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My wet juicy pussy was sliding up and down his cock, I couldn’t believe it! He finally made his fucking cock fit my tight cunt. I’ve jerked off many men and been tied down while begging to be fucked- but Brads cock, he was something special. Brads tip alone was so filling with every thrust and stroke underneath I felt my walls getting rubbed as if I was using my favorite dildo. He had me cumming on his thick meat stick over and over but never stopped fucking me. I was so wet he slipped right out of my wet pussy into my tight asshole with no struggles. He stretched my ass making me feel so fucking orgasmic I could have sworn there were two cocks filling me up. He sucked on these big tits like he was thirsty for some fucking milk, rubbing his tongue all over any inch of skin he came across. Even after whipping his cock out of my ass-he flipped me over on the bed and smacked his huge cock across my face. “You dirty fucking slut-you’re going to get a real good nut out of me before we’re done” he moaned as he gripped my hands behind my back. My face was forced into the covers and legs spread out aggressively by his. Pounding my cunt from behind I couldn’t even take a breath I moaned into the bed. Fuck he was so deep, so hard, so fast filling my cunt with his hot cum. Fucking brad my clit still throbs from last night.

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Small dick humiliationI’ve never laughed as hard as I’ve laughed tonight. Went on a date with a tall dark and handsome gentleman and actually had a good time. The date went so well that I invited him back to my place for coffee. And everyone knows that coffee at the end of a date means “let’s fuck”. I get him upstairs and we’re kissing and making out like crazy and it feels so good. I’m excited because he’s a pretty big guy with huge hands and feet, so I’m expecting a huge cock. But when he pulled his cock out it was a big letdown, because he had the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. It was so short and thin that it was a shocking thing to behold. I really tried not to laugh but I couldn’t suppress it. I laughed so hard that tears fell from my eyes. He just stood there beet red in the face totally humiliated. He covered his tiny cock with a hand and I moved his hand to take a picture because my friends wouldn’t believe his size without proof. The tiny dick man put his clothes back on and walked out of my apartment.

Hot Sex Woman

Hot Sex WomanHot Sex Woman and I like to show it off! I wear the tiniest little things just so I can get every single guys attention. I want them drooling over me. I want them bulging and throbbing for me. But I am not some cock tease! I plan on fucking just as many men as I can. I know that makes me a whore. And it turns me on to know I am a real slut. I let this cute guy pick me up this morning. He bounced me on him like I was riding a horse! mmmm just what my pussy needed to feel all tingly and good. I even let him cum inside me! I actually begged for his cum!

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I was really horny and playing with my pussy was just not going to get me by tonight. Besides why play with myself as much fun as it is, when I can have some cock stuffed in my fuck hole. I have this long time friend of mine. I guess you could say we grew up together. And lately I have been fantasizing about him more often. We fooled around some in our younger years. But never full on got to fuck that big cock. And I know it’s beg because I had it in my hand at one point. So I called him up and invited him over for a couple drinks. One thing led to another and I was obvious he was just as horny as I was. I hopped on his lap and started riding his crotch fully clothed. I could feel his fuck rod growing in his pants and pressing against my pussy. Which at this point is a slippery slit. I was ready to feel this massive piece of meat fill my pussy once and for all. So I ripped his cock out like a maniac and started to ride him. He grabbed a hold of my tits that were shoved in his face and started to suck them. It was all he could do to keep my nipple between his lips as I milked his dick with my cunt.

Eroctic Roleplaying: A Kinky St. Patrick’s Day!

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It’s a kinky day today! A lil girl like me doesn’t take much to drink and get me drunk, I drank a couple glasses of wine and I could feel my judgment slipping. I knew I was going to be a total slut. I always am when I start feeling this way. Letting my neck be kissed on and bit. My body groped all over and soon I know more will happen. I will have to be on my knees soon, giving one of my great blowjobs. Isn’t this the kinkiest little erotic roleplaying? I will be sucking and sucking, a nice cock in my mouth and all down my throat – I know I am whore and this is one of my favorite fucking things! Choking on a cock and down and ready for more, once I’ve drunken a couple glasses of wine I just won’t say no. I become a little subby slut doing anything and everything to please. That’s St. Pattys Day for ya!