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Great Blowjobs are Eveylyn’s Specialty

Great blowjobs

Great blowjobs are just one of my specialties. Part of a good blowjob is not starting with your big hard cock but actually using your tongue to massage your great big balls. Taking your big balls and putting them in my warm wet mouth. Rolling them around in my mouth like there a bag of marbles. Then reaching up and slowly stroking the shaft of your hard throbbing cock with my hand while I wrap my baby soft lips around the head of your cock and suck on it like it is a tootsie roll pop and I am trying to get to the creamy center. Before I glide my soft pink lips smearing my red lipstick as I go all the way down the shaft of your big hard cock. Making sure I take every inch of that throbbing cock in my mouth as I continue to massage your balls with my hand. I can feel your hard throbbing cock pulsating in my mouth just as you blow your load of hot creamy cum all over my mouth.

Phone Sex Therapy With Eveylyn

Phone sex therapy

Phone sex therapy with Eveylyn will allow you to share all of your sexual needs….You came into my office for your sex therapy session. It was your first session and you were a little nervous. I explained how I am very unconventional. I took off my blouse revealing my big luscious tits. I told you that I believe that when people are comfortable they are able to share more.

I then unzipped my skirt and allowed it to fail to the floor. I was then standing in front of you in nothing other than black thigh high stockings and high heeled shoes. I told you that I wanted you to get totally naked and lay down on the chaise longue in my office. I ask you to close your eyes and tell me why you were here. You shared with me that you have a twin brother.

Your girl friend thought it was you in the shower but when she reached around from behind and grabbed his big hard cock she realized it was not you. However, she was so surprised to find a 10 inch cock in her possession that she immediately started sucking it. When you walked in your brother was fucking her hot wet pussy with his 10 inch cock. She was telling him how satisfying his big thick cock was. It seems you have a small cock that is barely 5 inches long even when it is hard. You have had girls make fun of your cock before, and now your girlfriend has left you for your brother.

I tell you to close your eyes and imagine your cock is bigger. I tell you how much I want to touch your big thick cock. You say yes please. I reach down and lick up and down the sides of your cock. I tell you satisfying I find your small cock as I slid my soft lips all the way down the shaft of your cock. I suck on the head of your cock and stroke the shaft. I tell you that the right woman will find your small cock satisfying. All you needed was some sensual phone sex to help your cock blew its load of warm creamy cum.

Sensual phone sex

Phone Sex Therapist Eveylyn

Phone sex therapist

Phone sex therapist Eveylyn wants to help you find your greatest sexual pleasure. So when you come into my office after a long stressful day, I want you to trust the process. I am not like other therapist. I find that you are able to relax and confide in me when you are totally naked. So I always have you take off all of your clothes before you relax on my chaise longue. I blind fold you and turn on some soft classical music.

Then I tell you to picture your most desirable fantasy no matter how taboo it might be. I can tell that your mind must be picturing all of your dirty little desires because your cock is getting extremely hard. I walk over and sit on the chaise longue next to you. I reach over and start stroking your hard throbbing cock. I tell you to keep playing out your sexual fantasy in your head while my soft lips start sucking on the head of your cock. I want your mind to make you think your are really there engaging in whatever sex act gives you the greatest pleasure as I slowly deepthroat your hard throbbing cock into my mouth.

You tell me that you cannot only envision your fantasy but that you feel it happening too. You are so sexually excited that you blew your load all over my warm wet mouth. You thank me and tell me that you came harder than you have in ages. I am just so thrilled that I was able to help you experience your sexual fantasy and hope to be able to guide you to some of the greatest sexual pleasures of your life. I truly believe that sometimes some of the greatest sex is purely wild crazy fantasies.

Sexy babe


Cum For A Sore Throat

Great blowjobs


I woke up this morning with a sore throat. As the day went by it just became worse. All my girlfriends were telling me that I needed to gargle with salt water. But I know that they are wrong. I know what I need to cure my sore throat and that is your warm salty cum. So I went into your office. You were still on am important conference call, but I didn’t care. My sore throat needed some relief. I locked the door behind me. I crawled underneath your desk and unzipped your pants. I grabbed your big thick cock and started sucking on it. I slid my soft lips down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock deepthroating every inch of it in my warm wet mouth. Just the precum from your cock was soothing my throat. The harder I sucked the harder it became for you to concentrate on your phone call. I heard you tell them you would have to call them back. You told me I was an extremely naughty secretary right as you blew your hot creamy jizz all over my throat. I didn’t swallow right away. I wanted to let your warm salty cum sit on my throat and work its magic. A few seconds later I swallowed all that natural medicinal healing cum of yours down and left your office feeling like a million bucks.

