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Phone Sex Therapy with Rebecca

phone sex therapyHi Cupcake! Let me sit you down and make you feel more comfortable. Now tell me what your heart desires? Do you want to dress up like a beautiful woman? We could role play. Would you like me to strap a dick on and fuck the living hell out of you? Tell your personal Sex Therapist what’s on your mind. Is your wife fucking someone else, but you’re to scared to let her know that you want to watch? You want to tell her to bring her cum filled pussy over and sit on your rock hard cock when she’s done getting fucked by him! You can tell me anything baby! Is it just that you want to bend me over the desk, hike my skirt up, slide my panties down and shove it in my tight, little, sweet twat! Tell me your darkest secrets.

Your Phone Sex Therapist is In

phone sex therapistMy name is Rebecca. Allow me to be your sex therapist, let me guide my finger in your ass and show you what a little erotic arousal can do for your orgasms.  Would you like for me to strap on my big cock and fuck the shit out of you? I could do a lot of things to help you with any sort of hang ups that you may be experiencing and I won’t make you feel as if it’s a problem.  I live to make you orgasm over and over, I must admit my panties are wet right at this moment just thinking about all the things that we will explore.  It’s more than alright to be yourself around me no matter how unordinary you may have felt in the past after all I am your Dr.  Don’t keep me waiting….

Rebecca gives great blowjobs

I keep trying to tell several of my clients that a blowjob can be as helpful as a therapy session. Having your cock sucked on for an hour or so a day, just might keep the doctor away. Well at least a male doctor anyway. I encourage my clients to come in and let me show them what I mean. I usually start off kind of slow, right at the head. I lick the tip like a lollipop and then I work into putting the entire tip in my mouth. I gently kiss the head of the cock and swirl my tongue down and around the shaft.

Great blowjobs

After a bit of that I take the entire cock in my mouth and depending on my clients need and how I feel them responding i will either give them a slow and steady licking or I will ram that whole thing into the back of my throat and give them some rough loving. Each of my clients is different and they all have different needs.

Hot sexy mess

One of my clients called me a hot sexy mess today. It was unexpected and it really actually was a big turn on. I asked him why he thought that, with a little chuckle, he stood up ass naked. Mind you we had just finished one of our amazing sessions. We always have hot raunchy and yummy sex when we have our sessions. He looked a little dis-shoveled as he put his pants on but he seemed thoroughly satisfied.

Fantasy phone sex

He looked down at me and held his hand out to help me up off of my therapy couch, I took his hand and he pulled me closer saying, you have to be as fucked up as me to love these sessions so much. At that moment I had an epiphany that he was correct. I fuck my clients and I like it. I really am a hot sexy mess, but I don’t care. If it means I get to fuck hot clients and make them feel good, while I get to come too, then so be it!

Erotic roleplaying with Becca the Babe

I am having a dinner party tonight and the theme is erotic role playing. I have arranged for all of my guests to dress in lingerie and erotic pajama style themed attire. I have been planing this event for months and I know a lot of my friends are looking forward to it. Last year when I did this I had a different theme but it still turned out to be an amazing event I will never forget. It turned into a mass orgy with loots of fucking, moaning and grunting all night long.

Erotic roleplaying

It was like a real life version of the movie “Eyes wide shut” party. That is what I am hoping for this evening. I have made food that is aphrodisiac  enhancing, all the decor screams erotic at you and the attire says fuck me now, I am yours. Every cock and cunt who is attending this event has a  been made aware to expect a sexual experience they will never forget. This party will be an orgasmic explosion, just wait.

Fantasy phone sex- Rebecca’s Cure

When I was a girl before I figured out I wanted to help people, I had problems too. I had an unnatural appetite for sex and I enjoyed both sexes. I loved sucking cock equally as licking pussy.  My parents were concerned and ended up sending me to a shrink for it. I grew up in a very religious family who thought that women on women action was the work of the devil. My mom and dad probably only had sex a couple times a year and I bet it was very bland, based off of how uptight my parents were. I bet a good blowjob for my dad and a good pounding for my mother probably would have made growing up much different for me.

Fantasy phone sex

Either way I turned out alright, somewhat of a sex kitten. My shrink taught me how to control my urges and own them. He taught me how to use my desire to help others curb their sexual appetite and use it as a therapeutic tool. He taught e how to use my body as a healing temple of love and sex. I do not think I would be such a great sex therapist today if it was not for this man who taught me so much, not only with his words, but his caressing hands, his lips and  tongue and of course his pulsating cock.

Sexy Babe Rebecca

Being in a position of trust offers me a lot of room to get to know my clients. They confide so many things in me. One of my clients is a sex addict and is cheating on his wife. He is terrified she is going to find out. While I was grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, I ran into him and his wife.  I gave him a look as he introduced me to his wife. She was very beautiful and I was surprised at her shy demeanor. This client and I have had many sessions. We have discussed why he cannot commit to one piece of pussy and we have explored his fascination with the need for cheating. I do a lot of role playing with him as we explore the under lying issues and get to them together through sexual play. I suppose that can seem a bit of an oddity in choice of therapy for his condition but I believe it works. not only that but I rather enjoy it when he licks my pussy. His cock is quite large too and I enjoy the sessions as they make both him and I feel good.


Sexy babe

Sexy babe Rebecca and her candy fetish

Have I ever mentioned what a sweet tooth I have. I love going to the candy store and getting all of my favorite candies. I love chocolate and fudge, but my ultimate favorite candy in the world are Twizzlers. I love the licorice and how fun it is. I like the red and black ones. I will usually bye a whole bunch when I go there. I tend to binge a bit when it comes to licorice. There is another reason I love it so much.

Sexy babe

Its bendy and twisty and you can play with it, it has so many purposes. I sometimes will freeze a couple of them and then use it to play with my pussy. The candy gets cold and I rub it up against my clit. The coldness of it gets me wet and my nipples get hard. As I play with it and massage my cunt with it, it gets room temperature as it gets more pliable. I can get off and then I get a treat afterwards.

Mature phone sex with Doctor Rebecca

Mature phone sex

Doctor Rebecca appointments are sure to leave you fulfilled and coming over and over again. I love to treat my clients fantasies with every ounce of my attention. I am attentive to your bodies response and that hard throbbing and aching cock that I will suck dry while on my knees performing the best profession blowjob you have ever encountered or had in a long time. I am not only mature, professional and attentive, I am the sexiest doctor who can make all of your fantasies come true. If you need to  get your cock sucked or just need a nice tight pussy to fuck while you tell me about your inner most secret desires. I am also here to just talk about your day while you pound my mouth hole or my ass. Bring it on, I can take whatever you got. I have no taboos and want you to get the most out of your session with me.

Best phone sex Doc Rebecca

If you are looking for a quality doctor with a real need and urge to help her clients than you only have one decision to make and that decision is what time do you want to schedule your appointment. Dr Rebecca is here to make you feel good, suck your cock and balls, let you fuck every hole on her body and to generally help you feel good and work through any kind of circumstances or issues you may be going through currently. There is no one as qualified to suck a cock that will drain every last ounce of come from your balls as well as set you on that couch and allow you to feel content and comfortable enough in every move she makes and every word is trusted because of the bond that you will establish with doctor Rebecca. It is always welcomed for any client who needs something to simply ask. Please be open with me and let me know what your needs are so I can meet them.


Best phone sex

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