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Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I can always spot a foot dude too. Usually, I will indulge him if he is handsome.  I went shoe shopping yesterday. I started the morning off with a pedicure, so I would have pretty feet for the shoe stores. I was walking around the mall when I realized I had an admirer. I wasn’t immediately aware that he was a foot guy. When he followed me into the shoe store and stared at my feet, I knew for sure. I crossed my legs continually, bringing attention to my feet. His eyes followed my freshly pedicured feet. I had him hooked. I signaled him over. He looked wealthy by his attire and Rolex watch. His watch cost half of my teacher’s salary I was sure. He looked like the kind of man I could strike a deal with, so I did. Buy my shoes and get a private showing at home. He ate that deal up. Honestly, I thought he was foaming at the mouth with excitement. He didn’t blink an eye when I racked up a $3,500 shoe bill. I have a shoe fetish. I am the kind of woman who buys shoes to match every outfit. When we got back to my place, I modeled every pair I had while he stroked his cock. I was surprised by how large his dick was for a fetish guy. I was happy to watch him masturbate for me. I did more than that, however. I let him cum on my feet. His hot jizz ran through my toes. It felt amazing. I gave him a footjob too. I took a sexy ass pic of his cock in between my pretty feet. I know I am too old to be a sugar baby, but this guy was loaded, submissive and had a big cock. He doesn’t want to fuck me sadly. He is married. I told him if he keeps me in pretty shoes, he can have a footjob whenever he wants.

A Sub Or A Dominatrix

Domination phone sexI could not imagine being a sub for a man or another woman. I love being in control. I love having my cake and eat it too. I love having sissy boys for all my wants and needs. I love a sissy boy to clean my house and another for him to hand over his paycheck. I need one for humiliating and that special one to fuck me just the way I like. I am the princess. I am the one in charge. My way is the only way. My way is the right way even when my way is the wrong way. Now, why would I want to be a sub and take the orders instead of getting my way? Why would I worry about someone else’s happiness and not my own? Does that make sense to you? Because it does not make sense to me.

It’s Up To Me If You Erupt

Tease And DenialI know I have a very beautiful body that is hard to resist. I love dressing up in my sexy little outfits and teasing the hell out of men. I love seeing a tent pitch and even telling them to rub it a little, some try to get carried away but I won’t let them. No guy can come unless I say so, I know that look in your eyes is so frustrating when you have all that yummy cream built up and you just want to erupt but a beauty like me stands in your way. I love building up with a nice lick job and then letting you go soft and then coming over with my smooth, long legs and just barely letting your tongue touch them and then reaching down and stroking that nice hard dick you have. I love shaking my perfectly round small bum in your face and taking my panties off real slow and dangle them right over your nose so you can smell this pretty princess. I get down and rub my bald teen pussy and I come but I still won’t let you and poor thing you have all this pre cum oozing. Should I be nice and let you explode? Call me and let’s see!

BDK babes in Bimini

sexy babe

sexy chicks

I was so excited to hear that my best friend got sugar baby of the year. I love how BDK spoils us. I couldn’t believe how Papi king made sure Lena and I both were well taken care of and sent for me on the most luxurious private plane money can buy. Papi king gave us a nice coach bag to hold some cash in but to hold the jewels he gave us a one of a kind Hermes Birkin bag. Most sugar babies only dream of having a Birky. Our BDK makes things happen and shows us all the finer things in life. We were popping bubbly we loved that dom perigon. Lena and I were a bit buzzed, but we always keep it classy sexy and we make sure our BDK is feeling the king he is, We had to brag about us being in Bimini Bahamas. We stayed at a 5-star resort and made our Papi feel so comfortable. The anaconda couldn’t contain itself. It has a mind of its own. Two sexy chicks in custom Versace bikini’s with our BDK’S initials had anaconda ready to play. Lena and I both dropped to our knees and begun to tease that anaconda. Our custom BDK tongue rings were made to massage that yummy anaconda. It wasn’t long before we got our fair share of that billion dollar nut sauce. Premium sugar babies for the best Papi ever. 









Naughty latina

sexy chicks \s My best friend Mercedes is a hot latina. I enjoy sexy chicks. You know what they say about guys with small dicks they can make women become a lesbian. I mean for the utmost part I’m pretty bi, but I enjoy dick more than anything. Once in a while, I like to fuck a hottie too. My friend Mercedes is a hot slut who knows what to do to get my twat ready to cum. I can’t help but bring my toys to our rendezvous and have a damn sexy time. We both enjoy scissoring and eating our shaved cunnies till we are dripping all over the place. I am sure always to spread her pretty legs and work my tongue and give her some sweet kisses right on that lovely pussy. I have fucked Mercedes in front of my ex too. He wasn’t happy about it. I mean why would I not fuck a hot chick. I’d rather suck and play with a real clit rather than a man clit. I want big dicks if not I get bored and move on to the next eye candy.

