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I Want To Fuck You

Fantasy phone sexI want to fuck you so badly. And you know it. I know you fuck around on your wife. I don’t understand why you won’t fuck me. I know you say it is because I live right next door to close for comfort for you. But I think that is just a lame excuse. Not a good enough one to deny me what I want. I hate being denied. It makes me more determined to get what I want. I have had enough. I waited for your wife to leave for her Wednesday night book club gathering. Aka drinking with the girls night. I snuck in the back door. I know you hide a key under the gnome dressed like Elvis. I play with my pussy finger blasting myself right there in your breezeway. When you open the door I will be the first thing you see. And I can’t wait for you to get home so I can ravish you. I am not waiting for you any longer I am taking what I want. You are not going to deny me anymore. I hear your car. I get excited. My pussy is very wet my fingers are soaked. I hear the rattling of the keys in the door. You walk in and flip on the lights and bam I am what you see. My legs spread wide. 3 of my fingers pushing in and out of my twat. And my boobs out bouncing for you. I see your bulge trying to rip through your pants. But yet you still try to deny me. No not tonight big boy. Tonight you belong to me. I take control seducing you making you mine for the night. And many more nights to come.

7 Rings

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex is the best. I am a hot sexy Spanish slut who happens to have equally yummy friends. My girls and I get together. We live a life most would only dream of and we tend to get out of the house for a girls night out once in a while. We all have cucks for husbands Men with big bank accounts but small dicks. We all crave big black dicks, and we get them. Little by little, we have let the cat out of the bag.

All of our husbands know very well that we sit around and burn them. We laugh at their misery and can’t get enough of what losers they are. We have all been planning a cuck party for a while now. All 7 of us got together and brought over our significant others. They were in for quite a night. Our special guest was the local college basketball boys. All tall dark and handsome and most importantly, Well hung! That’s the way we roll.  One by one they made it in. We weren’t only going to fuck these boys. We were going to humiliate our little dick worthless husbands and boyfriends. Seven rings all lined up. Cock rings, of course, We each put them on them and couldn’t contain our laughs. The look of defeat was priceless. My sexy chicks and I got fucked till we could barely walk. Our husbands couldn’t even jerk til the very end — complete humiliation.


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Two cocks in one hole

Sexy phone sex

I invited two of my friends with benefits over at the same time. I sent them a sexy picture of me and they both couldn’t wait to get there and have me on my knees for them. I as already waiting for them totally nude when they came inside. I took both of their big cocks and alternated between sucking and blowing one while stroking the other one. They both wanted to pound my pussy at the same time, they were too hard to take turns, so they both managed to squeeze their big cocks into my tight little pussy. My pussy had never felt so full and well fucked than when they were both balls inside of my cunt sawing in and out. I rubbed my clit and squirted all over them before they both started to pulse and throb and give me a huge double creampie that left my pussy gaping open.

Legs For Days

Sexy legsWhat is that new saying now? As fuck? Yes! That is exactly it.  I was in the grocery store this morning and a younger man said that my legs were sexy As Fuck.  He used the abbreviation though.  He also told me he liked my heels and my stockings, so I knew I was talking to a leg, stocking and foot fetish man.  Three of my favorite things.  I told him that he didn’t look all that bad himself.  He laughed. 

He then told me that I reminded him of his Aunt Patricia.  I told him I hoped that that was a good thing, he said it was.  I kept catching him off and on as I walked the grocery aisles looking at my legs.  He would smile, then I would smile back.  I really wanted to take him in the back, into the bathroom and have some fun.

I was thinking I could have him sit on a box, then just lift my leg up to place the ball of my foot onto his thigh.  I would allow him to rub his face and hands over my stockings, he could even lick my heels if he wanted.  I find that a little bit sexy honestly.  Then I could lean back on the bar as he slips my shoes off to run his warm mouth over the bottom of my foot.  At the end I might even let him keep my stockings for a memento of the occasion.

I was so deep in thought and working up the fantasy of it all that ran into someone with my cart.  I said I was sorry, they said it was alright but I think I really hurt them.  On my way out of the store I was really hoping that he would show up while I was putting everything into my car.  He did not.  Shame really, I think we could of had an amazing time together.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I have sexy feet and I enjoy showing them off. I have no problem encouraging a man with a foot fetish. My girlfriends and I were out last night at a dance club. Earlier in the day, we got spa treatments, which included pedicures. It was a warm night for January, so I wore strappy sandals instead of boots. The security guy at the club had MILF fever. He followed us around all night. He was reserved, didn’t say much, but he didn’t take his eyes off our feet. I knew what was going on. Finally, I was like enough is enough. I whispered in his ear if he wanted a foot job. He got an instant boner. He was not like most men with a foot fetish. He had a nice cock. He just liked feet as well as pussy. He took me to the security room. I had no idea it was there because it looks like a mirror on the wall, but I guess it was like cop stations. It was a 2-way mirror so he could monitor what was going on in the club. I sat in a chair with a bird’s eye view of the club while I wrapped my feet around his 8 -inch cock. I enjoyed watching people dance while my feet caressed his thick boner. His cock felt good against my newly polished feet. He came quickly. He said he forced himself to cum that quickly because he had to get back to work. Maybe that was true, or maybe it was the power of my sexy feet. He gave me a VIP pass to use for the future, so I never have to wait to get into the club. He loves a sexy babe with equally sexy feet. I like a man with connections and a big cock. It was a win-win for us both.

