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Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is happy school is back in session. I was getting worried that with all the cold and snow, I would never get to see my horny students again. New semester, new meat. Would it surprise you to learn that my classes often have wait lists? Mostly boys who are hot for teacher. After my first class, Todd approached me for extra credit. Classes haven’t been going long enough to need extra credit yet, but he was already begging to bang my erasers. He was a hot young stud. I knew he wanted the teacher’s pussy. There are always a few each semester who want to be the teacher’s pet from day one. Starting school a week later than normal, had me horned up more than usual. I am a hot sexy woman. I can find dick on every corner, but I like barely legal boys because of their stamina. They don’t need Viagra to get hard. Hell, they don’t even need foreplay. Todd ate my pussy for close to two hours. He drained me. It is rare that a young stud eats my pussy so well that I squirt a dozen times, but Todd was teacher’s pet from the first lick.  It is going to be a great semester. We fucked for a few hours until I drained him. If he does slip in his grades this semester, he can lick and eat his way to an A in my class any day.

Come Screw This Naughty Teacher For Better Grades

Naughty Teacher

Hello there young man, I see you have been not been doing so good on your work here in my class. I am going to ask you what you are going to do to get those grades up, you need to keep this scholarship. I have an idea meet me in this exact classroom after all the classes are out in this university. I am wearing my short black skirt and a white button down shirt. I see you looking at me and my ass in this skirt. I go over and close the blinds and lock the door. I tell you to have a seat on my squeaky desk chair, I come over and sit on your lap. You look all shocked and I put my finger up to your lips and whisper ‘’be a good boy and just follow my direction”. I pull my skirt up and start rubbing on your pants, my oh my you get excited so very easy. I love how big that dick feels in those pants.I pull it out and start rubbing it on my pussy and you feel how wet I am. Right as I am to put it inside of me, I hear a knock. I tell you “next time” and kiss your lips giggling.

Naughty Yoga

Naughty Teacher

I love to keep my body in shape for my men, so I teach yoga. I just love getting all hot and sweaty and making my body tone and beautiful. I also tend to love the women who come in for my classes. I had been noticing a hot redhead that came into the workout. She had the greatest ass and I “accidentally” bumped into her in the sauna after class today. She had the greatest tits and a nice hairy pussy, I just couldn’t help myself. I laid back in the steam and started playing with my pussy right in front of her. Her eyes locked mine and then she watched as my fingers pumped in and out of my pussy whilst soft moans escaped my lips.  I happened to have my water-proof vibrator in my towel and pulled it out and started fucking myself.  Her legs spread and her fingers found her pussy and I could see it was soaked. Her head went back and I got up and kneeled between her legs and started licking her clit and tongue fucking her hole. She came hard in my mouth and as I got up to go shower she whispered: “ I will bring my strap next time.” I can’t wait.

Naughty teacher

naughty teacher

I am teaching a sex class today and it is to make sure everyone learns how to fuck a big fat cock properly. The smaller fellas will have to sit back and watch. There are some men showing up without their lame wifes, so I will make sure to provide enough holes for them to learn properly how to fuck and fill up a hot pussy.

There are two small dicks that are getting benched. I take their girlfriends and introduce them to big fat cocks that will forever change their lifes. I teach them how to lather that cock up with their spit. I make them take those dicks deep down their throats. They will never gag on those tiny dicks like this. Oh and this is the best part!

Time to get those cocks stuffed into those pussy holes. Just wait till those pussy holes get full of a gallon of that hot sticky cum!

Tease and denial thanksgiving fun

Tease and denialTease and denial thanksgiving fun! My poor husband never gets a break not even for the holidays. I tease his cock endlessly and give him the worst case of blue balls. Even on a special event, I prefer to save a nice hard fucking with someone like his daddy.

I have mentioned before how different he is from his brothers and father, Its like complete night and day between his family and him. They all love me except his mom. She’s an uptight nagging nancy, Its funny cause her name is Nancy, Negative Nancy doesn’t like how hot I look and how all her sons and husband gawk at my sight. I have her son eating from the palms of my hands. She has tried endlessly to catch me in one of my sexual escapades but has failed miserably.

Its thanksgiving eve and I make my way with my pathetic husband over to his parent’s house, Daddy is happy to see me but his mommy nancy has some slick comments about my tight little dress. I smile and ignore it.

I Make my way to the “powder room” I hear footsteps and look its My father in law. He closes the door and starts making his way to me, I can already tell what he wants to do. He has totally been craving fucking me since our last session. He unzips me and starts to rub my body he is so hard I can feel his cock pushing up against me. My pussy is getting soaked I can feel it dripping down my thighs. All the things that are running thru my mind have me so turned on.

There’s nothing I love more than risky sex, That’s why I fuck a ton of people while my husband is home under the same roof. At this very second, I am thinking about being caught by my mother in law and my husband and it surely has me ready to take my father in law deep in my pussy. He starts my eating my wet pussy and really working his tongue in me. It was an instant orgasm, I wasn’t done neither was he. I needed his cock in me!!! I did not just want it, I needed it. I was quivering and drenched and just so enthralled by the experience that I didn’t realize I was moaning so loud.

