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Sexy babe puts you in a trance

Sexy babeMy big beautiful ass and perfectly juicy tits are so hypnotizing, you love what a hott sexy babe I am! Just take a look at me from head to toe, i’m a total dime piece vixen and I leave these horny men jaw-dropped and mesmerized wherever I go. I strut my stuff while i’m out in public but hands off unless you’re paying for my time. There’s nothing I hate more than a broke loser that tries to wank their cock without paying up. Cuck boys are especially my favorite, they are always so shocked when they see how thick & juicy my man’s dick is, haha! Making money by being a brat is my favorite thing ever! I bet no one else can ride on top of your dick for an hour straight without complaining then flip around and shove your entire shaft down their throat while happily guzzling your cum. True life, i’m obsessed with thick dicks even though they destroy my petite slutty fuck holes. Oh but it hurts so good!

Dinner and dick

Ass fetishI went on a super erotic date tonight and it was sooo delicious. The guy was so fuckin horny and his ass fetish was outta hand! Lol, my booty cheeks were in his palms all night long! We started out with a fancy dinner at a five star michelin restaurant where we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another! His cock was so hard underneath the table and it was throbbing in my hands as I stroked him while our waiter refilled our wine glasses. I looked sexy as fuck like and like a total dime piece per usual! Everyone in the restaurant couldn’t take their eyes off of the two of us. We cause quite the scene when we’re out and about! Of course after we were done feasting we went home and ate each other up for dessert. Mmmm, I love his hard shaft plunging inside of my perfect goddess fuck holes! Dinner and dick, what could be better?! I love getting fucked!

New Year’s Eve Nut

Sexy babeIt’s almost New Year’s Eve and that means that my Big Daddy King and I are of course having our annual holiday party to celebrate! I love being his hott sexy babe and he loves to show me off to all of the high rollers! This isn’t just any party though, oh no! Our get togethers are only for the elite and highest class that this planet has to offer. We don’t have time to fuck with broke ass losers or splenda daddies who are dying to win my affection. BDK and I are way too regal to be dealing with any sort of peasantry. No matter what the occasion, our parties are always a night to remember, especially on New Year’s Eve! Big Daddy surprised me with a trip out to Monaco where we are set to throw the most extravagant night on the town that this country has ever seen! All of our rich friends have flown out to be here for this very special event. I am gonna be looking sexy as fuck in my custom made Gucci dress that Big daddy King gifted me for Christmas. My tits and ass are so fucking perfect in my skimpy outfit! Only a naughty body like mine could fit into such a scandalous dress! Of course I have in my tongue & belly button ring as well as my panties and necklace on that all say ‘Property of BDK’. I always have to let these bitches know who’s property I am! I love belonging to the Living Legend himself, he owns this sexy sugar baby pussy! He and I are going to be shimmering underneath the stars and moonlight all night long together as we celebrate and bring in the new year with a bang! I look so fucking hott and Big Daddy King can’t keep his hands or his anaconda cock off of me. We slipped away to our master bedroom suite at the stroke of midnight to fuck each other like crazy. There’s nothing better than being smothered in millionaire nut to kick off 2019! #RIchDaddiesOnly #AnacondaCock #MillionaireNut #SugarPrincessPussy #HappyNewYearBitch

