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Best Phone Sex Teacher

best phone sexI always tell guys the best phone sex is with a mature woman. I mean it too. Now that school is back in session full-time, I am seeing young coeds and fraternity boys daily. I am like a fat brat in a candy store on a college campus. I want one of everything. My classes are filled with a lot of young studs. This semester, I have my pick of the litter for teacher’s pet. I am still auditioning students. Right now, I am in between a cute coed and a sexy young Australian exchange student for the pet of the semester. The coed is in the best sorority on campus. She has a sweet tasting cunt. And she is bisexual with mommy issues. I sometimes get calls to be a phone sex mommy, so if some hot piece of ass wants to eat my pussy all semester, I am in. She can even call me mommy as she eats my cunt. The lad is sexy because of his accent. He also has a sizable cock for an 18-year-old boy. Handsome and brooding in a young Russell Crowe sort of way. I had just finished eating the coed’s cunt when I got pounded by the hot exchange student. Maybe I can have two teachers pets. I am in charge after all. 

Naughty Teacher

naughty teacherBeing the principal of a high school and also being a sexy, horny MILF is perfect. I get to choose from any kind of young man there is. If I’m feeling like seducing a football player, I can. Sometimes, I like to tease the band students by bending over in front of them, with my shirt unbuttoned. Just enough for them to see these big, firm titties underneath. I know the girls hate me. All of these little boys can’t keep their eyes off of me and they can’t stand it. I can get my pussy licked under my desk anytime I want. I’ve ridden so many young, hard cocks on my desk. I’ve even had a father and son at the same time. It was a parent teacher conference. It was so hot having the father fuck me from behind, as I sucked his son’s little junior dick! Once I drained them both, I sent them on their way with a regular schedule of meetings. We have to stay on top of certain students progress.

Naughty Teacher Farah Needs a Teacher’s Pet

naughty teacher Naughty teacher Farah is happy to be back to school full time again. I only teach 3 days a week, but I am on campus recruiting my next teacher’s pet. I think I found one on Friday. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany. He is rugged looking, built like a linebacker, smart and has a sexy accent that makes my cunt wet when he talks. He was the first student to stop by my office hours during the first week of classes. I think he is sweet on me already. He speaks English fine, just with a German accent. We were able to communicate. He told me has always had a teacher / student fantasy. I love erotic roleplaying in the bedroom. Why not in my office too? I mean, he really is my student and I am his teacher. I told him the terms of being the teacher’s pet and he wanted the job. I sat on my big cherry oak desk with my legs spread and he practiced his oral skills. I don’t know what they teach over in Germany, but my guess was expert cunt licking. My toes were curling. My body was shaking. And I was squirting. Week one and I already have a teacher’s pet!

erotic roleplaying

Teacher Has naughty Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

I love having a teacher with foot fetishes as his main kink! He is just so naughty. He lets me dominate him in my cute schoolgirl uniform and my striped knee socks. I love to play with his cock under his desk, as I am always on his naughty list and I talk way too much. So, I have to sit by him when it comes to doing quizzes and such. I slip off my smelly shoes and trace his zipper for so long. Today he said I had to stay after school. It was the very first day back! I grinned as he locked the door and pulled the shades down. I had fun teasing Mr. Naughty teacher as I ran around the room opening my shirt and flashing him my tight bald cunt. I jumped on his shoulders and held his eyes and mouth shut as my smelly knee socks pumped his cock for cum! I laughed at the cum stains and unrolled my socks and threw them at him as I left! I love being a saucy seductress at a young age! He will be begging for more, Just like you baby!

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I wear many hats. I am a professor of human sexual psychology. I am a size queen. I am a therapist. I am also a lover. I am not a perfect therapist. Sometimes I give the wrong advice, or I end up fucking the client. Trevor is a young stud who takes Viagra for sexual dysfunction. To look at him, you would never guess he needs any help in the bedroom. He his handsome and rugged; most importantly, he is young. Sexual dysfunction is typically an old man’s problem. I suspected Trever’s issue was psychological and not physical. When he arrived at my office, he was clearly embarrassed. I asked him a few questions. The tough question I saved for last. I asked him to show me his cock. I thought perhaps he was super small, and he let that get in his head and make him limp. That was not the case at all. He was well above average. Not a porn star cock, but a cock that no woman would say no too fucking. I had to see what was going on with him, so I got naked. His dick immediately got hard seeing my naked body. I was shocked. No apparent dysfunction. I had the boy hard and according to him he had not had an erection without a blue pill in a year. I think he was just hot for a mature sexy babe. He not only fucked me, but he came 4 times in 2 hours. We fucked in my office in different positions and on different pieces of furniture. He assured me he had not taken his pill either. I asked him not to take it, so I could see if his cock worked properly. No issues for me. In fact, it worked better than many cocks I have fucked. Either it was all bullshit just to bang the sexy therapist or he just likes older women. I am good with either!

