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Don’t You Wish Your Girl Friend Was Hot Like Me

GFE phone sex

Do you want the perfect GFE phone sex with a sexy woman like me? I would be in the kitchen cooking my hard-working man something tasty for dinner, or if you prefer, I could get all dolled up for a nice romantic night out. I know you love it when we go out and everyone stares at your arm candy. They know what a lucky man you are to have such a pretty lady with you. We set down at a table in the back for a little privacy, you know how I love to tease you when we go out. I run my stocking covered toes up your pants leg with a huge smile on my face. I slide over close to you and lay my hand on your leg and start rubbing it slow sliding it up toured your crotch. I can feel you tense up. As you do the same to me and find my wet spot. Just as the waiter brings out our food. I feed you a little from my plate and you feed me some of yours. I know what I wish I could feed you, but dessert will be served at home. As we finish up and you go to pay the check, I slip in the ladies’ room and take my panties off and put them in my bag. I want to surprise you in the car on the way home. As you drive us home, I take your hand and put it between my legs. You look up at me, “No panties huh?” I feel the car speed up as I lay over in your lap and take your waiting cock in my mouth. The real fun will start when we get home, but a little tease never hurt anyone. Do you like it when your girlfriend teases you a little?

Great Blowjobs by Anna

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs by Anna is like my brand. I give great head. I am a mature woman. I sometimes joke with guys when they ask how I got so good at giving blowjobs. I just tell them my last name is Hoover. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t. I was out of town recently staying at this nice hotel. I saw this sexy young girl dressed like a high-class stripper knock on the door of the room across from me. I assumed he hired companionship for the night. Not 20 minutes later, I heard them arguing. She was living his room and refunding his money. Now, I was curious. Escorts don’t refund money. I thought maybe his dick was just that small. I was dying of curiosity. I did something I rarely do. I knocked on a stranger’s door. The door was not completely shut, so when I knocked it swung open. There was the guy laying on his bed with a huge boner. Definitely not a small dick issue. Before I could say anything, he asked if I was the back up girl. I just said yes and asked him what the issue was with my predecessor. When he explained that she complained about his dick being too big, I laughed. “She is young. She is an amateur. Not me baby. I am a mature babe,” I cooed before I deep throated his large cock. I gave him the best head of his life and I was not even the pro he thought I was. I was just a curious hotel guest with great cock sucking skills. I made some unexpected money and I sucked a big cock. I need to travel more often.

Nubian Pussy

Beautiful ebony pussyI have the prettiest brown and pink pussy in the whole entire club. I guess that is why the Boss man himself invited me to do a little photoshoot. His main focus was my pretty ass face and this Beautiful ebony pussy. I damn sho’ not ashamed of my cunt. I spread my legs wide open and let this flower blossom for the whole world to see. I had to make the photoshoot more exciting. So I played with myself. Making sure I rubbed my clit and stick my fingers in and out of my cunt. Tasting my juices afterwards. I even played with myself so much I busted a nice nut at least 4 times on camera.

The Boss man and the photographer was enjoying the show. I decided to make some extra money besides the photoshoot. So the photographer offered me a stack of cash to do a party favor. I was pleased to. I even let the Boss man join in just to show my gratitude. He whispered in my ear that he always knew I was a slutty ass bitch and to open my mouth so he can see how nasty I can get. I opened my mouth so wide my tonsils were showing. He gladly let his mushroom head hit the back of my throat and play punching bag with my tonsils as well. I must have been on my A+ game that night. Boss man came in my mouth in less than 5 minutes. Then the photographer stuck his muscular dick inside my cunt and came in 10 minutes. They said I have some bomb ass pussy and give bomb ass head and will keep money in my pocket as long as I give them what they need. I licked my lips and said I will be glad to. I want to give you this bomb ass pussy and head as well. I can make you cum so quick you wouldn’t know what to do next!

