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You make me want to dance

Erotic roleplaying

I met Howard at the club last night, and Howard is impressive. Howard is tall dark chiseled and oh so handsome. I found out that Howard was super stressed at home with his annoying, stuffy wife. The handsome man said that he had to just get away and he wanted someone to dance for him you see Howard, says he’s not going to cheat. Well, I guess I’ve got the challenge set. I offered Howard a free private dance because he was so fuckable. My pussy got wet before we got to the VIP room, I was so horny for this man, I mean I had not had a man like him in a very long time. I kept thinking in my head how will I get to see what’s going on in his pants. I started to dance on Howard moving my perfect little tight ass on his cock. I felt his cock rising, and it was girthy. I could tell there was something substantial going on with Howard down there and it turned me on like nothing else. My nipples got hard I started to think to myself I’m going to turn around and give him a head dance. I told him I didn’t want to make him cheat I just wanted to dance for him I said, Howard, I wish to do a special head dance for you. It took some convincing before Howard would let me take his big fat cock out of his zipper, but it was worth it, it was huge and as thick as I imagined. Straight away I filled my mouth up Howard was saying something about stopping this is cheating. I kept sucking viciously passionately taking as much of his delicious cock in as I could. All of a sudden Howard grabbed the back of my head and started to push his cock as far into my mouth as he could. It started there I bet you want to know where it ended.

Pay your hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI literally am paid to exist, I make money just sitting on my ass and being the hot sexy woman that I was born to be. My big juicy tits are a prize to be won and this shit doesn’t cum cheap, hehe! I swear, I dream of playing tennis and having caviar eaten out of my sexy asshole every morning before I go about my day of being the hottest housewife ever. There is nothing wrong with being a high maintenance slut, I promise! If you are a good boy, we will have many fun and exciting times together, our lives will be a constant sexual adventure. I love a man who loves to take me out and show me off while spoiling me rotten. It feels good to be able to destroy you from the comfort of my own bed, I am a true princess!

Queen of my Sex Slave

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If you want to lap up my sweet pussy juices with your tongue you better treat me like I am a queen. Adriano my hunky mob boss calls me his majesty, and I quite like that nickname. His men are like my servants, and if they don’t do exactly as I say they have to answer to Adriano. It is like I really am a queen, I always have at least two men that follow me every where like guards. I have a Stouffer that takes me everywhere I want to go, and I pick any kind of vehicle I wish to be driven in. Of course Adriano always greets me with a bow and a small kiss on the hand. I am his queen, and he will do whatever I tell him to. If he is a good servant I reward him with blow jobs, but if he is a bad boy I force him to lick my pussy until his tongue cramps. He would do anything for his queen. It is so hard not to giggle when his men call him boss because to me he is just a little bitch. He is a toy that will do what I tell it to do. My mob “boss” is only allowed to cum when he buys me something nice and expensive. If he wants to cum, but hasn’t bought me anything, I make him dress up as a little girl and talk in his best girly voice. I make him stay and beg this way for hours. He is my property, my sex slave, and I am his majesty. I am the queen of his world, and if his men don’t do exactly what I say, I have no doubt that he will have them wacked. I love punishing and rewarding my sex slave.

Courtney’s Boyfriend

Hot sexy woman

A cute couple moved into the apartment next to mine. I could tell that it was a new relationship because they were so lovey-dovey, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Instantly, I wanted him. I could see myself naked riding his cock and it gave my cunt a pulse. I introduced myself and soon became friends with Courtney and Troy. And poor Troy didn’t stand a chance. I would wear the shortest skirts without any panties and when Courtney wasn’t looking I would flash my pussy. Troy’s face would turn so red and I recognized the lust in his eyes. He wanted me just like I wanted him. Courtney went into the kitchen to blend drinks for us. I spread my legs super wide and pushed to fingers inside. He rushed towards me and frantically licked my wet cunt. I grinded against his face, holding the back of his head. Any moment we could have been caught and that made me wetter. The loud blender covered my loud moans and gave us a warning when to stop. Soon, I would have Troy in my bed…

BDK Babes in Italy

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I got a late-night call from Cassandra BDK’s OG, sugar baby. I tried to cover up how upset I was I didn’t get to spend time with Papi king for his birthday. I was in my feelings thinking BDK didn’t like me enough to spend some time with me. Cassandra assured me that Papi King did and she got right on the phone with him to prove it. BDK let Cassie, and I use his private jet to meet him in Italy. We got our hottest outfits and made sure to pack plenty of things to get anaconda ready to play.

