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Taking Control

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I love being dominant and dirty with my little sissy fuck boys. I invited this hot little sissy over yesterday while my boyfriend was out. I had him step into my apartment and made him strip down to his tighty whiteys. I love being sensual and dominant so I had him thrown on a blind fold so he couldn’t see what I was doing. He could only feel my hands and lips touching him all over.

I took him into my bedroom and made him cross his hands behind his back as I tightly bound them together with rope. I lightly whipped his nipples and pinched them with my fingers! He whimpered when I whipped his nipples and thighs! I spread his legs open and pulled his thick hard cock out from the side of his tighty whiteys and began stroking it.

He got harder and harder in my hand but little did he know, I had a hard surprise for him! I began stroking my hard strap on up against his tight ass as he moaned, “what are you doing?” I giggled and began shoving my long strap on dildo inside his tight rosebud as he moaned harder. I fucked his tight ass and jerked his cock off in my soft hands until he came all over!

Bisexual Cuck

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The key to being a good cuck is willingness to suck my side boyfriend’s thick fat cock. My husband loves being a good bi cuck! He loves sucking off the well-hung guys I bring around. Unfortunately, his pitiful cock isn’t enough to satisfy me. I love him dearly, but I need a big, thick, juicy hard cock. Luckily enough, my husband is the perfect cock sucking cuck for me! We both love licking and giving huge fat cocks a nice tongue bath!

I love inviting my hot side pieces over to entertain me and satisfy me! The best part is that my cuck hubby loves to join in for the fun. We both love sucking my bull into our mouths until he gets rock hard and ready to fuck my wet cunt. My cucky hubby and I love running our tongues over his thick throbbing cock until it’s nice and slimy for my pussy! My cuck loves to suck my boyfriend’s balls while he is deep inside me! And boy does my cuck hubby and I love when my bull finishes inside of his tight ass!

Hot Cuck Threesome

Cuckold phone sex

When my cuck is behaving, I make sure to reward him with a nice, frothy, treat! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to continue to work for it. I make him work for it until the very end! When my hot strapped bull comes over, I expect my cuck to be on his best behavior to satisfy our needs. Of course I’d never let his cock fuck me, that’s strictly for my well hung 10 inch bull! But I’ll let my cuck indulge by licking my wet pussy and my bull’s cum filled balls while I get fucked hard and raw.

If my cuck does this well, I’ll let him have a bit more fun by shoving his tongue in my throbbing wet pussy while I tease his cock with my mouth. And if he behaves really well, once my bull pumps his thick creamy load inside me, I’ll allow my cuck to slurp and lick the frothy, milky hot cum straight from my cunt as a sweet little treat while I tease and flick his pitiful cocky!

Dominating Your Ass

Best Phone Sex

How about a hot date to ring in the New Year? I want to dominate your ass and make you bow to my every whim, babe. I invite you over and open the door in tight leather lingerie and I already have on my thick black strap-on cock! Tonight, I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, baby. I make you take of all your clothes and get down on your knees like my perfect little sex slave.

I bring out your collar and chain and wrap it around your neck. I walk you into the bedroom and have you spread your legs wide. Hold on to the bed post, fuck slut, I’m about to destroy your perfect, tight rosebud. I push the tip of my big black dildo up against your ass and start slowly shoving it in. I want you to beg me to fuck you like a whore! Make me dominate you like a dirty slut. I want to pump my strap-on, in and out of your ass and dominate you into my fuck slave.

Cheating Neighbor

Cuckold phone sex

My poor neighbor, Devon, is married to such a boring prude. There has been a rumor going around the neighborhood that she hasn’t had sex with him in months! The poor guy! Devon is so sexy, I don’t understand how such a fine chocolate man is being denied like that! I decided that I would take it upon myself to know how a real woman should treat a man.

I invited Devon over to help me fix my pool’s liner. I greeted him at the door in sexy lingerie and lead him to the pool. After getting him to stay for a few cocktails, poor Devon started talking about how his boring wife never fucks him or even bothers to suck his cock! I leaned over in the longue chair and started stroking his thick black cock. He got so hard, it pulsed in my hand.

