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Gym Cock

Erotic roleplaying

At the gym enjoying a workout, I see this guy, never seen him before must have been new. He was hot and I kept watching him work out and get all nice and sweaty. He came up to me after about an hour of me staring and he said hello. We got to talking and I said fuck it, it’s my week of less stress I want to blow this guy. I told him to meet me in one of the personal hot tub rooms. I gave him a “you know what for” glance and he made a B line right for that room. I wasted no time at all. I took his cock in my mouth the second his shorts were down. I slapped his cock on my tongue and told him he better shoot his whole load down my throat. With that… he was really hard and when I only sucked on the head for a minute he made a disappointed sound. So I reached around behind him put my hands on his ass and pulled him deep into my throat. Every time he was thrusting into my throat I could taste a little precum and I loved it. It wasn’t long after I started playing with his balls and asshole that he gave me a loud grunting cum shot. He shot his hot load all over my face… forehead to chin. My face looked like a glazed donut!Great blowjobs


Parent teacher night

Parent-teacher night is sometimes my favorite day with my students and the things they have been working on so far this year. Some of the parents are so fun and enthusiastic about what is going on. This year was interesting, to say the least. I was waiting for my next set of parents when a man walked by looking confused. I walked out into the hallway and asked what he was looking for. I think I gave him a concerned look because he said is the father of one of my students and he wasn’t sure where to go. “Oh yes, I’m your son’s teacher, Ms. Whitney.” He was happy he found where he needed to be and quickly came into the classroom and sat in the student’s desks. I had nothing but great things to say about his son. A model student, creative all that stuff to make a Dad proud. Then I had to break the bad news. “Your son likes to take his cock out and wiggle it at the girls in the class.” He got a confused look and then we both broke out into hysterics laughing. He said he would talk to his son, but added that he could hardly blame his son for having such a hot teacher.

Fantasy phone sex

I smiled and told him “Well it’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten laid, what do you think?” I didn’t even finish the sentence and he was already half undressed. “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?” and we laughed again. Suddenly he was unbuttoning my shirt, flicked open my front closing bra and had my skirt hiked up to my waist. He turned me around and asked if I was ready. “Fuck yes, give me that cock,” I said and all at once he rammed his cock into my tight fuckhole. He grunted with the thrust and whispered that I was so tight and wet. “Fuck me hard, fuck me really hard and cum inside me.” He had no problem with that at all and started to fuck me hard, I could hear my own wetness squirting against his cock with every thrust into me. When he started to cum I thought it would get the attention of the whole building but I didn’t care I was cumming too. Quickies give me a squirting orgasm and this time was no different. We came pretty hard, smoothed ourselves out, shook hands and parted ways. My kind of fuck/parent-teacher conference.

Beauty and the Beach

Voyeur beach sex

I so badly needed a vacation day or even just a day off from everything, so I decided to ditch work and hit the beaches.
I finally get all my things set out on the sand and I get comfortable. A nice big blanket and a comfy beach chair, a cooler full of beer and tons of sun. Just about to sit down in my chair and get to tanning but I look around and think… fuck it, and take my clothes off. Now that was perfect! Laying back in my chair I can hear the surfers out on the water enjoying the waves and I think I drifted off to sleep for a bit. When I came around again the surfers had their boards and were starting to emerge from the water. Young, hot, tan and eager to fuck I thought. They put their boards into the sand and started digging a fire pit not too far from me. I suddenly get noticed and I had a group of young surfers come over to my blanket just to stare I think. “Hi boys!” I said and they all kind of mumbled hello back. So I just laughed to myself and wanted to see who would bite. “So you all like to stare, but who wants to fuck me?” All the boys were giving me nods, I smiled and told them to decide who goes first and I’ll be laying here ready for them all. It turned out to be a rather fun evening. They had cocks of all sizes and shapes of course, but they all couldn’t get enough. I don’t know how many times I came, but I know I left that beach with wobbly legs, a well-used pussy and a group of satisfied (for the time being) young surfers. What a vacation day, I should do this more often!