sexy chicksThe living legends private jet was nothing short of extravagant. We had to share on social media how lucky Cassandra and I are. Give something for the haters to entertain themselves. We got to Italy and instantly escorted into a black on black Bentley. We got our sexiest outfits on and made sure to snap plenty of pictures. Once we were BDK ready, we met up our rey. “La Leyenda vivente” looked so good we had to greet our Papi king. Anaconda was looking delicious through BDK’s designer pants. First, we had to show BDK how grateful and ecstatic we were. We are the luckiest sugar babies ever. We were ready to floss for the gram our followers have grown substantially because of BDK. Who doesn’t love sexy chicks and Papi king? It’s the perfect combo.


sexy babe

Cassandra and I had to show Big Daddy how much we needed anaconda. We greeted anaconda together. I feel like anaconda grows even bigger each time. It never ceases to take my breath away. I think all of us in the sugar gang can agree.  Anaconda felt so good in our mouths. We gave anaconda a tongue bath and sucked that yummy cream out and shared. We love being property of Papi king!!! We spent our fabulous Italian getaway with BDK and anaconda. 

Sexy Babe Eveylyn

Sexy babe

You came in for an erotic hypnosis session. You felt like something was missing from your life. When you first came into my office, you seemed a little hesitant. My office and this sexy babe may not have been what you were expecting with the sexually explicit artwork everywhere. I assured you that I was a professional and I needed you to trust me for this to work.

I had you sit down in the chair in front of my desk. I had on a corset reveling my large breasts with a diamond necklace sparkling right in between them. I told you I want you to focus on my voice while starring at my necklace. Once I was sure you were hypnotized. I had you take off all of your clothes and place them in the chair in the corner. I then had you lay down on the chaise lounge.

There is a piece of black and white abstract art that hangs on the ceiling above the chaise lounge. Everyone sees something different in it because what it really does is release your sexual desires. I ask you what you saw when you looked at it and you told me that you saw yourself dressed up as a slutty whore.

Erotic roleplaying

The more you talked the more I understood exactly what you were wanting. You wanted to be forced into being a sissy slut. You wanted to experience being feminized and made into a sexual object for men. I had you put on a pair of hot red satin panties and fishnet stockings. I ask you how it felt even though I already knew it totally excited you by how hard your cock was.

I told you I was going to do your hair and makeup. I had the perfect bleached blond wig for you. When I was done you were one sexy sissy. I had you look in the mirror at your transformation and you were shocked at what a sexy whore you were. I told you how hot you looked and how I wanted to fuck you. I put on my 8 inch red strap-on. I had you get down on your knees and show me what a cock sucking whore you are.

I told you that you had better get my strap-on slippery wet because it was the only lubricate that you were going to get. You said yes ma’am and started slobbering all over my big thick strap-on. I had you bend over my desk. I rubbed my strap-on in between your ass checks and around your tight puckered ass. I ask you if you were ready to have your cherry popped. You ecstatically said oh yes please Eveylyn!

Phone Sex Therapist and Size Queen

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I get to talk to all kinds of men and hear about their fetishes and issues. Cuckolds are my favorite. I was married to two cuckolds and I have counseled countless others. Many, like my two ex-husbands, I turned into cuckolds. Some turn easily, some don’t turn without a fight. Those are my favorite. Bill is my latest cuckold conquest. He is a fellow teacher, married, but has been trying to fuck me for a year now. I don’t do married men. Now, it is not because I am high and mighty. It is that I like to be the center of a man’s world and when you are the other woman, that is not possible. Now for Bill, my guess was he had a small cock too. When you are a sexy babe and a cock size queen, you get good at separating the boys from the men. You are probably self aware about your tiny dick or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. Most men, however, delude themselves into thinking size doesn’t matter until they meet me, and I set them straight. I was right about Bill. He had a four-inch hard cock, which would do nothing but fall out of me. Of course, he was like “let’s try.”  My alternative approach was for him to watch my grad assistant bang me.  My college stud has about a 9-inch cock. He is thick too. Bill thought I was joking until he was restrained to my chair with a pair of my pantyhose watching a boy half his age with a cock twice his size pound me on my office desk. Like many men, seeing is believing. Bill needed to see how much pleasure another man gave me; how much bigger another man’s cock was to accept the fact that I am out of his league. Turned out he enjoyed small dick humiliation. Maybe you will too.

