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Playing Dress Up

Forced feminization

I met Gregory ages ago, he was friend’s with my then Husband.  When he asked me out to dinner I said yes, he is a very handsome man, retired, a widower, and very well educated.  I really enjoy the younger men, but I also enjoy a very educated older man.  We had good conversation, a fabulous meal, then spent time laughing over after dinner drinks.  When he took me back to my house I already knew I was going to invite him in.  

We ended up in my bedroom, I excused myself to freshen up before we fucked.  When I came out of the bathroom I caught him holding one of my bustiers up to himself as he looked in my full length mirror.  I stood there a little shocked, he was twisting his body side to side, I think that if I hadn’t come into the room right then he may have tried it on.  I cleared my throat, he dropped the bustier.  I asked him what he thought he was doing, he said nothing.  

He made a move toward the bed but I stopped him.  I walked over to where he had dropped the bustier and told him to pick it up.  He made a fuss, grabbed his clothes saying that this whole situation was ridiculous.  I told him to pick it up with a sterner tone.  He just looked at me.  I sat down in my chair and said it again, never taking my eyes off of him.  He put his clothes down and picked up the bustier.  I told him to put it on.  He was shaking as he struggled to put it on.  I told him to grab a pair of my stockings and to put them on as well.  His cock was rock hard.  He asked me if he looked pretty, I started to smile.

I asked him if Greggy was a sissy.  He giggled.  Oh this was going to be fun, and it was.  I turned him into such a little sissy slut that night.  When we were done playing I told him that they only way he could leave is if he left in the lingerie.  It took some doing but that is just what he did.  He told me that he bought some things that would actually fit him correctly and wanted to know if we could set up a play date again.  I told him that I look forward to it.  

Tutor slut

naughty teacherI have been offering tutor sessions for those who I feel need extra one on one help with a naughty teacher like me. I know it’s hard to resist my hot young latina body. I want to prey on the boys on the football team. Even though they are only a few years younger than me it makes me feel so empowered to get them to do everything in their power to score some time alone with this sexy Spanish teacher. I will show you how to master more than basic latin root words. I know you will be focused on me the whole time. I feel the best when I have a nice rock hard cock in all my holes.

Forced Feminization CJ

forced feminization

Forced Feminization Is so good when I can make a really butch Lesbian my bitch. I mean it was just women’s equality day so I need to make sure I can do a nice sexy stud broad the same way I do my sissy men. Veronica loves to come and eat my pussy while her Girlfriend is at work once a week. I guess she can’t deny sweet hot pussy like mine. Well, today I took control and I told her that if she wants to play with me she will let me do what I want to her. At first, she didn’t want to play with me so I took out my pink vibe and told her I didn’t need her today.   Veronica changed her mind real quick and was trying to lick me around my vibe but I pushed her away and said to strip. I had pretty thongs and heels just her size waiting for her. I took off her hat and brushed out her beautiful blonde hair and even added some smutty lipstick.  “Now on the bed spread eagle Bitch!”  I think that made her pussy wet as I began to lick she was wet and hot. At the first touch, she lifted in the air and I had to hold her down to eat her sweet pussy. I tongue fucked her just like I would any other women. talk about making things equal.! I got up and I put on my sexy new pink strap-on and before Veronica could protest I was fucking her harder and deeper than she ever fucked me with the strap! I whispered in her ear how hot it would be for her to suck my strap-on as she fingers fucked me and my new femme bitch did exactly as she was told.  All in a days work for this cuckold phone sex Mistress. Kisses I will be waiting.cuckold phone sex

You Asked For It

Phone humiliationI was truly having a pleasant day my mood was up, everything was going perfectly. That was until I received a message from you. And your message said “Ready to fuck?”. I know you’re wondering what about that message would ruin my day? You see it wasn’t the message it was what came with the message. It was a picture of the most pathetically minuscule cock I had ever seen. To answer your question I’m going to have to give you a big fat no. I would never waste my time on a dick smaller than my clit. The fact that you thought I would is insulting. But don’t worry I’ll keep the picture for whenever I need a good laugh.


femdom phone sex

Femdom phone sex makes my tight teen twat so fucking wet. I mean you are my pretty crossdresser who can’t keep your hands out of your girlfriends’ panty drawer. You keep sending me messages of how sexy you are in your pink panties and bra. How pretty you are my little fuck toy. I want your voice high pitched as we try on panties and put pink lipstick on your sissy fagot ass. Oh, I know I have to force you to be my pretty bitch right? Is your cock that worthless that I need to turn you into a girl? How about you model your panties bra and stockings for me and this huge cock I am sucking? I mean this is a real mans dick after all and it belongs in my mouth. My big dicked friend thinks you are so hot baby he starts fucking my mouth and wants you to watch him shoot his load on my perfect teen tits and have you lick it off. Baby its just a little forced crossdressing and I know you love it. Come play with me.