On The Naughty List

GFE phone sexOf course I am on the naughty list yet again this year, just like always! That’s what happens when my Big Daddy King and I have tons of GFE phone sex together. BDK knows that I always hold the top notch spot on the naughty list, right alongside his sexy self! He even refers to me as his sexy little hoe hoe hoe, hehe. I’m all dolled up like usual & looking like a total dime piece for my sexy Living Legend. Big Daddy King had a surprise for me as always & of course I was super excited to see what he was going to spoil me with next. Everyone knows that i’m the Living Legend’s snow bunny sugar princess, especially this time of year! Daddy and I have explored all over the world & next on the list was Colombia! We fucked on the private jet on the way over to our beautiful new multi-million dollar oceanfront oasis that BDK recently purchased. He also hired a world-renowned photographer to meet us at our seaside palace to snap some super sexy photos of me and Daddy King together. My dirty mouth was looking delicious in my red lipstick, BDK’s favorite! I’ve made a whole career out of being my Big Daddy King’s nasty spoiled princess. My mouth is like a jacuzzi and our photographer caught all of the picture perfect images of me sucking off my Big Daddy’s huge anaconda cock! There were red lipstick marks all over his white compression shorts & all over his huge black dick! Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Daddy surprised me with signing me as the co-owner of of our gorgeous new Colombian mansion! Every day is Christmas when you’re the hottest sugar baby around with the best sugar daddy in the whole wide world! All these peasants wish that they could be on BDK’s level but instead they will just forever be on his payroll, lol. I’m a multi-millionaire all thanks to my Big Daddy King. There’s no need for mistletoe with the two of us, i’m always sucking that throbbing anaconda dick! I’m a bad ass snow bunny sugar baby and I got my Big Daddy’s name right here on my pussy! All of you lame fucking losers can continue to fantasize about being as sexy and as perfect as we are together!

Fuck a cuck

Ass fetishSeeing you be a stupid ass fetish cuck boy for me and my man is so fucking hott. I literally spend all day long draining money out of men while they jerk into their pants while thinking about me. It really is the most perfect relationship. Life really is so much better when everything is cuck funded. Aside from your money, there really is not much to like about you. Now me on the other hand, I am absolutely fuckin delicious from head to toe and inside & out! I want a subby cuc to completely ruin his life for me, too bad most of you bastards are too scared to do so! A true cuck would let me piss in his face and consider it a blessing, now that is what I call completely cucked! I wanna know how many times a day you are stuck fantasizing about being under my sexual spell. I am truly never surprised when you boys fall right into my lap. Look at me, I am fucking perfect!

Sugar baby pay day

Hot sexy womanMy Big Daddy knows that I am his hot sexy woman and that this sexy sugar pussy belongs to him. I love bragging to all of my friends about how fucking spoiled I am and how BDK showers me with endless amounts of lavish gifts. We takes trips around the world and i’ve done and seen things that the average human being could only imagine to ever experience! I feel so thankful and lucky to be able to live this incredibly privileged and pampered life with the living legend anaconda king himself! I never knew that this type of sugar daddy even existed! There are way too many splenda daddies out there trying to steal the shine away from the king himself but none shall prevail! Every single day is a sugar baby pay day, my Daddy always has cash on deck for his sexy sugar princess! Cash is king and so is Daddy! BDK took the private jet out to Hawaii to come and meet me & my sexy girlfriends that I was vacationing there with. They finally had their wishes granted & were introduced to the living legend! We were all so excited! We gave his compression shorts rainbow lipstick kisses all over then sucked off Daddy’s throbbing anaconda. It sure felt good to all be giving him pleasure at the same time until he exploded out with cum! Daddy gave me an early Christmas gift, a huge cash bonus! He handed over the duffle bag and told me how much he loved me while I gazed at all of my delicious money. Of course he gifted my hott girlfriends a sweet cash surprise as well, he’s just that rich and amazing! I’m worth more than these peasants could ever dream to be, all thanks to my Big Daddy King! This millionaire pussy wasn’t made for chumps! #NoPoorPeopleAllowed #RichPussyOnly #RichDaddy #BetterThanYou #KissMyAss #HoeHoeHoes #ChristmasGifts #NaughtyList

