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Mother-In-Law Fantasy

Sexy babe

In all the years you have been married to my Daughter there has not been a time where I have not caught you looking at me with lust in your eyes.  Even on your wedding day when you danced with me I felt you press up against me more than you should have, I also felt your hands brush against my ass.  I brushed it off as an accident but as the years have gone on you have become more forward.  You have tried to corner me during Holiday events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, you name it. 

I have to admit, you do make me aroused.  I am not sure what to do though, you are my Daughter’s Husband after all.  I would never want to hurt her in anyway, but the way you have been coming on to me lately is making it harder and harder not to give in.  What if she found out? I am not sure she would ever forgive me.  Perhaps just one kiss? One blowjob? One night in my bed? Would that be so bad?

I don’t know exactly what will happen between us, but I do know that it has to be dealt with soon.  I am not sure how much longer I can stave off your advances.

Christmas sexy babe

sexy babeThis sexy babe has a few secrets she has been hiding. i can’t believe my older significant other has no idea what a naughty girl I been. My actions have enlisted me on the naughty list. I am not blind I full agree I been so bad I should get coal for Christmas rather than birkin bags and Bentley. I have gone out my way to get my Latina holes satisfied. I enjoy premium cocks. The ones that hit my g spot and make me cum nonstop. I am quite the smart slut. I have cut corners and have made a living being the arm candy of a wealthy fortune five hundred tycoon.

He spoils me rotten and has me in all the designer brands. As a sexy Spanish mami I have prepared for the life of riches since I can remember. I had my tits done and was ready to take the world by its horn. I realized soon enough that big bank equals small cocks. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from being pleased. I was going to get huge cocks whenever and wherever I deemed it necessary. I went Christmas shopping at Neimans and felt the urge to fuck one of the guards. He took me out back after a few minutes of flirting. He new I wanted his big black mamba. I was going to let his broke ass fuck me. The bigger the dicks the smaller the bank account 😉 I knew he was going to be a fun time only. He spread my sexy legs and shoved his chocolate cock and fucked me till I was shaking and cumming. When he finished in me I told him it was okay. I was planning on something epic with that creamy cum load inside me. I got home and let my rich short dick slave fuck me. Poor guy had no idea he was licking a cum filled pussy. I had fresh semen from my naughty encounter. I was getting off on him cleaning up my Christmas chaos.


sexy legs


Young Sexy Man For This Milf

Sexy chatI was visiting an old girlfriend and her son was home from college. He was so sexy with his young body and his boyish good looks. He was strutting around and showing off his body flirting back with me as much as I was flirting with him. My girlfriend saw the connection between us and gave us some alone time. As soon as she left I attacked her son tearing off his clothes and mine. His dick half hard I swallowed him in my mouth making it hard as a rock. I bent myself over the couch spreading my legs wide. He plunged his dick straight in my ass. I was thrust forward against the couch. I was loving his dick in my ass. My pussy juices were leaking down my thighs. He was pounding my ass hard and yanking on my hair. We both started to cum together both exploding at the same time on each other.

BBC Cream Pie

Cuckold Phone Sex

My cunt craves BBC cum! I love getting filled with cum and having it drip out of pussy! You’re such a good cucky boy aren’t you! I want you to lick my juicy wet pussy while I get fucked by a thick 10 inch black cock. Lick us both, cucky! Don’t you dare let those sweet juices go to waste! Flick your tongue back and forth from my pussy to his balls. Lick us both while he fucks my cunt so hard!

Don’t you love when my BBC boyfriend creams deep inside my tight pussy? I don’t want to see a single drop of that milky cum go to waste either! I want you to lick and slurp that BBC cum. You better gulp that black cock cream pie! And when I come home with my holes filled with cum from gangbangs and huge black dicks, you better slurp on all of that too! I love my little horny cum guzzler cuck!

Favorite Toy

Fantasy phone sex Men are my favorite thing to play with! Men have an awesome package swinging between their legs. So many fun and exciting things I can do with that cock and balls. But before I play with you I will have you kneel in the corner of the bedroom as I fuck a huge BBC. I want you jerking off but not cumming. When I am done getting fucked we both will come over and play with you. I can’t wait to see that BBC buried in your white tight ass. My legs will be spread before you to suckle on my charming edible kitty. If you want your reward from me you will have to satisfy us both. After we are done with playing and using you then you have permission to jerk off and spill your seed on the floor but do not forget to clean up your mess with your tongue.

