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Craving Chocolate

Sexy babe

I’ve been a nasty girl again. I couldn’t contain myself. This time this sexy babe betrayed her best friend. I’m all for girl code but, when it comes down to cock its cock over everything. My friend Trisha’s just got herself a hot new young guy. Trisha’s new man is also packing a huge black mamba in his pants. How am I supposed to turn that down? I’m a chocolate addict, and for that, I will do just about anything. BBC is the cream of the crop. Like a black on black bugati, it doesn’t get any better. When I say things escalated, I mean it. One second I was being greeted and introduced to him the next we escape out back for a quickie. Poor Trisha has no idea her BBC will be permanently mine soon. 💜


Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is enjoyable to me. I am not necessarily a ball busting bitch, but I do love shaming little dicks. Older women don’t take any shit. We also don’t take any small dicks in our pussies. I was enjoying a night out with my girlfriends last night. We were at a wine bar. When this loser wouldn’t go away, he turned our place into a whine bar. He started calling us stuck up bitches. He was an annoying fuck. Horny men are the worst. They are ruled by their hormones and say and do stupid stuff because they want to fuck. This guy had no clue he was out of his league. He wasn’t tall. He wasn’t handsome. And, he was apparently broke because his card declined when he bought us a round of drinks that we had refused earlier. No amount of booze makes me blind to a man’s major short comings. There was no way this train wreck had a big cock. He kept saying big things come in little packages. He had little man syndrome. Often, short men have big egos and short tempers to overcompensate for their short stature. When I hit my limit of his annoying ass, I told him to put his money where his mouth was. If he had a big dick, then I demanded to see it. He pulled it out and we all laughed.  My girlfriends put on their glasses and still snickered, “Where’s the beef?”  We couldn’t even call the cops on him for indecent exposure because we couldn’t see anything! He was not handling the barrage of small dick jokes well.  He asked for it, just like some of my callers. I mean, if you have a dick smaller than 5 inches, you better check yourself before you claim to have what sexy hot women need.

Another satisfied client

best phone sex  It’s great when the best phone sex leads to a major orgasm. Sometimes my clients call me because they have an urgent need that they can’t wait until our next office visit for. I especially love it when they are stuck at work with a hard-on. I am there for all their needs. I am very detailed in my description of how I suck their cock slowly at first then building in speed and suction. Telling them how good it feels to have their hands guiding my head down on their cock just the way they like it. Knowing I won’t stop till they bust their load. Once they grow silent on the other end I know I have done my job.

Phone Sex Therapy for Small Clits

phone sex therapyLet’s have phone sex therapy. If you are on my site, reading my blogs, my guess is you are searching for some one who will tell you the truth. The truth about your small cock. There are many self aware boys out there who know their dicks don’t measure up. I love reinforcing what you already know.  I would much rather talk to then men who know they have small dicks than the guys with small dicks who think they are a gift from heaven to women. Small dicks aren’t gifts, unless you count the gift of laughter. I had a call this morning from a guy with such a tiny dick it was just a nub. He sent me pictures. It was a swollen clit at best. Not sure how it could penetrate any pussy. Likely, he was a virgin and lied to me when he said he has fucked before. He did admit that girls never fuck him a second time and many have made up some excuse why they couldn’t sleep with him once they saw his wiener. They were nice girls. I am a mean girl. I am an honest phone sex therapist. I tell men what other women won’t. I don’t have pity sex. I think too much of myself to fuck a nub. The only way to fuck a nub is to trib like two lesbians lol. A clit stick doesn’t fit inside a pussy. He wanted help on pleasing women. Although I applauded his ability to know he can’t give sexual pleasure to others, I was blunt. Being a cuckold or a sissy is only way he could please women. Being a cuckold is harder as a single man, but I told him how to find couples and mistresses to work with him. I think he is just lonely. Loneliness is a small dick problem. That is why there are sexy hot women in this business. If you can’t get women to pay attention to you, you can always pay one to laugh at you.

Millionaire facials from Big Daddy King

2 girl phone sexBig Daddy King had some super naughty 2 girl phone sex with me and my sexy latina mami Loretta. My living legend has been working his ass off overseas, closing multi-million dollar deals and expanding his businesses immensely.. he works very hard to make bank and keep his sexy princess spoiled as fuck! I wanted to surprise my BDK with a special present so I went and picked up Loretta in my brand new Porsche that my Daddy bought for me a few weeks ago. She was soooo excited to finally be able to meet my prominent Big Daddy and his monster anaconda cock that I can’t stop bragging about! I went ahead and bought some new lingerie for the two of us to put on for BDK, I know how much he enjoys me in my skanky little outfits so I can only imagine how obsessed he’s gonna be with her and I both together wearing our naughty bra and panties. When we pulled up to my palatial mansion her jaw was dropped, she couldn’t believe her eyes and that this entire property was all mine! I wasn’t lying when I said my King spoiled me rotten! The interior made her even more awestruck, everything encrusted in gold and diamonds… it’s unlike anything she has ever seen! We glided up the sprawling staircase and I opened the huge french doors leading to the master suite where Big Daddy was sound asleep. He looked so fuckin sexy underneath the white silk sheets and his monster cock was outlined perfectly, he stays rock hard and throbbing even in his dreams! Loretta and I slipped into the bed on both sides of him and gave him soft kisses to wake him up to his hott surprise that he had waiting for him. His eyes lit up when he saw his gorgeous goddess and my best friend loving all over him. We showed him our sexy lingerie and he loved that I had them custom-made to say ‘Property of Big Daddy King’ on the pussy. We gave his delicious monster dick a tongue bath, hearing Daddy moan with pleasure only makes us hornier and wetter! When he was ready to bust that liquid gold for his naughty little girls, he pushed our faces cheek to cheek and we stuck our tongues out eager as fuck for that tasty cock cream. Big Daddy King exploded all over and gave us millionaire facials, we both looked so fuckin hott smothered in his godly cum. It was trickling off of Loretta’s dick sucking lips and I couldn’t help myself but to suck it off! BDK deserves to have the best of the best, that’s why he keeps sexy hot women like me and my bestie Loretta around to please him at all times! I love being his nasty little sugar baby princess!Sexy hot women

