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Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherHe paid his favorite naughty teacher a visit today during office hours. He didn’t have an appointment, but no college stud needs an appointment to see me if he has a big cock. He is in my human sexuality morning class and had some questions. He told me he thought something was wrong with him because women don’t want to fuck him. I thought the problem was that he had a small dick. Most women, even coeds, will find a nice excuse as to why they can’t fuck a guy if he has a tiny package. Rick’s problem was the opposite. He had a big dick. A cock that likely scared off coeds who want to keep their tight pink pussy. A mature woman like me, wants to be stretched out. The older women get, the bigger they like their cocks. Once I new what the problem was, I had to show him that there was nothing wrong with him. His esteem needed boosting and my pussy needed a big hard cock. We fucked on my office desk, which lately has become quite the stage for me. We were in the middle of a hot ass fuck, when he asked about anal sex. I so wanted to make an ass sex porn with my hung student. I let him slip his cock up my ass and he grunted like a pig when he entered me. It was a guttural sound; the sound of a boy totally in the throws of passion. I was enjoying his cock just as much. I was surprised our sexy moaning noises weren’t heard in the hallways. I was enjoying his cock so much, I fucked right through my next class. By my third class, I was walking funny and had cum running down my legs. I love the college life.

ass sex porn

I kissed a girl

sexy chicks

Well, I did much more than kiss a girl. It wasn’t even planned. I grew a crush on my brother’s girlfriend. We clicked, and I like sexy chicks so hanging out with her made me want to fuck her even more. One day I felt brave after a couple of glasses of wine and went for it I knew she found me sexy and she would always make comments on what a hot latina I was. I made my move and wished I had done it sooner. I got her pussy off with my tongue and fingers. Caressing her body and getting her ready to climax was all that I wanted. I licked her perfect pussy, and she did mines. I enjoyed scissoring her till she moaned in bliss. I’m sure my brother hasn’t made her cum this hard ever. 

Office Cuck

Cuckold Phone Sex

Today I went to my sugar daddy’s office in the city. I needed some sexual release and money for shopping. To my surprise, his tight little wifey was also there waiting for him. It was so awkward, but I couldn’t help but check out her tight little ass and big tits. She rolled her eyes when his secretary told us he was in a meeting, so I just decided to get up and go inside his office anyway. She followed me instantly demanding to know who the fuck I thought I was. I simply smirked and told her it was so rude of him to keep us waiting and that I decided that I was going to fuck his wife. She gasped really loud and began blushing. Now usually, I don’t after my various sugar daddies’ wives, but I was already getting really hot and bothered.

I decided to pull out the huge strap-on that I knew he kept in his desk for our play dates and ordered her to strip naked and bend over. Her tight little asshole was just on display just begging for a fuck. I began licking it up and getting it nice and wet with spit, rolling my tongue back and forth between her sweet asshole and mature pussy. She was moaning and grunting really loud. I thrusted my 10 inch strap-on into her gorgeous ass over and over and over again. Her screams were heard by everyone in the office.

Should have seen the look on his face when he walked in and I was there nailing his wife on his desk, he’s now the office cuck.

Foot jobs, sex ect.

Foot fetishes   My obsession with footjobs and guys who love feet all began since I was little. I saw a porn with a girl giving a guy with a large fucking cock a sexy footjob. Ever since I have fantasized about talking to a man with the same fetish. All these years I would pretend I was getting my feet touched and massaged. Oils, and more oils over my soft small feet. In between my toes, and all over my heels. I would even imagine every time I was getting a pedicure that I could stroke his cock in the salon. With that being said I noticed one of the temps at my job was giving footjobs under the meeting table. They thought I hadn’t noticed. But, I had. I calmy peaked my head on them one day. The temp giving my boss sexual favors. “I want to join” softly. I told them about my little fetish turns out its the same as theirs. I ot undressed and let them take over. They lathered me down with oils and lotions. My feet covered their bodies, and mouths. I got to stroke and smile. This was so much better then what I imagined.

The first visit is always quick

phone sex therapy

I know that you were nervous about your first appointment for phone sex therapy. When I sat next to you and started stroking on your cock through your jeans you started sweating from being nervous. I took my blazer off revealing just my white lacey bra. Finally, you relaxed and your dick got even harder.  I just couldn’t contain myself when I saw it grow even bigger I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it hard. Using one of my hands to spin around your cock while I was sucking on it is what it start to throb. I wasn’t stopping now I was just about to get the best thing next to money from you. Yes, darling, I am talking about that creamy delicious cum.


Playing Dress Up

Forced feminization

I met Gregory ages ago, he was friend’s with my then Husband.  When he asked me out to dinner I said yes, he is a very handsome man, retired, a widower, and very well educated.  I really enjoy the younger men, but I also enjoy a very educated older man.  We had good conversation, a fabulous meal, then spent time laughing over after dinner drinks.  When he took me back to my house I already knew I was going to invite him in.  

