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Sissy maid training

First off, if you do not know Nicolette then allow me to introduce you to her.  She is one of the kinkiest friends that I have.  A few years ago I helped her with one of her sons.  Since that time her and I have become fast friends.  She is super hot.  I mean, look at her.  Her tits are simply amazing. Now onto the story part of this blog:

Nicolette was spending a couple days with me so we could catch up on things since it had been ages since we had spent any real time together.  Our conversation turned to sex.  For some reason it always does when the both of us are speaking together.  I told her about how I can afford to now pay people to have sex for me while I watch.  How I have a new play thing who was at his Parent’s home for the Holidays, and that I started learning about BDSM.  When I mentioned that she perked up quite a bit.

She asked me if I could get a hold of my pet who I play with now and then.  I told her I could most certainly try.  I texted him and being the good pet he is, he texted right back even though he was out for dinner with his wife.  I told him that I really didn’t care that he was there with her, I wanted him here, now!  He sent back a short reply of, ‘Yes Ma’am.” Then we waited.

Forced feminizationWhile we waited we went up to my closet to pick out some appropriate apparel for our fun.  The doorbell rang and I went to answer it.  He was there, kneeling by the door to request permission to enter.  I told him not yet and yelled for Nicolette to come down.  She came to the door and laughed.  I told him he could come in, he looked confused.  He wasn’t used to having anyone with us when we played.  I introduced them and we were on our way.

We made him put on a pair of panties all while informing him of what the night would hold for him.  He didn’t like wearing the panties, but tonight he was our little Sissy and he would be trained to be our Sissy Maid.  He stood there in those panties, it was almost comical, he was truly embarrassed.  Nicolette suggested that he be punished for not liking what his Domme had given him to wear.  I told her where the gear was and she brought out everything.  Her and I decided on the canes.  He bent over while her and I took turns reddening his Sissy ass.  With each swat he had to apologize.

We then moved onto some strap-on play.  I have to say, Nicolette was a beast with that thing.  I have never in my life seen someone get fucked so hard.  She was thrusting into him so hard that I thought for sure he would go shooting out the window onto my front lawn.  She then made him clean off that which had been so violently rammed into his ass.  I went behind him and continued to widen out his Sissy pussy.  By the time we were done he was in tears from the humiliation, and Nicolette and I were enjoying seeing those hot tears running down his cheeks as he thanked us both for the lesson.

Sissy humiliation


Cocksucking Cum Bunny

Cocksucking phone sex

My live in boy toy sure does love to fuck.  His sexual appetite is voracious!  I am loving every single minute of it.  He calls me his Cocksucking cum bunny, which makes me feel a little bit weird because of my age. I am well beyond “Bunny” age. One of the things we both love is when he cums on my face and tits.  I know a lot of women do not like that, but I love it.  There is something about rubbing it into my face and tits right before I leave the house to go to a bored meeting, charity event or just go to lunch with friends.  He really gets excited knowing that I am wearing his cum like a precious jeweled necklace.

He was telling me a story about how he used to put his cum into his ex-girlfriend’s shampoo bottle.  She didn’t like his cum at all.  She didn’t want it on her face, hair, chest or even on her pussy for too long.  After they had sex she would go and shower immediately.  He even had asked her if she would just once leave it on her pussy while they went to dinner, she said no. 

Once, near the end of their relationship he came on her toothbrush, wiped some of it off, then waited for it dry so when she went to bed that night he could watch her brushing her teeth.  Of course with the flavor of the toothpaste she never knew what he had done.   He was thrilled with his little sneaky act though.  He would do other things as well, cum in her panties, bras, on her towels, once he even came in a box of cereal that she liked.  I thought all this was funny, but now just to be sure I always check my cereal before I eat it.  Not that I would mind, but I think it would give a clear indication that our relationships might be on the rocks and I want to hold onto him as long as I can.

House Guest

Mature phone sex

My brother phoned me yesterday asking me if I could host someone at my house who will be attending my Nephew’s wedding on Sunday evening.  Yes I can be a bitch, but I actually love my Nephew so for him I said yes.  I was just about to sit down to eat when I received a text telling me my Brother was at the gate and to leave him in.  He pulled up, and I went outside to meet him.  My Nephew jumped out of the car, walked over to me and gave me a hug.  I asked him who my guest would be.  He turned around to introduce me to one of his college buddies who to be honest is one of the hottest young men I have ever seen.

His name is Gavin and he is very shy.  He was fine while my Brother and Nephew were here but then when they left he just got extremely quiet.  I understand that he doesn’t know me and it was a little bit awkward, but he was creepy quiet.  I asked him if he was tired, he nodded so I showed him to one of the guest bedrooms.  I made sure the bathroom had fresh towels, and I changed the bedding.  The whole time I was talking to him but he was just sitting there.  Amazingly handsome or not, this guy seemed off.

I left him in the room after I showed him where the remote was.  I walked back into my dinning room to eat my cold dinner, then went into the kitchen to clean up.  As I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher I looked up and almost jumped out of my skin.  Gavin was just standing there looking at me.  He said he was sorry for scaring me, I told him that it was okay.  I offered him some wine, he accepted.

