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Let me make you happy

best phone sexI am so happy to give you the best phone sex money can buy. We always have such an amazing fucking time together. I think it’s because we are so like-minded. We are both secure in our wants and desires. Knowing what turns me on helps me to get your dick hard. The fact that I actually enjoy giving head makes me a pro at it. You never argue when my mouth is wrapped around your massive cock. Thrusting your hips and guiding my head with your hand lets me know just how much you are enjoying it. Don’t you worry sweetie I’m not stopping until you unleash all of your hot creamy load into my mouth. I just love the way you taste babe.

My husbands younger brother

ass fetish

My husband was telling me that he needed to bring over one of his brothers. I was very irritated and didn’t like the idea; I hated the fact that his brother was such a bum. I have heard stories, but I’ve never met him. I knew he was about 22 and such a troublemaker. I knew he was going to be around the house not doing a thing.

Knowing he would be a fly on the wall present for all my rendezvous had me nervous. I was frustrated I knew it was going to put a damper on my plans.

When I was introduced to him, I saw something I didn’t think I’d see, my husband’s younger brother was everything he wasn’t.
He was handsome, and I could already tell he was well hung.

The chemistry was instant I was already wet as can be within seconds of meeting him.
To my surprise we hit it off, he was quite the Joker and told me all about his ass fetish.

I could tell he liked what he saw because he couldn’t stop checking me out since the moment he stepped in the front door.

When my husband was gone one morning, I would soon realize the extent of it. I woke up to someone pulling my panties down, and just going down on me.

I honestly thought it was my husband using his pathetic charm on me, the only way my husband knows how to get me off is with him eating my pussy, so I assumed it was him, but then I saw that it was his brother.

I couldn’t deny that I was wet as can be even if I did tell me to stop he would call me out. I let him finish up, and then I gave him a return because honestly, I just imagined his big beautiful cock in my mouth. You can imagine how much fun we had whenever my husband would be out the door from then on.

House calls

best phone sexSometimes I have been known to make a house call when necessary. My bedside reputation does have quite the reputation. I like being able to comfort my patients from the comfort of their own homes. Laying them flat on their back crawling between their leg. Watching their cocks start to rise knowing that my mouth is coming for it. My pussy gets wet when I take him into my mouth and he moans out as his back arches slightly off the bed. As I go further and further down on his cock and I can taste the pre-cum slipping out of the tip.Tastes good too. I never leave anyone unsatisfied either. I swallow all that hot creamy load. Leaving behind another satisfied client.

Docs Rewards

mature phone sex   This my favorite time of year. I have many dress jackets like this one I’m wearing now. I wear them to work quite frequently because of the ease and seductiveness of taking them off. I love walking around from behind my desk slowly unbuttoning my jacket from the bottom up. I walk towards which ever client needs my services that day. That always works to make a soft cock rise to attention. More often than not I am wearing crotchless underwear and I can just go straddle him as he sits in the chair. Watching my ass still in pink thongs and garter as I’m riding your hard dick makes them cum deep inside of me. I love the feeling as it slips out of me throughout my day. Kind of a reward for me.

I’ll Take Care Of You, Baby

GFE phone sex

When your cock is hard and you need a sweet and kinky girl to spend some time with, then come to me for the GFE phone sex you really need. I’m a total sweetheart and I want to make you feel so good, baby. Let me take such good care of you. I’ll take my time and let you take all the stress of your hard day out while I suck your cock deep down my throat. I want to make you feel so good, baby. My hands, mouth, ass, and pussy will be all yours for the taking. You know that I can never say no to you. Anything you want, it’s yours. Let me make you cum for me, baby. I’ll massage your balls and stroke out every last drop of that creamy warm cum all over my pretty little face. I’ll take your load where ever you want me to. I’m here to please you and make you cum for me, baby.

