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Sissy Slut

sissy maid training

Do you want to talk to a woman who can turn you into the best sissy whore around? Well, I absolutely love sissy training calls because I love molding ugly men into sluts. I’m not the kind of woman who will just turn you into a sissy who kind of looks feminine. No, when I am done with you, nobody is ever going to know that you were born an ugly man. If you just decide right now to trust me, I promise you that you’re going to have everything you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll look like a woman and by the time you’ve gone through sissy training with me, you will even be acting like a woman.

When I say you’ll be acting like a woman, I don’t just mean the way you carry yourself or the clothes you wear. No, it’s going to take more than heels and makeup to sissify you. You are going to have to learn how to suck cock. I would bet everything I own that you’ve been thinking about sucking cock for a really long time now. It’s time to put all those thoughts into action and do what you were meant to do. Call me for sissy training and let me transform you.


Dress Up Time

sissy maid training

 Let’s play dress up.

I have always loved playing with dolls as a little girl and well, I guess I never really got over it. I have a gigantic walk in closet full of every piece of clothing a sissy like you could ever hope to wear. So many sexy panties, lingerie, dresses, pantyhose, make up and most of all shoes! Soo many sexy heels to choose from. We can dress you up really elegantly, slutty or even super girly. That’s my personal favorite to be honest. Putting your wig up in pigtails and bows. Adding some pink lipstick and of course a frilly pair of panties. Doesn’t it make you feel ever so precious and beautiful? Don’t tell me that you don’t have an outfit already picked out, because I know a sissy slut like you thinks about it daily.

We could even make it a themed party or something. Like sissy maid training.


Your Inchworm Deserves Sissy Maid Training

sissy maid trainingThis was going to be a hell of a sissy maid training I could already tell. We are heavy petting and your tongue was in my mouth and your hands under my bra. I slide my hand up your pants and There is no cock at all. I ask if you were in an accident” no it’s there…” you stutter. Then you show me this inchworm of a fucking dick. I start laughing hysterically.  If you think that thing is going anywhere near my perfect pussy you have another thing coming.  I do have plans for little dick losers like you. A pair of silky flutter panties and show me what sissy girl you look like in them. Now a baby doll dress with tights and Mary Janes. I will put you to work doing chores around my house while I invite my girlfriends over to watch you. Now lift that dress and wiggle your ass for us! Here use this ass plug and get back to waiting in real women. Missy Sissy, you missed a spot, my pussy needs good lapping! I really can’t wait till our men friends come over and we can teach you about cock sucking and being our favorite cum catcher baby! Do I need to remind you that your inchworm is now your clit and your ass is now a pussy? Now get back to eating my pussy as I shop for some pretty gifts for me and you on your dime! 


Are you ready for our phone humiliation session?

phone humiliation

Best Phone Sex with My Slave

best phone sex

I had heard all about girls who have used strap on their significant others. I was obsessed with hearing all about it and wanted to use it on my boyfriend. I think it is so hot to be able to take control and make a man get pegged. My cunt gets so wet at the thought of me completely naked and holding a nice big one and getting you so weak and submissive enough to let me take control. I want that power. The best thing ever is being able to make you my bitch. Once I have you where I want you, I begin to be in charge. I ahead bitch in charge who knows what she likes. My boyfriend was so against it, but I knew I could convince him. A threesome would probably get me to a yes a lot faster than I think. There was one thing I knew for sure that would seal the deal. I promised him endless blowjobs all year. I love sucking and fucking but to be frank he is more of grower rather than a shower. Also, I have had to look elsewhere to keep my sexual needs met. Once I got him to agree, there was no turning back. I had him in my power. I love making him my bitch and getting him on all fours was the best. A perfect pegging slave for the night. I think I can get use to using this on him. I think it is my new favorite toy.

My Hot Sissy Maid Stories

sissy maid stories

My sissy maid stories are sensual and really naughty.  Billie was a man in his previous life. I mean he was born with a dick, “giggles” if you can call it that. He was drawn to my dominance and how I kept men begging at my feet. His tie and suit didn’t fool me one bit. For weeks I had pulled him in close and then gave him the cold shoulder. That’s the power of having a tight young body. When I was sure he was ripe I invited him up to my parents’ place for some hot roleplay fun.sissy maid training

I had him undressed and when I saw his tiny shriveled Penis, I couldn’t help but laugh. And now I had Made my Billie shy. He was so embarrassed his how body flushed pink. It was time for our sissy maid training! I put him in the frilliest and sluttiest maid outfit with all the frills that comes with it. And now it was time for him to serve me. I loved spanking his tight ass as I lifted his skirts! Any Mistakes were swiftly dealt with and his submissiveness made me so fucking wet.

