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Hottest sugar couple ever

Best phone sexDaddy loves having the best phone sex ever with his bad little sugar baby. I am such a hot little bitch and I have the best Big Daddy in the whole entire world. I even have my Daddy King’s name right on my pussy, you hating ass hoes could never be like us! BDK loves sucking on my diamond covered clit and he looks sooo good doing it too! God truly blessed this man, not only with extremely dapper looks and the most charming personality ever, but also with the longest and strongest anaconda in his pants! All the loser splenda daddies that are obsessed with us can go ahead and suck some cock because they are definitely not going to be eating this pussy anytime soon! My goodies are reserved for the one and only living legend himself, Big Daddy King, I am all his! We look so fuckin hott when we enter into any party, especially one that’s being thrown in our honor for being the hottest sugar couple that has ever existed! I look delicious as fuck in my $10,000 dress that he bought for me with cold hard cash. Daddy King bends me over and whips out anaconda while he spanks my fat sugar baby booty. I grip onto Daddy’s shaft and and put the head of anaconda in my tight pussy slit, it feels so fucking good to be stretched out by the thickest cock on the planet! Daddy counts to three and then slams his boner deep up inside of me which makes me moan all sexy and loud. BDK pulls my hair and slaps my ass cheeks while he makes me cum harder than I have ever before. The orgasms that Daddy King gives me are on a whole different level that no one else could ever reach! He loves his tight little white girl sugar baby pussy and I love him just as much in return. When Daddy cums all over my pretty face, I can’t help but scream out “Fuck your sexy sugar baby Big Daddy King!”. I love cleaning up his delicious millionaire nut juice, I am so fucking lucky! #SugarBaby #SugarDaddy #HottestSugarCoupleEver #NoSplendaDaddies #WeRichBitch #YouWish

We make a mess, You clean it up

Sensual phone sexJust patiently awaiting the arrival of my man to get home so that we can go rounds upon rounds tonight while we have sensual phone sex. I love making love all night long and then forcing you to get down on your knees and lick up our wet and sticky mess like the filthy animal that you are. I must admit that my pussy is quite prejudice when it comes to cocks… big dicks only! I have absolutely no problem at all with subs falling in love with me but just know that I will never ever be your girlfriend and you are just here to be my cuck bitch and absolutely nothing else. I seriously just love humiliating men, it’s a fuckin hobby that I can’t kick. My pussy is fucking dripping, i’ll be sure to leave a puddle for you to indulge in with your mouth and wet ass tongue. I grind on my man until he cums all up inside of this tight little cunt. Trust me, I don’t hesitate to throw that ass back while you watch in awe and amusement.

Big Daddy’s Triple Trouble Sugar Princesses

Best phone sexEveryone knows that Big Daddy King and I have the absolute best phone sex together. I’m constantly telling the world about all the lavish gifts and fun that we indulge in. I can’t help but brag and be a lil’ show-off, Daddy loves it when I flaunt all of my goodies right in front of these hater’s faces! It’s a very special life and a lifestyle unlike what anyone else has ever experienced and quite frankly never will! Daddy King is in his own damn playing field, he really is the richest and most amazing living-legend on the planet. My besties and I are sooo lucky to be BDK’s special little sugar baby trio. I like to refer to us as the sugar gang and everyone know what the fuck is up! Cassandra, Loretta and I definitely have a huge following and a lot of them are haters. It comes with the territory though and that’s the price we pay for being the most spoiled sugar babies ever! Of course everyone wishes they could live the life that we live and wants all of the amazing material gifts that we have been presented with from our Big Daddy. Well, they can all keep on wishing because no one will ever replace BDK’s three favorite vixens. Sexy chicksOf course Big Daddy King surprised his favorite sexy chicks with a day full of expensive shopping at all the most upscale designer stores as well as a spa day where all three of us were pampered like the princesses that we are. It feels so good to not have any worries or stresses while i’m out enjoying the day with my girls, all thanks to Daddy King of course. He always ensures that we are taken care of in all ways whether we are with him physically or not, what other sugar daddy would ever do such a thing?! That’s right, no one! I still pinch myself because I can’t believe we have the pleasure of living life with the most exclusive and special sugar daddy in the world! Great blowjobsAfter a day of absolute bliss, we arrived back home to our palatial palace and eagerly awaited for the King himself to get back from his business trip. It was so fun to get all dolled up and ready together, I love watching my hott friends strut around our mansion in their naughty lingerie, it’s no wonder BDK is sooo in love with his sugar princesses. We are a total smoke show and the ultimate eye candy for everyone to be jealous of! With all the expensive jewelry that Daddy has gifted us with, we were nothing short of dripping wet in diamonds. My favorite pieces are my custom-made belly-button ring and tongue ring that both say ‘Property of BDK’. I look so fuckin hott in them and love to slide my wet tongue all over Daddy’s shaft so he can really see that I belong to him while I gagged on anaconda. We love to give him great blowjobs and we do it soooo well! There’s nothing better than making Daddy’s snake in his pants completely explode. Best believe he has more than enough cum for all three of us, there’s plenty to go around! Big Daddy King’s millionaire nut juice is worth so much money, you could literally bottle it up and sell it for a huge profit! Anaconda is a growing magic stick and our mouths are his jacuzzi. We love BDK so much and it makes us feel so special to be able to spoil that anaconda cock like how he deserves to be spoiled. Of course we filmed the whole entire thing and put ourselves on Instagram live as well. We love rewatching it and seeing ourselves deepthroat Daddy’s throbbing cock whenever he’s away! Only the living legend himself could smother all three of us with so much creamy jizz that our facial features are unrecognizable, he’s the best! #MillionaireNut #SpoiledPrincesses #NoSplendaDaddyHere #YouWishBitch

