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Sexy phone chat I wanted to fuck the new sexy neighbor so I went nude sunbathing in my backyard where I knew he would have a clear view of my slutty body from his windows. I was on my back near the pool my legs spread wide open my wet pussy staring at his window. I saw him stop to stare at me and I waved him over with my finger. I watched him walk over giving him a show of my fingers playing with my pussy. He stopped right in front of me staring at my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He whipped out his hard dick and my mouth dropped. I wanted his dick before and now I really wanted his dick.


Fantasy phone sexI hear you have a fire in your pants that needs to be put out. I got a fire in my panties that I need you to put out too. My pussy is aching for your thick big dick. I get on my knees and crawl towards you my boobs bouncing all the way. I whip out your already hard cock and shove it into my mouth. You taste so fucking good it makes my pussy only want you more. I am slobbering all over your dick and balls I can taste that sweet fucking precum and it drives me wild! I can not take it anymore I quickly get on all fours begging and pleading for your thick dick.

Ass up; pussy wet

Ass fetish  I have an ass fetish just as much as you do. I love the way my ass looks up and my pussy is just perfect for you to open. That big cock sliding in and out of me is what makes my days, morning and nights. I strive for cock as much as I can. It is such a stress relief. I want nothing but happiness and a big dick. This morning my neighbor has bee coming over mornings so that he can cum. I spotted him one day while he was getting out of his car. He was in his work out outfit his sweat and muscles turned me on so much that I invited him over. I knew he wouldn’t turn me down. He came over and we fucked it out. He works out extra harder now. I like him so much because not only is he strong he always puts my ass up and records it. So, we can watch for later. He is now starting to come over more so perfect for me. I hope to get his cock a lot more then what I’m getting now.

Favorite Toy

Fantasy phone sex Men are my favorite thing to play with! Men have an awesome package swinging between their legs. So many fun and exciting things I can do with that cock and balls. But before I play with you I will have you kneel in the corner of the bedroom as I fuck a huge BBC. I want you jerking off but not cumming. When I am done getting fucked we both will come over and play with you. I can’t wait to see that BBC buried in your white tight ass. My legs will be spread before you to suckle on my charming edible kitty. If you want your reward from me you will have to satisfy us both. After we are done with playing and using you then you have permission to jerk off and spill your seed on the floor but do not forget to clean up your mess with your tongue.

BBC Anal Sex Whore

Cuckold phone sex

I love the feeling of having my tight rosebud being stretched and filled. Not very many cocks satisfy my urge to have my ass fucked raw. Your pitiful boy cock clearly can’t gape my sweet tight ass the way I want and need! What better way to get my ass filled with big black cock than to have my sister’s big black husband come over?

I love setting up the hidden camera, so I can record my tight ass getting stuff by 10 inches of black cock. I plan on emailing this to you later once I get your teeny cock cage on! The minute my sister’s husband walked in, my pussy became soaking wet. I asked him to come take a look at my bedroom ceiling for a leak. Little did he know! Hehe!

I laid across the bed in my little robe to point out the “leak.” My robe lifted up and exposed my tight wet pussy and my sister’s hot hubby got so hard. I could see his giant bulge throbbing in his pants. My pussy dribbled with wetness and I waved him over “Looks like the leak is right here!”

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive dark black cock. I made sure to lick his cock, slurping and shoving it into the back of my throat. I gabbed on his black dick making it all wet and slimy. I turned around on all fours and begged him to shove his cock balls deep inside my pink rosebud. I made sure my ass was positioned well enough to catch my asshole being stretched out while he pounded my ass with his 10-inch cock. He gaped my princess ass wide open and shot his load deep inside me. I hope you enjoy the little movie I made for you!

You don’t deserve a hot sexy woman like me!

hot sexy womanLook at you, do you really think a man like you deserves a hot sexy woman like me? Your dick is tiny, way too tiny for a woman like me to ever accept it, I only fuck real men. I fuck men that have big cocks, the kind of cocks that will fill me up and stretch me out, I bet I would never even feel yours at all and that’s if you manage to even get it in me at all! Lets be real here, your dick is a micro penis, too small to ever be worth my time at all.You’re just the kind of little bitch boy that gets to clean me up after I’ve fucked a real man and you will never be anything else. You may as well except that now.

