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Who doesn’t want to see sexy women masturbating?

sexy women masturbatingI have to say that I am definitely a little bit of an exhibitionist but it’s not like I’m causing any harm with it, cus for real, who doesn’t like to see sexy women masturbating? I know my neighbors love it! Every time I go down to the pool they kinda gather around me trying to act like they are looking at anything else other than me. But I know that they are checking me out,it’s soo obvious! When I start stripping off my bikini their hands suddenly go in their pockets like they are trying to discreetly jerk off without me seeing it, but I definitely see it. By the time I actually start rubbing my dripping wet pussy I am begging them to pull those dicks out, let me see them! I want to see how hard they are and how bad they want me! Shit,if they would come and fuck me too that would be even better!

Mature Phone Sex with a College Boy

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are what the college studs crave. Summer is here, which means school is out. My neighbor’s son has MILF fever. He has been home from college for only a few days and I have already fucked him a few dozen times. He has spent more time between my legs than he has with his friends or family. He was with me once when his friends were blowing up his phone. He was supposed to meet them for a movie, but he decided to eat my pussy instead. He pals joke he that he has a secret girlfriend. I am not a girlfriend, just a hot sexy woman with some experience who loves younger guys. I am giving him a crash course on how to be a better lover. He informed me his school girlfriends think he cums too quickly. That is an easy fix with some edge play and tease and denial games. We have been fucking like bunnies. He does cum quickly, but he bounces back quickly too. He has a 10 inch cock, I want to train him to last longer, but I am enjoying fucking him 24/7 too much to edge him properly. I need some practice in restraint. I mean we are perfect for each other. We are both in our sexual prime with lots of energy to burn off. At least for the summer, I have a fuck buddy that runs to me with a text. Last night, I came home from a disappointing date with a loser who had a 3 inch dick. I shamed him, kicked myself for not seeing it coming and texted Ted. He was over at my place before I poured my wine. We fucked all night long. I still have a few months to work on that stamina issue.

Being The Other Woman

Hot sexy woman

Nothing turns me on more than attached man. I see a man with his wife or girlfriend and becomes 10x more attractive. I’ve been seeing a married man for a few weeks now, and he loves that I do stuff that his wife won’t do. Dumb women, keep acting like prudes because there are women like me who will wreck your home. This man loves that I’ll put my tongue in his ass and I let him fuck me in any hole. I got him wrapped around my finger because I behave like his very own private pornstar. He puts his dick in my mouth and I always suck him dry. His wife doesn’t swallow but I love how his semen tastes. He wants to leave her for me but I don’t want him all to myself. It won’t be fun anymore without his prudish old lady. My cunt gets wet because being the other woman is so exciting.

Black Cum Slut

Ebony phone sexI love waking up between the twins early in the morning with the sun beaming through the windows. I reached for their soft dicks and stroke them until they’re both stiff. They instinctively both reach for my wet pussy and my heart starts racing. I crave white cock and they’re going to give it to me. I get on my hands and knees because I want them both inside me. Brandon runs the tip of his cock across my lips while his twin ran his up and down my wet slit. They love to tease me. When they finally decide that I deserve their white cocks and slide inside me it feels so damn good. I get so wet that it runs down my thighs as they pump my body with hard cocks. I told them not to pull out because I wanted their semen. For these twins, I’ll be a cum slut.Beautiful ebony pussy

Kelly I Tease no More


Exhibitionist sex

It’s a beautiful day outside today, I’m feeling so sexy on this sunny and naked worthy day. Right now all I need is some authentic bulging rock hard cock to eat up. Kelly, my insatiable neighbor has been sitting on his deck, ogling over my ass and I can imagine the ways he punishes his cockstick after watching me pour suntan lotion all over my toppless bakinni bottom body. I do it for him I love his cock control while forcing himself to fight off the instinct to take his precum soaked man meat out and start ripping at it. My soft supple primed ass drives him bonkers I can tell because of the way his lips tremble. When I turn on my tummy, Kelly curls his lips at me like a hungry motherfucking monster I can feel him sniffing the wind begging for a bite of me. My cunt is a juicy pussy and I need to touch myself, I lick my lips take my fingers and start to fuck my cunt in the sunshine on my deck. Kelly takes his cock out of his shorts and starts to beat it up. I notice his cock is so fucking big and beautiful. The head was calling me so I went over to his deck, do you want to know what happened next, I’ll bet you do.  

Naughty Neighbors

Naughty neighbor pornI guess the twins missed me because they both came over to borrow a cup of sugar. These boys live in the apartment next to mine and they love fucking my black pussy. I’ve been busy with work and I haven’t had time to play. But here they stood in my doorway with stiff dicks ready to destroy my tight pussy. I let them in and immediately drop to my knees and started sucking on their erections.
Together they chanted, “Suck it bitch suck it!”
These boys were addicted to this black pussy. They’ve caught jungle fever and there’s no cure. They love the way my ass ripples when they slap it. I’m turning these boys into men because only a real man can handle these curves. I look like meat on a spit when I suck off one brother while the other twin pounds my tight holes. They use my body like I’m a plastic sex doll and I love every minute. It’s so good having hard cock conveniently next door.