Working a nice big black anal Plug up his ass, I had him kept in as he dusted the entire penthouse. My sissy maid would undress me with his sexy mouth and plant his face in my wet tight cunt until I was satisfied! Not To mention the cuckold shows I would give him with bull cocks sliding in and out of me!

I still remember the very first day that sissy maid Billie tasted another mans load out of my pussy. He wet his black lace panties! I knew then it was time to get him Cum directly from another man’s cock! Now where M sissy men at, Its time for you to be mine!

Sissification Of Ben

Sissy humiliation

It didn’t take long for that little earworm I left him with to do the job. Ben showed up at my door last night, he sheepishly asked if he could come in. I showed him in and chuckled as he admired my silky black robe. As planned I took him into my room and instructed him to remove his boring man clothes. When he is a guest in my house he won’t pretend to be something he is not. I gave him a stern look as he attempted to protest what I had said, but he was wise to reconsider keeping up his facade. I opened up my walk-in closet full of my nicest clothing, including lingerie, dresses, and business wear. Oh my did his eyes light up. Smiling I got closer and took a quick inspection of this little sissy’s body. “For tonight we will start small” I assured my sweet gentle hearted new pet who was now starting to quiver with excitement. I shifted through my drawer to find a suitable sexy pair on silky red bikini style panties that I felt would fit perfectly around his slightly over-sized clit. “Ok sweetie, let’s find you a dress” I teased. I laughed as those few short words cause a big wet spot to grow in his panties. 

Making a Sissy Maid

Forced Feminization

I love when I get the chance to turn a man into just a little sissy who caters to my every whim. My newest plaything is just too adorable, we play dress up into the cutest little frilly dresses complete with stockings, panties and training bras! He said that he wanted to do anything to make me happy so today we are turning him into a little sissy maid for me to use! I found a cute and sexy little French maid outfit, short skirt and thigh high white stockings made him look perfect! I ordered him to draw me a nice hot bubble bath and he sat at the edge of the tub and washed my feet and legs, then my arms and back, since he was so good I let him wash my chest too. Then he carefully washed my hair, it felt so good to be catered upon! Since he did so good taking care of me that I even let him have some fun after I had dried off. I rubbed his little cock through the fabric of his panties until he came right in them!

You Would Look Lovely In A Dress

Sissy humiliation

The moment I met Ben I just knew he wasn’t the man he pretended to be. The way he would admire my clothes and style in such a way it seemed like he idolized me. Most men have a look when they are undressing me with their eyes. Not Ben, he wasn’t undressing me he was playing out a whole different kind of fantasy in his mind. On the outside he was handsome, strong not a bad man to have on your arm at all. However, I can see past that to what is lurking beneath him. Inside he was delicate, beautiful and I would guess very horny. Most locked away sluts tend to be. So tonight I planted the seed that will hopefully lead to me coaxing out the slut that lays beneath. As we returned to my home after an evening out instead of pulling him in for a kiss, I whispered in his ear “You would look lovely in a dress”. I sent him on his way after that, the look on his face let me know he would be back. And me and my closet of fun will be waiting for him.

They can watch

sexy chicks

Sexy chicks are always the freakiest ones. My friend and I had a double date. A little bit of alcohol makes us both horny sluts. My hot friend is a blonde bombshell. We both have a mutual attraction to each other. We weren’t feeling the guys much. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. After dinner, we went back to my place. The guys assumed we were going to have some hot group sex together — no way in hell. I wanted my hot slutty friend, and she wanted me equally. We both got down and dirty and began to make out and scissor in front of our guys. We had no care in the world. I wanted to make her orgasm so bad. The guys kept trying to jump in, but we had it planned right. They could watch, but they can’t touch.

Phone Sex Therapist for Sissies

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist, I encounter sissies often. There are all sorts of men I won’t fuck. I say no to small dick men, broke ass losers, cuckolds and sissies. I want a masculine man; one with a cock I can feel. Mark was no man. When he showed me is dick, it was like a turtle in its shell. I saw no dick. Just lots of skin and some balls. He was a no dick wonder. He was clearly a sissy. He just needed a sissy trainer. I have mostly cuckolds in my posse of losers, so a sissy was a nice addition. He craved sissy humiliation and training. I took him shopping for panties at Victoria Secret and made him tell the hot sales clerk that he needed pink panties to protect his little clit stick. She snickered at him, but that was what I wanted. The more he was shamed, the more he wanted to please me and any one I wanted him to please. I had him buy the hot sales girl some sexy lingerie she could wear for a real man. I made him buy me sexy things too. All he can do for sexy women like us was buy us things and entertain us. Sissies are a girl’s best friend because they wait on us hand and foot. Plus, they do whatever they are told to do from singing us silly little songs to buying us pretty things for real men. Sissies are growing in number, so we now have a new site of the best sissy trainers around. If you are a shameful sissy, check out SissySlutHut.Com

sissy humiliation

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