My Student Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishThis summer school student of mine has an ass fetish and he is hot for teacher. He loves worshiping my ass. I knew it from day one. I just have a sixth sense when it comes to fetishes. I know a man’s kinky perversions before he does. Drew was always staring at my ass. One day, in my office I dropped my purse. I bent over to get it and drew smelled my ass. He tried to be subtle about it, but he didn’t realize I could see him in my office mirror. The next day, I kept him after class, locked the doors, bent over the desk and told him to lick my ass. I could hear him breathing heavily like a pervert. He could not believe that his naughty teacher was instructing him to do what he had long fantasized about. I felt his tongue licking up and down my ass crack. I had him slip his tongue and fingers in a few of my holes. I love having a kinky teacher’s pet willing to spit shine my pretty pink fuck holes.

Naughty, Experienced And Willing To Teach

Naughty teacherWith age comes wisdom and skill. I often sit on my back porch in the afternoon and I sip my tea and listen to the neighbor boy and his friends go on and on about how they fucked their girlfriends. Always very generic “She had a tight pussy” and “She got so wet”. Silly fools and their bragging, I can bet those girls aren’t nearly as excited as they are. I can tell by their lack of details they at most lasted 2 minutes before cumming in those poor unsatisfied girls. It’s obvious these boys are in desperate need of guidance, before they are label little fuck boys that everyone laughs at. They need to learn to fuck like men and to satisfy a woman like true gentlemen. There are more than enough 60 second fucks out there. I won’t let that be what my bunch of boys turn out to be. Lucky for them it’s my specialty turning boys to men. It may be the Summer but in my book, school is about to be in session.

Threesome with a Naughty Teacher

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher is having a blast with summer school. Most of the coeds and young studs taking my course are hot for teacher. There are not as many people on campus during the summer, so I have less accountability and less supervision. After my class yesterday, I had a coed and a frat boy in my office. They are young lovers and wanted some advice on spicing up their sex life. I asked them if they ever had a threesome. I am sure you know where I was going with that question, but they were slow to pick up on my hint. I told them a mature sexy babe like me can spice up their sex life. Once it hit them what I was getting at, they were naked in my office. I went down on the coed first. I was positive I could lick her cunt better than her frat boy boyfriend. I had her squirting on my face in minutes. She looked at her boyfriend and told him to take notes. I then went to give him head. Funny. My mouth had not been on his cock very long when he looked at his girlfriend and said the same thing she said to him. I was enjoying giving them pleasure. When we started fucking, we were all cumming together. He would go back and forth from my cunt to her cunt. He had his cock in all our holes and my mouth was all over every inch of their bodies. They spiced up their sex life and learned a few new tricks too. Ain’t summer school grand?

Naughty Teacher for Summer School

naughty teacherI have been asked to teach a summer school class. This naughty teacher jumped at the chance too. Originally, I turned down summer school.  I taught last summer, but I wanted a summer of fun. The weather has been awful here. Not a good start to the summer. The pools have been closed and I have only been able to get to the beach a few times. The beach and pool are my hunting ground for younger studs when school is out. The teacher slated for Human Sexuality this summer broke her leg in a car accident. The dean of the department called in a favor. The favor was for me because I need fucked more than I am getting fucked. The weather is cock blocking me lol. Wednesday was the first day of my summer class. I have been fucked by college studs more in three days than I have since May. Yesterday, stud after stud showed up at my office hours. They didn’t have questions about class. They knew my reputation as a naughty milf. A mature sexy babe needs younger men. College boys are in their sexual peak and I am at my sexual prime. I should be fucking men in their teens and 20s. I was starting to feel like the universe was against me getting laid, but then Veronica broke her leg. I know that sounds awful. I don’t wish that on anyone, but if her tragedy is my blessing, I am going to make the best out of it and fuck college boys all summer long.

Coeds Love My Hairy Wet Pussy

hairy wet pussyI don’t always have a hairy wet pussy, but it has been awhile since I had a Brazilian wax. I am not a jungle down below, but I am a far cry from bald below too. I had an impromptu date with Taylor last night. It was Father’s Day and his daughter had taken him out but then she went to her boyfriend’s place for the night. He is a hot single dad. His daughter is 18, so he must suck it up that she shacks up with her boyfriend more than she stays at home. He normally comes to my place because she is home. It is not that he is ashamed to be fucking me. She is one of my students. Well, at least she was last semester. Taylor and I were fucking like wild animals in heat when we heard the front door. He thought it might be his jealous ex-wife. She stalks him and still has a key because of their daughter. It wasn’t her. It was his daughter. She had a fight with her boyfriend. She was shocked to find him banging her naughty teacher.  She took one look at my hairy pussy and went down. Down as in on her knees between my legs. She shooed her dad out of the room because she wanted me all to herself. She admitted she always had the hots for me but was afraid to do anything about it. I told a white lie because she was eating my pussy so good. I told her I used her father to get to her. She just licked my clit faster. That was what I wanted. I could hear her daddy at the door. I knew he was jealous that I had replaced him with his daughter in his bed, but she was loving my hairy pussy. He complained about it. He wouldn’t go down on me until I got my wax. I might just keep my furry pussy and enjoy me some young sexy chicks instead of men my age this summer.

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