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Cocksucking phone sex

 cocksucking phone sex

I have a new friend that is obsessed with me. He really wants to take things to the next level of our relationship. I know though that his cock is on the smaller side. I want him to know why we can never be perfect together because I can not be pleased by him.

I brought over a friend of mine named Jared. I made my new boyfriend sit on the couch and watch how quickly Jared makes me fall to my knees, something he could never really do. He took his pants off and his big fat ten incher flopped right out.

I fell to my knees rubbing his cock all over my face and lips getting ready to down it down my throat. I sucked him deep and hard into my throat. He was making me gag all over his cock. I guess we can also add that to the list my new BF could never make me do. I can gag on this cock.

Now watch me get a big fat load out of his balls.

Sensual phone sex

Sensual phone sexBaby just look at me finger my tight little pink pussy fuck hole. I love licking my fingers and finger my pussy then lick them again! I just taste so fucking delish! My pussy just feels fucking amazing its so tight and soft in there. I cant wait for your dick to fuck me really fucking hard! I just want you to throw me on my bed and jump on me and start caressing me real soft and kissing my neck and my lips. Then going down to my belly with your tongue. Then you going lower to start french kissing my sweet sweet pussy. I love how you start tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole in deep. Flickering your tongue on my clit so soft till you make me orgasm twice in a row. Then you gently put your big fat cock in my pussy fuck hole, and I start squirting all over your dick and balls.

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual masturbation stories

 I really like my best friend and her boyfriend. We are having a movie night tonight in my game room. I am super excited! My best friend leaves me and her boyfriend on the couch while she goes to the store to get some popcorn and snacks. I have been teasing him all night letting him peak up my skirt.

I spread my thighs in front of him and start rubbing my pussy. It is so wet. I slide my finger inside of my pussy hole and flick my clit harder and faster. He takes his cock out and starts fucking his dick in his hand going at the same speed that I rub my pussy at. I start moaning for him to fuck me hard.

I can feel my pussy about to squirt down my thighs and I can tell his cock is going to bust. We end up cumming at the exact same time. Perfect timing to since I just heard my front door open.

Pure Ecstasy

GFE phone sexPush me up against the wall, sink your teeth into my skin and kiss my neck, your hot breath in my ear telling me how fucking irresistible I am, your fingers slipping in and out of my wet pussy slit as you whisper for me to cum for you. That to me is pure ecstasy, when you fuck me like you’ve missed me. Don’t even say a word, devour my body with all of the fire that I see in your eyes, your hand on the small of my back as we move to our own rhythm. My legs are wrapped around your waist, my heels on the back of your ass as I pull you even deeper into me. Let your lips dance between my creamy thighs and then let your tongue tango with my lips. I drive you absolutely wild as i’m wearing nothing but stilettos and a smile. Pretend you’re on death row and I am your last meal, consume me completely! This isn’t my first rodeo but I am going to ride your face like it is. Growl my name when you bust your huge load of cock cream for me, I want you to be my dirty sexual deviant! I’m quite a catch and you should feel beyond blessed and lucky as fuck to have the pleasure of giving me so much pleasure, just like how I deserve! It’s so fucking sexy to have GFE phone sex with you, babe!

Black Girls Do It Better

Ebony phone sexI need a hard dick right now! I need to be bent over and fucked long and hard. Let me spread my thighs and show you my beautiful black pussy. Have you ever fucked a black girl? Believe me, no one rides a hard dick like a black girl. Let me sit on your dick while facing your feet, you’ll enjoy the view of my fat ass bouncing up and down. Then I’ll grab your ankles and you’ll be able to see your cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Lets lock ourselves in a bedroom room all day and fuck so hard that all of the sheets end up on the floor. I’m a girl with a very dirty mind and I promise you’ll never be bored. Fuck me like you hate me, pound my wet cunt until I cry out for you to stop. Come take control of my body, because I can be your sex slave. Black girls throw their pussy hard and we never get tired.

