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Sexy Babe Beth Might Let You Cum

sexy babe

Being a sexy babe like myself I’m used to guys always wanting to fuck me. Ever since I first started turning into a sexy young lady, guys were checking me out. The look on their face told me that they were going home and jacking off just wishing that I would give them a chance to slide their cock inside me. Teasing them became my favorite game. I would flirt with them and tell them that if they did things for me or bought things for me that maybe they would get a chance to fuck me. They all jump at the opportunity to get inside this tight tiny little fuck hole. It’s the best kind of game for me, I get anything I want and in return, I’ll let you make me cum. Most of the time I just make them eat my little pussy for hours while I cum in their mouth. Then I leave after I’ve finished having my way with them. There’s a few that know what it’s like to shoot their load for me. Do you think I’ll let you cum?

Sexy Babe Beth Always Gets Her Way

Sexy babe

Being a sexy baby like myself, I’m pretty used to getting whatever I want. Any guy who tries to date me knows I’m kind of a spoiled brat. I have to get my way all the time. I know that I’m sexy enough that I can get away with it. If my boyfriend tells me no to something that I want then I just tell him no to something that I know he desperately wants, my sweet bald little pussy. It’s a wonderful tool use and I use it all the time. He already knows that if he wants to fuck me or get his cock sucked then he has to keep me happy. I can be a hard girl to please, I just know what I want, and I don’t want to wait to get it. So, as long as you let me have my way and spoil me like I deserve then you’ll get the best sex you’ve ever had.

Shaved Wet Pussy For Him To Eat

Shaved wet pussy

My boyfriend loves my shaved wet pussy. As soon as I get out of the shower he’s always right there waiting to get his face right up in my freshly bald soaking wet pussy. He knows how much I love to rub my little cunt in the shower. So, he knows that as soon as I get done that I’m dripping wet and ready to cum with him. He loves how smooth my bald pussy is when I just shaved it for him. He loves to run his finger along my clit and down to my little fuck hole. He keeps sliding his fingers up and down, feeling how wet and swollen my clit gets from his touch. Then he has me wrap my let around his neck and he eats me out until I cum into his mouth. He loves the taste of my sweet little honey pot and he loves when I full his mouth up my pussy juice as I explode for him.

Cum On Boobs Is What He Loves To See


cum on boobsMy boyfriend had been fantasizing about cum on boobs for a while. He had been watching porn videos of girl taking massive loads of cum on their tits and he wanted to watch his own load shoot out all over my tight little body. He wanted to cover my face and chest with his load. So, when he came over to hang out with me and asked if he could shower me in his cum I couldn’t say no. I knew how badly he wanted it. So, I got to sucking his dick deep down my throat. He loved watching his cock slide in and out of my mouth. He got so into that he had to grab my hair and start fucking my face, making my head bob up and down on his cock just the pace that he wanted it. When he started to cum he pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load all over my tits and face. I rubbed it into my nipples and boobs and open my mouth to catch his cum. He fucking loved it.

Hairy Wet Pussy For Him To Eat Up

hairy wet pussy

I love when my boyfriend licks my hairy wet pussy. He asks me to keep it a little furry for him. He likes to feel it on his tongue while he licks me up and down. I don’t mind. I just stop shaving and let it grow for him. Whenever my sweet little pussy starts to grow hair on it, he spends hours eating me out and making me cum. I get to cum into his mouth over and over again and he just keeps going. By the time he’s had his fill of tasting my hairy wet cunt my entire body is shaking. My legs are quivering while they are wrapped around his neck. It’s usually a little while before I can walk again, my legs feel numb from how intense my orgasms were. Having him make me cum every day just for keeping my pussy nice and hairy for him is amazing for me. I love the way he eats my hairy pussy.

