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Let’s have a little humiliation fun! Party Time

Small dick humiliation

I do love to host parties and I had an idea to throw an elegant small dick humiliation party. Women could bring their men, women that have men with small dicks anyway. I also hired 12 of the sexiest men I could find to serve as waiters, but also as eye candy so these wanton women and their sad small dick guys can see the physique of a real man with a nice big cock. The women could roam around and mingle at the party, but all the small dicks had to line up naked and be on display for all to see and laugh at. The women could go down the line with each guy giving snorts of derision and laugh at how pathetic. Most of the women would walk up to the small dicks and put it in her hand and make some kind of comment about how small it is. As the evening progressed I was asking all the women if they would like to suck all the nice big sexy man cock while their small cock husbands watched. They all gave a big Yes! And almost all asked if it was cool to progress to fucking. I said of course! That was what this party is all about. Women at the party grabbed their husband and brought them to the line of big dicks. They took a turn sucking each cock looking for the one they liked the most while their cuck sissy hubby watched. Some went off to other rooms or found comfy places to play while the cuckholds watched their women be pleasured by a real cock.

Cuckold phone sex

Cuckolded In Front of Friends

Sissy humiliation

My hubby is a sissy. Probably why I always refer to him as my sissy hubby, makes sense right? I was feeling really quite horny, and making my hubby do all kinds of kinky things always gets my pussy humming and wet. I called him into the living room and told him to call some buddies over that he golfs with or plays racquetball with. About 3 hours later hubby’s buddies are all here and enjoying pizza and beer and watching a football game. Sitting next to my hubby I whisper in his ear. “Stand up, stand next to the TV and take all of your clothes off.” He immediately stands but looks back at me with fear, because he doesn’t know what I am going to do next. He starts to undress and the guys all start protesting asking him what the fuck he is doing. He only looked at me for instruction. I turned to all the guys and said them “He is my cuckold and he does what I tell him to.” They looked stunned but curious. My hubby is usually made to wear panty hose with the crotch cut open, so once he was undressed his cock hung there, limp. “First thing my loving husband. I want you to suck any of these guys that want a blow job from you. Then you are going to jerk off standing in front of all of them jerking off until you cum.” I turned to the guys and told them if they wanted to leave now would be the time. Oddly, none of them left. He blew them all one by one; a few guys even returned the favor and blew my hubby. I told the guys to hold their wads until the end. All the cocks being sucked and stroked had me so turned on I wasn’t going to leave my pussy out of the action.Forced crossdressing

As the last guy was getting blown I asked the guys who were ready to cum now and a bunch of them said they were. “Ok, then you guys come on over here and stick your cock in my pussy and cum inside me,” I said. Each one came up, slid their cock into my tight, shaved wet pussy and within a few thrusts, they would cum. One by one they all eventually came over to me and came inside me. “Anyone that is done you can leave if you like or watch my sissy hubby suck each of your deposit out of my pussy.” Again, no one left. I looked at my sissy man and I didn’t need to say anything, he lay down on the floor and sucked all those hot loads that the guys left for him right out of my pussy. What a fun day, after all, that’s what a sissy cuckold husband is right? Mmmm drip drip drip

Cuckold phone sex

Adult theater and the sissy gives a blow job

Great blowjobs

My sissy hubby took a few days off for the holiday weekend and I decided to take advantage and get some good sissy sessions before he goes back to work.
I stepped into his office and said we were going to a movie. He jumped up and got in the car. “What kind of movie are we going to Goddess?” I told him to sit still and he’ll see when we get there. As we pull into the parking lot, the neon signs pretty much smacking us in the face as we find a parking spot. “An adult toy store, why are we here Goddess?” I don’t answer and walk into the store. I make a B-line for the back of the store where there is a theater, adult theater. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, I was picturing sticky cum everywhere. We took a seat and there was a bi guy scene going on and my hubby was getting hard like I knew he would. I told him to get up and go find a guy to give a blow job to. He was about to question me but then thought better of it. A few rows ahead of us there was a guy, clearly jerking off from the way it looked like his body was shaking. I pointed him out and told my sissy to go ask if he wants a blow job. He did just that and it looked as soon as they had agreed me shoved my sissy hubby’s head down. I could see him bobbing up and down and before he went over there I told him he had to swallow every drop of his cum and make sure he is all cleaned off, and that I would ask the guy if that is what you did. I hear the guy getting closer and soon I hear “Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming.” My hubby stayed down for a while, possibly cleaning up. I love my sissy willing to train.

