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Adult theater and the sissy gives a blow job

Great blowjobs

My sissy hubby took a few days off for the holiday weekend and I decided to take advantage and get some good sissy sessions before he goes back to work.
I stepped into his office and said we were going to a movie. He jumped up and got in the car. “What kind of movie are we going to Goddess?” I told him to sit still and he’ll see when we get there. As we pull into the parking lot, the neon signs pretty much smacking us in the face as we find a parking spot. “An adult toy store, why are we here Goddess?” I don’t answer and walk into the store. I make a B-line for the back of the store where there is a theater, adult theater. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, I was picturing sticky cum everywhere. We took a seat and there was a bi guy scene going on and my hubby was getting hard like I knew he would. I told him to get up and go find a guy to give a blow job to. He was about to question me but then thought better of it. A few rows ahead of us there was a guy, clearly jerking off from the way it looked like his body was shaking. I pointed him out and told my sissy to go ask if he wants a blow job. He did just that and it looked as soon as they had agreed me shoved my sissy hubby’s head down. I could see him bobbing up and down and before he went over there I told him he had to swallow every drop of his cum and make sure he is all cleaned off, and that I would ask the guy if that is what you did. I hear the guy getting closer and soon I hear “Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming.” My hubby stayed down for a while, possibly cleaning up. I love my sissy willing to train.

Sissy Humiliation With Felecity


Crave me and my Sissy Humiliation phone sessions. You’re here for my Entertainment and mine alone. I will make you all the woman that you truly are, and make that inner woman crave cock. My joys of cuckolding pathetic men and teasing them about how they are more a woman than a man is what really launches me into being a Femdom that will forcibly initiate you into the perverse world of Sissification.

You need not hide that inner woman and cock craving from me, as I will exhibit the well endowed man for you to worship and become our little bitch. Dressing your little wee wee in pretty panties and making you watch me fuck a nice plump, juicy hard cock is purely my pleasure. I will have your sweet sissy ass kneeling before your King and Queen and be the sissy maid of cum licking. You are going to serve me and Thank Me and your King for the very opportunity to do such.Sissy HumiliationSo, are you a little sissy slut that wishes to probe into your perverse fantasy of being a girly boy and sucking cock for this Femdom Mistress?

Forced crossdressing on my husband

forced crossdressingMy poor husband is in for even more humiliation. I am so sick of being dissatisfied and I have made it my mission to get back at him at all cost. I have to admit I get a ton of release fucking other guys and girls, and just maybe I should be a bit easier on him, but I don’t want to and I won’t. See the thing is, I feel I am the total catch the trophy wife many men desire and try so hard to get.  I may enjoy a lot of perks living the so called “dream life” one that is much desired, but in return, I don’t get to have the sex I am addicted the type that I crave and desire. I have become quite the serial cheater lately. basically daily and now I am making my husband wear my panties and heels and lingerie just to laugh some more at his face all the while I have just gotten in from a series of hard long fucking sessions. I’m hot, not perfect.

Small Dick Man

Small dick humiliationLast night was a big disappointment, I went on a date because I was sexually frustrated. I was hoping that my date was packing an anaconda in his pants but what he had made me laugh. His dick looked like a thumb, it was so small. I was laughing so hard that I nearly peed on myself. He looked so embarrassed because his face turned bright red.
I told him, “Your dick is too small for me, you could never satisfy me with that vienna sausage.”
That’s when he started apologizing for the size of his dick like a very weak man. His personality matched his dick size.
I was ready for a little fun. He was so captivated by my beauty that I knew he would do anything to please me. I was going to push him to his limit. I dressed him up in my panties and put makeup on his face, and he never said “no”. I could tell he was so uncomfortable and it made me laugh. I called Marcus and Jordan over, these black guys have huge dicks. My date didn’t say no when I told him to get on his knees and suck their dicks. I wanted him to get Marcus and Jordan hard because I wanted some big black dick. My date behaved like a dirty slut and I realized that he was doing something that he’d always wanted to do.

