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Boredom and the Landscaper

Sexy women masturbating

I was at home, bored as hell, watching Netflix and not really getting much from it. So I turned off the tv and figured I would go take a nap. As I was lying there I started playing with my pussy. Idle hands right? I was really getting into it and then I heard an odd noise on the window. I opened my eyes and looked over and there is the guy who takes care of the landscaping staring into my window and drooling. I didn’t stop playing with myself, why should I, he is watching because he wants to so why not give him a show. So I turned a little so he could watch my fingers fuck my nice wet fuckhole. It almost looked like he was about to lick the glass so I waved him in, his face lit up with a big smile and an “are you sure” kind of look. I kept waving him in and he was in my bedroom in about a split second, a rather eager beaver… eater. He wasted no time in burying his face in my pussy and licking my clit until I was begging to get fucked. He pulled his cock out and rammed it into my wet waiting pussy and holy fuck he was hard. He fucked the hell out of me for a long time and after cumming a bunch of times I said he could nut right inside of me and that seemed to push him over the edge and his cock was deep inside me shooting his load, spurt after spurt. I turned around while he stood there panting and I asked if he would like to do this again sometime. He said, “Sure I’ll just be a peeping Tom again and see if you are game.” Little does he know that I am always game.Sexy breasts

Cuckolded In Front of Friends

Sissy humiliation

My hubby is a sissy. Probably why I always refer to him as my sissy hubby, makes sense right? I was feeling really quite horny, and making my hubby do all kinds of kinky things always gets my pussy humming and wet. I called him into the living room and told him to call some buddies over that he golfs with or plays racquetball with. About 3 hours later hubby’s buddies are all here and enjoying pizza and beer and watching a football game. Sitting next to my hubby I whisper in his ear. “Stand up, stand next to the TV and take all of your clothes off.” He immediately stands but looks back at me with fear, because he doesn’t know what I am going to do next. He starts to undress and the guys all start protesting asking him what the fuck he is doing. He only looked at me for instruction. I turned to all the guys and said them “He is my cuckold and he does what I tell him to.” They looked stunned but curious. My hubby is usually made to wear panty hose with the crotch cut open, so once he was undressed his cock hung there, limp. “First thing my loving husband. I want you to suck any of these guys that want a blow job from you. Then you are going to jerk off standing in front of all of them jerking off until you cum.” I turned to the guys and told them if they wanted to leave now would be the time. Oddly, none of them left. He blew them all one by one; a few guys even returned the favor and blew my hubby. I told the guys to hold their wads until the end. All the cocks being sucked and stroked had me so turned on I wasn’t going to leave my pussy out of the action.Forced crossdressing

As the last guy was getting blown I asked the guys who were ready to cum now and a bunch of them said they were. “Ok, then you guys come on over here and stick your cock in my pussy and cum inside me,” I said. Each one came up, slid their cock into my tight, shaved wet pussy and within a few thrusts, they would cum. One by one they all eventually came over to me and came inside me. “Anyone that is done you can leave if you like or watch my sissy hubby suck each of your deposit out of my pussy.” Again, no one left. I looked at my sissy man and I didn’t need to say anything, he lay down on the floor and sucked all those hot loads that the guys left for him right out of my pussy. What a fun day, after all, that’s what a sissy cuckold husband is right? Mmmm drip drip drip

Cuckold phone sex

The co ed gym fuck


Coed phone sex

I work out at the gym a few times a week. I have to keep fit for some of these parolees; they are young and full of cum for the most part so I have to keep up.

