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Horny Mistress

Mature phone sex

I’ve been feeling so fucking horny and naughty lately! Too bad the married man I’ve been fucking for months now is too busy with his wife and brats tonight! How dare he! I’m a bit of a spoiled mistress so when I need cock, I need it now. I demand to be fucked so hard right that instant. I found out my married boyfriend was out to dinner with his fat wife and his ugly brats. Well, now is the best time to crash dinner! I got to the restaurant looking hot as ever! I grabbed him from his seat and took off my coat exposing my naked body. I sucked his hard cock right there in front of the whole restaurant and his shocked family. I made him bend me over and fuck me right there on the dinner table. I looked right at his wife’s face and said, “you won’t get your dessert until I get mine first!”


Sexy babe

I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. I have a hot body that men want to fuck, and I know it. I put on a kinky little show for my neighbor working on his lawn outside my bedroom window. I pretended not to realize they could see into my window and stripped naked and crawled into bed and started rubbing my shaved wet pussy with my hands. I saw him stop working and start watching me. I kept going, still pretending not to notice the voyeur watching me through the window rubbing my cunt. I pulled out my big dildo from the bedside cabinet and slid it into my dripping pussy and started to fuck myself. I put on a nice little show for him, pounding my cunt with the fake cock and writhing and moaning in the bed like a whore. When I was done I cleaned myself off and walked over the window and pulled the curtain shut, but not before giving him a wink and watching him blush furiously.

Barnyard Bucking


Forced feminization

When I get down and dirty, he likes me to cover myself with mud, and he loves for me to squeal like, oink, oink out loud. I think my friend is kinky, but it’s okay with me because I like to squeal it really turns me on. He calls me his Barnyard babe and says I can do it all, I’ve been loving it because I like to make those sounds. The other night he wanted me to moo, moo like a mother fucking piece of living beef. I don’t mind it, it makes him hot and makes his dick so hard, so I do it. I make that outdoor motherfucker go barnyard crazy with my sounds. I danced around for him while shouting out the things that he wants me to say. I guess you can call me if adventurous because I don’t mind being the wild girl who will do anything. Do you want me to be one of the worst whores, do you want me to put a strap-on and fuck you while you make those sounds too? I don’t mind because that’s what he likes; also, he loves to be those things while I fuck him real hard. He can really take a ten-inch strap-on so good. Do you have a need to be fucked by someone who really knows how to work a strap-on you should connect with me if you do? Don’t let me stop you from enjoying yourself I can really help you to love what you do and what you’re a part of Boo. Do you want to be my sweet boo, do you want to be my bae if you do then you should try us. Open your mind let’s decide what you want to, don’t hold back because that holding back shit it’s not useful you need to enjoy yourself thoroughly. I’m going to make sure you have fun don’t worry about anything at all. I’m not the type to lose the ball if you know what I mean. I’ll suck your cock to the balls I will fuck you good to that’s what I do I take care of every single want and need.

Exhibitionist Whore

Best phone sex

Sometimes I feel so damn hot and horny! I simply cannot help myself sometimes, I love sex and playing with my hot bald wet pussy seems to be my only cure. Luckily, I always make sure to tote around my favorite fuck toys when I need a quick fix. Early today while using my sugar daddy’s credit card to shop, I felt so fucking wet and horny. My creamy wet pussy practically leaked through my panties.

I couldn’t take it longer! I spotted an empty park bench and decided it was the perfect time to pleasure my throbbing wet cunt. The look on passerby’s faces made me even wetter as I pumped my creamy cunt with my favorite dildo. I bit my lip in pleasure as a small crowd of horny men gathered around me enjoying the little show I was putting on. I was in such a state of ecstasy, I didn’t even realize that they began clapping when I squirted all over the bench!