You don’t deserve a hot sexy woman like me!

hot sexy womanLook at you, do you really think a man like you deserves a hot sexy woman like me? Your dick is tiny, way too tiny for a woman like me to ever accept it, I only fuck real men. I fuck men that have big cocks, the kind of cocks that will fill me up and stretch me out, I bet I would never even feel yours at all and that’s if you manage to even get it in me at all! Lets be real here, your dick is a micro penis, too small to ever be worth my time at all.You’re just the kind of little bitch boy that gets to clean me up after I’ve fucked a real man and you will never be anything else. You may as well except that now.

Phone Sex Therapy Time

phone sex therapyHe needed some phone sex therapy. When he came to my office, he was shy. He was reluctant to talk to me about what made him seek therapy. I asked a few questions to make him feel at ease. His issue was not typical. He told me no woman wants to fuck him. I assumed he had a small dick. I was prepared to give him the cuckold speech. Any man with a small dick who is married is encouraged to be a cuckold, so his wife can get the pleasure she needs. He didn’t have a small dick. It was the opposite. He had a huge cock, one so big that most women are afraid that he will hurt them, or even ruin their fuck holes. His wife is cheating on him, but in a strange twist, she is cheating on him with a man with a smaller cock. I was impressed with his size. Not everyday you see a foot-long thick cock on a white man. When he pulled out his cock to show me, it was bigger than he described. I could see younger women or women concerned about having a tight pussy being afraid of it. This is the kind of cock that will hit a woman’s cervix. It is also the kind of cock that gives a woman a G-spot orgasm and makes her squirt for the first time. I know all about what a big dick can do for a woman. Unlike his wife, however, I am a size queen. I would be a bad phone sex therapist if I ignored his huge cock and cum filled balls. The man needed release. The kind of release that is required daily. I rode his cock until we both came. I made him make appointments for the rest of the week too. It is my obligation to help him drain his balls if his wife won’t. Her loss is my gain.

Erotic pleasure

Erotic roleplaying

  I finally went out on a date with a guy who has been bothering about taking me out forever. He works net to me one building over. He seems so kind so I just had to say yes. He’s attractive and so charismatic. He took me to a nice fancy dinner. The entire time I was thinking how bad I wanted him to rip my clothes off and just fuck me. We got cheesecake and wine. At this point three glasses in I was ready. We went back to my place. He is remodeling his home. So, we get back and I get on my bed to pose and be as sexy as I can for him. He plays some music and starts to undress me with his mouth. He was so impressive. He kissed my body and nipples so perfect. As soon as he started to fuck me his phone rang. He ignored in he made me cum so quick and he just kept going. It was so hot. I love a man who can take demand and actually know what he’s doing. After, we got done. He called someone back and it just so happened to be his wife. Go figure right all the good ones are always taken, and I thought I was a whore.

Hot New Ride

Best phone sex

 I told my new sugar daddy that if he got me a ride, he can take a ride- if you know what I mean. 😉 Last weekend, he led me into the garage and showed me my brand-new cherry red convertible. My pussy got so wet from the site of that sexy car and I began to strip off my clothes and laid on the hood with my legs in the air. My sugar daddy loves spoiling his princess and got rock hard at the site of me enjoying myself and rubbing my trembling clit on my new car. I fondled my breasts for daddy. My pussy juice trickled down my legs and all over the hood. Daddy’s bulge became enormous and to show him my appreciation, I let him lick my cunt and suckle on my clit. I grabbed his head and shoved his face deep in my bald young pussy. His cock got so excited, I started stroking his large bulge with my bare foot- he nearly creamed his dress pants as I jerked his cock off with my feet! I decided to be a good daddy’s slut and let him fuck my tight cunt. My naked body bouncing across the hood. I tightly wrapped my legs around his waist and forced him to cum deep inside my tight pink cunt. After we finished, I made sure to lick daddy’s cock and the car’s hood clean! We both got a hot ride that night!

Waiting For Your Cock

Sexy chatI waited outside for you to pull in next door I was naked and sunbathing in that spot in the yard where you can look over the fence and see me. I knew your wife was away for a few days and I want you! I have wanted you for a while and now is my perfect chance. I make a noise so you turn and look my way. I can feel your eyes piercing my naked flesh. I make eye contact with you and wave you over with my pinky. You waste no time in coming over. You are already pulling out your thick cock and heading straight for my open wet ready mouth. My lips grab a hold of your cock and slide down your shaft. You taste so fucking yummy in my mouth and your so fucking thick you fill my mouth full.

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