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Let Me Be Your Girl!

Ya know, I was thinking you and I could really give your wife a show. I mean she is horrible and does not know how to please you like I do. Really she is wasting your time and that fucktastic cock of yours. So here is what I was planning, I’ll come with you to your business meeting and after we could get a room at some fancy hotel. You tell her to meet you there and you have a wonderful night planned, make sure you don’t forget to give her the key. When she walks in I will be fucking you so good, riding that huge fucking cock, screaming your name. You’ll be sucking my tits and spanking me, telling me how much better my fuckhole is than hers. We can really stick it to her because she really doesn’t deserve you, you are just the best fuck in the world and super fucking hot. And hopefully when she sees that you finally found a woman who can take care of your every need she’ll leave. And if she doesn’t at least you have yourself a girlfriend cause baby I need and want that dick in my pussy, mouth and ass every day.

Playing with the Boss

Great blowjobsSo today I was filling in for my friend at her office job, a secretary for a very prominent firm. Problem is I do not have much professional clothing so I wore a short skirt, high heels and a blue button up blouse that must have shrunken a bit because my tits all but fell out. Her boss walked into the office and did a double take at my outfit, I could see the lust in his eyes immediately. I have met him a few times, he is a nice older gentlemen and very attractive. So to say in the least I enjoy the lustful looks he gives me whenever I am here. After being there for about an hour John calls me into his office and tells me to take a seat. Once I am seated and comfortable he says “Maggie, now I know you really don’t work here but we do need to talk about your attire when you fill in. You are a very attractive woman and I know men here notice you and the clothes you wear, even women tend to stop and stare. Problem is this is an office not a club, I’m going to need you to dress a little more appropriately.” Of course I apologized and told him I would do so. “Is there anything I can do to make this up to you John?” He looked me up and down for a minute before telling me to open my legs wide and finger my pussy. I instantly got wet at his demand and did as he asked. He sat there watching me finger fuck my cunt for a few minutes before he told me to crawl over to him on my hands and knees. I did and when I sitting right in front of his cock he told me to pull it out and deepthroat it. I sucked his big dick until he shot his hot, thick cum into the back of my throat. Yummy! I can’t wait to fill in again.

Horny Black Princess

Ebony phone sexI need someone to fuck me. I’m so horny and my pussy is wet. I’ve tried pleasing myself with my fingers and sex toys but I need a man to get the job done. I need a hard dick so badly, I feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get. I want to be on my hands and knees because the doggy style position makes me cum faster. If you reach your hand in front of me and play with my clit while fucking me from behind you’ll feel my cunt get wetter than the ocean. Get rough, pull my hair, and I’ll call you Daddy. I close my eyes and I can see your hard cock fucking fast and hard. I want you to pull your cock out of my pussy, it’ll be so shiny with my juices. I want you in my mouth so that I can taste myself on your cock. Do you think you can satisfy my huge sexual appetite?

Sensual phone sex

sensual phone sexI am addicted to big fat cocks. The bigger the better. I am fucking my boyfriends best friend. We went to his house to watch a sports game and to get cozy. I wore a tight little dress, with no panties and of course I knew from the begging that I needed to fuck his friend. I went and sat right down on his lap in front of my boyfriend and I even hiked up my dress so he could feel my pussy lips pressed up against his shorts.

I felt his cock grow underneath of me, so I took advantage of the opportunity. Right in front of my boyfriend, I whipped his best friends dick out and I started beating it up and down. I got on my hands and knees and started kissing it, licking it. I completely ignored my boyfriend. I hopped on this big fat cock and rode it hard and deep.

Looks like my boyfriend is going to have a really sloppy wet mess to clean up once he blows his fat load in me.

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI love teasing my cuckold. I know he will be home early today and I have an eleven incher that has been wanting to be pushed inside of me all day. I get on the bed where me and my cuckold sleep at night. I make sure we are right on his side. I beg for this much fatter and meatier cock to be wedged inside of me.

I open my thighs trying to take every inch of his pole rammed into me. I look over to the door way. And there is my devastated cuckold. I need a fatter cock to crave my needs tonight my love. Sit there and watch as he takes me and owns every bit of me, like you could never do. I feel that cock throbbing.