Sexy Babe Loves To Roleplay

Sexy babe

This sexy babe had just gotten out of the shower when I heard my front door open. Since you were out of town on a business trip and not expected back for two days, I grabbed your handgun from the dresser drawer. I walked into the living room wearing only a pair of thong panties with gun in hand. You were sitting something down on the entrance way floor, I knew immediately that it was you, but I was feeling frisky and couldn’t pass up this chance for some roleplay . So I pointed the gun in your direction and told you to strip. You said excuse me. I told you that’s right mister take your clothes off or you get a bullet.

You gave me a smirk and started removing all of your clothes. Once you were naked I motioned towards the bedroom and told you to move it. I made you lay down on your back on the bed. I pulled out the handcuffs from the dresser drawer and made you hand cuff yourself to the headboard. I told you that I knew you had intended to have your way with me but now the roles were going to be reversed. I put down the gun and walked over to you. I tightened the handcuffs and you protested. I put my hand over your mouth while sitting on your chest with my hot wet pussy and told you to hush, I inched my luscious ass down closer to your big hard cock and rubbed against it.

I leaned over and sucked on your nipple while I continued to tease your cock with my ass. You told me to put your cock into my juicy pussy. I told you to hush again. I reached down and grabbed your cock. I licked all over the head of your cock and then I side my baby soft lips all the way down your shaft feeling every throbbing inch of your cock inside my warm wet mouth. I sucked on your cock just a little longer before I sat down on your face. I told you to tongue fuck my pussy. That you had to make me cum first. You stuck your tongue deep inside my pussy and flicked it around. You sucked on my clit. You drove my pussy wild with the things your tongue was doing. I was screaming out in orgasmic ecstasy within minutes. I then went back to sucking your hard throbbing cock while I slid two of my fingers into your tight puckered ass. My fingers must have found your P-spot because my mouth was rewarded with an enormous cum shot. Oh, how I have missed your warm salty scrumptious cum.

Erotic roleplaying

Large Boobs Work to My Advantage

Large Boobs

The thing about having large boobs is you will find many a man starring at your enormous boobs. Yes, men will be looking at your huge tits instead of looking you in the eye. Some women get annoyed by this, but not me. I am proud of my luscious boobs and use them to my advantage. I have even developed a skill of using my big beautiful boobs to put men under hypnosis.

What better way to find out what a man wants, needs, and craves sexually than using my luscious tits. When you come into my office for a session, I tell you to look at the pendant on my necklace. The diamond heart pendant is hanging right in between my big soft breasts. I have you stare at it and do some deep breathing while laying on the sofa in my office. I start talking to you in a soft sexual voice. When I know that you are relaxed and in a state of hypnosis that is when I ask you about your sex life.

You tell me that you are sexually frustrated because your wife rarely wants sex and hasn’t given you a blowjob in years. That’s when I tell you then maybe it is time to get your sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere. It just so happens I am the girl for that job. I reach over and rub on your cock through your pants. I slowly unbutton your pants. As I am unzipping them I tell you that I can stop at anytime if you become uncomfortable. You response is no please continue.

I take your big thick cock and put just the mushroom head into my warm wet mouth. I start sucking and flicking my tongue all over the head of your cock while my hand strokes the shaft of your cock. I slowly start sliding my soft pink lips down the shaft of your cock feeling every throbbing inch of your cock in my mouth as I rub your balls with my hand. Your breathing has gotten deep and fast as I happily devour your cock down my throat. You scream out that you are cuming as I feel your hot jizz splattering all over my throat. I swallow every last drop of your warm scrumptious cum.

