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Being a cock escort is so great. A materialistic slut like me loves spoiling myself with clothing, jewels and luxuries. That is makes being a cock escort the best! I get my money and presents and fucked hard. Money and cock is all I care about. I met up with a great client yesterday who wanted to do extra kinky roleplay. We got to his hotel and I fingered my wet cunt for him while he tickled my feet with his hard cock. A horny escort like me loves riding cowgirl on a hot rich man’s cock. I rode him so hard until he wanted to fuck my used escort rosebud asshole. He had me bent over the fancy hotel chaise lounge with my tight ass in the air, perfect for him to fuck. He shoved his cock inside me and pumped me full of cum like the dirty horny whore I am. I squirted all over his legs and the hotel room floor. After getting fucked so hard, I was gifted a blingy diamond necklace.

Two cocks in one hole

Sexy phone sex

I invited two of my friends with benefits over at the same time. I sent them a sexy picture of me and they both couldn’t wait to get there and have me on my knees for them. I as already waiting for them totally nude when they came inside. I took both of their big cocks and alternated between sucking and blowing one while stroking the other one. They both wanted to pound my pussy at the same time, they were too hard to take turns, so they both managed to squeeze their big cocks into my tight little pussy. My pussy had never felt so full and well fucked than when they were both balls inside of my cunt sawing in and out. I rubbed my clit and squirted all over them before they both started to pulse and throb and give me a huge double creampie that left my pussy gaping open.

Pussy stretching

Sexy chicks

I love the feeling of having my pussy stretched by a fat cock or a fist. When I masturbate, I love to ride the biggest thickest dildo that I own. It’s a thick suction cup dildo a stick to a wall or floor and bounce on. It’s bigger and thicker than any real dick, and almost as satisfying as getting fucked by a really hung guy. I had some time to myself this morning and I was feeling a little horny, so I pulled out my big toy and stuck it to the side of the bathroom wall while I showered. The hot steamy water poured on my body while I backed my pussy up to the wall and slowly inserted the thick toy dick into my tight pussy. I could feel my pussy lips stretching to accommodate the big rubber cock and I couldn’t help but moan. I soaped up my body and bounced on the rubber cock. I used a waterproof vibrator on my clit while I pushed back on the dildo and fucked myself. The combination of the buzzing vibe on my clit and the big rubber cock in my pussy sent me over the edge and I came over and over.

Teasing Ready Ramona

Fantasy phone sex I need you! I saw you today washing your truck with your shirt off. I swear you were out there just to tease the fuck out of me. The way you were bending over letting me see that tight fucking ass. You know I was watching you and finger blasting my cunt. My eyes glued to your body watching you get all wet. Then I watched you walk inside and the show was over. I was not done and very upset. But Ready Ramona always gets what she wants! I snuck in your back door knowing you always keep it unlocked. And I made myself comfortable right on your living room floor. When you come popping around the corner you see me there spread wide open for you my cunt nice and juicy. I have a smirk on my face. And you pounce on me like white on rice. Nobody teases Ramona!

Great Blowjobs are In Need

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are in high demand, especially on a college campus.  Not just from the college studs either. I get a lot of cock. I am a sexy woman, so attracting men of any age is never a problem. When there was a knock at my office door, I assumed it was a horny student wanting a blow job from the best cock sucker on campus. It was a colleague. A handsome one too. He said he needed some advice. I give advice to all kinds of folks, so I ushered him in, and he took a seat. He started telling me about his marriage. It was not the story I was expecting. I figured his wife was cheating or she was a bad lay. What he told me was his wife won’t suck his cock because it is too big. His dick makes his wife choke. I was taller than this fellow professor. I had a hard time picturing him with a big dick. I mean he was a short man. I told him to let me see it. I needed to know just how big his dick was. I mean I have met his wife. She is a sturdy woman. I would think she would be a big dick sucker. Holy crap. He unleashed a snake from his pants. He was close to a foot long. No wondered his wife gags. I might too and I am a seasoned cock whore. I showed no restraint. I just started slurping on his dick in my office. He came quickly. Clearly, it had been too long since lips touched his big dick. He came into my office to find out if he should have an affair or hire an escort to drain his balls. After I swallowed a few loads, I think he understood where he needs to go for those ball drainings.

