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Training The Worker

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Having work done on My house is always a pain the ass.  Things cost more than anticipated, there is always noise, and the mess is just insane.  This time however I was extremely happy with the work that was done.  Not only was the craftsmanship lovely, the bespoke pieces I wanted to incorporate were exquisite.  I was thrilled.  I was even more thrilled when one of the guys who did some of the custom pieces showed up.  The basement has always been a sore spot.  I just never have gotten around to doing it since I moved into the new house.  After going to a friend’s house and seeing how hers looked, I simply had to have mine done.  You know us older Women, always trying to outdo one another.

When he arrived I fell madly in lust.  He was just mind blowingly gorgeous! I had to have him.  He didn’t know it yet, but he would be My pet by the time I was done with him.  I made My intentions well known.  He pretended to not like My advances but I could tell he was very interested.  When his buddies were around they would tease him about Me.  I didn’t mind at all.  If W/we cannot laugh at ourselves then who can W/we laugh at? Nobody.  

There was a time when I had him alone for a few hours.  I just simply took most of My clothing off then walked up to him.  His eyes went right to My tits.  I grabbed his hand and placed it on the front of My panties.  He didn’t pull away at all.  I knew then that I had him.  He went to stand up, I told him to stay right where he was.  I lifted My leg up so that I could place My foot on the ottoman then told him to worship My pussy.  He didn’t know what that meant, I had to direct him.  He followed My every command.  After he had tasted my cum on his tongue, I placed My foot back on the floor, turned, then walked away.

His cock was stone hard, I could see the outline of it through his work pants.  He didn’t move for a very long time, then after a bit I heard him get back to work.  During the time he was working here I would have him do the same thing.  Please Me over and over again, but never allowing him any release.  Now that the work is done, he still comes over.  He is learning, of course he makes mistakes, all do.  He has to be trained in the right way, however I can see him going really far.  Especially with My guidance.

Tease and denial Is One of My Favorite Things

Tease and denial

Once in a while I get to partake in one of my all time favorite things.  Which is, Tease and Denial.  I have so much fun with this.  The power I feel over your cock is intoxicating! There are so many ways to tease someone.  However, it depends on the person’s taste.  You certainly wouldn’t tease someone with the promise of sucking your partners dick off as enticement if said person wasn’t into that.  One would think that would be a huge turn off not being teased with something you actually desire.

Oh and how big those balls get.  So full, so engorged, so wonderful.  One of the things I really enjoy doing (if the person is into it that is) is taking my nails and running them every so slightly over those balls.  They are just begging to be touched, to be breathed on, to be licked, or to be stuffed into a nice warm mouth.  Then of course there is your cock.  Standing up straight, twitching, leaking pre-cum, the sound of you trying to control your breathing due to the ache.  You can feel it in your stomach, there is a need to cum.  The urgency to do so edges almost on a primal plane.  

Then the begging starts.  All those pleases as I sit back, not bothered one bit by your suffering, only to tell you no, not yet.  As you get to the point when you might cum even without even touching your dick, I tell you that’s enough for today.  I might give you a sweet kiss on your forehead and send you on your way, or perhaps I might even let you release, but then it would be actually Tease and Denial now would it  ?No, I didn’t think it would be. 


Fired Due To Sexual Harassment

Mature phone sex

I really do not need to work, but I was getting a little bored so I decided to branch out.  I found a job, which at first I loved, that is until I was fired.  Can you believe that? Me?! Fired? I have never ever been fired from any job that I had in my life.  I suppose the company had a valid reason, however, I didn’t think the incident warranted a firing.  People have no sense of adventure anymore.  You tell me if you would of fired me over this slight digression. 

There was a younger man in the office that I managed.  I would see him every day sitting at his cubicle  diligently working away, trying ever so hard to climb that ladder.  A few months went by when my Assistant had to leave her position.  I took it upon myself to request this young man due to him showing so much enthusiasm toward work.  At least that is what I said, what I meant was that I wanted to watch him fuck someone while I watched.  I couldn’t say that of course so I told a teeny little lie to get what I wanted.