Giving a taste of small dick humiliation


Small dick humiliation

My sissy hubby brought home this guy, work associate or something. I didn’t care too much. He looked too timid for me like he wouldn’t know how to bang a drum much less a pussy. But, whatever he’s here let’s see what he wants. He and my hubby are talking in the kitchen. I overhear a few things and am not sure what to think. My hubby walks in and says that his friend needs something and who better to do it than a seasoned woman like me. “What is it?” I say sternly to him. “He wants you to show him what small dick humiliation is like.” I look down and smile “Yeah sure let me get ready and you guys can relax in the living room, that’ll be center stage for you both.”

Sissy humiliation
I walk into the living room and the two sissies are on the loveseat looking way too eager. I tell the friend to stand and strip. He looks at my hubby nervously and my hubby shrugs his shoulders. The friend takes off his clothes, I don’t say anything for a while I just make him stand there looking as uncomfortable as I think I’ve ever seen anyone. I walk up to him, and since I entered the living room my hands have been behind my back, standing a few feet from the friend I look down. I honestly don’t think I was prepared for what I saw. I had no words! This guy wants humiliation but wow, it’s possible he’s suffered enough!? I shook my head and told him to cover that thing up. I bring out my newest dong and it’s big, real big. I hold it up in front of both of them. “You will never give a woman pleasure like this cock can. You, Mr. Friend can’t even reach a clit with that thing, much more actually fucking a pussy.” I turn and walk to the middle of the room, I lay down on the floor, and start fucking myself with the giant dildo. They are both staring hard while I fuck myself. I stop and tell them to play with each other’s little cocks. Not even looking at each other they grab one another with just two fingers because that’s all either of them need. They stroke those pathetic little things furiously just to get some kind of friction. The nice big cock I have is making me cum crazy hard and these two playing with gherkins. When I was done playing I laid in the middle of the room watching the two of them shooting little tiny sad puddles of cum. Not even a teaspoon worth.


The Lesbian and My Pussy

Lesbian phone sex

My hubby’s niece is in town this week and since the sissy hubby works so much I’m in charge of showing her a good time. As soon as she arrived we hit it off, had a great lunch and I showed her the sites of the city. When it was dinner time we were both tired out from the day so we sat on the couch, relaxed and just talked and ate our meal. Suddenly she blurted out “I’m a lesbian!” I smiled at her and said “That great!” and just like that she pushed me back to lay down, pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties aside and started licking my pussy. It felt incredible. I mean I have done threesomes with women before but she just had a terribly talented tongue. As the night went on, we ended up in my bedroom. More than once she got my pussy so hot and aching I couldn’t stop myself from cumming. She would start off by spreading my pussy lips wide and sucking on my clit. That would make me actually need to spread my legs wider. Her touch was perfectly gentle and when she slipped her soft young fingers inside me, finger fucking me until I was ready to explode. When I started to tell her I am going to cum she pushed four fingers into me and pounded my pussy so hard I gushed all over her hand and made quite the mess. Hmm, maybe I am a lesbian. I think I need a guy to call me and show me I’m not!

Sissy humiliation, let’s fill my fish bowl

Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation … what’s there to say really? It’s rather self-explanatory, but each person has their own idea of what it entails. What does it entail for you? I like to compile a list of things my sissy doesn’t like. I know it’s rather shitty for me to pick up on things in a normal everyday social commentary, but you have to get your info somehow!
What we will do once I am satisfied with the number of things you dislike that I have accumulated. I’m going to have you write each one down on a piece of paper and put it in a fish bowl. Anytime you do something that is out of line I will grab one of the pieces of paper and you will be punished with whatever happens to be written on it. I probably stacked the bowl with ones I like too. If you can think of 10 things you dislike, tell them to me and I can have some fun making sure you feel humiliated and more like a sissy than you did previously.

