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Dress Up Time

sissy maid training

 Let’s play dress up.

I have always loved playing with dolls as a little girl and well, I guess I never really got over it. I have a gigantic walk in closet full of every piece of clothing a sissy like you could ever hope to wear. So many sexy panties, lingerie, dresses, pantyhose, make up and most of all shoes! Soo many sexy heels to choose from. We can dress you up really elegantly, slutty or even super girly. That’s my personal favorite to be honest. Putting your wig up in pigtails and bows. Adding some pink lipstick and of course a frilly pair of panties. Doesn’t it make you feel ever so precious and beautiful? Don’t tell me that you don’t have an outfit already picked out, because I know a sissy slut like you thinks about it daily.

We could even make it a themed party or something. Like sissy maid training.


How Small Is Your Cock?

sissy humiliation

If you’re trying to pass that tiny little thing off as a dick, then there’s really something wrong with you. Your “dick” is good for absolutely nothing except small penis humiliation. I know you’ve probably been laughed at a million times when you got naked in front of girls, right? And it’s happened so many times that you are turned on by the laughter now.

Yet there are times you still try to convince women like me over the phone that your pathetic cock is big enough to please a woman. But the joke is totally on you because I can tell, even when I’m just talking to you on the phone, that you have a tiny cock and that you would never be good enough to please me. But it’s totally fun to hear you try to convince me. I can only take that for so long, though. I am eventually going to have to put you in your place and give you a list of reasons why you aren’t ever going to be good enough for me.

Do you have a tiny dick and shriveled up balls? Just get on the phone now and call me so I can remind you how small your cock is. You’re pathetic and you know it.


2 Girl Phone Sex

2 girl phone sex

What happens when you combine your Ebony princess with your ivory whore? It’s double the pleasure that’s what it is. Imagine having not one, but two hot and slutty women there to indulge your every fantasy and desire. There’s not one single fetish we won’t entertain.

You wouldn’t believe how sweet her pussy tastes. You’d like to imagine it at least. Her moans are so sweet and sultry, but they get quite a bit louder as I slip my tongue deep into her dripping wet cunt. Wouldn’t you like to stand behind as I’m on my hands and knees, showing you my pretty little pussy, as she has her sexy thighs spread around my face while I finger and tease her clit? Well it doesn’t stop there. We are both extremely open minded and versatile. Part of the fun is switching roles.

We met when we were both call girls for one summer to pay our way through college. It’s amazing how many slutty escapades the two of us accumulated over just that summer alone. I always preferred when we were hired by clients as a pair. The sex was always so fucking hot. She taught me the real techniques of sucking cock. I’ll never forget that very first time we shared a cock together. He came so fucking much in my mouth, that she calmly yet excitedly said ‘It’s okay, babe. Let me have some of it.’ His warm cum was swimming around our writhing tongues as we enjoyed a wet little kiss for a few minutes.

Don’t let her sophisticated face deceive you. I have seen countless loads of cum dripping from that gorgeous face and let me tell you that she looks even sexier when she’s drenched in cum. My favorite part is being the one to lick it all up.

We both love forced orgasms, both giving and receiving. She also loves leaving deep red hand prints all over my ass.

What would you have in store if you had these two sluts all to yourself?

beautiful ebony pussy

Boss’s Pet

shaved wet pussy

If only my boss knew what a slut I am. Walking through the office, my nipples rubbing to the inside of my top.  I must go to the bathroom a few times a day just to wipe off my wet pussy.

One day after hours, I was still in the office. I went into my boss’ office to drop off some paperwork, I always flirt with him even though he’s married. He came in the door. We were the only two there. He had asked me what I was doing there so late. I tell him that I’ve been a very bad girl. He immediately pushed me over the desk and aggressively pulls my skirt up over my hips. And before I even had a second to blink, he was spanking my bare ass incredibly hard. He shoved my panties into my ass as he was hitting my ass hard, whilst telling me what a bad girl I’ve been.

He inserted two fingers into my tight cunt just to see how wet this was getting me. I was soaked and I cried for more. Then I begged him fuck me. He tortured me a little longer till I got pissed off and pinned him down, holding onto his wrists and jumped on top of his cock. No one was going to torture me and get away with it. So, I drove my dripping little pussy so very hard onto him, with my tits devouring his face. He was in heaven.

I came so fucking hard and begged him to make me his cum dumpster, which he happily obliged.

Once he was finished filling up my little slut hole, he grabbed me by my hair, tugged and gripped it tightly and said ‘This is exactly what being naughty will get you’.


Is That Cock Worth Edging?

edgeplay phone sex

I know that you guys usually masturbate as fast as you can. A means to an end kind of thing.  But I bet you don’t realize that if you just take your time and do a little bit of edging, your orgasms will be much stronger and more intense.

When you call me for edging phone sex, you will need to call me for a pretty long call so that we can do it properly. I will be working you up to the edge of an orgasm repeatedly. You will be so turned on that you’ll be begging me to let you cum, but it’s not going to happen. You will be allowed to cum only when I tell you and not a second sooner. Trust me when I say that it will improve your orgasms. Both the ones when you’re jerking off and when you’re fucking a woman.

Are you ready for me to teach you how to edge you your way to a mind-blowing orgasm? Call me!

Beg For It

erotic roleplaying

I just absolutely love erotic role plays. The options are limitless and a horny slut like myself needs to play often.

I’d love to edge that cock of yours. Tease it for hours even while refusing to let you cum.

I’d lay back and tease this pretty little pussy of mine while you watch. No touching!

I won’t be satisfied until I see you groveling on your hands and knees, begging me to let you cum.

What would you do to earn such a privilege, I wonder?

‘Come have a little taste of the pussy I’m not going to let you fuck’ I’d say to you.

That desperate look on your face tells me that my pussy is all you care about.

Go on admit it, Admit that your cock is hard for my little cunt 24/7 and you won’t have a moments rest until I’ve given you permission to cum.

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