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Best phone sex with a sensual slut

Best phone sexI like my men nasty as fuck, the nastier the better! You better bring your A-game when you come and fuck with me, I will expect and accept nothing less than the best! It takes a lot to grab my attention and keep it, so I truly wish you the best of luck in all ways! Not a lot of these horny men are able to stay up to par with me, I am not a force to be fucked with! Every time we talk, we have the best phone sex ever! You treat me like the sensual queen that I am, such a good boy you are! My big tits make everything better, and mine just so happen to make you stupid too, hehe. You’re so mesmerized by me and I fucking love it! It drives you crazy with how much I have you wrapped around my pretty little finger, which I love shoving down your throat while you gag for me! You should feel extremely lucky and blessed that I am even talking to you and giving you my time and effort, not everyone is fortunate enough to experience an erotic experience with this dirty bratty princess!

Let Me Be Your Girl!

Ya know, I was thinking you and I could really give your wife a show. I mean she is horrible and does not know how to please you like I do. Really she is wasting your time and that fucktastic cock of yours. So here is what I was planning, I’ll come with you to your business meeting and after we could get a room at some fancy hotel. You tell her to meet you there and you have a wonderful night planned, make sure you don’t forget to give her the key. When she walks in I will be fucking you so good, riding that huge fucking cock, screaming your name. You’ll be sucking my tits and spanking me, telling me how much better my fuckhole is than hers. We can really stick it to her because she really doesn’t deserve you, you are just the best fuck in the world and super fucking hot. And hopefully when she sees that you finally found a woman who can take care of your every need she’ll leave. And if she doesn’t at least you have yourself a girlfriend cause baby I need and want that dick in my pussy, mouth and ass every day.

Playing with the Boss

Great blowjobsSo today I was filling in for my friend at her office job, a secretary for a very prominent firm. Problem is I do not have much professional clothing so I wore a short skirt, high heels and a blue button up blouse that must have shrunken a bit because my tits all but fell out. Her boss walked into the office and did a double take at my outfit, I could see the lust in his eyes immediately. I have met him a few times, he is a nice older gentlemen and very attractive. So to say in the least I enjoy the lustful looks he gives me whenever I am here. After being there for about an hour John calls me into his office and tells me to take a seat. Once I am seated and comfortable he says “Maggie, now I know you really don’t work here but we do need to talk about your attire when you fill in. You are a very attractive woman and I know men here notice you and the clothes you wear, even women tend to stop and stare. Problem is this is an office not a club, I’m going to need you to dress a little more appropriately.” Of course I apologized and told him I would do so. “Is there anything I can do to make this up to you John?” He looked me up and down for a minute before telling me to open my legs wide and finger my pussy. I instantly got wet at his demand and did as he asked. He sat there watching me finger fuck my cunt for a few minutes before he told me to crawl over to him on my hands and knees. I did and when I sitting right in front of his cock he told me to pull it out and deepthroat it. I sucked his big dick until he shot his hot, thick cum into the back of my throat. Yummy! I can’t wait to fill in again.

Cum On Boobs Is What He Loves To See


cum on boobsMy boyfriend had been fantasizing about cum on boobs for a while. He had been watching porn videos of girl taking massive loads of cum on their tits and he wanted to watch his own load shoot out all over my tight little body. He wanted to cover my face and chest with his load. So, when he came over to hang out with me and asked if he could shower me in his cum I couldn’t say no. I knew how badly he wanted it. So, I got to sucking his dick deep down my throat. He loved watching his cock slide in and out of my mouth. He got so into that he had to grab my hair and start fucking my face, making my head bob up and down on his cock just the pace that he wanted it. When he started to cum he pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load all over my tits and face. I rubbed it into my nipples and boobs and open my mouth to catch his cum. He fucking loved it.

Are you ready for Halloween? I am!

best phone sexAre you all ready for Halloween? I know I am! I just went to a Halloween party last night and it was amazing; the whole place was all decked out in red and black and it was spooky as hell! I was loving it tho, I was all dressed up and sexy as hell, honestly I was the center of attention the whole night because clearly I was the best looking woman there. I could pick any man there but I finally decided on James, he was tall and sexy and black so I knew that his cock wouldn’t disappoint me. We went back to my place and I knew I made the right choice when I pulled that big black cock out of his pants, it was HUGE and instantly my panties were soaking wet! I tried to swallow that beast but could only get it part way down my throat, that’s how big it was! When he shoved it in my pussy I thought for sure he would rip me in half but man I wanted it anyway. He made me cum harder than I ever have before, it was amazing!

