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Kelly I Tease no More


Exhibitionist sex

It’s a beautiful day outside today, I’m feeling so sexy on this sunny and naked worthy day. Right now all I need is some authentic bulging rock hard cock to eat up. Kelly, my insatiable neighbor has been sitting on his deck, ogling over my ass and I can imagine the ways he punishes his cockstick after watching me pour suntan lotion all over my toppless bakinni bottom body. I do it for him I love his cock control while forcing himself to fight off the instinct to take his precum soaked man meat out and start ripping at it. My soft supple primed ass drives him bonkers I can tell because of the way his lips tremble. When I turn on my tummy, Kelly curls his lips at me like a hungry motherfucking monster I can feel him sniffing the wind begging for a bite of me. My cunt is a juicy pussy and I need to touch myself, I lick my lips take my fingers and start to fuck my cunt in the sunshine on my deck. Kelly takes his cock out of his shorts and starts to beat it up. I notice his cock is so fucking big and beautiful. The head was calling me so I went over to his deck, do you want to know what happened next, I’ll bet you do.  

Mature Swingers Party Slut

mature phone sex

Needing something for that man meat tonight? How about a nasty mature phone sex session? I just got back from hot swingers party and my ass and pussy are sore as fuck!  I have taken more cum loads tonight than a skanky street whore. I am that high-class ass that doesn’t mind being dirty and freaky for my man. I brought my boy toy to a fancy party and the lights dimmed and women were shedding their gowns and picking names out of a crystal bowl. When It was my turn I picked two names. I am a greedy bitch like that. I had my two sweet business men types with a fire in those eyes as the last woman had no name left so I invited her to our little party. I knew what my slutty ass was doing. We found a perfect spot and I took this huge titted milf into my arms and begin to play with her pussy as the men stripped and got those thick cocks out and started rubbing our bodies.  All of a sudden both guys turned savage and took us by the hips and began dry fucking our asses as we made out.  We were made to suck and lick the taste of our asses of those meaty members before we were allowed any pussy play. My greedy ass got some dominant males who made all of our holes sore. What A night!!!!

Serving Your Every Need

ass fetish

Baby DO you have an ass fetish? I have the best ass and I keep it in perfect shape for you. My ass is waxed, and my thighs and legs toned. My body will always be on point for you. As your woman, I must keep you happy. I will always turn heads when we are out and I will always please your dick. I know why I was made and that is to make you happy in every way.  Just today you told me you wanted to go to a swingers party and let someone else fuck me and you fuck another hot female. I agreed and I picked the hottest young thing I could for you. We laid in the living room in front of dozens of people and I took a nice thick cock and let you know by my moans how much I was enjoying it. I watched as you destroyed that sweet ass of that hottie and how she drank your cum like she hadn’t had a drink in days. I was happy to serve your needs and will continue to do so.

Mature Phone Sex and College Boys

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who crave women with experience and women with confidence. I have no inhibitions. Any I did have, are long gone. I am the kind of woman who can fuck with the lights on. My body isn’t perfect, but it is my body and I love it. I enjoy watching myself ride a big cock. I have a mirrored dresser that faces the bed. When I brought Luke home last night, I wanted to watch his cock going in and out of my pussy. Reverse cowgirl is one of my favorite positions with big dicks because when I position myself right, I can see that fat fuck stick stretching my pussy lips. It is no secret that I am a size queen. Girth matters more than length. No woman wants a foot long cock if it is as thin as a pencil; however, most women are very satisfied with 8 inches if it is thick. Luke was not carrying a snake in his pants, but it was thick and had my pussy on fire to feel it inside of me. A bunch of girlfriends and I met at a local cougar club after we ditched our families after the holiday festivities. I am always horny for big dick after seeing my ex husband. We share a daughter, so on holidays I am reminded why I became a size queen. It was amazing I got pregnant because his short stack swimmers had a long way to travel to fertilize me. Anyway, Luke stood out. He was a country boy in a metrosexual club. He was just in town from Tennessee for the holidays. Spring break and Easter brought the college boy to my town. Looking for a hot sexy woman brought him to the club. I was grateful because he rode my pussy like a rodeo star. My girlfriends were jealous that cowboy wanted to go home with me. I may never see Luke again, or not for a while, but I have a sore pussy full of cum as a reminder of what a great time we had last night.


Movie Time, Finger Bang

Shaved Wet PussyI wanted to take my friend with benefits out to a movie tonight since we seem to go nowhere together. I love him just coming over and using my pussy but I want something hot. Something that is a little more wild, we got our tickets to the show and I was wearing my cute pink skirt and white tight top with my pink lacy panties underneath and my pink and white striped thigh high stockings. We got our tickets and popcorn, we got a seat in the back I was waiting until the it got dark. When the lights when down I grabbed his hand and started rubbing it up my thigh. I had just got my pussy waxed about a week ago and it was smooth like a bare bottom. He slid it up further and moved my panties to the side and started rubbing it making me so wet. I tilted my head back and he slid a finger in and was making a come here motion inside of me. I was getting ready to climax all over his finger. He was going faster and deeper and I came all over his finger. I pulled it out from between my legs and sucked and licked my juices right off.