Thank goodness Nancy had some music echoing thru the whole house. I loved getting his meaty cock deep in me. Its such huge difference from my husband, How could these two even be related I surely have reason to believe my husband is the milkman’s kid. All his brothers are all so well endowed and they fuck me so good. My husband’s tongue is the only thing that gets me off. While his dad can bust his load deep into me and make me cum over and over.

I still can’t believe my father in law fucked me and ate me out in the same house our family was in, On thanksgiving too. After fucking for what felt like an eternity, I made my way downstairs still flustered but still just so turned on.

I sat right at the dining table where my brother in law was and I waste no time and I slip him a little note.

I wanted round two and I sure got it.

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherI am such a naughty teacher! I have been having a torrid affair with a student. Often, I fuck a boy after he was in my class. It is frowned upon, but not grounds for immediate termination. Fucking a student in your class on your desk is grounds for immediate termination. I got busted by another teacher last week. She was not happy with me. She started talking about how it’s harder for female teachers in a patriarchal world. I am not exactly a raging feminist.  I am a dominant woman, but I have survived patriarchy many times by being a hot woman. I knew she would get me fired if I didn’t think quickly. I was quick on my feet. I grabbed her hand and put it on Tyler’s cock. I knew if she could just feel it she would weaken. I mean he is hung like a porn star. He can make his cock dance and throb. He twitched his dick in her hand and she fell to her knees. I shoved her head on his cock and took a few pictures. The pictures were insurance she would not say anything. I thought she would immediately stop, but she devoured his cock. Tyler got to fuck two hot teachers on a school desk. I am jealous I need to share his young cock but grateful I can still fuck him. As a size queen MILF, I never want to give up a great cock

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. Every guy has a sexy mature woman he has stroked his cock to in his life. As a teacher, trust me, I have been that hot mature woman on many occasions. I won’t lie and say I have never fucked a student while in my class. Of course, I have fucked some young cock. I do, however, try to show some restraint while they are in my class, but some boys don’t take no for an answer. Toby pursued me hard. He said I was his fantasy woman. He found my phone sex site and blackmailed me into fucking him. There is a morality clause to be a teacher. He had me by the proverbial balls, but I could have reported him. I know I could have turned the tables on him, but I wanted to fuck him. I was just playing hard to get and he threw me a curve ball. I was happy he did because his cock was huge. He didn’t need to blackmail a woman to fuck her; not with a ten inch rod. I let him think he had power over me because it was hot, but I never fuck anyone I don’t want to fuck. I am a dominant woman and a cock size queen. Our first fuck had me squirting all over the place. His cock hit my G-spot. He is my dirty little secret. I have been fucking this student all semester. I know it is risky, but the risk is worth it for that huge of a cock. Can I be your naughty teacher too?

Erotic roleplaying loretta

Erotic roleplayingErotic role playing is my favorite thing. I love to also dress up and set the mood. So this past week for Halloween I decided to be a naughty nurse. I went to a party scouting for a good cock. I set my eyes on this guy wearing a surgeons costume. How perfect I was the naughty nurse and he was the surgeon with the big cock. We went to one of the rooms upstairs and decided to roleplay the whole thing. It was hot and a bit weird but it got me off at the same time. Loved that he had such a massive bong. Not only was it huge it came with a nice set of balls. The man could fuck, I was on cloud nine. Too bad I never got his name. After I came and he finished I hopped off his cock got myself back home and made my husband eat my pussy, He has no idea I let a stranger cum in me and he is now eating another man’s cum.

Sub Girlfriend

gfe phone sexAn old professor of mine called and asked me to go to a conference with him last night. He needed a “girlfriend” for the night. And really who better to ask than me. I mean I am sexy, young, smart as hell, and a sub. The perfect arm candy really. Although I’m sure his wife would have been upset with this arrangement. Not that it really matters to me I love married men. The conference was boring but he had his fingers in my pussy the whole time, neither of us much cared if anyone could see. Best part of the night was when he pulled me into the men’s room, his cock was straining against his trousers. He says Maggie be a good little girl and get on those knees, suck my cock into that pretty mouth of yours. I did just that sucked that big cock while other men walked in and out of that bathroom. I was so fucking hot even hotter when he shot that thick creamy load down my throat!

Naughty Teacher hot encounters

Naughty teacher hot encounters, What can I say back when I wasn’t a housewife I was totally the hottest teacher on school grounds, I was the Spanish teacher and taught some horny seniors, I love coming to class dressed in hot mini dresses and stripper shoes, It was risque but come on now who doesn’t want to see my hot body in a little black number and some hot stilettos. I had the staff salivating at my presence the school dean was infatuated with me and my classmates were almost all failing because they wanted to spend some time with Ms. Lorenzo. I’d tease the guys and loved watching these fresh-faced 18-year-olds grow rock hard as I past homework and pop quizzes. I totally would rub against them to feel their bulge and to my favorites, I’d slip a little note and have them stay after class to do some extra credit, The extra credit I would give involved someone on one student-teacher interaction. Nothing turned me on more than a barely legal prey.

I loved getting fucked by my students and spent most the time thinking who would be my next participant.

naughty teacher



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