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Great Blowjobs

I am that Caring Sweet Sensual Mature Girlfriend experience every man like you needs.  I will be that fetish loving sweet woman that satisfies her man.  I hear some woman say they do not even give their man blowjobs. I can assure you I have a great mouth that will swallow your cock whole. I will milk that sweet cock until you can not take any more. I will lay my body out for you to take any way you please.  I will bend over, so you can enter my ass using my pussy juice for lubrication. Please come fuck my ass and then enter my sweet mature pussy, I want to be filled with your hot sticky cum juice. I promise to clean your cock with my mouth afterward and give you a massage to work out all your kinks.

Cum all over my big boobs

Cum on boobsDrop me the check and let’s get straight to business. Straight to fucking and sucking, straight to cum on boobs because I know you love that shit! Grab on to my throat with your big strong hands, all that does is make my pussy even wetter and hornier. The feeling of your hard ass dick around my lips make them quiver. I am going to drown you in a vortex of sublime sensations and lustful desires, you won’t even know what to do with yourself when you have me wrapped around your finger. I can’t wait to show you how bad I want that thick dick before you slide right up into my warm pussy, so snug and sexy, it’s the perfect fit! Pin me down and push my legs all the way back, use your tongue on my clit to spell out how much you love me! My ass is poked up nice and high while I rock it on you as you push and stroke deep. You’re solid in my throat and I can’t stop sucking! I lift my leg up so that you can thrust even deeper into my sticky pussy. You have the nerve endings of my sexy cunny screaming with pleasure! Moan in my mouth while I drip on that yummy cock. Bust your big load of cummy jizz all over my large boobs, I know that shit drives you wild!

He took me shopping

cuckold phone sexI have a wimpy little cucky pet that pretty much does whatever I tell him so today I made him take me shopping. He sat there humiliated while I flirted with the sexy clerk, I made him pay for everything and when I had all the shoes I wanted, I made him watch me fuck the clerk too! We were all alone in the shop so I had the clerk lock the door and pull out his huge throbbing cock. It was so big that it was hard to suck but boy did I love trying to get it all down my throat! That little wimpy cuck was crying while I was doing it, he wished so hard that I would suck his dick like that but he has a tiny little clit, why would I want to touch that? I only touch big cocks, the kind that real men have and his definitely doesn’t make the cut! He just had to sit there and watch that superior man fuck me. And in the end, he had to clean up my cum filled pussy too!

foot fetishes

Double stuffed

Sexy legs lI outdid myself today if I do say so myself. I was bored and my husband was off at work, I was flipping thru tinder and flipping thru back page and I finally came across a post on craigslist that read “Double stuffed” My eyes gravitated towards it. It read that identical twin brother wanted to fuck a womenand wanted to fuck her at the same time. The description specifically asked for women with a hot figure and sexy legs, I had all those characteristics so I was ready to go and meet up. I was greeted by these two greek twins they were gorgeous and wasted no time. They had huge cocks and basically had me butt ass naked. I was enjoying taking the back seat while they were getting the town on my pussy and ass. They didn’t abandon my mouth either. They were fucking me so good. I had squirted 4 times. I was in a state of pleasure and shock.

Merry Cockmas

sexy babeWhile your wife is returning gifts and trying to get a head start for Christmas 2018 why don’t you let this sexy babe make you cum? I get so fucking horny and lonely. Sure I enjoy going thru those hookup apps and being fucked but sometimes a nice phone fuck is what I need to make me complete. I have talked endlessly how pathetic my husband is, So why don’t you cum with me and make me your little Christmas gift. Fuck me hard and make me squirt like never before. Let me make your fantasies come true. You need a sophisticated slutty hot wife. I’m the ultimate trophy wife that just happens to be sex crazed and horny all the fucking time. Why don’t you help both of us out and start to dial me in Tuesday and let’s get lost in a naughty journey? Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you have been naughty get naughtier and if you have been nice you deserve this! It’s always good to be bad.

Ass fetish breaks the bank

Ass fetishYour ass fetish is my gain, I love making you weak at the knees! So far today I have accomplished morning sex, brunch and shopping, all on your tab of course! Just another day in the life of a sexy goddess! I get off by breaking bank accounts, it’s what I do best! I’m vicious, i’m dangerous and you cannot seem to look away. Maybe you should be scared because I can guarantee that I will fuck you up! Only real men deserve this perfect pussy, are you a real man?! When was the last time a woman waited in lingerie for you to come home to her? Especially right now around Christmas time, it’s all about me and what you’re going to do for me! You are delusional if you think that the cash in your wallet is yours. Instead, it has my name written all over it! You are elated to even have the chance to be able to talk to me and please me. I am elated to receive your money! Good boys send tributes quickly, good boys aim to please, no matter what the circumstances are! Nothing is too big of an obstacle when it comes to making sure that I am pleased and pleasured in all possible ways! Send without prompt, obey without hesitation, sacrifice without encouragement. I am yours and you are mine!

