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              Did you know that if you don’t follow my rules, you will be punished? Apparently, you don’t. I thought I made it very clear before, but apparently, some little birdies don’t want to listen.

              Take Zachary for example. Zachary wanted to play, he wanted to be dominated. So, what did I do? I dominated him per his request. However, Zachary didn’t follow my rules.

              So, what was I to do? He had been such a good little pet, all the way up to the point I told him to do one simple little thing. I told him to take his biggest, thickest dildo and stick it up in his ass and he did. But, when I told him to stick that second one up there, he couldn’t handle it.

              So, what did Zachary do? He apologized and stated he couldn’t do it for me. That is not, and never will be acceptable. When I tell my pet to do something, I expect it to be done right down to the tee.

              As punishment, when it came time for Zachary’s’ big finish, there was none. I counted him down, then stopped at 2. Then told him there would be no finishing due to him not following through. Maybe next time he will remember I always get my way.

Cuckolding Hubby

cuckold phone sexI had one hot night last week. One of my cuckhold hubbies’ buddies decided to pay us a visit. My husband was more than happy to pimp out my pussy to him.
Who was I to say no? This BBC was so delicious, I couldn’t get enough. His cock was so scrumptious, and I got to enjoy every last drop of his delicious cum.
I was good and made sure that every last drop of cum went into my tight cunt. He tried to pull out, but I wrapped my legs around his waste and rolled on top of him.
He struggled a bit, but then he gave in and laughed at how determined I was to keep that savory cum inside of my wet cunt. His cock was so delicious, my pussy couldn’t get enough. I wanted more!
So even after he finished, I kept riding him, he got hard again almost instantly. We fucked for what seemed like hours. I just kept cumming and cumming all over his enormous 10-inch cock.
My cuck of a husband just whimpered in the corner with his cock cage on. His pathetic excuse of a dick was drooling. So, I hopped off of his friend then made my way to my hubby.
Pre-cum was oozing all over the place as he begged me to let him have the honor of licking up my cream pie. I scoffed then decided that he had been good all week, so I said yes.
His little pussy practically exploded as he slurped up my cream pie.

Sissification Training

sissy humiliationHey there, my sweet little sissies. Welcome to my fun and wild little kingdom of pleasure! I have all kinds of pretty, frilly dresses and panties that your little sissy heart could ever desire. But they aren’t for me, no I would never be caught dead in anything frilly.

No, these pretty little things are all for you. My playthings, my slaves, my beautiful little dress up dolls. I will forcefully, yet lovingly, dress you up in the most innocent, elegant, promiscuous little outfits. But, for us to play, you need to follow all of my rules.

One, you must always do what I say. No questions, no if’s and’s or but’s. So, if I command you to pee in the street, in front of a crowd, you better do it. If not, you are a waste of my precious time.

Second, there is no complaining. The more you complain, the more extreme I will become, and you won’t like me when I do that. I turn from loving and nurturing, into a demon spawn from hell itself.

I won’t just push your little buttons and boundaries. No, I will pound, and destroy them. If you don’t do as you are told, mommy gets very angry. Trust me, no one likes mommy angry.

Last but certainly not least, you must send me pretty little pictures of our play. I like my toys to do exactly as I say, and I make sure you do it. If you would prefer sending me a video via email, I am happy with that too.
See all of your pretty outfits and caged up cocks makes mommy a very happy woman. When mommy is happy, everyone is happy. So, my lovely little sissies, send until your heart is content. I’ll be waiting.

Sweet Torture

best phone sexAs I sunk the next guys delicious cock into my pussy, hubby begged me to let him cum. The chastity cage on his tiny pinprick dick was shaking. Precum was oozing out of his microscopic cock.
I looked over and laughed as I rode my meat stick harder. Both moaning and whimpering were in the background. I felt like a true Goddess.
My meat stick was already so close to cumming, I had to slow down a bit. I wanted to watch hubby as he whimpered and begged some more. His cunt of a cock begging for that sweet release.
I went harder one more time so that I could cum, then I got off of my meat stick. He begged me to let him finish but I ignored him. After all, he was just my living dildo why should I pay him any attention?
I walked over to my cuck hubby then flicked his cunt, he moaned loudly and shivered with pleasure. He was enjoying this too much. So, I rummaged through my drawers and grabbed my 11 inch strap on.
I rammed it so hard into his tight little ass that his feet came off the floor and he shrieked in excitement. He begged me to go harder, so I did. He had been such a good little cuck, he deserved some pleasure.
By the time I was done with him, his ass was a gaping hole and his cunt was so swollen it barely fit the cage. He pleaded and begged me to let him finish. I took off the cage and told him that he was not allowed to cum at all tonight.
Instead, he will watch porn with me as I get off and fuck as many men as I wanted. He nodded sadly as tears poured down his pathetic face. Sorry hubby, but there will be no release for you tonight.