Millionaire facials from Big Daddy King

2 girl phone sexBig Daddy King had some super naughty 2 girl phone sex with me and my sexy latina mami Loretta. My living legend has been working his ass off overseas, closing multi-million dollar deals and expanding his businesses immensely.. he works very hard to make bank and keep his sexy princess spoiled as fuck! I wanted to surprise my BDK with a special present so I went and picked up Loretta in my brand new Porsche that my Daddy bought for me a few weeks ago. She was soooo excited to finally be able to meet my prominent Big Daddy and his monster anaconda cock that I can’t stop bragging about! I went ahead and bought some new lingerie for the two of us to put on for BDK, I know how much he enjoys me in my skanky little outfits so I can only imagine how obsessed he’s gonna be with her and I both together wearing our naughty bra and panties. When we pulled up to my palatial mansion her jaw was dropped, she couldn’t believe her eyes and that this entire property was all mine! I wasn’t lying when I said my King spoiled me rotten! The interior made her even more awestruck, everything encrusted in gold and diamonds… it’s unlike anything she has ever seen! We glided up the sprawling staircase and I opened the huge french doors leading to the master suite where Big Daddy was sound asleep. He looked so fuckin sexy underneath the white silk sheets and his monster cock was outlined perfectly, he stays rock hard and throbbing even in his dreams! Loretta and I slipped into the bed on both sides of him and gave him soft kisses to wake him up to his hott surprise that he had waiting for him. His eyes lit up when he saw his gorgeous goddess and my best friend loving all over him. We showed him our sexy lingerie and he loved that I had them custom-made to say ‘Property of Big Daddy King’ on the pussy. We gave his delicious monster dick a tongue bath, hearing Daddy moan with pleasure only makes us hornier and wetter! When he was ready to bust that liquid gold for his naughty little girls, he pushed our faces cheek to cheek and we stuck our tongues out eager as fuck for that tasty cock cream. Big Daddy King exploded all over and gave us millionaire facials, we both looked so fuckin hott smothered in his godly cum. It was trickling off of Loretta’s dick sucking lips and I couldn’t help myself but to suck it off! BDK deserves to have the best of the best, that’s why he keeps sexy hot women like me and my bestie Loretta around to please him at all times! I love being his nasty little sugar baby princess!Sexy hot women


Cuckold phone sex I went out for a night on the town with my girls looking for some real fine BBC to fuck. I found me a big strong black good looking man. His name was Duane. I told him of my sissy boy at home waiting for me patiently. I also told him how much I would love to fuck him and have my sissy boy watching how a BBC pleases a white woman like me. We were dancing real close and I could feel his bulge growing. So I knew he was all for the idea. I split from my girls and went home to my sissy boy with Duane by my side. Duane loved the idea of my sissy white bitch boy watching him fuck me for hours with his huge BBC. Duane laughed, taunted, and teased my sissy boy which only turned me on more.

Your face is my throne

Ass fetishYou have quite the ass fetish, don’t you dirty boy?! Well today is your luck day because I am going to punish you with my sweet booty and delicious pussy. I am going to dominate you baby because after all, your face is my nasty throne! You fuckin love how I bounce that ass on your tongue and grind my dripping wet cunny slit on that sexy jawline of yours. You beg for me to let you taste me deep… you’re so fuckin cute when you beg! I throw my body back on you so hard, I have your entire skull sore from taking all the sexual pressure that I put on to you. While you’re eating my pussy baby I wanna grab on to that dick and play with it. Sucking, spitting, slobbing and choking all over it… you have my mouth sloppy wet and my eyes watering while we sixty-nine one another. My saliva is stuck from the tip of my tongue to the tip of your cock and you love the view! I use both of my hands and stroke that dick, take care of that dick and love all on that dick. Meanwhile, my pussy juice is squirting out all over you and you’re guzzling me down… you love that shit! Consider yourself lucky to be smothered by my perfectly round booty!

Carpet Muncher

Sexy phone sex A sweet tasting pussy is a nice treat too snack on. When slut just like me puts her pussy in my face I don’t need any ques on what to do next. I take my hands spread those pussy lips apart and have my way with her into she squirts all over my face. I like to take a sluts clit and pull it with my teeth. And shove two fingers in her twat hole at the same time. I love it when a slut pushes her pussy in my face because of the pleasure my wet mouth is giving her. I have a wide tongue and love to lap at pussies like a dog giving wet sloppy kisses. Sluts often come to me to get their pussies.

I love my job

cuckold phone sexI just love my job. I can go to work and make people feel better about exploring their sexual fantasies. Sometimes I get to take my work home with me. That’s the best part to me, when I can take home a man with a huge throbbing cock to satisfy my carnal desires. My husbands cock is laughable at most. He could never satisfy me like you do. That’s why I bring you home so he can watch how many times you can make me cum. The only time my husband makes me cum is when he licks your hot creamy load from my pussy. He says he doesn’t enjoy eating cum, secretly he loves it. He can’t wait until I allow him to clean my cum soaked pussy.

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