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Come Taste My Shaved Wet Pussy


shaved wet pussy

Come and taste my sweet little shaved wet pussy. It’s so smooth and bald, lick a finger and run it from my pink little fuck hole up to the tip of my clit. Feel how dripping wet and ready to be fucked I am. But first I want you to taste me. Come lick my sweet little honey pot and let it melt onto your tongue. Make me cum in your mouth before you fuck me. I want my pretty tight pussy to be leaking my pussy juice from cumming so fucking hard on your face. Then I want you to slide that big hard cock inside me. Fuck me deep and hard using my sweet tasty pussy juice as lube. It’s fucking tight and wet around your cock. I want to come again and feel my sweet pussy tighten around your cock while I cum all over you. I know you won’t be able to stop yourself from shooting that load deep inside me when you feel me start to cum around your cock. I want it baby, come inside me. Come and fill me up with your load.

Only The Best Phone Sex With Beth

best phone sex

I know that only the best phone sex will get the blood pumping in that long thick cock of yours. You need a sweet, sexy, young, tight, sexy girl like me to tease you and please you. I’ll make that cock fucking throb for me! My sultry voice will have you hard in second and I’ll tell you just how to milk that cock of every last drop of its warm and creamy goodness. We can fucking explode together! I love hearing your breathing speed up while I rub my swollen clit and you stroke that big long fat cock. I fucking love it. I’m so addicted to good phone sex and I can’t get enough. I know you won’t be able to either. There is no limit to the naughty fun we can have. Come and make a sweet young girl like me into your little plaything. I’ll do any fucking thing to make that cock cum for me!

My Naughty Teacher

naughty teacher

My naughty teacher wanted to fuck me and I could tell. It was so obvious, the way he looked at me gave it away. He was always staring at my tits and juicy ass and practically drooling on himself. He wanted a sexy young girl like me to tease and please his cock so I decided to give him what he wanted. I spent weeks teasing him first. I wore short skirts with no panties and shirts that you could see my nipples through. I started showing him my pretty little pussy even, spreading my legs and letting him see my sweet little teen honey pot.

When decided that I had been teasing him for long enough and that it was finally time to give him what he wanted, I went all out. I wanted to make his naughty and kinky fantasies come true. I dress up like a slutty little school girl. My plaid skirt and white top were so sexy with my tits and ass poking out. When he saw me walk through the door and then turn around and lock it, he knew exactly what I wanted.

I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I loved watching him and seeing how much he fucking loved it. Then I sat up on his desk and let him taste my smooth blad little pussy. Then he fucked me so good with his big hard cock and I loved it. I know he fucking loved it. He finally got to live out his naughty fantasies. He made me feel like such a naughty little girl when he bent me over and blew his load all over my ass!

This Spoiled Little Princess Can Be Such A Naughty Girl

princess phone sex

I really am a little princess, that’s why princess phone sex with me will have you exploding! I’ve always been kind of a spoiled brat. I mean, with sexy long legs, a shaved tight pussy, and a sweet face lite mine, how could I not be? Men crawl behind me with their tongues hanging out, hoping to get into my good graces. If they’re good boys that know much my sweet little honey pot is worth they are lucky enough to get a chance. My pussy is a wild ride of pleasure but it has a few requirements in order for you to play with her. Treat me, please me, and show what a perfect little princess I am! My hands will caress your body while I whisper sensual nothings into your ear. Your cock will ache at the thought of me. It will need me. Your cum will be building up in your balls waiting to shoot out all over my perky tits.You’ll be hooked once you get your face between my legs and take a lick of my sweet bald pink fuck hole. It can be all yours. Come and get your little princess!

Let’s Take Our Time

edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sex with a sexy girl like me will leave your cock aching. You’ve been stroking your cock for so long and you need to finally explode that load of cum. It’s been building in your balls. Now your load of cum is massive and it’s going to shoot everywhere when
I finally tell you to let go. Sometimes what you really need is the sexy and sultry tone of my voice in your ear, telling you just how to stroke that nice thick cock. When you edge with me, you’re going to cum harder than you have ever experienced. You’ll be desperate, begging, and pleading with me to let you cum. Sure, I could get you off in a just a few minutes. I’m an expert at getting guys off and I love it. But why end something that feels so amazing so soon? Let’s draw it out as long as we can. Get the rock hard cock on the edge of explosion before we finally let that creamy goodness rush through your throbbing shaft and shoot all over. You’ll have never felt such a sweet release as I will give you. Let me show you how wonderful it can feel to prolong your orgasm. Let’s get you to the edge and then push you right over!