Teasing Ready Ramona

Fantasy phone sex I need you! I saw you today washing your truck with your shirt off. I swear you were out there just to tease the fuck out of me. The way you were bending over letting me see that tight fucking ass. You know I was watching you and finger blasting my cunt. My eyes glued to your body watching you get all wet. Then I watched you walk inside and the show was over. I was not done and very upset. But Ready Ramona always gets what she wants! I snuck in your back door knowing you always keep it unlocked. And I made myself comfortable right on your living room floor. When you come popping around the corner you see me there spread wide open for you my cunt nice and juicy. I have a smirk on my face. And you pounce on me like white on rice. Nobody teases Ramona!

Chemistry Class

Erotic roleplaying

I have a very close friend who teaches Chemistry on a College level.  I do not get to see her often due to her very busy schedule.  She invited me for a girls night but I would have to pick her up from work.  That was not a problem for me, but finding a god damned parking spot was.  What the hell Colleges? Make more parking spaces!  I thought I was late, however, I was early.  I made my way to her room, and sat down in the back.  She started the class and then she saw me.  She introduced me to the class and everyone said, “Hello.”

I have to admit there were some very yummy snacks in that room.  One of those snacks were sitting across the aisle from me and kept looking at me and smiling.  I was cordial and smiled back.  I was thinking more about the night ahead then anything else.  The last time we had a girls night we almost went to jail.  It was an extremely fun night!

All of a sudden I heard her say, “Mr. Dalton!  If you would kindly pay attention to me and not our guest’s legs it would be greatly appreciated.”  They all turned around to look at the young man who was across the aisle from me.  He didn’t blush, he just apologized and from what I saw didn’t look my way again through the rest of the class.  After the class was over she walked back to me and gave me a hug.  She said she had to get her stuff from the office and she would meet me at my car.  I told her where I was parked and left the room.

Mr. Dalton was standing outside the building, I put my sunglasses on and smiled at him.  I started to walk to my car, he caught up with me and was actually trying to pick me up!  I told him I was old enough to be his young grandmother.  He laughed, he took my phone from my hand and put his number into it.  He said if I ever wanted to meet up for drinks, or something other than drinks to give him a call.  I have to say I was so giddy knowing that someone his age found me attractive.  I just might give him a call, just to see what happens.

Training session

sexy legsMy new trainer was working hard with me to make my sexy legs, and this hot body stays rock hard. I wasn’t expecting him to come on over so early and I was indulging in some porn. I was horny and willing. When we started stretching, I think he noticed my wet spot on my yoga pants. I threw the first ones I could find. I wasn’t prepared. I saw the grin on his face and had a bold move and decided to kiss him. I saw his dick was rock hard and I knew he wanted to work my body out more than ever. I couldn’t stop myself, and I went ahead and had him come to my room. It was so exhilarating to have him fuck me in my husband’s bed.

Suck my toes while you fuck me

Foot fetishes

Want to hear a secret? Few things get me hotter than when a man sucks on my toes. If you want to make me squeal and wriggle underneath you while you fuck me, the key is to suck on my toes. I want to place my ankles on your shoulders while you stand above me with your hard cock inside of me. As you thrust in and out of me, I want you to take each of my toes into your mouth and suck them. Run your tongue from the base of my heel to the tip of my big toe, flicking it on the soft delicate skin of the soles of my feet. This sends me into ecstasy, and sends chills throughout my body. I arch my back as you suck on my sensitive and polished toes. I cum hard as you suck and nibble on them. It feels so good that I beg for you to fuck me harder and cum inside me. “Cum in me,” I whisper into your ear over and over as you thrust in and out of me. I feel you bury yourself deep inside of me and then feel your cock begin to pulse and throb as you fill me up with your seed. I lay back, satisfied and panting.

Latina lust

sexy legsMy friends boyfriend couldn’t keep his eyes away from me. I had to have a piece of him. I was noticing how big his rock hard was and I needed him deep inside me.

I wasn’t going to make it so obvious. I slipped him my number and waited less than a few hours. He wanted to hang out with me that very same night. I wore the hottest out fit I could find. My sexy legs and tight ass were to die for. I invited big dick rick inside.

I told him we weren’t going to behave. It had been at least three hours and my cunt was aching for his rock hard cock. I knew he was going to be such a great fuck and I was ready to get his cock and cum. I can keep secrets after all.

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