Snow bunny sugar baby

Phone chat linesBDK knows that my phone chat lines are constantly being blown up by jealous splenda daddies that wanna get their broke hands on me. They don’t even come close to comparing to the living legend that is Big Daddy King! We took a private jet up to our Colorado mansion so that we could enjoy some sexy one on one time together in the snow. Daddy King is so busy making multi-million dollar deals all around the world, it’s always so special to be able to spend special quality time with him. My Big Daddy King is the ultimate sugar daddy and all these other jealous losers can continue to daydream about their pathetic bank accounts while BDK and I live out our jet-set lifestyle! Daddy is so superior to every other man on this planet and he knows it. That rich & big anaconda daddy dick is all for me! Of course BDK had a stretch limo waiting for me to bring me up to our beautiful ski palace. Daddy and I have been missing each other soooo much, we cuddled right up and gave endless kisses to one another. Big Daddy King’s latest business venture was to invest in a whole bunch of weed clubs, thankfully for me I get to enjoy the fruits of his labor, hehe! He brought a whole bunch of yummy edibles for us to enjoy and boy did we ever! I was looking like a total goddess in my sexy silky g-string as I stretched out on the ground on top of our mink rug in front of the fireplace. There was a tray full of chocolate covered strawberries and delicious French champagne awaiting us, the setting was perfect and the mood was so sexual & tantalizing. My pretty pussy was the perfect palette for Daddy to nibble off some tasty treats. Anaconda was throbbing through BDK’s compression shorts and of course I had to put my red luscious lipstick marks all over him! The dry cleaners hates us! Big Daddy King whipped out his camera and told me to look right at him while I tell all the broke ass losers that i’m a sexy snow bunny in my ski house and I have my Big Daddy’s name plastered on my pussy!  We can’t help but laugh at how pathetic all of you wannabes truly are! I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed my delicious chocolate anaconda cock buried deep inside of my tight sugar pussy. Daddy bent me over and pounded anaconda into me while the beautiful fire crackled behind us. It was an intense moment that gave me the most incredible orgasm. I squirted all over BDK’s huge black dick while I moaned out loud ‘I’m cumming hard all over my Big Daddy King’s anaconda cock!’. #SkiWeekendWithDaddy #AnacondaCock #BigDaddyKing #NoBrokeLosersAllowed

Worth every penny

Cum on boobsI’m worth every single penny that Big Daddy King spends on me. I’m his beautiful little snow bunny and i’ve been missing my Daddy’s legendary anaconda cock. He’s once again been away on a business trip, closing more multi-million dollar deals around the world and cashing checks every damn day like a boss! A brand new club in town just opened up and of course BDK has all the connections to grant us the most incredible VIP treatment like how we deserve. A few of my sexy girlfriends tagged along and of course as always the red carpet was rolled out for us! Daddy King sent us a limo filled with expensive champagne so that we could pre-game properly on our way to the club like the goddesses that we are! All eyes were on us but what’s new! I never get jealous of another bitch, i’m the hottest out of all my friends and Big Daddy King knows it, hehe. I’m on another level and that’s why i’m so perfect for him. The club took care of us perfectly and gave us a presidential VIP experience, all compliments to the living legend himself! The bubbly was flowing at our table and I was dancing all sexy, moving my mesmerizing body to the music and wishing my Big Daddy King would show up to the club and sweep me off of my feet! Much to my pleasure and surprise, BDK arrived back home early from his business trip and came to the club to kiss all over me! I was so excited to see him, our dry cleaner is gonna be pissed off yet again because my red lipstick marks were all over Daddy’s designer collared shirt. Of course i’m wearing a sexy little red dress with ‘Property of BDK’ written on the back of it encrusted in diamonds. And when he slipped his fingers up my dress he found that I also had on my special BDK panties. I love watching his mouth water for my tasty sugar pussy! All the losers gaze on in utter amazement, fantasizing about how badly they wish that they could be in Daddy’s shoes. No one will ever compare, never ever! The King is superior to all of these fuckin losers & anaconda slays all of these small cocks! Daddy whispered into my ear that he had a surprise waiting outside for me and of course I was excited as fuck! He blindfolded me and brought me out in front of the club where all the peasants were standing & waiting to get inside still, lol… it must suck to suck! Right there before me in all of her glory was Big Daddy’s Ferrari that he decided to gift to me! I have always loved this car so much so the fact that BDK blessed me with such an incredible present means the absolute world to me! We both hopped in and went for a joy ride. I let Daddy drive because I had plans to worship anaconda while he whipped around my new car! We looked so fucking sexy cruising around. I pissed the dry cleaner off even more and put red lip marks all over BDK’s Versace compression shorts. That big bulge of his drives me crazy! I whipped him out of his cage and deepthroated the fuck out of him. It was a sloppy wet mess but that’s exactly how Big Daddy likes it! We parked and I straddled my silky smooth legs around his strong body. Getting stretched out by anaconda is my favorite hobby. My tight cunt squirted so much cum, it was the most amazing orgasm of my life! Daddy loves giving my sexy sugar pussy that deep long stroke with his shaft, that shit drives me crazy! He was bouncing me up and down on anaconda like I was a goddamn basketball. Anaconda ejaculated massive amounts of millionaire nut all over me. Cum on boobs, ass, pussy and all over my beautiful face too, I love his millionaire facials! Big Daddy King can’t get enough of me because I stay tight, I stay loyal and I stay sexy. I’m the youngest and hottest millionaire all thanks to the living legend himself! #SugarGang #BetterThanYou #SugarPrincess #SugarBabyForLife #MillionaireFacial #CumOnBoobs #BigDaddyKing #PrincessLena #NoSplendaDaddiesAllowed #TooGoodForYou

