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Cuckolding My Boyfriend

Cuckold phone sex

I get a pure sense of satisfaction talking dirty on the phone with you while my sissy cuck boyfriend sits right next to me. I get so horny and wet knowing that he’s sitting there with his pathetic dicklet while you and I discuss all the dirty things we will do to each other. I love making that cuck listen to you tell me how much you to want to lick my dripping wet pussy and plunge your thick rock hard cock inside me. I love to see the look on his cuck face when I put you speaker phone! Why don’t you tell him all the nasty things we do together, how you face fuck me with your 9 inch cock while he is at work. I love making my cuck boyfriend watch while I finger fuck my bald wet pussy thinking and talking dirty to you. Let’s taunt him and tell him how his pathetic cock will never be inside of me ever again! It makes me squirt all over teasing him like that.

GFE Phone Sex With Eden


GFE Phone Sex

I know I am the girl of your dreams. I get so excited and horny when you call. I can’t wait to get on the phone with you and talk about how I would sensually stroke your cock if you were here with me. Having GFE phone sex with you while you stroke your hard cock and I rub my wet clit is my favorite part of my night. I’m not like other girls, I know how to treat a man and worship their cocks. A proper hot girlfriend like me should know how to please her man. My tight wet pussy would always be ready to be fucked by you. Whenever you leave, I would rub my cunt thinking of you. And when you return home, I will make sure to greet you at the door on my hands and knees completely naked with my mouth ready to take your cock and relieve you of your stress. My sensual voice will have you wrapped around my finger.


Once upon a time

foot fetishesOnce upon a time before I met my husband, I was doing all sort of things to pay for my rent. My landlord was obsessed with me. I found him pervy and creepy and wanted no parts of him. I knew my sexy Latina body had him going. One day I got so desperate and needed to come up with the rest of the rent I was willing to do it all. I shot him a text, and like lightning speed, he was at my door. I was dreading fucking him. I was not into the idea of having him inside me. When he started to rub on me, I was praying for it all to be over. I wanted him away from me ultimately. Luckily he wanted my sexy feet more than anything. I love foot fetishes. All I had to do was give him a foot job and let him lick off his cum. It was so much fun I didn’t mind making it a regular thing.

Shower Hottie

Best phone sex

I love doing dirty things in the shower. I especially love doing dirty things in the shower with you! While the wife’s away at her book club or PTA meetings, I love stripping down in your bathroom and climbing into the hot shower with you. I know you love seeing my tight fit yoga body and perky natural tits dripping wet. I love kissing you from your neck down to your hard cock and sucking that yummy pre cum right up as the water pours down our naked bodies. I know she doesn’t suck you off like I do. I love when you press me up against the fogged up glass doors and rub the head of your juicy thick cock all over my tight wet pussy and asshole. Don’t you feel how much tighter and fresher my pussy is than her? She would never let you fuck her up against the shower door, but I do! Because I crave your cock and cum every day!

My Naughty Neighbor

The house next door was vacant for a while. A man just moved in a couple of months ago. He looked to be in his mid-fifties. I honestly did not pay any attention to him until I kept noticing he was spying on me. You can see right into my house from his. One evening I happened to look over in the direction of his home and I noticed he had binoculars in his hand peaking at me through his blinds. I started thinking about all of the times I would walk around my house naked, the times I had men come over to play. The house has been vacant for so long I did not think anything of it until I saw him peaking at me. Best phone sexThe crazy part about it though, it turned me on so much that as soon as I saw him I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I am such an undercover freak, I even hide it from myself sometimes. I never would have guessed an older man spying on me was something that would make my little kitty wet. Every other day I started teasing him, making him want to see more and more of me. I would imagine him sitting over there rubbing his hard cock while looking at me. Wishing he could get some of this good Latina ass and pussy. My plan is to tease him for the next couple of weeks. Once I get tired of that I will step my game up to something a little more on the wild side. Until now I am getting pleasure out of this older man watching me do things just to turn him on.