Devon’s long black cock leaked so much precum, I started licking it up and sucking his big cock right into my mouth. I slurped and deepthroated his big black juicy cock until he couldn’t take it anymore! He spun me around, pulled off my panties and shoved his slimy black cock right into my dripping wet pussy! He fucked me right by the pool. I had him smitten, and we snuck around to fuck under his wife’s nose multiple times that week!


Forced Bi Boys

Cuckold Phone Sex

My favorite boys do everything I fucking ask of them to get me wet as fuck. And the best way to get my pussy dripping wet is when a good cuck does what I say and hungrily sucks on my bull’s cock like a good boy. I love forcing bi boys to suck his cock for me. A good cuck cocksucker will eagerly do whatever I tell him to do!

If you want to be my #1 cuck, you’ll have to work hard and do exactly as I say! I want you to lick and suck my clit while my bull’s rock hard cock fucks my pussy! I want your tongue eagerly licking my cunt and his cock getting it nasty and wet! Then when I hop off his cock, I want you to take that fucking wet cock in your mouth and taste my pussy on it.

I’m going to push your head down further on his cock so you take the whole 8 inches deep in your throat, baby! I’ll force you to mouth fuck that cock if I have to. You better take all 8 inches, balls deep, in your cucky mouth.


BBC Cream Pie

Cuckold Phone Sex

My cunt craves BBC cum! I love getting filled with cum and having it drip out of pussy! You’re such a good cucky boy aren’t you! I want you to lick my juicy wet pussy while I get fucked by a thick 10 inch black cock. Lick us both, cucky! Don’t you dare let those sweet juices go to waste! Flick your tongue back and forth from my pussy to his balls. Lick us both while he fucks my cunt so hard!

Don’t you love when my BBC boyfriend creams deep inside my tight pussy? I don’t want to see a single drop of that milky cum go to waste either! I want you to lick and slurp that BBC cum. You better gulp that black cock cream pie! And when I come home with my holes filled with cum from gangbangs and huge black dicks, you better slurp on all of that too! I love my little horny cum guzzler cuck!

We Want to Play with a Sissy Boy

best phone sex

My boyfriend and I love pretty sissy boys! We make the best ones get all dressed up and make them our cross dressing faggy slut! I love watching our sissy fuck toy get on his hands and knees to please us! A good sissy always makes sure to suck my boyfriend’s cock and my strap on to get them nice and wet. There is nothing hotter than when my sissy fuck toy sucks, slobbers and gags on my boyfriend’s cock while begging us to fuck his little whore holes.

I love getting my rubber cock slathered in drool so that it can be slimy and wet when I slide it up his rosebud. An eager fuck boy is the best fuck toy! We want our fuck toy sissy to crawl on his hands and knees with his sexy little outfit for us! We want our faggy fuck toy to moan for us while we fuck his tight throat and perky boy pussy!

MMF Threesome

Best phone sex

My favorite boy toy loves when I force him to be a little bisexual fuck for me and my bull. The only way I allow his pathetic cuck cock inside me is if my big dick bull is inside of him at the same time. I love to warm my sissy cuck up by having him suck my bull while I stretch his tight little asshole with my strap on! He loves to moan and have his holes filled.

I make him beg to be inside my warm wet pussy and I only let him fuck me when I’m satisfied that he’s a good boy. His cucky cock can only slide inside my dripping creamy cunt if he has my bull’s thick cock shoved up his rosebud ass. Our little daisy fuck chain makes my pussy quiver with pleasure! On by one, all three of us came all over each other! Our sweaty bodies were meshed together and covered in milky cum!

Cheating Girlfriend on Vacation

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My boyfriend’s hot boss, Randy, decided to treat me to a luxury sex vacation. He’s been checking me out since my boyfriend started working there and pretty soon we were meeting for lunch to fuck! I love the thrill of sneaking behind my man’s back to get railed out by his boss!

At this point we’ve fucked everywhere- my boyfriend’s office, our bed, and even my boyfriend’s precious car. But we wanted more adventure! I told my boyfriend I was going on a girl’s trip, but I’m going to fuck his boss for a week in paradise! His boss even helped me join the mile-high club! I fought the urge to snap a pic of Randy’s cock in my pussy to send to him!

Once we got to our 5-star hotel, we barely left the room. Randy’s cock pounded my ass and pussy the whole week. He fucked my ass on our balcony while a crowd of people gathered on the beach to watch. I love being a dirty, cheating whore!

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