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It was such a beautiful day

best phone sexIt was such a beautiful day yesterday so I spent pretty much all day outside just soaking up the sunshine. I was in my backyard so I didn’t bother with clothes, I was just puttering around the yard completely naked with no idea at all that someone was actually watching me the whole time. I thought my fence was too high for anyone to be able to see in but my neighbor’s house had a direct view back there from their master bedroom. My neighbor was standing there in his room jerking off all morning long just watching me. Apparently he was frustrated from just watching my beautiful body and not being able to touch it because he walked over to my house and rang the bell. Well there I was naked and completely unprepared for company so I just opened my door naked as the day I was born! Boy, you should have seen his face! He was shocked but that didn’t stop him, he pretty much just let himself inside my house and kissed me deep. He said that he had been watching me and he just had to have this pussy so I just bent over and let him have it! He had a nice big cock too, he fucked me so good! I should really spend more time naked outside if this is what I’m gonna get!

Come Taste My Shaved Wet Pussy


shaved wet pussy

Come and taste my sweet little shaved wet pussy. It’s so smooth and bald, lick a finger and run it from my pink little fuck hole up to the tip of my clit. Feel how dripping wet and ready to be fucked I am. But first I want you to taste me. Come lick my sweet little honey pot and let it melt onto your tongue. Make me cum in your mouth before you fuck me. I want my pretty tight pussy to be leaking my pussy juice from cumming so fucking hard on your face. Then I want you to slide that big hard cock inside me. Fuck me deep and hard using my sweet tasty pussy juice as lube. It’s fucking tight and wet around your cock. I want to come again and feel my sweet pussy tighten around your cock while I cum all over you. I know you won’t be able to stop yourself from shooting that load deep inside me when you feel me start to cum around your cock. I want it baby, come inside me. Come and fill me up with your load.

Let Eden take care of that cock

Best phone sex

I have this neighbor who is really into bondage and I found that so interesting that I had to go over and flirt and make him want my little bald cunt. I just made sure that his wife wasn’t home before I went. Hehe. When I went over he took my upstairs to his room that is filled with nasty kinky things, and next thing I knew I was tied up on my knees at his fucking command. I never felt that feeling before being dominated and treated like a fucking slut and I loved it. I need to feel that feeling again so if your dominate and you wanna show me how I am a dirty whore then you should call me so I can get that big fat fucking cock off.

Latin Men Fuck So Good

Edgeplay phone sex


I know this very sexy guy his name is Javier. I have been lusting after him for so long I have wanted him inside of me making me feel so right I just have the feeling that he knows how to do that. I think tonight I’m going to get my chance to see how Javier can suck my wet cunt. I want to see just how he can suck my pussy and make it feel so good. Javier is the Latin love machine he looks so tasty and he always smells so fucking good. I don’t know what cologne that he wears but it turns me on and makes my pussy drip. I invited Javier to my house I told him that I wanted him to help me with some things around the house that I couldn’t do by myself. And Javier is such a chivaris man that he didn’t mind in fact he was excited to help me. He came to my house around 7 in the evening I told him we would have to do a lot of work and I needed his help for several hours. What Javier did not know was that I had some things planned like bubble bath with roses cuz I wanted to bathe him and get his body really clean before I dirty him up. Oh how I was going to PLS Javier if you want to know what’s going on maybe you should call me I won’t hold anything back.

My brother in law

Edgeplay phone sexedgeplay phone sex

My husbands younger brother has been staying with us for a bit. I don’t have any shame in my game because I wait till my husband is headed to work to change my outfit real quick. My young brother in law is here from the service and isn’t working. He is recovering from a knee injury, so the rests a lot and is always around. I have been a sweet sister in law because I still take him to physical therapy and the gym to recover. I know he loves latinas and I don’t mind being a latina tease. I have even made him watch me play with my pussy. I caught him staring at me one day and told him if he didn’t sits and watch me rub one out I would let my husband know of his little peeping tom ways. I loved how beet red he got and how he almost busted out of his pants at the sight of me rubbing my cunny. You can say my brother in law, and I have gotten a little closer lately. 😉