Your Teen Mistress CJ

Dance For You

Forced feminization

Let me make you feel good after all I want to feel good too. I know you said this was your first time coming to a place like this so I want you to be completely relaxed and get ready to have an experience that will blow your mind and your load across the room. Me and my two girlfriends want to dance for you but we dance a special dance. All around you there are huge plush leather and satin fabric pillows trimmed in gold. LaLa is my Persian girlfriend who has the deepest green eyes you have ever seen in your life and her body is a masterpiece. Annabelle is my Spanish attraction fireball and she has all sorts of treats in her bag, remember that. The music is electrifying and all the curtains and lights in the dark let you see glimpses of wild feasting barbaric sex acts. LaLa starts to dance for you getting so close you can taste her sweet nipples in your mouth. I begin to take your shoes and pants off and you notice Annabelle is going into her treat bag. I grab your cock and start to suck it while LaLa straddles your face now her cunt is dancing on your wet face. Annabelle makes her way to us and she has got a treat to remember…..

Your Hot Cuckold Teen

cuckold phone sex

You desire to eat the cum from my pussy during cuckold phone sex. I am your hot cuckold teen. You might think that having a young plaything that turns heads is enough, but you want to be humiliated for your small penis and watch me fuck big cocks for you. I want to be drilled as I make fun of your itty bitty weenie baby. You want to buy me expensive gifts and still be told that you are not good enough for me. I understand my pathetic little-dicked pet. You want to worship me and at the same time, you need to be my bottom feeder. I just tell it like it is and I promise to be your cuckold teen queen.

My Favorite Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexWhere or where is my favorite cuck Blake? I actually miss talking to your pathetic ass and that sounds so funny coming from me. I love holding the key to your cage and your pin prick dripping out. You see my suction cup dildo, it gives me more pleasure than you and I want you to watch it disappear in my silky, velvet bald pussy. I love the way it looks when it gets wet all shiny and when I come on it you can see that milky substance. You of course aren’t allowed to come, I wonder if your wife has been letting you out to play, lol! I still laugh at you, just know you will never be a real man and you are lucky to even be present with such a beautiful young lady like myself. Whenever you want to come back I am holding that key and ready for you to lick my toy clean while my cunt is still going up and down on it.

I’ll Make A Cum Loving Sissy Out Of You

sissy humiliation

Little dick boys that try to take me home are in for a night a sissy humiliation. I love how they take a girl like me home and actually think I’m going to hook up with them. It’s such a disappointment when that take their pants off and this tiny said little thing flops out. I can’t even cum with that thing. I mean, my dildo that I use is fucking huge and your itty bitty clitty isn’t going to do anything for me. Shit, my fingers might be longer and thicker than you. So, instead of fucking me you get to wear my pretty panties while I make into a sissy bitch. I’m going call up a friend of mine to come over and show you what a fucking cock looks like. I’ll dress you up and teach you how to worshi[ that big beautiful piece of man meat. Come learn your place you little sissy boy. You’ll be begging for BBC cum like a proper slut by the time I’m done with you.

My new stepson

shaved wet pussyI got very acquainted with my eldest stepson not too long ago, but now my youngest stepson came to visit for the first time, and It’s driving my shaved bald pussy wild. I need to have his cock. I have been thinking about all the ways to make him my newest fuck toy. I think he’s a bit shy, but I know I could break him out of his shell.

The nasty thoughts going through my mind are all of him pounding me raw. I purposefully wear all kinds of short out first and show off my hot sexy body while he’s home. Thankfully my husband works so much, so I have time to make my move on my stepson. In my wildest fantasies, I think about riding him and just when he climaxed and is at the peak of cumming the door opens fully, and my husband catches us. That got me going and has me playing with my cunt. I will have to start brainstorming ways to make him my newest fuck buddy. One thing I always get right. I still get what I want. If I see something shiny and I need it. You can bet I will stop at nothing to get it.

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