Big Sissy Man

Forced feminizationI love turning a big strong man into a weak little woman. I have a client name, Bob. He’s the CEO of major fast food restaurant. He’s a man that’s always in control. He’s used to being the most powerful man in the room. But when he’s in my home his name is Cindy. He loses the suit and tie and prefers silk and lace panty sets. I do his makeup and style his long blond wig. And then the fun begins, I call men over andCindy” makes them very happy. I watch him suck cock after cock, and I wonder what his employees would think if they saw their boss on his knees. “Cindy” sucks cock better than a porn star. And he can do things in heels that even I can’t do. I love turning men into sissies. I like taking all of their power away and forcing them to do things that they’ve only thought about in their wet dreams.

The Way I Like My Sissy Bitch Bois

Domination phone sexThis is how all you sissy bitch bois should when not in use. All you bois are worthless little creatures. Some of you are good at being furniture. Some of you are good at eating pussies. Some of you are good at fucking. Some of you are good at being toilets. But you are all still worthless little bitch bois. I treat My animals better then My boi pets.  Bois in cages.  Bois on leashes.  Bois crawling around on all fours.  Barking.   Using the bathroom out side for all to see how worthless you are.  Hearing the mocking of the neighbors as you squat.  When I have a party bringing out for all my friends.  To be humiliated.  To be beat. And  to have your pussy ass fucked.

Pretty Sissy

Forced feminizationI’m a madam, a female pimp, and I need a sissy that willing to do anything to get money for me. I’ll make you so beautiful that you’ll be able to attract any man. I’ll teach you how to do your makeup and hair. And put you in the finest clothes, because my hoes are high-class. The next step will be your sexual education, I’ll teach you how to suck cock, and how to accept huge cocks into your boy-pussy. We’ll make so much money you’ll be able to quit your day job. It’s going to be hard work. Sometimes you’ll entertain up to twenty men a day. You’ll get so much action your lips and asshole will be sore. The only rule that I have is that you must always remember that I’m the boss and I run the show. Any attitude or back talk from you means automatic punishment. Be a good hoe and we won’t have any problems.

Forced crossdressing was all he got!

forced crossdressingI had a blind date last night and at first I was having a great time; he seemed funny and was pretty cute I thought for sure that we would end the night in bed. Well, I was sure of that until I got him to my house and took his pants off anyway! Omg this guy had the smallest dick I had ever seen in my life… I swear my fucking clit was probably bigger than this thing! What the fuck was I supposed to do with that??? I burst out laughing and boy did he ever get offended but that didn’t stop my laughter, he got all up in my face and told me to stop, he was wagging his finger at me and everything so I slapped his face as hard as I could and told him he better learn how to act in front of a superior woman like myself! I told him to take off all those man clothes cus it was time for him to be my little bitch and he didn’t even complain, he just stripped and waited for his next task. I dressed him up like the bitch he was and made sure to take several humiliation pictures too, he wanted to fuck me but all he got in the end was forced crossdressing instead!

Sissy Boi Wanda begging for Collar

Sissy humiliation Laughs. There is this sissy boi doggy bitch Wanda. Who begs every time he sees me to have My collar. He says he will do anything for My collar. I laugh as if that would be a choice for him to do anything for My collar. Of course he would do anything and he would beg and love to do what ever I ask. Sissy boi doggy bitch’s have no choice. Have no free will. Yet this small clit dick and his pussy ass begs Me as if he would have a choice in what he would do for Me. What a worthless sissy boi doggy bitch to think such things. My pets and I laugh at him. We have never seen such stupidity in such a worthless sissy boi doggy bitch before. If he did receive My collar he would be the animal the lowest of all the pets.

Enjoyable Pets

I play with My pets often. They bring Me great pleasure and delight. However playing with other Women’s pets is also very enjoyable. To see how well they are trained by others. Some pets are real well behaved knowing their place. Other pets I feel could be better pets. But still the least trained pet can still be enjoyable. Molding them into the perfect pet. Watching as they learn their place at Woman’s feet.  A pet that is willing to please. Begging to please their Owner. Is a wonderful treasure. I love to watch My pets pleasure other Woman.  And I love to play with another Woman’s pet. Seeing all their training they have acquired from their Owners.

Sincerely your Goddess

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