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Cocksucking phone sex

cocksucking phone sexI love Cocksucking phone sex, but let’s get one thing straight because it’s not the cocksucking most guys are used to. I am not here to make you laugh, I am here to make you cry! You are my personal cuckold, the one that I get to force to suck the same cocks that have just been completely stuffed into my pussy. I love to laugh and laugh as they struggle to fit a cock of this size into their pathetic mouths. They are constantly trying to say no, but their cock is hard as a rock so how on earth could I ever take him seriously if he gets off on me fucking other men and making him be the cleanup cuck. So amusing to me and so humiliating to him to know that he isn’t good enough to fuck me but he can taste my cum on their cocks and their cum in my pussy. My pathetic cock sucking cuck!

Milf phone sex

milf phone sex

All of the hot young studs, on my step son’s football team, have been coming over to hang out with him. I like to dress in my shortest skirts and low cut tops to tease them. I love teasing young cocks and watching them try to hide their hard cocks. I will walk through the house in my bra and panties and claim I didn’t know they were over for a visit. My step son doesn’t mind at all because he loves to watch my sexy, tight body and stare at my perfect, perky titties. Once, after all of his friends left, I was really turned on from watching them practice in the yard. I called him inside and told him that I needed help moving something in my room. When he got to my room, I pulled him over to the bed and laid him back as I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. He didn’t even try to fight back as I sucked his young, hard cock. He had such a nice cock and I sucked him long and hard. I swallowed every drop of his cum and told him that next time I want him and one of his friends inside of me, at the same time.

Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

I had the best and hottest, sexy phone chat today. The guy I was talking to was so sexy and wild! He told me all about how he wanted me to put my tight, wet pussy on his face and grind on him until I squirt all over! I couldn’t help but to get really excited as I heard him stroking his huge, hard cock on the other end of the phone. I started to play with my clit and slowly slide two fingers into my pretty pink slit. The way he was breathing so deep and gasping softly between breaths, really had me hot! I love hearing a guy jerk his hard cock for me. Knowing that he’s thinking of ramming that huge cock into me is such a turn on! I kept telling him that I wanted to feel him inside of me and how bad I wanted him to fill me with his cum over and over. I gave him my address and I’m sitting here, playing with my soaking wet pussy and waiting for him to come play with me.

Tease and denial phone sex

Tease and denial phone sexAs the Goddess I am I find it often my place be the best Tease and denial phone sex queen out there. There are so many men that think they have a chance with me, and it just makes me laugh! There’s no harm in stringing some of them along as long as he has a lot of presents to give me. I love to tease, make them want me more than anything in his entire life. I get all dolled up, daily. Smooth legs and pussy flawless hair and makeup, whore clothes that show off my perfect and amazing body. Yes, I workout. I love to make them think I would ever allow their measly cocks touch me, so funny, isn’t it? I work my body in front of them to show them what they want to have so badly, only once they’re nice and close it’s time for me to let them know they’ve been denied! Tease and denial, as fine as it comes baby.

Erotic Roleplaying Student Teacher

erotic roleplayingI love erotic roleplaying.  Often, art imitates life in the bedroom for me. I have a new lover. He found out I am a professor and his mind went wild with role play ideas. He is younger than me, but older than a college boy. I think he said he was 31. We met at the gym a couple weeks ago and have been fucking ever since. It is a friends with benefits relationship. It works for us both. He saw my Ph.D. framed in my office the other night and asked if I was a professor. He had a major crush on a college professor when he was at UCLA. She was not the naughty teacher I am, at least she was not with him. I was happy to spice up an already hot sex life. He dressed to look younger. I dressed like I was teaching a class not fucking a boy toy. I put my glasses on too. He loved that. We pretended he wanted extra-credit to keep his scholarship. I arranged for him to eat the teacher’s pussy and fuck her on her desk, so he could keep his football scholarship. Little does my boy toy know that I am making all sorts of special arrangements just like his fantasy.