Sexy Babe Claudia

sexy babeThis sexy babe is ready for you! I want to tease you, deny you, and eventually, if you’re lucky, I will satisfy your every desire. My tight, little, sexy body is so hot, and I know it! Do you think you can handle this incredible sexy slut? I have a sexual appetite that is insatiable, and most of my lovers would call me a nympho. Last night, you shoved your hard cock inside my cunt without warning! I loved your aggressiveness, and how you took control of my tight pussy. I loved how you pulled my hair and put your hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream, as you thrust your manhood inside my little hole. I begged you to stop, but of course, you didn’t. You kept fucking me harder and harder after that. I could barely breathe, but you just kept fucking me, over and over. I was afraid to tell you how many times I came all over your swollen dick, because I thought you would be mad at me and withhold your gorgeous cock from me. I let you think it was all about you, but I was getting pleasure too! I loved that you came in my sweet little cunt, and then made me suck you off to clean you up, making your cock rock hard again. Cumming in my mouth and swallowing your sweet, thick cum was amazing! I know you want to fuck my tight, little, sweet cunt again! Give me that throbbing cock, and show me how much this little bitch cunt pleased you last night! This hot sexy woman is just waiting for you again….


Behave like a bitch, get treated like one

Forced feminizationNormally I don’t like to punish in a cruel way, sometimes you have to assert a little more discipline than normal when it comes to a stubborn individual, don’t you think? There is this guy that moved in across the street. I call him the jerkoff because he just acts like a POS. So I was walking out to get the mail and bring the garbage in, my morning thing to do. I just slip on some flip-flops and a robe, I don’t usually wear clothes around the house in the morning. So I got the mail and the turd neighbor starts giving me shit from across the street. Telling me to cover up and junk. I walked over to him, grabbed his wrist cranked it up behind his back and walked him to my house. I pushed him in thru the front door; I grabbed the restraints in the foyer table and pushed him down onto a chair. Slapping him in the face, I ask who in the hell he thinks he is. With no response I told him to get up and strip, he gave me a no way look and I grabbed him by the balls “would you like to rethink that answer?” He strips down, and lo and behold this sissy bitch is wearing panties, a garter, and stockings. I pulled his panties off his cock and slapped it, lessons for pointing out other people just to take the focus off you. I sat him back down and bound his arms while I put a nice coat of whore make up. “If I see you outside without makeup, I’ll come over to your house and put a goat milker on your cock while you sleep. Understand?” He nodded. Let’s see how long it takes the jerkoff to not comply. I did tell him on his way out the door looking all made up and pretty, that if he doesn’t play by the rules next time the makeup will come with a large ass plug.


Sissy Hubby Only Gets the Drippings

Real voyeur sex

I was lying outside next to the pool and my pussy just started throbbing. I did doze off for a moment, maybe I had a little-wet dream about you and how we play together.






Sexy women masturbating                      I have this lovely dildo I call big blue. The head of it does this swirling type action that just drives my g-spot crazy. I close my eyes and picture you fucking me hard while my sissy cuck hubby watches from the corner. Gliding that dildo in and out my pussy gets wetter and wetter. You know hubby is salivating, sitting there wanting to lick your cum out of my pussy. I can just picture you cumming hard, grunting and shooting a huge hot load into my warm fuckhole. Next time I would love to have you cum in my ass, let sissy hubby only lick what drips out. Yummy for him and satisfying for you too I’d hope.