He apologized for being quiet, he said it takes him a little bit to become comfortable with someone.  I accepted his apology and I took him outside so we could light the fire pit and just hang out. We spoke, drank wine, and he started to become more and more engaging.  I asked him if he was married, he said he was but him and his wife had decided to get a tattoo instead of getting rings.  He showed me.

I was getting up to go back inside and he placed his hand on my mine.  He told me that his wife and him have an open marriage, and that he was really into older women.  This young man went from painfully shy to wanting to get into my panties.  It was a huge turn around. I didn’t mind though, we had the most amazing sex, right there by the fire pit.  His cock wasn’t anything huge, but it felt amazing as he was thrusting in and out of me.  He pulled out and came all over my ass.  Then he licked it off, then kissed me.

He is still here, until Monday morning, that is when he has to get his plane.  I think I am going to miss this house guest, but I plan on taking full advantage while he is here, and I plan on teasing the hell out of him at the Wedding just to see how he will react.

Adult Trick Or Treat

Mature phone sex

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween with their family.  I noticed something for the past few years, trick or treaters are few and far between, and this year nobody came to my door.  I was talking to a bunch of people at our monthly HOA meeting and it turns out, nobody in our gated community has anyone in their household who is of that age to go out.  Everyone has sent their offspring off to college, so that would explain the lack of door bell ringing this year.

I called my friend Hildie; she is the one who is the Domme; and we were talking about it.  She said she must have six pounds of candy that she doesn’t know what to do with, I am in the same boat.  She said something to the effect of, “Too bad we cannot do an Adult Halloween door to door.” Then she laughed.  I didn’t laugh at all, I think that is a fabulous idea.  Her and I started to talk about the details and this is what we came up with.

Next year, those who want to participate would give out adult based gifts instead of candy.  For instance, those little bottles of whiskey, or maybe even full sized bottles of whiskey, these people have money after all.  Or perhaps some cigars, or other types of gifts, anything but candy.  Then we would all meet up at a designated house to have a huge costume party to drink said whiskey.  Of course we need to get more detailed with what would be given out, but I think for the most part it is a fabulous idea.  The hard part now is getting it past the HOA bitches.

We also discussed perhaps taking a select few back to either her or my house for an intimate after party.  In other words a Halloween orgy.  There are a few people in the neighborhood that I know for a fact are kinky as hell.  I am pretty sure we could get a good turn out.  I am sure you wouldn’t mind attending an after party like that … would you?

Office Fantasy

Mature phone sex

My ex-husband is in a very important position in the financial world.  There were times where I would go to his office and it was amazing to see all the suck ups there were, simply because I was his wife.  It almost made me laugh.  There was one young man in particular who I could just tell was a very submissive male.  He was too willing to please any of the females in the office.  It was pathetic to watch.  I was able to observe him quite a bit due to my ex-husband being delayed in meetings at times.

I started to fantasize about him.  Not him fucking me, oh no, he wasn’t my type at all.  However, I would see me as his boss.  Then the day would roll around that he would either really mess something up, or it would be between him and another for a promotion  I would call him into my office where he would make every single excuse as to why he made mistakes, or tell me why he should have the promotion.

I would listen, but he would have to pay for his mistake, or go further to assure his promotion.  What does that involve? A very large strap-on, Ass Worship, Shoe Worship, and anything else I wanted to toss in for good measure.  I would have him completely at my disposal at any time, any where, and in any way I wanted.  It would never stop, he would have to remain under my complete control so much that it starts to invade his home life. 

I think about this fantasy from time to time simply because I think it is pretty hot, and because I have never lived this fantasy.  I hope to one day, and you can rest assured that I will tell you every juicy detail. 

Giving To Charity

Mature phone sex

There are times where I forget to close my gate, or I have to leave it open when I am expecting a delivery.  I wasn’t expecting a delivery so when my doorbell rang I knew I had accidentally left it open.  I was ready to put on my bitch-a-tude when I got to my door. Even with the gate open it is clearly marked that there is no solicitation on my property.  I was ready to be not so nice when I got a glimpse of the person at my door through the window.  What a nice looking man, with another nice looking man.

I opened the door and they asked me if I would like to donate to some charity or other.  I told them no but if they wanted to come in and have something to drink they could.  I could tell that they must of been walking most of the day, they both looked really tired.  They came in and I showed them to my kitchen.  They were saying how nice my house looked and I was imagining how nice their cocks would be to play with.  I offered them some beers, then we went into my living room.  

We chatted for a bit, I kept shifting around so they would have a good view of my stockings.  One of them kept looking at me.  I excused myself and asked the one who had been looking me over if he would help me with something really quick then I would make a hefty donation to their charity, or what ever it was they were collecting for. To be honest I was so impressed by the way they looked I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were collecting for.  I told his friend that if he wanted he could help himself to another beer while we were away for a few minutes.