The Plumber

Mature phone sexI called a Plumber to come over and fix my bathroom sink. Giggles seems somehow my favorite pair of panties got stuck in the pipe and caused a huge back up. I answered the door in a robe that I left open. Claiming I just got out of the shower. He walked in staring at my naked body. Grabbed me by the hips turned me around and bent me over the first piece of furniture he could find. Which happened to be a desk. What a turn on this man knowing exactly what I wanted and how to give it to me. Sliding that fuck rod in. Pushing his body against mine. Penetrating me even further than before. I do not know what kind of plumber he is with sinks. But with my plumbing he knew exactly how to fix the problem.

Meeting The Parents

sexy babe

I met your son a few weeks ago and everything has been going great. So well in fact, he
invited me over to meet you and your wife finally. You were both super kinda, we chatted over
dinner and wine all together like fucking perfect little atomic family but I really couldn’t
help but notice that your son may of gotten his fine taste in women from you. Your eyes couldn’t
stop looking me up and down. I was nervous but I started to like it. I excused myself to the
restroom and wasn’t that shocked to hear a knock at the door. You asked if I needed any help
and I told you only with one more thing. I pulled my skirt up and pushed my panties to the
side- leaning over the sink’s counter top with my ass in the air. You road me hard and we silently
left that bathroom to meet up with everyone again. None the wiser was a single soul. Gotta be honest,
you were such a better lay that now I have to stick around with your son. I absolutely want to
do this again soon, sweetie!!

Great blowjobs for you

Great blowjobs for you, Yup that’s exactly what my latest hook ad read. Hell no I’m not ashamed! Should I be, uh no I don’t think so If you had to take the same pathetic cock every day you to would grow sick and tired of it. My husband’s cock is not only puny but it’s basically a short pencil dick. I feel so bad every time I see it. His cock is such a wimpy lil thing it makes me laugh so hard whenever he whips it out, Even when its “hard” its soft as can be. I tried my hardest to ignore the pathetic clit dick he has, yes that’s what I call it a little clit dick, because of thats basically what it is, So now I totally get myself of fucking and sucking randoms whenever I want wherever I want. It keeps me from leaving this sad marriage, I think I do him quite the favor staying I have always been arm candy and a highly prized sexy slut.Great blowjobs

GFE Phone Sex at a Friend’s House

GFE phone sexWe were spending the night with a friend while we were out of town for the weekend. They had made up the sofa-bed for us, and were out for dinner and a movie together. Well, while he was showering, I got really horny, and I decided to surprise him by being completely naked when he came back out. I was sprawled across our loaner bed, doing my best to look sexy as fuck, and I guess I succeeded, because he got a raging hard on before he even made it to the bed. He was pulling me to him, kissing me, touching me, making me feel all kinds of sexy. His fingers slipped inside me, and my hips ground forward onto them. When he replaced them with his cock, I was in heaven! I worked my hips around and down until he was finally all the way inside of me. He was working my body up into a frenzy, and I felt my orgasm coming. I just peaked, cumming hard and screaming out his name, as the front door opened, and our friends walked in to find us. They were red-faced and irritated, but damn it was amazing sex!!

Parent teacher night

Parent-teacher night is sometimes my favorite day with my students and the things they have been working on so far this year. Some of the parents are so fun and enthusiastic about what is going on. This year was interesting, to say the least. I was waiting for my next set of parents when a man walked by looking confused. I walked out into the hallway and asked what he was looking for. I think I gave him a concerned look because he said is the father of one of my students and he wasn’t sure where to go. “Oh yes, I’m your son’s teacher, Ms. Whitney.” He was happy he found where he needed to be and quickly came into the classroom and sat in the student’s desks. I had nothing but great things to say about his son. A model student, creative all that stuff to make a Dad proud. Then I had to break the bad news. “Your son likes to take his cock out and wiggle it at the girls in the class.” He got a confused look and then we both broke out into hysterics laughing. He said he would talk to his son, but added that he could hardly blame his son for having such a hot teacher.

Fantasy phone sex

I smiled and told him “Well it’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten laid, what do you think?” I didn’t even finish the sentence and he was already half undressed. “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?” and we laughed again. Suddenly he was unbuttoning my shirt, flicked open my front closing bra and had my skirt hiked up to my waist. He turned me around and asked if I was ready. “Fuck yes, give me that cock,” I said and all at once he rammed his cock into my tight fuckhole. He grunted with the thrust and whispered that I was so tight and wet. “Fuck me hard, fuck me really hard and cum inside me.” He had no problem with that at all and started to fuck me hard, I could hear my own wetness squirting against his cock with every thrust into me. When he started to cum I thought it would get the attention of the whole building but I didn’t care I was cumming too. Quickies give me a squirting orgasm and this time was no different. We came pretty hard, smoothed ourselves out, shook hands and parted ways. My kind of fuck/parent-teacher conference.

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