky roleplays we love and Naughty Maid Phone Sex is a real fun one. I love to twist things a little up and make it more exciting. This recent little idea of me dressing up as a naughty seductress maid type thing for a couple of male friends and my hubby would be in the sidelines watching us from a corner. Well we were getting pretty hot with me sucking off two cocks and having my breasts played with while the third guy fucked my pussy while i sat on my hubbys face. It came clear to the guys quickly that he needed to be servicing their cocks while all three of them fucked me. Dennis quickly became the maid of the night and he was quite the little slut with this sissy maid training. He was getting dressed up in the frilly panties I just took off that were covering a sopping wet cunt. We also dressed the little slut up in the frilly pink apron and I even let her wear my garter belt and stockings.

If it’s phone sex therapy sessions that are in the lines of being a Sissy or a cuckold we could have some hot fun together. I haven’t any taboos and the idea of being limited in how we play is obscene! The more obscene your fantasy is the more fun we can have with it I am certain. Our roleplay going from cuckolding his wife to being sissified and made a whore to big dick is a nice twist in the usual cuckold call, and I welcome that. If you wish for a very specific fantasy you are welcome to email me the details and set up that call with me so we can have some sexy fun.

Naughty maid phone sex

Femdom Phone Sex: Worship Me, Scum.

Femdom Phone Sex

   So, as some may be familiar I was doing coursework and it got so consuming I had to take a break. Well! That became a whole other ordeal and I am now insanely addicted to being the dominant seductress I was born to be. A couple of good friends took me to this fetish party and they got me to play Mistress a few times and it felt so exhilarating and pleasing to stand over these groveling men begging me to allow them to worship me. Now this is where it’s at and these Femdom sessions got me so free of the aggression and stress of Finals that I just fucking ditched the school gig and I found my calling. I do therapy sessions and always open to some kinky or naughty fetishes, but what I may love most right now is to get into some Femdoming your sweet ass.


Your Phone Sex Therapist is In

phone sex therapistMy name is Rebecca. Allow me to be your sex therapist, let me guide my finger in your ass and show you what a little erotic arousal can do for your orgasms.  Would you like for me to strap on my big cock and fuck the shit out of you? I could do a lot of things to help you with any sort of hang ups that you may be experiencing and I won’t make you feel as if it’s a problem.  I live to make you orgasm over and over, I must admit my panties are wet right at this moment just thinking about all the things that we will explore.  It’s more than alright to be yourself around me no matter how unordinary you may have felt in the past after all I am your Dr.  Don’t keep me waiting….

Hot sexy mess

One of my clients called me a hot sexy mess today. It was unexpected and it really actually was a big turn on. I asked him why he thought that, with a little chuckle, he stood up ass naked. Mind you we had just finished one of our amazing sessions. We always have hot raunchy and yummy sex when we have our sessions. He looked a little dis-shoveled as he put his pants on but he seemed thoroughly satisfied.

Fantasy phone sex

He looked down at me and held his hand out to help me up off of my therapy couch, I took his hand and he pulled me closer saying, you have to be as fucked up as me to love these sessions so much. At that moment I had an epiphany that he was correct. I fuck my clients and I like it. I really am a hot sexy mess, but I don’t care. If it means I get to fuck hot clients and make them feel good, while I get to come too, then so be it!

Sexy Babe Rebecca

Being in a position of trust offers me a lot of room to get to know my clients. They confide so many things in me. One of my clients is a sex addict and is cheating on his wife. He is terrified she is going to find out. While I was grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, I ran into him and his wife.  I gave him a look as he introduced me to his wife. She was very beautiful and I was surprised at her shy demeanor. This client and I have had many sessions. We have discussed why he cannot commit to one piece of pussy and we have explored his fascination with the need for cheating. I do a lot of role playing with him as we explore the under lying issues and get to them together through sexual play. I suppose that can seem a bit of an oddity in choice of therapy for his condition but I believe it works. not only that but I rather enjoy it when he licks my pussy. His cock is quite large too and I enjoy the sessions as they make both him and I feel good.


Sexy babe

Mature phone sex with Doctor Rebecca

Mature phone sex

Doctor Rebecca appointments are sure to leave you fulfilled and coming over and over again. I love to treat my clients fantasies with every ounce of my attention. I am attentive to your bodies response and that hard throbbing and aching cock that I will suck dry while on my knees performing the best profession blowjob you have ever encountered or had in a long time. I am not only mature, professional and attentive, I am the sexiest doctor who can make all of your fantasies come true. If you need to  get your cock sucked or just need a nice tight pussy to fuck while you tell me about your inner most secret desires. I am also here to just talk about your day while you pound my mouth hole or my ass. Bring it on, I can take whatever you got. I have no taboos and want you to get the most out of your session with me.

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