I took him into my guest bedroom and we were off.  As soon as I shut the door he grabbed me, and I him.  My skirt was up around my waist in no time at all.  He picked me up and we fucked standing up, we were trying to be quiet, and for the most part we where, but I have to say it was a very nice way to spend a few minutes of my day.  We finished up, I made the donation and as they left his friend high fived him.  Maybe I should leave my gate open more often.

Loving That BBC

Cocksucking phone sex

What is huge, black, and juicy? That dick that I am shoving every so greedily into my hungry mouth.  This is one thing that I have always enjoyed.  Way before money, marriage, or anything else.  I was still in school when I first saw my first beautiful black cock.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  I just happened to be at home when my sister thought I was out, and she was in her room having sex with a random guy.  I was shocked at how big it was. That started me on my journey of loving to watch people have sexual encounters, along with a love of BBC.

The only major thing that has changed between then and now is that my sexual appetite has grown.  Because of my age I am more comfortable with exploring, so I have begun trying new things, and learning new things.  This alone tends to lend to little time to enjoy a huge black cock as much as I used to when I was younger.

However, I had a craving and I simply could not ignore it.  The very taste of it almost made me cum.  I held out as long as I could with only caressing and sucking on it.  Within a very short period of time it was slamming in and out of my pussy.  He went slowly at first, he knew exactly what he was doing.  Inch by luscious inch it sunk into me until he had to speed things up, he was close to cumming and to be honest, so was I.  Him and I spent many hours together before he finally left.  I think I might have to make time to have some BBC in my life more often.  I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is.

I Have A Live In Play Toy

Mature phone sex

I am excited to tell you that I have the most delicious play thing living with me right now.  He is much younger than me, I know it is because I’m his Sugar Mama and has nothing to do with love.  Which is absolutely fine by me.  He has the nicest cock.  It isn’t the biggest I have ever had, but that doesn’t matter much.  The reason for that is because I like to watch.

I love sending him out to find pussy.  At first he didn’t believe me.  He of course didn’t want to fuck up anything, so he thought it was a test.  I finally had to go out and get a beautiful piece of ass for him.  I brought her into the house, then told her to give him head.  At first he wasn’t able to get hard, so I had to jump in there and use my hands to help him get hard.  After he figured out that if I was going to get him hard in order to actually fuck another woman that it wasn’t a test at all, it was really what I wanted.

The looked so great together.  His cock fit perfectly into that tight cunt of hers.  The way her tits bounced with each of his thrusts was mesmerizing. She was such a good whore for my man.  She caught every drop of his cum when he came over her face.  I paid her for her time, then went to bed with my new toy.  I didn’t want sex with him, but I did love how tacky his cock felt, knowing that her pussy juice was the cause.  

A Different Type Of Cuckolding Session

Cuckold phone sex

Gerald is such a dirty little man.  Him and his wife have been having a Cuckolding relationship for a very long time.  I hadn’t know that because it isn’t something that comes up in polite conversation.  I did mention to his wife my new found love of BDSM play and how I have been exploring different aspects of it for a few weeks now.  She then told me about the Cuckolding situation, I was pretty well surprised.  Heidi told me that Gerald was a very loving provider, but since she was so much younger than him there were times that he couldn’t perform due to him having bouts of Erectile Dysfunction.  Gerald felt badly because he couldn’t perform right, so they worked out a system that she could be with younger men, with the caveat that he be in the room.

Over time this arrangement turned into a Cuckolding relationship.  They both enjoyed it.  Good for them.  Heidi then asked me if I would like to fuck her in front of her husband.  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  However, they are both good friends so I said yes.  I bought a harness and a few different types of attachments for the harness. 

I have to say, getting behind this gorgeous younger woman as I plunged the strap-on into her beautiful pussy was amazing.  Seeing the effect it had on Gerald was also wonderful.  They really got into the whole role-play.  She was telling him how much better a lover I was than him, how he could never satisfy her the way the other men and I can, how small he was, how pathetic he was.  We played for a couple of hours.  Right before I left we sat down to drink a few glasses of wine.  Gerald told me that what Heidi and I did was one of the most arousing things he had ever seen.

I am thinking that this might become a regular play time with my two dear friends.  

Taking You To The Edge

Edgeplay phone sex

There is comfort in giving over control.  Even if that control is over your orgasm.  From the moment I sit in front of you, until you finally explode all over the place, your stroking is only done under my direction.  Your hand will travel over your cock in the manner in which I instruct.  I know at times it gets to be almost too much, but I have faith in you, I know you can hold out.

Every time you come close to cumming I make you back off.  I can hear the agony in your voice, see it in your face, but I promise it will be well worth all the teasing.  I will not touch you, you will do it all on your own.  I can see you want to jack off quickly, but I make you go slowly.  I have you lightly gripping your hard, aching dick.  I can tell you want to grasp it harder, but not yet.  We still have a long time to go.  I might have to ice your balls, or tie your hands to your side as you breath through the stoppage of your strokes.

Then we start again.  With each stop and start you get closer to the edge faster.  I have to pay very close attention to your breathing, I do not want you to go one stroke too far, because then the fun will be over, and nobody would want that.

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