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A Date With Big Daddy King

I have not been able to get the one and only Big Daddy King out of my mind. I had to give him a call just to let him know I have been thinking about him and to let him know how much fun I had in South Padre with him and the girls. To my surprise, this sexy King invited me to a movie premiere in LA. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy I called him!  We talked on the phone for a while. It is so sweet of BDK to take the time out for me, I know he is a busy powerful man. I know I will never find anyone nicer, sexier, wealthier than BDK. Not only is he richer than anyone I ever met, but his 13-inch Cock is also better than the best. I am the sole property of BDK, I would be stupid not to give my self to him. While we were talking he told me all the amazing things he is going to do for me. Like my $25,000 monthly allowance, he also gave me an advancement for our upcoming date. He told me to go out and buy some sexy outfits for myself, he is the best! Once I get to LA he is going to send me to one of the best hairdressers! I want to look as sexy as I can for BDK, he only deserves the best looking woman on his side.Erotic roleplaying I mean he shut down the Gucci store just for me. On the day of our date, I was surprised with a limo in my front yard, I already knew it was from my sexy king. The limo driver had a note from the one and only that says there is a private jet waiting for me. It was the same private jet I flew in with my besties, this time I am riding solo. The flight to LA was amazing, BDK really does know how to please his girls. No one can do it better than him. As soon as the plane landed, I saw my sexy BDK waiting for me. God, he looked so fucking hot! I tried my best to keep my composure. I saw he had a nice gift bag in his hand, this man just keeps surprising me more and more. He was so sweet to get me a custom made diamond Gucci G string that said property of BDK. A tongue ring and a beautiful expensive bracelet. All was embroidered with Property of BDK. We headed to the movie premiere, as soon as we arrived, there were paparazzi everywhere taking pictures, with a big red carpet rolled out. It felt like a dream walking down the red carpet with BDK I whispered in his ear letting him know how he is making all my dreams come true. I had to let my king know how he is the best! We see his friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. We all took pictures together, I felt so good when they were congratulating BDK on how sexy I was. All of this excitement was making me so horny. I have wanted to taste my king and feel him inside of me for so long. I whispered in his ear to take me to the back of the room and fuck my brains out. He loves to make me wait for his huge anaconda cock but I do not mind it. Big Daddy King is worth the wait! Once we were in the private room I could feel the sexual tension rising. BDK started feeling on my fat ass and tits. I got down on my knees, kissing him, leaving lipstick stains on his pants. I couldn’t help myself when you are with the one and only Big Daddy King things like that will happen. I unzipped his pants and finally reunited with the sexiest thick 13-inch anaconda cock. I made love to BDG’s huge thick throbbing dick. We made our own premiere in the private room that night. I am sure if they were to use a black light they would see how much fun we really had. The way he fucks me is like no other. He knows how to use that big thick cock of his. I was so thirsty for his King Cum, begging him for it. I had so much fun with BDK. I cannot wait to spend time with him again. I know I will never meet another man like him. He is the best. I am the sole property of Big daddy king and I would never change that. He really is the richest and sexiest man alive.

Undercover Naughty Slut

Hot sexy womanIn the public eye, I like people to view me as very ladylike and sophisticated. Behind the scenes, in my private life though I am a dirty naughty Cum guzzling slut. It turns me on to show the man I choose how big of a freak I really am. Not only does it turn me on, but it also turns on the man I am with. He had no idea beforehand how much of a freak I really am. They admit to me they thought I would be boring or just not all that great. They told me they had to try it out anyway because of how big my titties and ass were. The moment I take their cock and slide it all the way down my throat using their cock as my own personal choker. Making my eyes tear up with every deep throat I choose to do. Or the way I bounce on their big thick cocks like I am on a trampoline with my titties swinging in their face. Taking their face to my breasts and suffocating them. Putting one of my big hard nipples in their mouth, telling them how good their mouth feels. I will admit depending on the guy I am with I do take control. I go into the position that I am in the mood for at the time and I tell the man what I want him to do. I love getting on a man’s face without him suspecting a thing, and riding my fat wet pussy all over him. Leaving a glazed wet trail along his mouth. Yes, I am a nasty Kinky Sexy slut. I love it and so do all my unsuspecting men.

