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Best phone sex

Best phone sex  I have been fantasizing about someone walking in on me surrounded by nature playing with myself. Just me, nature, the sun, and my oils. I have been hoping that my fed ex-guy just walks through the door and comes to the back and sees me. I order toys for my pleasure but more so to stare at him. I am crushing so hard for this man. I know he has a big cock. I can just tell. So, today I left a little note. It said come on in and out the back you will have your tip. I was in nothing but sexy little panties that were see threw. He made it out back and I was just about to cum. He stopped me and said he wanted to finish my cunt off. He sat my package down and released his (;

I’m not your girlfriend

GFE phone sex GFE phone sex means I’m never going to tell you that I have a headache or say then I’m just too tired tonight. That’s why you call me anyways right cause I do all the things that your real girlfriend won’t do. And that’s what makes our time so much fun. I love the way you suck and nibble on my big fucking nipples. It’s like a direct line to my clit and it makes me want to play with myself. Stroking on your big cock makes my pussy wet. I can’t wait to feel you deep inside of my cunt baby. Fuck you feel so good. I think you’re going to make me come already. Is that what you want baby? To feel my pussy squirt all over your huge dick. My cum dripping off of your dick under your balls as it’s slapping against my asshole while you’re pounding away at me. Cum for me baby. Deep inside me.

Good Boy

Mature phone sexYour wife does not have a clue about you does she? She thinks your a man. Ha Ha! But you and I know differently. Don’t we? That is why you come visit me often. You need to be put in your place by a strong beautiful dominate woman. Digging my high heel into your thigh as I stand above letting you take a precious look at my kitty. I will let you watch as I fuck real men. Then I will allow you to clean up the mess that we make. And I know you will be grateful. I will have you lay down and I will put my kitty right on your mouth letting you lick his cum out of me. Letting you give me more pleasure. Smothering your face as your tongue slithers in and out of my hole. And as a good sissy boy you are I know you are grateful for all and you are welcome!