He watched me all day long

exhibitionist sexMy neighbor is completely in love with me, I can’t blame him I am a beautiful woman and his wife is a fat old hag. He watches me all the time, I don’t use curtains really so he can see right into my house and I must confess that I try my best to give him a naughty show almost daily. I feel bad for him, his wife is a bitch, she’s old and fat and I know if I were in his shoes I wouldn’t want to fuck that! So this morning I got all comfy on my couch and gave him a show he would never forget! I slowly stripped off my clothes and fingered my pussy to get it nice and wet. Then I pulled out my vibrators and fucked my pussy and ass till I squirted all over the place. He loved the show, I could tell he was jerking his cock the whole time, I just wish I could get him to come over here and fuck me for real!

You’re In Luck

Cuckold phone sexI bet you are wondering why I am so happy today? It has to do with you babes.  Yes, you!  I have decided that it is time that you had some fun.  I see that smile and look in your eye which indicates that you know exactly what I am talking about.  No, no, not yet.  Come into the bedroom with me first.  That’s right you just follow me.  I’ll even undress you.  It has a been a long time since you have felt my touch on your skin hasn’t it sweetie?  How long has it been? I think about eight months at least.  You are so excited!  Look at you!

Cocksucking phone sexYou sit right there and I will turn on some music.  Remember when I used to strip for you to this music, before your cock decided that it was lazy and didn’t want to work anymore.  Oh honey, it is okay, I am sure we can get it standing up straight and tall in no time at all. Let me just put these stockings around your wrist.  I know, they are soft aren’t they?  They are the ones you brought back from Paris for me.  I just love them.  There, both hands tied tightly along with your ankles.  Wiggle around for me, let’s see if you can get loose. Lovely!  Securely in place.  I promise you will love this.

Domination phone sex

That’s right!  This is the bra and pantie set you purchased along with those stockings!  How do I look babes? Aww, thank you.  I see your cock twitching, I think it just might be working.  Let me just get completely naked … oh shoot!  I forgot something, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I will be right back, I promise.  Her let me wiggle my tits in your face for a few seconds to tide you over until I get back.  I’m almost done, just hang on!  Alright I’m back.  Who is this? Oh this is my new lover.  Don’t look so disappointed my love, you didn’t think I was actually going to allow you to try to fuck me did you? I was just giving you a little thrill before my real fun started.  You look so upset, but at least those stockings that you have close to your skin has my pussy juice on them.  Yes, that’s right, I masturbated with them earlier today, so at least you have that.  Now, I think I want to make this real cock grow so I am going to give this massive new toy of mine a sloppy blowjob.  I am sure you won’t mind watching at all, will you?

Erotic roleplaying

Capeesh Sweet Cheeks

Sexy women masturbating


Pay me or else I’m going to fuck your grandfather into a coma. I told you, you stupid bitch you can’t dance in the club where I’m a superstar and then forget to give me what I deserve. I’m not taking your bullshit anymore, I know precisely where your grandma and grandpa lives and I have a need to be nasty if you don’t have a need to pay I know old Grandpa would love to give me some hard cold cash for me to ride his face that is. Your granddaddy has been looking at me ever since I was a little girl and I don’t give a fuck if I’m your best friend bitch you better fucking do what you’re supposed to do. I think you don’t understand, I didn’t have to help you, and you didn’t have to betray me by taking one of my best fucking tricks away. I’m only going to tell you one more time if you don’t want your grandpa with a face full of my yummy cunt you better come up with my fucking money no fucking games. How old is your grandpa these days it seems like 80 or 90 can you really handle me climbing on top of his face and riding him like a horny porn star cowgirl? I’m not joking you might think I am but I’m not kidding at all your grandpa is chopped liver babe, and he’s been asking for it all this long he’s going to get it so you need to get me my cash, my dollars my bucks or else papa is going to get fucked. I know you’re terrified of me putting your grandpa’s old wrinkly cock in my mouth and sucking it and until it got as hard as he could get it, but it’s going to be your reality I’m not joking. Grandpa is a horndog and Grandpa wants some of this pretty pussy so you need to do something so that we can both make sure that Grandpa doesn’t have him a nice little heart attack. In fact, I’m really horny right now, and if you don’t have my money I think I’m going to call Gramps and ask him does he want to cool my heated body. You should get my fucking dollars for me do you understand, capeesh?

