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My new toy

Sexy babe

I decided to treat myself and buy a new vibrator. My old one was okay, but I wanted something top of the line. My new toy came in the mail and I couldn’t wait to give it a try! I crawled into bed and spread my legs and started rubbing the new vibrator onto my pussy. Within in seconds, I was dripping wet and close to cumming. I’d never had a toy that could get me off so fast. My back arched and my thighs were trembling as my first orgasm pulsed through me. I was so turned on and it felt so good that I just didn’t want to stop masturbating. I rolled onto my stomach and bent my hips so that my ass was in the air and my head was down. I slipped the toy between my legs and started to grind my pussy on it. I daisy chained 3 orgasms in a row within 15 minutes!

I got to shop for free

best phone sexI went shopping the other day and went a little crazy, my cart was overflowing and I was way over budget. I guess it’s a good thing that the store owner was there and he was very interested in me. He said that I could have it all if I would fuck him so how could I turn that offer down? I took him in the dressing room and fucked his brains out. I went all out sucking his dick rimming that ass and fucking him until he was all worn out. I did such a good job that he was willing to not only give me all the clothes and accessories I wanted but he also gave me a wad of cash too! And we have a date set up for this weekend too, I think I may have found myself a new sugar daddy isn’t that great?

MILF Phone Sex Slut Farah at the Pool

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is what summer is all about. I love younger men and they love me. I did something I rarely do yesterday. I went to the community pool. I have a pool in my backyard. The public pool, however, is better cougar hunting ground. Teen and college boys home from summer hang out there. I won the lottery. Almost no women were there. Some school girls, but they have nothing on a sexy milf. I was in a bikini showing off my milf body. I had the attention of the guys there, even the lifeguards. It was hard to narrow it down to one to take home. I decided on this Hispanic boy. He had just turned 18 and was a virgin. I speak some Spanish and he spoke some English, so we communicated. I took him home and made him a man. He had a nice cock, about 8 inches, which is the low end of my cock size limits. I am a size queen, after all. I just like teaching young men how to be good lovers for other women. Behind every good male lover is an older woman. He was not my first virgin and he won’t be my last. either.

Freaky Deaky Fucking

Fantasy phone sexDo you think the “F” on my nicely shaved cunt stands for fucking? Most kinky men do. I wanted something to catch my wild crazy sexual desire. My “F” stands for Freaky!! Because I did not just want to fuck but I want to freaky fuck. Do a couple of pumps in my wet sweet pussy and then slide out and put a couple of more pumps deep in my ass. Grab me by the throat, lifting me up high keeping your hands tightly around my throat and just pound away hard slipping back and forth between my ass and pussy. I love fucking not making love. I love the dominate freak to come out of you which brings on my freaky deaky side.

Sissy Humiliation for Splenda Daddies

sissy humiliationI am a sexy woman. I have standards when it comes to cock size. Look at me? I am a sophisticated hottie to the max. This dude I met on a sugar daddy site completely lied. He was a Splenda daddy instead. No money and to make matters worse, no cock. He didn’t get my pussy. He got sissy humiliation instead. I denied him. I was about to slam the door on his face when he showed up to pick me up in a Prius. I was like what the fuck? Do I look like I ride in a Prius? I am sports and luxury car worthy. He tried to scam me again with the I am so beautiful crap that it made him desperate to go out with me. I shut that shit down too. I asked him if he had a big dick. I knew there was no way that he did. He was a broke ass loser. He tried to claim that he did, but it was a shrimp’s tail. No bigger than my pinky finger. I lashed in on him with some of my best humiliation slams ever. I gave him a pair of my panties and slammed the door in his face once I eviscerated him. The nerve of some men. To pose as a rich sugar daddy with a big dick to get in my panties. As if I would ever let a loser fuck me.

Mutual Pleasure

Mutual masturbation stories

Talking to me will give you the most sensual experience ever. Phone sex is the hottest way to get intense mutual pleasure for you and I. Nothing is hotter than hearing a man moan on the phone while I rub my body down and finger fuck my juicy wet, bald pussy. I love talking dirty and mutual masturbation with you gets me going so hard. Rubbing my clit and moaning for you while you stroke your thick, rock hard cock makes my sweet bald pussy cream up. I get so wet knowing that I am giving you pleasure with my dirty mind and sultry satin voice. I want to hear you grunt and cum while I finger fuck my wet hole. I love hearing a man orgasm, it gets me so fucking turned on and makes my pussy want to just gush all over my bed. I can’t wait for you to hear my creamy wet pussy squirt all over my hand and thighs for you, baby. You drive me crazy when you whisper dirty things to me.