Cocksucking sugar baby sensation

Cocksucking phone sexI truly am the luckiest sugar baby, especially while having cocksucking phone sex with my Big Daddy King! Once again we hopped on our beautiful private jet and traveled across the world to our next tropical destination, Tahiti! From head to toe I was looking delicious, as was Big Daddy… per usual! Our outfits and accessories are always on point. A dime-piece doesn’t describe us accurately enough, we are both silver dollars! BDK told me that all I needed to pack for our trip was bikinis and jewelry so best believe that is exactly all I brought! I won’t be needing much and as always, clothing is optional! Big Daddy and I have so much to celebrate, the two of us even existing on this planet is more than a good enough reason to treat ourselves to yet another gorgeous getaway! We love living the life of luxury together and we do it sooo well. Daddy’s anaconda was sooo excited to be taking me on a trip, he was flexing in his pants and being a show-off! Once we landed, Big Daddy had yet another surprise for me.. a beautiful and brand new Ferrari waiting for me on the landing strip of the airport. He paid for it in all cash money but that’s what you do for your sexy sugar baby when you’re worth over 75 million dollars! I look like a Barbie as I drive around in my sexy ass new whip, I love making these bitches even more jealous! Haters will keep on hating, I love it! Daddy tells me that my tits look bigger and bigger every time that he sees me, they’re just bulging the fuck out of my special bikini that I have on for him! We pulled up to a palatial oceanfront palace and Big Daddy told me that this was my new Tahitian home! That’s right, my name is right next to the Living Legend’s on the deed for the mansion! He has already made me a multi-millionaire and now he just continues to grow my real estate monopoly all over the world! I bent over and showed off my bikini bottoms to him. The front side was encrusted in diamonds that read ‘Property of BDK’ and on the back side it said ‘Property of Anaconda’. Daddy liked that shit a whole lot and was even more turned on when I showed him my tramp stamp tattoo above my ass that says ‘BDK’S Pussy’. I always make sure to let everyone know who the fuck I belong to and they always know who owns me. This pussy is all for anaconda. I love to take away the stress from my Big Daddy, soft kisses and sloppy wet blowjobs are the key to his heart. My King has changed my life for the better, I just love him so much! I was craving a millionaire cum facial soooo badly and BDK was more than ready to explode his delicious living legend nut juice all over my sexy face. Of course I turned on my Instagram live and showed all of my obsessed followers just how big my Anaconda’s cum explosions really are! Everyone wishes that they were me and I don’t blame them! There’s only room for one supreme sugar baby princess in Big Daddy King’s life and it makes me feel so special that I have my spot secured on his big strong arm!

We tongued his bumhole

2 girl phone sexMy Aunt Daphne and I had the yummiest 2 girl phone sex together and I can’t stop thinking about it! We licked our sweet boy’s bumhole and then swapped spit & kissed one another so that we were both experiencing just how delicious he tasted. That sweet little fuck hole was gaping open when Daphne and I had our way with him while our tongues were plunged deep inside of him. Our sweet boy needed to be cradled and nursed for a bit after we gave his ass a spit-bath. He really wanted some tasty fresh milk straight from our titties, he was craving it like crazy! Suckie suckie suckie, he has both of mine and Daphne’s breasts in his mouth. He alternates from left to right breast, it’s like his head is on a swivel as he nurses us. When he empties our boobies he just repositions himself to the next one so that he can drain that as well. The best part is that our sweet boy has a huge monster tent pitched in his thonged cheetah bikini bottoms. Auntie Daphne gave them to him to wear and he hasn’t taken them off since lol, he is such a good boy! He loves how they feel when he’s wearing them and he even more so enjoys the eye candy he gets when he looks in the mirror and admires himself in the tight little nut huggers that we force him to wear. He really does enjoy being in cheetah chastity with his two favorite Aunties. We burp our sweet boy and give his asshole another good licking before we tuck him back into bed all nice and cozy. The two of us are the naughtiest treat together and he loves it. Our ass fetish gets even more fuel to the fire added after we eat him up like he is our last supper! Ass fetish

