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I Love New Neighbors

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

I love that lavish lifestyle and many people find me attractive and even believe I lead the perfect life. I am that good samaritan that always love to help out when I see a neighbor or anyone in need. I am like a stepford wife type but I have intelligence and speak for myself. I get a little lonesome by myself when no one is home with me, so sometimes I resort to snooping. I was looking out the window one sunny afternoon and I saw a moving truck, I got so excited. I love new people, I just wish I had a welcome gift to warm them up.

I walked over and noticed the door was cracked open and I walked in saying hello in a voice that was like asking is anyone around? I walked a little further into the house and a handsome man greeted me. I told him I am just trying to greet and welcome the new neighbors. He informed me that his wife was out doing some errands right now. I see every man as an opportunity no matter the circumstance. My libido just keeps going up every year that I get older. I could see the sweat beads running down his masculine chest and as I was turning to walk out.

He told me don’t go, and said he finds me very beautiful. I batted my eyes at him and walked right up got on my knees and took his cock out and started sucking. I didn’t care that the door was open or his wife could come home anytime. He couldn’t take it or something and lifted me up and put me on the kitchen table. I wrapped my legs around him and he pulled up my skirt and start fucking me hard. I could feel my ass bounce off the table, I wrapped my arm around him and let him pound this horny pussy. When he was getting close to climax, I pulled him in closer with my heels against his chiseled ass. I told him what house was mine and said he could come over anytime.

Ass Fetish Explored with My Neighbor

ass fetishMy hot neighbor has an ass fetish. I have a great ass too. I love flaunting it. Yoga has given me a better ass in my 40s than I did in my 20s. I have a better ass than I have tits. All in all, I look great for my age; for any age, but I do love an ass man. I enjoy being spanked and groped, but by the right men. Not everyone gets to touch me. Not everyone gets to fuck me. My neighbor and I have been teasing each other for weeks now. I undress in front of the window. He adjusts his crotch. Its been harmless flirting and flaunting until last night. I was super horny. I had an intense workout which got my blood pumping straight into my pussy. I noticed his wife was not home. She has lots of night meetings for her job. I peeled off my dirty sweaty gym clothes and stood in front of my window until I got his attention. Once I had him at attention, I leaned over my chair to show off my ass. I spanked and jiggled it a few times to drive him crazy. We are friends on FaceBook, so I sent a close-up selfie and told him to come over and fuck my hot ass. I think he flew, because it felt like no time had passed by before his hands were grabbing my ass. He buried his face in my ass crack. Licked my sweaty ass and inhaled my natural scent. Been awhile since a man tongued my asshole because he wanted too, not because he was cleaning out a real man’s cum. I let my married neighbor fuck my ass with his hard 8-inch cock. He finger fucked me to an intense climax. Sometimes a sexy babe just needs it in the ass.

My party was a big success!

sexy hot womenI had the best party last night, it was a special event just for my girls at work cus we all needed to blow off some steam. Everyone was there I had Candy, Farah and Loretta oh and Kelly and Beth too just to name a few, that’s a whole lot of hotties all in one place don’t you think? I had the whole event catered so we had gourmet food and so much wine but the best part was all the hot young studs I invited over to take care of all our sexual needs. They were sexy as hell and had big fat cocks, just the type of men we all like best and they were all there to do whatever we asked them to do. We didn’t have to do a thing, they worshipped us, buried their faces in our juicy pussies and never once asked us to return the favor, everything was all about pleasing us and nothing else. It was a well deserved break for us all and I’m not even gonna lie, watching all these beautiful women getting fucked like that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!

