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Sexy babe

Sexy babeThis sexy ass fine looking ass Latina is looking for her new sugar papi. I promise you will have a great time with me baby. Pick up the phone and give this sexy babe a call. Ill be your phone girl friend. The best part is your wife wont find out. Ill give you this Latina pussy you’ve never had before. I’ll wrap my sexy long thick legs around your face and let you eat my pussy really good. Make me squirt all over your face then pussy juice drips all the way down to your balls babe I just want you to lay there so I could start sucking that big fat juicy cock you have. Make you cum all over my face. Then we go for round 2! I want you to bend me over and shove that big huge dick in my pussy and fuck me so hard you make me orgasm so fucking good.

Magic Feet

 Foot fetishesAfter that foot massage you gave me with that hot oil, made me so horny to see you getting a hard on just by massaging my cute sexy feet. Now my pussy is dripping wet. I would love to please my man with my hot sexy covered in oil feet with that cute nail polish. I just want to start slowly putting my feet on your neck giving you little massages then coming down to your belly. Then down to that big fat cock you have, slowly start caressing your balls then start stroking that big fat long cock with both my feet as I lay naked in front of you. I’m playing with my tits as I feel your rock hard dick between my feet. I love all that pre-cum all over my sexy feet. I keep stroking your cock with my feet I just want to make you cum all over my sexy feet.

Sexy legs

 Sexy legsHey baby you have an ass fetish? Leg fetish? Foot fetish? I’m your girl babe. Ill be here for you all day every day. I’m a Latina with a huge sexy ass waiting to ride your face, I just want to put my ass all over your face sit on your face while you lick my ass so good. Hold on to my sexy thick legs or my fat ass honey. This huge Latina tits and big fat ass with nice thick legs is all yours. That’s right baby I’m yours. I also have cute little tan feet with scarlet red nail polish on my toe nails for you honey. I’m ready to take your dick at any time you want I’m your girl. Let me face fuck you with this big huge Latina booty. While I face fuck you I’m going to suck your big fat juicy long cock.

Sexy Mamacita

Phone chat linesI’m ready for our dinner date babe. Before we go anywhere papi, you need to please your woman. This baby has been horny all day and you at work. I had to play with my pussy a little bit but it just made me more horny. All I know is that I wanted that big fat juicy dick in my pussy. Cum here and fuck me big boy. Cum penetrate this hot juicy pussy with that big fat mushroom head, push it in real hard. Grab me doggy style and grab me by the hips. Squeeze this ass papi its all yours. I also want that big fat long dick in my tight little asshole. This Latina is so ready to wrap my legs around your face so you could eat all this pussy out. I’m going to squirt all this pussy juice in your make you swallow like a sexy man you are.

One call away

 Hairy wet pussyCall me Papi I want to slowly kiss your lips then go down to your neck and start giving you little french kisses and then apply a little bit of pressure.I would slowly take that shirt off and start kissing your sexy hard abs rubbing my tits on your hard pecks and all over your body. Slowly start teasing you by kissing your belly and going lower and lower. Then I unbuckle your belt and give you a little sexy dance using that belt. Then I will rip those fucking pants off start blowing on your dick. Then start giving you some tongue swirly movements on your big fat mushroom head. Start slowly putting that big fat juicy dick in my mouth. Till I could go all the way down. Deep throat that big dick. Hey Papi you want this big Latina tits all over your cock and balls. I sure want your big dick in my mouth and pussy!

Phone Sex

 Latina phone sexMy man got deployed a month ago, I’m so fucking horny. All we could do is have phone sex. We love it we make it feel so real. I shower shave my pussy real good so it could be so soft just how he likes it. Soft and wet and full of cum. I tell him so bad how I want him to strip for me take off his  uniform and dance for me all naked with that big dick bouncing all over my face. He then lift me up with those big arms. Puts my soft wet pussy on his face and my head is hanging down to his dick. I grab that cock and put in my mouth. I tell him to remember how good I suck his dick. I start squirting all over his face while he eats my pussy so fucking good. I could feel all my pussy juice running down my belly.


 Naughty teacherI fell in love with you the first time I heard your sexy manly voice. Now I cant stop thinking about you. I want you to call me soon. I miss you a lot. I cant stop thinking about your big fat cock in my mouth. I love you dick in my pussy. That’s why today I wanted to wear your favorite color. I love dressing all provocative for when you see me. I know I gave you a hard on with out me even touching that big fat cock, or with out me even getting naked. You love my curves, with or without clothes. I want you to slowly start taking off my black skirt with your tits as you caress my thick sexy Latina legs. Then undo my corset with those big hands you have while kissing my back and my neck. Then I want you to get on your knees and take off my black silky thong with your mouth. I want to feel your tongue in my pussy.

Future Hubby

 Sexy babeHoney every time you get home from work, Ill be waiting all sexy for you. As soon as you walk through that door I’m taking all your clothes off getting you butt naked for me. I want you to kiss me so slow as we lay on the couch then you start penetrating my pussy with you big fat dick, then you look into my big brown eyes and you tell me how much you love me and how much you miss me while you were at work. I miss you too babe I couldn’t wait for my hubby to get home. I love you honey. I just love your soft lips kissing me all over my body, the way you grab my tits and caress me all over. In the mornings that you wake me up two hours before you go to work just so you could make sweet sweet love to me. I love you future husband.

Sugar Daddy Application

 Latina phone sexSugar daddy application.
1. Make over 500,0000 a year.
2. Buy your sugar baby Veronica her dream house and car.
3. Age you can be between 21 and 90 years old the older the better daddy.
4. Be very caring for your sugar baby.
5. You cant NEVER say NO to your sugar baby.
6. I want to travel all over the world.
7. I want to have sex in every country, so be ready to fuck everywhere we go.
8. I love getting spoiled by you daddy to surprise me with me even asking.
9. Always know my likes and dislikes.
10.*My likes:
Favorite color: pink
Favorite perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Favorite food: Mexican
Place I would like to visit: I would love to visit Paris its so romantic.
Dream car: Jaguar
Favorite sex position: I have 2 Doggy style so you could pound my big ass, and cowgirl so you could see my tits bouncing up and down.
Dislikes: Just don’t make me upset . If you were ever to make me upset I would need you to fuck me so good and think about what you will buy me to make it up to your sugar baby, So Daddy you think you could be my Sugar Daddy?

Spanish Mami

 sexy hot womenWelcome home from your business trip papi. I was just here home getting all pretty for you. Putting on your favorite thong, you know the one that makes my butt look juicy, with the sexy corset you brought me from Paris. I love you daddy. I also know you love how my legs look in stockings so here you go your favorite. Plus I curled my hair for you. I love giving you a little dance after you get out the shower and lay on our bed. This latina dances all sexy for you papi. I could just see your big dick getting harder. That makes my pussy so dripping wet, but I love to tease you daddy. I get on top of you grab your dick and rub it on my pussy. Nop not yet wait daddy. I want to rub that big dick on my nipples, and give it some kisses. You cant take it anymore you grab me and bent me over on the bed and you penetrate this pussy so fucking good.

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