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I want you to my little bitch tonight

Best phone sexI like to be a little dominate sometimes over all these young boys around me, and even the old dads that jog around the neighborhood. I can be really kinky and my favorite thing to do is get my big black strao on and bend over the lucky guy that gets to me my little bitch that night. I will make you get on your knees dressed up in my sexiest panties and a bra and of course I have some lipstick on your lips so I can see it on my stap on. I will take the back of your head and make you take the whole 10 inch black cock making you gag all over it.

I bet you would scream and cry like a little bitch and I make you take the tears and lube your asshole up for me to fuck your little asshole. I wanna grab your hips and slide that little asshole on my stap on until you can’t take it anymore. Wanna be my little bitch tonight?

Yummy Pussy

Best phone sexMy pussy smells so fucking good, you cannot get enough of my yummy juices while you devour me with your wet tongue. We always have the best phone sex together! I love finger fucking myself and then tasting my fingers after they have been plunging in and out of my slutty cunt slit. I get so aroused by my own scent, my horniness grows rapidly! It’s so fun to tell all of my callers my kinky stories, I love making that thick cock throb for me! Teasing you is so fucking hilarious, knowing that you will never ever get a chance with me but still so desperately fantasize about me sends chills up and down my spine, hehe. You’re so in love with me and my delicious curves, nothing is going to stop your devious fantasies and wild fetishes at this point! I love to torture and torment you, yet you can’t help but continue to spend all of your hard earned money on me! And at the end of it all, you thank me for it all like the loser bitch boy that you are!

Lick Every Hole

GFE phone sex


I love it when you take your time. Having you kiss and lick my entire body is just so sensual that it really reminds me of how much you care. You’re never rush, always making sure your sweetheart reaches climax over and over again. You’ve been getting a little more bold though and going where the sun doesn’t typically shine. I didn’t know how much I’d really enjoy having my little pink hole licked, kissed and sucked but it turns out that it drives me crazy. I would of absolutely never thought of myself as being into something so kinky but like a good man, you are always super gentle and show me all kinds of new things I would of probably never tried unless I had met you. It feels so amazing finally having a guy who can really make love to a woman like this. I even touch myself thinking about our amazing love making. I can’t wait to see what new trick you will have in mind for me next.

Rebecca gives great blowjobs

I keep trying to tell several of my clients that a blowjob can be as helpful as a therapy session. Having your cock sucked on for an hour or so a day, just might keep the doctor away. Well at least a male doctor anyway. I encourage my clients to come in and let me show them what I mean. I usually start off kind of slow, right at the head. I lick the tip like a lollipop and then I work into putting the entire tip in my mouth. I gently kiss the head of the cock and swirl my tongue down and around the shaft.

Great blowjobs

After a bit of that I take the entire cock in my mouth and depending on my clients need and how I feel them responding i will either give them a slow and steady licking or I will ram that whole thing into the back of my throat and give them some rough loving. Each of my clients is different and they all have different needs.

Look Into My Eyes

Mature phone sexLook into my eyes. What do you see? Do you see a bitch you can throw around? A bitch you can take advantage of? Or boss around. I did not think so. Of course you do not see that. Cause I am no bitch I am a Goddess. These eyes say to you. I am the one in charge. I will be doing the bossing around. I will be the to take advantage of you. Every man should be at a woman’s foot kissing and loving on every move she makes. Enjoying everything about her. A real man gets on his knees before his Goddess. And craves only her happiness. Now look into my eyes and get on your knees boy.

