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Best phone sex Doc Rebecca

If you are looking for a quality doctor with a real need and urge to help her clients than you only have one decision to make and that decision is what time do you want to schedule your appointment. Dr Rebecca is here to make you feel good, suck your cock and balls, let you fuck every hole on her body and to generally help you feel good and work through any kind of circumstances or issues you may be going through currently. There is no one as qualified to suck a cock that will drain every last ounce of come from your balls as well as set you on that couch and allow you to feel content and comfortable enough in every move she makes and every word is trusted because of the bond that you will establish with doctor Rebecca. It is always welcomed for any client who needs something to simply ask. Please be open with me and let me know what your needs are so I can meet them.


Best phone sex

Rent Is Due

,Ebony phone sexI didn’t have all of my rent money and I was two days from eviction but I have a plan. My landlord is an older white man and I know he’ll give me some extra time if I give him some pussy. Like clock work, he was banging on my door demanding his rent money and threatening to throw me out onto the streets. I answered the door wearing nothing but a smile and all of the rage left his face. A dirty, lustful smile spread across his face and he walked into my apartment like a king. He pulled his hard cock out and I got to work. I dropped to my knees and tried to suck the skin off his dick. I sucked and licked until his warm semen filled my mouth. He zipped his pants and told me I had one more week to come up with the money and he left. I got up and dusted my knees off. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do…

Phone sex therapist

Phone sex therapistYour sexy hot blonde with a shaved wet pussy is waiting for you at home in bed with her legs wide open! That’s right baby I’m so horny for you my pussy is dripping wet. My little clit so swollen waiting for you to cum and lick me, oh yeah baby lick my clit up and down and all around till you make me orgasm twice in a row! The more you lick me the more my tight little pussy gets wet! Then boom you make me squirt all over your face! You still keep tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole swallowing each drop of my pussy juice! I grab your dick at the base of your fat shaft and pull it towards my pussy rub it up and down and all around then you slowly penetrate my pussy with your fat dick! You start fucking me faster as you are ready to cum in me!

Best phone sex with Eden

Best phone sex Do you like that I have my pretty pink cunt spread open for you? I am ready to take your fucking huge cock in my tiny pussy hole and my asshole baby. I like to be a submissive whore and please you in every way. I will be on my hands and knees waiting for you to get off of work and I will have my mouth open ready to clean your cock, balls, and asshole after a long hard day at work. I will even put on the nastiest porn you like so you can jerk off right onto my face after. Do you like using a little whore like me as a sex doll? I like when you degrade me and call me really nasty names it makes my pussy cush with wetness.

Sexy phone sex

 sexy phone sex

 I am at a store needing to try some stuff on so I ask a man who works there to open up a dressing room for me. I see the ring on his left hand. It is rather funny. It is like a collar to let girls like me know that you are not getting any pussy. As he opens the door for me I step inside and pull on his hand behind me to follow.

I undress out of my sun dress and stand in front of him in my white g-string and matching skimpy white bra. I get on my hands and strip off the rest of my garments. I hit his cock against my lips and try sucking his mushroom head into my lips. I pop his cock head in and out of my mouth. I bend over and face the mirror and guide that cock into my pussy hole to fuck me from behind.

His cock pumps hard and deep inside of me. Looks like his balls will be completely drained for his wife at home.

Naughty teacher of a different sort

Naughty teacher

I put word of mouth out to the neighborhood that I was going to host a little party for all the boys and girls. It’s time to show everyone how to give and take a BBC. In reality, it’s not really showing everyone “how” … I’m pretty sure taking cock is an instinct, but I like to have an audience sometimes.
I had them all gather in front of the couch like I was about to tell a story. All the eyes watching as I got the BBC naked and sucked his cock. It was a big fat black cock and he got hard right away from the audience. I didn’t waste a second and got on reverse cowgirl and fucked that cock. It was hard to pay attention to the “lesson” I was trying to give, that BBC felt so good I gushed twice and just wanted to keep fucking, but the second time I gushed the BBC guy blew his wad inside my slick cunt. I laid back on the couch and threw my legs in the air, spread my pussy lips and had each one of the neighbor boys and girls lick a little cum from my pussy. If he or she didn’t want to then they could suck the BBC. Either way, it was the payment for the show.

You want the best phone sex don’t you?

best phone sexI know you want the best phone sex, that’s why you’re here right? Well let me tell you all about what I did last night. I went out to my friend’s house for a little party and met this sexy guy there. He was hot as fuck so obviously I went home with him and we fucked all night long. He was very attentive to me, I swear he must have licked this pussy for a couple hours! Then he bent me over and fucked me deep, I swear I was screaming so loud I thought for sure his neighbors would call the cops! It was the best sex I have ever had I swear, I just love a man that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it!

Like What You See?

Sexy babe You like the way My body  looks?  You can have this body if you behave. Treat Me right.  Make Me feel like the Princess I am.  Shower Me in gifts.  Spoil me until My hearts content.  I will be your Princess and you will be My servant.  My special servant to take care of all my needs inside and out.  To get Me what ever I desire.  That is how you get my body.  That is how you get permission to slide your rock hard cock deep in my pussy.  This is how you get to enjoy this pussy and body.  So if you wanna play on My playground boys.  Cum make Me your Princess. And I will let your cock drain over and over.

Deep In My Pussy

Ass fetishYour cock is so big I cannot even get my pussy to slide all the way down to your balls. But yet I can feel you deep in my pussy. Hitting up against my cervix. Allowing me to fuck your huge cock with my pussy. Feeling your cock explore my entire pussy from the inside. My pussy so wet with my juices and your cum, it just glides up and down on your cock. The inside of me tingling as your cock brings my body great pleasure.  This is a good position for getting deeper into any hole you want.  I like this position cause it brings your cock in at the perfect right angle for me to have multiple orgasms of me squirting across the room.


Fantasy phone sexI need a husband to take care of Me. A husband to control. A husband I can tease.  Let him watch Me have sex with other men.  Let my husband see what a real cock looks like as it gives Me pleasure, he can not.  I need a husband at My beck and call.  Give Me money every day to go shopping.  A husband to pay all my bills.  And I live My slutty life with My husband under My thumb.  I do not want a boi as a husband.  But I do want a husband who knows his place.  A husband who will strive everyday to treat me like the Goddess I am. To make me happy every single day.  In every thing I want, need, and crave.



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