My Pet

Phone sex sites Today I took my pet shopping. Had him dressed up in a cute little lacy purple outfit. I picked it out myself for him. I bought all sorts of things clothes, jewelry, stuff for my hair. And just crazy little stuff that was just too cute to not buy. And yes my pet paid for it all as he followed behind me. I could hear the laughs, and whispers about my pet. I could see the humiliation on his face. After I was done spending his money I took him home. He was such a good pet at the mall. So for his reward I let him give me oral on my kitty. When I had my 3rd orgasm I let him jerk off on the floor and allowed him to lick up his own cum. And true to form of what a good obedient pet I have. He thanked me for all I allowed him to do today for me.

A Slut Forever

Sexy phone sexI have been a slut since the age of 18. Still a slut today. And hoping to be a slut well into grandma years. I love being a slut and enjoying as many cocks as I can get in my lifetime. When a new cock comes my way. I love to feel the newness of that cock. Taste that cocks scent. And every man works his cock differently. And when I get cock that I have had before that is great too! I already know what to expect and what they like to make them feel good using this slut. My point being is being a slut is a great way to live and I would not want to be anything else but a slut.

Tease and denial thanksgiving fun

Tease and denialTease and denial thanksgiving fun! My poor husband never gets a break not even for the holidays. I tease his cock endlessly and give him the worst case of blue balls. Even on a special event, I prefer to save a nice hard fucking with someone like his daddy.

I have mentioned before how different he is from his brothers and father, Its like complete night and day between his family and him. They all love me except his mom. She’s an uptight nagging nancy, Its funny cause her name is Nancy, Negative Nancy doesn’t like how hot I look and how all her sons and husband gawk at my sight. I have her son eating from the palms of my hands. She has tried endlessly to catch me in one of my sexual escapades but has failed miserably.

Its thanksgiving eve and I make my way with my pathetic husband over to his parent’s house, Daddy is happy to see me but his mommy nancy has some slick comments about my tight little dress. I smile and ignore it.

I Make my way to the “powder room” I hear footsteps and look its My father in law. He closes the door and starts making his way to me, I can already tell what he wants to do. He has totally been craving fucking me since our last session. He unzips me and starts to rub my body he is so hard I can feel his cock pushing up against me. My pussy is getting soaked I can feel it dripping down my thighs. All the things that are running thru my mind have me so turned on.

There’s nothing I love more than risky sex, That’s why I fuck a ton of people while my husband is home under the same roof. At this very second, I am thinking about being caught by my mother in law and my husband and it surely has me ready to take my father in law deep in my pussy. He starts my eating my wet pussy and really working his tongue in me. It was an instant orgasm, I wasn’t done neither was he. I needed his cock in me!!! I did not just want it, I needed it. I was quivering and drenched and just so enthralled by the experience that I didn’t realize I was moaning so loud.

Thank goodness Nancy had some music echoing thru the whole house. I loved getting his meaty cock deep in me. Its such huge difference from my husband, How could these two even be related I surely have reason to believe my husband is the milkman’s kid. All his brothers are all so well endowed and they fuck me so good. My husband’s tongue is the only thing that gets me off. While his dad can bust his load deep into me and make me cum over and over.

I still can’t believe my father in law fucked me and ate me out in the same house our family was in, On thanksgiving too. After fucking for what felt like an eternity, I made my way downstairs still flustered but still just so turned on.

I sat right at the dining table where my brother in law was and I waste no time and I slip him a little note.

I wanted round two and I sure got it.

Sexy babe and her hot sidekicks

Sexy babe and her hot sidekicks all down for some hot fun. I was getting so sick of the monotonous daily task and just needed a vacay with my girls. We hit up sin city on my husband’s tab of course and let loose and had a blast. I have hot friends and Mandie and Colette are by far the hottest of the bunch and the most fun so of course, they were going to be down for so much fun. We ended up partying dancing and having a blast, but the real blast happened in our hotel room. After a couple jello shots and dares, we end up making out and obviously getting naughty. We brought out our favorite toys from our suitcase and shared cause sharing is caring. We had multiple orgasms and spent the night being horny sluts together, after a while, we invited a guy with a nice BBC to satisfy our cock cravings. Then we kicked him out after we used him because girl power you know 😛  Sexy babe

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