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Ass and Titties

Best phone sexMy ASS and TITTIES. Yes, some women have a nice pair of titties or a nice ass on them. Not only am I a beautiful sexy Latina woman, but I also have a soft juicy ass and a nice pair of big titties. I am a triple knock out. When you look at my titties think of your cock going right into the center of them. Don’t worry, I made sure to rub some warm oil all over my big melons. Titty fuck me until your rock hard cock is about to explode all over my chest. Before you give me all of your cream, I want you to get a piece of this big juicy Latina ass. Show me what your big cock can do. I want to feel that big mushroom head of yours stretch my begging asshole out wide. I know you love how my juicy ass is bouncing all over your cock. My ass is big but my asshole is so tight it is hugging your dick like it doesn’t want to let go. Now for the final round. Take both of your hands and place them on each one of my love jugs. Hold on tight, you’re going to dig deep into this Latina asshole. Squeeze my big titties while you’re pumping your big throbbing cock in and out of my back pussy. When you have reached the top, I want you to let all of your milk loose. I love the way your man cream drips out of my throbbing hole after a long hard fucking session. I know you will be back for more, you always are, and like always, I will be waiting.


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Seduced By The Gyno

Best phone sexI was seduced by my doctor, or I should say my gyno. I had my yearly appointment with my Gynocologist this morning. I have never been to him before, I heard a rumor around town that he was sexy with a big bulge in his pants 24/7. I hate going to any doctor so I thought at least I could have something to look at while I am there. I arrived early, the nurse called me into the exam room quickly. Before I knew it I was undressed, with my legs propped up and opened wide. My pussy out in the open for everyone to view. The rumors were also very true. This Gyno was very handsome and I did take a peek at that bulge in his pants. I imagined what it would look like rock hard. He introduced himself as Doctor. P, I laughed a little thinking the P might stand for Pussy. I thought it was strange that he wanted me undressed with my legs open before he arrived. I figured he was a busy man and wanted as much done before he came into the room. First, he examined my breasts, he commented on how big they were, while examining he started rubbing on my nipples, I am not sure why but I did not stop him. He moved to my stomach, pressing firmly on it. He walked over to his chair, took a seat and started looking at my pussy. I have been to a gynecologist before and I will say this doctor was doing his examination very different. He took some medical lube and rubbed it on the outside of my pussy, telling me he likes everything to be slippery before he begins. He then put a glove on, took two fingers and lubed them up good. He told me he is going to insert his fingers into my vagina and I may feel some pressure. When he did, he hit my G spot. I felt more than pressure, I felt an orgasm coming on and he knew it. He heard me let out a little moan and asked me how it felt when he did that. I couldn’t say a word if I even tried another moan would come out. He started going faster and faster than used his other hand and was rubbing on my clit. In a few minutes, I squirted all over this man. Breathing hard from my extreme orgasm the only words that were able to escape from my mouth were, “Thank you” He told me he wants to see me back in two weeks to do a more in-depth examination. I know I will not be missing that appointment.

My Wet Mess

Best phone sexI am in need of a repairman, My sink is busted and water is leaking everywhere. Can you fix my leaky faucets? Maybe bring something big with you just in case things get really wet and you need to fill up all my pipes until they are fixed. There is no need for knocking. I want you to walk right in, just be careful not to fall. The floor may be a wet mess by the time you get here. You may even want to bring a change of clothes with you. With all this wetness you will definitely get wet yourself. You won’t be doing this alone! My sink has done this so many times I will be right there with you, watching everything you do. I will also make you something to eat. I am sure after all the hard work you are about to put in, you will be hungry once you are finished. We will probably both be really dirty. I have a nice shower we can get into once we are all done. You will leave my home knowing I show my appreciation very well for a great job done. Everything is getting wetter and wetter so please hurry!

Masturbating With The Neighbor

I caught my neighbor again today watching me in my room. I was just getting out of the shower and there he was, right next to his window waiting to see this towel come off my body to expose my big Latina ass and titties. Ever since my divorce, I have really been seeing my sexy and kinky side come out more and more. My saying is, you only live once and I want to have as much fun as possible while I am living. It did make my pussy tingle thinking about this older man staring at me. I bet he was rubbing his dick every second of watching me. I decided I should have some fun with him. I ripped the towel off of my bod, my ass and titties popping out probably made some pre-cum pop right out of his dick hole. I got my coconut oil and started rubbing it on my already soft body. MMM, I bet he was loving this, I got my big thick dildo out of my drawer and got on top of my bed. I sat the dildo next to me spread my legs wide open and started rubbing on my growing clit. I figured if he is rubbing on his hard dick I might as well rub on my throbbing tingling clit. Once I got myself nice and wet, I picked up my dildo and started rubbing it between the slit of my pussy, letting my juices get all over that big rubber dick. Once it was nice and went I stuck it in, feeling that hard dildo spread my pussy hole wide open was amazing. I sat up a little and started fucking myself hard, I held on to one of my big titties and watched the dildo go in and out of me. It wasn’t long and I could feel the pressure building up, I knew I was about to squirt everywhere. I held it in for the next three minutes and without knowing, my wetness was everywhere. I fell back on my bed, thinking about the older man. I bet we both exploded at the same time. Once it was over, I picked up my towel and headed right back into the shower. I had to take another shower after the mess I just made.

