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You can look but you can’t touch

Erotic roleplayingI love fucking you up each and every day, it’s truly what I do best. Erotic roleplaying with super vanilla is my favorite because they’re the easiest to use and manipulate to do whatever the fuck I desire. Literally they love to do whatever the fuck I tell them to do without any hesitation whatsoever. Plus, it’s now officially bikini season and you know what that means!! You wallet is due to be drained to expense my whole entire new summer wardrobe. Take me shopping you little bitch and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Don’t spare a dime when it comes to giving me what the fuck I want. I’ll kick you ass to the curb real fuckin quick if you don’t! Sit back and enjoy the show as you watch me try on all my sexy outfits, you can look but you can’t touch you little bitch! Feel free to go broke for me though, i’ll definitely let you do that any time that you want! Queens never pay for anything, that’s your job bitch boy!

Big Daddy King’s Sexiest Sugar Baby

Sexy babeBig Daddy King called me up and and asked me to accompany him as his sexy babe to a huge business seminar that he was the key note speaker at in Los Angeles, CA. Of course my Living Legend is the one and only speaker at such an impressive event. Everyone wants to know what BDK has to say and are dying to hear his words of wisdom and advice. The fact that he wanted me to sit front and center while he spoke at the podium to the mass audience made me cream my panties a little bit. He has turned me into such a celebrity and I feel so fucking lucky! Of course when Big Daddy King was deciding which one of his perfect sugar babies he wanted to bring along for the trip, he ended up choosing me! I mean can you blame him?! I am fucking perfect and he knows it! Birds of a feather flock together! He is a walking, breathing, living God and of course he wants a beautiful angel on his arm to show off to the world. A sexy little vixen like me deserves to be shown off and flown all over so that everyone in BDK’s life both personal and business are able to meet me and see how well Big Daddy has done for himself. It gives him so much joy to spoil me and dress me up in all the designer duds that I love to wear! And just as much as he enjoys treating me like a princess and spoiling me endlessly, I love doing the same for him. It was such an incredible experience to be seductively sitting right in front of BDK as he unleashed his multi-million dollar ideas onto a sea of peasants in the audience. Although he was talking business, I knew what was really on his mind in the back of his head…Me! I wanted to give my Big Daddy King a subtle reminder of what he was going to get once he was done dropping some wisdom on the entire population of the seminar. It’s enlightenment that they have been dying to hear and I could not be more proud of my successful and sexy Living Legend! I spread my legs open while siting in my seat and lifted up my Gucci dress to expose my sexy custom made g-string that I was wearing which had BDK encrusted on it with beautiful sparkling diamonds. I could see Big Daddy flinch a little bit but he never lost his focus. That’s what I love about him, he is such a business man and a boss ass motherfucker! His presence is a present and everyone knows it! He is literally such a blessing to all these jealous losers that daydream about being him as they listen with intent while he speaks. So many try to compete but you cannot compete where you do not compare! He has set the standard and raised the bar to an extremely high level which no one will ever be able to reach! Everyone bows down to him and respects him like the Living Legend King that he is! Once the conference was over, Daddy and I hit the town and went to a delicious five star dinner and had some fun at the club so that we could show each other off and indulge in public displays of affection so everyone else could be jealous as fuck per usual! We were horny and tipsy so we headed back to the condo where BDK had a big surprise for me! Not only did he have a duffle bag full of two million dollars of cold hard cash for me to fly home with but he also had his massive anaconda cock hard and ready to fuck his sexy sugar princess! Big Daddy King is always ready to go no matter where we are! I used my diamond tongue ring to slurp and lick all over my anaconda cock that I am so fucking obsessed with! Daddy grabbed on to my long pretty hair and plunged my wet mouth deeper onto his big black cock until my nose was smashed into his torso and his ball sack was slapping against my chin. BDK exploded a huge load of anaconda cum for me and Monica Lewinsky’d all over my silky black dress. I am never going to wash it now, I want to keep his Living Legend cum as a trophy for life! That long anaconda cock does crazy things to me, I am so in love with my Big Daddy King! #AnacondaCock #RichDickOnly #BigDaddyKing #SexySugarPrincess #NoBrokeLosers #HatersGonnaHate #TooSexyForYou #DesignerEverything #MultiMillionDollarPussy

Big White Cock For My Juicy Ass

Ass fetishThirteen inches of rock hard white dick deep inside of my juicy booty is what your ass fetish dreams are made of! When I measure it, my ruler isn’t long enough to fit the whole entire shaft length. You really are something else. That throbbing cock is so damn girthy, it stretches me out the widest that I have ever been stretched! Way bigger than any other white dick that I have ever had the pleasure of fucking before. Don’t I look so pretty when i’m on my knees with my tongue sticking out just waiting for you to plunge that thick monster deep down my throat. Take out your camera and film the whole thing while I gag on that thirteen inch boner of yours. Make my ass your bitch, this is all yours in all of it’s beautiful glory! I sure do have a sweet tooth and I want that vanilla candy bar in your pants smothered in my creamy fluids. Let me lick it off after you anal fuck me roughly. I’m so fuckin sexy when I bounce my booty up and down on you like a basketball. Give me a spank and leave your hand print on my cheeks so everyone knows who’s property I am!

