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best phone sexI’m what you would call  cougar, I’m an older woman but I can’t get enough of younger men and their huge cocks. When my husband is away, I like to have some fun. All of the teen boys in my neighborhood love coming to visit and volunteering to clean my pool or mow my lawn, because I’m the filthiest milf on the block. I wear tight revealing dresses that show off my big tits and ample ass. Young Steve from down the street volunteered to clean my gutters for me and I decided to put on a show for him. He was on a ladder cleaning the gutter in front of my front window. He didn’t know I knew he could see me when I sat on the couch and spread my legs and began to play with my pussy. I used my biggest dildo to fuck myself right there on the couch while he watched. I pumped the rubber toy in and out of my sloppy wet cunt and played with my tits with my free hand. I moaned and writhed on the couch, pretending I was totally oblivious to the horny young 18 year old watching me through the window. Knowing he was watching just made me even hotter. I rubbed my clit while fucking myself with the fake cock until I squirted hard. Steve has been back to my house every week for the past month doing chores and trying to get a peek at me playing with my milf pussy.

Cuckold Phone Sex Sexy Wife

cuckold phone sexI am just your average American Cuckolding wife. I married money and unfortunately the 4-inch dick that came with it. I soon found myself on-line watching porn with real men with big dicks. I would get so wet finger banging my swollen cunt. It became horrible when My husband wanted to put his millimeter peter inside me. Now he did have great pussy eating skills, but I needed more. BBC porn caught my eye and I bought a 10-inch dildo and spent my mornings after he left for work fucking myself senseless.

Then it happened… I had new cabinets installed and the contractor was a 6 ft 7 dark skinned black man with bulging muscles and a package that I couldn’t keep my eyes off. Oh, he was sweaty and he was getting hard for this little white bitch. Before I could think about it I was being held up on the wall and my cunt being pounded with what could only be over 9 thick long inches. I was moaning and yelling fuck me so loud that I didn’t notice my husband watching me. He dropped his brief case as I tried to cover myself, But hubby just said keep going “Fuck her Harder!”  I know you want to know more, but that is up to you, you have my number baby.

The Best Phone Sex with a BBC Slut

best phone sexI am a black cock whore. You would never guess that by looking at me. I am a hot sexy trophy wife. I live in a gated community. Pretty sure my neighbors know I am a black cock whore. I mean if a black man is getting into my community it is to fuck a wife or sell drugs. That means my neighbors think I am a whore or a druggy. Black cock is my drug. My husband goes to work, and the black men come over to play. One of my male neighbors tried to blackmail me yesterday. He said he knew what I was doing every day and that if I didn’t fuck him, he would tell my husband. I am not fucking a loser white man no matter what is at stake. Tim arrived at the wrong time to blackmail me. I still had a black lover over. Tim never saw what came next. Jerome busted out of the bathroom and charged my black mailer. He heard every word. He had his dick out ready to cuckold my blackmailing neighbor regardless if he wanted to be or not. The blackmailer got blackmailed because I snapped a lot of pictures of him sucking my lovers 12-inch black cock. Either I never see my neighbor again, or he will be back over wanting some more BBC. Once you go black, you don’t go back.

I love being a cuckold girlfriend

cuckold phone sexMy boyfriend had no idea I had been cheating on him until he walked in on the mailman balls deep inside me one day. Something changed inside of him, and suddenly he was addicted watching his girl be fucked by other men. Now he finds men online with huge black cocks to come over and fuck me. Sometimes he sits quietly in the corner and just watches us, sometimes he joins in and licks my pussy while the other guy fucks me. He gets incredibly turned on and can’t wait to fuck my cum filled pussy afterwards. Seeing the other man’s seed inside of me turns him on the most. Sometimes he even eats my pussy and licks up all the yummy cum from inside of me.

When I have a date planned with one of my lovers, he likes to help me get ready by picking out the naughtiest and sexiest outfits that I own. He loves seeing me walking out the door dressed like a slut on my way to meet another man. While I’m on the date, I send him texts describing what we’re doing or I send him a picture of myself with the other man’s cock in my mouth. I love being a slutty cuckold girlfriend!