Training session

sexy legsMy new trainer was working hard with me to make my sexy legs, and this hot body stays rock hard. I wasn’t expecting him to come on over so early and I was indulging in some porn. I was horny and willing. When we started stretching, I think he noticed my wet spot on my yoga pants. I threw the first ones I could find. I wasn’t prepared. I saw the grin on his face and had a bold move and decided to kiss him. I saw his dick was rock hard and I knew he wanted to work my body out more than ever. I couldn’t stop myself, and I went ahead and had him come to my room. It was so exhilarating to have him fuck me in my husband’s bed.

Good Boy

Domination phone sexI am your Mistress Clarissa. You bow at my feet on your knees. I look down at you pleased. I love a good boy who knows his place. You bend down and kiss my feet. You work your way up my leg kissing every so softly. I spread my legs open giving you a glimpse of my pussy. You breathe in my aroma as you guide closer to your prize. I feel your tongue trace along my pussy lips and I moan softly. Your fingers slide in my fuck hole. Your tongue dances with my clit. I push my pussy in your face smothering you with my sweet tasting juice. You ravish my pussy, your tongue licking and lapping at me. My body begins to tremble and I scream out. My pussy explodes all over your face. Good boy!

A sexy babe is always in high demand

sexy babeA sexy babe is always in high demand. I went to this new club over the weekend. I was dressed to kill. The problem was there were no guys in the club worth dying for! I mean every man  there was a broke ass loser. I only date rich men. I am all about the Benjamin’s. I have expensive tastes. After a few hours of talking to losers, I called an Uber. While I was waiting outside, this handsome man in a cashmere coat wearing a Rolex tried to steal my Uber. It was too cold outside for a hot chick like me to wait when that one belonged to me. When I explained that it was my ride, he offered me money to call another one. I suggested, we just share it. He agreed to that. He was clearly in a hurry. I tried to talk to him in the back seat, but he seemed disinterested. I saw no ring on his finger. The guy had to be gay not to like me. Even married men go for me all the time. I grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and he stopped me. Told me he wasn’t paying for sex. He thought I was a hooker. Now, I was insulted. A sugar baby maybe, a dirty hooker, never. We argued a bit, but I ended up riding his beautiful hard cock all the way to the airport. He wasn’t bitching when his cock was up my tight shaved pussy. When he left the ride at the airport, he made a rude comment. What the fuck was this dude’s issue. The joke was on him because I lifted his wallet. I mean, I was paying for this Uber ride and he was a total dick. I deserved something more than his cum up my pussy. The Uber driver saw me do it, but he didn’t care. He got to watch a hot sex show and he didn’t like the guy much either.


Sexy phone chat I wanted to fuck the new sexy neighbor so I went nude sunbathing in my backyard where I knew he would have a clear view of my slutty body from his windows. I was on my back near the pool my legs spread wide open my wet pussy staring at his window. I saw him stop to stare at me and I waved him over with my finger. I watched him walk over giving him a show of my fingers playing with my pussy. He stopped right in front of me staring at my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He whipped out his hard dick and my mouth dropped. I wanted his dick before and now I really wanted his dick.


Fantasy phone sexI hear you have a fire in your pants that needs to be put out. I got a fire in my panties that I need you to put out too. My pussy is aching for your thick big dick. I get on my knees and crawl towards you my boobs bouncing all the way. I whip out your already hard cock and shove it into my mouth. You taste so fucking good it makes my pussy only want you more. I am slobbering all over your dick and balls I can taste that sweet fucking precum and it drives me wild! I can not take it anymore I quickly get on all fours begging and pleading for your thick dick.

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