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Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

I had the best and hottest, sexy phone chat today. The guy I was talking to was so sexy and wild! He told me all about how he wanted me to put my tight, wet pussy on his face and grind on him until I squirt all over! I couldn’t help but to get really excited as I heard him stroking his huge, hard cock on the other end of the phone. I started to play with my clit and slowly slide two fingers into my pretty pink slit. The way he was breathing so deep and gasping softly between breaths, really had me hot! I love hearing a guy jerk his hard cock for me. Knowing that he’s thinking of ramming that huge cock into me is such a turn on! I kept telling him that I wanted to feel him inside of me and how bad I wanted him to fill me with his cum over and over. I gave him my address and I’m sitting here, playing with my soaking wet pussy and waiting for him to come play with me.

Naughty Teacher

naughty teacherBeing the principal of a high school and also being a sexy, horny MILF is perfect. I get to choose from any kind of young man there is. If I’m feeling like seducing a football player, I can. Sometimes, I like to tease the band students by bending over in front of them, with my shirt unbuttoned. Just enough for them to see these big, firm titties underneath. I know the girls hate me. All of these little boys can’t keep their eyes off of me and they can’t stand it. I can get my pussy licked under my desk anytime I want. I’ve ridden so many young, hard cocks on my desk. I’ve even had a father and son at the same time. It was a parent teacher conference. It was so hot having the father fuck me from behind, as I sucked his son’s little junior dick! Once I drained them both, I sent them on their way with a regular schedule of meetings. We have to stay on top of certain students progress.

He’s Cheating and so am I


Sex therapy porn

I was wondering, when are you going to show me how much you love, me when are you going to show me how much you miss me. Don’t you know what I’ve given up to be with you? Rich trophy girlfriend, to a business Tycoon who’s family, has money and that’s not a joke, they have money they can fucking incinerate, and they’ll still have too much money. I gave all of that up for you because you knew how to fuck me, you knew how to make me feel right. I have given you everything, I have given you my best moments shared with you times that I can’t get back. I know that you have been having wild and crazy sex with my little sister. Don’t look so shocked yes I know all about what you and my little sister have been doing, and it is not good. You’ve been having sex with her at least six months, that’s how long I’ve been having you followed. I have been watching you, while you thought I was just some stupid dizzy wife waiting for you to come home and make me feel Worthy. You know, I feel sorry for you, but I am going to take you for what little cash that you got. When I first found out, I got me a young sexy boyfriend to fill in for you. The young man that I have been having my grand affair with, he’s gorgeous, and he has stamina unlike you. You know I wonder, how in the fuck does anyone get any satisfaction other than spending your money from you? My lover, he drives his huge hard cock inside of me for hours at a time, and it is beautiful every time.

CFNM: A Sexy Phone Chat

sexy phone chat

Clothed Female Naked male teasing id such a fucking fun sexy phone chat. Your fully clothes and being teased by the sexiest Coed bitch around. Your cock is jumping I can see it. I giggle and pronounce around showing you my tiny panties. I might even brush across your swollen cock head.  Beg me to touch it. More and more I have you on uneven ground as you are vulnerable to my young teasing. My legs play pick a boo as I allow you to slow stroke it for me.  I see that glistening pre cum.  It really doesn’t matter what size your cock is. You are being edge and teased until you think I am a stone-cold heartless bitch. My sweet tight pussy is wet and needing attention. I pull my panties to the side so you may taste my pussy and long stroke.  You ask in a whisper if you may cum. I tell you to go to the bathroom and cum in private in your own same. You hear my vibrator and me softly moaning as you are dismissed.

GFE phone sex

Teacher Has naughty Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

I love having a teacher with foot fetishes as his main kink! He is just so naughty. He lets me dominate him in my cute schoolgirl uniform and my striped knee socks. I love to play with his cock under his desk, as I am always on his naughty list and I talk way too much. So, I have to sit by him when it comes to doing quizzes and such. I slip off my smelly shoes and trace his zipper for so long. Today he said I had to stay after school. It was the very first day back! I grinned as he locked the door and pulled the shades down. I had fun teasing Mr. Naughty teacher as I ran around the room opening my shirt and flashing him my tight bald cunt. I jumped on his shoulders and held his eyes and mouth shut as my smelly knee socks pumped his cock for cum! I laughed at the cum stains and unrolled my socks and threw them at him as I left! I love being a saucy seductress at a young age! He will be begging for more, Just like you baby!

Tempting you

sexy legsI know you love when I seduce you. I am the hot Latina slut next door. Your wife doesn’t give it to you as you want. I can tell you need me and want me so much. You are addicted to my sexy body from head to toe; you are in lust with me. My sexy legs and heels drive you crazy. You watch my every move and need me so badly. Don’t be sorry for wanting me. You want what you need. You need my Spanish cunt, and you can’t resist temptation. Get ready to get lost in my trance. You will forever be my prey. As soon as I get what I want, I am out for the good of course.

Ass Fetish

Ass Fetish

I know all about your ass fetish and would love to spend some time indulging you in it! I can show off my sexy legs and feet in some cute heels and a skirt that is way too short. Hell, I hardly even wear the thing in public! I can tease you by bending over and exposing my panty-less bottom and pull up my skirt to show you my round ass! You should get on your knees and worship it! Kiss it and massage it, make my cheeks jiggle while you play with it! I’ll bend over the counter and you can eat my ass and jerk yourself off while you do it. You’re such a dirty little pervert that you’ll get off while rimming my ass. Worship it well enough that when you’re ready to cum I’ll even let you shoot your hot load across my cheeks!

The family business

sexy chicksSexy chicks are always tempting. I have been brought along to take care of business. My husband knows I am an intricate part of the family affairs. I love working side by side by all the contractors. My husband has a team of powerful, skilled men. I like to evaluate them and have one on one meetings with the staff in my soundproof office. I get real acquainted and love seeing how they use their tools on me. Its all about quality control, after all. I am proud to say they know how to screw and drill and make great handymen. My husband has no idea how much it means to me to be able to put in my expertise in our family business.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesLet’s talk about a fetish that I know a you are really into, shall we?  Foot Fetishes are so hot! I love How much I get off with so hard during our feet calls! Let’s indulge your nylon and stocking fetishes as well shall we? Lovely feet and legs wrapped in silky material. Jack off on my legs and feet as I rub my soft kitty for you. Don’t you want these sexy feet and legs jerking you off? Foot worship is something that you will be doing to these beautiful legs and toes. Suck each toe right through my Pantyhose. Touching and tasting my sexy feet and legs makes your cock so hard. You will be leaking precum with me letting you lavish attention all over my lower body. But Don’t you worry I will take care of that cock! I will peel these hose right off and wrap them around your heavy cock and balls. Then I will use them jerk you off while I am sucking the tip of your cock! I know that feels so smooth and silky unlike any sensation you have ever felt on your cock and balls before! Come and let me be your sexy babe Tonight. I am waiting!


Tangled Up in You

Sexy legs

My God I love being tangled up in you. Bodies intertwined and hands exploring every inch of the other person. I love the feeling of your cock slowly sliding into my tight wet pussy while my sexy legs are wrapped around you. Bodies rocking together as you slowly, gently fuck me. The energy building as we kiss passionately. Getting more and more intense as you pick up the speed and begin to thrust into my cunt a little harder, a little deeper. My face pressed into your neck as I kiss and nibble and lick, hands held tightly around your back pulling you in closer to me. Our bodies are one as we fuck faster, deeper, harder until we reach that explosive climax together. Finally relaxing as we stay tight in each other’s embrace.

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