Boredom and the Landscaper

Sexy women masturbating

I was at home, bored as hell, watching Netflix and not really getting much from it. So I turned off the tv and figured I would go take a nap. As I was lying there I started playing with my pussy. Idle hands right? I was really getting into it and then I heard an odd noise on the window. I opened my eyes and looked over and there is the guy who takes care of the landscaping staring into my window and drooling. I didn’t stop playing with myself, why should I, he is watching because he wants to so why not give him a show. So I turned a little so he could watch my fingers fuck my nice wet fuckhole. It almost looked like he was about to lick the glass so I waved him in, his face lit up with a big smile and an “are you sure” kind of look. I kept waving him in and he was in my bedroom in about a split second, a rather eager beaver… eater. He wasted no time in burying his face in my pussy and licking my clit until I was begging to get fucked. He pulled his cock out and rammed it into my wet waiting pussy and holy fuck he was hard. He fucked the hell out of me for a long time and after cumming a bunch of times I said he could nut right inside of me and that seemed to push him over the edge and his cock was deep inside me shooting his load, spurt after spurt. I turned around while he stood there panting and I asked if he would like to do this again sometime. He said, “Sure I’ll just be a peeping Tom again and see if you are game.” Little does he know that I am always game.Sexy breasts

Naughty teacher of a different sort

Naughty teacher

I put word of mouth out to the neighborhood that I was going to host a little party for all the boys and girls. It’s time to show everyone how to give and take a BBC. In reality, it’s not really showing everyone “how” … I’m pretty sure taking cock is an instinct, but I like to have an audience sometimes.
I had them all gather in front of the couch like I was about to tell a story. All the eyes watching as I got the BBC naked and sucked his cock. It was a big fat black cock and he got hard right away from the audience. I didn’t waste a second and got on reverse cowgirl and fucked that cock. It was hard to pay attention to the “lesson” I was trying to give, that BBC felt so good I gushed twice and just wanted to keep fucking, but the second time I gushed the BBC guy blew his wad inside my slick cunt. I laid back on the couch and threw my legs in the air, spread my pussy lips and had each one of the neighbor boys and girls lick a little cum from my pussy. If he or she didn’t want to then they could suck the BBC. Either way, it was the payment for the show.

Totally wasted

Cocksucking phone sex

Everyone needs to let loose once in a while. Went out for a night on the town with my girls last night, got a little too tipsy, but who cares right. It’s a night out on the town supposed to let loose.
There was this really tall tall guy at least that is what I remember. Although; that may not be entirely accurate, at least I remember his name or maybe not. I know that we ended up at my place and my pussy is feeling well fucked and still wet. I roll over and there is this guy, sleeping but his cock is sticking straight up from under the covers. I decide to get on it and take advantage. I peel back the blanket and squat over his cock, pick it up and guide it into my wet pussy. I bounce up and down like a mad woman, holy fuck it’s feeling good. Finally, he wakes up, he’s startled at first but then starts thrusting upwards, hard. I cum all over his cock, my boobies are bouncing all over and he tells me he is going to cum. I hop off and give him my mouth, tongue, and face to cum all over. His hot load shooting in spurts on my face, love it.
Should do nights out more often if I get dick like this!

