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He was the best!

best phone sexMy newest sugar daddy is the best! He took me on vacation and it was the best week of my life. We went shopping every day and he bought me anything I wanted. We went sailing on his yacht and went to lavish parties and fancy dinners and fucked every day over and over I swear I was in heaven… until I came home to find my little cucky boyfriend waiting for me. I never told him I was leaving, I just left so he was all mad and pouting to begin with, when he saw my sugar daddy come in right behind me with all my bags he got even madder. He was bitching and whining but before I could tell him to shut up my sugar daddy slapped him right across the face like a bitch and he shut right up. He laughed at that little dick loser and told him that he didn’t have the right to complain about what I did and to prove his point he bent me over the couch right next to my cucky boyfriend and fucked me. That loser had a front row seat to his big cock stretching out my pussy and when he came, he sprayed it all over his face, it was the funniest shit I’d ever seen!

Cuckold Phone Sex Is All You’ll Get

We’ve had these hook-ups a couple of times and I just knew you would be better to be a part of the cuckold phone sex scene than a real hook-up. Seriously, you can’t please me and I get a feeling you secretly need to be dominated by a woman like me than to try pleasing me with your less than substantial cock. I also think you would really get off on getting pegged by me as I force you to clean up that big, throbbing, pussy juice coated cock that just creampied my hot pussy. It’s ok to want to watch other mens cocks slide in and out of my sweet pink cunt as they stuff and stretch it making me moan more than you ever could.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Legendary BDK Is Back

Best phone sexI am so happy my BDK is back from his business trip to Europe. My Big Daddy King is always working hard to make sure his Sugar baby is well taken care of. I could not have asked for a better sugar daddy. I face timed Big daddy to tell him how excited I was that he was back and that I was so ready to finally see him. He told me he had a big surprise for me. That is just like my sexy Big Daddy. Spoiling me with all of his amazing luxurious gifts and surprises. Big daddy told me he will be picking me up soon. Since I knew he was going to be back I made sure to get ready ahead of time. I always want to look my best for the legendary king. Big daddy picked me up in his decked out black Ferrari. Oh, he looked so fine in that car. Daddy got out to give me kisses and hugs. Then he said he is going to be driving me to the surprise. He tied a blindfold around my eyes. My daddy wanted to make sure I was completely surprised. The drive was not very long, that is good because I was so ready to see my surprise! Big daddy opened the car door for me and took my hand. Once I was out of the car, he took the blindfold off of my eyes. In front of me stood a castle-like mansion. This mansion was fucking gorgeous. I thought daddy maybe rented it out for the weekend, so we could spend some time together. I looked at big daddy with excitement, asking him is this the surprise. Big daddy told me it is and asked me do I know what is going on. I looked back at him, he could tell I had no idea. Then he said, this is yours, I bought this mansion for you.  I had to have my sugar baby living in something as sexy and as big as that ass is. I could not believe my fucking wonderful Big Daddy King bought me, us, a fucking palace mansion and to top it off it was in one of the richest neighborhoods around. I had to celebrate with my Big Daddy. My big daddy walked me around to the back of the mansion and there I see in the water our own personal yacht. To top all of that off, daddy even got the yacht customized just for me. It read at the front of the boat, XX Vixon. We got on the boat right away, daddy was looking so fucking sexy I had to beg him for some good loving. I did not need a bikini this time, I wanted to stip down naked for my daddy and let him see my big ass and titties that he loves so much. I got on my knees, begging daddy to let me see his thick 13-inch anaconda that I missed so much while he was away. I kissed his pants leaving lipstick marks all over his shorts. I knew he had his sexy compression shorts underneath and I was just dying to see the imprint of my big black thick anaconda underneath them. When daddy finally let me slide his shorts down, I had to get my big thick pet out of those shorts. Damn I know my daddy missed me, the way we fucked each other on our own personal yacht felt like magic getting dipped into my warm wet pussy every time he thrust deep inside of me. Fucking the legendary big daddy king on our personal yacht ten minutes away from the ocean was more than I could have ever asked for. BDK is such a handsome, amazing, one of a kind powerful man, with a one of a kind big black dick as an added bonus. I am the luckiest sugar baby in the whole universe.

Yummy Dick And Pussy

Fantasy phone sex My skills for eating pussy are just as good as my skills for fucking a big fat cock. I dive right on in feasting on her pussy just like a cock. They both taste yummy in their own ways. But both are sweet and delightful to eat. Ralph is a neighbor of mine and Shelley is his wife. Mostly I fuck the men behind their wives back but not Ralph and Shelley the minute those little brats of theirs are off to school they over my house and ready to swap fluids with me. They both treat me like their sex toy and I fucking love every minute of it. They throw me between the both of them like a sex doll. Using every inch of my body to satisfy all of their sexual hunger.

Exhibitionist Sex Gets Me Off

Exhibitionist sex

I am no stranger to hot exhibitionist sex, I get so fucking turned on knowing that fucking out in public. Yesterday, I went to the country club to scout out some sexy, older, married men. I took my tight body to the country club pool and lounged around with my legs spread and my tight body on display. I got so fucking horny, I just couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my bikini bottoms off and spread my legs exposing my bald wet cunt to the country club goers. I rubbed my soaking wet pussy and moaned so loud. I waved over this older married man and begged him to fuck me. He pulled his cock out and fucked my sweet mouth and throat. I got it all nice and wet so he could shove it in my tight wet pussy! My pussy gets so wet fucking him in front of the country club crowd. I squirted all over him and begged for his cum!

Lets Have Fun!