Foot fetish and a naughty sissy

Foot fetishes

My sissy hubby loves … and I mean loves anything foot related in sex. As a special treat for my hard working sissy boy, I planned something out of the ordinary.
My bestie sorority sister from back in the day came over to help me with this treat. We did our pre-evening shopping and had a blast. After setting it up I brought sissy into the bathroom, blindfolded. We sat him down, put his accessories on and removed his blindfold. He was sitting in a princess’s chair with a little tiara and a pink dress was all laid out for him to get into. He seemed pretty elated about what was going on and I asked the pretty little sissy if he was ready for his foot show. His face went from a huge smile to a frown rather quickly. I asked what was wrong and he said, “I am not allowed to cum My Madam.” I knew why, but I was just making sure slave was paying attention.
My bestie and I got down and dirty right away. We both just had silk robes on and we slid them off our shoulders. I reached over and flicked and played with her nipple and I could see the strain come over my hubby’s face. I sat her down on the sauna bench and put her legs over the front of me, just enough leg to be able to play with my nipples. The sissy’s cock cage prevents him from getting hard. I got up and pushed up his little pink dress and sure enough, stuck with cum everywhere.

Edging phone sex with submissive K.

Edgeplay phone sex

I have a sub that I adore playing with; edging him is the highlight of my week most of the time. We will call him sub K. I instructed him to write me an email about our last edging session and his words turned even me on. We had an hour long session where I edged him so many times he could never cool down with his need to cum. I made him beg me and he did, I made him get into different positions and he did. He told me all about how much his cock was aching to cum, filled to the top with his hot load I was enjoying not letting him release it.
He told me at one point he couldn’t catch his breath, he needed me to give him that permission to cum. I wasn’t going to. I loved hearing him beg me, the intensity was very heavy and sexually charged, makes my body tingle. I played with my pussy while I controlled him. That’s how much I enjoy it, and I came as many times as I wanted.

When I finally allowed him to cum, he came for so long and so hard I could feel it through the phone. He told me how it was so much more intense than cumming a bunch of smaller times, one big one was what he needed.

Fourth of July Gangbang

Exhibitionist sex

So the party I had been planning went off with a bang! In more ways than one really, I got the gangbang I wanted and of course the bang from the fireworks.
I ended up having all the guys that came that wanted to be part of the gang bang putting their names on a list and then I just put them into groups so everyone could rotate and enjoy the food and the rest of the party as well as my pussy.
I can’t even tell you how many times I came, it was insane! I mean I’ve cum multiple times before, but never that much. I had big cocks all over the place and took every opportunity to suck each one before they fucked me. I was on a high all day. The best was a dp with a huge cock in my pussy and a big cock in my ass. All the guys around me playing with my tits, touching my body sent me into waves of orgasms. My sissy hubby, after the party was over came to my side, I had just finished the last gang bang of the night. I made him lick every inch of me to get all the cum off. Best 4th ever.

The gym bull

Cuckold phone sex

He was handsome and ready to fuck. We invited him in, he seemed nervous, but when he saw I only had a silk robe and nothing else on his focus turned to his hardening cock. Hubby said, “Please take her and fuck her like I can’t.” The gym rat smiled and picked me up and said: “Where can I fuck you.” We made our way to the studio,  kissing and giggling. Instead of putting me down, he put my legs on his shoulders with my pussy right in front of his face and he started licking my pussy so expertly. Then he flipped me upside down, legs in the air and my mouth at his cock, we sucked and licked each other while the sissy sat in the corner in his usual panties and bra. Cock popping out the side I gave him permission to jerk off. Gym rat was hard as fuck and he sat down on a chair and set me on top of him. He didn’t just start fucking me hard; he teased and played and licked more, then teased me with the head of his cock driving me crazy. Finally, he let loose and was plunging into me balls deep. Skin smacking every time he would bury himself in my pussy, I begged to ride him. When I got on top his cock was so deep, he looked at the sissy hubby and told him to come over and play with my clit and be a real man. Fingers on my clit, cock deep inside me, rocking my hips back and forth I exploded all over him. Sissy was ordered to lick all the squirting juices and sperm off both of us.

Sissy humiliation

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