Hearing You Moan

Erotic roleplayingHearing my men moan is such a fucking turn on that my clit will instantly swell up in size, making my sweet juices flow out of my tight pussy like a river. I do not think there is anything sexier than a man’s moan. Well, there is one thing that is sexier, knowing I am the reason the man is moaning, I love to please my man. I want to know I am turning him on more than he could have imagined. I want to feel his cock deep inside my pussy. Massage my wet walls going as deep as you can. Suck on my titties making them rock hard feeling my pussy get even wetter. I love to have my fat ass up in the air, letting you do as you please. Yes, I would like it if you would stick your thick hard cock in my ass. That first moan you give to me, makes me give one right back to you. Wrap my hair up in your hand, getting a nice rhythm as you go deeper inside of me. Then when you cannot hold that silk milk any longer, explode inside of me. I want to feel your silk run out of my ass like a flowing river. Before our fun is done, let me get down and lick you up, making that beautiful cock nice and clean. Do worry you know I will not forget about the big gorgeous balls that I love nibbling on.

Time Alone

Hot sexy woman I have been having so much fun spending time in my home alone with all of my favorite men. They make me feel so good and sexy. The way they make my pussy wet and make me feel so good is something I would not give up for the world. I love the way my men moan and tell me how sexy I am. They love my big titties and ass. Licking my wet pussy, rubbing my nipples until they are rock hard. The men who are a little shy but that is okay because in the end we both open up and have wonderful happy endings. The mean ones who in the end I know are actual sweethearts. It is all in the fun of our interests and imagination. I myself do feel like a winner when I hear a lot of my men cum into my ear. Every moan leaves a wet spot from my pussy. My men make my day, and I love being able to make my men feel good.

Single, Sexy and Sophisticated

Erotic roleplayingI Veronica am now a single woman. It was fun while it lasted but now I am on to a new chapter. You know I am an extremely sexual person. If I am going to be tied down, I need a man to match or beat my sex life. Anyway, I am so happy to be free again and spread my sexual wings. I am a very sophisticated woman out in public but I turn into a Sex goddess in the bedroom. I have a guy friend that I have known for years. I called him up a few days ago and let him know I am now single. He definitely didn’t waste any time coming to see me. Before I was married this gentleman taught me how to be a real freak in the sheets. His biggest turn on was roleplaying, he always wanted me to be a maid, when he was feeling really horny he wanted me to be his sexy mommy or teacher. I wasn’t surprised when he showed up to my house with brand new outfits to roleplay in. I guess after all these years we knew, if I ended up single we would go back to the old days. He didn’t waste any time getting into his character, as soon as he stepped foot inside the house he was talking to me as if the house was his and I was his maid. I didn’t do any cleaning after I put the maid outfit on at least not the house. I did, however, clean all the cum off of his hard throbbing cock once he got done shooting deep inside my pussy. Yea I can tell already thing single life is definitely for me.

If I Was Your Woman

If I was your woman, you wouldn’t ever feel the need to go astray. Like a dog, you would know who your owner is and be loyal to me. You know you won’t find what I can give you. I am a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I love to surprise my man and get real freaky with him. Waking you up in the middle of the night with a blow job because I am too horny to sleep. I will be waiting for you to get home from work in my lingerie. I want you to release all your stress out on me, or even inside of me. I will treat you like the king you are. I will satisfy any role play or fetish you have in mind. I am not your boring woman, I am the woman who likes adventure. Let’s go hiking and when we get to the top we can fuck and watch the view. If I was your woman you would always be satisfied. Hot sexy woman

It wasn’t a Dream I Met Big Daddy King

Erotic roleplayingLet me tell you about the legend that goes by the name of Big Daddy King. Big Daddy King is seriously a big-time legend, any woman would be extremely lucky to meet the king. Not only is Big Daddy King one of the richest men in the world, he also has a 13-inch Anaconda cock that even money can’t buy. My besties Cassandra and Lena have been Big Daddy King’s sugar babies for a while now. They would go on and on telling me how BDK spoils his sugar babies better than any other man out there and he is the best sugar daddy in the world! After hearing how amazing Big Daddy King was, I desperately wanted to meet him. He is an amazing daddy for sure. I get a call from Cassandra, she tells me Big Daddy King wants to meet me. I didn’t think it was real until we were on the plane to just one of the houses BDK owns on a beautiful tropical island. Once we arrived Big Daddy King met us at the door to his Castle-like home. When Big Daddy King opened the door I was in awe. This man really is the Greatest sugar daddy of all time. The energy radiating off of him is enough for me to beg for his Anaconda right there in the doorway. I wanted to keep my cool and not make a fool of my self. Big Daddy king is not only so rich and powerful, but he is also kind. I could tell he really does know how to take care of his Sugar Babies. I felt honored when Big Daddy King showed me his thrown. It had Diamonds and Jewels everywhere, this thrown was definitely made for a king like himself. My favorite part of the trip is when all three of us sugar babies got on our knees, squshed our faces together and got the privilege to taste that anaconda I was dying to see! BDK is perfect in every way. He is handsome, rich as hell, smart, a real charmer and to top it all of he has an Anaconda Cock of a Goddess. The moment I was blessed to greet his cock right on my lips was the moment I had a full body orgasm. The feel, taste, looks of his giant anaconda cock was enough to send me over the edge. I tried so hard to stay calm, that’s when Big Daddy King let his Anaconda flow like a broken faucet. Lena, Cassandra and I made sure to lick and swallow up every last drop of Big Daddy king’s quality cum. Meeting BDK was so special. I will feel honored for the rest of my life. I hope I get a chance to see him again.