Naughty teacher

Naughty teacherEvery guy has had that Naughty teacher fantasy. I am top of the list of women most likely to be picked for horny boy toy fantasies. Can you see it now? It’s just like back in the day, when you were learning literature and you were sitting in the front row. You were eager to come to my class every day, but as most boys do you act out all the time. Trying to be a class clown, and not focusing on the subject but rather the fine woman in front of you. I know my slutty clothes don’t help but I can’t help it! This is what I will forever wear tight dresses and skirts, low cut tops and high heels to top it off. You sometimes see my nipples or even my thong, and your cock gets hard right away in class. Because you are always getting in trouble, I have been making you stay after class to do homework and you get to see me bending over constantly cleaning up. One day maybe you will get enough balls to ask me if there’s any ‘extra credit’ you can do?

Bring me your kinky fetishes

Foot FetishesLook at my perfectly pedicured little toes, just begging for foot fetishes. I love it when you give me a nice foot rub, with your tongue. It tickles so good and makes me super horny. Your little tongue wrapping around each and every one of my cute little toes. If you suck on that one right beside my big one. Omg that feels amazing. It makes my little clit throb so hard. Come taste my wet pussy, your tongue always drives me crazy. Set back and relax, it’s my turn to work you up. I’ll wrap my little feet around that big throbbing cock and give you a nice foot job, does that feel good? I know you love it when I get a little kinky for you. I’ll rub my soft sweet feet up and down that engorged meat stick, till you blow that huge load all over them. I want you to cover them with your creamy jizz. Mm nice and warm! Do you have a foot fetish you want to share with me? Or maybe something even more kinky? I would love to hear from you. Kinky is my middle name and I love living my kinky fetishes out with you.

I’m such a naughty neighbor slut whore

Naughty neighbor phone sex

I just moved into the suburbs. It so peaceful and quiet. I am already getting dirty looks from my neighbors. Especially these stuck up bitches who call themselves “housewives”. No wonder their men is always staring at my big ass boobs half hanging out my shirt. I make it a point to wear no bra. My nipples hard and puffy poking out of my shirt. Fuck them and what they think of Divina. They are all jealous. So guess what? One day I got tired of the dirty looks and made it a point to fuck their husband the next bitch look at me side ways. To my avail it was the dumb bitch next door. My pussy instantly got wet. She has a hot ass husband. He is a doctor as a matter of fact. I knew this bitch went grocery shopping and I also knew her husband was home alone. I wore my small white T. It barely covered my breast with no bra. I knocked on there door for some sugar. The Dr invited me in. Needless to say I was bent over his couch taking his white cock in my juicy brown pussy in no time. He did not want to cum inside of me so he told me to come here and jeezed all over my face. I was covered in his cum. I was well pleased. In walked his wife. Ol well. I said the doctor just gave me a facial. A big smile plastered on my face. Her mouth just dropped. I walked right past and went home. I am such a troublemaker aren’t I? That’s what homewrecking whores do right? You should let me start some trouble in your boring ass world. I need a face full of your cum so your wife can see.

This sexy babe got pounded at the party, by a ghost

Sexy babeI got invited to a sexy babe Halloween party and you know, I had to be the sexiest bitch there. Well I got all dolled up as a sexy little she-devil and headed out. Gave hubby a kiss on the forehead and out the door I went. I get to the address my friend gave me, and I’m thinking I got pranked, until I see her at the door. “Get your sexy ass in here,” she shouted! I get to the door and I ask her what the fuck is this? She giggles and said it’s a haunted house silly. So, we went in and this place was creepy as hell. It did look much better on the inside. There was plenty of booze and hot guys wearing barely any clothes. I was in heaven, or so I thought. There was an orgy going on in one of the side rooms and you know this sexy babe had some of that action. Then this guy with a mask on grabs me and hauls my ass upstairs. He finds a room with a bed and throws me down on it and cuffs me to it. I’m all for a little kinky four play, at the beginning. But I start being touched in places I know this guy wasn’t touching me. But it feels good, so I go with it. Suddenly I feel someone stick a huge fucking cock in me. I’m sucking the guys dick, so I know it’s not him. I try to see who it is, but no one is there, but there has to be. The invisible man starts to fuck me so hard; I can’t even suck the guys dick in my mouth because it was fucking me so hard with a massive cock that wasn’t there. Suddenly the guy goes running out of the room and leaves me there cuffed to the bed having the shit pounded out of me by someone or something that I couldn’t see but could definitely feel. It was fucking me so good and hard I came multiple times. I lay there for almost two hours being fuck by something I couldn’t see. When it was done with me, I was soaked in my own juice and spent. I’m going back to a party there next Friday, hope it’s horny again, this sexy babe will be, what about you?Sexy babe