Daddy Dom

domination phone sexI love waking up to calls from him. I also love knowing that he will whisper in my ear all the things I need to do to get myself off. I love being his baby, his sub, him my Daddy. I know that he will always take care of me. This morning was such a special treat though, he made me wait to orgasm, it was so completely intense when I finally did. So he calls like he does every morning. “Good morning baby girl, have you been a good girl?” He asked. “Yes daddy, I have been a very good girl, waiting patiently for you.” “Well that is a good girl. Maybe daddy should give you a treat and help you cum.” “Yes daddy, please.”
He told me to always sleep naked in case he decided to show up in the middle of the night. So I was already naked. He said suck on you finger get it real wet, then use it to rub my pretty nipple. Then he said to pinch hard until I screamed in pain. I did and I did scream with pain, it did hurt very badly but it made my pussy more wet. Now move your fingers down to that juicy cunt baby girl and pinch that clit that daddy loves to suck on. I pinched my clit hard in my fingers and let out a deep throaty moan. “Do not cum baby girl or you will stop right now.” I loosened my hold on my clit and waited for my next direction. He told me to pull my dildo out of my drawer and fuck my cunt while I rub my clit. I fucked and played with myself for what seemed like forever. I needed to cum but knew my punishment would be very bad if I did. After twenty more minutes of this he said “cum.” I came screaming his name. He hung up without a word. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning. I can’t wait until you help me cum again Daddy Dom.

Hot sexy mess

One of my clients called me a hot sexy mess today. It was unexpected and it really actually was a big turn on. I asked him why he thought that, with a little chuckle, he stood up ass naked. Mind you we had just finished one of our amazing sessions. We always have hot raunchy and yummy sex when we have our sessions. He looked a little dis-shoveled as he put his pants on but he seemed thoroughly satisfied.

Fantasy phone sex

He looked down at me and held his hand out to help me up off of my therapy couch, I took his hand and he pulled me closer saying, you have to be as fucked up as me to love these sessions so much. At that moment I had an epiphany that he was correct. I fuck my clients and I like it. I really am a hot sexy mess, but I don’t care. If it means I get to fuck hot clients and make them feel good, while I get to come too, then so be it!

The Best Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex is amazing. There is nothing worse than bad phone sex, especially when paying for it. I don’t do bad. At least I don’t do bad on the phone! I am a naughty woman, perhaps some would describe me as bad. Right now, if you were to ask my best friend what she thought of me, she would say I am the worst person in the world. Why? Because she caught me fucking her son. He was home from college on fall break. I had some odd jobs I needed help with at the house. I am divorced, living alone. My daughter and him went to school together, even dated briefly. I became best friends with his mom through him. She thinks I betrayed her. He is legal age. It was her that offered her hunky son to do some handyman work to her cougar best friend. I am not the only one at fault here. He came on to me. I know that the sons and husbands of your close friends are forbidden fruit, but I am in my sexual prime. It is hard to resist that fruit when it is dangling a 10 inch cock in your face. My BFF decided to surprise us with dinner. She got the surprise when she found me bent over the kitchen island with her son’s cock up my ass. She has not spoken to me since. I know I should go apologize and promise to never fuck her son again, but he has a 10 inch cock. I will be the bad friend until he goes back to college and starts fooling around with coeds again. Until then, this hot sexy woman is going to get all the young, hung cock she can handle. Friends are easy to find; ten inch working cocks are not!

Hot sexy woman with a high sex drive

Hot sexy woman with a high sex drive is my kind of girl. I love the presence of a sexy slut just like me. It makes me so fucking horny to feel a nice tight ass against me. I love rubbing up to a hot slut. I sometimes get more turned on by a sexy slut and contemplate if I’m a lesbian but then I have cock and realize why cock is my number one choice but a nice tight wet pussy is a close second. I love having a ton of girlfriends, My friends are hot and one of a kind every single one of them is. I run in a pack of girls who look like they all came out of a runway. I take pride in my looks and think all girls should. I love open minded females and ones that are just as naughty and cheat on their men. My group of girlfriends is all trophy wives like me. We get bored and begin to undress and play around. I love to share my toys because that’s what friends are for. I love making my girls feel good especially my best friend Lia. She is one hot latina and she has a high sex drive just like me.  hot sexy woman

Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexThis is how you would be dressed in my house. Like a little sissy girl. And you would be treated as such also. I love a good sissy boy around the house. The guys I brought home for my bed would see you. Laugh and tease you for being such a sissy bitch. I bring you out in public so all could see what a pansy ass you really are. When I have parties you will be the main attraction. Being our little bitch to fuck. Clean up the cum. Get our drinks. I know plenty of men who would love to fuck your ass. And plenty of girls who need a good pussy licking. And everybody is gonna love teasing and taunting you.

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