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Sexy Man With A BBC

Fantasy phone sex I looked out my window this morning and what did I see? I saw a fine looking brother mowing the lawn next door. Actually I saw a crew of fine looking brothers working in the lawn next door but one caught my eye. He was the sexiest one of them all and I wanted him. Watching his muscles in his chest as he worked that mower. My pussy was aching I grabbed my dildo sitting on my dresser and slammed it in my pussy. Stroking my dildo in and out faster and harder. I was staring at him hard. My eyes burning a hole in his flesh I just knew he had to be packing one of those famous BBC. He must of had a third eye cause he caught my eyes glued on him. I smiled at him. I pulled my dildo out and showed it to him. I showed him my skills of sucking big huge things. And with one finger I waved him over. He dropped that lawn mower like a dirty bitch and strolled over to my front door and up to my bedroom. And into my three lovely fuck holes.

Slob on his knob

sexy babeMy husband has the best partner. I am a sexy babe and he loves sexy sluts like me. We fuck all the time. Whenever I can I get to suck his dick and I am able to make him explode all over my pretty mouth and lips. One of the best things is surely fucking in my husbands bed. I take that big black cock so well. My cunt is most defintely addicted to that chocolate dick. I feel him thrust and bust and I want more. I get my encore and even get more. Seconds and thirds and ever fourths. Who would thought I could get so lucky. After I finish him off with an amazing blow job I make sure I get his creampie. My husband has no idea hes having yummy jizz for dinner tonight.

He was the best!

best phone sexMy newest sugar daddy is the best! He took me on vacation and it was the best week of my life. We went shopping every day and he bought me anything I wanted. We went sailing on his yacht and went to lavish parties and fancy dinners and fucked every day over and over I swear I was in heaven… until I came home to find my little cucky boyfriend waiting for me. I never told him I was leaving, I just left so he was all mad and pouting to begin with, when he saw my sugar daddy come in right behind me with all my bags he got even madder. He was bitching and whining but before I could tell him to shut up my sugar daddy slapped him right across the face like a bitch and he shut right up. He laughed at that little dick loser and told him that he didn’t have the right to complain about what I did and to prove his point he bent me over the couch right next to my cucky boyfriend and fucked me. That loser had a front row seat to his big cock stretching out my pussy and when he came, he sprayed it all over his face, it was the funniest shit I’d ever seen!

Legendary BDK Is Back

Best phone sexI am so happy my BDK is back from his business trip to Europe. My Big Daddy King is always working hard to make sure his Sugar baby is well taken care of. I could not have asked for a better sugar daddy. I face timed Big daddy to tell him how excited I was that he was back and that I was so ready to finally see him. He told me he had a big surprise for me. That is just like my sexy Big Daddy. Spoiling me with all of his amazing luxurious gifts and surprises. Big daddy told me he will be picking me up soon. Since I knew he was going to be back I made sure to get ready ahead of time. I always want to look my best for the legendary king. Big daddy picked me up in his decked out black Ferrari. Oh, he looked so fine in that car. Daddy got out to give me kisses and hugs. Then he said he is going to be driving me to the surprise. He tied a blindfold around my eyes. My daddy wanted to make sure I was completely surprised. The drive was not very long, that is good because I was so ready to see my surprise! Big daddy opened the car door for me and took my hand. Once I was out of the car, he took the blindfold off of my eyes. In front of me stood a castle-like mansion. This mansion was fucking gorgeous. I thought daddy maybe rented it out for the weekend, so we could spend some time together. I looked at big daddy with excitement, asking him is this the surprise. Big daddy told me it is and asked me do I know what is going on. I looked back at him, he could tell I had no idea. Then he said, this is yours, I bought this mansion for you.  I had to have my sugar baby living in something as sexy and as big as that ass is. I could not believe my fucking wonderful Big Daddy King bought me, us, a fucking palace mansion and to top it off it was in one of the richest neighborhoods around. I had to celebrate with my Big Daddy. My big daddy walked me around to the back of the mansion and there I see in the water our own personal yacht. To top all of that off, daddy even got the yacht customized just for me. It read at the front of the boat, XX Vixon. We got on the boat right away, daddy was looking so fucking sexy I had to beg him for some good loving. I did not need a bikini this time, I wanted to stip down naked for my daddy and let him see my big ass and titties that he loves so much. I got on my knees, begging daddy to let me see his thick 13-inch anaconda that I missed so much while he was away. I kissed his pants leaving lipstick marks all over his shorts. I knew he had his sexy compression shorts underneath and I was just dying to see the imprint of my big black thick anaconda underneath them. When daddy finally let me slide his shorts down, I had to get my big thick pet out of those shorts. Damn I know my daddy missed me, the way we fucked each other on our own personal yacht felt like magic getting dipped into my warm wet pussy every time he thrust deep inside of me. Fucking the legendary big daddy king on our personal yacht ten minutes away from the ocean was more than I could have ever asked for. BDK is such a handsome, amazing, one of a kind powerful man, with a one of a kind big black dick as an added bonus. I am the luckiest sugar baby in the whole universe.

