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Sissy Maker

best phone sexMaking pretty Nancy boys are my speciality. The more reluctant A sissy bitch is to accepting his place in the world, the harder I work at making it a reality. Honestly I feel like a WhoreMaker  Mother! You see, its my job to birth in Sissy Whores the life giving skills every whore needs to truly succeed. The goosebumps a bitch boy experiences as I lace up his corset or snap attach his garter? Only I can give that to him. The pleasure tears he sheds after feeling his bitch nips pressurized and pinched under the weight of his first nipple clamps ? I allow those! His first glance in a full length mirror after his transformation , the first sight of himself dressed head to toe in fuckslut wear, complete with hair and streetwalker makeup? Without me it wouldn’t be possible. And honestly there is no better thrill than the look I receive when I tell my finish product about all the money he’ll be making for me as my tranny whore on his first night out working the boulevard. After all, how on earth will he learn how to be a true sissy whore cum quencher if he doesn’t go out and and use his God given fuck holes?


sissy humiliationMy lovely pet and long term client, Manny has not only assisted in keeping me in the lifestyle I am accustomed and deserve, but also has brought me so many hours of joy from my deliberate humiliation and feminization of him. He’s delightful. The type of fuckpig that wins over a pretty dom like myself’s heart because he shows such strength and determination to go beyond his boundaries day by day. I remember vividly training him to enjoy the taste of his own dirty ass…..I like to call it his Man-gina. Exploring with dildos; first small and standard sized, but soon extra large, inflatable, and gape producing he eagerly awaits the end of our session so he can push past his prolapsed anal muscles and fish out my methods of abuse, only to lick them clean hungrily, tasting the sweet boy cavern I made into a makeshift vagina for him. Just thinking about it I can hear him slurping up the length of the double headed 18 inch dildo I jam packed his anus with. Like the sweetest of ladyboy’s I’ve made he stays on the floor, writhing in pleasure  as he suckles every bit of his own fuck juices from the dildo. In perfect form, with his pretty ruffled pink panties pulled to one side. Making little bitch boy’s pretty and slutty beyond compare is what I was put on this earth to do. Just as my sweet cum slut Manny Man-gina.

Garage gangbang

best phone sex

Had to take my Harley in for some work and found a new garage. This was my kind of place, full of hot guys! When I walked in, I certainly grabbed their attention. Everyone stopped what they were doing and they just fawned all over me. I guess they don’t see too many women with Harley’s that are as small as I am. Well, I can handle my bike and I can certainly handle my men. So, when one of them began to tease me and ask if that bike was really mine, I gave him a little attitude. He asked what other tricks I had up my sleeve. Wouldn’t you like to know, I said with a smile. The other guys all laughed. Well, I said I really enjoy sucking cock and gangbanging in garages. You could’ve heard a pin drop. C’mon boys let’s play, I said as I started by removing my shirt and bra. Who is going to eat this pussy first, I asked. It didn’t take long before I had all four of them at my mercy sucking and fucking me silly AND I got my bike work done for free!

Two is Better than One

best phone sex

For several days in a row, I’ve had a visit from my new biker friend. I love fucking him. Today, he brought some friends over so that we could all go for a ride. After the ride was over, he and his friend, Ben stayed in the garage checking their bikes out. Riding on the back of that bike had me so turned on and I started thinking dirty thoughts about having both of them. I started taking off my clothes there in the garage, and both guys were immediately hard and knew what I was up to. I quickly got down to my bra and had my panties off. I sat in the garage playing with my pussy while they both watched. Ben was about to explode, he wanted me so badly. So, I went to him, got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I began to suck his cock while my friend started stroking his cock. He quickly moved in and put that hard cock of his in my ass while Ben mouth fucked me. Both men left very happy!

Harley Davidson – Let’s Ride

best phone sex

I went to the local Harley Davidson dealership for an event this morning. I was asked to be a model for some of their gear and I jumped at the chance. It was a lovely day, and a great day for a ride. Besides, I have a thing for bikers and you never know when you will meet someone. I was there strutting my stuff and there were the usual guys eyeballing me and asking for my phone number. I was barely wearing anything so it’s to be expected. But, when Dan approached me, he didn’t say anything, just gave me a look that said he would really enjoy spending time with me, if you know what I mean. Something in his gaze really turned me on. He was a good looking guy, very masculine. When he approached and asked if I’d like to join him for a ride, I accepted. I sat with my tits firm against his back, and my arms around his waist. I wanted to run my hands all over him. I ventured down to his crotch and felt that raging hard on that I knew was there. He pulled over at a park, bent me over the bike and gave me a good fucking like I’d been waiting for.

