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I’ll Make A Cum Loving Sissy Out Of You

sissy humiliation

Little dick boys that try to take me home are in for a night a sissy humiliation. I love how they take a girl like me home and actually think I’m going to hook up with them. It’s such a disappointment when that take their pants off and this tiny said little thing flops out. I can’t even cum with that thing. I mean, my dildo that I use is fucking huge and your itty bitty clitty isn’t going to do anything for me. Shit, my fingers might be longer and thicker than you. So, instead of fucking me you get to wear my pretty panties while I make into a sissy bitch. I’m going call up a friend of mine to come over and show you what a fucking cock looks like. I’ll dress you up and teach you how to worshi[ that big beautiful piece of man meat. Come learn your place you little sissy boy. You’ll be begging for BBC cum like a proper slut by the time I’m done with you.

My new stepson

shaved wet pussyI got very acquainted with my eldest stepson not too long ago, but now my youngest stepson came to visit for the first time, and It’s driving my shaved bald pussy wild. I need to have his cock. I have been thinking about all the ways to make him my newest fuck toy. I think he’s a bit shy, but I know I could break him out of his shell.

The nasty thoughts going through my mind are all of him pounding me raw. I purposefully wear all kinds of short out first and show off my hot sexy body while he’s home. Thankfully my husband works so much, so I have time to make my move on my stepson. In my wildest fantasies, I think about riding him and just when he climaxed and is at the peak of cumming the door opens fully, and my husband catches us. That got me going and has me playing with my cunt. I will have to start brainstorming ways to make him my newest fuck buddy. One thing I always get right. I still get what I want. If I see something shiny and I need it. You can bet I will stop at nothing to get it.

Sexy bad bitch

Fantasy phone sexI’m a sexy and bad little bitch, but you already knew this! You need to know your fucking place and if you don’t already know it then it’s about time that you learn… don’t ever forget it either! I love having mind and dick control over you and you can’t help but give in to all of your temptations. Degrading you gives me the utmost pleasure. I’m going to expose you for who you really are, a sick pervert with sissy urges. Let me ruin you, i’ll be the devil on your shoulder that’s persuading you to keep drinking the poison, hehe. Don’t worry, i’ll be encouraging you right along to get all dressed up for me in my sexy panties…you’re about to be exposed for who you really are! Those true colors and intentions are about to shine brightly, sweetie. You’ve kept your depraved taboo fantasies hidden for so long, it’s time for them to come to light! You need only what I am able to give because no one else can do it like this sexy Goddess can. You’re going to be my loser pay pig forever and ever, so give in and risk it all while we have fantasy phone sex! 

Your Dick Is Too Small For This Pretty Pink Pussy

sissy humiliation

This guy came home with me to hook up and after he showed what he was packing down there, I couldn’t believe that he even thought he had a chance to fuck me. It was laughable, literally, I laughed at him. Sometimes I can be an evil little bitch and I couldn’t fucking stop myself from laying his tiny cock in my hand, He asked what I was doing and I told him outright, I want to know if your cock is smaller than my finger, and it was! I giggled and asked him what exactly he thought I was going to do with that ting thing. I was ready to get pounded and cum and I was annoyed that he wasted my time with his pathetic overgrown clit. He was in for some sissy humiliation tonight. I had him in a pink pair of panties when my friend showed up. I made him crawl to the door and let him in. When he saw the BBC he had hanging between his legs he fucking creamed inside my satin undies that were hugging his baby dick. I made him watch me get stretched out and filled with a load. I told him from now he’s my little sissy bitch that gets to clean me out whenever I take a load.

Lick That Cum Off My Feet

Foot FetishesI am a princess and deserve to be treated to so that is what you better do. Foot fetishes are so kinky and they feel good when I stroke with my pretty smooth feet. I love walking around with a pathetic man who can bend down all the way and kiss my feet in my high heels. I want to walk around so long that my feet start sweating through my socks. I want you when we get back to my place to take my high heels off and sniff them real good and I know that will make you dick hard. I want you to then get naked and put those heels of mine on and I don’t care how much it hurts. You can rub it around in my foot sweat, I am going to be lying naked on my bed with you at my feet while I rub my bald pretty pussy and you jacking off on my feet. I want your big load on my feet with my high arch. I am fucking myself harder and harder and you come all over them as I am coming i demand you to lick it off and swallow that warm load.

