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Phone Sex Therapy: A Big Cock is No Good if You Don’t Know To Use It

phone sex therapyBeing a phone sex therapist is informed by my day job. I am history teacher and human anatomy instructor, or sex education teacher. Students come to my office hours all the time with sex questions.  I counsel students constantly about their sexual issues. Yesterday, a young girl came to me to complain about her boyfriend. I don’t think she wanted help as much as she wanted to vent. He has a big dick. Size wasn’t the issue, but as I told her, what good is a big cock if you don’t know how to use it. I will take a 7 inch dick over a foot long dong any day if the smaller cock knows how to use what he has for my pleasure. Some men put forth zero effort and rely solely on their big dick. Women need foreplay. We need lubricated with fingers and tongues. Guys who just think women are ready for 12 inches of hard cock in their pussies with no foreplay are as bad as the guys with 2 inch dicks who think they are god’s gift to women. I told her to kick him to the curb because a man who won’t eat pussy or give a woman an ounce of foreplay doesn’t care about her pleasure. He is a loser like the guy with a turtle dick incapable of giving a woman an orgasm. I don’t need a 12 inch dick, but I don’t want less than 7 inches either. Sexy chicks who are size queens, however, will take an above average cock over a monster cock any day if the man that cock belongs too will eat pussy. Smaller guys, average guys work harder in the bedroom. I am willing to reward hard effort with my mature pussy. So, ask yourself if you really satisfy the ladies with your porn star monster dick. If not, maybe you need some phone therapy.

Mature Phone Sex Babes

mature phone sexMature phone sex babes give great phone sex. That is what my last caller told me. He was half my age and a phone sex virgin.  In fact, he has not had much experience with women before. He wanted to do a roleplay. His fantasy was for a sexy teacher because the woman to get his dick hard first was a school teacher. I know a thing or two about being hot for teacher as a teacher. I got my affection for younger guys when I started teaching a couple decades ago. Before I started teaching, I was all about older men. When I was in college, I fucked professors, not frat boys. Now, I fuck frat boys. Funny, how that happens. My caller wanted to hear some typical teacher student scenarios.  As a naughty teacher, I have experienced them all. Just last week, I caught a student jacking off in my office. He was waiting for my office hours, and I was running late from my previous class. He wasn’t expecting my door to be open. When he discovered it was, he let himself in. I think he lost sight of his surroundings briefly. I was not expecting a student to be sitting at my desk with his cock in his hand. Not complaining. It was hotter than any teacher role play I could have made up. I got to relive the hot encounter with my caller. I could hear him fucking his pocket pussy. I know the squish squish squish sound one of those sex toys makes. Seriously, I love playing teacher for my callers and my students. Fantasy phone sex is the best way to explore those missed opportunities in your past. Both my caller and my student came for me; just one boy got a virtual blowjob and the other one got to cum inside the teacher’s warm wet pussy.

I feel like Getting Slutty

Hot sexy woman


I want to be your dream tonight I want you to make me scream when you give it to me you know you can do what you want. I have been missing a strong touch and I’m raw and ready to be satisfied completely. Be the one for me make me dance for you. I promise if you do your part I will make you so happy. I need some hard cock my body is craving a big hard cock rod to penatrate my wet pretty pussycat. I am hungry for a throbbing cock to fill my mouth. I can almost taste the sweet cum on my tongue just thinking about it. I wish you could hear me and know I was talking to you. I dreamabout all I could to make you feel like a porn superstar.

My Naughty Teacher Got What He Wanted

naughty teacher

My naughty teacher has been giving me looks in class that let me know he wants me. I do dress like such a slutty little cock tease so I can’t really blame him for wanting to fuck me. I wanted to make all his fantasies come true. I dressed up like a kinky schoolgirl slut and went into his room after school. I locked the door behind me and sat up on his desk. He was sitting his chair and put my legs around his neck. He could see my pretty pink pussy, so smooth and bald spread for him. I started rubbing myself and let him watch while I got my fuck hole wet for him. He fucking loved it. His cock so hard for me when I pulled him to me and unzipped his pants. He pounded me and begged me to cum inside me. I couldn’t help but let him, he had such a nice cock and it felt so good to let him fill me up. I walked home from school with my pussy dripping with his load.

