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Naughty Teacher Gets A Blowjob!

Naughty Teacher

My naughty teacher fucked me over his desk before school was finally over. We had been playing a flirtatious little teasing game ever since I first started school. He noticed me the first day, wearing my short skirt and tight top. I looked at him with innocent blue eyes and watched his eyes trail down, looking at the devilish smirk on my face and the nice perky set of titties I was pushing out for him. He wanted to fuck me right then and there, I’m sure of it. He never gave me the kinky fucking that I was hoping for though. So, on the last day of school, I decided to take things into my own hands. School had let out for summer vacation and I walked my way into his room. I had already slipped out of my panties and had then in my first. Walking right up to him, I shoved my panties in his mouth, got onto my knees and gave him the most amazing blowjob I’m sure he’s ever had. I could tell he was about to explode in my mouth so I stopped. Bent over and exposed my sweet young pussy to him. He wasted no time stuffing his cock into me and cumming deep inside me. I felt his cum dripping down my thighs the whole walk home.

Tease and Denial Drives Him Crazy

Tease and Denial

Tease and denial is my favorite game to play with my boyfriend. I don’t know why I find it so fucking fun to tease the shit out of him and then never let him go all the way. Sometimes when he comes over I like to tease him so bad that he accidentally cums in his pants. It happened just last weekend. He came over to my place to watch a movie with me and I kept rubbing his cock through his pants and feeling him get to rock hard for me. He was whispering in my ear that he wanted to fuck me and I just giggled. I slipped my hand underneath his clothes and started to stroke him. I kept going faster and faster. Then I climbed on top of him and started grinding my hips into his dick while we made out. I was sucking on his neck and rubbing my pussy right on his cock when I pushed me back and I saw his face twist into a strange expression. I realized then that he was actually cumming in his pants. I laughed at him and he looked so embarrassed, telling me he wouldn’t do that if I would just give it up and stop being such a little cock tease.

Shaved Wet Pussy Is What You Need

Shaved Wet Pussy

Want a taste of this sexy girl’s shaved wet pussy? Then come and get it! It’s been too long since I’ve been filled and stretched out by nice cock and I’m craving it. My naughty desires need to be fulfilled. I’ve been spending so much time watching naughty videos and rubbing my pussy. Which can make me cum just fine. But what my sweet little cunt really needs is a nice thick cock to pound me. I want to feel you so deep inside me and then I want to feel that hot creamy load of cum fill my pussy. It makes me cum instantly to feel your throbbing cock shooting its load into the back of my pussy. Our orgasm can be so much more intense when we cum together. Your dick filling me up and making me so warm, wet, and slippery. Mixed with my cum, it makes it even better. You’ll feel the walls of my pussy squeezing your cock. Won’t you please come and give me the nice fucking that I need?

Sexy Babe Beth Will Tease Your Cock

Sexy Babe

I’m one sexy babe and I’m aware of it. I love to use my hot body to tease all the guys. I live to be a naughty little tease. I love seeing the excitement build up on a guy’s face, thinking they’re going to get into my pants and then simply denying them the pleasure. I’ve even gone as far to suck a guy’s cock to the point where he is about to pop and then I just stop. I met him at the mall and he was cute and flirtatious. I let him think that after he spent the day spoiling me like a princess that I would go home with him and let him fuck me. But instead, I got on my knees and gave him the best blowjob he’s probably ever had in his entire life. He started grabbing the back of my head and trying to cum in my mouth. Instead, I pulled his cock out and stood up. Giggling, I wiped my mouth and walked out.

Beth Always Gives Great Blowjobs

Great Blowjobs

I give great blowjobs and I know it. I think it’s because I love sucking cock so much and I just get really into it. Giving you an awesome sloppy wet deepthroat blowjob. Guys always appreciate it because there are times I just want to suck them off and get nothing in return. It gets me off simply having your dick in my mouth while I rub my pussy. I love rubbing my clit while you slide in and out of my mouth. Getting myself to the point where I might cum and then stopping. I’ll continue to let you fuck my face however hard or slow you want to. Then when I feel you letting go and I taste that first shot of cum on my tongue, I let go. Letting my orgasm take over. My body starts to shake while I take your load. There is something about you grabbing my hair and forcing your cock as far down my throat as you can, feeling my lips touch you, and then feeling your dick throb on my tongue while you explore that drives me crazy.

Fucking A Beautiful Ebony Pussy

Beautiful Ebony Pussy

My friend has the most beautiful ebony pussy. We met in school and hit it off right away. I could tell that she was a kinky girl just like me. So, when my boyfriend said that he had always wanted to hook up with a black girl, I invited her over for a threesome. At first, he sat in my chair and stroked his cock while he watched me lick that black cunt until she came in my mouth. Then she took her turn tasting my sweet honey pot. I could tell my boyfriend was aching to get inside her tiny snatch. I took his hand and led him over to her. Guiding his cock inside her beautiful ebony pussy he started fucking her. I rubbed her clit while he pumped in and out. She started screaming that she was going to cum so I pulled his dick out and kept fingering her swollen clit. She began squirting all over his cock and balls. I reached my hand over to him and jacked him off onto her pussy. Her pussy juice and his cum mixing together all over her pussy. My hands were covered with both of their cum and I sucked it off my fingers, loving the taste.