A new cock in town

Cocksucking phone sex

There is a new family that moved into the neighborhood. I always check out the new residents, see what kind of cock is coming to our little orgy community. Well, it’s really only an orgy because I get the boys and girls all wanting to cum and come back for more. When there is a new cock in town it sets everyone buzzing, for me, I just want to know how big his cock is.
Just the other day the new neighbor’s son came by to ask about mowing my lawn, looking to make some money of course. So I said “I actually have a much better task that I can definitely pay you for. Are you curious?” He smiles big and I say “All you have to do is fuck me daily.” A frown came over his face and I asked him why. He told me that he has never done it so he didn’t think he would be any good at it. His family moves too much for him to try to get stable pussy. I told him not to worry as this is what I love to do, train young men on the art of fucking the hell out of a pussy.
I pushed him down onto a chair and quickly got his pants off. “That is one thick fucking cock!” I said to him and he smiled again. I took that cock as deep into my throat the first time all the way down his shaft, then moving my hand up and down in sync with my mouth. Suddenly he is saying “stop, stop, stop!” I look up but keep sucking that big fat cock. Nice and deep in my throat and then I go down and lick his balls and his taint and his asshole and he just about shoots thru the roof and cums explosively with spurt after spurt. I look at him and smile and say “That is just the first of many more times I’m going to make you cum.”

No team like a double team

Fantasy phone sex

In the spirit of the upcoming football season, I decided to have a little get together with some of my young neighborhood friends. I have fucked most of them, there are a few I’ve only blown or jerked off. Had all the typical food and munchies out for a game, even though it’s only preseason, still fun to have the boys over to watch.
Everyone was having a great time and half time was coming up. I slipped away and went to my room, got naked and put on some sexy thigh highs, heels and a silky robe. I love this robe and how it feels over my tits. I walked out to the living room where the party was, one of the boys turned and said “oh shit” then they all turned to see me standing at the living room entrance. Tits and pussy showing for all of them to see, I walk to the middle of the room, lay down on the large ottoman and say “Anything goes boys!” There didn’t seem to be much hesitation, hands were soon on my tits, fingers touching my pussy opening my little pussy lips, fingers inside me. “Give me a cock somewhere boys,” I tell them and finally, the dicks come out. I get a nice young cock in every hole. I love sucking young cock they get so hard so quick and it stays like that.
The boys started to get more adventurous and were taking turns putting their cocks in my mouth and my pussy. “Someone, fuck my ass,” I said and I pointed to the lube. One brave boy grabbed it and slid into my ass like a pro. And without any prompting at all, another boy slid right into my pussy. There were four boys total that day, they all took turns double teaming me, fucking my wet pussy and stretched asshole. I don’t know how many times I had cum by the time they were all ready to nut, but I know it was a while. I had them all stand around me in a circle and jerk off, my tits, stomach, and face took some nice big loads of hot cum. What a great preseason game party.

P.S. Don’t ask me the score. 😉

Her first pussy

Mutual masturbation stories

I have a younger neighbor girl who comes by now and then to chat or just hang out on the porch and chill. She’s very sweet and is fairly certain she is a lesbian. I told her it was great and I hope she got a good reception from whoever she has told. She said she hasn’t told anyone else yet, but she told me hoping I would give her a chance to eat my pussy. What a surprise, I wasn’t expecting that, but why would anyone turn that down.
First, we started just by mutual masturbation, she played with her pussy and played with mine and vice versa. Her pussy was so wet just in anticipation of the play we were going to do. It seemed like something took over in her and she jumped up and started licking my pussy from asshole to clit. She must have wanted to do it for a while because she really knew what she was doing. Her tongue put every part of my pussy on fire, and when she slipped a finger inside my wet fuck hole, I came all over her fingers and hand. When I went to take charge of her pussy she stopped me and told me that when I came she came and thanks for letting her try her first pussy. I hope she returns!

Mature or Experienced?

Mature phone sex

Every now and then I need that guy, that mature guy who I don’t have to show anything to, that I don’t have to train or instruct. I got to have such an encounter recently. He knew just the right places to touch and tease, so fucking hot.
As soon as he saw me he was kissing my neck and sliding my shirt and bra off but dragging his hands over all of me as he took each item off. My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was already pulsing and throbbing like mad. When it came time to fuck, he wasn’t like a jack rabbit like the younger guys tend to be, he fucked me with control and purpose. It didn’t take much of his expert hands to getting me cumming all over his cock. Finally, at the end, he flipped me over and fucked the hell out of me and we came together. Ah, sometimes you just need that mature guy to fuck you silly.

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