Thanks Neighbor!


naughty neighbor phone sex


Ever since my husband and I moved in next door to you and your wife, you haven’t been able to control your wet dreams and fantasies about having me all to yourself. My husband is much older than me by a long shot and our relationship is wonderful however sexually we are missing that “spark” newly weds should still have. You and I have developed a strong friendship over the past few months and it’s not unusual at all for you to stop by to have a glass of wine with me before our partners finally make it home from work. Let’s just say we’ve had a lot of time to get to know each other and on this particular day I’ve had a little more chardonnay. I confess to you how drab and boring mine and the Mr’s sex life has gotten. I complain that he doesn’t even want to so much as try anal or even get a little vanilla kink involved. You blurt out without even thinking, “I cannot believe that. I mean, you’re so freaking hot Candy! I would have a hard time not getting crazy on you!” It’s at that moment it clicks and we start uncontrollably making out and taking off clothes. The fact that we are outside on the patio by the pool doesn’t phase us, in fact it makes it even better because the element of getting caught factors in. I start sucking your cock like I’ve been starving for a flesh stick all my life and you finger my pretty pink asshole, feeling how juicy and wet my pussy is getting as well. I climb on top of you and you slide your cock right into my ass and begin bouncing me on your lap. My tits pop out and are in perfect reach for your mouth to suck on while you deeply make love to my ass. You pull me down hard and explode inside me just as I start to cum as well. Rocking me gently before you slide out. That was exactly what we both needed and I’m hoping we’ll need it more soon. 😉

Party Exhibitonist

Exhibitonist Sex

Holiday parties are always fun with you. We drank wine and had some food and now you are luring me to the balcony, overlooking our guest cars. I can see people coming and going as you unzip my dress. My huge tits fall out and you are sucking my nipples like no other as my dress falls to the ground. I feign that I do not want this, but you tell me my pussy is already soaked.  Now we are standing here with me out in the open as you pull my thong off and slid your massive dick out. I know people are looking as I bend over to suck your throbbing manhood. I know everyone can see my slit and ass and I just don’t care. I aim to please my man an if this is what you want, then you get it.  Just as your getting close I stop and bend over the railing, so you can fuck me in front of our friends and the whole neighborhood.  You grip my ass so hard it bruises as you slid from my pussy to my ass repeatedly. Oh, it feels so good I love your big thick dick. You spin me around and cum all over my tits. We grab our clothes and run to the guest bath and come back like nothing happened. No one mentions it, but I think our sexy asses just gave the event of the season.

Sexy Babe Trolls for Big Cocks

sexy babeA sexy babe is always on the hunt for big cock. I was at a bar late last night. I guess you could say I was slumming because it was not my usual hangout. I wanted some big cock and my usual studs were all occupied or unavailable to service me. I am a cock size queen, so I cannot just call on anyone. I was popular at the bar. I classed up the joint. I was the only woman in the place. There were a few trailer trash whore types there and a serving wrench, but I was the only lady. I think it made me a novelty. I wanted to fuck some one, but I didn’t want to fuck a tiny dick loser. I was drunk, which makes me bolder. I stood up on the pool table and announced that the stud with the biggest dick in the bar could take me home. I never saw pants cum down so quickly. The men in the bar were drunk and rowdy. Plus, they were looking for a good time. I was too. The cocks varied in sized. Why would a guy with a 3 inch dick even whip it out? I guess he was delusional, hoping that he would be bigger than anyone else or that I would have sympathy on his loser dick. He was shit out of luck. I would go home if a 3 inch dick was the biggest there; that is why we have dildos. When I saw the 11 inch cock on the bartender, I had my man. I even blew him in front of the other losers. There was a sea of pathetic and average dicks, then there was the bartender. He stood out among the rest, so I showed him how sexy mature women give great blowjobs. I took him home with me and he could fuck me the way I deserve. I don’t normally go trolling for dick. A sexy woman can let the cock cum to her, but I am glad I went slumming. Might be one of the greatest fucks of my life.

