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Two Is Better Than One

Ebony phone sex Twin brothers moved into the apartment next to my apartment. I watched them from my window move their belongings in and these boys were sexy and muscular. I was practically drooling from my mouth and my pussy. I made it my mission to seduce them. It was a hot day and I took two cold beers to their apartment and introduced myself. I was dressed very slutty and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Their names were Landon and Travis and they were 18 years old. I flirted and asked if I could touch their muscles. I shocked them by lifting their shirts and touching their hard six-packs.
“Have you guys ever been with a black woman?” , I asked as I pulled Landon’s cock from his basketball shorts.
“No, but we want to.” , they said in unison.
I pulled Travis’ cock from his shorts and starting sucking and jerking them. I amazed them when I made their hard cocks disappear in my mouth. My cunt was dripping wet with anticipation, I wanted them inside me at the same time.
“Landon, I want you in my ass.”
“Travis you get my pussy”
Travis sat on the sofa and I mounted his hard dick. I got Landon’s cock sloppy wet with saliva and he pushed it into my ass. We all worked as one unit to please each other and it was so erotic. Me and these white boys are going to be really good friends.

Spoiled rotten by Big Daddy King

Best phone sexMy Big Daddy King and I have the best phone sex together, he is the true definition of a real man and the ultimate sugar daddy that I have been searching for. He’s a very rare gem and a diamond in the rough. I love being his sexy little sugar baby that he gets the pleasure of spoiling. When we’re out together on a shopping spree, I look so damn hott next to him, the perfect eye candy for everyone to gawk over and be totally jealous of! BDK called me up and told me that he wanted to take me to the mall because he had some special surprises in store for me. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what he had up his sleeve, he always treats me like a princess so I could only imagine the extravagance that awaited me. He asked me which one of his cars out of his fleet that he owns did I want him to come and scoop me up in for the day. Given that my favorite colors are black and red, I told him to bring out the Lamborghini, I was in the mood for getting lots of stares and haters while we were out and about for the day together! I asked him what sexy, skimpy outfit he wanted me to wear for him and he said a tiny black mini skirt and crop top with heels, perfect! He looked so handsome and dapper as always and his outfit was sharp and sexy, especially his Gucci shoes! When we arrived at the mall, we headed straight to the jewelry store, he said that he had some very special custom pieces made for me, he really is the best sugar daddy on the planet! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the gorgeous spread of all the platinum diamond jewelry that he bought for me. A necklace that read ‘Sugar Baby’ which adorned my neck so beautifully, a breathtaking wrist watch covered in diamonds, a bracelet that had ‘Property of BDK’ encrusted into it, a diamond belly button ring and a tongue ring with his initials imprinted on to it. He really went all out and I loved all of it, to say the least! I have never been so spoiled in my entire life! Big Daddy King loves to keep his princess dripping in the best of the best diamonds, I was sparkling from head to toe! But that wasn’t it, next we headed over to the Gucci store because he had a bunch of sexy custom outfits and shoes made for me, he really knows the way to my heart! BDK came into the fitting room with me so that he could assist me with trying on all of my new custom high-end clothes and took a bunch of photos for Instagram to show-off how fucking hott I looked! His 13 inch anaconda was throbbing and pulsating through his jeans and compression shorts, my mouth was watering and I wanted to test out my new tongue ring on my sexy black monster cock. Big Daddy took out his phone and turned on Instagram live as he filmed me getting skull-fucked by his huge boner. My sexy eyes stared straight into the camera as I deepthroated his anaconda cock and juggled his millionaire balls all over my hott tongue ring. I love pleasing my Big Daddy King and making him moan loud while I give him the best blowjob ever! Having cocksucking phone sex with BDK is everything I have ever wanted, especially getting to guzzle down his liquid gold cock cream. When we finished shopping we headed over to the new and exclusive restaurant that just opened up. So exclusive in fact that it’s nearly impossible to even get a reservation there. But of course, that’s no issue for my millionaire Big Daddy King. Nothing is hard to attain for a living legend celebrity and his sexy sugar baby! He just signed a huge business deal too so he has lots of Ben Franklins in his pocket to pay off the employees to ensure that we have the best table in the restaurant as well as the most attentive service one could imagine. High-end five star meals are the only type of cuisine that we indulge in, what else do you expect from my Big Daddy King and his perfect girl?! While sitting on my BDK’s lap at the table, I could feel his thick anaconda pulsating against me and making my pussy even wetter through my new sexy Gucci dress. Big Daddy King brought me to a private powder room in the back of the restaurant because we can’t be fucking in just any normal community bathroom that all the peasants in the restaurant use, we are way too high class for that shit! He threw some more cash at the restaurant owner who was more than happy to let us have our naughty fun in our own privacy. I pulled out my phone and posted some sexy videos and pictures of me and my yummy anaconda king while using a ton of hash tags to make everyone jealous! My bright red dick sucking lips look so damn hott as they’re wrapped around BDK’s perfect monster cock, I love making him moan for me! Big Daddy King spread my legs open wide and shoved his huge anaconda deep inside of my tight slit and exploded a massive load of millionaire cum deep inside of me. I am truly the luckiest, most spoiled sugar baby in the world!Cocksucking phone sex

