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A horny hot babe like me deserves to be showered with money and gifts! That’s why my new boy toy slave took me shopping. I love racking up charges on his card while I have his little dicky locked up in his pretty pink cage. I bet his cocky twitches watching me flirt and whore with the shop attendants!

I then took my boy toy into the lingerie store and I just knew his puny cock was jerking around in his cage! I love watching him pathetically shift around while I show him racks of tight outfits I would wear while teasing his cock. I found a few good options to try on and dragged him to the dressing room. I made him sit and watch me slowly undress.

To his surprise, I was already wearing a sexy neon set of lingerie that I had ordered with his credit card. I rubbed and tapped his wittle package in his pants and giggled when I felt it jolt. “Let me see that little baby dick,” I demanded. He took out his caged cock and I could see the droplets of precum that leaked out.

I swayed my hips for him and rubbed on my tight ass and pussy for him to get a good look. Then I bent over and slid my thong down to tease his cocky. I got a great idea! I called in the young hot shop boy and asked him what he thought about my ass and cunt. He stammered, and I noticed he had a thick hard cock.

I did what any horny hot whore would do in that situation, I made the shop boy pump my ass full of cum while my boy toy cuck watched. Then I walked over to him, spread my ass cheeks and dribbled the shop boy’s thick cum onto his pathetic tiny caged cock. Then I rewarded myself by racking up more charges on his card. Hehe.

Sissy Fag Trainer

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Little cucks need to learn how big cocks feel. I love dressing up my sugar cuck daddy like a pretty little faggy slut. I lay out a pink lingerie teddy, nylons and cute heels fit for a pretty little sissy just like you! I want you to make sure you have your teeny cock cage on as I tease and tickle your pitiful dick. I want you to be the prettiest sissy, so I apply bright pink lipstick and blush to your faggy face!

Now get on your knees, faggy and open your pretty little mouth! I strap on my big black rubber cock and run my fingers through your pretty hair. Now suck my cock, sissy. I’m going to teach you how to be the best sissy faggot cocksucker! Lick my thick rubber cock, run your tongue from top to bottom of my thick strap on.

         Oh, my dear pet, you have to worship that cock better. I shove my thick silicone cock down your whore mouth. I want you to beg me to fuck your pretty face. Get that dildo nice and wet like a good sissy! I want to make sure you know how it feels to have a thick cock fuck your throat. My cunt gets so wet hearing you gag on my strap on.

         I make you get on all fours and as I lightly tap my big black dildo on your puckered boy pussy. I want you to beg for me to fuck you in your tight ass. When I’m satisfied with your pleas, I ram my silicone black cock into your tight ass and fuck you over and over again. You’re only allowed to cum when I tell you too, little faggy!

BBC Anal Sex Whore

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I love the feeling of having my tight rosebud being stretched and filled. Not very many cocks satisfy my urge to have my ass fucked raw. Your pitiful boy cock clearly can’t gape my sweet tight ass the way I want and need! What better way to get my ass filled with big black cock than to have my sister’s big black husband come over?

I love setting up the hidden camera, so I can record my tight ass getting stuff by 10 inches of black cock. I plan on emailing this to you later once I get your teeny cock cage on! The minute my sister’s husband walked in, my pussy became soaking wet. I asked him to come take a look at my bedroom ceiling for a leak. Little did he know! Hehe!

I laid across the bed in my little robe to point out the “leak.” My robe lifted up and exposed my tight wet pussy and my sister’s hot hubby got so hard. I could see his giant bulge throbbing in his pants. My pussy dribbled with wetness and I waved him over “Looks like the leak is right here!”

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive dark black cock. I made sure to lick his cock, slurping and shoving it into the back of my throat. I gabbed on his black dick making it all wet and slimy. I turned around on all fours and begged him to shove his cock balls deep inside my pink rosebud. I made sure my ass was positioned well enough to catch my asshole being stretched out while he pounded my ass with his 10-inch cock. He gaped my princess ass wide open and shot his load deep inside me. I hope you enjoy the little movie I made for you!