My Hot Boyfriend Has An Ass Fetish

Ass Fetish

My boyfriend has an ass fetish that I find to be super hot. All he ever wants to watch is ass sex porn and every time we fuck he always wants to stick it in my ass. He’s obsessed with touching it, squeezing it, and rubbing his face all over my juicy booty. I love the attention and I’m always more than happy to let him stick his nose right up in it and take a sniff.

I had a guy friend over one day and we came up with a great idea. We were going to have a threesome with my boyfriend. Did I mention my friend is a guy with a giant cock? I sent my boyfriend a sexy ass pic and told him to get over to my house. He looked a little surprised when he walked in and saw me sitting on the couch topless in just my panties. My friend was sitting there in only his boxers.

Standing up and taking him by the hand, I led him over to the couch. He asked what was going on and I told him that today we were going to explore something with his little ass fetish he has. He looked confused and I giggled. Well, I told him, you are so obsessed with fucking my ass that I think you should know what it feels like. Before he knew it, I had him bent over the arm of my couch, licking my pussy, and taking it up the ass.

Now my boyfriend and I have a whole new world of kinky fun to explore. I’m going to get a strap on next and make him suck a huge cock for me while I choke him with mine! I can’t wait to fuck him in the ass for myself. I don’t think he ever thought he would love taking a cock up his ass, but boy does it want it all the time now!

Tease and Denial With Sexy Babe Beth!

Tease and denial Tease and denial is my favorite naughty game to play. This guy I used to hook up with was so much to play with, he couldn’t resist a sexy babe like me. I used to tease his cock for hours, stroking it, sucking it, and even fucking it until he was about to explode. But then I would just stop, and giggle at him. I wanted to make him beg for it.

One of the best times, was when I tied him up, spread out on my bed completely naked. Watching his cock start to stand straight up as I rubbed my small boobs in his face, letting my nipples tickle his lips. Reaching my hand down I could feel his cock starting to grow for me. I started stroking him and massaging his balls. He was rock hard now. I stopped when I could see that he was really enjoying my hand wrapped around his dick.

I started to suck him next. I give great blow jobs, and I made sure to make this one really good. Sucking his cock down my throat and still rubbing his balls in my hand. I could feel his dick throbbing against my tongue. Then I stopped again, I heard him moan. I giggled and asked him if he liked out little tease and denial game, he said he really wanted to cum.

Sitting my sexy legs on either side of him, I started to slowly bounce myself on his cock. Going faster and harder until I could see him about to cum and then once again I stopped and got off of him. He was really wanting to cum now! I made him beg me for it, I wanted to hear the desperation in his voice each time he pleaded for me fuck him and let him cum.

Feeling merciful, I got back on his cock and rode him until he said he was about to cum. Then I sucked and stroked his cock until I finally let him cum on my small boobs. In the end, I think he loved our naughty tease and denial game!

Real Voyeur Sex With Sexy Babe Beth

Real Voyeur Sex

I love to day dream about my real voyeur sex stories. My naughty neighbor used to spy on me all the time. I know he was doing it long before I caught him. But teasing him and letting him watch me fuck whoever I brought home was just so hot to me.

I remember the first time I notice him watching me. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in a while so I was really needing to get laid. He came over and when we made up to my room I was ready to get wild and dirty with him. Little did I know; my neighbor was looking through his window right into my room. Of course, I had kept the lights on, I wanted to watch that cock going inside of me, and apparently so did my neighbor.

We got our clothes off and dropped to my knees taking my boyfriend’s dick in my hand. I stroked him into my mouth and then began to deep throat his long hard cock. I give great blow jobs, and this one was amazing. I was so desperate for his dick that I was letting him fuck my face while my drool spilled onto my chest and down to my already wet pussy.

He started to fuck me by bending me over right there as I grabbed my ankles and just slammed his thick cock inside me. He fucked me on my desk, on the floor, in my chair, and eventually, we made it to the bed. I threw him down and started riding his dick. As I was bouncing up and down, I looked over and that’s when I saw him. My naughty neighbor, looking out the window and stroking his little cock watching us fuck. I was already so close to cumming and it turned me on that he had been watching our kinky fuck session the whole time. Looking at him stroke himself sent me over the edge, I came so hard and looked right at my neighbor as I did. I could see him cumming too, watching me shake and scream with my orgasm.

Tease and Denial Whore

tease and denialI love to tease horny men…and then deny them! The older men are so easy. I see their eyes following me as I walk by. Looking up my long sexy legs, my nice little curves, and then stopping on my perky tits. Their eyes fixated on my cleavage. I know their cocks are twitching just thinking about sliding inside of this little tease. I like to bend over in a short skirt and of course I’m not wearing any panties, and look back at them, seeing their eyes get wide when they see my bald little pussy. I teased this older guy like this once, and I even let him take me home. When we got to his place, I sat down on his couch and spread my legs in that little skirt, exposing my pussy to him. He got on his knees and started licking my pussy. Then when he stood I took his cock out, stroking it in my hand. I sat him down and start sucking his dick. I could tell he loved the way I could take his cock into my mouth. Just when I knew he was dying to fuck me, I stood up and giggled. I told him that I would let him cum next time…if I felt like it. I’m such a slutty little cock tease!

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