Foot fetishes

foot fetishes

I have a new interest in foot fetishes. I think it would be so sexy for a man to lick and suck on my toes and I stroke his cock and tell him how good he’s making my little toes feel. I would love to rub my feet all over a mans cock and get him to cum using just my sexy arches. I have such cute feet and I always get compliments on my pretty toes. I think it would be a perfect match to find a guy who with a foot fetish to let me rub my feet all over his face and drive him crazy while I stroke his cock. I would love for him to smell my toes and tell me how sweet they smell after being in my high heels all day at the office.  Iwalk around all day so they are all sweaty and aching when I get home. I would love to have a guy rub them and worship them.

Best Phone Sex Teacher

best phone sexI always tell guys the best phone sex is with a mature woman. I mean it too. Now that school is back in session full-time, I am seeing young coeds and fraternity boys daily. I am like a fat brat in a candy store on a college campus. I want one of everything. My classes are filled with a lot of young studs. This semester, I have my pick of the litter for teacher’s pet. I am still auditioning students. Right now, I am in between a cute coed and a sexy young Australian exchange student for the pet of the semester. The coed is in the best sorority on campus. She has a sweet tasting cunt. And she is bisexual with mommy issues. I sometimes get calls to be a phone sex mommy, so if some hot piece of ass wants to eat my pussy all semester, I am in. She can even call me mommy as she eats my cunt. The lad is sexy because of his accent. He also has a sizable cock for an 18-year-old boy. Handsome and brooding in a young Russell Crowe sort of way. I had just finished eating the coed’s cunt when I got pounded by the hot exchange student. Maybe I can have two teachers pets. I am in charge after all. 

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex takes different forms. Some guys are cuckolds in the sense that they just want their wives to have lovers. They know that they are too sexually inadequate to take care of their spouse’s sexual needs. And some cuckolds are more about the cocks their wives are taking. They want to fluff the cock for their wives. They want to lick the creampie out of their wives’ pussies. They even want to get fucked and humiliated by their wives’ hung lovers. Which kind of cuckold are you? I love cucks. I don’t fuck cucks, but I groom them. I help them be the best cuckolds they can be for their wives and for themselves. I am a phone sex therapist. I specialize in sexual dysfunction, small dick shame and cuckolding. Many men want to be cuckolds but don’t know how to get their wives on board. Some men have small dicks and just don’t know what to do to help their wives get sexual satisfaction. And some men just don’t even know yet that they are incapable of pleasing women. That is my cue. I want to help you help your wife get the sexual pleasure she deserves because women cum first.

CFNM: A Sexy Phone Chat

sexy phone chat

Clothed Female Naked male teasing id such a fucking fun sexy phone chat. Your fully clothes and being teased by the sexiest Coed bitch around. Your cock is jumping I can see it. I giggle and pronounce around showing you my tiny panties. I might even brush across your swollen cock head.  Beg me to touch it. More and more I have you on uneven ground as you are vulnerable to my young teasing. My legs play pick a boo as I allow you to slow stroke it for me.  I see that glistening pre cum.  It really doesn’t matter what size your cock is. You are being edge and teased until you think I am a stone-cold heartless bitch. My sweet tight pussy is wet and needing attention. I pull my panties to the side so you may taste my pussy and long stroke.  You ask in a whisper if you may cum. I tell you to go to the bathroom and cum in private in your own same. You hear my vibrator and me softly moaning as you are dismissed.

GFE phone sex

Naughty Teacher Farah Needs a Teacher’s Pet

naughty teacher Naughty teacher Farah is happy to be back to school full time again. I only teach 3 days a week, but I am on campus recruiting my next teacher’s pet. I think I found one on Friday. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany. He is rugged looking, built like a linebacker, smart and has a sexy accent that makes my cunt wet when he talks. He was the first student to stop by my office hours during the first week of classes. I think he is sweet on me already. He speaks English fine, just with a German accent. We were able to communicate. He told me has always had a teacher / student fantasy. I love erotic roleplaying in the bedroom. Why not in my office too? I mean, he really is my student and I am his teacher. I told him the terms of being the teacher’s pet and he wanted the job. I sat on my big cherry oak desk with my legs spread and he practiced his oral skills. I don’t know what they teach over in Germany, but my guess was expert cunt licking. My toes were curling. My body was shaking. And I was squirting. Week one and I already have a teacher’s pet!

erotic roleplaying

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