I invite all of that cum to rush inside of my pussy and fill me up. My cuckold is going to have a huge mess to clean up.

Nothing Sexier

Mature phone sex Nothing is sexier than a boy on his knees begging for the pleasure of a Domme.  It is such a rush to see that you know your place.  I love a boy on his needs that I can just take the back of his head and push his mouth into my pussy and smother him with all my juices.  Letting you suckle and please me orally.  I keep pushing on your head moaning.  My body quivering.  Feeling your eagerness to make me  cum in your mouth.  Pushing your fingers in, my pussy pushing down, grinding.  Your tongue lapping at my clit.  My moans getting louder.  I begin to quiver as I squirt into your mouth.  Giving you the present you desire and that you have earned.  

Sexy and slutty

Sexy phone sexSexy phone sex with a naughty, slutty vixen like me makes you beg for more and more, surprise surprise! You’re never able to get enough of me and my delicious curves, especially when I give you the pleasure of being able to face fuck my tasty pussy, hehe. I mean, how could you ever resist such a sensual whore like me?! My sexuality is one of my many super powers and I love holding you captive under my spell. I am such an erotic tease, unlike anything that you have ever had the joy of experiencing before! You have always had such a fetish and a hard on for a hot and powerful queen like me! Mindfucking you is my favorite pastime, it makes my sweet cunt gush with wetness to have you wrapped around my pretty finger! You’re weak for me and I take full advantage of it!

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapyI have started to do therapy sessions to help out some men that have cum filled cocks and usually some kind of a issue. I was in my office thinking that I had just seen my last patient of the day. I got so hot and bothered with my last encounter talking about how his wife preferred big heavy black dicks over his. I was dripping down my thighs, saturating my panties.

I leaned back on my couch and spread my pussy open, pulling up my pin skirt. I got my big fat dildo out. Me and that guy’s wife have a lot in common. I fucked that dildo really hard. The guy all the sudden came back into the room, because he left his wallet on the table. He was in amazement watching my pussy stretch over that cock.

I told him to sit down and watch me pleasure myself with this big black cock, and see why his wife likes this so much better then his cock.

Pussy Tastes So Damn Good

Lesbian phone sexI love dick! Long dicks, thick dicks, short and stubby dicks, crooked dicks, I love them all. But sometimes I want pussy. Right now I want to put my face between a beautiful woman’s thighs. I have a co-worker named Tasha. She’s thick and curvy just the way I like my black women. When she walks by my desk, her perfume drives me wild. I’ve wanted her for months but I didn’t have the courage to make the first move. But today I’m going to get that pussy. She got up from her desk and walked towards the restroom, and I followed. She was in the mirror putting on lipstick. I gripped her arm and pulled her into the handicap stall. I pushed her against the wall and dropped to my knees. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t pull her panties off, I just pushed them to the side to lick her sweet pussy. She never fought me off and the way she ground her wet pussy against my face let me know she wanted it just as bad as me. I licked and sucked on her clit until she squirted into my mouth. We walked back into the office like nothing even happened.

Submit to your princess

Fantasy phone sexThis is your daily reminder to be a good pay pig and hand your funds over to your bratty princess! You really have absolutely no control over me, don’t you think that that is so fucking hott!? You cannot stop your extreme femdom and fantasy phone sex fetish with me even if you wanted to! I want to see what happens when you really start to realize how good this is for your mental health and how you really do need this all day long, every single day! I am fucking you up in your brain and I do not even have to touch you to do so! This naughty habit is going to control every part of you and your life. You want this to happen so just let it happen! You really enjoy the way it feels when I walk all over you as your life crumbles to shit and heads toward bankruptcy. Don’t even worry about that, I am all that matters! You eagerly gobble up all of my delicious venom, no matter how badly it hurts! The more that you get inside, the more satisfied and happy you feel! These urges will keep you faithful to me and all of my wants and needs, perfect! Trying to fight them will be too much for you to handle. I will leave you completely and totally denied, let’s discover all of the fun that we can have, hehe!

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