Faster and faster she fucked my ass

Ass fetish

Have you ever met someone that didn’t quite get the rhythm of sex in general? As if the equipment is all there, but the foreman hasn’t arrived yet, that is my cuck hubby when it comes to anal sex. He just doesn’t quite get it.
I invited a friend of mine, she and I have been playing for years and she knows how to make a girl … and a guy for that matter cum like crazy from anal playing. I sat my hubby down at the end of the bed and told him to take note of what is happening if he can.
I lay down on the bed, relaxing, running my hands all over my body, gliding my fingers slowly over my clit, getting my pussy hot and wet. As soon as my friend arrived she had her clothes off and was burying her face in my pussy. I had cum dripping from me by the time she started playing with my asshole.


2 girl phone sex






I had a fun little dildo lying out on the bed and she took full advantage. She started priming my ass by licking and poking the dildo into my puckered tight little asshole. She fingered my pussy, licked my clit and started to really fuck me with that dildo. Faster and faster she fucked my ass until I was squirting and cumming and cumming.
We both looked up at him when everything calmed down and all he could do was stare with wide eyes and mouth open. Haha, I guess we turned him on.

Let’s have a little humiliation fun! Party Time

Small dick humiliation

I do love to host parties and I had an idea to throw an elegant small dick humiliation party. Women could bring their men, women that have men with small dicks anyway. I also hired 12 of the sexiest men I could find to serve as waiters, but also as eye candy so these wanton women and their sad small dick guys can see the physique of a real man with a nice big cock. The women could roam around and mingle at the party, but all the small dicks had to line up naked and be on display for all to see and laugh at. The women could go down the line with each guy giving snorts of derision and laugh at how pathetic. Most of the women would walk up to the small dicks and put it in her hand and make some kind of comment about how small it is. As the evening progressed I was asking all the women if they would like to suck all the nice big sexy man cock while their small cock husbands watched. They all gave a big Yes! And almost all asked if it was cool to progress to fucking. I said of course! That was what this party is all about. Women at the party grabbed their husband and brought them to the line of big dicks. They took a turn sucking each cock looking for the one they liked the most while their cuck sissy hubby watched. Some went off to other rooms or found comfy places to play while the cuckholds watched their women be pleasured by a real cock.

Cuckold phone sex

Cuckolded In Front of Friends

Sissy humiliation

My hubby is a sissy. Probably why I always refer to him as my sissy hubby, makes sense right? I was feeling really quite horny, and making my hubby do all kinds of kinky things always gets my pussy humming and wet. I called him into the living room and told him to call some buddies over that he golfs with or plays racquetball with. About 3 hours later hubby’s buddies are all here and enjoying pizza and beer and watching a football game. Sitting next to my hubby I whisper in his ear. “Stand up, stand next to the TV and take all of your clothes off.” He immediately stands but looks back at me with fear, because he doesn’t know what I am going to do next. He starts to undress and the guys all start protesting asking him what the fuck he is doing. He only looked at me for instruction. I turned to all the guys and said them “He is my cuckold and he does what I tell him to.” They looked stunned but curious. My hubby is usually made to wear panty hose with the crotch cut open, so once he was undressed his cock hung there, limp. “First thing my loving husband. I want you to suck any of these guys that want a blow job from you. Then you are going to jerk off standing in front of all of them jerking off until you cum.” I turned to the guys and told them if they wanted to leave now would be the time. Oddly, none of them left. He blew them all one by one; a few guys even returned the favor and blew my hubby. I told the guys to hold their wads until the end. All the cocks being sucked and stroked had me so turned on I wasn’t going to leave my pussy out of the action.Forced crossdressing

As the last guy was getting blown I asked the guys who were ready to cum now and a bunch of them said they were. “Ok, then you guys come on over here and stick your cock in my pussy and cum inside me,” I said. Each one came up, slid their cock into my tight, shaved wet pussy and within a few thrusts, they would cum. One by one they all eventually came over to me and came inside me. “Anyone that is done you can leave if you like or watch my sissy hubby suck each of your deposit out of my pussy.” Again, no one left. I looked at my sissy man and I didn’t need to say anything, he lay down on the floor and sucked all those hot loads that the guys left for him right out of my pussy. What a fun day, after all, that’s what a sissy cuckold husband is right? Mmmm drip drip drip

Cuckold phone sex

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