Licking Pussy

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I love pussy almost as much as I love thick, big cocks. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a bisexual. I’m more of a trisexual in that I’ll try anything. 😉 Yesterday I went to my sugar daddy’s condo to have a little play session. He’s been in his cock cage all week and has been showering me with mounds of cash and gifts. I thought he deserved some sweet relief. But when I got there, the little prick was nowhere to be found! How dare he keep his princess waiting!

Instead, his young hot housekeeper was there dusting the living room. Normally, I wouldn’t even associate with the help. But I was so horny and there was something about her little maid uniform that turned me on. She bent over to dust off the coffee table and I caught site of her tight ass. I immediately came up from behind her and brushed my hand over her round ass and said not to worry about the cleaning today. The ungrateful sissy fag wouldn’t even notice!

It’s such a shame that such a pathetic loser like my sugar daddy would not appreciate the women that do everything for him. I slid her dress skirt up exposing her ass and rubbed my hands all over the top of her panties and I could feel her panties dampen. I then pulled off her panties and began licking her juicy cunt.

We started stripping off our clothes and got on my sugar daddy’s fancy leather couch sucking and fingering each other’s pussies. I licked her from cunt to rosebud, shoving my tongue in her holes and shoving as many fingers as I could! Then, she grabbed my hips and began grinding her soaking wet pussy on mine! It felt so good feeling her rock-hard clit fuck mine! Suddenly my sugar daddy walks in and I make him keep his cock cage on while I fuck his little housekeeper.

Horny Sugar Baby

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I love money, clothes, shoes and makeup, but above all things, I love cock. And lately, I’ve been craving thick, juicy cock! I decided to search around a few sugar daddy websites that I’m exclusively apart of- business men, lawyers, etc. I have some high standards for dick. I instantly got hundreds of messages from sugar daddies begging to have a taste and a go at my sweet, tight pussy. But I was only looking for the best of the best. Thick cock over 8 inches, over six figures and a fetish for rough sex!

I ended up finding the perfect suitor! I invited him over to my loft and he arrived shortly toting a bottle of champagne and a diamond necklace for me. I could instantly see his thick bulge in his dress pants. I couldn’t even wait for the damn champagne, I immediately stripped off my clothes and started grinding on his cock through his clothes. My pussy lusted and dripped for his cock. I helped him take off his suit and had him on the floor waiting for me to ride him in reverse cowgirl.

It felt fucking amazing, my pussy was so creamy and wet on his large cock. Without a second thought, he slid his cock into my ass and he fucked me like his little horny anal whore sugar baby. He fucked me raw and balls deep as I rubbed my clit and clutched my tits. We fucked for hours! I squirted so many times, my floor was practically all wet. He filled my holes with generous amounts of creamy thick cum. I thanked him for the orgasm, the champagne and diamond necklace and bid him farewell. Do you think you could be my next sugar daddy fuck toy?

Cum Panties for my Cuck

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Last night, I caught my sugar daddy jacking his pathetic cock to porn without my permission! I decided the best course of punishment was to lock his little cocky up in his pretty pink cage and go out with my girlfriends for ladies’ night at the strip club. The strippers were extremely well hung with massive cocks- bigger than my sugar daddy’s for sure. I decided that he needed to see just how pathetic his tiny cock was in comparison. I slid the most hung stripper’s cock out of his outfit and snapped a picture of me right next to it and texted it to him. I can just picture him at home squirming around in his little cage. But that wasn’t enough punishment for my little cuck daddy.

