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Erotic Roleplaying With Felecity

Hey there sexy! I’m so happy that you decided to drop by. I really hope we have some great chemistry and that we can chill out together with some hot erotic roleplaying and naughty fun. Let me caress your rock hard shaft as I gently nibble on you nipples while massaging your balls. I will kiss down your chest, belly and tease your cock with my tongue. I’ll take the full length of that throbbing cock into my mouth and close my lips around the head as I lick all around that ridge of your mushroom cap.

Erotic Roleplaying

Bury your head between my legs and slide that tongue between my clean shaven outer cunt lips and slip it into my wet slit. I want you to lick me and suck on my clit, as I grind my hips upward begging you to go deeper. I get to the point of squirting my hot cunt juices in your mouth as my hands hold your head between my legs.

Finally, I will beg you for that throbbing cock to penetrate and pound my pussy until your jizz flows deep in my love tunnel.


Boredom and the Landscaper

Sexy women masturbating

I was at home, bored as hell, watching Netflix and not really getting much from it. So I turned off the tv and figured I would go take a nap. As I was lying there I started playing with my pussy. Idle hands right? I was really getting into it and then I heard an odd noise on the window. I opened my eyes and looked over and there is the guy who takes care of the landscaping staring into my window and drooling. I didn’t stop playing with myself, why should I, he is watching because he wants to so why not give him a show. So I turned a little so he could watch my fingers fuck my nice wet fuckhole. It almost looked like he was about to lick the glass so I waved him in, his face lit up with a big smile and an “are you sure” kind of look. I kept waving him in and he was in my bedroom in about a split second, a rather eager beaver… eater. He wasted no time in burying his face in my pussy and licking my clit until I was begging to get fucked. He pulled his cock out and rammed it into my wet waiting pussy and holy fuck he was hard. He fucked the hell out of me for a long time and after cumming a bunch of times I said he could nut right inside of me and that seemed to push him over the edge and his cock was deep inside me shooting his load, spurt after spurt. I turned around while he stood there panting and I asked if he would like to do this again sometime. He said, “Sure I’ll just be a peeping Tom again and see if you are game.” Little does he know that I am always game.Sexy breasts

Sexy babe who likes to tease

sexy babeSexy babe who enjoys real cock that is totally me.  I have a husband who treats me like a total princess but I can’t stand him. He irritates me because he doesn’t please me. I of course hide it well I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Sometimes I joke around and I do tell him how pathetic his shrimpy cock is, He totally laughs it off but I am so serious and I don’t care how bad it hurts him when I am horny. I usually rub one out or wait til the poor idiot falls fast asleep. Within minutes I am getting pounded by my neighbor friend or calling a female friend over to assist me with my yearning for a real orgasm. I can’t say that I feel bad at the moment I just want my pleasure and thats all that matters to me. I’m hot and have a banging body I deserve to enjoy myself while I’m this hot.

Sexy hot woman being naughty

sexy hot woman

Sexy hot woman being naughty is a beautiful thing. Haven’t you ever fantasized about fucking your girlfriend and her best friend? Well if you are like my husband probably not. My husband is so boring and just the definition of sad. I no longer feel bad about my sexual escapades with neighbors and randoms. I realized that I need to take care of my needs and I have been a pretty damn good wife keeping in shape and looking my best. I signed up to be living the dream life he promised me. I never knew it would turn out to be a dream life with terrible sex. So I get my fix with Roxana and Gabriella and Brielle. They are hot, delicious and slutty. Roxy came over today and we immediately helped each other to orgasm. My husband would freak out if he knew that my pussy has been being pleased by half the neighborhood and many of our wedding guest and friends.

Spoil Me

GFE phone sex

I’m so glad to be back and especially because of you. You’re the perfect mature and handsome gentleman who knows how to make a young girl like me beam with glee, and I more than return the favor. You spoiling me all the time leaves me in the position where all I want you to know is how special you are to me. I really adore our time together and especially pleasing you for hours and hours. Making sure my sweet sugar daddy knows he’s adored by his darling girl. All the time we get to spend together away from your wife and whatnot- I know I make you happier and more fulfilled than she does and that’s why we always have such a wonderful time together. From our sex to our conversations, it’s easy to say I’m one lucky lady to have you.

