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Sexy Chicks Need Big Dicks

sexy chicksSexy chicks were everywhere Saturday night. My girlfriends and I went to a rock concert. Tight jeans, baby doll tee shirts and some good Mary Jane. Brought me back to my college days. There were a lot of hot forty something women everywhere, but we weren’t going home with no losers. In fact, we didn’t take any guys homes. Either guys had a nice cock, but their bellies observed the full beauty of a big dick or they were buff with little willies. We want handsome and hung. Guys would ask to see our boobs, so we made them show us their dicks. You want to see sexy breasts, you gotta show us something first.  We don’t mind showing our tits because it gives us the perfect in to see if their dick is worth taking home. We still enjoyed the concert. We are hot chicks. Yes, a big cock is nice, but when none is around we won’t settle. We just played with each other. We were in a different city for the night, so we had a hotel suite with a hot tub. We had sex toys and lots of wine. We said goodbye to the small dick losers and hello to some sapphic hotel fun. Just you remember, I will eat pussy before I will suck a small dick.

hot latina

latina phone sexLatina phone sex is the best. I think you can agree your cock get rock hard when you see a sexy spanish mami. Nice tight body and a bubble butt that makes you weak. I love rubbing my pussy thinking about all the guys I turn on. I see you guys stare me up and down and practically break your necks when I pass on by you and your wife. I can see her annoyance by how turned on you are by me. We can be in the grocery store and bam you have a full erect dick and you can’t hide that. I like to cause trouble. I’m a little troublemaker and I enjoy making you weak in your knees.

Naugty Teachers Love Cum on Boobs

cum on boobsOnly a big cock can leave the kind of cum on boobs that I like. School is back in session, and young boys have been lining up for my office hours. I have been a professor for awhile now, but the older I become, the harder it becomes to deny the lure of those college boys. Young and full of cum and all hot for teacher. Not all boys catch my fancy. I am a size queen, plus I like an attractive boy, so not all my students get to fuck the teacher. I have a few assistants who were hired specifically to keep this naughty teacher sexually satisfied, but I need more than a couple guys servicing me. I am insatiable now that I am in my forties. Boys half my age are the only ones who can keep up with my libido. Its funny, because when I was in college, I only had eyes for my professors. Now that I teach college, I only have eyes for my students. Simon was the lucky boy this morning who got to be the teacher’s pet for about 30 minutes. I measured his cock at 9.5 inches. I keep a diary of boys I fuck every semester. I rate them and note their dick size and how well they perform. I guess you could call it my sexual grade book. Simon made the grade. OMG, his cock was beautiful. Big and thick and a nice golden brown. I could feel and see the veins popping out as I licked and sucked on his perfect cock. He was bigger than both ex husbands combined. I worshiped his young cock. I wanted to fuck him, but he nutted on my face and tits before I could bend over the desk. Classes were changing and we both had to get to our next classes, but Simon is coming over to my home tonight for some private tutoring. We are going to work on his stamina.

Craving a colossal cock

I have been craving colossal cocks all day. I have no patience for small dick losers. I know you want a sexy babe like me but you must be able to pass the size requirement to ride this ride. I find it laughable when a short dick pathetic bitch boy tries his hardest to get me to fuck his Vienna sausage. You can show out to all your friends and pretend to be packing but if you can’t show me what your working with and keep my mouth shut with your dick don’t waste my time. My twat only gets wet for cocks that I can jerk off with two hands. I want nothing less than that. If you can’t fill my mouth with your girth please bounce!

sexy babe

Sexy Breasts and Truckers

sexy breastsWhen you have sexy breasts, you love to show them off. When I was a college coed, my girlfriends and I use to flash truckers when we went on road trips. They would honk their horn, we would show our tits or vice versa. I have not done that in decades.  Over the weekend, I took a trip to the beach in my mid life crisis, a new convertible Corvette. I was playing some 80s music on the XM radio station and I got nostalgic for the old days of road trips: mixed tapes, an old beater car, 4 girls and flashing truckers our tits. I started keeping an eye out for a handsome trucker. They are all over the Santa Monica freeway. While Annie Lennox was belting out “Sweet Dreams,” a college age trucker drove by. He honked his horn first, smiled and waved. I waved back and flashed him my tits. He went off the road to the rest stop, so I followed him. It was reckless, but I was horny, and he was cute. When I was in college, I did shit like this all the time. As a mature sexy babe, I think before I fuck. Could he be a serial killer? What if he has a small dick? What if he smells? But, for about 30 minutes, I didn’t give a fuck and I went for it. I got in the back of his cab and fucked the shit out of him. He had a big cock, he didn’t smell, and he was no Ted Bundy. He was just a horny stud who had been on the road too long and needed to sink his cock into a pussy.  I was happy to supply the pussy. I was back on the road shortly and smiling. It was just like 1988 all over again.

