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Small dicks make me laugh

I can’t help but laugh at tiny dicks. I’m an experienced milf and I like big throbbing cocks filling my holes; not sad little mini sausages. Sometimes I’ll pity fuck a tiny dick, but only after I’m finished laughing. We got a sexy new delivery man and I decided I wanted to get some of that D. When he took off his pants I couldn’t help myself! He had the teeniest weenie I’ve ever seen! That sad, pathetic thing will NEVER give a woman any pleasure. His cock was more like an oversized clit it was so tiny. I laughed and laughed at him until the little fag started to cry. It was so pathetic that I decided to pity fuck him. I spread my legs wide and showed him my pussy and dared him to try to please me. I didn’t feel a thing. It was so sad. I bet that guy gets cuckolded all the time because of his sad, small cocklet.


small dick humiliation

Cum Guzzling Diet

cocksucking phone sexI’m trying the latest diet craze: the cum fast! It’s a lot of work to keep my sexy milf body tight and toned, and I love slurping up semen so it seems like the perfect fit! Whenever I get hungry, I go and find a dick to suck to get that juicy protein-packed cum. All of my neighbors are more than happy to help! This morning, I needed breakfast so I grabbed the mailman and sucked him dry right there in the front yard. When he came, I guzzled down his salty offerings like the hungry bitch I am. I’m thinking I’ll need more protein come dinnertime though. Luckily my son is having his friends over! I think I’m going to spend my night slobbing on some hot teen knob to get my fill.

PTO Meeting Orgy

exhibitionist sexNo one ever expects an orgy at the PTO meeting, but when this milf slut gets involved, it’s a guaranteed good time. If you’ve ever been to one of these meetings, you’d know how dull they can be. I decided to spice it up the only way I know how: with sex. I was watching this sexy dad present about a bake sale, and started thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts about him. I spread my legs wide and started rubbing myself hoping he would notice. The man sitting next to me did, and got visibly erect. I reached over and started rubbing his bulge. The dad up front finally noticed my little display, and he got hard too! “I’ve got a presentation to show you!” I said, and went up to the front of the room. I stripped naked, revealing my tight milf body and huge mommy tits. Then I started sucking off the bake sale guy.

The other parents were shocked, but soon they were all turned on by my little show. I could see everyone touching themselves and it drove me wild! I love turning people on and being an exhibitionist slut. I went and grabbed a mom from the audience and put her up on a table. I started licking her sweet mommy cunt until my whole face was covered in her juices. While I was snacking on muff, bake sale dad came up behind me and started fucking me doggy. The other parents got naked and came to the front of the room to join our fuckfest. It quickly became a writhing pile of fucking and sucking and moaning. I ate every woman’s pussy and sucked every man’s cock. I got double penetrated by the coaches of the softball team, fisted by my neighbor, and face fucked by my son’s best friend’s dad. The orgy didn’t stop until every person had come at least three times! I feel bad for the janitor….maybe I’ll fuck him as an apology for the mess.

I love doing phone sex

mature phone sex

I love being a nasty phone sex slut. I had one of my regulars call me and we talked about really hot taboo sex. It’s so hot to talk about kinky topics with strangers while they masturbate that I end up joining them. I slid my hand into my panties and fondled my swollen clit while telling my caller all about how wet he was making me. This caller loves hearing about how much I love anal, so I told him all about the time I got back door railed on my back porch. It drives me wild to hear my callers gasping and panting and jerking off. Sometimes I grab a vibrator and really go to town on myself during the call. My callers are really happy when I have screaming orgasms with them! It’s not quite as good as real fucking, but being a dirty phone whore is the next best thing. I can’t wait for my next kinky phone sex call!

Neighborhood Welcome Wagon

mature phone sexA really sexy couple moved in across the street, and I decided to give them an unforgettable housewarming gift: a fuck session with me. I whipped up a plate of my famous cookies, made sure my tits were on display, and walked over. They invited me in and I could see the husband checking out my tight MILF body, and I thought I caught the wife looking, too! They offered me some drinks, and then we had a few more….then a few more. One thing led to another and suddenly I was making out with the hot neighbor lady! We quickly stripped down while her hubby watched, and I started licking out her sweet, slippery pussy while she writhed on the counter. While I was eating her out, the husband slid his massive cock straight into my silky cunt. It felt so amazing to be pounded from behind with a sexy woman’s thighs wrapped around my head! We rode the fuck train until the neighbor lady had a shuddering orgasm, then her and I turned our attention to her husband’s cock. We team sucked him until he showered our mature bodies with his sticky, sweet cum. After we were done, we munched on some cookies and promised to “get together” soon. I love being the welcome wagon.

Mommy Loves to Give Rides

milf phone sexI’m a very active member in our little community, and do whatever I can to help the local youths; even if it’s fucking them senseless. I was driving home from work and spotted one of my son’s hot friends waiting by the school. I pulled up next to him and asked him if he needed a ride home, and made sure that my perky fake tits were on display and my skirt was hiked up to show my toned thighs. Moms always know what boys want, and I was right on the nose. I could see him staring at my hot body as he got in the car. I could also see the huge bulge in his pants as we drove off. As we were driving, I reached a hand over to his thigh and stroked it, just barely brushing that cock of his. I told him I needed to make a quick stop and that I needed his help with something.

We pulled up to my house and I dragged him inside by his collar. I stripped off my suit, revealing my gorgeous tits and mature, but tight, body. He could barely believe his eyes! I told him to “be a good boy and lose those jeans” and he did before I could blink. Even though he was my son’s age, it was clear he was VERY well-developed. I marveled at his BBC and decided that Mommy needed to show him how to use it. I shoved him down on the couch and wasted no time climbing right on that throbbing young cock. I rode him furiously while he grabbed my bouncing tits and groaned.