Date night wallet drain

Sexy babeChoosing which lingerie to wear underneath my tight sexy dress for our date tonight is by far the hardest decision of my day! And let’s make this clear, I am only going on said date with you because you paid a pretty penny for me to be your sexy babe for the evening. I felt comfortable enough with your financial  situation to meet up with you and have some fun once again. I know how much you have missed me since the last time you took me out and showed me off. I love kicking my sexy feet up while you do everything for me and treat me like the princess that I am. I want another massage as well, I still can’t stop thinking about how amazing it was last time! All I wanna do is eat five star meals and get my pussy eaten for as long as I fucking want, whenever I want! I love having natural sex appeal and cock control over you! There’s no drug like me baby and you know it! I need to feel that dick throbbing all up inside of me after you get me soaking wet with that slutty mouth of yours. Throw my ass back on it and make my cheeks clap as I cum hard. No need for dessert, this pussy is plenty enough to compensate!

Tease me and please me

Hot sexy womanI’m such a hot sexy woman and I deserve to be teased and pleased as much & as often as I want! I love sliding down my man’s pants and having his huge hard cock slap me in the forehead because he’s so fucking horny for me. We love getting naked and cuddling while we tongue kiss each other & swap spit. Good dick makes my sexy pussy super wet and my man’s dick is magical! Every morning I wake up looking like a beautiful sexy goddess and my man can’t ever seem to get his cock inside of me fast enough! I love when he’s fucking me super hard & deep and one of his friends is licking on my slit while I get pounded! That shit drives me crazy! Being called a good girl only makes my pussy wetter and my heart flutter for my kinky man! I love being your nasty little bitch and making all of your wild fantasies become a reality!

Naughty hobbies

Erotic roleplayingMy hobbies include making men fall in love with me while we engage in erotic roleplaying with one another. The first time all these horny motherfuckers meet me, they completely become obsessed! I’m so used to men becoming totally addicted to me in an instant, it just comes so naturally! I feel like I am a savage beast or something and all I wanna do is sink my teeth into a strong rich man! I’m a tiny girl with huge titties and a perfectly round ass that I love having spanked. This pink little cunt of mine is a game changer though, it’s my secret weapon and how I am able to keep these men wrapped around my finger like the pathetic losers that they are! Some girls only have one sugar daddy but I have multiple! Why have one when I can have many?! Haha, i’m way too sexy to be tied down to only one rich man! Money and gifts are all I care about. If you are not feeding, fucking or financing me in any way shape or form then you do not deserve to be around me whatsoever! Pay to play with this delicious pussy of mine, sweetie. The way my vagina walls grip on to your dick feels so different from all the other whores that you have fucked in the past. We are not the same though and you love experiencing the difference! I’m super excited for my dick appointment that I have tomorrow. A big fat cock and a big fat paycheck, my two favorite things! 😉

Happy Sugarversary Big Daddy King

Fantasy phone sexHappy Sugarversary Big Daddy! It’s been one whole year since my sexy Living Legend himself Big Daddy King let me be his sugar baby princess and we could not be more happy with how our days have unfolded! Let me tell you, it’s been the absolute most incredible & transformative past year and I am looking forward to a lifetime ahead full of lavish fun and sexual adventures with my rich Black King. When I say rich I mean white-man rich, super fucking wealthy! Big Daddy wipes the sperm off his massive anaconda shaft with hundred dollar bills like it’s nothing! Of course a Living Legend like BDK needs a sugar princess on his arm that is of equal caliber and that is why this pussy of mine is right there on that pedestal alongside the Super Bowl Champion himself! My life has completely changed for the better. My finances are all taken care of and I have more cash on hand now than I even know what to do with! BDK has gifted me with all the wealth and riches that I could ever dream of! I could not be more grateful! We own real estate all over the world, go on lavish shopping sprees, eat at five star Michelin restaurants and have fresh flowers delivered every week… this spoiled life is only something that these other peasant bitches and broke loser could only pray for! I’m a boss ass bitch all thanks to my Big Daddy King! Everyone else is inferior to us and this beautiful life of luxury that we live together! BDK spares no expense for me, his favorite sugar princess of all time! #BDKforLife #Sugarversary #BigDaddyKing #MillionDollarPussy #NoBrokeLosers

