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He certainly got my attention quick!

best phone sexYou wanna know the best way to get my attention real quick? Spoil me rotten and I will put all of my attention right on you that is for sure! That’s why when I woke up to an email full of gift cards yesterday, I was sure to lavish my attention on the man that sent them. He is such a sweetie, he takes me shopping all the time but he’s out of town on business right now so I’m here all alone and he didn’t want me to be bored isn’t that sweet? He sent me gift cards for Victoria’s Secret and Amazon and even treated me to get a mani pedi too so I felt all spoiled and pampered. When he gets back from his trip I am going to make him the happiest man alive for taking such good care of me you can believe that! He is gonna feel so good he will never forget it!

Cocksucking phone sex

Cocksucking phone sexI’ve got a dirty little secret, and in my opinion, not many girls are into what I am. They just want to be served but don’t want to put in the effort back. The secret I have? I absolutely love sucking cock. Cocksucking phone sex is my thing. I get so turned on by giving blowjobs. I never need to be asked to suck a cock. I do it all on my own. I definitely get off on sliding a big cock into my mouth holding it in my hand and jerking it up and down while I get sloppy and nasty with that cock. I take my time to lick and rub on a man’s balls while I suck. I happily accept when a man wants to use my mouth just like it’s my cunt. Mm, please fuck my mouth harder! I am always so turned on by the idea of a hot and naughty 69 session. Who doesn’t love having their pussy eaten while they suck cock? I’ll gladly deep throat cock while sitting on a man’s face. Just so they can taste my cum and just exactly how much blowjobs turn me on!

Asian Delight

Milf phone sex

Now my infinity for younger men has never been based on any bias but of course I’m well aware of the many stereo-types. As the neighborhood milf it’s not uncommon for the older boys around here to hang around my house. I often enjoy the view of them shirtless playing basketball in the cul-de-sac in front of my house while I sip on tea on the porch. Today a tall Asian lad caught my eye and of course that stereo-type popped into my head. I put that idea to the side and invited him inside for some lemonade to find out for myself. Once in the kitchen I cornered him quickly found out to my relief that maybe it’s not as true as they are say. This delightfully delicious young man had a nice big 9’ surprise for me. I couldn’t stay off it all afternoon!

I enjoy being a cock tease

hot sexy womanI enjoy being a cock tease. Men and boys alike turn their heads when I strut down the street. I was walking my dog last night in booty shorts and a tank top. No bra because I wanted my boobs to bounce and my nipples to show. Guys were getting whiplash checking out my ass. A few cars even stopped to look at me. I am highly selective, however. I love a handsome man with a big cock. I prefer my men rich too, so I didn’t give anyone the time of day until the handsome man in a Lexus pulled over to tell me I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. He had a Rolex on his wrist too. I knew in that moment; he was the one I wanted to fuck. He asked if he could give us a lift home. I was only a few blocks from my house, but I took him up on his offer because I knew he would come in and fuck me. He couldn’t take his eyes off my sexy legs. He walked me inside like a gentleman. I offered him a drink, but next thing I knew, he was pressing his body against mine. I was up against the wall kissing him. His fingers found my shaved cunt. He was fingering my already wet pussy into a geyser.  I started squirting and begging for his cock. He was rock hard and eager for my wet pussy. He was so strong he was able to lift me up while he fucked me. We both came so hard. I only got his first name. I guess it was all I needed because I saw the ring on his finger. I was just a booty call. His cock was generous in size and so was the nice wad of cash he left me.

Young Bull Meets My Husband

Cuckold phone sex

I’ve been quite taken with a young man from the neighborhood. What I mean by that is I crave my daily dose of him the moment he is no longer inside of me. We’ve only just started our hot and steamy affair the last couple of weeks while my husband’s been away. He came home to a very pleasant surprise of me and my new young friend doing the dirty right on our dining table.  Young lad pulled right out of me, he was so surprised. Me? Not so much, I simply smiled and welcomed him by telling him to do what he does best. Then I enjoyed watching my husband clean my young bulls big wet cock. He was careful not to get him to excited, he could tell I wasn’t done with this one yet. My husband begged for him to take me to the bedroom and finish satisfying me, promising to come back to clean up the both of us. It was certainly a great afternoon for all three of us!

Training A New Girl For Your Cock!

