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Sexy phone sex

Sexy ass pic  My entire night was so hot I had to take a sexy ass pic. I was on the phone with one of my friends from work. He and I were talking about business when all of sudden it took a turn. His voice almost sounded different. I was never attracted to him until I heard him on the phone. Voices can be deceiving but I guess that is what is so fun about it. He had me so wet that I couldn’t even stand it. He had me spread my pussy and hold my dildo in my pussy. Pretending it was his cock. I am hoping its much bigger than my toy but you know it worked out. The way he speaks and directs me to do things to myself makes me believe in how well he knows a woman’s body. I can’t wait for him and I to actually play,

Putting Out The Fire

Fantasy phone sexI Have a client who loves my fireman outfit! It is the only outfit I wear for him. I come rushing into his office to put out the fire in his pants. And the only way the fire can be put out is with my ass. I cawl up to him backwards wiggling my ass at him. I beg for him to let me take care of that burning fire trapped in his suit pants. He is a wicked kinky man and he turns me on so fucking much. Sometimes he will make a call to his wife as he sticks his cock in my ass. It gets him off just as much as it gets me off. She won’t take it in the ass and he will talk to her and as he is fucking me almost like a virtual slap in her prude face. When he dumps his load he will tell her how much he loves her. Listening to his conversion to the one he vowed to be faithful to as he ass fucks me is such a fucking turn on.

Obsessed with your dick and wallet

sexy babe

The only thing better than a big bank account is a big dick. Big dicks aren’t common as much as guys like to brag about what they have down south. Men with talented big cocks usually are like unicorns. I have been with plenty of guys who have huge peckers but can’t perform with them. Whats the point of having a Bugatti if you can’t maneuver it 😉 I’m a sexy babe who loves to have her Latina holes pounded and I especially love when I feel you stretching my twat and giving me every bit of your precious cream. You wan’t me to call you Papi you need to show me what you are working with. I love a Papi with a big one and one who can spoil my sweet ass as well.

2 Houses Down

Mature phone sexThere is this one sexy man who lives 2 houses down from me. He is an old sexy man in his seventies at least but something about him makes my pussy just drip every time I see him. He was an athlete back in his prime and it still shows. I have been flirting with him for a few weeks. Whenever I see him out in his yard messing in his garden or mowing his lawn. I walk past his house dressed very slutty with my dog and stop to start up a conversation. He is interested because he flirts right back with me but he has never made a move and I am getting sexually frustrated. Today I decided I was going to make the first move and instead of waiting for him to be outside to go over. This time I knocked on his door looking for some sugar. He invited me in and I could see by the look on his face he was happy to me. As he walked to his kitchen to get me the sugar I requested but do not need that is when I attacked him so to speak. I pushed him up against the wall and asked him when was the last time he had a slut at his disposal. He did not answer me instead he grabbed a hold of my tit and smiled. The only words that came out of his mouth were “I was just waiting for you to make the first move.” Now I am super happy I did.

Sexy Chicks Need Big Dicks

sexy chicksSexy chicks were everywhere Saturday night. My girlfriends and I went to a rock concert. Tight jeans, baby doll tee shirts and some good Mary Jane. Brought me back to my college days. There were a lot of hot forty something women everywhere, but we weren’t going home with no losers. In fact, we didn’t take any guys homes. Either guys had a nice cock, but their bellies observed the full beauty of a big dick or they were buff with little willies. We want handsome and hung. Guys would ask to see our boobs, so we made them show us their dicks. You want to see sexy breasts, you gotta show us something first.  We don’t mind showing our tits because it gives us the perfect in to see if their dick is worth taking home. We still enjoyed the concert. We are hot chicks. Yes, a big cock is nice, but when none is around we won’t settle. We just played with each other. We were in a different city for the night, so we had a hotel suite with a hot tub. We had sex toys and lots of wine. We said goodbye to the small dick losers and hello to some sapphic hotel fun. Just you remember, I will eat pussy before I will suck a small dick.

hot latina

latina phone sexLatina phone sex is the best. I think you can agree your cock get rock hard when you see a sexy spanish mami. Nice tight body and a bubble butt that makes you weak. I love rubbing my pussy thinking about all the guys I turn on. I see you guys stare me up and down and practically break your necks when I pass on by you and your wife. I can see her annoyance by how turned on you are by me. We can be in the grocery store and bam you have a full erect dick and you can’t hide that. I like to cause trouble. I’m a little troublemaker and I enjoy making you weak in your knees.