We ended up in my bedroom, I excused myself to freshen up before we fucked.  When I came out of the bathroom I caught him holding one of my bustiers up to himself as he looked in my full length mirror.  I stood there a little shocked, he was twisting his body side to side, I think that if I hadn’t come into the room right then he may have tried it on.  I cleared my throat, he dropped the bustier.  I asked him what he thought he was doing, he said nothing.  

He made a move toward the bed but I stopped him.  I walked over to where he had dropped the bustier and told him to pick it up.  He made a fuss, grabbed his clothes saying that this whole situation was ridiculous.  I told him to pick it up with a sterner tone.  He just looked at me.  I sat down in my chair and said it again, never taking my eyes off of him.  He put his clothes down and picked up the bustier.  I told him to put it on.  He was shaking as he struggled to put it on.  I told him to grab a pair of my stockings and to put them on as well.  His cock was rock hard.  He asked me if he looked pretty, I started to smile.

I asked him if Greggy was a sissy.  He giggled.  Oh this was going to be fun, and it was.  I turned him into such a little sissy slut that night.  When we were done playing I told him that they only way he could leave is if he left in the lingerie.  It took some doing but that is just what he did.  He told me that he bought some things that would actually fit him correctly and wanted to know if we could set up a play date again.  I told him that I look forward to it.  

Daddy is gonna get what he deserves

princess phone sexI got out of class a little early and decided to head for home instead of usually hanging with friends. I wasn’t sure why, but I had a gut feeling something was going on at home. I got home, and the front door was unlocked; my step-daddy’s car was in the driveway. He was supposed to be at work. Noise became more noticeable as I walked inside the house toward our living room. I could hear an unfamiliar deep voice shouting, “Take it bitch, take it!” over and over and the sound of my step-daddy moaning. I tiptoed inside and peered around the corner to see him bent over the coffee table taking a big fat black cock deep in his ass. I didn’t recognize the man, he was a stranger, but he was well built and staring at that cock I could feel my panties getting wet. Before I knew it, I was fingering myself as I pressed against the wall sneaking peeks at them. The man let out a shout as I saw his body convulse a little; right at the same time I watched my step-daddy’s dick jizz all over the coffee table. I bit my lips to try to keep quiet as I started cumming myself. As fun as it was, the dark little thought crept into my head about how much fun I was going to have now that I knew this naughty little secret.

This is what makes my pussy purr

cuckold phone sex

I love fucking you in front of my husband. The more you make me cum the better my shopping trip will be. I enjoy my real job as a therapist but all work and no play make Ginger a dull girl. For many years now I have been manipulating my husband with his cuckold fetishes. He has never satisfied me, how could he with that little Vienna sausage of a cock he is holding. Meeting random guys like you at the bar are what my weekends are full of. I’m glad you didn’t see him sitting there at first, once my mouth wrapped around your dick you couldn’t focus anywhere else regardless. Watching my hubby face when I squirted all over you at the same time you exploded inside of me was phenomenal.

Naughty Teacher Office Hours

naughty teacherHave naughty teacher fantasies? I bet I have lived many of your fantasies. I got into teaching, so I could have easier access to men half my age. Everyone woman knows when she hits her sexual peak in her late 30s and early 40s that she needs a guy half her age. I always pick male student assistants. Every semester a new student with a hard cock drills my pussy and ass daily in my office. Yesterday, a former stud assistant paid me a visit. He was missing my mature pussy. He said I ruined him for coeds. I hear that all the time. I also gave him an ass fetish, which is something else I hear often. I have a nice ass. And, I love a cock in it. Not just any cock, however. I am a cock size queen. I want an 8 inch plus cock up my ass. Trey has 8.5 inches of stud meat that I taught him how to use. I love that after a few years his cock still aches for me. I was happy to entertain him for an hour in my office. I bent over my big oak desk and told him to fuck me. He licked my ass and pussy before he started to pump slowly into me. My cunt was dripping wet from having his cock inside me again. Other students were waiting for my office hours, but all I could think about was getting that young big cock.


phone sex therapy

When you walk into my office I know we will both be left smiling and exhausted. Your dick is hard as fuck when you walk in. I start kissing it through your boxers so when I pull them down your huge schlong smacks me right in the face. I can’t help that I love the way that it feels bouncing off my cheeks. Opening wide because of how big you are I take your entire cock into my mouth and let it glide down my throat. Fucking my face until Your just about to cum, then you bend me over my desk. Lifting my skirt for you so that you can plow right in my juicy wet crotch. Letting all of your creamy goodness release inside of me.

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