Things were going fantastic!  I had him wrapped around my little finger in no time at all.  I would give him little “bonuses” here and there.  You know, like jacking him off in my office, letting him cum on my boobs, things like that.  This went on for awhile, then I told him I wanted to watch him with someone else.  I wouldn’t participate, I would just watch.  He decided; after a few weeks of me talking him into it; that he would take his girlfriend to a hotel, and I could hide and watch.  I told him that it would have to be a suite, otherwise there would be no where for me to hide.  Arrangements were made.

I showed up early, placed myself behind one of the sofas and waited until things moved into the bedroom.  I saw the lights go off in the room I was, waited until they brushed their teeth, yadda, yadda.  Then I saw just soft candle light, that was my cue.  I moved across the room, and stood just outside the light.  We all know it is much easier to peer into the light from the dark then to peer into the dark from the light, plus, they were already engaged in foreplay.  I watched him take her from behind, then she climbed on top, then she sucked her pussy juice off of his cock, all this went on and on.  I wasn’t really paying attention to her face, I really didn’t care what she looked like.  Then, he hit a candle and knocked it to the floor.  I could see it, burning, not going out.  I decided I didn’t want to burn to death in a fire just because I was watching people fuck so I cleared my throat very loudly.  Their heads popped up, she screamed.  I actually laughed.  I said, “You knocked a candle over!”, walked over and stomped it out.

She was not happy from what he told me in the text messages afterward.  I left after I put out the candle, I wasn’t going to stick around for the aftermath.  Turns out, he was fucking the Daughter of the CEO  of the company.  One thing lead to another, I was called into HR and accused of Sexual Harassment and that is an automatic firing.  I couldn’t deny it, the girl saw who I was, there was communication between him and I discussing sexual acts and what not.

It doesn’t really matter though, I had fun while it lasted.  

Empty Pussy; Full Ass

mature phone sexUnemployment sure has been great. I can say that, now that I have an offer on the table and I am going back to work soon; but if you have a curvy ass and a healthy thirst for cock you can spend hours each day putting wear and tear on your fuckholes and when you have an ass like mine, your pussy is nothing more than decoration. I mean I’m divorced now. I have no need to get pregnant so why on earth would I use my cunt anymore on a daily basis? So these last few months of being without a job helped me open my asshole to every man in town. Occasionally I like to measure my anal gape day by day, to see how much my rosebud is growing. This past week I did what I had only dreamed of until now; I got two big black cocks shoved into my backdoor blowhole at the same time. As you can guess, now my asshole is an open gaped door and welcome to all. Empty pussy, full ass. Its the only way to live.


best phone sex gloriaI am the phone sex cougar of your dreams. I am mature and experienced and will have you on your knees in a second flat. I may be mature but still built like a brick shit house. I take care of myself and have the bank account to do it. I love being a cougar and making you young bucks do exactly what I say. I want to watch you stroke that cock in front of me and get it hard. Then I’m going to put it in my mouth and get it glistening wet and taste that pre cum. I will be touching myself getting wetter and wetter until I’m ready for you to slide your huge cock into my tight pussy. I promise I will feel like silk and I will make you cum so hard inside of me. Call me and have the best cougar phone sex ever!!

My Favorite Marine

Cocksucking phone sexYesterday was USMC Day.  The US Marine Corps was established in 1775 and known as the Continental Marines. There is nothing sexier than seeing a service member in their Dress Uniforms, especially Marine Officers.  They pack a whole lot of hot into those Uniforms.  I have the honor of knowing a Marine who I have had a crush on since I first met him when he was rather young.  Of course he wasn’t a Marine then, however he still looked very tasty.