Tease and denial


Taking Control

Best phone sex

I love being dominant and dirty with my little sissy fuck boys. I invited this hot little sissy over yesterday while my boyfriend was out. I had him step into my apartment and made him strip down to his tighty whiteys. I love being sensual and dominant so I had him thrown on a blind fold so he couldn’t see what I was doing. He could only feel my hands and lips touching him all over.

I took him into my bedroom and made him cross his hands behind his back as I tightly bound them together with rope. I lightly whipped his nipples and pinched them with my fingers! He whimpered when I whipped his nipples and thighs! I spread his legs open and pulled his thick hard cock out from the side of his tighty whiteys and began stroking it.

He got harder and harder in my hand but little did he know, I had a hard surprise for him! I began stroking my hard strap on up against his tight ass as he moaned, “what are you doing?” I giggled and began shoving my long strap on dildo inside his tight rosebud as he moaned harder. I fucked his tight ass and jerked his cock off in my soft hands until he came all over!

Spa Day

Mature phone sex

After that insane party on New Year’s Eve, I decided that my boy toy and I needed a spa day.  Having someone pamper you for a couple of hours is well worth it.  A hot stone massage hit the spot.  When I went into the sauna afterward there were already a few people in there.  I spoke to some of the women that were sitting there, and then my boy toy walked in.  He flashed that beautiful smile of his and all the women smiled back.  One of them whispered to me that he was very hot.

I patted the spot next to me, he sat down, leaned in and gave me a short kiss.  I looked at the other women, some of them had their mouths open in disbelief.  I heard one of the women quietly say to another, “Why on earth is he with her? Look at him!”  I do not think she knew that I heard her because she started to speak to me in a friendly manner. Before she could finish her sentence I stood up, dropped my towel and said, “This is why.” I turned in a slow circle.

I know I’m not in the best shape of my life, but for my age my body is amazing.  The woman who was wondering why he was with me started to become uncomfortable.  She said, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”  Bullshit.  Women will snatch as many moments as they can to be bitchy to another woman.  That is a fact.  I said to her, “Perhaps if you took better care of your body you could have a piece of candy as I do.”  I stepped in front of him, he started to kiss my tits.

The women all left, looking back over their shoulder at us.  He was already rubbing my pussy and had his towel off.  The last women out stopped to tell me that she agreed with me, and if I had the chance to have a good looking younger man to fuck then I should take full advantage.  Then she shut the door so that we could fuck in peace.

A sexy babe is always in high demand

sexy babeA sexy babe is always in high demand. I went to this new club over the weekend. I was dressed to kill. The problem was there were no guys in the club worth dying for! I mean every man  there was a broke ass loser. I only date rich men. I am all about the Benjamin’s. I have expensive tastes. After a few hours of talking to losers, I called an Uber. While I was waiting outside, this handsome man in a cashmere coat wearing a Rolex tried to steal my Uber. It was too cold outside for a hot chick like me to wait when that one belonged to me. When I explained that it was my ride, he offered me money to call another one. I suggested, we just share it. He agreed to that. He was clearly in a hurry. I tried to talk to him in the back seat, but he seemed disinterested. I saw no ring on his finger. The guy had to be gay not to like me. Even married men go for me all the time. I grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and he stopped me. Told me he wasn’t paying for sex. He thought I was a hooker. Now, I was insulted. A sugar baby maybe, a dirty hooker, never. We argued a bit, but I ended up riding his beautiful hard cock all the way to the airport. He wasn’t bitching when his cock was up my tight shaved pussy. When he left the ride at the airport, he made a rude comment. What the fuck was this dude’s issue. The joke was on him because I lifted his wallet. I mean, I was paying for this Uber ride and he was a total dick. I deserved something more than his cum up my pussy. The Uber driver saw me do it, but he didn’t care. He got to watch a hot sex show and he didn’t like the guy much either.

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