Rub My Feet And Fuck Me

Foot fetishesMy sexy and perfect feet are my sweet spot, to say the least! I absolutely love having them rubbed and played with, licked and sucked on, that shit makes me so horny, especially when you’re doing it while we are fucking! They’re like my second g-spot, it feels so damn good and I get so turned on by how nasty you want to get with me! It’s so sexy how much of a naughty foot fetish you have, I want to see how dirty you really love to get with my set of yummy soles. I want to fuck your mouth with them, slip and slide your tongue in between my toes, tickling me and making me giggle with pleasure, I seriously love that shit! My pussy gets wet as fuck from the sensation, it sends chills up my spine! Massage my calves and ankles while you smother yourself with my feet! Bask in how delicious they are and use them to stroke your throbbing cock! Shove your shaft deep up in to me, stretch my lips out with your hard ass dick! I want you pounding my fuck hole while you obsess over my soft, silky feet! When you make me orgasm, it will be so much more intense and i’m going to squirt juicy cum all over you! It will splatter all over my creamy thighs, I want you to lick it up! Can’t wait to get kinky as fuck with you and all of your fantasies!

Mature or Experienced?

Mature phone sex

Every now and then I need that guy, that mature guy who I don’t have to show anything to, that I don’t have to train or instruct. I got to have such an encounter recently. He knew just the right places to touch and tease, so fucking hot.
As soon as he saw me he was kissing my neck and sliding my shirt and bra off but dragging his hands over all of me as he took each item off. My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was already pulsing and throbbing like mad. When it came time to fuck, he wasn’t like a jack rabbit like the younger guys tend to be, he fucked me with control and purpose. It didn’t take much of his expert hands to getting me cumming all over his cock. Finally, at the end, he flipped me over and fucked the hell out of me and we came together. Ah, sometimes you just need that mature guy to fuck you silly.

Magic Feet

 Foot fetishesAfter that foot massage you gave me with that hot oil, made me so horny to see you getting a hard on just by massaging my cute sexy feet. Now my pussy is dripping wet. I would love to please my man with my hot sexy covered in oil feet with that cute nail polish. I just want to start slowly putting my feet on your neck giving you little massages then coming down to your belly. Then down to that big fat cock you have, slowly start caressing your balls then start stroking that big fat long cock with both my feet as I lay naked in front of you. I’m playing with my tits as I feel your rock hard dick between my feet. I love all that pre-cum all over my sexy feet. I keep stroking your cock with my feet I just want to make you cum all over my sexy feet.

Real voyeur sex

real voyeur sex

I am going in for a job interview today and the man that is suppose to be doing the hiring process is rather attractive. I decided that I should increase my chance of getting hired. I sit down in his big office, leaving his door completely open for anyone to come in at anytime.

His big office is completely see through so everyone can see us. I get up and make my way towards him. I drop down to my knees not caring who is looking and I suck his cock down my throat. I make sure to really flick that big fat muscle under his cock with my tongue.

When he cant take it anymore I sit on his lap facing his desk and slide his cock under my skirt. I pull my panties to the side and shove him right inside my pussy hole. I start bouncing up and down that big fucking him deep inside of me.

Sure enough it got me hired and a pay raise right off the bat!

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapy

I am a very good listener. I have a home office in which I take people to come see me and to vent about their problems. Today I have a man sitting down on my couch and he is telling me about how his wife just doesn’t always feel like having his cock rammed in her holes.

I casually spread my legs open, exposing my bare pussy with no panties to him. I start rubbing it as he continues on to his story about how he just wants to fuck. I tell him that he seems very needy and like he isn’t being taken care of very well. His cock is swollen through his pants.

I offer him a release, to fix all of his problems. I stand up and walk over to him and get between his legs. I undo his pants and whip out his big cock. I lick his shaft up and down. I suck on him pumping him into my mouth. He moves my mouth off of his cock.

I stand up and straddle his big dick and go ahead and sit right on his cock, forcing him into my sloppy wet tight pussy. I bounce up and down that cock telling him that it is okay to let it out. Let out all his feelings and that big fat cum load. Everyone needs a release sometime.

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