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Naughty neighbor phone sex

Naughty neighbor phone sexI’ve caught you peeking through my window! You naughty horny neighbor. Of course I shower every night around the same time leave my window open with my room light on. I know you are looking so I make my self even more sexy for you! I have my wet shaved pussy that I start rubbing making my self orgasm for you. Rubbing my tits with my other hand, my nipples are so hard my pussy is so wet! If only you had the balls to knock on my window and let me know you are there I would tell you to come in and fuck me hard! I will be ready tomorrow with this cute little yellow set at the window. As soon as I see you coming over I will invite you in to my house and into my pussy fuck hole. Of course my other two fuck holes as well!

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sexI’m all alone in my bedroom baby thinking of you! Just wishing you were here hugging me and caressing me, and kissing me all over my body. I love how you touch me so softly and run your manly fingers through all my body telling me how beautiful I am! The way you start getting on top of me kissing my lips caressing my boobs telling me how much you want to make love to me! You take of all my close so softly with your teeth! Then you get naked your self. Then you start kissing my thick sexy thighs, then you cum up and grab your big dick by the base of your shaft and softly penetrate my tight pussy with that big mushroom head! You make love to me so gentle you make my pussy dripping wet! You make me orgasm really quick with your huge dick in my pussy!

Latina phone sex

Latina phone sexLet this hot sexy Latina take care of Papi! I want to be your Mexican princess and you to be my King! I will suck your dick all day everyday! I will suck your morning wood cock, grabbing your dick at the base of that long fat shaft, putting my pretty thick lips around your big fat mushroom head! Going all the way down on that shaft reaching your balls. Oh yes I love choking on this big piece of meat. You tonsil fuck me so hard you make me gag on that big dick. You will slowly feel my finger penetrate your asshole. I will start finger fucking you really hard and sucking your big fat long dick at the same time! I want to make my king feel good! I want to make you cum all day everyday! That’s right cum in this pretty Latina mouth. Cum face fuck me!

Best phone sex

Best phone sexLook at this juicy fucking big melon size tits, all over your big fat cock. I want you to titty fuck me real good till you cum all over my face and tits. Then I want to make you cum again! This time I want you to face fuck, tonsil fuck me in deep. I just want to feel all that man hot juice deep down my throat. I want to choke on that big fat cock as your head start to swell up full of pre-cum. I love the way you grab me by the back of my neck and push me down on your dick till you make me gag. Then I want you to lay back my King I want to ride that dick with my tight ass like a cowgirl on a horse. You could just see my thick ass bouncing on your dick and big balls!

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplayingAre you ready for some sexy hot Latina big ass? Honey I’ll be your made, I’ll wear that sexy little tight short maid outfit you love. You could see like half my ass. Then when I bend over to dust the living room table all my thick ass shows and you give me a little spanking. Leaving your hand print on my right ass chick telling me you own this fat ass. Yes baby you do its all yours and only yours. I love the way you fuck me deep inside my pussy and how you just try to keep pushing in making it hurt but at the same time feeling fucking good. You almost want to put your balls in deep in my pussy fuck hole. While you fuck me doggy style you caress all my ass with fucking desire, spanking me hard telling me I’m only yours. That’s right baby only yours!

Who wants to be my boy toy

Latina phone sexLets me and you have fun. I want you to be my boy toy! This sexy Latina ass is all yours when ever you want baby. I will make any fantasy you have cum true! Any wild dreams you have I will do just for you baby. I’ll be here with my mouth wide open as well as my thick thighs open wide waiting for you to cum play with me. I cant wait to feel your big juicy mushroom head penetrate this tight fat pussy. I’m so horny for you right now, my pussy is dripping wet. I’m starting to slowly masturbate waiting for your call. Rubbing my clit softly all around up and down. Starting to put my fingers deep in my pussy wishing it was your big fat cock. I cant take it no more I’m going to use my 12 inch dildo with the big mushroom head wishing it was your dick in me!

Sexy ass

Edgeplay phone sexToday at my photo shoot I met the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. I just wanted to invite him back to my house. Just let me tell you what I want to do to that big muscular man! I want to start by undressing him head to toe. Undress my self start rubbing this sexy Latina body against his abs. Oh my, my pussy is already dripping wet craving his big fat cock. I still start by sucking his dick making my pussy even more wet. French kissing the tip full of that pre-cum all over my lips as lip gloss. Going all the way down deep into my throat. I love that big cock. Now time to penetrate my pussy with that huge cock. I sit on that big fat cock and start riding it back and forth then start making my self bounce up and down.

Sexy Latina

Latina phone sexHey Papi I been horny all day for your big fat cock. Why don’t you come home to this beautiful sexy Latina babe and make me yours. Lets take a bubble bath and let me massage all that hot sexy body of yours. I just need you to relax. Then we will go to my room, I want you to lay on my bed, then I will take out the stripper pole and start giving you a very sexy dance. I just want to get your dick rock hard! I want to tease you for a little bit stop dancing go to you and give you a sucky sucky! Then dance again come back to you and squat down to your face making my ass jiggle and rubbing this pussy all over your face. Go back to dancing, come back and start riding that big fat juicy cock of yours. Making this pussy bounce up and down that dick!

Heart Ass!

Sensual phone sexLook at this ass big boy, Its all yours! Don’t you like this shape on my ass it kinda looks like a heart. I’ll let you penetrate my big heart with your big long arrow. I’ll start giving you a very sensual dance make my ass jiggle as you lay down and look up at my ass. Your heavy breathing is turning me the fuck on and making my pussy dripping wet. You will start feeling my pussy juice dripping all over your face. I just cant wait for that big fat dick to penetrate this juicy pussy. I stand up and bend over a bit and spread my butt chicks apart waiting for you to shove that dick so hard up my pussy first then when you make me orgasm and cum so hard all over your balls, I want you to shove that fat dick up my ass.

Sexy babe

Sexy babeThis sexy ass fine looking ass Latina is looking for her new sugar papi. I promise you will have a great time with me baby. Pick up the phone and give this sexy babe a call. Ill be your phone girl friend. The best part is your wife wont find out. Ill give you this Latina pussy you’ve never had before. I’ll wrap my sexy long thick legs around your face and let you eat my pussy really good. Make me squirt all over your face then pussy juice drips all the way down to your balls babe I just want you to lay there so I could start sucking that big fat juicy cock you have. Make you cum all over my face. Then we go for round 2! I want you to bend me over and shove that big huge dick in my pussy and fuck me so hard you make me orgasm so fucking good.

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