great blowjobs

Ass Fetish for Truckers

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I love showing off my ass to men. You know how women are supposed to show off their tits when truckers honk? I have always been the kind of woman who shows off her ass instead. It used to annoy both my husbands. They were jealous because I would never let them fuck me in the ass. It is not that I am against anal sex. I love it. What I am against is small dicks and both husbands had tiny dicks I wouldn’t feel in my ass either. That is part of the thrill of anal sex, a little bit of pain. Anyway, I was pumping gas yesterday when a trucker blew his horn. I know I was in a crowded place in broad daylight, but it is instinct to show off my ass when I hear that horn. I got some looks, but I’m into exhibitionist sex too so I didn’t mind the disapproving looks. It was not like any young ones were around. It was mostly horny men. The few women there were the ones giving me the evil eye. I was all set to get back into my car, when the trucker got out of his truck and approached me. We went behind the gas station for a quick fuck. I told him I wanted it in the ass. That was the only place he wanted to give it to me. It didn’t last long, but it was a hot and dirty encounter. I drove home with a sore ass, cum leaking down my thighs and a big smile on my face. If you enjoy ass fucking, you need a sexy mature woman like me. If you got a nice sized cock, my ass is yours. You can treat me like an ass sex porn star.

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who like older women. Is that you? I’m in my forties, so younger men are my best friends. Younger guys know that a sexy MILF can keep up with them, even teach them a few things. I was at the local farmer’s market this morning. This young Amish looking guy was working the truck I always get my garden vegetables. He was clearly flirting with me. “Ma’am, if I was around you wouldn’t need any cucumbers,” he said assertively. I started to grope the cucumber while watching the bulge in his jeans grow. I was having very impure thoughts for a boy half my age, but clearly, he was feeling the same for a much older woman. I am horniest in the mornings. What about you? When he told me he had some nice ripe vegetables a woman like me would appreciate in the back of the truck, I knew I was about to fuck a young stud at the farmer’s market. I followed him around back while his brother helped the other customers waiting. I was going to get something far better than cucumbers. I was in the back of a farmer’s truck getting the shit banged out of my shaved wet pussy by an Amish stud. Wasn’t what I had expected, but it certainly made leaving the house worth it.

Phone Sex Therapist Dominated at Gym

Phone sex therapistHe slammed his hand on my locker door as I was in the middle of changing into my workout clothes. Seconds later, he had me on the floor, shoving his dick into my mouth. As he fucked my face, he told me it had been far too long since he’d last seen me at the gym, and he had a lot to make up for. He plowed my throat raw, I could literally feel it going raw, and I knew I’d have to take really good care of my throat for a few days. But, the thought of how hard he was going to hit that pussy when he got inside of it had me dripping wetness onto the damn locker room floor. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed him backward onto the bench, and laid him down. Hot sexy womanI straddled him and slid my pussy over his face, grinding it on his nose and tongue. After just a few minutes of that, I slid down his body until my pussy swallowed his cock whole. Then, he propped my legs up in the air and started plowing up into me hard and deep. Feeling him thrusting up into me, filling me up over and over again, knowing he was going to blow a huge load into me, I came hard and fast all over his dick. I fucked him all the way up until someone actually walked into the locker room. After that, I figured taking him home with me and doing even more would be enough of a workout for the day.

Sexy Babe Gives Road Head

Sexy babeMy car broke down while I was trying to go out of town last weekend. So, there I was on the side of the interstate, wishing like hell I’d just stayed home, when he pulled up. He asked if anyone was on the way, and I told him that AAA was supposed to be coming, but were sure taking their precious time. He asked if he could take me anywhere so that I didn’t have to sit out in the heat, and I did not refuse. He brought me to a diner until AAA finally called to tell me that they were going to meet me in 20 minutes. He helped me back into his truck, and started the drive back to my car. I decided to thank him by rubbing my hand down his thigh, and then over his cock. His face showed his surprise before his hand started working at his fly. His dick was out and available in no time, and I stroked up and down that hardening shaft. I leaned all the way over and started to suck him off as we drove down the interstate, back to my car. We had only just made the turn around to be on the proper side of the interstate when he finally came for me, and I swallowed every drop. I thanked him one more time before he drove away just as AAA showed up.

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