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Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

I very much fancy the new domination porn you sent me. I love learning how to be a good mistress by watching these hot women turn these pathetic excuse for men into slaves. I really hope to use some of these new skills on you when I come home on holiday. I am not quite fitting in as the girls hate that I get their boyfriends cock more than they do. I mean what girl doesn’t suck cock and expect to keep a man around?? I just fuck and let them go, it is not like I intend to keep these “Boys”.  I do my peers a favor and teach these guys how to fuck they all should be thanking me. Instead, I just have to suffer with every males attention on campus. I am sending you a nice postcard, I hope you don’t open your email at work again daddy. I love sending you my naughty pictures. Which reminds me where are mine of you in your wifes’ panties and lipstick I asked for? Do not be bad, it will only make your punishment more severe! You wanted me this way and now you act like a fool by not obeying me. I have pictures of your small dick daddy I really do not want to have to send them to your contact list. So be a good daddy and send this sweet young Mistress what she desires. Did you get the video of the new teacher fucking my tight twat? He has a nice big cock, I hope that made you jealous!

Love and Kisses,

Your Sweet Young Mistress CJ <3

domination porn

I kissed a girl

sexy chicks

Well, I did much more than kiss a girl. It wasn’t even planned. I grew a crush on my brother’s girlfriend. We clicked, and I like sexy chicks so hanging out with her made me want to fuck her even more. One day I felt brave after a couple of glasses of wine and went for it I knew she found me sexy and she would always make comments on what a hot latina I was. I made my move and wished I had done it sooner. I got her pussy off with my tongue and fingers. Caressing her body and getting her ready to climax was all that I wanted. I licked her perfect pussy, and she did mines. I enjoyed scissoring her till she moaned in bliss. I’m sure my brother hasn’t made her cum this hard ever. 

Sexy Babe Is Too Hot For Slumming

Sexy Babe

When you are a sexy babe, you turn heads wherever you go. I was at the drugstore last night picking up a few things, including a bottle of wine. The guy checking me out was totally checking me out. I don’t date guys who wear name tags. That would be slumming. Now, there was a hot older man behind me giggling. He whispered in my ear, “Like he has a chance.” He understood. The guy behind me was the one I wanted. He had on an expensive suit and a Rolex watch. His shoes looked like Italian leather. He smelled like money. He smelled like my next sugar daddy. He walked me to my car, then asked if I wanted to have a drink. I thought about playing hard to get, but I was horny, and he was hot and rich. Turns out he is just in town for a week for business. He had a penthouse suite in the nicest hotel downtown. He fucked me up against the big glass window from the 25th floor. I had such a lovely view of the city as he hammered me from behind. He was a stud and quite the lover. No way a guy in a name tag could have fucked me to four orgasms.


Dominatrix Party

Sexy chat I was at a dominatrix party with plenty of different type of boys around to use and abuse. There were sissy boys, and small weenie boys, and cuckold boys. And each and every one of them was there for total use in any way any of us dominatrix seemed fit. I have a cruel side I like to make welts form on boys small dicks and pussy asses. Every time a boy crawled or walked pass my chair my bullwhip came out and gave them at least one good wack. I giggled to myself as I saw some of the boys taking second and third rounds past my chair even slowing up a bit. I found one particular boy quite pleasing. He seemed to be eager to please as many as us dominatrix as he could. That is the boy that I allowed to suck my sweet kitty into I squirt several times all over his face.

Sexy Babe and Size Queen

sexy babeA sexy babe like me needs big cock. I won’t settle for less. Men think because I am young, I don’t know that size matters. Or they think if they spoil me, I will overlook the turtle in their pants. No fucking way. I stand up for myself. My orgasms are most important, so if you can make me cum, then you become my sissy bitch. Teddy was this fat cat I met on a special arrangements site. He thought if he bought me nice clothes and took me to fancy restaurants, I would overlook his 2 inch dick. There are plenty of men who can spoil me. Ones with nice cocks too, so I don’t need to settle. Teddy seemed shock when I suggested he put on a pair of my panties, so his little clit stick wouldn’t get hurt. I mean, my Ken doll growing up had a bigger package. I was not laughing, well I was laughing at his cock, but I was serious about the panties. I had to lash into him with some harsh small dick humiliation. He liked it. When he realized I was standing up for my sexual needs, he got turned on. I made him lick my pussy and eat my ass while wearing my pretty pink panties. He still wines and dines me, but there is no fucking, unless you count my pegging his sissy ass.

I’ll let you laugh

Small dick humiliation   Small dick humiliation will not only bring you satisfaction but me as well. I miss my fairy faggot princess. He used to dress himself up. It started as just a simple you should have been a woman statement. He then from now then and there wanted to just come over and have me talk down to him. Humiliate his little dick and have me play dress up. if you call me I will make you feel so bad about having a small wines that you might as well just turn it inside out and make it a clit. I will tear you a new one and make you feel like the cheapest disgrace of a man! Let me compare cocks to your and laugh at you a bit. It will be so fun.

Roleplaying with my boyfriend is always fun

gfe phone sexYou had just won a shitload of money on the craps table in Vegas. I noticed you heading to the presidential suite and I shimmied out of my panties adjusted my fishnets and followed you to your room. You were pleasantly surprised by my big tits straining at my red halter top.  “Can I help you?’ you asked with heavy breath.

