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Solo Fun

best phone sexThe other night i had quite the evening full of sexual adventures planned for myself but than thanks to a string of the stomach flu that seemed to strike everyone but myself the evening got cancelled.  I couldn’t believe my bad luck. I was alone, bored and horny.  So i decided to take care of business myself. I opened up my special drawer of vibrators and sex toys.  I pulled out the biggest, most powerful vibrator i had. I put fresh batteries in just to be safe and turned it onto the highest vibration possible.  I started off teasing myself by rubbing my clit with the head of the vibrator it was so intense and felt so good. I immediately started to get wet with pleasure.  I was going to tease myself for a little while longer, but i was just too horny.  So slowly i inserted the tip into my pulsating, juicy pussy.  And than i inserted it as deep as i could,  sliding it in and out  as hard and as fast as i could.  The vibrations combined with with how fast and hard as i was going, pushed me right over the edge of pleasure i thought my bed sheets would be shredded by the time i was done climaxing. But there was a rather considerably sized wet spot on the sheets.   A real cock i’m sure woud’ve been so much better but the  vibrator did the trick just fine.

An Amazing Workout

sexy babeI was at the gym for my morning workout and there was a very well built man who kept checking me out. Most likely because my top was very low cut and showing off my massive tits. He approached me and asked me if he needed a spotter. I nodded my head yes and couldn’t help but notice his massive bulge without saying a word I sat up and in front of everyone took his cock out of his pants and started to suck on it.  I sucked it long and hard until I could taste his precum. I then had him sit down on the bench I lowered my pants down around my ankles and sat on his cock and rode it right there in front of everyone. There had to be at least 30 other people all watching us, I could hear gasping and whispering and I didn’t care. In fact, it turned me on even more. I fucked him so hard I thought the bench we were on was going to collapse at any moment.  I squirted cum all over his massive cock then he put his cock back in my mouth and gave me my extra shot of protein ;). I put my clothes back on and said “thanks for the workout” and walked away with a smile on my face.

Brest Dream Ever

fantasy phone sexMy friend and her husband were in town visiting, earlier this week visiting all the hotels were booked up due to a concert. So I told them they could stay with me. The husband and I have secretly been fucking each other for quite some time but my friend has no idea. So we have to be very careful when they come to visit.   The first night was nice we all went out to dinner, and her husband and I were sneaking in glances the whole night trying not to be noticed. We go home and we all decide to go to bed as we had to be up early the next day.  I take all my clothes off for bed as I usually do and close my eyes and go to sleep, and than I have the most amazing dream about someone coming into my bedroom getting under the sheets and just start licking and caressing my pussy with their tongue,  and then they slide their massive cock inside me fucking me hard and fast. My pussy aching for more, me moaning, and slightly arching my back and finally climaxing as the cock fills my sweet pussy with cum. I open my eyes, my pussy soaking wet and throbbing with pleasure. As I sit up I hear footsteps in the hallway, I crack my door ever so slightly to see who it is. It was my friend’s husband running back to his room where his wife was sound asleep. I close my bedroom door not thinking much of it assuming he had to use the restroom.  Than when I shut the door I see a note that reads “same time, tomorrow night?” That’s when I finally realized it wasn’t a dream! I climbed back into bed with a huge smile hardly able to wait until the next night.

Best Phone Sex

best phone sexI had just finished up running some errands in town and i order an uber home as usual. The uber pulls up. The driver is a middle age probably 30 something puerto rican man.  The whole drive home i would catch him looking at me and i would coyly smile back at him, he’d blush and quickly look back at the road.  We arrive to my destination and than i realize i don’t have my wallet.. In a sweet soft voice to the driver i say “Sir, i am so sorry but i’ve seemed to misplace my-” before i could finish the sentence he glanced at me and said “I think we may be able to work something out” I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. I sit back in the seat open my legs wide open and pull my skirt up exposing my pink taco.  Without hesitation he climbed into the back seat kneeling on the floor of the car, kissing my thighs and than i felt his lips on my pussy.. He slid his tongue in and out of my pussy until i was nice and juicy.  He climbs on top of me and slides his cock inside of me ramming in and out as fast as he could as if he were in a race.  I moaned with pleasure and squirted my cum all over his cock, he pulled out of me and shot a big load onto my tits and looked up at me and said  “Dont worry ma’am that was payment enough”

My Dream Night

best phone sexMe and my girlfriends love to be freaky. We enjoy the finer things and conduct ourselves like ladies, but behind closed doors we get dirty. I imagine a lovely day that includes manicures and pedicures and a dazzling night out on the town, complete with wine and fine cuisine. Then me and my girls will go out for a massage before we return to my house to gossip about who has fucked who. Then we will compare our tits to one another and taste each other’s seductive skin. Then, I will slip off my pink bra and panties and we will lick and tease each other’s tender juicy pussies! Then I’ll call you over while I’m still dripping wet. I want you to lift me up and slowly slide you cock into me. We can start slow and intense as I gaze into your eyes and moan for more. You can feel my wet pussy contracting and longing to pull you in deeper. I’ll kiss you deeply and passionately, and ask you to go deeper. I want you so deep inside of me, deeper than anyone else. Give it to me faster until I want to surrender because your dick is pleasing me so much! I want you to make me squirt right in front of my girlfriends. I’m not ashamed. I want to do it with you whenever, and wherever. Then each of my girlfriends will suck your gorgeous cock until you scream in pleasure! Doesn’t that sound magnificent, darling? If you want it, join me for live phone sex so I can give it to you hot and heavy like you deserve!

poopy pig sissy!

