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White cock isn’t as bad as I thought

Sexy ass picI can’t believe how envious my caller was of all the nasty fun that I have with my Big Daddy King’s big black anaconda cock. He saw my sexy ass pic and wanted a chance to prove to me what he had packing as well. Even though he’s a white boy, he had a long ten inch dick. He told me he had a fat shaved boner and a fat wallet, just like BDK. I still wasn’t 100% convinced. I needed him to prove his worth to me so I stripped him down and ripped off his pants to unleash his so called white python. I love black dick but I’ve always been intrigued by caucasian men too, a little swirl never hurt anybody lol. I was a little taken aback when I finally got up close and personal with his cock, it was indeed pretty large. He was begging to taste my pussy after I bragged about how good my Big Daddy King eats me out and licks me all over, he wanted to indulge in my delicious juices as well! I let him shoot his shot and I wasn’t disappointed! I bounced my sexy slit on his face and sucked his dick at the same time, his nutsack slapped against my chin and he busted his load of cum down my throat. He was pretty yummy, I must admit! It’s nice to know there are huge white dicks out there as well that are eager as fuck to have some fun with my fuck holes.

House calls

best phone sexSometimes I have been known to make a house call when necessary. My bedside reputation does have quite the reputation. I like being able to comfort my patients from the comfort of their own homes. Laying them flat on their back crawling between their leg. Watching their cocks start to rise knowing that my mouth is coming for it. My pussy gets wet when I take him into my mouth and he moans out as his back arches slightly off the bed. As I go further and further down on his cock and I can taste the pre-cum slipping out of the tip.Tastes good too. I never leave anyone unsatisfied either. I swallow all that hot creamy load. Leaving behind another satisfied client.

Mustache Ride For This Sexy Babe

Sexy BabeI wasn’t always the vivacious young lady that I am today. I use to be what they would call the ugly duckling and I blossomed into what now men drool at my feet for. I am a very sexy and sensual female, I wouldn’t be able to so spoiled and be a very successful sugar baby if I wasn’t. I love the rich men I get to play with and their homes, I want to own one like that someday. I would be fucking all over especially in the nice california king bed. One of my clients will have me come over when his wife is out of town. I get to live this lavish lifestyle and he has an amazing pool, this particular client has a mustache like Mr Pringle. I love going on that mustache ride, he knows exactly how to let me ride that fat, long warm tongue. I love getting on his bed and undressing like a sexy stripper and twerking in between, lying on me back licking my middle finger like it’s his thick cock. I have my legs spread so wide with my cute bald pussy exposed and it looks so good against my tan skin. He gets so horny watching me rub and fuck myself, I won’t even let him come close until I can come. My pleasure comes before any man, he loves his face glazed like a jelly donut.

Phone Sex Therapy All Day

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy happens all the time with me. Some guys don’t even know they need it until they call. This morning a new caller discovered me. He got his tax return on a prepaid card and thought it would be a discreet way to have some fun without his wife knowing about it. I encourage married men with curious wives or joint accounts to always use a prepaid card! This was just a horny man calling for a regular vanilla fuck. I love a good phone fuck; however, I still have a size requirement. I am not masturbating and moaning for a small dick. A smart man would just lie to me. Tell me he has a big cock, although I can often tell from a voice how endowed someone is or is not! He didn’t sound gay. He didn’t sound like a sissy, but he told me he had 5 hard inches for me. Now, a 5-inch cock may not be small, but it is hardly big either. It is what I call pathetically average. I don’t fuck average cock. What hot sexy woman yells, “Give me your 5-inch dick stud?”  No woman does. I gave him some tough love. I explained his cock is average. It is not small. It is not big. It’s the Goldilocks of cocks, but not just right for me. Just right for me is big. I will settle for 7 inches if the rest of the package is nice, but 8 is usually my bare minimum in dick size. At first, my caller was trying to assert dominance over me, but I don’t play those games. By the end of our call, he was fucking his man pussy with his wife’s dildo and buying a pair of my panties to keep his nub secure. That is the power of a sexy phone sex slut!

hot sexy woman

Great blowjobs

great blowjobsOne of the reasons woman suck at keeping men, is that they do not suck enough cock into their throats. I love having the neighbors come up while their wife’s are not home. I always start off giving the best head. I get on my hands and knees and fuck that big fat cock down my throat to where I have saliva running down my tits.

They take turns beating of that cum load that has been stored in their balls and unload it right into my mouth. I love sucking all the cum down my mouth and throat and getting ready to shortly after, take it up my pussy. I spread my thighs and show them my pink pussy and tell them to fuck me deep and hard.

When they are about to cum again, I am going to put my sloppy wet mouth back around that cock and let them nut in my pretty little mouth.