Erotic play

Roleplay phone sex  Roleplay phone sex is so exciting and erotic. I buy Laundré every weekend. When I am on the phone I get to dress up and act out every fantasy. This morning I got to dress up with my girly sissy fag. We did each other’s hair and both got in our sexist little outfits. We took selfies and just enjoyed being so hot. I got my sissy on all fours and enjoyed that tight little but hole. I kept looking over at how sexy her laced knee highs were that it just made me so fucking wet. I put my fingers inside of my wet soaking pussy to use it as lube right on that tight bum hole of hers. I lube it up with my own juices. I fucked, and just pounded that hole. I made her my little whore that needed a good fuck!

Welcome to fall semester with a naughty teacher

naughty teacher

I may be only a two or three year’s older than my students, but that doesn’t mean I treat them like my peers. The boy’s gravel at the site of me. I am the hot new latina teacher on campus. Why wouldn’t they? I can’t get the boys to focus on me, so it’s a must that I need to spend one on one time with some of them to get them focused on the lecture at hand. I think they finally get comfortable after our one on one chats.

I like getting the sluts in class jealous too; they can’t stand it. I have always had hating sluts most guys want to bone me. I have been told I have so much sex appeal and I am so hot I could turn a gay man straight. I can’t fight with that notion. I am a naughty teacher. I like to teach, and some of these boys act so shy around me. I have to break that out of them. This fall term I have made it my mission to have group activities with most of the football team. I enjoy getting hands-on with them. Sometimes a bit of particular attention goes a long way. Some learn better when they are proactive and taking action. I had two boys from the football team meet me up for my first week of the class already. My lunch break consisted of this hot mami showing them how to use their words in Spanish and annunciation. I showed them how to master the Spanish language using my body. I like to start off simple. I think body parts are the way to go. I let them touch and feel my body all over and translated each piece. When they got to my tight ass and twat, they nearly lost it. I pulled both their big chocolate cocks out and made them fuck me on my desk. I must have gone too long because my dean walked in on us. Thankfully my dean loved BBC porn and enjoyed the live action show in front of him. The new hot young latina professor is a hit with all the boy’s staff and students.

sexy babe

Naugty Teachers Love Cum on Boobs

cum on boobsOnly a big cock can leave the kind of cum on boobs that I like. School is back in session, and young boys have been lining up for my office hours. I have been a professor for awhile now, but the older I become, the harder it becomes to deny the lure of those college boys. Young and full of cum and all hot for teacher. Not all boys catch my fancy. I am a size queen, plus I like an attractive boy, so not all my students get to fuck the teacher. I have a few assistants who were hired specifically to keep this naughty teacher sexually satisfied, but I need more than a couple guys servicing me. I am insatiable now that I am in my forties. Boys half my age are the only ones who can keep up with my libido. Its funny, because when I was in college, I only had eyes for my professors. Now that I teach college, I only have eyes for my students. Simon was the lucky boy this morning who got to be the teacher’s pet for about 30 minutes. I measured his cock at 9.5 inches. I keep a diary of boys I fuck every semester. I rate them and note their dick size and how well they perform. I guess you could call it my sexual grade book. Simon made the grade. OMG, his cock was beautiful. Big and thick and a nice golden brown. I could feel and see the veins popping out as I licked and sucked on his perfect cock. He was bigger than both ex husbands combined. I worshiped his young cock. I wanted to fuck him, but he nutted on my face and tits before I could bend over the desk. Classes were changing and we both had to get to our next classes, but Simon is coming over to my home tonight for some private tutoring. We are going to work on his stamina.

Label hoe

latina phone sexI don’t ask for a lot there are two things you must process to ride this ride. One you must have more than a decent dick. I crave a huge cock and wont settle for anything less. I love a guy who knows how to fuck my tight hot Latina body. I don’t care for tiny nubs so if you are going to try to cum for me cum correct. 😉

Secondly I enjoy the nice things in life. I have only had the best since I left the slums. I worked with what i inherited from my hot Latina mamma. Its crazy how much you can get out of life when you look like a Latin barbie. I am a label whore and love to be dripped in diamonds and I always have the best jimmy choos on and never without a birkin in hand. The power of the pussy is like no other.

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