So what, you got a ring on your finger?

Best phone sexThe best phone sex is with a married man. Do you know what’s great about married men? They need to be very discreet. They have wives, careers, property, and maybe even some little brats. That’s a lot to risk. Even when he’s risking it for my nice big tits, tight pussy or this warm wet mouth. It’s a great way for a woman in her prime to build up anonymous fuck buddies. And all of them keeping their mouths shut. I have three waiting in the wings right now, at my beck and call. Other women’s husbands fit so well into my bed temporarily. A nice dinner on a quiet afternoon and dessert afterward “wink, wink”. They are always so eager to please me, because I give them the attention they crave, but never get from home. A long kiss followed, by mind-blowing sex and then send him on his way, anticipating next time. They’re always sending me little gifts and beautiful bouquets, roses today pretty earrings tomorrow, it’s so nice to have the bed to yourself when you sleep. But when it’s time to play, married men are the easiest to please, the most willing to be controlled, because they have the most to lose.

Girl Next Door

Naughty neighbor porn

I use to always watch naughty neighbor porn. I am obsessed with fucking one of my neighbors. I didn’t care which one it was. As long as it was one of them. If not all! This was a fantasy of mine that my pussy was dying to experience. Then one day my dream came true. I went to check the mailbox and I caught  my  neighbor staring at me. I assumed it was because my breast were hanging out of my top and the little shorts I had on. My ass practically hanging out of them. I had been wanting to fuck him for so long. He was tall and I could tell he had a big dick. I am not sure where his wife was but I did not care. I caught him staring so I decided to walk over and speak. His eyes were practically glued to my big caramel colored titties. I asked him very bluntly did he like what he saw. He shook his head yes. I looked around and then said well are you going to invite me in it is rather hot outside. To my surprise he invited me in. Next thing I know I was on him and his wife’s bed riding his long white man muscle. OMG he dick was so deep into my pussy I could do nothing but scream with pleasure. I guess his wife haven’t been taking care of home. He needed a horny cunt whore like myself to fuck and bust a load in. I wish you were my neighbor. I would fuck you just the same. Ride your dick until the cows come home.

Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial Tease and Denial is one of my favorite fetishes. All my sugar daddies say I’m just a big dick tease *giggles*. So, come here big man and show this spoiled princess what you’re working with. Oh my, what a nice, juicy, cock, all the better for me to suck it. But I’m not going to suck it. I’m just going to lick the head a little with my soft, wet tongue. Wow look at him grow. Maybe I should set on that engorged rod, with my rack right in your face. But I wouldn’t be teasing you if I gave you what you want, now would I? I’m going to Lick it like a big old lollipop until he’s rock-hard and throbbing in my hand. I want you begging me, for my warm mouth so you can feel it on that swollen meat stick. Your balls will start to ache and feel heavy. Those loins will burn with heat so hot you’ll think you’re going to melt. You’ll be putty in my hands. Once I have you on your knees begging me for release. I’ll stick my little rose bud right in your face and demand you rim it good for me. You better not touch that cock or else, no nookie for you. I’ll make you leave with blue balls if you test me. Does tease and denial sound like fun to you? Well give your posh princess a call and let me torture you with a little edging. If you’re good and obedient for me, I might let you cum on my boobs.


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