He Spoils Me

Foot fetishes

Dexter is a really rich and giving guy he knows how to treat a lady like myself. I had never been to Europe before and he wanted to take me and not for one second did I think he was lying. Dexter is the greatest guy ever, he told to clear my schedule for at least three weeks then he gave me his black card and requested that I buy at least five pairs of Red Bottom stilettos of my choice. I knew Dexter’s favorite color besides money green was red so I made sure to get red on red stilettos. A black card has no limit so I didn’t even think about what I would be spending and that’s just how Dexter want’s it. I couldn’t wait for the trip, all of my paperwork was in order and we got our first class tickets. I was so overwhelmed by all that Dexter would do to make me happy that I fucked him and sucked his cock everyday leading up to the trip. You can only imagine what we did in the air and when we touched down and when we got to the room. All I can say is Dexter is amazing and he taught me so much. 

Million dollar sugar baby pt. 2

Sexy breastsAfter a long day of shopping, fucking and worshiping my Big Daddy King’s perfect anaconda cock, we cuddled up in bed and feel into a deep slumber together. I love when he has his big strong arms wrapped around me, I feel so safe and loved. The feeling of his black monster dick pressing up against my ass while he spoons me from behind always wakes me up in the middle of the night. I can’t help but roll over and give him soft kisses to wake up and let him know that I’m horny as fuck and ready for another round. My Big Daddy’s manhood is already throbbing and ready to bust nuts for his sexy sugar baby princess. He plunged his fingers into my tight little pussy slit and felt how fucking wet I was, I love hearing him moan while he plays with me. BDK had me lay on my back while he spread my legs open as wide as they could spread. He dove into my delicious pussy and ate me out like the living legend that he is. No one devours my insides like my Big Daddy King. What we have is more than just a physical connection, we have an emotional and spiritual connection too. The two of us are on another level, our sexual chemistry is just the icing on the cake that already has layers of icing on it. I squirted so much cum out, the orgasms he gives me are intense and earth-shattering. I soaked the bed sheets with all of my tasty juices. Big Daddy gripped on to my tiny waist and planted me right on top of him so he could suck on my sexy breasts while I bounced up and down on his big black anaconda like a cowgirl. I spun around on the dick, bouncing my booty in his face then again to the front side.. I love riding him like a nasty little freak. My King is obsessed with his little nympho spinner, and i’m just as equally infatuated with him, if not more! I moaned loud as fuck as he exploded his load of cum deep up inside of me. I’m my Big Daddy’s property and this pussy belongs to him! We pillow talked for a little while after our intense middle-of-the-night playtime. He’s the love of my life and no one fucks me as good as he does. He scores touchdowns all night long with me, just like how he did at the Super Bowl. 😉 #BigDickOnly #BDK #ILoveYou #MonsterCock #SugarBabySex #YouWish #HatersGonnaHate

Private show

sexy chicksI knew my husband was hiding something! A women’s intuition is never wrong. When I found out he had been having a little affair with the help, I lost it. I knew I would give him a  taste of his own medicine. To be honest, I had been doing my dirty deeds down low. Now it was getting even time. I didn’t care about anything but getting even. I wanted him to understand that he was the bitch in our relationship.

So I did what any smart women would and made sure to give him the perfect show. I set up the mood made it look like I was going to get naughty with him. I used a blindfold some handcuffs and rope and tied him right up. Sexy chicks get the best revenge. I unmasked him and made him watch me fuck his son right in front of him. That wasn’t it. I had my favorite BBC candy gag him with a gag ball. It was a one-person show. I was making sure to give him the performance of his life. I was fucking his very own son and my big chocolate lover. The humiliation made it all worth it. The look on his face made things more than alright.

Phone Sex Therapist

                                                                                                                                                                   Phone Sex Therapist What is a Phone Sex Therapist you ask? Well I am a woman that helps you find a sexual side that you never knew existed. Yes, you may love your pretty wife very much. Do you crave her touch when she is near or find yourself daydreaming of her at work? Oh, really you don’t do either of those things. What a shame because I demand your full attention. After our first session you won’t be able to think of anything other then my tits bursting through the top of my blouse or the way my hand slid up your thigh while we were talking. I’m positive as your reading this now you can still feel my mouth wrapped around your hard cock. Allowing yourself to shoot your wad down my throat is something your pretty wife won’t allow. But it is exactly what brought you to my office today. Everyone leaves with a smile from my office.


Sexy phone sex I want to put out that fire in your pants. And you can put out the fire in mine. Every man needs a slut. And this slut’s loins are on fire. On fire for you. All 3 of my fuck holes want you. My tittys are begging for some fucking from you too. My whole body is burning and the only way to put it out is to cover me from head to toe. Inside and out with all your cum. Can you put out this fire? I am going to get on my knees, plopping that fine cock of yours into my mouth. Swirling around on your cock head letting the drool run from my mouth down onto your shaft. Then sliding my lips all the way down until I hit your balls. Suckling like it was the bottle life until you give me what I am craving.

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