I Love Married Men

Erotic roleplayingHaving hot married men is one of my many fetishes. Nothing will make my pussy drip more than fucking the hot cum right out of a married man. Just the thought of a married man going home to his wife with my warm cum dried on his thick cock will have my clit swell up with sensation. I have been fucking this one married man for a while now. When we get together it is an all-day fucking session. When he is about to bust a thick one, he puts his cock deep inside my pussy until it reaches my cervix. That is when he lets that thick sauce explode inside of me. Every time he unleashes his thick sauce inside of me, I explode in orgasm all over his cock. The way his thick hard cock throbs inside my dripping pussy is enough to send me over the edge. That isn’t the only reason I love when his sauce explodes deep inside me. See, my married friend and I love mixing our warm sex juices together. Our juices dry on his cock and he goes home to his wife. His wife isn’t a freak like me, she doesn’t appreciate a nice hard cock. She is the boring type who likes to lay on her back and fuck in the dark. My married friend hates fucking his wife he tells me he thinks of me when he is inside of her. That is when I came up with the brilliant idea to mix our orgasmic cum together and have it dry up on his cock. When he goes home to his wife, he will still be turned on knowing he is going to put his dried up cum cock right into his wife’s fuck hole. He told me the other day he finally got his wife to suck our dried up cum right off his cock. She had no idea she was cleaning my pussy juice right off his hard cock. Fucking married men will always be something I love doing. I do not think there is one married man I couldn’t resist.

Domination Queen

Domination phone sexThe freaky dominant side of me has been coming out more and more. It is all because my ex-boss recently reached out to me. He is a powerful man, he runs his own business and that means he calls all the shots. I stopped working for him a few years back when I realized I could not be in an office all day. My wet tingling pussy wouldn’t let me. When he called he sounded nervous. I told him to come out with it already. He said he remembered me after these past years, he wanted to have lunch with me and discuss what has been on his mind. We met at a hotel he stays at for business. I met him in his pent house suite. We ordered room service, after we were finished eating, he got up to use the restroom. When he came back, I couldn’t believe what I saw. This powerful man with so much power changed into a black Lacey lingerie outfit. He had cuffs, huge dildos, whips, chains all in a nicely organized bag. He looked at me with his eyes full of desperation. He said ever since he laid eyes on me, he wanted me to dominate him like the little slut he is. At this point my pussy was throbbing with pleasure. It didn’t take long until I had my slut whore boss chained up on his knees. He was begging to taste my wet sweet nectar that he could see seeping out of my fat pussy. I told him he would have to show me he has been a good little slut. He told me he would do anything for just a lick of my sweet warm juice. I made him fuck me fast and hard until his thick load shot up deep inside of me. I then told him if he wanted to taste me, he would also have to suck out the mess he made inside of me. My good little slut really showed me how much he wanted my pussy. This is just the beginning of a great relationship.

Best Phone Sex MILF

best phone sexI’m what you would call  cougar, I’m an older woman but I can’t get enough of younger men and their huge cocks. When my husband is away, I like to have some fun. All of the teen boys in my neighborhood love coming to visit and volunteering to clean my pool or mow my lawn, because I’m the filthiest milf on the block. I wear tight revealing dresses that show off my big tits and ample ass. Young Steve from down the street volunteered to clean my gutters for me and I decided to put on a show for him. He was on a ladder cleaning the gutter in front of my front window. He didn’t know I knew he could see me when I sat on the couch and spread my legs and began to play with my pussy. I used my biggest dildo to fuck myself right there on the couch while he watched. I pumped the rubber toy in and out of my sloppy wet cunt and played with my tits with my free hand. I moaned and writhed on the couch, pretending I was totally oblivious to the horny young 18 year old watching me through the window. Knowing he was watching just made me even hotter. I rubbed my clit while fucking myself with the fake cock until I squirted hard. Steve has been back to my house every week for the past month doing chores and trying to get a peek at me playing with my milf pussy.

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