The Guy of my Dreams Steve

Exhibitionist sex


I think I’m in love and not like the times before when a guy just tricked me and pretended like he loved me, no this time it’s real without a dout. The first time Steve and I went out he treated me like I was a Royal or something.He took me to a beautiful musical and I got lost in story and songs. After the musical he took me back to his hotel suite and we dined in lambchops and kale with butter sauce, it was devine. I stayed the night at his suite we talked got to know eachother and laughed for what seemed like forever. Our love making session started out in the bubbles in the juccuzzi, I sucked his huge thick throbbing cock under the water and made him spray me with jack juice. I couldn’t get enough of Steve and he sure couldn’t get enough of my wet fat juicebox either. That was our first date so can you imagine all the nasty sexy things we have been doing since then. I bet you want to know and I want to tell you.

Let Me Be Your Side Chick

Erotic RoleplayingI want to be the one you call and we can roleplay that I am your girl on the side or whatever that is erotic that you want. I love treating you well, giving you rub downs with nice lavender oil making it warm on your body. I want my breasts with my hard nipples to graze against your skin and I want my breasts to get slick from the oil and you turn around and start caressing them. I love the way my erect nipples look slipping through your fingers. I also love teasing you by sneaking in through the basement and have on my sexiest little black dress and matching high heels with no panties. I want you to find me down in the basement when the wifey is upstairs. I pull you into me and pull your dick out and I get down on my knees and put it in my mouth and you nice and gentle grab my hair and move my mouth up and down your dick. I want you to pick me up against a wall and fuck me like you would never fuck her and I love having my legs wrapped around you and pulling you deeper into me with my heels. You will have to gag me so she doesn’t hear lol or maybe I want you to almost get caught.

I Love New Neighbors

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

I love that lavish lifestyle and many people find me attractive and even believe I lead the perfect life. I am that good samaritan that always love to help out when I see a neighbor or anyone in need. I am like a stepford wife type but I have intelligence and speak for myself. I get a little lonesome by myself when no one is home with me, so sometimes I resort to snooping. I was looking out the window one sunny afternoon and I saw a moving truck, I got so excited. I love new people, I just wish I had a welcome gift to warm them up.

I walked over and noticed the door was cracked open and I walked in saying hello in a voice that was like asking is anyone around? I walked a little further into the house and a handsome man greeted me. I told him I am just trying to greet and welcome the new neighbors. He informed me that his wife was out doing some errands right now. I see every man as an opportunity no matter the circumstance. My libido just keeps going up every year that I get older. I could see the sweat beads running down his masculine chest and as I was turning to walk out.

He told me don’t go, and said he finds me very beautiful. I batted my eyes at him and walked right up got on my knees and took his cock out and started sucking. I didn’t care that the door was open or his wife could come home anytime. He couldn’t take it or something and lifted me up and put me on the kitchen table. I wrapped my legs around him and he pulled up my skirt and start fucking me hard. I could feel my ass bounce off the table, I wrapped my arm around him and let him pound this horny pussy. When he was getting close to climax, I pulled him in closer with my heels against his chiseled ass. I told him what house was mine and said he could come over anytime.

Ass Fetish Explored with My Neighbor

ass fetishMy hot neighbor has an ass fetish. I have a great ass too. I love flaunting it. Yoga has given me a better ass in my 40s than I did in my 20s. I have a better ass than I have tits. All in all, I look great for my age; for any age, but I do love an ass man. I enjoy being spanked and groped, but by the right men. Not everyone gets to touch me. Not everyone gets to fuck me. My neighbor and I have been teasing each other for weeks now. I undress in front of the window. He adjusts his crotch. Its been harmless flirting and flaunting until last night. I was super horny. I had an intense workout which got my blood pumping straight into my pussy. I noticed his wife was not home. She has lots of night meetings for her job. I peeled off my dirty sweaty gym clothes and stood in front of my window until I got his attention. Once I had him at attention, I leaned over my chair to show off my ass. I spanked and jiggled it a few times to drive him crazy. We are friends on FaceBook, so I sent a close-up selfie and told him to come over and fuck my hot ass. I think he flew, because it felt like no time had passed by before his hands were grabbing my ass. He buried his face in my ass crack. Licked my sweaty ass and inhaled my natural scent. Been awhile since a man tongued my asshole because he wanted too, not because he was cleaning out a real man’s cum. I let my married neighbor fuck my ass with his hard 8-inch cock. He finger fucked me to an intense climax. Sometimes a sexy babe just needs it in the ass.

My party was a big success!

sexy hot womenI had the best party last night, it was a special event just for my girls at work cus we all needed to blow off some steam. Everyone was there I had Candy, Farah and Loretta oh and Kelly and Beth too just to name a few, that’s a whole lot of hotties all in one place don’t you think? I had the whole event catered so we had gourmet food and so much wine but the best part was all the hot young studs I invited over to take care of all our sexual needs. They were sexy as hell and had big fat cocks, just the type of men we all like best and they were all there to do whatever we asked them to do. We didn’t have to do a thing, they worshipped us, buried their faces in our juicy pussies and never once asked us to return the favor, everything was all about pleasing us and nothing else. It was a well deserved break for us all and I’m not even gonna lie, watching all these beautiful women getting fucked like that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!

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