I was very surprised to hear from him last year.  He was overseas fighting the good fight, and he wrote to me.  One thing lead to another and I divulged the fact that I had a crush on him, and how silly he would think I was because I am very much older than he.  He wrote back saying that he always loved when I would come over to visit his Mom because he would always try to get a peek of my tits. 

We started to Skype while he was deployed, he asked me not to tell his Mom about our chats.  I told him that he did not have to worry about that because she would kill me if I found out.  He agreed with me. Imagine my delight when he showed up at my house!  He was on leave and never told me that he would be home.  He was dressed in his Dress Uniform and my pussy almost gushed!

I was actually nervous, fore it is one thing to flirt online, but another thing to have the person you have been unabashedly flirting with standing before you without notice.  He came in, we had a few drinks, I fed him and then he fed me … his cock that is.  His amazing cock was much bigger than what I thought it would be.  I decided that I would give him the best sex he would ever have in his life. He jammed that thick piece of BBC deep into my throat and coated it more than once with his creamy cum.

My pussy is still tingling from him fucking me.  The man can fuck like crazy!  He told me that he would stop by a couple more times before his leave is over.  I am looking forward to spending more time with my favorite Marine.

Great blowjobs

Murder Mystery Party

Mature phone sexThere is nothing more lame than a Murder Mystery Party.  I have been to a couple and they bore me to tears.  When my best friend Brenda invited me to one that she was hosting I couldn’t say no.  Sometimes you do things for friends just because they are your friends.  This was one of those times.

However, this time was a bit different.  I was actually one of the actors in this Murder Mystery.  This was different, so I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as those I have attended in the past.  Once we actually got into it though, it was just as bad as the others.  I was bored out of my mind!  I played victim number three.  I was an old rich bitch who was stabbed.  I took this description personally. 

After everyone left the room after taking notes (yes, people actually take notes) I walked upstairs to the master suite to wait until someone figured out who the killer was.  I wasn’t sure where victim number one or number two were but I knew from experience that figuring out who the murderer was could take awhile, and I was tired.  I thought I would just take a nap. 

To my surprise when I opened the door to the bedroom, not just one of Brenda’s sons were in there, but both of them were.  They were looking at their phones and texting away.  Brandon looked up at me and smiled, I asked them if they would mind if I just laid on the bed for a bit because I was tired and bored.  They didn’t mind at all. 

Now Brenda’s boys are not the most good looking guys on the face of the earth, but they play rugby so they have really nice bodies.  I couldn’t help myself, I started to think about them.  They were near the foot of the bed, so I didn’t think they would notice. I slipped my hand into my panties and started to play with my pussy.  Once in awhile one of them would turn around but I would roll onto my side quickly and pretend that I was sleeping.

I was masturbating away while they were in the same room, and they didn’t even know it.  Now that I think about it, I should of perhaps made some moves on them.  I am not sure if they would of wanted to fuck around, but now I may never know.

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Halloween Treat

Mature Phone SexHalloween is one of my favorite Holidays.  I just adore all the parties that I get to dress up for.  There are so many to attend. Some are with friends and their families, and some are with friends who are more on the raunchy side.  Although I do enjoy spending time with the families the type that really gets my blood pumping are the more adult themed parties. 

Last year was amazing.  The costumes were absolutely beautiful!  The Theme was Downton Abbey.  I found the most incredible cover up from the 30’s that was see through.  I know the time period was off, but the length and style fit the bill nicely.  I decided not to wear a stitch of clothing under it.  Even though I am older I think I have a hot body which I really do enjoy showing off.

Best phone sexI slapped a witch’s hat on my head and off I went.  I couldn’t wait to arrive.  I knew there would be plenty of alcohol along with plenty of nice cock.  I knew I would be taking someone home with me it was just a matter of finding that perfect man.  I was halfway to my destination when I hit a pot hole and blew a tire.  In my haste to be on my way I neglected to grab a coat.  This was not at all a good situation.  I would have to change a tire in a sheer cover up.  Anyone with headlights on their car; which means everybody; would see me in all my glory. 