Rich Bitch Problems

Sexy babeSometimes being a spoiled sexy babe can really totally suck! For example, this really hott guy works at one of my favorite coffee shops that I frequent daily. I kinda want to fuck him but I literally just cannot fuck anyone who makes less than a million bucks a year, like I wish I could but I just cannot do it! Rich bitch problems, haha! I swear, I cannot be attracted to someone no matter how physically attractive they are unless they have a big fat dick and a big fat wallet! Those two things are absolutely non-negotiable, sorry not sorry! Everyone should feel so fucking bad for me for being way too rich and way too picky to wanna even fuck any of these super sexy but broke as fuck dudes. They’re all wannabes anyways, so not my style! There’s no way that I can get a lady boner for anything less than my standards! The struggle is real and I know my worth! #RichBitchProblems #SnobLife #FatWallets #FatDicks

Big Daddy King’s Sugar Babies Are The Hottest

GFE phone sexCassandra and I are Big Daddy King’s favorite and hottest sugar babies and we have been telling our friend Veronica about all of the super kinky GFE phone sex that we have together. She’s literally been dying to meet the Living Legend himself, especially after hearing how massive his bank account and anaconda cock are! Thirteen sold inches of thick black dick, what could be better?! Nothing! BDK is a Super Bowl champion and multi-millionaire businessman with more than enough wealth to share with his slutty Princesses. Cassandra and I have been so fuckin spoiled for so long now and Veronica has been waiting patiently to come face to face with the King to have her chance to impress him as well! I was over at Cassandra’s house the other day and she called up Veronica herself to invite her with us to not only go on a trip to paradise but to also finally have her chance to meet Big Daddy King. Of course Veronica was over the moon excited and started to pack her bags while she was on the phone, lol. Cassandra told her not to worry about packing because we won’t be needing clothes where we’re headed! Big Daddy is white man rich with a huge black dick and he is more than happy to have us bring along a new hott Princess to have some fun with us! Great blowjobsBDK knows what great blowjobs we give and we were so excited for Veronica to have her chance to slobber all over his regal shaft! We don’t need splenda daddies when we have BDK and his gigantic wallet! He knows how to take care of us and no dildo could ever replace Daddy’s delicious anaconda! When we landed Big Daddy’s private jet at our destination, the limo picked us up and of course brought us to the biggest mansion on the island! It was a palatial palace that sat right on the sand, oceanfront and gorgeous! It’s such a turn on how our King has real estate literally all over the world! We are so lucky that we get to travel and have all of these incredible experiences! Cassandra, Veronica and I were butt ass naked in our new mansion dream house and it felt amazing to frolic around our castle while feeling the warm island breeze kiss our soft skin. Veronica was in total awe and couldn’t believe her eyes at the royalty that surrounded her! This is definitely a lifestyle that she will have to get used to! Being a sugar baby for Big Daddy King is a whole new ball game! We score touchdowns every single day with him! There’s levels to this shit and BDK is untouchable on his pedestal! We have hours of fantasy phone sex together in our new mansion and worship Daddy every chance that we get! He’s a very busy man so it makes it all the more special when we are able to have quality time together! Three sugar baby bimbos ready to please and serve Daddy’s tasty anaconda, BDK truly is a God! Eeenie meenie miney hoe catch a sugar baby by the toe! What happens in the vault room, stays in the vault room! We were on all fours on top of millions of dollars cash and it was the hottest sight ever! We begged our Big Daddy King for his millionaire nut! He has more than enough cum packed inside of anaconda to be able to bukakke all three of us! Load after load, our Living Legend showered us with his fresh sugar daddy ejaculation juice! Broke ass losers, eat your hearts out! #SugarBabyLena #SugarBabyCassandra #SugarBabyVeronica #BigDaddyKing #MillionaireNut #RichAnaconda #SugarPrincesses #NoSplendaDaddies #NoBrokeLosers #HottestSugarBabies #YouWishFantasy phone sex

Just imagine

Fantasy phone sexI want you to just imagine that you were my boyfriend while we have fantasy phone sex together, let’s be honest you never will be but for now let’s just imagine it. Wouldn’t that be sooo nice to be able to have access to my beautiful body at any given time of the day? Don’t you want to be able to brag to all of your friends about how fuckin sexy I am? Well, only in a dream world, sweetie! I love seeing you get lost in your own thoughts about what an amazing life it would be if you were able to be my hott man candy. Sorry but, I have standards. Not only do you not physically fit the bill but neither does that bank account. No broke boys are allowed near me, let alone allowed to be my boyfriend! It’s hilarious how turned on you get when you see and hear me getting fucked by my man, a real man! No bitch boy shall enter inside of this pussy, baby! If I were to let you be my boyfriend for the day you would be my built-in slave. I would have you massaging my feet, cleaning, cooking and everything else while I rest and get pampered like the gorgeous goddess that I am. You’re merely my servant and you know your place so well. Doesn’t that sound like pure bliss & happiness?! Now pay up to play with my naughty curves!

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