It was clear he wasn’t experienced and probably wasn’t going to last long, so I instructed him to get on top so I could help him with that technique. That boy fucked my hole like a champ! His stiff prick stretched me to my limits and I couldn’t help but scream! He pulled that BBC out of my dripping cunt and shot a massive hot load all over my mature mommy body. I cleaned up, and took him back to his house and told him to call me ANYTIME he needed a ride. This mommy loves giving all kinds of rides

Mature Phone Sex with the New Neighbor

mature phone sexI love mature phone sex. The older I get the hornier I have become. I have a new neighbor next door. He is much younger than me, but legal age. Some tech god, made a bunch of money before he finished college. He just bought his first home and it happens to be next to the horny neighborhood cougar. I went to welcome him to the neighborhood last night. What a welcome it was too. I brought him MILF and cookies. He told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Boom. Just like that my panties were soaked. I fell to my knees and showed him my cock sucking skills. Only dirty milfs like me can give great blowjobs. He was moaning and thrusting in my mouth like it was his first time. He is a computer nerd, perhaps he was a virgin? I didn’t ask, because it didn’t matter. If I was his first, he was going to learn some new tricks. If I wasn’t his first, he was going to remember me always. He coated my face with his young cum a few times, before I finally emptied his nut sack up my cunt. Welcum to the neighborhood Alex. I am happy to be your neighbor.

Gym Cock

Erotic roleplaying

At the gym enjoying a workout, I see this guy, never seen him before must have been new. He was hot and I kept watching him work out and get all nice and sweaty. He came up to me after about an hour of me staring and he said hello. We got to talking and I said fuck it, it’s my week of less stress I want to blow this guy. I told him to meet me in one of the personal hot tub rooms. I gave him a “you know what for” glance and he made a B line right for that room. I wasted no time at all. I took his cock in my mouth the second his shorts were down. I slapped his cock on my tongue and told him he better shoot his whole load down my throat. With that… he was really hard and when I only sucked on the head for a minute he made a disappointed sound. So I reached around behind him put my hands on his ass and pulled him deep into my throat. Every time he was thrusting into my throat I could taste a little precum and I loved it. It wasn’t long after I started playing with his balls and asshole that he gave me a loud grunting cum shot. He shot his hot load all over my face… forehead to chin. My face looked like a glazed donut!Great blowjobs


Parent teacher night

Parent-teacher night is sometimes my favorite day with my students and the things they have been working on so far this year. Some of the parents are so fun and enthusiastic about what is going on. This year was interesting, to say the least. I was waiting for my next set of parents when a man walked by looking confused. I walked out into the hallway and asked what he was looking for. I think I gave him a concerned look because he said is the father of one of my students and he wasn’t sure where to go. “Oh yes, I’m your son’s teacher, Ms. Whitney.” He was happy he found where he needed to be and quickly came into the classroom and sat in the student’s desks. I had nothing but great things to say about his son. A model student, creative all that stuff to make a Dad proud. Then I had to break the bad news. “Your son likes to take his cock out and wiggle it at the girls in the class.” He got a confused look and then we both broke out into hysterics laughing. He said he would talk to his son, but added that he could hardly blame his son for having such a hot teacher.

Fantasy phone sex

I smiled and told him “Well it’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten laid, what do you think?” I didn’t even finish the sentence and he was already half undressed. “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?” and we laughed again. Suddenly he was unbuttoning my shirt, flicked open my front closing bra and had my skirt hiked up to my waist. He turned me around and asked if I was ready. “Fuck yes, give me that cock,” I said and all at once he rammed his cock into my tight fuckhole. He grunted with the thrust and whispered that I was so tight and wet. “Fuck me hard, fuck me really hard and cum inside me.” He had no problem with that at all and started to fuck me hard, I could hear my own wetness squirting against his cock with every thrust into me. When he started to cum I thought it would get the attention of the whole building but I didn’t care I was cumming too. Quickies give me a squirting orgasm and this time was no different. We came pretty hard, smoothed ourselves out, shook hands and parted ways. My kind of fuck/parent-teacher conference.

Beauty and the Beach

Voyeur beach sex

I so badly needed a vacation day or even just a day off from everything, so I decided to ditch work and hit the beaches.
I finally get all my things set out on the sand and I get comfortable. A nice big blanket and a comfy beach chair, a cooler full of beer and tons of sun. Just about to sit down in my chair and get to tanning but I look around and think… fuck it, and take my clothes off. Now that was perfect! Laying back in my chair I can hear the surfers out on the water enjoying the waves and I think I drifted off to sleep for a bit. When I came around again the surfers had their boards and were starting to emerge from the water. Young, hot, tan and eager to fuck I thought. They put their boards into the sand and started digging a fire pit not too far from me. I suddenly get noticed and I had a group of young surfers come over to my blanket just to stare I think. “Hi boys!” I said and they all kind of mumbled hello back. So I just laughed to myself and wanted to see who would bite. “So you all like to stare, but who wants to fuck me?” All the boys were giving me nods, I smiled and told them to decide who goes first and I’ll be laying here ready for them all. It turned out to be a rather fun evening. They had cocks of all sizes and shapes of course, but they all couldn’t get enough. I don’t know how many times I came, but I know I left that beach with wobbly legs, a well-used pussy and a group of satisfied (for the time being) young surfers. What a vacation day, I should do this more often!

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