Watch Me Husband As I get Pregnant By Those Men

Cuckold phone sexI have decided that I want a little one. To teach how to be a good Dominatrix. But I have decided that I will not have My husbands little one. I will have another mans baby. I will go out tomorrow night and bring home three nice well hung men to fuck. Right in front of My husband. Let him watch in the corner. Not even allowing him to jerk off that little bitty thing that he calls a dick.   Let him seeing a real cocks get Me pregnant and give Me My little one I have always wanted.  I let the men cum deep inside My cunt and when I get pregnant I wont know which one of the three men gave Me My little one.  And when that little one is here.  She will rule over My husband and he will take care of Her and all She wants.

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex is my favorite! I love my holes  filled as soon as I’m home alone. I just love being banged by my neighbor and my pool cleaner. As soon as my husband leaves I always am ready for the next cock. I make a call and just like that, I have what I want it’s pretty crazy. It’s just like ordering a something from the catalog. I can narrow down the type of cock I want in seconds. Love getting random guys cock pics. I choose the one I get to try for the day and immediately get to fulfill all my fantasies. I love those hookup apps. I love that my husband has no idea what I’m doing all day. His tiny dick has never satisfied me and he really has a way of just making me crave real men. I guess when you have great cock all day you become a mega little slut. I am especially fond of Big black cocks. I have just been stuffed by huge ones. I am becoming some what of a size queen in training

First Time Lesbian

Lesbian Phone Sex

My friend’s daughter let me know she needed to learn how to eat pussy, so I told her I could teach her how to be the perfect little clit-licking whore. Surprised and nervous, she explained her boyfriend wanted to have a threesome, but she had never been with another woman before. Told her to relax and I had her lean back and lift up her shirt.

Kissing and licking her nipples, I could tell she was getting turned on by the way my tongue flicked up and down, gently teasing her. The way she moaned and squirmed made me so wet. I needed to taste her sweet pussy! Kissing down her stomach, I pulled off her shorts and panties, and started sucking and licking her clit. Her tight, teen pussy was already so wet for me.

I stuck two fingers inside and massaged that sensitive spot while I ate her out. In consistent, steady motions, her hips rocked to the rhythm of my tongue until she was shaking from the orgasm I was giving her. When she finally caught her breath, I brought her into my bedroom and pushed her flat on the bed. Pulling off my sexy red dress, I straddled her face and told her it was time to practice.

I rubbed my clit against her tongue, moaning as she lapped up all my juices. Since I was already so worked up, it didn’t take me very long to lose myself and cum all over her mouth. She did pretty good for her first time, but practice makes perfect! Looks like we have some long study sessions coming up!

Sensual Phone Sex

Shaved Wet Pussy In The Bath

Shaved wet pussyI love relaxing at the end of the day with a sexy, warm bubble bath! The way that my shaved wet pussy feels as the water slips in and out of my tight slit is so yummy, it drives me wild. My big ass titties are like flotation devices as I roll around in my relaxing jacuzzi jet bath tub! Finger fucking myself feels so damn good, especially when I sit myself on one of the strong jets as it shoots in and out of my tight holes, tickling my clit and g-spot and and sending chills up and down my spine! The jets are so strong, they make me squirt cum so fucking hard! I really enjoy having that sensual one-on-one time with myself when i’m able to play with my insides while having multiple orgasms in a row. Do you want to come and join me while i’m taking my sexy bath? I would love for you to hold the removable shower head on my pussy while making me moan and feel ultimate pleasure! Be a good boy and do as you’re told and come and guve me a helping hand, or two, hehe!

Feeling up my boobies

Sexy breastsThere’s something about a pair of sexy breasts. Lucky for us women, men love all kinds of tits. Small perky ones, big floppy ones, ones with tiny nipples. Headlights glaring in the cold. A nip poking through a wet t-shirt or some giant stripper tits. There’s a man for every kind.

Look back to your own fantasies. Sucking a milky nipple while Mommy touches you. That first time a MILF let you slide your teen boner between her globes. Peeking at the neighbor girl while she undressed. Her tits were so beautiful. Your auntie in a bikini with her DDs poking out, right in your face when she hugged her.  Your daughters new buds just starting to sprout. Titties make the world go round. From that first time you peeked at Playboy and your young cock hardened, you knew those fleshy lumps were something to be worshipped.

My 42EEs are dying to be sucked, fondled, and squeezed around a thick cock. Come do a breast exam while my poor cucky husband has to watch. Just explain that you are doing it for my health. Regular breast exams save lives. Squeeze away!!!

Large boobs


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