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Will she go down on you in the theater?

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Sometimes the best phone sex is totally old school and retro!

My favorite GFE phone sex caller took me and a hot sexy woman I work with out on a wonderful little date last night! We went to dinner, and to a movie. I have a major geek side, and Dr. Strange was on!

But as much as I loved the movie, I loved what distracted me even more! We were cuddled up in a dark corner, he was between us holding the bucket of popcorn, snacking n sipping soda. Oh and I love movie popcorn!

I was spacing off on the special effects and went to reach for more popcorn, and that silly boy went retro on me! There was his beautiful, hard, horny cock sticking up through the bucket of popcorn, leaking precum down through the salt and kernels! It was so cute and sexy, my girl and I both had smiles on our faces! We took turns stroking n licking his cock until we milked a fat load of cum out of him! He splooged all over the popcorn, so naturally, the cum guzzling sluts we are, we ate it anyway!It was so fucking hot, getting him off in a public theater, my pussy was dripping through my panties into my seat. I grabbed my friend’s hand and planted her palm right on my horny cunt as I reached of hers. We finger fucked each other over his lap and exploded in orgasms powerful enough to leave us breathless.

Just goes to show you, even a quiet 3 some date out can be kinky and fun!
What’s your idea of the perfect sexy date?


best phone sex ginger1I could see the agony in his eyes when he walked into my office with his hand on his dick He had been masturbating for days and couldn’t cum. His dick was sore, his balls were heavy and he needed relief. It seems he can’t cum with out permission. He needed me to tell him it was OK. He needed me to watch and encourage him. To urge him on so that he could finally blow this load that had built up inside him and get some sleep, be able to eat. I spoke to him softly, sitting close to him and whispering into his neck and ear. Coaxing the cum from his balls gently while I watched hem jerk off harder and faster. My hand slipped down to my pussy and I joined him. Masturbating together we came hard and licked each other clean.

Naughty neighbor phone sex


naughty neighbor phone sex


I was in my backyard tanning today. I of course don’t like tan lines, so I was completely naked, laying in my chair. My eyes were closed and I was taking in the beautiful hot sun. I heard a noise that I have heard before. It sounded like someone was jerking their sausage right next to me. I look up, and there is a hotti with his cock right out for me to play with. He is my garden boy and pool boy.

I had no idea that he was going to be here today. Okay, so actually maybe I did know he was going to be here. He put his cock back in his pants and said he wanted to show me the progress he made on my garden. As I walk over to my garden he quickly pushes me into my flower bed. He whips his cock out and thrusts it into my pussy with one big thrust. I didn’t even get a chance to look at my flowers. My pussy drips all down his cock and balls.

He keeps plowing me deeper into the garden with that hard pole of his. I can not help but to water the freshly planted flower with all of my pussy juices. He grabs the back of my hair and head and pulls me back as his cock goes further into my snatch. My neighbors are going to wonder what happened to my yard.

best phone sex

The Best Phone Chat Lines Tell You the Truth About Your Dick

best phone sex linesI had the best phone sex this weekend. Lots of cuckolds and sissies wanted shamed for their inadequate equipment. Nothing gets me hotter than making a tiny dick loser suck cock. The best phone chat lines have hot MILFS like me turning your sorry ass into a fluffer boy. Sam called me to fuck, but when I asked him his cock size he hesitated. A real man doesn’t stammer when you ask him the important question. He blurts it out proudly. When Sam finally admitted he had 3 inches, I laughed hysterically before saying “Hell no.” Sam needed some honest chat about cock size.

I explained to him that the best he could hope for was to be my clean up bitch or my fluffer boy. I had a sizable weekend guest who was happy to lend his cock to this call. When Sam heard me slurping on almost a foot of cock, he realized he wanted some too. Not only did I feed Sam a real beef hot dog, but I gave him a creamy milkshake to wash it down with. My mouth was full of cum which I spit right into my little dick pal. Pinched his nose so he would be forced to swallow every last drop. Tasting real man seed builds character.

best phone chat linesIf you have a tiny package, it is never being delivered to my pussy. I have been fucking for too long to spend my mature years wasted on dicks I cannot feel. But be prepared to suck cock, get snowballed and feminized if you think your little Gerhkin is something special. Time to wake up and suck dick loser.