We are property of BDK

Great blowjobsMy Big Daddy King called me up and told me to get dressed in my sexiest outfit because he was going to be at my house in his Rolls Royce to take me on a shopping spree for our exotic vacation coming up. I told my sexy BDK that I had a special surprise for him, my super hott girlfriend Veronica! I’ve told her all about how he spoils me unlike any other sugar daddy and treats me to only the best that life has to offer. Veronica has been dying to meet the living legend so I figured that bringing her along to come bikini shopping would be the perfect date with our perfect anaconda dick! We both give great blowjobs and I wanted Big Daddy King to experience double the pleasure and double the fun while we went on our naughty outing together. When he arrived, his driver opened the door to the Rolls for us and we hopped in the back where he had a bottle of thousand dollar champagne on ice and some chocolate covered strawberries awaiting us, he knows those are my favorite! I was all over him as I gave him kisses and smelled how fucking yummy his cologne was. Veronica looked sexy as fuck in her tight little dress and high heels, BDK was very pleased and excited for our fun! The anaconda bulge in his pants was already out of control, he was pushing through and attempting to come out and play with us already! Big Daddy really knows how to take care of his sugar babies, he had already called ahead to the high-end stores we were about to go to and had them custom make some bikinis for us to have! Of course everyone thought we were celebrities as we paraded through the stores and ran up a huge tab. BDK doesn’t even care about the price tag, he tells us to just throw it in the bag! Whatever our hearts desire is ours, it’s truly a woman’s dream come true! When the three of us went into the private VIP dressing room together, Veronica and I changed into our skimpy swimwear and gave Big Daddy King a kinky fashion show, complete with lap dances, kisses, sucks and fucks! That throbbing big black anaconda cock was ready to have some fun as we undressed him and pulled down his diamond encrusted man-sleeve. Our dick sucking lips were deepthroating and licking all over BDK’s delicious cock, we couldn’t get enough! Our expensive bikini bottoms had quite a special surprise on the fabric of the pussy area, it read ‘Property of BDK’ in pink diamonds! We love hearing our Big Daddy King moan as he face fucked us and thrusted his yummy cock deep inside our tight pussies! When he was about to cum we begged him explode his huge load all over our titties, and he sure did deliver! The both of us were smothered in his liquid gold. God damn we love those big millionaire balls! We are so fucking lucky to be treated like princesses by our BDK, we have the hottest fantasy phone sex with our naughty sugar daddy!Fantasy phone sex


Sexy phone sex I want to put out that fire in your pants. And you can put out the fire in mine. Every man needs a slut. And this slut’s loins are on fire. On fire for you. All 3 of my fuck holes want you. My tittys are begging for some fucking from you too. My whole body is burning and the only way to put it out is to cover me from head to toe. Inside and out with all your cum. Can you put out this fire? I am going to get on my knees, plopping that fine cock of yours into my mouth. Swirling around on your cock head letting the drool run from my mouth down onto your shaft. Then sliding my lips all the way down until I hit your balls. Suckling like it was the bottle life until you give me what I am craving.

Cheating latina wives

2 girl phone sex2 girl phone sex

You know I have been fucking all types of guys lately, and one of my favorite fucks hands down has to be my trainer. He has the biggest cock and sure does know how to use it. I couldn’t keep this to myself, I told my amiga veronica all about this hot fuck I was getting, and she wanted it too. So now she gets to play tennis and play with nice balls, and I get to get in a slippery wet situation when my trainer comes to do aquatics with me. Veronica loved the referral so much she got hooked on our trainer’s dick in no time. I mean what are friends for anyway? I like sharing a fantastic trainer together. We have had such a blast that we even set up a group session. The three of us are going to get a vigorous workout  I can’t wait to watch her pick her stamina up with his well endowed unique tool. We both love having 2 girl phone sex with our trainer too. I mean both of our husbands are always away doing something for work. Veronica and I need cock at all times.

Cuckold Phone Sex Valentine

cuckold phone sexI had a cuckold phone sex Valentine’s Day. What is that? That is when I make all the small dick losers who wish they could get into my panties bring me some real cock. The only thing a small dick loser can do to satisfy me is to bring me a big cock. I love shaming a tiny dick man in front of a real man. It is extra embarrassing for the cuckold to bring me a real cock then sit on the side lines and watch his gift get all the loving. If a cuckold or sissy man wants to be in my life he must bring something valuable to the table like a stud or a large cash donation. I am a mature sexy babe. I can have any man I want. Besides still having a rocking body, I am smart and sophisticated too. I don’t need to settle for small cocks, ugly men or cheap ass losers. Valentine’s Day proved that. Four of my regular cuckolds brought me four hung lovers. Big cock with cream filled balls is better than a box of chocolates. I enjoyed all my big dicks. But, I also enjoyed shaming my cuckold losers. Don’t feel sorry for them. They get off on humiliation. I even dressed one up as cupid in a diaper. They all had to fluff cock and clean me up after cum loads. Real men don’t always like a messy pussy. But a cuckold loser sure does.

I want your cock NOW

Sexy babeSexy babe Veronica, with huge yummy tits and a substantial, delicious ass! I meet you at the club and I’m feeling good you are looking so fucking sexy, and my pussy is getting fucking wet hot and horny for you! I go over to were you are sitting and start dancing on top of you giving you a little lap dance. I’m not wearing any panties, so I’m rubbing my cunt on your cock over your jeans. I pull down your zipper so you could feel all my pussy juice dripping on your cock. My big tits are rubbing on your face. Fuck! I just whisper in your ear, “let’s go back to my room.” I want that dick in me now!

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