“Why Yes baby I thought you could use a little company.” I winked, and you let me in.  I sat on the couch crossing and uncrossing my legs, so you could see my bald cunt. It was working I wanted some of that money and I would put my slut skills to use. I got right beside you and unleashed my big tits as I stroked your rod through your pants. My red lipstick was smeared as I kissed you deep while getting that hard cock out of your pants. I leaned down to lick your bulging head and my ass was in the air as you began to play with my bare cunt. Deeper and deeper I bobbed up and down. Tears and spit running down my face as I gagged on your shaft. In one quick movement I was straddling you bringing my wet dripping cunt down on your cock. I rode you hard slamming deeper and deeper until my cunt tightened, and I came all over your cock.  You had my huge tits in your mouth as you grabbed my ass and spurted your hot load deep in me. It’s going to be a long fucking night, I think my plan is working.

Taking You To The Edge

Edgeplay phone sex

There is comfort in giving over control.  Even if that control is over your orgasm.  From the moment I sit in front of you, until you finally explode all over the place, your stroking is only done under my direction.  Your hand will travel over your cock in the manner in which I instruct.  I know at times it gets to be almost too much, but I have faith in you, I know you can hold out.

Every time you come close to cumming I make you back off.  I can hear the agony in your voice, see it in your face, but I promise it will be well worth all the teasing.  I will not touch you, you will do it all on your own.  I can see you want to jack off quickly, but I make you go slowly.  I have you lightly gripping your hard, aching dick.  I can tell you want to grasp it harder, but not yet.  We still have a long time to go.  I might have to ice your balls, or tie your hands to your side as you breath through the stoppage of your strokes.

Then we start again.  With each stop and start you get closer to the edge faster.  I have to pay very close attention to your breathing, I do not want you to go one stroke too far, because then the fun will be over, and nobody would want that.

Sexy Babe Loves To Roleplay

Sexy babe

This sexy babe had just gotten out of the shower when I heard my front door open. Since you were out of town on a business trip and not expected back for two days, I grabbed your handgun from the dresser drawer. I walked into the living room wearing only a pair of thong panties with gun in hand. You were sitting something down on the entrance way floor, I knew immediately that it was you, but I was feeling frisky and couldn’t pass up this chance for some roleplay . So I pointed the gun in your direction and told you to strip. You said excuse me. I told you that’s right mister take your clothes off or you get a bullet.

You gave me a smirk and started removing all of your clothes. Once you were naked I motioned towards the bedroom and told you to move it. I made you lay down on your back on the bed. I pulled out the handcuffs from the dresser drawer and made you hand cuff yourself to the headboard. I told you that I knew you had intended to have your way with me but now the roles were going to be reversed. I put down the gun and walked over to you. I tightened the handcuffs and you protested. I put my hand over your mouth while sitting on your chest with my hot wet pussy and told you to hush, I inched my luscious ass down closer to your big hard cock and rubbed against it.

I leaned over and sucked on your nipple while I continued to tease your cock with my ass. You told me to put your cock into my juicy pussy. I told you to hush again. I reached down and grabbed your cock. I licked all over the head of your cock and then I side my baby soft lips all the way down your shaft feeling every throbbing inch of your cock inside my warm wet mouth. I sucked on your cock just a little longer before I sat down on your face. I told you to tongue fuck my pussy. That you had to make me cum first. You stuck your tongue deep inside my pussy and flicked it around. You sucked on my clit. You drove my pussy wild with the things your tongue was doing. I was screaming out in orgasmic ecstasy within minutes. I then went back to sucking your hard throbbing cock while I slid two of my fingers into your tight puckered ass. My fingers must have found your P-spot because my mouth was rewarded with an enormous cum shot. Oh, how I have missed your warm salty scrumptious cum.

Erotic roleplaying

King of all cocks

Fantasy phone sexEveryone knows that Big Daddy King has an anaconda that reigns supreme over all these other small loser dicks. There are massives cocks in this world and then there is BDK’s throbbing monster, there is no comparison whatsoever! His thirteen inch dick is in a league of it’s own and i’m lucky enough to be able to worship him any damn time I want! I love using my pretty tongue on that thick log of meat, giving Big Daddy King pleasure is my favorite hobby! I’m a stretched out sugar princess when he inserts his anaconda inside of me. BDK has a cum-filled nutsack that was God sent! I enjoy worshiping those delicious balls like how they deserve to be worshipped. Daddy loves how I stare deep into his sexy eyes as I swallow down all of his delicious millionaire nut. After a good fuck session, we fueled up the jet and headed off to Paris! Big Daddy King wanted to spoil me with a shopping spree in one of my favorite places, I am the luckiest sugar baby in the whole entire world! The diamond chain that I have on around my neck reads ‘Property of BDK’ and this multi-million dollar pussy looks so sexy with a sparkly clit ring as well! BDK always keeps me dripping in jewels! We went to the top of the Eiffel tower and had an incredible dinner with an amazing view. The best part was dessert, whipped cream chocolate delight and i’m not talking about the kind that they serve to your table, hehe! It was a wild evening of cock suck tasting and fantasy phone sex! #MillionairePussy #SugarPrincess #BigDaddyKing #Luckiest

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