The Freaky Photoshoot

Coed phone sex

I guess I’m fancy free and ready to fuck. Paul is a top photographer that everyone wants to work with including me. He likes to get down and dirty and go places that reeks of naughty behavior. I got lucky and he chose me to work with on this hot grunge princess shoot, I was so excited to have this chance. I didn’t know all that was in store for me though, you see Paul had some nasty plans for me. We arrived at this old house in a shady part of town where things were already set up and ready to start shooting. I noticed a few big Black strong looking guys that were hanging around near the house and they were tall, dark and hot. We must have been shooting for about an hour or two before there was a knock at the door, it was those three guys who were hanging around outside. Paul motioned for them all to come in and meet me I must say they looked even better up close. Paul told me that I would be taking a few shots with the guys because as he said they made me look even more yummy than I was looking. Before the guys were all over me getting really intense touching my tits and my twat I was getting super moist. After taking a few innocent shots with the guys Paul suggested that we opened up a little more, he told us to get into the action of what it would look like if three hard cock guys had their way with a soft grunge snow bunny. If you want to know how it went you should call me. I won’t hold back just like I didn’t hold back on the photoshoot.


Wet Dreams

Sexy phone sexI woke up and my sheets were soaked. I had an incredible kinky dream last night I was being fucked by 20 guys. I could feel those dicks in all my holes. Hands grabbing all over my sweaty body. Slapping at my ass and teasing my hard nipples. I was watching a few of the guys jerk their dicks. I started to moan and beg for them to all cum in my mouth and all over my face. Watching them made my pussy juices start to flow out in little squirts down my legs. I wanted more cum to swallow so I grabbed one of the cute guys dick and shoved his dick into throat. My mouth begging for his cum.

Just ask

Milf phone sexMilf phone sex with this sexy curvy Latina. So I love going out to the mall dressing like a hot slut. I just love getting all men’s attention! I love how I walk right by them, and they undress me with their eyes! I bend over in front of them to let them know I’m not wearing any panties. I love getting all those men hard wondering who will be the lucky one with balls to ask me to fuck. They should know I want to fuck; I wear see-through mini dresses with no bra no panties. Bending over showing my pussy to the horny sexy men. Hint hint Papi this sexy Latina is craving your dick! Take me to the mall restroom and pin me against the wall lift my little skirt up and ram your cock into my tight cunt. Fuck I start moaning squirting all over your cock begging you for your load of cum in my pussy!

