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Just imagine

Fantasy phone sexI want you to just imagine that you were my boyfriend while we have fantasy phone sex together, let’s be honest you never will be but for now let’s just imagine it. Wouldn’t that be sooo nice to be able to have access to my beautiful body at any given time of the day? Don’t you want to be able to brag to all of your friends about how fuckin sexy I am? Well, only in a dream world, sweetie! I love seeing you get lost in your own thoughts about what an amazing life it would be if you were able to be my hott man candy. Sorry but, I have standards. Not only do you not physically fit the bill but neither does that bank account. No broke boys are allowed near me, let alone allowed to be my boyfriend! It’s hilarious how turned on you get when you see and hear me getting fucked by my man, a real man! No bitch boy shall enter inside of this pussy, baby! If I were to let you be my boyfriend for the day you would be my built-in slave. I would have you massaging my feet, cleaning, cooking and everything else while I rest and get pampered like the gorgeous goddess that I am. You’re merely my servant and you know your place so well. Doesn’t that sound like pure bliss & happiness?! Now pay up to play with my naughty curves!

Bet you won’t call me only once!

Best phone sexEvery caller always tells me that they have the best phone sex with me and it’s never a surprise to hear to be honest, lol. I know my worth and I know what this sexy body of mine has to offer. It’s a known fact that no one ever calls me only one time. I’m literally perfect. I always look at myself in the mirror and admire my beautiful tits & juicy ass as I think to myself how sexy I am. One taste of what I got and I swear you’re gonna be fuckin hooked, babe! Obviously these perfect holes of mine don’t come cheap though. I love getting super nasty for a freaky bastard that has no problem paying to play with me. My time is precious and I need to make sure you’re worth it! Suck on my nipples and slide your fingers up inside of my wet pussy, I swear you’re gonna be in love! 😉

Spoiling me is a luxury

Sexy babeGetting the chance to be able to spoil a super fly & super sexy babe like me is such a fuckin luxury. Period. It’s tax season and you know that i’m a size queen goddess that loves profiting off of your tiny penis and large bank account. You’re such a good bitch for me and you know it. I love all people, except for broke ones. Get on your fuckin knees and lick my tight asshole while my man fucks me hard and deep. I want you moaning loud and telling me how damn delicious I taste while you plead ‘Sent Goddess’ over and over again. It’s like you’re racing on a wheel and attempting to reach an orgasm that I am never going to grant you. Send me all of your fuckin money and be a good boy. After all, it is Valentine’s week and this week is all about being loved and being spoiled rotten. 😉


Cuckold phone sexIs there honestly anything better than having cuckold phone sex while taking a cuck’s money and verbally humiliating him at the same damn time?! Mind you, all of this is happening while I have a real man’s dick inside of me that’s fucking me deep and giving me tons of pleasure. A cuck could never! I’m such a nasty little bitch and my sexual standards are very high. I want to drain you while my man eats my pussy. Do you wanna Skype with me? Only the highest paying bitch boys get to be blessed with my presence. My time is precious and you better have a pretty penny & pay up! Edge that cuckaholic cock for me and watch me while I get my sexy ass eaten. You’re not getting any of this juciness you fuckin small dick loser! Keep on dreaming! I’m always so horny or cash and throbbing cocks!