I see it everyday. The men with high power jobs are the men who want to dress up like a little sissy fairy fag and get his asshole stretched open. They want to lose control and be forced to do thing. Look at our Site Sissy! She is a naughty little fairy slut. She has issues with holding in her foul smells. Our Site sissy not only loves to dress up as a woman but this high powered lawyer likes to dress up as a adult baby and poop his diaper!

Sexy phone sex

How pathetic is that?! This poopy sissy fag commands a court room by day and by night she is pooping on herself and begging  to play in it! How sad and pathetic is our site sissy!! She needs to know what a loser she is! But we love our pathetic poopy sissy fag!

Phone sex therapy with Felecia

His worst nightmare was being stuck in a room with two horny women as the same time. Any man would say this was their dream but Jonah thinks it would be hell. He came to me for some therapy and I thought it was about time to come face first with his fears. I brought in my secretary and he became uncomfortable quickly. She started rubbing her hands all over my body. Teasing my pussy through my panties and you could see Jonah mid panic attack. I giggled and told her to un zip his panties.

Phone sex therapy

He tried to stop her. He grabbed her hands and told her “NO!” I got in his ear. “Jonah, breath for me. Take a nice deep breath in and slowly exhale and let go. We know you have a tiny cock. We know you are scared because you do not want anyone to know that two sexy women makes your tiny cock hide.” He was a little sissy. I was going to show him that even I could make a woman cum. He just needed to be a anal sex whore because that is all he was going to be good for! We slipped off our sexy lingerie. After forcing him in it and laughing at how tiny his cock was compared to our clits! I made him watch as I did what he has never been able to do. I made him watch a woman cum!

Small dick humiliation with Felecia

He came to me with a deep dark secret that he had never told anyone. It would ruin his entire world. His family would dis own him, his children would hate him. His wife would leave him if she ever found out. He made it seem like it was going to be shocking. I was disappointed when he told me his big deep dark secret. He liked to stick his finger up his ass while he fucked his wife. That’s it, and it was pathetic. It’s been a rough week for me, so when he made a big deal about having to have an emergency session about his dirty dark secret, then it turns out to be nothing. I was beyond aggravated. I dug my nails into the leather of my arm chair as he went on and on about this worthless secret. I told him to shut up. His eyes got wide, no one has ever talked to him like that! He went to open his mouth and I threw my note pad at him. “Shut up, I am getting a headache listening to this pathetic bull crap. Stand up right now. Grab that not pad and read it out loud to me.” He stood and cleared his throat. “I am a pathetic loser. My cock is tiny and that is why I need to bully everyone around. My wife hates me and fucks other men while I am away. I am too much of a loser to do anything about it. “When the tears started to flow down his cheeks I told him to get undressed. I made him get down on all 4’s and tied his tiny cock and balls up. I went behind my desk and told him to start reading it again. He was ugly crying now, saying how pathetic he was over and over. I slammed my big fake cock inside of his ass, making him moan like a little slut. I knew this is really what he wanted. He wanted to be humiliated. He wanted to talk about his finger play, but I knew he wanted more than just his finger up his ass! I gave him every inch!

Small dick humiliation

Tease and denial phone sex Felecia

My little sissy could not keep his hands off his tiny little clitty. No matter how many times I spanked him he just would not stop trying to rub it and get off! Can you believe how bad my sissy was being?! He needed to be punished. I dressed him up in a beautiful little frilly dress, I put a cock cage on his tiny clitty and some panties!

Tease and denial phone sex

We didn’t forget the make-up and wig! I sent him out to go get cucumbers, Bananas and some lube oh and condoms! He was so sad that I forced him to walk and take the bus to the store dressed up! He thought someone was going to take a picture of him and it be found on fb and then his wife would find out. Well if he wasn’t such a disobedient little sissy faggot then he wouldn’t be humiliated so badly! When he finally got back after an hour! He was in tears! Covered in spit, he even had this guy throw poop at him! He said it was the worst day of his life, but when I pulled up his frilly skirt I saw that his tiny clitty was rock hard and drooling!

Sissy humiliation

I knew he loved it! His punishment wasn’t over yet! I told him to tell me all the mean things that those mean people told him! I pulled out the bunch of bananas and started to fuck myself in front of him! He was begging me to let him taste me after he had such a bad day! I giggled and continued to fuck myself with that banana! Watching my little sissy cry and beg to cum! He shouldn’t have been such a bad sissy! I think I’ll keep the key to his cock cage and let him go home for the week not allowed to rub his clitty or even play with his own wife!

Domination phone sex

Erotic roleplaying with Felecia

Erotic roleplaying
One of my new favorite things to do behind closed doors is to roleplay and dress up! It is so much fun pretending for just a little bit that you are someone else. The very first time that I ever roleplayed with a costume, I dressed up as the Easter Bunny. I was with a guy that was being naughty. He was married and had little ones, and to the public eye he was a good Christian man. Well, I was his naughty little secret on the side. We would meet up a couple times a week at a beach-side hotel. He would shower me in gifts, give me money, pay my bills, and I would help him live out every last one of his naughty little fantasies. I dressed up as the Easter Bunny and had him do an “Easter Egg Hunt”. Well the eggs just happened to be a string of anal beads, and they just happened to be hidden in my tight little asshole, at least until they were found and stuck in his mouth! Now that I think about it, it was nowhere near Easter time; but it was fun all the same.

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