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Great blowjobs

When you know you love giving Great blowjobs you know how to assume the position. Even before I got my cherry popped I knew being a cum loving whore was in store for me. Family members and neighbors spared no expenses on my age when it came to teaching me the benefits of being at their service. My current flavor of the season is BBC. My BBC toy knows how to what out to see if I’m home alone. He is a delivery driver in my neighborhood and god does he love to circle my block and watch for their only being my car in the drive way. He loves to slide that big hard black rod in between my Sexy breast and my mouth does all the rest of the work.

You Need A Black Seductress

Sexy Legs

I do not know who needs to hear this but there is nothing like a sophisticated black queen! We can do it better than any other women because we possess a certain magic in our cunts. No matter what you crave a black twat can supply it for you. We have yummiest cocoa pussies, round bodacious tits and, fat bootylicious assess. Nobody can give it to you like the Mahogany Maiden you want in your life. Those white girls probably aren’t doing it for you anymore, are they? They have to buy the bodies that your lily-white freaky fucks want to bury your cocks inside of. Ebony sluts are born with the figure that makes a man want to shoot his load inside of it. That is okay thought because your sophisticated hottie Tanisha is here. Get what you really desire and feast your eyes on these sexy legs. They lead up to a smooth bald slice of heaven where the inside feels like paradise! I am sure you’ve waited long enough to try your hand at a sexy black seductress. Don’t wait any longer big boy!

7 Rings

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Latina phone sex is the best. I am a hot sexy Spanish slut who happens to have equally yummy friends. My girls and I get together. We live a life most would only dream of and we tend to get out of the house for a girls night out once in a while. We all have cucks for husbands Men with big bank accounts but small dicks. We all crave big black dicks, and we get them. Little by little, we have let the cat out of the bag.

All of our husbands know very well that we sit around and burn them. We laugh at their misery and can’t get enough of what losers they are. We have all been planning a cuck party for a while now. All 7 of us got together and brought over our significant others. They were in for quite a night. Our special guest was the local college basketball boys. All tall dark and handsome and most importantly, Well hung! That’s the way we roll.  One by one they made it in. We weren’t only going to fuck these boys. We were going to humiliate our little dick worthless husbands and boyfriends. Seven rings all lined up. Cock rings, of course, We each put them on them and couldn’t contain our laughs. The look of defeat was priceless. My sexy chicks and I got fucked till we could barely walk. Our husbands couldn’t even jerk til the very end — complete humiliation.


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sexy legsMy friends boyfriend couldn’t keep his eyes away from me. I had to have a piece of him. I was noticing how big his rock hard was and I needed him deep inside me.

I wasn’t going to make it so obvious. I slipped him my number and waited less than a few hours. He wanted to hang out with me that very same night. I wore the hottest out fit I could find. My sexy legs and tight ass were to die for. I invited big dick rick inside.

I told him we weren’t going to behave. It had been at least three hours and my cunt was aching for his rock hard cock. I knew he was going to be such a great fuck and I was ready to get his cock and cum. I can keep secrets after all.

Bush Wacker

hairy wet pussyI go back and fourth from a smooth bald pussy and the retro look with a full on bush. To be honest I find that men enjoy a runway, a landing strip and yes a big hairy bush! I fucking love the way it feels when a man runs his dick over my soft hairy cunt. It really heightens the sensory and when that cock finally touches my wet hole I go crazy. I have this one particular neighbor that I fuck who prefers me to be grown out I nick named him my bush wacker. He knows how to pound this pussy with that big fuck rod and even better he loves to bury his face into my moist hairy muffin and lick it until I squirt all over his face! I am always looking for a good bush wacker…not many around these days…with all these bald cunts. Are you a bush wacker?