I laid a big slobbery kiss on that thick stripper cock and made sure to send that too. I got a picture reply of my cuck’s puny dick leaking precum from his cock cage. I made sure to show every in the club how pathetic and small his trapped cock looked. My girlfriend’s then got my phone to record video of me deepthroating and sucking 10 inch stripper cock. I’m sure my sugar daddy was at home in agony while I sucked and slurped up every stripper cock in the club. I even stripped down to my panties to make sure to get a nice slimy glob of stripper cum on them. When I got home, I made sure to show me cuck daddy the think gooey white that stuck to my backside. I made that little cuck cum slut lick it all up too!

Black Cock Escort

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I moonlight as an escort when I need extra cash. But beggars CAN be choosers, because I exclusively only escort for black cock. I am addicted to thick, long black cock. Being a Black cock escort means that I get to have my cake and eat it too. 😉 I usually meet up with a rich, hung black guy at our hotel and sometimes his little white cuck friends will chip in to be able to watch my holes get destroyed by massive black cock. I’m totally okay with having an audience. In fact, I prefer it. I love when they stand around us stroking their pathetic white cocks while I have an enormous black cock balls deep inside me- thrusting in and out. They love seeing me ride that black dick like an insatiable cowgirl. One by one, the white men line up for an opportunity to shoot their white cum in my mouth while I desperately fuck negro cock. But the one thing I look forward to is having that BBC cum deep inside my tight pink pussy!

Cock Cage Tease

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Get dressed, baby! We’re going to the BBC sex club tonight and I want you wear your pretty little cock cage! I want you to watch me flirting and whoring around the club with these hot hung black guys. I decide to bring one of them home with us. I want you to sit and watch while he destroys my tight pussy and asshole. I laugh and giggle while I watch your pathetic cock twitch inside your cock cage. I know you desperately want to cum, but I take pleasure in knowing you can’t just yet! First, I want you to watch me get off multiple times while a big black cock ravages my cunt. He’s taking me from the back-doggy style. I can barely keep myself up while he rams me over and over again. I make this big black bull cum deep inside my pussy and I call you over to lay down. I love playing with your caged balls and pathetic peen while it spasms and twitches. Then I tease you even more and begin rubbing my cunt all over it. Suddenly, the bull’s cream comes drizzling out of my pussy and drips all over your caged cock. Unfortunately, my sweet, that’s the only cum you get to have tonight.

Princess Feet

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A pretty princess like me feels awfully sore after spending the day in 5-inch leather pumps. Wouldn’t you just love to lick and suck on my leather pumps before wiggling out my pretty little toes? It makes me so horny when you suck and lick my poor little toes. It feels even better when I rub my aching arches on your rock-hard cock. It’s so soothing when you roll your smooth hard dick along the arches of my pretty princess feet. I love when you worship my sweet feet and lather them up nicely with your tongue and mouth. Don’t you like getting them nice and wet for your sexy princess? Once you get them slippery and slimy enough, I want you to take out your thick cock so I can fully rub and massage my little feet and toes. I love rubbing and pinching at your balls with my wet toes. Maybe I’ll give you a nice dick rub if I’m up to it. I’ll slide my delicate feet up and down your shaft going fast then slow. I want you to cover my sweet pretty toes with a thick glob of cum when I’m done!

Cum Filled Hottie

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I love the feeling of a slimy thick cock stretching and fucking my tight, bald pussy. Big bull cocks feel amazing plunging in and out of my wet cunt. The feeling of the rhythmic slap of huge balls slap against my round, soft ass makes my pussy swell with euphoria. But the best feeling? The best feeling is your slimy tongue flicking back and forth from my clit to my bulls cock and balls. A little pathetic penis quivering and sputtering between your legs while you desperately try to taste my sweet cunt. Don’t you wish you were big enough to satisfy me? Big enough to feel the walls of my cunt puff up and pulsate around your pitiful dick! The only time I let you nut is when you slurp my pussy juices and residual cum off of my bull’s massive fat cock. Only then are you allowed to jerk your tiny sausage. I giggle when I see your pitiful teeny peepee spittle with cum and fucking squirming. Now be a good boy and lick it up.


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