Dominate that cock with my mouth

Domination phone sexI’m really in the mood to have domination phone sex. I wanna work the shit out of your cock with my tongue and give you a sloppy blowjob that you will never ever forget. I’ve rightfully earned my place on my pedestal for being the nastiest cocksucking whore anyone has ever shoved their boner inside of. Gorgeous and sexy women like me only like gagging on the best of the best when it comes to dicks. We have high standards and don’t want a tiny weenie in our mouths while we get skull-fucked. Lots of sluts know how to choke on a cock but not all sluts know how to do it with the passion that I do it with. My soft and sensual touch is gonna make your cum-filled balls quiver while I juggle them in my palms and shove them into my face so that I can lick and smell all over them. It really is the best to be a freaky whore that sucks cock for a living, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way!

Elite royal princess pussy

Erotic roleplayingI am Big Daddy’s elite royal princess and we love erotic roleplaying with our super sexy latina Loretta.We flew her out on our private jet to meet us in the Bahamas so that the three of us could indulge in some freaky private time with each other. After all, it’s very well-deserved! The sugar daddy and baby of the year deserve only the best! Only the living legend Big Daddy King would be enjoying an exotic getaway with his two favorite little island tings. When we arrived to the oceanfront penthouse, BDK handed me and Loretta a few brand new expensive designer bags that were stuffed full of cold hard cash money! Daddy always showers us in crisp bills, no one spoils us better than he does! We both look so fuckin sexy in our custom-made black bikinis that say Property of BDK on the pussy, right where it matters. Our diamond tiaras complete the look, we are his little fuckin beauty queens. There’s a public beach and a nude beach that we were deciding to go to and we agreed on the public so that we could show off how fuckin hott we are in our matching bikinis. The three of us are by far the sexiest trio of showstoppers that anyone on this island has ever seen. BDK helps us as we untie and take our bikinis off of one another. Daddy’s anaconda is breaking through the front of his tight Speedo and all the people are getting a view of an epic monster cock explosion! We love making all the men and women drool with our naughty sexual antics. Loretta and I are snake charmers as we give him kisses all over and leave our red lipstick marks on that white speedo like a rainbow! Our tongue rings look sexy as fuck, we started to stream It on our social media live feeds so that everyone could watch us as we worshiped our Big Daddy. Loretta spread my legs open wide so that Daddy could shove the head of anaconda in his princess’s pussy! He went back and forth between mine and Loretta’s sexy cunts and exploded his big load of millionaire nut all over our pretty faces! We sent Loretta back home on our private jet, Big Daddy and I wanted to have some private one-on-one time together alone on the island before we departed. We went and met up with Big Daddy’s friend who hooked us up with all the amazing hotel accommodations, only the best for BDK and his princess! His friend was so blown away by how fuckin hott I am, he knows that Big Daddy only keeps the most gorgeous sugar babies on his arms, we always have the hottest 2 girl phone sex! #AnacondasOnly #MillionairesOnly #FatWallettsOnly #ElitePrincesses #OnlyTheBest #LivingLegendCum2 girl phone sex

Sugar baby of the year

Sexy hot womenAs everyone knows, Big Daddy King only keeps the most sexy hot women in the whole wide world on his big strong arms and that’s why I am his main spoiled princess. The two of us are the hottest sugar daddy/sugar baby duo that anyone has ever seen so naturally we were invited to be the very special guests of honor for the evening to the annual Sugar Baby awards gala. BDK and I got all dolled up and dressed to the nines, but looking like a ten… Big Daddy thinks I’m a solid 11 though as always, hehe. We looked fly and flashy as fuck but what’s new!! I was dripping in diamonds and he looked amazing in his custom-made designer suit. I was receiving the very prestigious sugar baby of the year award and Big Daddy was set to receive the lifetime achievement award for being the best sugar daddy that this planet has ever seen! BDK and his regal anaconda have gone from the living legend award to the lifetime achievement award, I am so proud of him and he deserves it all! Together we are the sugar couple of the year and they even gave us a separate award for that as well. I loved showing off our relationship to everyone that was sitting in the crowd and of course you know I was streaming that shit on Instagram live so that all of my fans and haters alike could witness me and BDK accept our well-deserved achievements. After the ceremony, Daddy King and I took a limo straight to the airport and hopped on our gold-encrusted private plane so that we could jet off to the Bahamas to celebrate. Everyone bows down to us and rolls out the red carpet wherever we go, that’s the privilege of being the most prestigious sugar daddy and sugar baby in the universe! I got on Instagram live again while we flew off to paradise and told everyone how my Daddy is a living legend and now he has yet another award under his belt to prove so! I gave BDK’s throbbing anaconda kisses from tip to balls and sucked all over him until he exploded his millionaire cum all over my pretty face! I love being property of Big Daddy King! #BadBitchesOnly #MillionaireCum #LivingLegends #SugarDaddyOfTheYear #SugarBabyOfTheYear #NoSplendaDaddysAllowed