Sexy babe

Sensual Phone Sex With Eveylyn

Sensual phone sex

You are traveling on business and will be gone for the next two weeks. When you call me from your hotel room I can tell the stress of work has gotten to you today. I know exactly what you need to unwind. You need some sensual phone sex. I tell you to take off all of your clothes and lay down on the bed. I tell you to close your eyes. I want you to picture me in my purple lacey panties with my hair pinned up and soft pink lipstick on my full pouty lips. I want you to touch your nipples and imagine it is my soft wet lips sucking on them. I want you to rub lotion on your big thick cock and as you start to stroke it. Imagine that my big luscious tits are wrapped around your hard throbbing cock. My big tits are sliding up and down your cock. I want you to keep stroking your big hard cock pretending it is me titty fucking you until you explode.

Eveylyn Teases Her Dirty Neighbor

Voyeur phone sex

My neighbor is a dirty old man who is an extreme voyeur. I have know for quite some time that he likes watching me, but I don’t mind as a matter of fact it turns me on. Knowing that I sexually excite you makes my pussy wet. The fact that you think I am unaware, I find sexually stimulating. I like the little dance that we have going on between us. Where you are hiding behind your curtains thinking that I can’t see you watching me. I was in my bedroom today and had just started to read a book when I saw you staring at me. As soon as I looked your way you jumped back behind your curtains, but I could still see you peeking out. I decided to act like I was reading a hot steamy sex novel. I started rubbing my hands all over my huge boobs before I allowed my hand to move south to my hot wet pussy. I could tell by the movement coming from your curtains that you were stroking your big hard cock. So I pulled my panties over to the side to give you a good view of my wet juicy pussy. I even slide my fingers down and started finger fucking myself know you were masturbating to me. I would glance up every now and then to see what you were doing. Just as I started to orgasm I saw you blew your load covering your window in your hot jizz!

Hot Sexy Woman Eveylyn

Hot sexy woman

This hot sexy woman believes in giving back to her community. So when I was ask if I would participate in a bikini car wash for breast cancer how could I say no. I had on a sexy little black thong bikini. The car wash seemed to be a slow go. So far we haven’t had any takers. The girls and I were getting bored of standing around. So we started rubbing soap suds on each others tits and asses.

Then we would spray each other with the water hose. It seem to get your attention because about that time you pulled up in your silver Porsche. You pulled out a wad of one hundred dollar bills. You said that you wanted us to keep up the X-rated version of washing your car. You were tall dark and handsome. I was more than willing to flash you my big voluptuous breasts as I washed your car.

Shaved wet pussy

When I bent over to soap up my sponge, I couldn’t help but to wiggle my ass. I couldn’t help but to notice that you shifted the bulge in your pants. Oh I had your cock hard and wanting more. The girls and I were just finishing up with your car and a line of cars had started to form. I really should stay and help out. But my pussy was hot and wet. It was longing to feel your big hard cock.

I walked up to you to give you your keys back. I reached down and grabbed your big hard cock through your pants as I whispered in your ear that I wanted to fuck you. You told me to get in your car. You pulled around to the alley. I leaned over unzipped your pants and sucked on your cock while you fingered my shaved wet pussy. You slid your seat back and I climbed on top of your lap. My luscious tits were bouncing up and down as I was riding your cock. You squeezed my ass cheeks as you shot your hot jizz deep inside my pussy.

Erotic roleplaying

Taking Care of My Man

Best phone sex

I am one hot sexy erotic babe who finds nothing more enjoyable than taking care of her man. You have been out of town on a business trip so when you get home from work I am here to greet you with a cocktail in hand. I know how hard you work for your money and you have always spoiled me with expensive gifts. I tell you to sit back on the sofa and relax while I unzip your pants and release your beast. My hot wet pussy has been missing your big hard cock. I take my tongue and lick my soft smooth lips before wrapping them around your hard throbbing cock. I slide my lips all the way down the shaft of your cock. Deepthroating your big hard cock into my warm wet mouth and feeling it getting harder by the minute. I look up at you with your cock still throbbing in my mouth and tell you that I want you to bend me over the back of the sofa and fuck me hard. You were more than willing to oblige. Your hard thick cock started pounding deep inside my hot pussy. I moaned so loud the neighbors probably heard me. You told me how much your cock has been missing my pussy as you exploded inside of me.

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