One And Only BDK Is Back

My one and only Big Daddy King is finally back from Japan. He made a lot of money in Japan, 21.2 Million to be exact. This is why he is named as the legendary Big Daddy King, there is no other out there like him. He is so smart and handsome, I am the luckiest sugar baby alive! I face timed my Big daddy as soon as he got back. He looked so fucking hot, I wanted to jump through the phone as soon as his face lit up the screen. BDK gave me a nickname to go with my new name. I am now Veronica Vixon -aka- Ms. World Class Ass. I love it just as much as my big daddy loves this fat Latina ass. Big Daddy King also gave me more money to go get pampered. I want to be as sexy as I possibly can before we see each other again. I went to the spa later that day, my Big Daddy was seeing me that night. When I was done with the spa I started walking back to my car only to see that it was gone. The only thing I could think was, someone stole my car. I called big daddy king right away, he got to the spa quickly. When he got there he looked so fucking sexy, every time I see him I am still amazed I am lucky enough to have him as my daddy. Just by looking at him you can tell he is a filthy rich man. I showed him where my car was parked, it was taken up by a Bentley. My Big daddy told me to go back inside the spa and ask if they saw anything suspicious going on.Great blowjobs I left my stuff with daddy and ran inside. They did not see a thing, When I got back Big Daddy handed me my purse and asked me do I have the keys to my car. When I pulled out, what I thought was a set of my keys I saw they were not. I looked at daddy, very confused, he told me to press the button and see what it does. When I pressed it, the Bentley that was parked in the spot my old car was parked made a sound. I was so shocked! Daddy upgraded my car to a fucking Bentley!!! This Bentley was so sexy with gold rims I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy and excited jumping all over him giving him the biggest hug! He is the number one, no one will ever compare to my big daddy king. I knew I just had to go back to one of his mansions and wash this sexy expensive beauty! Not only did my daddy upgrade me with an expansive car that is as sexy as he is. He also bought me a brand new sexy white bikini it was barely covering my nipples and big titties it also had black diamonds with BDK right in the front of my pussy. Once we arrived at one of  Big Daddy Kings mansions, daddy changed into some shorts, daddies big anaconda looked giant, I couldn’t wait to get a taste of him. Big Daddy got into the driver seat. I was so ready to get Big daddies anaconda. I started begging him for a little taste, he finally said yes. He had compression shorts underneath his loose fitting ones, he was so sexy in those compression shorts. He finally let me take them off, releasing his anaconda, letting me put my lips and mouth all over his sexy pet. Once I got a taste of the one and only legendary BDK he knew I was ready to feel him inside of me. I got on top of him in my brand new Bentley, turned around reverse cowgirl style and let my fat ass twerk right on him. God, I missed the feeling of his huge, thick, 13inch Andaconda king dick filling every inch of my begging wet pussy. He is the best at everything he does. That humungous snake of his busted deep inside of me. Oh, I am so glad my BDK is back, I missed him and his anaconda so much. No one can do it better than my daddy. He is truly the ONE AND ONLY BIG DADDY KING!

Sissy Cuckold Experience

I made up my mind. I am going to help my sissy friend. If he wants to see his sissy boy of a husband get fucked long and hard in the ass with my big strap on he has himself a deal. I called him yesterday morning and told him the good news. He was so excited he squealed like a little pig. We planned on meeting later that night for dinner, after that, the fun began. They bought a beautiful suite for us to stay the night in. Top floor with a kick ass view. Once we got in the room the vibe completely changed. My friend was ready to see me fuck his sissy husbands boy pussy as it has never been fucked before. See I found out my friends cock, he calls it his clitty, is very small. So small in fact it actually looks like an oversized clit.Sexy breasts He loves his sissy husband and wants him to feel real pleasure. They decided they wanted to twist things up. My friend said he wants to watch me fuck his sissy mate until his clitty gets nice and hard. That is when he is going to come over and stick his clitty right into his sissies mouth letting him lick and suck all over. We got started, I was strapped up and ready to fuck this sissy the way he deserved to be fucked. They got dressed like little sluts, tight dresses, their sissy asses hanging right out, tall skinny high heels. My friend sat in the corner with his little soft clitty poking out, he was such a ready slut I could tell he couldn’t wait to see me stretch out his mates boy pussy, watching him moan and scream with pleasure. I looked at my friend and looked at his husbands sissy slut ass. I bent him over the bed letting that boy pussy stand up in the air. I spread his sissy ass cheeks wide open, exposing his willing asshole. My big hard dildo crept right into him, and he let out a big moan, screaming OH YES, Fuck my sissy slut hole! I started off slow, this sissy slut wanted it rough. As soon as I heard him tell me harder, I fucked his sissy hole like a bucking bull, telling him how he likes his boy pussy fucked hard, how much of a fucking slut he was. I looked over at my friend whos clitty had grown in size. He was so hot and horny, watching me ram my hard dildo is his slut husband. He stood up and walked right over to him, his husband opened his mouth wide, ready for all 4 inches of his little shrimp. The next ten minutes were nothing but moans, groans, and slut calling. By the time we were done, there was sissy slut cum everywhere. Those sissy sluts had such a good time. I am glad I could help my friend out.

