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Erotic roleplaying
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The Best Phone Sex Is Honest

best phone sexThe best phone sex keeps you warm on those cold winter nights. Now, I live in southern California. A cold night for me is 62. I know most of my callers would be in swim trucks for 62-degree weather.  I like to think I raise the temperature of my callers. Now, not every caller gets the call they want. I am a size queen. I know what women deserve. As a therapist on and off the phone, I take the wind out of many sails. A couple came to see me this morning in my home office. One of my specialties is couple’s therapy. I love to help save marriages, but sometimes they cannot be saved in a traditional manner. Tony has a three-inch dick. His wife, Sarah, is fucking hot. Now, he is good looking. He is educated and no doubt keeps his wife living in a life of luxury. But I asked her what good is having nice things and a nice house if she is always sexually frustrated. I mean money can only go so far. This is California. No one married as long as they have been married wants to get divorced and split everything equally. Well, maybe a woman who came into the marriage with less than she would leave. Tony did not want a divorce. He would lose too much money. I gave him the best advice as a phone sex therapist. Stay married and open the marriage. Maybe not for him, but for his sexy wife. Her eyes lit up. I suggested voiding their infidelity prenup and letting her get some hung lovers. It would be cheaper for him in the long run because I told him that as long as they have been married, the prenup would not protect him financially since she never was unfaithful. She could still initiate the divorce and get half of his millions. Hot sexy women deserve sexual satisfaction. If their husbands cannot deliver that, then they should not stop them from getting some big cock on the side. Men, if you come to me for advice on how to save your marriage, be prepared for the truth. The best phone advice from me will always be for your wife to take a lover.

Best Phone Sex Girlfriend

Can’t you tell that my hot body is just the best? You need it, don’t you? You can use it however you see fit if you treat it right with that cock you have! I don’t care what size it is. Your sweet girlfriend loves it either way doesn’t she? I can do things that your wife will never do simply because she can’t stay down on her knees for such a long time to make you cum out of your heavy dick and unload those balls full of cum down my throat! I want you to bend me over and fuck my ass! Let me give you the hottest and best phone sex of your life with this hot body ready to squirt for you!Best Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex Three ways

Have you not always dreamed of having the perfect girlfriend that let you live that fantasy fun of having another girl or even another guy in the bed with us? Now is your time to let them in the room and undress me. My small, soft ass and tits out for you and them to touch all over me. To fuck me and let me take his cock down my throat while I ride you with this tight body and cunt. All of us with be covered with squirting juices, cum and sweat, I can not help but get so fucking wet and excited for it baby so cum and play with me to have that fantasy brought to life!Fantasy Phone Sex

Roleplaying Girlfriend Needs Cock

Mature Phone SexI always wanted a roleplay partner whether it was online or in person. Someone to have to fuck myself silly with while we talk about all the naughty things we desired and roleplayed each others favorite people to pretend and become your deepest fantasy that you want to come to life. Lay me down on our couch, I will be your naughty little slut and you can be my daddy, or neighbor or teaacher! You strip off all my clothes and rip off my panties leaving me naked. Now force fuck me into the cushions and make me scream. I want to be so full of your cum that it is like a dinner for me. Let me make you proud daddy!

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great blowjobsI love being your sweet young girlfriend to play with! Every night and every day I will be here ready to take your cock sensually into my hot and sexy body that fits so perfectly in your hands. I love the way your dick pushes into my barely legal body and makes me cream and cum all over your hard cock. After I finish and you release your sweet baby batter into me, I’ll go down on my knees and clean up our mess off your shaft and lick your ball sack clean as well. I know how my squirting juices and get pretty far babe and I just love the taste of all of it! I can’t get enough so give me more baby!

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ass fetishI have the pussy you want to fuck . Don’t bother looking else where . I want the sick , nasty , ratchet good stuff . I want your cum to be leaking out of me . I have no fucking limits i just want to be fucked . Ill do anything you want . And with a body like mine how could you resist ? What do you want to do to me daddy ? Or maybe you want to be called master ? Hurry up please and make me cum . I am so hungry for cock I don’t care anymore . i just want to feel your meat sliding down my throat . I want my pussy to be fucked so fucking hard your cock is throbbing for hours . I want you to fill my asshole up with every single drop of your cum . And when your done ill suck you off . I don’t give a fuck what your fantasy is . Its cum i am after and its been so long since I’ve gotten some . We can even get another girl to join .

Voyeur Phone Sex on the Freeway

voyeur phone sexLooking for voyeur phone sex? I got stuck in horrible traffic today. I was not expecting traffic because there is stay at home orders still in effect for my state. I was just going to the store. I hate being in a standstill. I tried calling some friends to help me pass the time, but no one answered. I decided since I was not moving anytime soon, I would surf my phone for some porn. Porn Hub has been my best friend on quarantine. Can you relate? I found a hot video of a man worshiping a woman’s pussy. I love seeing a man eat a woman’s pussy. I forgot I was not at home until I heard a guy yell take it off.

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Sissy Humiliation for Splenda Daddies

sissy humiliationI am a sexy woman. I have standards when it comes to cock size. Look at me? I am a sophisticated hottie to the max. This dude I met on a sugar daddy site completely lied. He was a Splenda daddy instead. No money and to make matters worse, no cock. He didn’t get my pussy. He got sissy humiliation instead. I denied him. I was about to slam the door on his face when he showed up to pick me up in a Prius. I was like what the fuck? Do I look like I ride in a Prius? I am sports and luxury car worthy. He tried to scam me again with the I am so beautiful crap that it made him desperate to go out with me. I shut that shit down too. I asked him if he had a big dick. I knew there was no way that he did. He was a broke ass loser. He tried to claim that he did, but it was a shrimp’s tail. No bigger than my pinky finger. I lashed in on him with some of my best humiliation slams ever. I gave him a pair of my panties and slammed the door in his face once I eviscerated him. The nerve of some men. To pose as a rich sugar daddy with a big dick to get in my panties. As if I would ever let a loser fuck me.

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Fantasy phone sex My skills for eating pussy are just as good as my skills for fucking a big fat cock. I dive right on in feasting on her pussy just like a cock. They both taste yummy in their own ways. But both are sweet and delightful to eat. Ralph is a neighbor of mine and Shelley is his wife. Mostly I fuck the men behind their wives back but not Ralph and Shelley the minute those little brats of theirs are off to school they over my house and ready to swap fluids with me. They both treat me like their sex toy and I fucking love every minute of it. They throw me between the both of them like a sex doll. Using every inch of my body to satisfy all of their sexual hunger.