BDK made me the luckiest girl in the world

2 girl phone sexWhen I called up my sexy bestie Cassandra to have 2 girl phone sex and tell her about how bummed out I was that my sugar daddy prospect ended up being a small dick loser who was more like a splenda daddy, she was kind enough to invite me to her palace to live the lavish life with her and Big Daddy King. She has been bragging about him to me non-stop and I couldn’t believe that I was finally getting the opportunity to meet the living legend! I was over the moon happy and excited, she has told me so much about BDK and his perfect anaconda cock, I have been wanting to please him in all the best of ways! She said to pack a suitcase full of bikinis because that’s the only thing I would be needing to live the celebrity life with her and our Big Daddy King. Cassandra picked me up in her private jet, but this wasn’t just any private jet, the interior was encrusted in gold and the expensive food and champagne were flowing for the both of us to enjoy. This was the life that I have always wanted but haven’t been able to achieve with any of these other lame and broke losers who think that they’re more than capable. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be well on my way to Big Daddy King and Cassandra’s huge palace, knowing that my life was going to be changing drastically! There was a stretch limo waiting for us at the airport when we got off of our plane, and of course the inside was decked out with all of the necessities that we could need for our sexy ride home to the palace! I wanted to make all my friends and haters jealous so of course Cassandra and I were snapping tons of pictures for our social media while we got tipsy together off some yummy bubbly. My heart was racing with excitement and I had the biggest smile on my face as I eagerly awaited jumping into the strong arms of our sexy BDK. GFE phone sexWhen we pulled up to the palace, my jaw dropped and I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes! I have never seen such a sprawling and beautiful mansion. Daddy King sure does know how to take care of his sexy girls in the most lavish ways! We went inside and got settled and waited for our huge legendary anaconda to arrive home so that I could finally meet the most amazing man to ever bless this planet. When we saw him walking up the driveway, we went outside and ran to jump into his arms. He picked both of us up and we kissed all over him, i’ve never felt so tiny and sexy in the arms of anyone like how I did in my BDK’s manly grip. He loved how hott we both looked and we could see his huge anaconda dick bulging out of his pants already. Cassandra and I got on our knees and unzipped him so that we could kiss all over his diamond covered man-sleeve. My mouth was watering as I was finally up close and personal with the biggest, thickest cock and cum-filled balls that I have ever seen in my entire life! We worked our magic as we deepthroated BDK’s huge, perfect anaconda. He was moaning with extreme pleasure as his two favorite sexy babes went to work on his godly manhood. He wanted to fuck me so that I could experience the ultimate Big Daddy King cock that he has been wanting to bless me with. I had the most intense orgasm of my life, my pussy has never been wetter! When I squirted cum all over his anaconda, I yelled out ‘BDK is the best and i’m so lucky to be fucking his cock!’ His nut juice was so delicious, it tastes just like liquid gold. I’m truly the most lucky girl ever to have been blessed with such a gorgeous anaconda down my throat and deep inside of my sexy bald pussy. We have the best GFE phone sex with our Big Daddy King, he loves to spoil his naughty princesses!

N*gga Whore

Beautiful ebony pussyMy tight black pussy needs a hard cock as soon as possible. I woke up with my hand in my panties, two fingers deep inside my cunt. I’ll put on some slut clothes, a tiny skirt, and a tube top and see you’ll bite the bait. I’m not picky, anyone can have me. There’s only one requirement he has to have a thick cock. The length doesn’t impress me. It’s all about the thickness, I need something that will stretch my holes. And yes, I said holes. I like it in da ass. Bend me over and make me your nigger whore. The “N” word doesn’t scare me. If it gets your cock harder to call me names, then bring it on. I like to get down and dirty, put your dick down my throat and I’ll hardly gag. I’m a real freak, you haven’t had a girl like me. I’ll put my tongue in your ass and lick you clean, not because it will turn you on. I’ll do it because it’ll turn me on.

I just couldn’t resist!

best phone sexI ran into my neighbor at the park yesterday and it ended up being a really fun day. He was so sexy, I’ve been wanting him bad but I had no idea how to approach him but this time I didn’t have to do anything, he came to me. He was so confident, he just told me to come with him someplace a little more private and I just followed him. He pushed me to my knees and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen and I was all over it! I tried to take the whole thing down my throat but it was a real struggle! I was dripping wet before he finally fucked me, I was trying so hard to be quiet but it felt so good, I’m sure half the park heard me cumming. I think next time I’ll just bring him home with me instead!

Mommy Role Play

erotic roleplaying

A good girlfriend knows how to satisfy her man. I love roleplaying for you. I would love to be a naughty mommy for my big boy. Come and climb into mommy’s plush king size bed. Tell mommy you don’t feel good and I will give you these luscious breasts to suck on while your little man dick gets hard on mommies thigh. I reach down as you suckle at my breast and begin to stroke your manhood. You’re such a good boy for mommy. You are making mommy very wet baby.  I need you to play with my cunt as I jack you off.  I pull you close as I orgasm on your fingers. You make mommy feel so good.

Tammy is a Little Rich Bitch

Roleplay phone sex


I danced with this sultry poo name Tammy kind of prissy said she’s doing it so she can get out and not just be such a boring stick-in-the-mud. Tammy is such a little goody two shoes she’s always doing the right thing like she doesn’t know how to do the wrong thing. I want to show her more about the Chocolate World because she’s been vanilla, and it makes me so upset. The question is how will I begin to explain my case and to tell Tammy that she needs to go somewhere with me let’s leave the dance and let’s get Wild. Tammy we’re going to a party one you’ve never been to the name of this party is a furry party and we’re going to have a furry good time. I’m going to save Tammy from her boring existence she barely has any rhythm on the stage when she’s dancing but it’s okay I’m about to change everything for Tammy. So, we are going to a furry party just like I said we are going to dress up and Tammy’s going to be a cat how someone is going to get fucked and their furry butt watch! Tammy’s going to get it for sure.


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