I had just had a great work out; sweating like mad I hopped in the shower. It was cooling me down nicely after that rigorous workout. I was leaning on the wall when the curtain started to be pulled back, it’s a co-ed locker room. “Someone is in here I shouted.” A voice from behind the curtain said, “I know, that is why I am here.” He pulls the curtain back and there is this sexy ass man standing there with a hard cock and a smile. Working out always makes so horny, the endorphins I’d say. Anyway, he steps into the shower and I am not going to resist. I mean who the fuck would resist? He didn’t waste time at all, he covered my mouth with his and was probing my pussy for just the right spot. And all at once he thrust his cock into me, my back against the cold shower wall, but the contrast in cold and hot made it even more arousing. I came almost instantly on his cock right away, but then he took my leg and put it up on his shoulder. Spreading my pussy nice and wide, he fucked me hard and deep. Trying not to make any noise was hard. People going into and out of the gym were walking by constantly. He was fucking me so hard I involuntarily let out a scream. Some guy pulled back the curtain and was shocked to see us fucking. He seemed to want to watch and the guy didn’t seem to care. So I said screw it and rode the waves of cumming and got my fill, pun intended, of cock. Once he was ready I got down on my knees and he came all over my face, mouth and I let it dribble down my chin. I licked his cum off my chin and face put myself under the water. I open my eyes and he was gone. Perfect.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Exhibitionist Sex There is absolutely nothing in this whole world that makes me feel more alive than Exhibitionist Sex. If I can have my pussy hanging out while I finger myself or if I can get fucked in public, while lots of people watch, it makes me hornier than anything at all, and, I’ll cum like crazy. I have a very pretty cunthole and I love to show it off. My body is damn near perfect too, so I like nothing better than to parade around half naked, pick up a random guy, and fuck him right then and there. Let me tell you a secret too. I love to do the same thing with women. A hot juicy wet pussy that wants to fuck and needs to be satisfied is like no other. Usually, all I have to do is slide a finger under her panties and she will cum for me instantaneously. Especially when we’re in a public place like a bar or restaurant. And, if there’s a possibility of a threesome that can hook up somewhere outdoors or in a public place, then sign me up for it. What I’m talking about doing isn’t for movies or videos or cameras. I mean sure if you want to, bring them, this is simply to get fucked out in public hoping to have people see me or even stop and watch. To have my tight wet cunt out for people to look at is hot. To have it available for anyone to walk up and touch, that’s even hotter. But to have my gorgeous shaved bald pussy available for anyone to fuck it in front of a bunch of other random people, well that’s the best damn orgasm I could ever expect to have. I love to be an exhibitionist. Especially when it comes to sex. Hey, it’s what I’m good at, so why stop now? I’ve got it, I’m gonna flaunt it.

Gwen Takes Her Sissy Slut to a BDSM Party

domination phone sexThere is a BDSM party this weekend and I can’t wait to take you there my pet. I just love to dress you up. I have so much fun doing your hair and makeup. I am going to lead you around by your collar for all to see. Everyone knows that I have the hottest little sissy slut. I am not going to let you wear any panties because I want to be able to lift up your dress and show them your pretty little-puckered asshole and freshly spanked ass. I find it so adorable when your face gets so red because I am exposing you to whomever I choose. I hope to find someone with a giant cock to fuck your tight little ass. I plan on grabbing you by the back of your head and shoving you into my pussy while your ass is getting fucked by a big thick cock. It makes my pussy soaking wet knowing that everyone in the room is watching us. I like watching you get your ass pounded and all the moaning that you do just makes me more excited. Tonight is definitely going to be a fun night.


Best phone sexLook how tight my pussy hole is. Don’t you want this tight pussy hole? Instead of the old wrinkly old pussy you have at home! I know you want to penetrate my tight pussy with your big fat dick. I’m your girl honey always here for when your dick is hard. I can’t wait for you to tell your wife you are going on a business trip just to come home to this tight pussy. I cant wait to fuck you so good. I just want to see you kiss you all over your body and feel your naked body against mine. I just love when you get on top of me and fuck me, I just feel your body rubbing against mine. That makes my puss so wet! The way you grab me by my waist when you are getting ready to eat all my pussy juice and swallow every single drop.