Save Some Time For Me

best phone sex

As a phone sex operator, I offer up the best phone sex you’ll find. With my soft sensual voice, I can make you cum in no time offering a cheaper way for you to get off. Some of the types of calls I have done recently include the following:

Therapy sessions in which I discuss with the client their issues surrounding sex and work through them, or act them out so that the client can move on, or simply be more comfortable with it. Sometimes, if you just accept your hang-ups, its the best thing, and makes for some of the best phone sex!

Girlfriend experience sex over the phone where I listen to you and talk as nasty as you want to, all with one goal in mind, which is to get you off. I will do and say exactly what you want, whatever pleases you and makes you cum really hard. I can tell you stories, roleplay with you, cum with you over and over again!

A call where you can listen in as I am being fucked by one or several men live and in person! By request, you can hear me sucking cock, eating pussy, or being tied down and made to be the fuck toy of some of my FWB’s. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call when you are horny offering up the best phone sex to get you off? At just two dollars per minute, that’s pretty cheap for an orgasm so strong, you’ll be addicted. You’ll want to cum back for more but you wont have to, I am here and available to you 24/7, but I will never contact or bother you. That’s the best kind of girlfriend, don’t you think? Call me today and find out what the fuss is all about.

I’m a company girl

mature phone sex

It was late, I waited for my boss to come back from his meeting so that I could fill him in on the day’s events before heading out for the weekend. When he returned, he asked me into his office. He introduced me to his son, a very handsome young man the age of 18. I was stunned by his striking good looks and shy gaze. After we got the business of the day out of the way, the boss man asked me to go into the conference room for a brief chat. I was worried, why did he need me alone? What did he have to tell me that he couldn’t say in front of his son? I was worried I was going to lose my job, how would I pay my bills now? I wanted to cry, but I held my head up and waited for him.

He came in and quickly explained, rather sheepishly, that he wanted me to spend some time with his son, .ie take his virginity. He explained that he thought I was one of the hottest women in his life, and he wanted to give his boy a really good first fuck, one that he would never forget and he continued to say that he felt I had such a strong sexual energy, that I would be perfect for the job.

While I was shocked, I was intrigued too. My face became flushed and I was suddenly…excited. My heart raced, my pussy became very wet and I could feel my clit throbbing. I wanted to show this young man one hell of a good time, while teaching him how to please a woman at the same time. Bossman put us in a cab together en route to the hotel that he purchased for our encounter. I began to undress in the car and feel on his cock. He came in his pants before we even really got started! It was a good thing that we had all night, and we made good use of it too!

Think you’ve had the best phone sex?

best phone sex

I’m one of those girls that’s horny all the time. I love sex, thinking about it, talking about it, DOING it. If you think you’ve had the best phone sex, call me and I guarantee I’ll do it better. No one sounds sexier, hotter and can be as nasty as you want me to be. My soft sensual voice will start you off, and my desire to get you off and fulfill your fantasies gives me that edge. You can literally hear the lust oozing from my voice when I speak. I want to phone fuck you, I want to hear you cum, and I really want to cum with you, at the same time leaving you wanting more. Most often, I am at home, naked or nearly naked, touching myself trying to fulfill my nympho needs. If I’ve gotten off, I’m ready to go again, in fact, I think cumming once only makes me hornier and ready for more. My appetite for sex is insatiable. Call me and let’s get off together!

Biker Weekend

best phone sex

There was a Halloween themed event at the Harley Davidson dealership yesterday and I decided to go. I’ve always had a thing for bikers anyway, and it was a beautiful fall day and I was hoping to get a ride from a nice gentleman. I got more than I bargained for. I wore biker attire, but more on the slutty side. Bob and I saw each other as soon as I arrived. He was my kind of guy, with big broad shoulders, salt and pepper hair and a smile that made me want to melt. He made his way over to me and asked me if I would join him for the ride that was scheduled after the event. Happy to go, I couldn’t keep my hands off of him as we rode. With that powerful engine between my legs, my pussy was wet and throbbing and all I could think about was taking his cock into my mouth. I decided to be brave and I slid my hand down to his crotch as we rode and he was rock hard! We pulled off into a secluded area and he bent me over that bike and gave me exactly what this dirty little whore had been craving!

Waiting for You

best phone sex

I like to send naughty pictures to my FWB, like this one. When they call me and tell me how much it turns them on, how hard it makes them and how much they want me, I feel great and very, very wet. Never have I wanted to be fucked more than today, I literally need to have a cock inside me, thrusting in and out, giving me goosebumps as I react to being fucked like I’ve been waiting for.

While I wait for my FWB to arrive, why don’t you give me a call and we can discuss our fantasies, maybe act some of them out, and have a mutual masturbation session. It really turns me on to hear you cum. Knowing that you are stroking your dick looking at my pictures, and talking to me really does something for me. I cum so hard and so fast, and I really can’t wait for my next call. I’m wet and ready.

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