I didn’t let him have it

best phone sexMy landlord has been spying on me, he thinks I have no idea about the cameras but I know and I have been driving him crazy on purpose. I masturbate often and make sure that he gets a really good view of it all just to make him want me more and more. I knew that eventually he would try to fuck me and as revenge for all his spying, I wouldn’t let him hit this. Sure enough after a really hot session with my favorite vibrator, he came knocking at my door. He was pitifully trying to flirt with me and I shot him down, then I told him I knew he was recording me and that he had better do as I said or I would be pressing charges against him and telling his wife what a pervert he was. He shut right up after that! He agreed to let me live there rent free as long as I kept on masturbating for him, it’s an agreement we can all be happy with so I agreed!

GFE Phone Sex With Eden


GFE Phone Sex

I know I am the girl of your dreams. I get so excited and horny when you call. I can’t wait to get on the phone with you and talk about how I would sensually stroke your cock if you were here with me. Having GFE phone sex with you while you stroke your hard cock and I rub my wet clit is my favorite part of my night. I’m not like other girls, I know how to treat a man and worship their cocks. A proper hot girlfriend like me should know how to please her man. My tight wet pussy would always be ready to be fucked by you. Whenever you leave, I would rub my cunt thinking of you. And when you return home, I will make sure to greet you at the door on my hands and knees completely naked with my mouth ready to take your cock and relieve you of your stress. My sensual voice will have you wrapped around my finger.


I Miss You

Sexy breasts


My pussy is wet and hot. I want some dick right now. I am willing to do anything to fuck you because it’s been so long and I miss you. I know you have a girlfriend, but she just needs to be able to share today. I don’t care about your woman I want your fucking body I want to fuck you, and I want you to fuck me. I will ride your cock so good I know that you’re full of cum because you used to be and why would you have been done changed. You’ve got a hot body your washboard abs, or just what I know you turn me on every time I see your pictures. I like to go to Facebook and watch your live feed because I lust for you all the time I miss you so much. Please call me and let’s get together tonight I won’t disappoint you at all. I miss your big fat throbbing cock I miss it inside of my cunt I really want you right now. Can you tell me that you don’t miss me sucking your cock all the way to the balls? If you can say to me that you don’t want me as much as I want you, I’m going to stop, and I’ll let you be with her even though I really want to fuck you so bad. I need you, please give me a callback tonight I’m begging, and I need it so bad I don’t know what to do. It’s raining outside remember when it rained we used to fuck all day and straight into the night we would fuck so good it would feel so fucking right. I love you. I need you. I miss your beautiful body. I want you back with me so bad. I’ll bet your girlfriend doesn’t suck your cock and lick your ass quite like me I know she isn’t as nasty as we used to be. You are my dream guy and I really miss you so much I can’t say it enough you are my everything. I had a dream about you last night, and you came inside of my pussy so much it drove me insane.

The pool boy has a big black dick

sensual phone sexSensual phone sex is the best. I like seducing young guys who are hungry for a sexy young wife. My new pool boy is hot and has what I want so much. A big black dick. I have fucked the last few pool boys but none measure up to this chocolate stallion. The moment I laid my eyes on him was the moment I needed him deep in my holes. My tight ass and twat was calling out his name. It felt so good to feel him push his big black dick in me. I could feel him stretch me out. I didn’t hold back. I asked him help me with a light switch and I pulled his pants down and let him fuck me in my bed. We also fucked in the pool and on the kitchen Island. I gave him five stars for customer service. 😉

Ken’s Dick

Mature phone sexMy friend Ken was down on his luck his girlfriend kicked him out of the house. He needed a warm bed to sleep in and I have a spare one. Ken is a straight-laced one woman guy. Ken also supplies me with my weed. And every week when he shows up to give me my package I try to seduce him but he never takes me up on my offer of a good fucking. After his bitch kicked him out I offered up for him to come here. I knew he had no place else to go I had him right where I wanted him. He was here for about twenty minutes and then I attacked him. I tore off his clothes and forced myself on him. He was not going to deny me his dick anymore.

Ass and Titties

Best phone sexMy ASS and TITTIES. Yes, some women have a nice pair of titties or a nice ass on them. Not only am I a beautiful sexy Latina woman, but I also have a soft juicy ass and a nice pair of big titties. I am a triple knock out. When you look at my titties think of your cock going right into the center of them. Don’t worry, I made sure to rub some warm oil all over my big melons. Titty fuck me until your rock hard cock is about to explode all over my chest. Before you give me all of your cream, I want you to get a piece of this big juicy Latina ass. Show me what your big cock can do. I want to feel that big mushroom head of yours stretch my begging asshole out wide. I know you love how my juicy ass is bouncing all over your cock. My ass is big but my asshole is so tight it is hugging your dick like it doesn’t want to let go. Now for the final round. Take both of your hands and place them on each one of my love jugs. Hold on tight, you’re going to dig deep into this Latina asshole. Squeeze my big titties while you’re pumping your big throbbing cock in and out of my back pussy. When you have reached the top, I want you to let all of your milk loose. I love the way your man cream drips out of my throbbing hole after a long hard fucking session. I know you will be back for more, you always are, and like always, I will be waiting.


Roleplay phone sex

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