Your New Addiction

best phone sex

When only the best phone sex will get his cock off, he calls me. He says my sweet young voice is the only thing that will make him finally explode the load of cum that has been building up in his cock for days. Edging his cock his a naughty little game I like to play. I whisper the dirtiest things into his ear, leaving him aching, wishing my endless teasing would come to an end so he could finally get the release he needs so desperately. He’s spent so long needing me, wanting me, that now I have him right where I want him. Weak and begging so eagerly for me let him come for me. When I finally grant his wish, his hunger for me is only sated for the few brief moments that his creamy load of cum is shooting from his cock. His breathing calms to an even steady pace and he thinking of my delicious bald pussy again, needing me once more.

He Loves My Pussy

shaved wet pussy

What guy doesn’t love shaved wet pussy? I knew this guy that would spend hours licking my freshly shaved pink fuck hole. He would slide his tongue up and down my clit and make me cum into his mouth over and over again. My entire body would be shaking from the orgasms he would give me. He said my pussy was the sweetest little thing he had ever tasted and he couldn’t get enough of how smooth and tasty it was. Every time I got out of the shower I would walk out completely naked and still dripping wet, he would toss me onto the bed the second he saw me and burry his face in between my legs. I would feel his tongue dancing and circling around. I had to return the favor of course, and he would shoot massive loads of cum down my throat after I let him fuck my pretty little mouth. He loved the way his cock looked while I looked into his eyes as he gave me his cum.

Let Me Tease You

tease and denial

Tease and denial phone sex can be so much phone, at least for me. It usually ends with me laughing, knowing that I just hung up on you while you have your dick in your hand begging for the chance to cum for me. I am a total slut though, so sometimes I can’t help it, I get so worked up turning you on that I have to rub my bald little pussy and hear you explode for me. But, sometimes it’s just too much fun to make you squirm. I tell you how nice and amazing your cock, how badly I want to suck it and fuck you and have your cum dripping all over my tight little body. But, then just as I hear that catch in your breath, that clue that you’re right on the edge of cumming for me, you hear a click. Then, nothing, just dead silence. I left you wanting me, and need me, knowing that only my sexy young voice will make that cock cum and be fully satisfied with his massive explosion. I’m such a dirty little cock tease, you’ll have to play your cards right if you want the chance to cum for this naughty little slut.

Will I Let You Cum This Christmas?

tease and denial

I’ve been playing little games of tease and denial with guys this Christmas and they don’t even know it yet. I’ve been flirting and letting them touch my pretty pink pussy hoping that I will let them fuck me. Little do they know, I just love to tease and use my sweet young fuck hole to get what I want. It’s so easy. They want to fuck me so badly they’ll do anything to get a chance. This year for Christmas I want lots of presents and sexy things to play wear and play with and I know just how to use my bald wet pussy to get it. I keep making them think that I’m going to finally let them cum this year as a special present but I probably won’t! I just love teasing them too much and it’s the ultimate teasing game for me! Seeing them come over with that gleam of hope in their eyes that I’m going to let them cum for me. They give me their present, just begging for it to be good enough to let them taste my sweet honey pot. I might even rub their cock or suck them a little. I like to get them hard and so fucking desperate for my sweet pussy before I deny them. Though I do need to cum this Christmas, so I wonder which lucky guy will have given me a good enough present for me to let him fuck my pussy and cum with me!

I Love Fucking My Shaved Wet Pussy

shaved wet pussy

My smooth shaved wet pussy turns me on. I love masturbating and I have to touch myself all the time. Even once a day is not enough for me. I’m addicted to my sweet bald pussy. My favorite time to masturbate is when I just shaved. It’s so smooth and wet that I can’t stop myself from rubbing my fingers along my clit and making my pussy juices start to flow. I love taking the shower head off and lowering it down to shoot out onto my slit while I keep finger fucking myself. It feels so good to have the pressure from the water and my fingers dancing up and down and back and forth all over my sweet bald pussy. I start to cum and it feels like my pussy is gushing like a fountain from the amount of squirt coming out my tiny pink fuck hole. I just can’t stop cumming, I’m so addicted to it. It’s not long after my shower time is over, I’ve came, and I find myself naked laying in bed and starting all over again once my hands find my perky boobs and bald pussy.

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