Bling Bling from Big Daddy King

Sexy babeAnother day, another multi-million dollar business deal signed & sealed by the Living Legend himself. Big Daddy King is so fuckin rich, he has more money than he even knows what to do with. Thankfully, he has me! His sweet little sugar princess that he sure does love to spoil! BDK came home from his business trip where he made a ton of money off of oil so you know he came home rolling in the dough! Big Daddy King blindfolded me and sat me in the passenger seat of the Ferrari. He told me that he has a couple of really special surprises for me & I was soooo excited to see what he had in store! BDK is always full of extravagant ideas, he spoils me like no other! When we pulled up, he helped me out of the car and undid my blindfold. Much to me pleasure, there was a pink Ferrari right before my eyes! Big Daddy went and purchased me my dream car! Of course he got it with black interior, he knows how much I adore the color black, hehe! The building behind my new pink Ferrari was the second part of my surprise. BDK told me that it was a new nightclub that was being opened in my name! Daddy is so damn wealthy that he has to have new businesses all opened in my name so that he doesn’t get taxed on them! I can’t believe I am now the new owner of the hottest nightclub in town! Of course Big Daddy has had it all secretly under construction this whole entire time. And now that it’s all ready to go, we are gonna have our big grand opening for it! I invited out all of my hott girlfriends to enjoy a night of A-list fun with me and the Big Daddy King himself! I was looking like the ultimate sexy babe in my custom made Versace dress that was shipped to me straight from Donatella herself! Big Daddy knows that I look best when my yummy curves are adorned in the most stylish designers around! As another surprise, he gifted me with some brand new diamonds! He knows that bling bling is my favorite! My neck was iced out, the necklace was so heavy that it was practically weighing me down! It matched perfectly with my ‘Property of BDK’ tongue ring and belly button ring that I also had on! I bent over and lifted up my dress to show Big Daddy my tight little g-string panties that I had on that were encrusted in diamonds that read ‘Big Daddy’s Sugar Pussy’. Big Daddy’s anaconda cock was throbbing through his compression shorts so he bent me over right then and there and shoved his dick deep inside of my sexy little cunt. He blasted his delicious anaconda sperm all over my pretty white girl face. I look so much better when i’m covered in Daddy’s sexy cum!

Naughty maid phone sex whore

Naughty maid phone sexSissy Boy called me up for some naughty maid phone sex. He has been such a dirty sissy cuckaholic and needs his whole entire house cleaned from top to bottom from all of his sexual antics. A bunch of his big black dick friends came over to play with his sissy pee pee all night last night and clearly they have made a huge ass mess that needs to be tended to. He’s such a horny sissy, his little cock is constantly twitching just dying to be played with! He called me up and begged me to come and help him clean up the mess. Of course I showed up all dressed up in my sexiest maid outfit. My tits were pushed up and looking phenomenal as usual. My ass was nice and big & juicy, when I bend over you have the perfect view of my slutty fuck holes. Even though i’m there to help Sissy Boy clean, I am also there to totally humiliate him and make fun of all the filthy, nasty things that i’m gonna make him do! I’m looking like a total fuckin goddess as I strut around in my sexy high heels. I drive Sissy Boy crazy. He has never been this close to a real life princess before. I may be a maid but I still own him and his pathetic little pee pee. In fact, I think i’m gonna invite those big black cocks back over to his house because I want to create a little bit more of a mess and have a little more fun with him before I get down & dirty and scrub his place clean. Sissy Boy is all dressed up in his prettiest lingerie and looks like a total little whore. I shove his panties to the side and plunge one of those huge anaconda cocks inside of his asshole while another goes into his mouth. He has one in each hand while he strokes them hard. I have to whip out my phone and take pictures so that I can always remember how fucked up Sissy Boy is, lol! Sissy maid stories sure are fun to tell and talk about, especially with this special Sissy Boy!

Sexy babe puts you in a trance

Sexy babeMy big beautiful ass and perfectly juicy tits are so hypnotizing, you love what a hott sexy babe I am! Just take a look at me from head to toe, i’m a total dime piece vixen and I leave these horny men jaw-dropped and mesmerized wherever I go. I strut my stuff while i’m out in public but hands off unless you’re paying for my time. There’s nothing I hate more than a broke loser that tries to wank their cock without paying up. Cuck boys are especially my favorite, they are always so shocked when they see how thick & juicy my man’s dick is, haha! Making money by being a brat is my favorite thing ever! I bet no one else can ride on top of your dick for an hour straight without complaining then flip around and shove your entire shaft down their throat while happily guzzling your cum. True life, i’m obsessed with thick dicks even though they destroy my petite slutty fuck holes. Oh but it hurts so good!