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are what men crave. Most men will tell you that even a bad blowjob feels good. I don’t do bad blowjobs. It is not in my DNA to give bad head. If I am sucking your cock, it is because you have a nice cock and I want to suck it. If I had to suck small dicks, I am sure I would give bad head. There is no reason at all for me to suck losers off, however. I am a mature woman. Twice divorced with lots of cuckolding experience under my belt. I know what I like and deserve. So, if you are lucky enough to feel my lips on your cock it is because I want to suck your dick. Therefore, you are getting great head because I put my all into something I enjoy. So, this begs the question you must ask yourself. If you are getting bad head, does that mean your dick is small. Likely it does. If a woman finds your dick underwhelming, she is not going to blow you with enthusiasm. When a woman likes a cock, she can’t get her hands or mouth on it enough. It is that simple. If you are not getting laid. If you are getting no head or only bad head, the issue is you not her. You have something she doesn’t want. If this sounds like you, then you need some cuckold phone sex therapy to figure out how to give your woman what she does want.

My pussy yummy!

Sexy babe  I am your sexy babe who will do anything. I love the way my pussy tastes. My boyfriend came in last night and made it official. But, he knows what kinky little slut I am. He made me promise anyone else that I am fucking I have to let him watch, and that I will always lick my cum off his cock. He said I look so sexy the way I lick up his shaft and taste myself. I got all naked and we started to kiss and right before we fucked we started the shower. He shaved my little clean pussy for me. It was so fucking hot. My pussy and sexy ass got the dick. I was in a much needed horny fuck of my life last night. Making it official was so much fun. Hello!  where are the guys that will love to watch me get gang banged? like him.

Small Dick Shaming

Small dick humiliation


I love huge cocks and I can spot a sissy or a cuckold with a tiny dick from a mile away. I was at the spa with my lover this weekend enjoying being pampered and spoiled when we decided to go into the showers and have some fun. I enjoy the thrill of fucking in public and the risk of getting caught.

We slipped into the locker room to fool around and realized it was already occupied. There was a man in there about to have a shower. He had the tiniest cock I’ve ever seen! It was like a shrimp, couldn’t have been more than an inch long. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh when I saw it. He immediately sat bolt upright and tried to cover himself, but it was too late. I had already seen it and snapped a picture of it with my phone. I knew he was a sissy the moment I laid eyes on him and decided to have some fun. He demanded I delete the photo but I just laughed in his face and told him I would delete it, but he had to do whatever I said.

I told him to stand next to my boyfriend and had both of them drop their towels. I compared his tiny white cock to my boyfriend’s enormous black one.  “Look how small and pathetic you are compared to him.”, I laughed. Then I had him drop to his knees and feel my lover’s cock in his hand and admire the girth and length of it. His tiny cock was so hard as he gripped my boyfriend’s cock in his hands. Then I commanded him to kiss and lick my man’s cock and appreciate what a real man’s cock feels like. He started sucking it and bobbing his head up and down on it while cupping the balls. His pathetic cock was standing at full attention. You could tell this was turning him on immensely.  “Now make him cum and I want you to swallow every drop”, I commanded. My boyfriend emptied his load into his mouth and the sissy gobbled it all up. He began stroking his own tiny cock and with a few quick strokes he was cumming. Pathetic.

We left him standing in the showers shamefully covered in his own cum as we laughed and went back to our room. I just love toying with men with tiny dicks.

Do You Have an Ass Fetish?

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I do. I am an anal whore. I love a big dick up my ass. I had my ass pounded for hours last night. This dude I picked up wanted to fuck a MILF in the ass. I wanted fucked in the ass. He left me full of cum. I was about to hop in the shower, when this little cuck I know knocked at my door. Perfect timing. I invited him in because I needed cleaned up. It was like he could smell the cum on me. Turns out he was stalking me. Saw a man go into my house and knew I was getting fucked. He is a creampie slut. This was the first time he got my anal creampie. I was on all fours, so was he. He buried his face in my fine ass and licked me clean like a good pet. I pushed the cum out. It flowed into his mouth like a faucet. He is such a pathetic loser. I mean who stalks a sexy babe waiting for her to get fucked just so he can clean up the fresh cum from her holes? Nick, my neighbor with a 3-inch dick, that is who. I laughed at him. He had an itty bitty boner from tasting a real man’s cum. So, tell me something. Are you the man who gets to fuck me or the loser who gets to clean me up?

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