Sexy Women Masturbating is Important Therapy

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is natural. I often show girls how to pleasure their pussies in sessions. If a woman can’t please herself, how can she tell a man how to please her. No two women are the same. We all have different things we like; we all have different erogenous zones. I enjoy showing women different techniques. I had an evening therapy session last night with a young couple. Neither of them knew how to please the other. The root of the problem was that neither knew how to please themselves.  Both have religious parents who don’t have progressive views on masturbation. Masturbation is the best gift we can give ourselves. I shared some mutual masturbation stories with the couple. I brought out my box of sex toys and showed them some of my best moves. I even had him use some of the toys on his girlfriend. He doesn’t have a big cock. His girl is at a disadvantage if she wants to stay with him. Young love. I was the same way, but then I got smart and realized size matters to my sexual pleasure. I was going to tell her to dump her boyfriend, get a new one with a big cock, but she will grow out of this love phase of her life. What I focused on was teaching him how to please her. I stressed to them both that a woman’s pleasure always comes first. Some guys don’t understand that. I blame men for all the sexually frustrated women in the word. Men cum, then they are asleep or in the shower. I teach men that they don’t cum until their woman has cum 2-3 times first. This phone sex therapist is here for the ladies always. I take pride in making sure that women receive the maximum pleasure. Does your wife get all the pleasure she deserves?

Mature Phone Sex Fetishes

mature phone sexMature phone sex women get a lot of fetish calls. I think it is because with age, comes experience. I have a lot of fetishes I enjoy. I make it no secret that I love cuckolds, but I have a strong shoe fetish. When I was younger, I learned to masturbate with shoes. I like the feel of leather against my pussy. I like the smell of leather too. In college, I would get older men, professors mainly, to buy me nice shoes. I was always able to spot the professor with a foot or shoe fetish. Men can’t take their eyes off my sexy legs nor my sexy feet. I cock tease them with my feet, which makes them weak, so they buy me whatever shoes I want. I am in my forties now. Even though my sugar baby days are behind me, I still have guys buying me designer shoes. I have an entire shoe closet which contains about 500 pairs of designer shoes. Shoes in my pussy will never replace a big cock, however after a disappointing date or as foreplay before a hot one, I pleasure my pussy with a pair of shoes or boots. Sometimes shoes make my pussy feel better than a small cock. Plus, if I masturbate a few times with some fine designer heels, my pussy will be super wet on a hot date with a hung man. He will think it is all him, but you and I will know the truth. Do you have a shoe fetish? What about foot fetishes? They are all connected: legs, feet, shoes, even pantyhose and stockings. I have my share of fetish boys for all those fetishes. Now, I sit at the front of the classroom dangling my feet in front of the students and see what young stud takes the bait.

Naughty Teacher has a New Teacher’s Pet

naughty teacherI try to not be a naughty teacher, but my students are hot for teacher, even the females! Lilly came to my office hours yesterday. She is an average student, so when she asked for extra credit, I honestly didn’t think she had ulterior motives. When I asked her what she was good at to get a feel for what type of project to give her, she bolted out, “pussy licking.” She looked embarrassed about her outburst, but I was intrigued. Girls eat pussy better than boys. I think it has to do with the fact that we know what we like; we know what feels good. I told her I knew exactly how she could get extra credit in my class. I walked to my office door and locked it. I walked back to my desk and sat on the top with my legs spread. I gave her a nod and she went down like the Titanic between my legs. She pulled my panties to the side and slid her tongue in my shaved wet pussy. A few licks and I was moaning so loud I was certain the students walking the halls could hear me. I turned on my music to drown out my moans. She was not lying. If I taught a course in cunt licking, she would get an A plus. She was so good I made her a deal. One I rarely make. I promised her an A in my class for the semester if she ate my pussy a couple times a week. I explained she had to come to class and do all assignments for appearances, but if she kept licking my pussy this well the rest of the semester, she would earn a solid A. She took the deal. I squirted on her face a few times before she had to leave for her next class. She is already teacher’s pet.

