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Fantasy Phone Sex

fantasy phone sex

Hey, You with the sexy cock in your hand. I know you need this hot Girlfriend slut for some fantasy phone sex.  I am a little older with some hot fetishes for a nice man with a great cock.  I can’t tell you how many times a night I pull out my sex toy collection and start fucking my tight wet pussy to a man jacking off his sweet cock to me. I love when you go through my pics and tell me how you want to fuck my ass or my pretty cunt. I have a mouth made for deepthroat and a tight cunt just for you.  I want to wrap my legs around your face as you eat my sweet cunt and make me moan your name. I just want to satisfy my sweet men and fulfill naughty fantasies for you baby. I am right here waiting. Let me fuck myself while you jack off and let us cum together tonight.

Best Phone Sex Whore

best phone sex

I will give you the best phone sex experience. I have nice tits and a shaved pussy that can make any man lose his load. I take great pride in masturbating as I tell you what I want you to do for me.  I need my pussy fucked every way you can imagine. Hard, soft, upside down it doesn’t matter. I love every size and shape of dick. I love licking and sucking dick. I am a dick sucking girlfriend that knows how to keep her man happy. I have a perfect tight hole that needs to feel you without any barriers as you shoot your load inside of me. I keep my body perfect for you. I want to sit on your dick and ride until I cum all down your gorgeous dick. I want to keep you sexually fulfilled and for your dick to be happy always. Let’s see what messes we can make tonight baby. Let’s have some phone sex fun. I won’t disappoint you.

Submissive Milf

best phone sex

Oh, you are a kinky young man are you not. You arrive at my place with a young woman and you have all kinds of naughty sex toys with you. You have us put on leather chaps over our sexy panties and bras and tell me I am going to be this sexy ass woman’s sex slave. Your manhood is bulging your nice Armani slacks. I know you have been dreaming up this two-girl fantasy in your head for a while. I am on my knees taking a thrashing to my ass by this dominatrix. My mature pussy is dripping through my panties as she slides a dildo into my pussy ripping my white panties in the process. I moan loudly for you. You throbbing member is in my face within seconds. I am demanded to deep throat you.  A large strap-on is now fucking me as the sexy bitch whips my ass some more. She tells me to scream fuck me over and over, but your cock muffles the sound. You pull out and cum on my face and tits and tell me what a good Milf whore I am. You also say the party is just starting.

Masterbation With You

mature phone sex

Mature phone sex with the classiest piece of ass makes us both cum so hard. I love when my callers get all dominate and tell me exactly what and how to touch my body for them. It is so hot; my pussy is getting wet thinking about it. I am told what color of thongs to pick out of my drawer. Blue it is tonight. Blue high heels are demanded. I feel so sexy. I am asked to make sure my hair is up. I look in the mirror And I know I am perfect for him. He says sit my whore ass on the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs wide, slip your fingers in your panties and spread your sweet pussy lips for me.” I do as I told, I am soaking wet. I am lead through playing with my pussy. We even pick out a nice purple dildo together and I fuck myself silly for him. I love when he tells me how much precum is oozing out of his hard ten-inch cock for me. I cum one more time as he tells me he is shooting his load into his girlfriends’ panties. God that is so fucking hot. Come play with me, I am ready.

Cuckold GFE

cuckold phone sex

Cuckold Phone sex with your High-class ass GFE. I want to be taking cocks all night with you watching.  You arrange for two tall dark handsome men to come use me as they please. I am wearing slutty pink bra and panties that they rip off my body. I am thrown onto our lovemaking bed and each guy has his cock out ready for me to please. I quickly take an eight-inch cock in my mouth as my ass is being positioned to take the nine-inch cock in my pussy.  The man behind me is finger fucking me to smear my sweet juice as the lubricant before he enters my sweet pussy. The pussy that you have fucked hundreds of times.  You quietly slip out of your clothes and begin stroking your manhood. Every thrust in my mouth and pussy gets you harder. You demand I keep my eyes on you so you can see the pleasure I am getting from these two strangers.  I never knew you would enjoy seeing your girlfriend fucked so well by thick hard stranger cock.

Best Phone Sex

best phone sex

I will give you the best phone sex. I am the girlfriend experience you desire. I am great at pampering and roleplaying.  I will give you these big breasts to fuck as I suck the end of your cock. I can be your sexy nurse giving you a naughty sponge bath. Soaping up your cock and cleaning it with my mouth after we rinse. I can be little red riding hood being eaten by your big bad wolf self.  I am the mature girlfriend that is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I have but one purpose in life, and that is to please my man, however, I can. I promise to milk every last load of cum.

Mommy Role Play

erotic roleplaying

A good girlfriend knows how to satisfy her man. I love roleplaying for you. I would love to be a naughty mommy for my big boy. Come and climb into mommy’s plush king size bed. Tell mommy you don’t feel good and I will give you these luscious breasts to suck on while your little man dick gets hard on mommies thigh. I reach down as you suckle at my breast and begin to stroke your manhood. You’re such a good boy for mommy. You are making mommy very wet baby.  I need you to play with my cunt as I jack you off.  I pull you close as I orgasm on your fingers. You make mommy feel so good.

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetishes

I have a thing for soft silky thigh highs. I love to have my feet pampered and pretty for you. I want to satisfy your hosiery and pretty feet fetishes. Turns me on so much for you to play with my stocking feet. I love how I can bring you to the edge of ejaculation and stop and offer you a new part of my body.  My feet playing with your member stroking it, teasing it till you want to bend me over and take my pretty ass for a few minutes. How you want me to put my pretty feet in your face for you to suck and tickle as I stretch out and take your engorged member in my mouth. Sucking and licking you as much as I can before my pussy is what you want.

Sweet Pampering GF

GFE Phone Sex

I am that Mature sexy girlfriend material that will pamper you and drain your sweet load. I am a sweetheart when it comes to you but you can bet your ass I can be sexually fulfilling any day of the week. Don’t you need a sweet massage with a happy ending. I will rub you down with oils and stroke your cock until you are very hard and throbbing for me. I will put my mouth on that beautiful blood engorged member and suck and lick till I have a throatful of sweet stick cum.  I will stroke and lick till you are hard again and climb on top of your oiled-down body. I will slide my pussy down and work my hips until you explode once more.

High Class Ass

Fantasy Phone SexI am that sexy mature woman that that is paid a lot of money to bed professional men like you. I will deep throat that cock as long as the champagne is flowing and the money is good. I dress to the nines and behind the scenes, I am that woman that is a true high-class ass freak.  I will give you an experience that you will never forget. I offer up my pussy for a great tongue lashing and deep penetration. I will do anything to make your member happy. Let’s drink and have hot ass sex all night long. I am that mature sexy fuck you have been looking for all your life. I promise to please you. 

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