I Love Being A Sugar Baby

Fantasy Phone Sex

I have always been use to the lavish lifestyle, I grew up in money. Something inside me never felt quite right to just get money from daddy, I wanted to make my own money. Fresh out high school a friend of mine told me about being a sugar baby and even an escort. I signed up for many sites, I thought this is so perfect for me. I can go on dates with wealthy men while making my own income. I have always been pretty and older, rich men love beautiful arm candy. So I have been doing this for almost a year and I have this regular, he is pretty handsome and very successful. We went on a date to a function from the office and he loves having me, I am available for him anytime.

He told me he rented a hotel room for the night and I was excited, we have never done anything sexual, he has always been a real gentlemen. I walk up to the room and there are rose petals on the bed and little sheets covering the lamps. He told me to disrobe but keep my stockings and heels on. He had some nice lavender oil and had me lay down he let it drop down my back and then rubbed his hands together to give some warmth.

He started rubbing me and up and down my shoulders to my legs. This felt so good, he treats me like gold so I started getting turned on and he could tell. He wiped his hands and told me to turn over and he was rubbing the oil on my breasts making my nipples shiny and wet looking, he went down between my legs and he started blowing on my pussy. I almost came right there, he opened up my pink, bald pussy with his tongue and starting licking and kissing, and then was sucking on my clit with two fingers fucking me deep and hard and I could tell I was going to cum. I started feeling pure bliss and I squirted all over his face, he came up to me and gave me a kiss and told me next time he was going to fuck me harder than those fingers. He left the $500 on the table and left.

Let’s Share Our Sensual Stories

Mutal Masturbation Stories

I know what you are going to want since it is a romantic night, but, I think every night should be a romantic evening. I love having all of my favorite toys spread out on the bed for when you get home and I really am crossing my fingers you are going to be in a mood to play. To set the mood I put some purple sheets over the lamps and had on my cute little purple lacy panties. When you get home I go and grab your hand and bring you into the bedroom. You like the site of my bare chest with my perky little tits. I lay down on the bed and lift my legs up and pull panties off, my cute little bald box is in the shape of a heart in this position. I tell you to pick a toy for me and you pick my rabbit vibrator, you know it’s one of my favorites.

I tell you come lay down beside me. I turn my vibe on and start rubbing it on your nipples, and I can see you are getting excited. And I put my hand down your pants and pull it out, you had a nice work out at the gym, I can still see beads of sweat on your neck and chest. I start rubbing the toy on your head and you moan. I lay where we can look at each other and watch one another play with our privates. I love watching you stroke your big, thick dick in and out of your hand. I see you like me watching fuck my pussy hard with the toy, I moan so loud for you and even get on my knees so you can watch me from behind like I was riding you. I look under and see you squirting and then that makes me cum so hard.

Life Of A Slut

Sexy chat Living the life of a slut is great. I get to chat on the phone with men about sex and their fantasies. Men come over all the time to grab a hole or 2. Every man needs a slut, so why not me? When I am talking on the phone with you and we are both masturbating. Mm baby doesn’t that sound good? Sounds good to me baby! Or when a man comes over and wants to fuck my brains out until I pass out from all my orgasms. Even better when I am talking on the phone and a man comes over to fuck me also. He listens as I talk, and watches me play with myself. Then when I hang up the phone we get to play his fantasy out.

Take Your Clothes Off

Sexy Dominatrix

Stanley, I like when you come over here wearing your rimmed wired glasses I like to see you and your straight-line slacks, and I really like those boring black steel toe boots I like that tie to but Stanley I’ve decided that you should wear something different I went out to the mall and got you a nice outfit to where for me. Stanley, you said that you would do anything for me I think that you should wake your sexual insanity up for me. You want to know what this little silver halter top is for, first I want you to take your clothes off. MMM, Look at you, you are stunning you’re so sweet. I love that tight little bubble ass Stanley is amazing I think that you turn me on just by looking at your body I think you would look so sexy in these little pair of hot shorts, I know you like them I know you do Stanley my pet. Put them on but wait I need you to put these little thong panties on first, you’re going to love the way they feel digging into your ass slit don’t worry about anything. After you have those hot shorts on I want you to put on this little silver halter top you look so delicious. now I want you to put on these four-inch beautiful sparkling silver high heel shoes I swear you look just like a beautiful model even better walk around for me show me you know how to move that tight ass for me it’s a bubble Beauty and I am in love. Let’s have some fun baby I need this right now and only you can give it to me let’s play dress up.


Sexy chatYou know that I love to take a man and turn him into a boy. Make him my perfect little pet. Digging at his manhood any chance I can. However there are times I could care less about men and all I want is some nice pussy for me to munch on. Is that wrong of me? Giggles I really do not care if it is wrong or if you think it is wrong. Women are tasty, yummy. sexy bitches. And sometimes cock will not do. Sometimes I need something better than cock. And let us be truthful pussy is better than cock any day of the week! Cock can be amazing and I personally do not want to live without cock. But pussy is something I can not live without.

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