My Sexy Playmate

Sensual phone sex


My sexy playmate and I were playing around he then said, “follow me but keep quiet so we won’t wake up everyone,” “ok I won’t.” I said, where are we going as he grabbed my hand, leading me into the laundry room. He picked me up and put me on the dryer then started it up.”What are you doing?!” I laughed, “let me taste that pussy,” he said. “We are going to get in trouble,” I explained. “No, we are not as long as you cover your mouth and just be quiet.” He took my pants off and pulled me closer to the edge of the shaky dryer. The vibration was very arousing, and the adrenaline rush that we might get caught turned me on. He then spread my legs wide and began licking my wet vibrating clit flicking it with his tongue, also sucking my lips and traced it back to my sweet cherry down inside me. It was pure ecstasy with extra stimulation from the dryer. Fucking me with his tongue while he fingered my sopping wet asshole. I couldn’t help grabbing his head-scratching him while shaking and trying to hold on. He spat on my clit and sucked me so good I squirted two times, but he was freak nasty he wanted more. I squirted so much it ran down his chin. He licked it off and licked me clean like he hasn’t eaten in days it turned me on so much. My body was so weak and exhausted from over stimulation I tapped out. He then grabbed me and said, “you know what to do.”I licked my juices off his face and kissed him. He smiled and said, “that’s a good girl.”

GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex! I am a sexy girl. I know what men like and I know what they need. I was at this high-end club last night looking for my next sugar daddy. There were plenty of men to select from too, but I am highly selective. I want a handsome older man. I want a rich man and I want one who will spoil me. David was 68 and recently widowed. He had a Rolex watch on that cost more than my car. He had on a Versace suit. He screamed sugar daddy. We got to talking and a few minutes turned into a few hours. He was old enough to be my father, but age is just a number, right? When the chemistry is there, age doesn’t matter. I made him feel special. I listened to everything he had to say. I asked questions, so he knew I was listening. I had no doubt that I had snagged him. I figured he would pop a Viagra and we would go back to my place. He didn’t need Viagra. He had an erection like a teen boy. He had a big black cock too, but he was white! I didn’t see his porn star cock coming, but I sure as fuck felt it cumming. When he busted his nuts inside me, it was like a volcano shot off inside me. He took me shopping on online for some pretty things. He got me everything on my Amazon wish list and I had a lot on there!  Turns out, David is a sugar daddy with everything I require plus a big hard cock!


Latina Mamacitas

latina phone sexMy sugar daddy likes when I bring over all my hot Latina cousins and friends. We are all into Latina phone sex. If you don’t have a fiery Latina to spice up your life you are missing out. We are the sexiest and the most freakiest whores. We can turn any limp dick rock hard with just a look. My cousin Mercedes is a hottie. We both take plenty of big dicks together. We can make any man cum. We have no limits and the only thing we want is gallons of jizz. A big meaty cock to suck and share and fuck. We can go all night and day. Hot Latina vixens for you. Latina mamacitas who can fuck so well.

Phone Sex Therapist: Dr. Farah Can Help

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I can help men out with a variety of problems they are experiencing. Fetishes too. Because I teach psychology, even my friends come to me for advice and help. Tony is a colleague. He is a History professor with a trophy wife he thinks is cheating on him. I asked some questions about why he thinks that, explored it some more and concluded she likely was cheating. Now, the issue was why was she cheating. Women cheat for different reasons than men. Usually, it is either sexual dissatisfaction or lack of emotional support from their partner. Tony is a nice, empathetic man who dotes on his wife, so my guess was he had a small dick. Just because you are my friend and not paying for my services, doesn’t mean I will sugar coat the truth. He pulled his dick out and it was not what I was expecting. I thought average dick or limp dick syndrome. He had a micro penis. That is a dick so small it looks like just a helmet head and balls. His wife is 15 years younger and a super sexy babe. Of course, she was getting some dick on the side. There was no way Tony was going to be able to compete with some young lothario with a big cock. Not even all the best pussy eating in the world can make up for a micro dick. I gave him some cuckold therapy. I explained the good, bad and ugly of being a cuckold husband. The other option is a divorce or complete shame. Being a cuckold is the only option for a guy with a super small dick and a wife well out of his league.  I will continue to provide cuckold phone sex therapy to him, but in the end, it is his only choice. It is the only choice for any man with a tiny dick and a hot wife.

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