Best Phone Sex with a Slut Wife

best phone sexI am married, but do I look like the kind of woman who can be satisfied by one cock? I sure hope you said No! I love being a slut wife. Guess what? My husband loves it too. His dick isn’t that big. I mean it is average, but I am a hot woman. I can get, and I deserve bigger cock. I live near a college campus. All those college hunks have MILF fever too. I make sure to always walk by fraternity row in the skimpiest of shorts to accentuate my fine ass and ample tits. I know it is summer, which means there are not as many boys around. I lucked out yesterday because freshman orientation was happening, and I walked right past a bunch of barely legal incoming freshmen boys checking out a fraternity. They saw me and didn’t care about going Greek. They wanted to go MILF instead. I walked right into the frat house and asked for a naked line-up. I separated the boys from the men. Lucky for me there were only 3 guys out of 12 who had dicks smaller than 7 inches. I let them run a train on me and it felt amazing. College boys have no problem getting hard and staying hard. I went home with a cum filled cunt and told my husband all about it as he cleaned up the mess between my legs.


All yours

GFE phone sexMy sexy fucking man with a huge cock, I want to be you hot sexy Latina babe with a huge ass and some nice big tits! Fuck baby I want you to take me back to your house and to your bed both getting naked laying in your king size bed, caressing each other’s bodies rubbing our bodies on each other. Fuck baby I’m getting so hot and horny and my pussy is dripping wet for you. I look down and see your huge monster cock so fucking hard and throbbing and all veiny. I crawl down gab that big fat dick and start making out with your dick and balls! Fuck daddy I love your big cock! I sit over you and start rubbing my yummy big ass all over your cock and balls I could just feel that pre-cum starting to lube up my tiny little Latina asshole!

Good Head

Latina phone sexCum take a bubble bath with me you fine piece of ass white boy. I know you love hot sexy Latina Spanish woman. Let me sit between your thick muscular legs. Fuck Papi as soon as I sit between your legs I start feeling your big soft dick getting fucking harder and harder. I felt it in my ass crack. Fuck Papi you have such a big huge fat cock. I take a breath and go underwater and start milking that cock with my pretty little Mexican mouth! Massaging your balls giving you some good fucking head under water. Fuck Papi I don’t even want to go back up for some air! I want to leave your cock deep down my throat tasting all that precum with the tip of my tongue fuck daddy I fucking love it. Fuck yeah, Papi I just drained your balls right into my mouth under water!

Sexy babe loves white cock

Sexy babeI’m a Sexy babe Latina whore from Mexico, I will fuck your small little white cock for money. I’ll make your Gringo ass fall in love with my sexy Latina body and use you for your money baby. I know you have a small dick baby but you could always use your tongue on my clit. I love when you make me cum with your tongue. Oh, wait that’s the only way you ever make me cum baby. You know since your dick is so small and cant even penetrate my ass or my pussy. Its ok baby I love you with your small white cock. You are big in your wallet so its ok. The times I try to suck your dick and I can’t even keep your dick in my mouth because you are so fucking small, but hey baby I still love you and love it when your tongue makes me cum.

Best phone sex

Best phone sexThis mamasita chula sexy chica is going to be all over your big fat veiny dick tonight. After I’m done shaking my ass on you at the club I’m bringing you home with me. Papi my pussy is dripping wet for you. I want your big white cock to penetrate my tight brown Latina pussy. I want to feel your big fat mushroom head going in and out, I want to feel every inch of white cock. Squiz on my fucking big brown tits Papi. Telling me I’m yours and that you love my wet warm brown pussy! Fuck daddy you start getting a little rough with me bending me over pulling my hair, pounding my ass fucking hard spanking my ass leaving your hand marked on my ass to make sure you own me. Then you take out your cock out of my pussy and slam it in my fucking ass. You fuck me so slow its so fucking good.

Latina Mami

Latina phone sexLatina phone sex for that big fat white cock you have. Us Latinas love international dick! I love all my fuck holes to get used and abused by all kinds of different cocks! Come over to my house just walk right in I’m already on my bed bent over twerking my ass for you! Tackle my ass down big daddy and dig your face into my juicy ass. Fuck the way you are tongue fucking me is making me dripping wet. Roll me over and spread my thick Latina legs and ram your big fat long veiny cock into my sexy Latina tight pussy! Fuck, look at me squirting all over your body. I’m so fucking horny Papi! Cum fuck me and ram that cock in my big fat Latina ass! Fuck yeah, Papi keep pounding my fat ass just like that. Fuck you are going to make me cum! Lets cum together at the same time. Fill up my ass with hot warm cum!

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