Helping A Friend

Roleplay phone sexI got a surprise from one of my sissy friends yesterday. He was visiting for the week and stopped by my house just to say surprise me. I was so excited, it feels like forever since I have seen him. We went out to lunch and chatted it up for a while, the whole time we were talking it looked like he had something on his mind. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell me and he said, well not really tell you but I do have something I would like to ask you. I looked at him with a blank stare just waiting to hear his question. He seemed nervous, he started telling me about his new husband, they are loving the married life and are enjoying each other so much, maybe a little too much is what he said. They have sex 5 times a day, they both need something to spice up their sex life. That is when he asked me could I fuck his husband. I was shocked! I never would have guessed my sissy friend was going to ask me to fuck his husband. I mean, they always tell me how hot I am when I am with them, they love my big ass and tits, always touching on me every chance they get. My friend kept talking telling me how he would love for me to wear one of my big dick strapons before I arrived. He wants me to treat him like the real sissy slut he is while he watches the whole thing. This is something I have never done before but it does seem like it would be a lot of fun. They are both hot little fucks and to be able to fuck one of those sissies is something I would never forget. I told him I have to think about it. They won’t be in town for long so I do need to make a quick decision.

My Naughty Neighbor

The house next door was vacant for a while. A man just moved in a couple of months ago. He looked to be in his mid-fifties. I honestly did not pay any attention to him until I kept noticing he was spying on me. You can see right into my house from his. One evening I happened to look over in the direction of his home and I noticed he had binoculars in his hand peaking at me through his blinds. I started thinking about all of the times I would walk around my house naked, the times I had men come over to play. The house has been vacant for so long I did not think anything of it until I saw him peaking at me. Best phone sexThe crazy part about it though, it turned me on so much that as soon as I saw him I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I am such an undercover freak, I even hide it from myself sometimes. I never would have guessed an older man spying on me was something that would make my little kitty wet. Every other day I started teasing him, making him want to see more and more of me. I would imagine him sitting over there rubbing his hard cock while looking at me. Wishing he could get some of this good Latina ass and pussy. My plan is to tease him for the next couple of weeks. Once I get tired of that I will step my game up to something a little more on the wild side. Until now I am getting pleasure out of this older man watching me do things just to turn him on.

Secretly Submissive

To let you in on a little secret of mine. On rare occasions, I like to be submissive. It has to be the right man, I have to get the feeling that you are man enough to be able to make me submit to you. I have had only a handful of men exceed in getting me to submit to them. If you are one of those lucky men, you will be in total control of me. I will want to have rough sex with you getting fucked really hard in either my tight dripping Latina pussy or my pulsing tight asshole.Hot sexy woman Grab my hair and tell me how hard you’re going to fuck me. Tell me to get on my knees and choke on your thick hard cock until my mouth is watering and you can see the tears running down my eyes. I will not say no to you, only yes sir. I am by nature a dominant woman so when I do find that man who has what it takes to dominate me, my pussy becomes a waterfall.

Photo Shoot Fun With My #1 BDK

Every time I hear from the one and only Big Daddy King I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He called me to tell me how much fun he had with me at the movie premiere and he just got done looking at the pictures we took. Of course, I had to post them on Instagram and show the world I was one of the luckiest girls in the world! My big daddy also made sure to ask me did I get my monthly allowance. He is so generous and thoughtful. I couldn’t have asked for a better daddy. I already have the best! The whole time we were on the phone he was holding back the best news ever! He finally spilled the beans and told me his friend from a high profile magazine company saw pictures of us and wanted me to do a photo shoot with them in the Bahamas!Hot sexy woman It gets even better than that, they are going to pay me to do the photo shoot. Big Daddy King really made my pussy wet when he called his friend to negotiate the price. He got them to pay me 3x more than what they were originally going to pay. BDK really does know how to take care of his sugar babies. You will never find anyone better than him. I can promise you that! We head out to the Bahamas on his private jet. We arrive at the photo shoot and start the shoot very quickly. It was turning me on so much to see Big Daddy King watching me take the pictures. His huge anaconda was waking up in his pants which made my fat Latina pussy so fuckin wet. The good thing about us being so horny at the shoot was, we were asked to do a sex video. The moment I took out BDK 13 inch thick anaconda was the moment my pussy exploded with pleasure. The way big daddy king fucks and sucks me is nothing I have ever felt before. His cock is the best just as he is the best. I love the taste of his thick 13inch dick, I could taste his sexy anaconda for days.  We fuckin rocked that photo shoot and the sex tape. My king gave me a new name. My name is now Veronica Vixon and I think that name is so damn sexy. I had so much fun with the one and only BDK, he is all I can think about and I will always be the property of BDK.

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