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The Best Phone Sex

best phone sexBest phone sex comes with the best phone sluts. I know men often prefer a cute coed over a mature sexy woman, but you can’t go to a young girl for certain things. What I know now, is not a fraction of what I knew as a young woman. I used to believe that if I loved a man and he loved me, the sex would be fabulous. When it wasn’t, I blamed myself. I would tell myself I didn’t arouse him, or he was just tired from a long day at work. All that was bullshit. My ex had a small dick. The only problem in my lackluster sex life was his small cock and his refusal to accept it. When you are young, you believe in love. When you are mature, however, you believe in cock size. Younger girls have a better chance of understanding that size matters because of the Internet. My generation didn’t have Internet porn or even know terms like cuckold or small dick humiliation. I have been teaching younger girls to respect themselves for a decade now. As a sex education teacher and therapist, young girls seek my counsel on how to make their sex lives better. My first question is always, “How big is your boyfriend.” Anything less than 7 inches, I tell them to ditch the guy and get a real man. I would tell your wife the same thing. She can’t begin to have a good sex life unless she makes you a cuckold and takes a lover with a real cock. Perhaps you are more enlightened than my ex husband and know you can’t please your wife. Perhaps, you have found her a suitable lover. If you aren’t so enlightened yet, you need some phone sex therapy. I am a cuckold expert and a size queen trainer. Put her pleasure first.

My party was a big success!

sexy hot womenI had the best party last night, it was a special event just for my girls at work cus we all needed to blow off some steam. Everyone was there I had Candy, Farah and Loretta oh and Kelly and Beth too just to name a few, that’s a whole lot of hotties all in one place don’t you think? I had the whole event catered so we had gourmet food and so much wine but the best part was all the hot young studs I invited over to take care of all our sexual needs. They were sexy as hell and had big fat cocks, just the type of men we all like best and they were all there to do whatever we asked them to do. We didn’t have to do a thing, they worshipped us, buried their faces in our juicy pussies and never once asked us to return the favor, everything was all about pleasing us and nothing else. It was a well deserved break for us all and I’m not even gonna lie, watching all these beautiful women getting fucked like that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!

I Always Loved Big Dicks


GFE phone sex


I love to suck big dicks I love to wrap my mouth around big fat meat sausages. I love it so much if you could fuck me would you do it, would you drive your pole inside my pussy if I beg. I need it and you know that I want it, the penetration so bad. You said you’re bringing those five guys over tonight you told me that they all have big fat cocks and they’re just right for me. Well you’ve got to prove it tonight is the night. I want those cocks inside of me taking advantage of me giving me everything that I can take and believe me I can take it all yes, I can. I’m a fucking Tramp slut and I liked it so much I can’t help how I feel. I need big fucking cocks taking me over at every turn filling my holes up. I’m so glad you know what I need I’m so glad we’re going to have so much fun. Five big dick studs pounding me taking control of my whole body treating me just like a dirty slut like I love so come in and give it to me now. I’m waiting I wanted right now.

Cuckold GFE

cuckold phone sex

Cuckold Phone sex with your High-class ass GFE. I want to be taking cocks all night with you watching.  You arrange for two tall dark handsome men to come use me as they please. I am wearing slutty pink bra and panties that they rip off my body. I am thrown onto our lovemaking bed and each guy has his cock out ready for me to please. I quickly take an eight-inch cock in my mouth as my ass is being positioned to take the nine-inch cock in my pussy.  The man behind me is finger fucking me to smear my sweet juice as the lubricant before he enters my sweet pussy. The pussy that you have fucked hundreds of times.  You quietly slip out of your clothes and begin stroking your manhood. Every thrust in my mouth and pussy gets you harder. You demand I keep my eyes on you so you can see the pleasure I am getting from these two strangers.  I never knew you would enjoy seeing your girlfriend fucked so well by thick hard stranger cock.

Your Sweet Cock

Cum on boobsSweet thing I need your cock. I have heard the stories from the other sluts here. And they have been telling me what incredible caller you are. They tell me how you make their pussy gush with that throbbing stick of yours. Everybody waits for your call and now I know it is my turn. Please do not keep this slut in suspense anymore. Let me have that nice thing swinging between your legs. I want to taste you, feel you, and hear your words. I want my pussy juices all over the place and all over you. Giggles. Don’t worry hun I will clean every inch of your body up with my tongue. I make you sparkle clean before you go home to your woman. Every man needs a woman and several sluts. I want to be one of your sluts.

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapySometimes helping people can really help you out. I have this guy friend that was expressing to me all the problems him and his girl had. She was always not in the “mood”. I got really horny talking about how his cock was always so full of jizz. I guess he could tell, because when I looked down I saw his shaft growing super huge in his pants.

I leaned over to him and grabbed his cock out of his pants. I needed to feel his cock in my mouth. He swelled up so big after I got it soaking wet. I know a way to fix all of his problems. I straddled his cock and shoved him right inside my wet pussy. I bounced up and down his cock, grinding my pussy really hard into that cock. I am going to take some of that build up away from him.

Best Phone Sex

best phone sex

I will give you the best phone sex. I am the girlfriend experience you desire. I am great at pampering and roleplaying.  I will give you these big breasts to fuck as I suck the end of your cock. I can be your sexy nurse giving you a naughty sponge bath. Soaping up your cock and cleaning it with my mouth after we rinse. I can be little red riding hood being eaten by your big bad wolf self.  I am the mature girlfriend that is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I have but one purpose in life, and that is to please my man, however, I can. I promise to milk every last load of cum.


Fantasy phone sex I love being a Dominatrix and holding you sissy men at my feet where you all belong. Caring for my every need, Pleasing my every craving. You are no man. You are your happiest when you controlled. Under a woman’s care. You are at your best when every minute of your day is planned out for you. Not a moment in your day is your own. And I know nothing makes you hornier than that. But you will be a good boy and not cum until I have giving you permission. And when you do cum it will be on the hard floor so that you may clean up your mess with your mouth. Now tell me sissy can you think of anything better?

Wet Dreams

Sexy phone sexI woke up and my sheets were soaked. I had an incredible kinky dream last night I was being fucked by 20 guys. I could feel those dicks in all my holes. Hands grabbing all over my sweaty body. Slapping at my ass and teasing my hard nipples. I was watching a few of the guys jerk their dicks. I started to moan and beg for them to all cum in my mouth and all over my face. Watching them made my pussy juices start to flow out in little squirts down my legs. I wanted more cum to swallow so I grabbed one of the cute guys dick and shoved his dick into throat. My mouth begging for his cum.

Just ask

Milf phone sexMilf phone sex with this sexy curvy Latina. So I love going out to the mall dressing like a hot slut. I just love getting all men’s attention! I love how I walk right by them, and they undress me with their eyes! I bend over in front of them to let them know I’m not wearing any panties. I love getting all those men hard wondering who will be the lucky one with balls to ask me to fuck. They should know I want to fuck; I wear see-through mini dresses with no bra no panties. Bending over showing my pussy to the horny sexy men. Hint hint Papi this sexy Latina is craving your dick! Take me to the mall restroom and pin me against the wall lift my little skirt up and ram your cock into my tight cunt. Fuck I start moaning squirting all over your cock begging you for your load of cum in my pussy!

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