Sexy Legs Wrapped Around His Head

Sexy legs

My boyfriend loves to have me wrap my sexy legs around his head. He can’t get enough of eating out my sweet honey pot. He says it’s the sweetest tasting pussy he’s ever had. I can’t deny him anytime and anywhere we are, if he wants to lick my tasty cunt then I let him. Just last week we were out at the mall and I was trying on some new sexy outfits that he was going to buy me. We were supposed to get them and then go home and have some naughty fun, but he just couldn’t wait. I tried on a tiny little dress and walked over to him sitting there and my pussy was right near his face. Having it so close to his mouth already had his cock twitching. So, he followed me back into the dressing room and ate my little pussy right there. I came so fucking hard for him and it was so hard to keep quiet so that we didn’t get caught!

Sexy Babe Masturbating Gets Him Off

Sexy Babe

My neighbor and I love to masturbate together, he loves watching a sexy babe like me rub her wet pussy right where he can see. I love sitting my chair right in front of the window. Then I grab my toys and strip down completely naked. I see him standing there in his own window watching me and waiting for the naughty show. He pulls out his cock when he sees me sit down and spread my legs. When I see him starting to stroke his cock I start rubbing my clit. Back and forth at the same pace that he is running his hand up and down his shaft. The faster he goes, the faster I go. Masturbating together makes my pussy fucking gush. Then I reach other and grab a dildo and he watches me shove it into my dripping wet tight little pussy. He can see how much I love it and we start to cum together. I love seeing his load shoot out everywhere for me.

Domination Porn With My Boyfriend

domination porn

My boyfriend suggested that we watch some domination porn together. I was a little hesitant at first, I had never done anything like being a submissive whore before. But he was very eager to get me tied up with arms above my head. I felt like I was dangling from the ceiling and the blood was rushing down making my arms feel limp. He showed me on the video that he was going to gag me, spank me, and forcefully fuck all of my holes. I wanted so badly to please him so I didn’t say no to anything. He spent the night smacking a cane across my ass and clamping my nipples until I was almost in tears. Then he finally let me down from my ropes and I fell to the floor. He walked over to me and rammed his cock into my mouth. I was choking on his nice long cock as he forcefully fucked my face. Then he gave my bald little pussy a turn. He dumped his load of cum into my ass after he had his fill of my fuck holes. I loved being his submissive fuck toy.

Ass Fetish Makes Me Squirt For Him

Ass Fetish

My boyfriend has a serious ass fetish. He can’t get enough of sticking his face right between my ass cheeks. Every time I get up and try to walk by him he has to grab my waist, pull me back, and bury his face as deep as he can get. Sniffing in the scent of my sweet booty. He moans every time he gets close to my tight little hole. Whenever we have sex he always wants to finish in my ass. Thankfully, I love getting fucked up my tiny asshole. But he is so obsessed with stuffing his cock in my ass and stretching me out that sometimes he forgets to gently put the tip in. He just throws my legs up and rams his entire thick cock so fucking deep inside me that I scream. I love getting stretched out though, and feeling the way he rams his dick into my ass make me cum so fucking hard. His warm creamy cum filling up my tight ass is always so fucking hot that I can’t help but let my little pussy squirt for him.

Hairy Wet Pussy For My Boyfriend

Hairy Wet Pussy

My boyfriend loves my hairy wet pussy. I usually keep my young wet cunt shaved and bald. But, sometimes I like to go weeks without shaving and letting my hair grow out for him. When it gets a nice little fluff to it, he likes to take his face and bury it between my legs. He says it makes my moist cunt smell even sweeter. Whenever I let my pussy hair grow a little he spends hours in between my legs, making me cum over and over again. How could I resist so much pleasure? So, I stopped shaving for awhile and let him eat my little pussy every day. I even started wearing little skirts and dresses all the time so that if we are out somewhere and find a moment to sneak away, I can give him a taste of my hairy pussy and cum in his mouth. What girl doesn’t love getting her wet clit licked up and down whenever she wants? I know I do! So, I’m keeping my pussy hairy, wet, and ready for him to lick up.

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