Horny Mistress

Mature phone sex

I’ve been feeling so fucking horny and naughty lately! Too bad the married man I’ve been fucking for months now is too busy with his wife and brats tonight! How dare he! I’m a bit of a spoiled mistress so when I need cock, I need it now. I demand to be fucked so hard right that instant. I found out my married boyfriend was out to dinner with his fat wife and his ugly brats. Well, now is the best time to crash dinner! I got to the restaurant looking hot as ever! I grabbed him from his seat and took off my coat exposing my naked body. I sucked his hard cock right there in front of the whole restaurant and his shocked family. I made him bend me over and fuck me right there on the dinner table. I looked right at his wife’s face and said, “you won’t get your dessert until I get mine first!”

Time Alone

Hot sexy woman I have been having so much fun spending time in my home alone with all of my favorite men. They make me feel so good and sexy. The way they make my pussy wet and make me feel so good is something I would not give up for the world. I love the way my men moan and tell me how sexy I am. They love my big titties and ass. Licking my wet pussy, rubbing my nipples until they are rock hard. The men who are a little shy but that is okay because in the end we both open up and have wonderful happy endings. The mean ones who in the end I know are actual sweethearts. It is all in the fun of our interests and imagination. I myself do feel like a winner when I hear a lot of my men cum into my ear. Every moan leaves a wet spot from my pussy. My men make my day, and I love being able to make my men feel good.

Mistress and Wife Sharing You

cuckold phone sex

Your wife knows about us, she’s seen the panties I left behind, the strap on cock and the cum stains all over the house. She came home in the middle of the day and caught us fucking on the living room floor. Instead of screaming and throwing things, she did something so fucking surprising. She stripped off all of her clothes and joined us by the floor. She’s a little angry she says, she wants to have fun and some payback. She grabs the strap on by the floor and makes you slide your tight asshole down on it. I’m so turned on watching your wife fuck you so hard. I suck your meaty cock and deepthroat it while you bounce up and down on your wife’s rubber strap on cock! You love getting fucked so hard while I massage your balls. Your wife is milking that prostate so good, your precum just drips down my chin and onto my perky tits. I love sharing you with your wife!

Just imagine

Fantasy phone sexI want you to just imagine that you were my boyfriend while we have fantasy phone sex together, let’s be honest you never will be but for now let’s just imagine it. Wouldn’t that be sooo nice to be able to have access to my beautiful body at any given time of the day? Don’t you want to be able to brag to all of your friends about how fuckin sexy I am? Well, only in a dream world, sweetie! I love seeing you get lost in your own thoughts about what an amazing life it would be if you were able to be my hott man candy. Sorry but, I have standards. Not only do you not physically fit the bill but neither does that bank account. No broke boys are allowed near me, let alone allowed to be my boyfriend! It’s hilarious how turned on you get when you see and hear me getting fucked by my man, a real man! No bitch boy shall enter inside of this pussy, baby! If I were to let you be my boyfriend for the day you would be my built-in slave. I would have you massaging my feet, cleaning, cooking and everything else while I rest and get pampered like the gorgeous goddess that I am. You’re merely my servant and you know your place so well. Doesn’t that sound like pure bliss & happiness?! Now pay up to play with my naughty curves!

Legs For Days

Sexy legsWhat is that new saying now? As fuck? Yes! That is exactly it.  I was in the grocery store this morning and a younger man said that my legs were sexy As Fuck.  He used the abbreviation though.  He also told me he liked my heels and my stockings, so I knew I was talking to a leg, stocking and foot fetish man.  Three of my favorite things.  I told him that he didn’t look all that bad himself.  He laughed. 

He then told me that I reminded him of his Aunt Patricia.  I told him I hoped that that was a good thing, he said it was.  I kept catching him off and on as I walked the grocery aisles looking at my legs.  He would smile, then I would smile back.  I really wanted to take him in the back, into the bathroom and have some fun.

I was thinking I could have him sit on a box, then just lift my leg up to place the ball of my foot onto his thigh.  I would allow him to rub his face and hands over my stockings, he could even lick my heels if he wanted.  I find that a little bit sexy honestly.  Then I could lean back on the bar as he slips my shoes off to run his warm mouth over the bottom of my foot.  At the end I might even let him keep my stockings for a memento of the occasion.

I was so deep in thought and working up the fantasy of it all that ran into someone with my cart.  I said I was sorry, they said it was alright but I think I really hurt them.  On my way out of the store I was really hoping that he would show up while I was putting everything into my car.  He did not.  Shame really, I think we could of had an amazing time together.

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