Phone Sex Therapy with a Dominant Woman

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy is very popular. Losers, sissies, submissive slaves and cuckolds need someone to talk to because they have wives who just don’t understand.  I spoke to a career submissive t his morning. He is married to a wife who will role play with him in bed, but as soon as she leaves the bedroom, she is back to traditional husband and wife roles. I honestly don’t understand why women who have submissive husbands don’t exploit them. If I was married and my husband begged me to have power over his life, I would run with it and enjoy it. Many men are weak and submissive. They need a woman to control all aspects of their lives. As a phone sex therapist, I advised him to seek a mistress. If your wife won’t exploit you, a mistress will. I love blackmailing my callers, forcing them to tribute me when they expose their dirty little secrets. But as a phone mistress, I am limited in what I can do. I will help subby men find mistresses in their area. Some men should not be married to weak women; women okay with traditional marriage roles. Fuck tradition. If you are with me and you are a submissive bitch, you are getting pegged in the ass daily. You are doing all the housework. You are paying all the bills that are in my name. I am not a weak woman. I have never fit the traditional wife role which is why I am twice divorced.  I am a wife in charge kind of woman. If you are a natural submissive, I will exploit the hell out of you. You will tribute me. You will eat my ass and my pussy. You keep my house clean. You will pay for sexy outfits for me to wear when I fuck real men. You will give me control over all your finances. You will submit mind body and soul. Think you could handle a dominant woman like me?

Life Is Short And So Is Your Dick

small dick humiliation

Life is short and so is your dick. That’s why I don’t have time for you, I don’t waste my time with tiny dicks that could never satisfy me. Your sissy little clitty cock makes me laugh. My friend Loretta is a size queen and we have a few friends with big beautiful black cocks that are going to come over and show you what a real man’s cock looks like. I’ve been giggling behind your back and telling her all about that sad little thing between your legs. She needs to see it to really know what I mean when I say he’s fucking tiny. Small dick humiliation is our favorite game to play with boys like you. Your big muscles don’t fool us, we know you’re just overcompensating for that sad little baby penis your walking around with. We’ll have you on your knees in a pair of panties choking on black dick. We’ll show your place sweetie, serving BBC that makes your little dick look like a swelled up clit. Unless you’re ready to please and serve the hottest chicks who only take the biggest dicks then don’t waste our time.

sexy babe



You Are A Pathetic Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexBlake you are such a loser and a major cuckold. You will never be able to please a woman, you see this toy in my mouth, you wish that was your cock. You are disgusting and have a pin prick dick or shall I say an oversized clit. You were naughty, you were let out of your chastity cage and you ejaculated by just my finger tip grazing over your clitty. Naughty boy you are there and you will have to withstand the punishment I put forward. You are lucky you aren’t mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. I hope your fiance keeps your pathetic ass in that cage and makes you feed her hungry pussy all the cock it can take with a nice buffet. You know you can’t please a woman with your sad excuse you call a dick. You don’t have the right to cum unless I tell you that you are aloud too.

Phone Sex Therapist for Cuckolds and Sissies

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I talk to men about their kinky fetishes and fantasies; all the things they cannot tell anyone else, even their wives. Even though I am discreet, I am not bound by the same ethical guidelines that limit a licensed therapist. I can laugh at my clients. I can shame them. I can mock them. And, I can publicly humiliate them in my blogs if I want. What makes me go to such extremes? Losers do. First, some of the most pathetic men call me. They know they are losers who can’t please a Barbie doll with the turtle hiding in their panties. Second, they are asking for trouble by confiding in me. I snicker every time a caller says, “This is just between you and me, right?”  It is if you don’t piss me off, annoy me or tell me the most pathetic story ever.  It has been a loser week. Cuckolds, sissies, panty boys oh my. The winner of the loser of the week goes to Dale. Dale has been watching his wife put on makeup to go to the gym for a year now. He has been eating her pussy when she comes back from the gym for a year now too. He seemed to believe she was creamy from sweat. I sweat a lot when I get a decent workout. Never once have I sweated out thick milky white cream from my pussy from doing squats. Unless, of course, I am doing squats on my trainer’s big fat cock. I had to break it to Dale that not only was he the dumbest husband on the planet, he was also a cuckold and sissy cum eater.  Phone sex therapy means being harsh sometimes. If you are too dumb to read the writing on the wall, I am happy to spell it out for you. Please, don’t cry like Dale. I can only handle you being so pathetic.

phone sex therapy

A New Whore

Sissy humiliationI pimp sissies. I take manly men and turn them into sexy feminine bitches. Right now, I’m looking for new bitches to add to my stable of whores. I’ll put you in sexy lingerie and makeup, and you’ll finally feel like a proper woman. But putting you in sexy clothes is only half of the transformation. The last step is you on your knees with a big cock in your mouth. I’ll have the men lined up, waiting to feel your lips around their cocks. Are you ready to be my new whore? I know you’ve thought about sucking dick. So quit daydreaming and let’s make it happen. There’s only one rule, always remember who’s the boss. I’m your pimp, I’m in control. You will obey me or get punished. When I say something, you listen. Call me and you belong to me.

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