I decided that perhaps this was a perfect time to call roadside assistance.  I was so very happy to see Henry when he arrived to save the day.  When I got out of my car Henry’s cock decided that it was happy to see me also.  It was straining against his pants the whole entire time he was changing the tire.  I stood on the side of the road wearing Henry’s coat that he so generously offered to me.  I asked him how much I owed him but he didn’t want money.  He wanted something else.  He wanted me to follow him to a dirt road, then stand in front of his truck and finger myself in the full light of his high beams, while he whacked off inside the truck.  I was all for it because I would be able to get to my Party, and he would get the best Halloween Treat ever.

Exhibitionist Sex

Playing Pool

Mature phone sexOne of the things that I like to do to relax is play pool.  There are only a few places where I live that I can go and do so.  Unfortunately the last two times I went I ran into my ex-husband.  I didn’t care that he was there, but apparently he cared that I was there.  Told me I was following him.  I wouldn’t follow him if he was leaking gold doubloons from his ass.  He can be somewhat of a royal twat when he wants to be. 

Because of this I decided that I would purchase my own pool table.  Sure I will miss the comradery of the other people who would be at the places I would go, but knowing I will not bump into my ex-husband makes it all worth it. For a little while it made me sad to know that most times I would be playing alone, until they delivered the pool table.  My oh my the most gorgeous young things delivered it.  

Sexy chicksI saw them get out of the van and decided that I was way over-dressed.  I shooed my Assistant into my office, took off everything that I had on except for my lingerie, and waited for the doorbell to ring.  When it did, I hurried down the stairs, holding a silk robe around me.   I told them I was sorry that I was in the middle of dressing.  The two young men were smiling, as was the younger lady whom was with them carrying the invoice.  I let them in and showed them where I wanted the pool table to be placed.

Watching them lug that heavy thing into the house was too much for me.  I “accidentally” allowed my robe to slip open.  My panties were saturated with juice.  Their muscles were bulging, as were the front of the one guy’s jeans. I decided to go for it!  What is the harm I told myself.  None as it turned out.  After we were done breaking in the pool table I told them that every Wednesday night they were all welcome to come to my home to play pool.  I would have drinks, food, and of course, a wet and waiting pussy.  I think I am not going to miss the people I used to play pool with after all.  

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When The Best Sex Leads To The Best Phone Sex Of The Morning

Best phone sexI have been friends with my next door neighbor for a little while now.  She too is divorced but she is a prude, through and through.  I think that she must wear granny panties all the time along with a 17th century chastity device.  There are times when I will say something sexual and she will blush and change the subject right away.  I feel badly for her to some degree.

Last week her son was visiting her.  She brought him over to meet me and I immediately wanted him.  Gorgeous young man, newly engaged, new collage grad, and sexy as fuck.  He smiled at me when he took my hand and I smiled back.  The next day he was outside making preparations to close up the pool and I just happened to wander outside in my lingerie.  Hey, it happens.  I made sure that he could see me and I started to strip.

He watched for awhile as he jacked off.  I could tell he was rubbing his dick from the movement of his upper arm.  When I turned around to fully expose my tits (which I must say are in pretty terrific form for my age) he ran inside.  For a moment there I thought he came and that would be that.  I went back inside thinking that I was too forward and had blown my chance at some College Grad cock.

He rang the doorbell.  He wasn’t running from me, he was running too me.  That boy could eat pussy so well.  I was so impressed.  For the rest of the week, every time I was home and his Mom wasn’t he was over here and we were fucking.  Sadly he had to leave yesterday.

However, this morning when I logged onto work he phoned me!  I was surprised as hell.  He told me that he will try to visit his Mom more often, and in the mean time we could just have phone sex.  Who knew that some of the Best sex in my recent memory could lead to some of the Best phone sex of the morning!

Mature phone sex

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