My Naughty Teacher

naughty teacher

My naughty teacher wanted to fuck me and I could tell. It was so obvious, the way he looked at me gave it away. He was always staring at my tits and juicy ass and practically drooling on himself. He wanted a sexy young girl like me to tease and please his cock so I decided to give him what he wanted. I spent weeks teasing him first. I wore short skirts with no panties and shirts that you could see my nipples through. I started showing him my pretty little pussy even, spreading my legs and letting him see my sweet little teen honey pot.

When decided that I had been teasing him for long enough and that it was finally time to give him what he wanted, I went all out. I wanted to make his naughty and kinky fantasies come true. I dress up like a slutty little school girl. My plaid skirt and white top were so sexy with my tits and ass poking out. When he saw me walk through the door and then turn around and lock it, he knew exactly what I wanted.

I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I loved watching him and seeing how much he fucking loved it. Then I sat up on his desk and let him taste my smooth blad little pussy. Then he fucked me so good with his big hard cock and I loved it. I know he fucking loved it. He finally got to live out his naughty fantasies. He made me feel like such a naughty little girl when he bent me over and blew his load all over my ass!

Cum on Boobs


cum on boobsDo you like cum on boobs? I do and so does one of my young students. I was being a bad teacher this week. We never had school because of the weather. It has been cancelled every day this week so far. One of my female students lives near me. She stopped by yesterday morning to see if she could get some extra tutoring. She struggles with writing papers. Honestly, everything was innocent until her boyfriend showed up. I knew him. He was a former student. I used to bang him daily after class for a semester. Lucy told him all about her hot teacher and he knew who she was talking about. A young guy never forgets a naughty teacher who taught him how to eat pussy and fuck. I got horny as fuck seeing him again. It didn’t take me long to realize I had been set up. This was a planned threesome and I walked right into. I am not complaining, however. Been awhile since I had a threesome with another couple. This was no ordinary threesome. The guy was a former student and lover. The girl is a current student and neighbor. If anyone found out, I would be in trouble. My tenure might not matter much in a situation like this. I knew they wouldn’t tell. My former student is hung like a horse and will always be hot for teacher. My current student is hot for the teacher’s bald pussy. I am hot for both. I guided his cock into her pussy which I licked sloppy wet. I got his cock too. When he was about to cum inside me, Lucy told him to pull out and cum on me. His jizz shot all over my body. It was a Peter North cum shot. Lucy wanted to lick her boyfriend’s cum off my body. If we are buried under snow, I think they will be here daily. Suddenly, I love winter.

Naughty Teacher Threesome

naughty teacherDo you have naughty teacher fantasies? Most of my students do! I would be lying if I said I fuck all my students. Honestly, I try to be proper around them. I could get fired for sleeping with a student. Hell, I could get fired for this job. Some of my students are very persistent.  My schedule changes each semester, as does my student roster. It seems every term, however, I have one or two teacher’s pets. I have two this semester. I didn’t think they knew about each other, but I was wrong. They both showed up at my office hours at the same time yesterday. I tried to play it off, but they busted me. One of them said bluntly, “We know about each other, so let’s make it easier on you.” I got a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure what they meant, but then they undressed in my office and took me together on my desk. I heard porn music in my head. It felt like a sexy girlfriend porn where a woman fucks her boyfriend and his best friend or something. I was bent over the desk with one cock in my mouth and the other up my cunt. Both boys are well endowed, which is why I picked them as my semester pets. I felt wicked getting tag teamed by two students on my desk, but it is every woman’s fantasy to have two young and hung studs ravaging her body at the same time. They made this easier on me. Now that they know, I can fuck them together. I will have more free time to fuck other men, plus it will be hot as fuck to have a teacher threesome all semester. Are you hot for teacher? Do you like mature phone sex? My offices hours are always open for hung studs.

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