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Life Of A Slut

Sexy chat Living the life of a slut is great. I get to chat on the phone with men about sex and their fantasies. Men come over all the time to grab a hole or 2. Every man needs a slut, so why not me? When I am talking on the phone with you and we are both masturbating. Mm baby doesn’t that sound good? Sounds good to me baby! Or when a man comes over and wants to fuck my brains out until I pass out from all my orgasms. Even better when I am talking on the phone and a man comes over to fuck me also. He listens as I talk, and watches me play with myself. Then when I hang up the phone we get to play his fantasy out.

Take Your Clothes Off

Sexy Dominatrix

Stanley, I like when you come over here wearing your rimmed wired glasses I like to see you and your straight-line slacks, and I really like those boring black steel toe boots I like that tie to but Stanley I’ve decided that you should wear something different I went out to the mall and got you a nice outfit to where for me. Stanley, you said that you would do anything for me I think that you should wake your sexual insanity up for me. You want to know what this little silver halter top is for, first I want you to take your clothes off. MMM, Look at you, you are stunning you’re so sweet. I love that tight little bubble ass Stanley is amazing I think that you turn me on just by looking at your body I think you would look so sexy in these little pair of hot shorts, I know you like them I know you do Stanley my pet. Put them on but wait I need you to put these little thong panties on first, you’re going to love the way they feel digging into your ass slit don’t worry about anything. After you have those hot shorts on I want you to put on this little silver halter top you look so delicious. now I want you to put on these four-inch beautiful sparkling silver high heel shoes I swear you look just like a beautiful model even better walk around for me show me you know how to move that tight ass for me it’s a bubble Beauty and I am in love. Let’s have some fun baby I need this right now and only you can give it to me let’s play dress up.


Sexy chatYou know that I love to take a man and turn him into a boy. Make him my perfect little pet. Digging at his manhood any chance I can. However there are times I could care less about men and all I want is some nice pussy for me to munch on. Is that wrong of me? Giggles I really do not care if it is wrong or if you think it is wrong. Women are tasty, yummy. sexy bitches. And sometimes cock will not do. Sometimes I need something better than cock. And let us be truthful pussy is better than cock any day of the week! Cock can be amazing and I personally do not want to live without cock. But pussy is something I can not live without.

Sexy Chat With Kelly

Sexy ChatI love talking to all kinds of men and women, I wish women would call me. I love all kinds of sexy chat, I can be very tame, and sensual.I would love to chat about any fantasy you have, no matter what it is. I love giving blowjobs and feeling that head get real nice and fat. While you rub your hands up my tight legs and up to my round ass and feel how tight it is and how wet my asshole can get. And rub your dick up against my cute ass. I want to feel your arms wrapped around me, Hold me tight and kiss me let me sit on your lap. I want to feel your hard dick against me and making me wet.

Voyeur Phone Sex

Voyeur Phone SexI love watching men take their dick in their hand and stroking it all the way down to their balls without me knowing they are doing it. It makes my little puffy nipples so hard. Wouldn’t you love to be out somewhere like a library and the urge strikes you, you just can’t help yourself and so you take it out under the table. You stroke it and you have no idea a beautiful female is watching and fantasizing about my tongue wrapped around the head of your fat mushroom head. It makes me so moist to watch you when you have no idea you are being looked at while enjoying that nice cock that should be in my mouth, ass or pussy. I love chatting about the naughty things you do to yourself.


Sexy chat I love when married men call me for wild phone sex. I love to hear what prudes of wives they are married too. How they will not do this or that. I laugh if only those stupid little wives knew. If they were not such prudes I would be out of business. But you know what they say. There are the women you marry and the sluts you fuck. Giggles. And I love being that slut! I love playing with these other chicks husbands and doing all sorts of nasty things with him in secret. Everything turns me on. When I am masturbating my mind skips from scenario to scenario. I honestly cannot think of one thing that turns me off. And I love when I get a freaky idea from a sexy caller. And I just run with it in my head as I pleasure myself.

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual  masturbation stories

My boyfriends best friend has the biggest cock I have ever seen. I want his dick inside me so badly. We are all hanging out at the house and I decided to go to my bedroom and lay on my bed while everyone is distracted. That friend of his has had his eye on me all night! I know it is a matter of time before he comes in here with his big fat cock.

I have my legs spread and I am rubbing away at my soaking wet pussy. I look over to my door way and see him standing there just like I had planned. He takes his cock out and stares at me. He starts stroking it while watching me rub harder and faster. I am about to squirt all down my thighs. He is nutting at the same time that I am cumming. His cum shoots across the room and lands on me.

He has really good aim. I hope to get that fat cock in one of my holes next time. Hopefully all of them.

I am the perfect Christmas gift for you

Ass fetishAll you are asking for Santa for this year is for me and my sexy body to be all wrapped up in a sexy bow underneath your Christmas tree! You love being enslaved to this perfect pussy and ass and your addiction makes me so fucking turned on! Whenever your Goddess wants more, Goddess always receives! Getting paid to be your personal sex toy while degrading you in all the best of ways is it’s own kind of high! My huge juicy tits explode out of my sexy lingerie and it drives you fucking wild, hehe I love watching you so weak at the knees for me! You know that you have to pay to play, so hand over your hard earned cash and submit to your nasty, slutty whore! I’ve been such a good girl on the naughty list this year and all you want to do is give me everything that I deserve, which is a lot! Making you suffer and go bankrupt for me really makes me horny as fuck! You have such a kinky ass fetish too, it’s no wonder you can’t get enough of my juicy booty! Spread my cheeks wide and eat me deep with your wet tongue!

Sexy Baby Beth Will Make You Cum

sexy babe

I’ve been a sexy babe every since I was a young girl. When my tits and ass first started to show all the guys started to notice me. I learned very quickly that I could get anything I wanted because guys wanted to fuck me so badly. They would do anything just to get a chance at sliding their cock inside me. But very few ever got the chance. I love to cum and to get fucked nice and hard, but only special guys with the right equipment, nice and thick, get to pound my little pussy. But knowing that I’m a naughty little cock tease doesn’t stop guys from trying. They still wait on me hand and foot just hoping that if they please me enough that I might please their cock. Maybe you’ll get lucky and I’ll think you’re good enough to cum for me. Do you have what it takes to jerk that cock until to you cum? I’d love to tease you until your right at the edge…and then I guess we’ll find out if you’re special or not. If that nice rock hard cock wants to shoot its load for me, it better spoil me the way a sexy young girl like myself deserves.

Fulfill your cuckold duties

Roleplay phone sexRoleplay phone sex is the best when I am able to have you weak at the knees and bowing down to please my every move! Fulfill your cuckold duties for me today, after all, it’s the only thing that you are good for doing! If what you’re saying to me and giving to me doesn’t benefit me in any way, then I don’t want shit to do with your pathetic ass! And just like that, I get everything that I want! I love never having to worry about any sort of financial matter, you take care of all of that for me and you fucking love doing so! Need me to be kept as your dirty little secret? Don’t worry babe, I am very good at being your discreet and naughty mistress! Silently spending money on me is one of the most attractive things that you could ever do! Some men can only dream of pleasing and serving me while others actually work hard to earn their position in my life. Even more so if I decide to keep you around and not kick you to the curb once i’m through with you! I create your reality, every male that I encounter is my subject!

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