My new stepson

shaved wet pussyI got very acquainted with my eldest stepson not too long ago, but now my youngest stepson came to visit for the first time, and It’s driving my shaved bald pussy wild. I need to have his cock. I have been thinking about all the ways to make him my newest fuck toy. I think he’s a bit shy, but I know I could break him out of his shell.

The nasty thoughts going through my mind are all of him pounding me raw. I purposefully wear all kinds of short out first and show off my hot sexy body while he’s home. Thankfully my husband works so much, so I have time to make my move on my stepson. In my wildest fantasies, I think about riding him and just when he climaxed and is at the peak of cumming the door opens fully, and my husband catches us. That got me going and has me playing with my cunt. I will have to start brainstorming ways to make him my newest fuck buddy. One thing I always get right. I still get what I want. If I see something shiny and I need it. You can bet I will stop at nothing to get it.

Sexy Hot Women in Heat

sexy hot womenSexy hot women love teasing men. I was shopping in a short jean skirt last night. I was wearing a pair of sheer panties. I bent over in the frozen food section and caught this dirty old pervert trying to look up my skirt. He had to have a shriveled up old dick. I am surprised looking up my skirt didn’t make him stroke out. He followed me around the store trying to get a look up my skirt again. I teased the geezer. I didn’t know if he thought he could fuck me or if he had a panty sniffing fetish. I confronted him in the parking lot. He wasn’t as old as I thought. He was 65. He was 20 years my senior. He looked older. He said I was the first woman to give him a boner in a decade. I was flattered. I could see the sizable outline in his pants. This dirty old man had a huge cock. I thought about it for a moment. I don’t have an old man fetish, but I am a cock size queen. A big cock is a big cock regardless of age. I said, “Grandpa, I’m about to make your day.” I blew his old huge cock in the back of his car. He came quickly, which was disappointing but understandable. It has been 11 years since he came from a woman’s touch. I took my wet panties off and gave them to him as a souvenir. He looked like he had died and gone to heaven. Okay, so I might have slipped him my phone number too.  That old geezer had at least ten inches of cock that was going to waste. I knew just the sexy babe to bring life back to his aging Anaconda.  Don’t judge me. Your little dick isn’t doing anything for me or anyone for that matter.

Front row seat

sexy chicks

I have met a plethora of whore who is into cuck fuck just like me. I haven’t opened up too much to my husband on my sick fantasies. I have always wanted him to have to suck a big cock in front of me. I want to see the look of disappointment on his face when he realizes he doesn’t turn me on and can never satisfy me like substantial big cock. I have dreamt of orgies right in front of my husband. When I met a girl who was just like me and was living that fantasy I had, I had to meet her right away. Sexy chicks like her and I expect to be fucked so well and never be left with a pathetic cock to please. I hated having to please my husband. Luckily I got front row seats to her cuck sesh with her husband I even got to participate a bit. We were having an orgy with big black cock right in front of him. I was so turned on by that view I couldn’t get enough of it. After we fucked and had all those cocks in our twats, She made her husband clean us out like a good little cuck.

Revenge pt. 2

Sexy hot women

Last week I overheard Jan and Christie talking trash about me. I thought these women were my friends, but I guess I was wrong. I wanted revenge so I slept with Jan’s husband. Now it’s Christie’s husband’s turn to feel my mouth wrapped around his cock.
Christie’s husband’s name is Paul and he’s a lawyer. I went to his office and pretended to need his services. I wore a tight red dress with high heels, I looked classy with a splash of slutty. He couldn’t stop staring at my tits. When I knew I had him wrapped around my finger I got straight to business. I pulled my dress down revealing my perky tits, he rushed around his desk, dropped to knees and started sucking on my breasts. My nipples got so hard from the way his tongue swirled around them. My pussy was throbbing for some attention, but I needed to feel him in my mouth first. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock like a bad girl. I show him that I could swirl my tongue, too. He held the back of my head a forcefully fucked my face, and I liked it. Finally, I got him on his back and rode him like a cowgirl from Texas. I have to admit he was a better lay than Jan’s husband. Revenge is so sweet.

No broke losers allowed

Sexy women masturbatingIf you can’t afford me then don’t even bother trying to get my attention. I love to humiliate these little broke boy losers. It’s hilarious when you approach me in the most pathetic of ways. To be able to witness sexy women masturbating is such a privilege and believe me, money talks baby. I must admit, I love being an emotional and mental sadistic, it makes me horny to have control over you and wrapped around my sexy finger. Praying pretty girls like me is such a blessing and it’s your fucking destiny as well! Don’t be a whimp and instead give new meaning to the term ‘pay pig’, because let’s be honest that’s all you really are to me and all that you will ever be. I enjoy many flavors, white men, huge black cocks, everything. What’s a hottie heartbreaker to do besides take advantage of a naughty boy like you?! My tight little body, wet pussy and juicy titties have you watering at the mouth and always wanting to give me more. I really need some new lingerie to wear while I get fucked by some real good dick. Step it up and get to sending, bitches!

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