Erotic roleplaying

Kiss me how you want to kiss me and touch me how you want to feel me. I want you to fuck me Wild and Free I want you to Buck this pussy. You can be whatever you like to and fuck me all day straight into the night time I need you so much you don’t know. I want your cock strong, loving babe you know that you will be the one for me. I want to suck your cock until you’re all Juiced out. Would you like to fuck me in my ass hole? Do you think it would feel good if you drove your massive meat inside of my ass? I’m always really horny for you. I’m aching for you to fill me up. Don’t you want to make me feel like I’m special all you have to do is treat me like a slut? I am your slut, honey when you fuck me you bring out all the bad girl Behavior. You are the guy I want all the time because I can’t get enough. I am your mistress, your wife is such a whore she has no idea that I’m much better than her. You just make my body go crazy because I’ve wanted you for such a long time, I need you right now so fuck me hard and deep. Give me all your cock baby I want you to ram your cock in me all night everything you do honey is just right for me. You make me dream about you I can hardly take how sexy I feel when we are in the same room. Your wife has no idea that you’re such a kinky come guzzling cock strong maniac. If she only knew that you could fuck so hard for so long, she would not know what to do with you at all. Babe, I know just how to make you feel like you’re supposed to I can be your lot-lizard I can be a nasty fucking wench. Your body makes me want you; my body is always vibrating for you. I want to worship you. You do these things to me don’t you even have a clue I would do anything to have you fucking me.

Sensual phone sex


Big White Cock For My Juicy Ass

Ass fetishThirteen inches of rock hard white dick deep inside of my juicy booty is what your ass fetish dreams are made of! When I measure it, my ruler isn’t long enough to fit the whole entire shaft length. You really are something else. That throbbing cock is so damn girthy, it stretches me out the widest that I have ever been stretched! Way bigger than any other white dick that I have ever had the pleasure of fucking before. Don’t I look so pretty when i’m on my knees with my tongue sticking out just waiting for you to plunge that thick monster deep down my throat. Take out your camera and film the whole thing while I gag on that thirteen inch boner of yours. Make my ass your bitch, this is all yours in all of it’s beautiful glory! I sure do have a sweet tooth and I want that vanilla candy bar in your pants smothered in my creamy fluids. Let me lick it off after you anal fuck me roughly. I’m so fuckin sexy when I bounce my booty up and down on you like a basketball. Give me a spank and leave your hand print on my cheeks so everyone knows who’s property I am!

Phone Sex Therapist for Sissies

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist, I encounter sissies often. There are all sorts of men I won’t fuck. I say no to small dick men, broke ass losers, cuckolds and sissies. I want a masculine man; one with a cock I can feel. Mark was no man. When he showed me is dick, it was like a turtle in its shell. I saw no dick. Just lots of skin and some balls. He was a no dick wonder. He was clearly a sissy. He just needed a sissy trainer. I have mostly cuckolds in my posse of losers, so a sissy was a nice addition. He craved sissy humiliation and training. I took him shopping for panties at Victoria Secret and made him tell the hot sales clerk that he needed pink panties to protect his little clit stick. She snickered at him, but that was what I wanted. The more he was shamed, the more he wanted to please me and any one I wanted him to please. I had him buy the hot sales girl some sexy lingerie she could wear for a real man. I made him buy me sexy things too. All he can do for sexy women like us was buy us things and entertain us. Sissies are a girl’s best friend because they wait on us hand and foot. Plus, they do whatever they are told to do from singing us silly little songs to buying us pretty things for real men. Sissies are growing in number, so we now have a new site of the best sissy trainers around. If you are a shameful sissy, check out SissySlutHut.Com

sissy humiliation

Mature Sexy Woman Car Wash Two

Best phone sexThe Hot and Sexy Car wash I had with my Sexy milf neighbor Mary Anne was talked about days later by all of the teen boys in the neighborhood. I know this because one of the boys by the name of Franky showed up at my front door. He told me he heard about the sexy show me and my sexy neighbor put on. Franky got down on his knees begging me to give Mary Anne a call so we can wash our dirty cars again. This time though, Franky wanted to be the only boy watching the show. He told me he had an Ass fetish, he wanted to see me wash more than just my car, he also wanted to see me wash Mary Anne’s Sexy Milf ass. I am always down to help any boy who wants to see some hot Milf action. I called Mary Anne, she was hot and ready to show this young son a good time. We may be mature hotties but that does not mean we do not know how to get down and dirty every now and then. It did not take us long to get dressed and ready to give this boy the show he had been waiting for. As soon as he saw our big soft Sexy breasts breaking out of our tight clothes, his eyes became wide. This boy was ready to see some hot milf action. In the end, we had a great time! I am so happy I got to have some kinky fun with a Hot sexy woman like Mary Anne. We were like giggling little school girls the whole time. Franky loved it when I pulled down Mary Anne’s shorts and her little bikini, exposing her soft ass to him. I made sure to do just as he requested. I lathered her plump bum up, bubbles were everywhere. I looked at Franky and asked him was he ready for me to blast this hose off right on Mary Anne’s sexy ass. All Franky could do was shake his head in agreement. When all the fun was over, Franky was very satisfied with the show Mary Anne and myself put on for him. He told us he will remember this hot and sexy moment for the rest of his life.Hot sexy woman

Cock Size queen

sexy babeThis sexy babe loves fucking big huge cocks. There is not a doubt in me that I will go off and fuck guys that turn me on more than my husband will ever do so. I went off and decided it was time to have some group fucking with all the men that make my cunt drip. A rock hard cock is not enough for this greedy size queen. I want more and more. I want a sea of big rock hard cocks that can unload loads of jizz. Let me feel it all over and inside. Push me to my limits and fuck me like the whore I am. One day I hope to get fucked like this in front of that worthless small dick loser.

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