Elite royal princess pussy

Erotic roleplayingI am Big Daddy’s elite royal princess and we love erotic roleplaying with our super sexy latina Loretta.We flew her out on our private jet to meet us in the Bahamas so that the three of us could indulge in some freaky private time with each other. After all, it’s very well-deserved! The sugar daddy and baby of the year deserve only the best! Only the living legend Big Daddy King would be enjoying an exotic getaway with his two favorite little island tings. When we arrived to the oceanfront penthouse, BDK handed me and Loretta a few brand new expensive designer bags that were stuffed full of cold hard cash money! Daddy always showers us in crisp bills, no one spoils us better than he does! We both look so fuckin sexy in our custom-made black bikinis that say Property of BDK on the pussy, right where it matters. Our diamond tiaras complete the look, we are his little fuckin beauty queens. There’s a public beach and a nude beach that we were deciding to go to and we agreed on the public so that we could show off how fuckin hott we are in our matching bikinis. The three of us are by far the sexiest trio of showstoppers that anyone on this island has ever seen. BDK helps us as we untie and take our bikinis off of one another. Daddy’s anaconda is breaking through the front of his tight Speedo and all the people are getting a view of an epic monster cock explosion! We love making all the men and women drool with our naughty sexual antics. Loretta and I are snake charmers as we give him kisses all over and leave our red lipstick marks on that white speedo like a rainbow! Our tongue rings look sexy as fuck, we started to stream It on our social media live feeds so that everyone could watch us as we worshiped our Big Daddy. Loretta spread my legs open wide so that Daddy could shove the head of anaconda in his princess’s pussy! He went back and forth between mine and Loretta’s sexy cunts and exploded his big load of millionaire nut all over our pretty faces! We sent Loretta back home on our private jet, Big Daddy and I wanted to have some private one-on-one time together alone on the island before we departed. We went and met up with Big Daddy’s friend who hooked us up with all the amazing hotel accommodations, only the best for BDK and his princess! His friend was so blown away by how fuckin hott I am, he knows that Big Daddy only keeps the most gorgeous sugar babies on his arms, we always have the hottest 2 girl phone sex! #AnacondasOnly #MillionairesOnly #FatWallettsOnly #ElitePrincesses #OnlyTheBest #LivingLegendCum2 girl phone sex

Fucking my brother in law again

cum on boobsMy brother in law was visiting again and I couldn’t wait to get a repeat of last time. I was ready. The whole night during dinner I could feel his hands work their way under my skirt while my husband was at the table. I liked being so careless. I couldn’t stop thinking about getting my brother in laws cock. Time was going by so slow and my husband didn’t go to bed fast enough. When he finally fell asleep my brother in law made his way to our bed. I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck by brother in law in the same bed where my husband was. I knew he wouldn’t wake up but just the riskiness of the situation had us going at it. I liked sucking and fucking his cock. It was hot knowing that I was being a nasty slut by my husband. Cum on boobs was exactly how the night ended. I couldn’t help myself I want what I want.

Where Is My Man!

GFE Phone SexI thought I had something developing into a relationship like a boyfriend, but, until he can get his act together I am going to be with other men whether he likes it or not. My boyfriend turns me on though how submissive he can be and how eager he is to please me. I want him to be my favorite cuck that feeds big dick into my cute pretty pink hole and licks it as it’s going in and out of my hole. I might allow him to cum but first I want to gush all over a dick and make it super creamy. It would be hot to see my boyfriend licking and sucking that cream off like people trying to suck cream from a donut.

The Best Phone Sex

best phone sexBest phone sex calls require honesty. I am a blunt woman. Guys call me to tell me about their problems. I listen to men whine about not getting laid. If a guy isn’t getting laid by his woman something is up and chances are it is not his dick. Karl called me this morning with the familiar story of how him and his girlfriend never have sex after he takes her out for a fancy dinner. They have been dating for months now. They had sex once, but since then she has excuse after excuse for why they can’t fuck. She is happy to drain his wallet but not his balls. I asked the tough question. I asked him how big his dick was and if it got hard easily. Old Karl has a four-inch cock. He even added a 1/4 to his dick size. Now that is desperate to sound big. Come on Karl. You have a small dick and you are dating out of your league. A hot sexy woman of any age can have just about any man she wants. She sure as hell is not going to settle for a man with 4 1/4 inch dick. Men make the mistake of thinking women owe them something for taking them out. I owe you nothing but a thank you for showing me an enjoyable time. If you are spending lots of money on a woman and not getting any action in return, ask yourself, “is my dick bigger than 7 inches?” If the answer is no, there is the problem. Buy yourself a pocket pussy and consider dating less attractive women. The hot girls will go out with you, but they are fucking other men. You are a free meal, someone else is the good fuck. Consider that some free phone sex therapy boys.

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