GFE Phone sex

Some say that I have the art of pussy licking down to a science. So when you asked me to find you a first-year to train to be my replacement, I knew I would be pussy licking! After all, you deserve the best little whore! You’re the principle of the all-girls boarding school. You have called me in to find you a new little fuckdoll from the fall line up! After all Sir, I was your teen tease and them Teen fuck for four years. We won’t be seeing each other as much now that I am off-campus. But I do like your big Daddy Principle cock to be taken care of! Her body was so petite, and She tasted so good! I should Know That Sweet cunt has been on my face all summer!

I brought her in and told her what she would be doing for her next few school years. After all, My sexy Daddy Principle, You could break or make her boarding school career! I put her right to work bobbing up and down your cock. I spread her panty free ass and spit on her hole so you could be the first dick ever to enter her! She moaned into my pussy as we tagged teamed this sweet bitch! Don’t worry I will still around this way to take care of you as only I can!


Want a raise?

sexy babeComing to America was such a culture shock to me. One thing I learned fast was sexuality was a worldwide language. It took some time to get accustomed to somethings, but I adapted. A sexy babe like me knows how to use her assets and get things done. My first gig was as a waitress. It was hard, but I managed. The boss was crazy for me. It wasn’t hard to see his boner was straight out for the world to see when it came to me. My boss asked me if I wanted to do a different type of dirty work. Between my broken English and his mediocre Spanish, we agreed. I would work in the office and get a huge raise as long as I teased him daily with my spanish cunt.

Sensual Erotic Roleplaying Coed Tease

I’m the coed tease that guides you in that erotic roleplaying fantasy you have had in your head since the new intern at your office started. You can’t keep your mind off of me, the scent of my perfume even makes you crazy since all you are dying to sniff my pantys and know they will smell delicious. I’m the key factor in those wet dreams and the reason you have to jerk off numerous times while at work when I am around. One day I will walk in on you bending down in front of my locker, after you thought everyone has left, and sniffing my panties from my gym bag. Not only are you sniffing my panties but you are stroking so intensely you don’t even notice my coming in on you. I walk over and gently take my panty from your hand and drop it on your raging hard cock. I lift my skirt and with my hand on the back of your head I push your face into my warm panties over my shaved and moist cunt. You inhale as you bust your load right into the silky panty that you were sniffing so intently before I caught you. I take that panty from you and slip it into your trousers smile and leave.

Erotic roleplaying

Pool Boy

Sexy phone sexMy confidence has always attracted men to me, no matter how old they are they always seem to want a little taste. This weekend I went to the pool, and the regular pool boy was working, he had his sleeves rolled up and he was vacuuming the pool. When he got closer I rolled over onto my stomach, showing off my ass in my thong bikini. He was clearly trying not to look, and it made me smirk. Silly, shy little pool boy. He continued to work and I jumped in the water, I could see him watching me, so I slid my hand behind my back, making eye contact and untied my bathing suit top. He was absolutely shocked as I took off my top, exposing my hard nipples, and making his cock noticeably hard. I slowly got out of the pool and dried off, walking to the bathroom. As I knew he would, he met me there, ready to give me what I wanted. It was just like when I was younger – we were making out and groping, ripping our clothes off like animals. He put me onto the bathroom sink, sliding his cock into me hard and fast. I bounced up and down on his dick and it was evident that this pool boy did this often. Soon we were both cumming, loving the secrecy of our fucking, knowing he’d always see me at the pool and miss this horny cunt.

I was so disappointed

best phone sexI went on a date with this guy I met on a sugar daddy website and what a disappointment he was! First off this guy was no sugar daddy, he was a broke ass splenda daddy and that’s even being generous to say. He credit card was declined for dinner so I had to pay and then when he took me home he flashed me a look at his cock like it was something to be proud of… spoiler alert, it wasn’t. He had this tiny cock and an empty wallet so he was completely a waste of my time but I was pissed off so I invited him up to my apartment. He thought he was gonna get laid but there was no fucking way that was gonna happen. I convinced him to let me tie him up and blindfold him then I made a call to a my tranny friend and sat back to watch the show. He was loving it when she started kissing him all over but when she pulled off his blindfold so he could see the huge cock staring him in the face he was less happy. He even screamed when she fucked his tight little ass too, it really made the price of dinner worthwhile. Trust me this broke ass motherfucker will never forget me!

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