Costume party with Big Daddy King

Sexy babeOf course Big Daddy King wanted his favorite sexy babe sugar princess on his arm for the elite Hollywood Halloween party that he was going to. BDK just closed yet another multi-million deal that gave us so much cash that we don’t even know what to do with it all! Cashing checks and breaking necks, that’s literally all that we do! It makes my tight little sugar baby pussy so fucking wet to know that my anaconda monster is filthy fuckin rich! He’s the best sugar daddy in the whole damn universe, there is no comparison nor will there ever be! I stay dripping for that cold hard cash! Anaconda is the dick slayer of all slayers and he owns my little sexy ass. He’s all mine and I am all his, Big Daddy loves it! This wasn’t just an ordinary costume party that we went to, it was star-studded and I looked like the ultimate Hollywood starlet! Who better in this world to escort the living legend Big Daddy King than me?! I was sooo excited to go and since i’m famous now too with all the Hollywood hot shots, I just knew that we would have the most epic night together! BDK knows all the A-list actors on a first name basis and they are all soooo curious about who I am and where my gorgeous beauty ascended from! Daddy King is proud to boast about his sexy sugar princess, there’s no one at the party who even compares to how hott I am! I was all dolled up in my Cowboy’s cheerleading outfit and of course Big Daddy was all decked out in his Cowboy’s Super Bowl Jersey! We looked so fuckin amazing, everyone was jaw dropped as they stared at us in utter amazement. We stop traffic wherever we go! I squatted over anaconda and rode on him like a cowboy with my tight pink pussy, I love watching him stretch me out! BDK and I always get so fucking nasty at the most inappropriate times, lol we literally don’t give a fuck! The world is our playground! We are so fuckin hot for one another, our sexual energy is undeniable! He looks so irresistible in his jersey, there’s no point in dressing up as anyone else besides himself since he’s already a living breathing legend! We step into that party and we fucking own it! The red carpet gets rolled out for us since we’re such a sexy celebrity couple! #BowDown #SugarDaddyOfTheYear #YouWish #RichBitch #EatMyAss

I’ll put a spell on you

Hot sexy womanI’ll put a spell on you, and now you’re mine! I’m so fucking sexy without even trying. I know that this beautiful body of mine makes your cock explode! You need to just keep stroking your ego while my fat ass and perfect tits empty out your wallet. Brutal verbal abuse not only turns you on but it’s also your way of life and you truly could not be more happy about that. Kick back and watch a real man take care of me while you’re left with nothing besides your pathetic horny penis in your hands. I have big dick energy and best believe there is a size requirement to ride this ride! Chances are you will never ever receive a golden ticket! I love having you wrapped around my finger and under my love spell as I live my fun & lavish life that you financially support. A hot sexy woman like me is God’s gift to Earth and needs to be worshipped as such.

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