Sugar baby of the year

Sexy hot womenAs everyone knows, Big Daddy King only keeps the most sexy hot women in the whole wide world on his big strong arms and that’s why I am his main spoiled princess. The two of us are the hottest sugar daddy/sugar baby duo that anyone has ever seen so naturally we were invited to be the very special guests of honor for the evening to the annual Sugar Baby awards gala. BDK and I got all dolled up and dressed to the nines, but looking like a ten… Big Daddy thinks I’m a solid 11 though as always, hehe. We looked fly and flashy as fuck but what’s new!! I was dripping in diamonds and he looked amazing in his custom-made designer suit. I was receiving the very prestigious sugar baby of the year award and Big Daddy was set to receive the lifetime achievement award for being the best sugar daddy that this planet has ever seen! BDK and his regal anaconda have gone from the living legend award to the lifetime achievement award, I am so proud of him and he deserves it all! Together we are the sugar couple of the year and they even gave us a separate award for that as well. I loved showing off our relationship to everyone that was sitting in the crowd and of course you know I was streaming that shit on Instagram live so that all of my fans and haters alike could witness me and BDK accept our well-deserved achievements. After the ceremony, Daddy King and I took a limo straight to the airport and hopped on our gold-encrusted private plane so that we could jet off to the Bahamas to celebrate. Everyone bows down to us and rolls out the red carpet wherever we go, that’s the privilege of being the most prestigious sugar daddy and sugar baby in the universe! I got on Instagram live again while we flew off to paradise and told everyone how my Daddy is a living legend and now he has yet another award under his belt to prove so! I gave BDK’s throbbing anaconda kisses from tip to balls and sucked all over him until he exploded his millionaire cum all over my pretty face! I love being property of Big Daddy King! #BadBitchesOnly #MillionaireCum #LivingLegends #SugarDaddyOfTheYear #SugarBabyOfTheYear #NoSplendaDaddysAllowed

Ready for him

Best phone sex  I want hot ass sex all the time. If I could get it I would. I am hungry for balls and cock slapping me in my face. In the office about three weeks ago .. three weeks to long I was at my desk and a co worker emailed me dirty talking me. Telling me he want his dick to be squeezed by my pussy. I had to tell him that I wanted it. I have been looking at him for months. He just so happened to trust me and know that I would never tell his wife. We have been dirty talking and emailing back and forth. It hasn’t happened yet. But, I know it will sometime soon. I send him sexy half naked pictures of me every day. I am hoping its good and worth the wait. Would you wait ?

Turn you on

Lesbian phone sex

  My little boy toy an I really wanted my co worker/ friend to enjoy a night with us. He has been telling me how much it would turn him on if he watched us get dolled up and dress up. So, I told her that she would love to hook up with us. We would only make her feel so amazing and cum. We took her out for dinner and we came back home a little drunk and ready to fuck. She was acting so natural and so into it. She kissed me and it took off. I started undressing her and ate her pussy out real slow at first. we put on a damn good show for David. Then he bent us over and shoved his cock in out wet pussies. My girl took it like champ. We all fucked each other and she looks over at me after we finished and said this has to happen again.

Stroke Your Cock To My Legs

Sexy LegsI love that I have sexy legs and that men gravel at my feet trying to hope they get a piece of this ten out of ten body I have been told. And that is why I have a couple sugar daddies who pay a very high premium to keep this sexy young lady happy. I love that I have that power to snap my fingers and get everything I want especially sexually, I love showing off my legs and even have dabbled at amatuer modeling. I love when a guy is eating my pretty pink bald pussy and he is holding onto my stems and it gets him even harder how lean and smooth they are. I love making guys stroke their cock while they kiss up my legs and get pounded from behind because I know i love the view of myself.

mutual doings

Mutual masturbation stories  

 My neighbor loves to just come over and watch me play with myself. His cock is so small he jacks it off with two fingers while he watches me. It just turns me on so much being looked at while I finger fuck my pussy hole. He even slaps my face wile he is watching. My pussy then begins to drip more and more. After I cum I suck his little tiny penis. its so small it makes me laugh but, I love it. Cock control is so much fun I enjoy laughing at him and playing with my pussy. When you call me I’ll be playing with my pussy to your voice and you will stroke your cock to mine. What ever you want I got

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