Big Daddy King loves his Sugar Princess

Princess phone sexBig Daddy King surprised me and said that he was going to be coming home early from his business trip and he wanted to have princess phone sex with me all night long. I was so excited, there were butterflies in my stomach as I anxiously awaited his arrival. Just knowing that I was going to get to see him sooner than expected sent me on a natural high! I went into my closet and brought out his Super Bowl jersey and ring so that I could go on instagram live and model them both to all of my haters & fans. I love being the sexy show-off that I am and it drives my BDK crazy to see how conceited I get with these jealous ass hoes! I decorated our entire master suite with exotic rose petals and made sure they were gently placed all over our huge custom-sized bed as well. I slipped into my sexiest lingerie which perfectly adorned my pretty little princess pussy. It became later and later into the night and he still wasn’t back yet so naturally I dosed off into my beauty sleep. When Big Daddy walked through the french doors of our penthouse-sized bedroom, he was graced with the beautiful vision of me sound asleep with my ass sticking out of our pure silk sheets. He cuddled right up behind me and pressed anaconda against my ass cheeks. As he stroked himself he became harder and harder and it eventually woke me right up! I was so happy to see his face, I love my Daddy sooo much! We gave each other kisses while I put my hand down his pants and gripped on to my big bulging monster anaconda shaft. Big Daddy’s white compression shorts exposed his entire package so perfectly, my mouth was watering as always! I gave anaconda those rainbow red smooches with my dick sucking lips that he loves soooo much. Daddy and I are past the point of giving a fuck what the dry cleaners think! My tongue ring and belly ring both say “Property of BDK” in diamonds so that motherfuckers will never forget who I belong to! I love hearing my Big Daddy moan while I deepthroat anaconda with my sexy wet mouth. When I suck his cock and let everyone on Instagram see it, we get sooo many jealous haters! BDK blasts his huge load of liquid gold all over my face so that the entire world can see what perfectly delicious Daddy King cum looks like! #MillionDollarCock #MillionDollarPussy #MillionDollarCum #HotterThanYou #RicherThanYou #YouFuckinWish #PropertyOfBDK

BDK Anaconda Addiction

2 girl phone sexGreat blowjobsNobody appreciates naughty 2 girl phone sex like our Big Daddy King, flat out no questions asked. He’s the most generous sugar daddy in the whole entire world and he only deserves the best of the best, that’s why he has me and Loretta on his big strong arms as his young & sexy princesses. BDK is already a handsome sight to see but when he has our gorgeous asses on either side of him, he just looks that much more appealing! Everyone knows what the fuck is up when we step in, the party doesn’t start until the sexiest celebrity trio says it does, bitches! My addiction to Big Daddy King’s gigantic anaconda cock has gotten quite out of hand, hehe. Daddy loves how fuckin obsessed I am with his throbbing manhood. Loretta is just as infatuated now, especially because every time we play with BDK his huge dick just continues to get thicker and longer! We were both so excited when Big Daddy surprised us with a very expensive shopping spree in order to prepare for another special surprise that he had in store. The hottest new club in town was having their grand-opening and they wanted me to host the evening. Of course BDK is friends with the owner, he has the hook-up with everyone and everything… would you expect anything less from the living legend himself?! Only A-list celebrities & athletes as well as all the industry VIP’s were allowed to attend so obviously it only makes sense that Daddy and his sugar baby princesses are in charge of handling the fun evening. We all three looked hott as FUCK when we arrived to the red carpet. We made quite the entrance as we pulled up in a stretch Hummer limo! Loretta and I couldn’t keep our hands or our tongues off of our sexy Papi King. His anaconda was pulsating through his dapper designer suit that he had on for the event, goddamn that man can rock the fuck out of any designer he chooses! The level of horny that he makes me and Loretta feel is off the charts and we needed to feed our addiction. Our hankering for monster anaconda cock is uncontrollable and Big Daddy lets us have our fix whenever the hell want… which is all the time! The three of us slipped away back to the VIP champagne room so that we could manhandle our delicious black snake. He can’t get enough of our great blowjobs that we love to give him. Daddy painted our faces with his millionaire nut cream while we begged for his cum as he skull-fucked our pretty faces. We truly are a triple trouble trio… 😉 #BigDaddyKingIsTheBest #MillionairesOnly #BlackCardBlackCock #HottestSugarBabies #SpoiledPrincesses

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