Birthday Blowjob

GFE phone sexThere is nothing better than having super nasty GFE phone sex with the King of all Kings, especially on his birthday! My Big Daddy was out late last night with all of his homeboys partying it up and celebrating while getting tipsy off their top notch liquor that they love to cash out on. Even though he is out enjoying himself with his friends, his millionaire princess is always on his mind. The more fun Big Daddy King has, the hornier anaconda becomes! BDK missed my face so much, as soon as he got him he gave me kisses all over and of course I returned the favor too, hehe. I love giving him smooches and letting him know how much I love him and how lucky I am to be his sugar baby. Both of our beautiful lips look so fuckin hott while we caress each other’s skin. I was all dressed up while waiting for Daddy to get home so that we could get down and dirty together. Little did Daddy know but I had a sweet surprise for him, a whipped cream bikini! Daddy led me into the Royal Room of our palatial mansion so that he could lick off all the cream from my perfect body. Big Daddy got on his knees and bowed down to me while he sucked and licked all over my big beautiful princess titties. I taste just like candy and BDK absolutely loves it, he is like a youngster in a candy store while he devours me! He gives me kisses all the way down my stomach until he gets to my pretty little tight sugar pussy. Daddy planted a big fat one right on my clit, those lips of his drive me crazy! I tell him ‘Oh yes Daddy, please kiss my pussy!’. BDK counted to three and I explode a huge load of delicious cunt cream all over his tongue. Big Daddy King eats my little sugar pussy up real good while I shove his beautiful anaconda cock deep into my throat. A birthday blowjob has never looked better, we are both so damn sexy that it should be a crime! I beg for anaconda, he is the biggest and best dick on the whole planet. Of course I had to take some photos so that I could show al of my haters just how perfect the Living Legend himself really is! I sang my BDK the Happy Birthday song while I kissed, licked and worshiped his anaconda. All the fuckin haters wanna take me away from Daddy King but that will never happen! He loves my ass and tells me that it’s the perfect birthday cake for him to indulge in. Daddy squirted all of his creamy frosting on my cheeks, I looked scrumptious! I bounced my booty up and down on Daddy’s dick while we sat on the golden throne, I love feeding him his birthday gift! #Millionaire #SugarPrincess #BigDaddyKing #Anaconda #LivingLegend

High School Reunion

best phone sex

If you plan on trying to take me home, you better have a big enough cock. I am so sick of guys with itty bitty penises trying to fuck me. NEWS FLASH, I am out of your league! So, this guy friend of mine has been friend zoned since high school, but he grew up to be quite hot. The other day was my high school reunion, and he looked so good I could barely believe it was him. I ran over to him and hugged him tight. I loved this guy, but only as a friend. I really should have left it that way. I played it smart and didn’t bring a date that way if I wanted to hook up with someone, there would be nothing holding me back. Anyways, me and this friend spent hours talking and laughing about the past. Then we spent a while catching up, he said he always knew I would be successful. Little did he know I am only rich because there’s a mob boss that’s in love with me. He is doing well though he’s a doctor, and engaged. Honestly I was surprised he admitted that to me because you could tell he was trying to get into my pants. He went on the explain though that they are in an open relationship. He said they love to do threesomes and invited me to his house afterward. I was curious and thought it might be a good time. I followed him to his house, and we were greeted by his fiancé. I went in and we pretty much got right to business. His fiancé was beautiful, and me and her were all over each other. Me and her started undressing him, and then I seen his 2 inch cock. I busted out laughing, and I turned to his fiancé and asked why she would let that near her. She giggled a little too, and explained that’s why they have an open relationship. He’s a great guy, but he just doesn’t know how to pleasure her. We made fun of him for a while, but I had a brilliant idea. I told him I bet I could please his fiancé better than him. I made him watch as I licked her sweet pussy, and she orgasmed all over my face multiple times. He begged me to let him fuck her, but I refused she deserves someone who can really please her. He then begged me to at least let him cum. I told him only big boys can cum. I then left his house with his fiancé.

Dumb Fucking Cunt

GFE phone sexHis wife Jenny is a fucking cunt whore Bradford’s wife called me today and attempted to tell me something crazy. I’ve always thought of Bradford’s wife Jenny, as a problem she’s so fucking needy. She can’t just let the man go, leave him alone you dumb bitch. Of course, Bradford was next to me sleeping in my bed after fucking me all night long. Bradford was exhausted after he stuck his big fat solid cock into every hole in my body. What is the problem with his wife, she is not getting him back, I deserve him Jenny is a loser. I hate bitches that are so fucking pretentious and entitled. I have a mind to tell that entitled cunt that her husband is mine now and I’m not giving him back. This bitch thinks she’s someone because she created two or three little cubs with him, and I hate them too. I have plans for her little rugrats, I’m going to sell them on the black market and get money for the becoming sex slaves. I hate dumb fucking cunts like Jenny. I want to tie her fucking lips together so she won’t talk so much shit. She’s always saying how she’s going to kick my ass and beat me up, I’m waiting I have been waiting for that bitch. Her man is fucking me right now he’s making sweet hot sex with me with his big fat cock. Jennifer, you’re nothing but a piece of whore trash you could never take the place of a sexy situation like Bradford and me, he is mine now, I’m not giving him back you fucking bitch.

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