Jump Parole Jump my Bones

Fantasy phone sexOne of my parolees skipped town and I tracked him down to this tiny beach town south of here. I was pissed but a little happy that my job was going to lead me to the beach, but hey business first right? I found the jumper at a nudist beach; I thought how perfect I can gain his trust that I’m not going to arrest him. I’ll be naked and nowhere to put the cuffs.
I walk up naked as naked can be, I purposely stand in his sunlight. He doesn’t look up right away just says “Hey get out of my sun.” “Just your sun, huh?” Parolee sits up startled, a few oh shits and oh fuck I’m goin to jail come out of his mouth and I just smile until he gains composure. He settles down and then finally notices that I am standing in front of him totally naked. His mouth drops open and I say “Since your mouth is open, why don’t you stick that tongue out and put it to good use.” Still, a little shell shocked he grabs me and pulls me down on top of him and slams his cock right into me. My pussy swallows his cock, and to be honest I was a little wet from being nude and showing my body to everyone, ok more than a little wet. We fucked and fucked, even had some people watch and enjoy but we just kept going. He fucked my pussy into forgiveness for him skipping out on his parole obligations to me. Pretty damn good fuck, I don’t usually dole out forgiveness for that.

Watch Me Play With Myself

Tease and denialI’m a dominant female because I like to be in control. My favorite game to play is Tease and Denial. I know that I’m a sexy bitch, jaws drop when I walk into a room. I haven’t met a man that I couldn’t have in my bed. But with Tease and Denial, you won’t touch me, you can only watch. I’ll have you sit down in a comfortable chair and watch me bend over and grab my ankles. Your cock is going to get rock hard seeing my bald pussy. Watch me put my hand between my legs and place two fingers in my wet pussy. I’ll even spread my ass cheeks and show you my puckered asshole. I know it’s torture watching me finger bang my tight holes but that’s Tease and Denial. I’ll even sit on my ass with my legs spread and use my 12-inch dildo to fuck myself. It’s long and thick so I have to work to get it in my tight wet hole. But I know you’ll enjoy the show.

Like a good neighbor, Valerie is here.

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is more than a skill. It takes a bold woman to take all the neighborhood cock like I do and be this proud of it.  I love cock. Small cock, big cock, fat cock, skinny cock, old or young. It really doesn’t matter as long as I can show off my skills and make those boners rise.

I’m proud of my cocksucking skills. Let’s just say that I’m a neighborhood favorite. I’ve broken in both fathers and sons. Some may call me slutty but so what? They are mostly jealous bitches who can’t satisfy their men. If these wives, would suck those cocks and lick some assholes, the men would keep it at home.

When you show up here needing some tongue service, I jump on that dick. And guess what? My husband doesn’t mind. He’s a cuck who lives to hear my stories and suck your sperm from my heated cunt. He and I love it this way. His cock only gets up when I tell him how big yours is, how you moaned when I touched it, and how it gagged me just a little. Come see me and I’ll share your story here too so others like him can jerk off for us.

Like a good neighbor…..

Naughty neighbor phone sexThere’s always that Naughty neighbor phone sex freak. No matter where you move, just ask around and you will find her. That innocent looking soccer mom, that kindly grandma, the lady goes to church every Sunday wearing funny hats. And me, the one who married an old fart for his money but has to deal with his shriveled old cock. We all have pussies and if you just picked up on the clues, you could have any of us.

I’ve been thinking about inviting these deprived ladies over for a drink some night. But I want a special treat for them. Some hard young cock to blow the cobwebs out of their pussies. I get turned on at the thought of you making them suck cock. Will they be ashamed or will they gobble it like they are starving.

Don’t worry. I’ll help you. I’m such a voyeur and I love watching other people fuck. Let’s show them the ropes, boys. I’ll spread my legs wide open and be your girlfriend. Once they see that meatstick going in and out of my shaved box, they will be jumping on for a ride too. I’ll even lick them clean when you are done with them. This aint no Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. 

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