Dinner and dick

Ass fetishI went on a super erotic date tonight and it was sooo delicious. The guy was so fuckin horny and his ass fetish was outta hand! Lol, my booty cheeks were in his palms all night long! We started out with a fancy dinner at a five star michelin restaurant where we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another! His cock was so hard underneath the table and it was throbbing in my hands as I stroked him while our waiter refilled our wine glasses. I looked sexy as fuck like and like a total dime piece per usual! Everyone in the restaurant couldn’t take their eyes off of the two of us. We cause quite the scene when we’re out and about! Of course after we were done feasting we went home and ate each other up for dessert. Mmmm, I love his hard shaft plunging inside of my perfect goddess fuck holes! Dinner and dick, what could be better?! I love getting fucked!

New Year’s Eve Nut

Sexy babeIt’s almost New Year’s Eve and that means that my Big Daddy King and I are of course having our annual holiday party to celebrate! I love being his hott sexy babe and he loves to show me off to all of the high rollers! This isn’t just any party though, oh no! Our get togethers are only for the elite and highest class that this planet has to offer. We don’t have time to fuck with broke ass losers or splenda daddies who are dying to win my affection. BDK and I are way too regal to be dealing with any sort of peasantry. No matter what the occasion, our parties are always a night to remember, especially on New Year’s Eve! Big Daddy surprised me with a trip out to Monaco where we are set to throw the most extravagant night on the town that this country has ever seen! All of our rich friends have flown out to be here for this very special event. I am gonna be looking sexy as fuck in my custom made Gucci dress that Big daddy King gifted me for Christmas. My tits and ass are so fucking perfect in my skimpy outfit! Only a naughty body like mine could fit into such a scandalous dress! Of course I have in my tongue & belly button ring as well as my panties and necklace on that all say ‘Property of BDK’. I always have to let these bitches know who’s property I am! I love belonging to the Living Legend himself, he owns this sexy sugar baby pussy! He and I are going to be shimmering underneath the stars and moonlight all night long together as we celebrate and bring in the new year with a bang! I look so fucking hott and Big Daddy King can’t keep his hands or his anaconda cock off of me. We slipped away to our master bedroom suite at the stroke of midnight to fuck each other like crazy. There’s nothing better than being smothered in millionaire nut to kick off 2019! #RIchDaddiesOnly #AnacondaCock #MillionaireNut #SugarPrincessPussy #HappyNewYearBitch

On The Naughty List

GFE phone sexOf course I am on the naughty list yet again this year, just like always! That’s what happens when my Big Daddy King and I have tons of GFE phone sex together. BDK knows that I always hold the top notch spot on the naughty list, right alongside his sexy self! He even refers to me as his sexy little hoe hoe hoe, hehe. I’m all dolled up like usual & looking like a total dime piece for my sexy Living Legend. Big Daddy King had a surprise for me as always & of course I was super excited to see what he was going to spoil me with next. Everyone knows that i’m the Living Legend’s snow bunny sugar princess, especially this time of year! Daddy and I have explored all over the world & next on the list was Colombia! We fucked on the private jet on the way over to our beautiful new multi-million dollar oceanfront oasis that BDK recently purchased. He also hired a world-renowned photographer to meet us at our seaside palace to snap some super sexy photos of me and Daddy King together. My dirty mouth was looking delicious in my red lipstick, BDK’s favorite! I’ve made a whole career out of being my Big Daddy King’s nasty spoiled princess. My mouth is like a jacuzzi and our photographer caught all of the picture perfect images of me sucking off my Big Daddy’s huge anaconda cock! There were red lipstick marks all over his white compression shorts & all over his huge black dick! Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Daddy surprised me with signing me as the co-owner of of our gorgeous new Colombian mansion! Every day is Christmas when you’re the hottest sugar baby around with the best sugar daddy in the whole wide world! All these peasants wish that they could be on BDK’s level but instead they will just forever be on his payroll, lol. I’m a multi-millionaire all thanks to my Big Daddy King. There’s no need for mistletoe with the two of us, i’m always sucking that throbbing anaconda dick! I’m a bad ass snow bunny sugar baby and I got my Big Daddy’s name right here on my pussy! All of you lame fucking losers can continue to fantasize about being as sexy and as perfect as we are together!

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