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Great blowjobs from the BJ Queen

Great blowjobsGreat blowjobs from the BJ Queen I love giving nice deep throat BJ’s I mean I get into these extracurricular activities while my husband is gone and I just enjoy it so much. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a nice big fat cock being shoved deep into my mouth. I love feeling it grow in my mouth and I love to gag and choke on it. Its the best feeling in the world to have sloppy cum dripping down your face. It excites me to play with a nice cock and a big set of balls. Its so fucking sex to make you cum hard and have you bang my head on your cock. Love having your mushroom head right there licking your tip and smiling like a good slut because I know very well what sets you off and makes you explode! I love giving nice BJ’s when my husband is sleeping in the same house I sometimes invite randoms over and love that my husband is sleeping while I’m having a load dispense in my mouth.

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs can only be given on great cocks. I am not putting my mouth on a worthless dick. I was on a Tinder date two nights ago. I saw photos of his cock before I agreed to meet. The camera either added ten inches or he didn’t send me a real photo of himself. When he pulled out his cock, I said goodbye. I am not hooking up with a loser. Not when there are plenty of big cocks down to fuck a sexy milf. I left him in the hotel he paid for with his tiny dick. I went to a college bar and picked up the first young stud to talk to me. I took that boy home and gave him the best head of his 19 years. It wasn’t all about him either. He slipped between my legs and ate my hairy wet pussy. He never had a hairy pussy before. It isn’t like I have a 70’s bush, but I am growing out my winter coat. He was between my legs for hours licking the alphabet on my clit. I kept squirting on his face and he kept begging for more. Coeds have bald pussies and rarely squirt. I think having a hot squirting pussy comes with age. The older you get, the more you know size matters and the more experimental you get. I discovered I could squirt accidently masturbating with a big dildo one day, so I made sure I only fucked big cock after that! I sent the Tinder loser a thank you text. If he had not been so disappointing, I would not have hooked up with the best pussy eater ever. I sent him a pic of me sucking on a worthy cock too. He clearly had no clue what a woman like me needs. Do you?

Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I think it is so cute how you think you can please a woman. You have an itty bitty warm peepee. It is smaller then my pinky! I bet when you fuck a chick, it is the closest thing she gets to fucking a woman besides actually fucking a woman. I mean, since there is really no penetration since your dick is so small- it is more like dry humping.

Yup, that is the only way I can come, is if you rub your tiny little clit dick against my pussy lips. You should have no hair, since only real men have hair. Let is be real, your pubes would hide that tiny little pussy anyways. So go ahead and flick your little micro dick quickly back and forth with only two of your fingers.

I can not stop laughing thinking that you only need two fingers to jack your dick! OMG you are just so embarrassing.

Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexThis is how you would be dressed in my house. Like a little sissy girl. And you would be treated as such also. I love a good sissy boy around the house. The guys I brought home for my bed would see you. Laugh and tease you for being such a sissy bitch. I bring you out in public so all could see what a pansy ass you really are. When I have parties you will be the main attraction. Being our little bitch to fuck. Clean up the cum. Get our drinks. I know plenty of men who would love to fuck your ass. And plenty of girls who need a good pussy licking. And everybody is gonna love teasing and taunting you.

Shaved Wet Pussy For Him To Eat

Shaved wet pussy

My boyfriend loves my shaved wet pussy. As soon as I get out of the shower he’s always right there waiting to get his face right up in my freshly bald soaking wet pussy. He knows how much I love to rub my little cunt in the shower. So, he knows that as soon as I get done that I’m dripping wet and ready to cum with him. He loves how smooth my bald pussy is when I just shaved it for him. He loves to run his finger along my clit and down to my little fuck hole. He keeps sliding his fingers up and down, feeling how wet and swollen my clit gets from his touch. Then he has me wrap my let around his neck and he eats me out until I cum into his mouth. He loves the taste of my sweet little honey pot and he loves when I full his mouth up my pussy juice as I explode for him.

Sensual phone sex

sensual phone sexI am addicted to big fat cocks. The bigger the better. I am fucking my boyfriends best friend. We went to his house to watch a sports game and to get cozy. I wore a tight little dress, with no panties and of course I knew from the begging that I needed to fuck his friend. I went and sat right down on his lap in front of my boyfriend and I even hiked up my dress so he could feel my pussy lips pressed up against his shorts.

I felt his cock grow underneath of me, so I took advantage of the opportunity. Right in front of my boyfriend, I whipped his best friends dick out and I started beating it up and down. I got on my hands and knees and started kissing it, licking it. I completely ignored my boyfriend. I hopped on this big fat cock and rode it hard and deep.

Looks like my boyfriend is going to have a really sloppy wet mess to clean up once he blows his fat load in me.

Phone Sex Therapy Foursome

Phone sex therapyMy therapist and I had decided to meet at my office for Halloween. I needed a session, and we wanted to go out and do our own things directly afterward. We had just gotten into my session really well when her date for the evening showed up. Rather than making him wait outside, I had my receptionist send him on through. No sooner had we gotten him comfortable, and ourselves on our knees at his dick than a client of mine showed up and barged past my receptionist. He walked in on me and my therapist licking her date off, and immediately decided that he would join in. Before I knew it, he was undressed and thrusting his big, beautiful cock into my tight little ass. He started drilling me from behind, hard enough to shake my entire body as I licked and helped to suck off my therapist’s date. I guess that was a little more than her date was prepared to handle, because he started spurting off, and we had to work to keep up with his cum. We didn’t want him getting any of his outfit OR my rugs dirty! Next thing I knew, my client was cumming deep in my ass, hands holding me tight up against him as he shot off into me. Then, it was just a matter of my therapist and myself to worry about getting off.

An Amazing Workout

sexy babeI was at the gym for my morning workout and there was a very well built man who kept checking me out. Most likely because my top was very low cut and showing off my massive tits. He approached me and asked me if he needed a spotter. I nodded my head yes and couldn’t help but notice his massive bulge without saying a word I sat up and in front of everyone took his cock out of his pants and started to suck on it.  I sucked it long and hard until I could taste his precum. I then had him sit down on the bench I lowered my pants down around my ankles and sat on his cock and rode it right there in front of everyone. There had to be at least 30 other people all watching us, I could hear gasping and whispering and I didn’t care. In fact, it turned me on even more. I fucked him so hard I thought the bench we were on was going to collapse at any moment.  I squirted cum all over his massive cock then he put his cock back in my mouth and gave me my extra shot of protein ;). I put my clothes back on and said “thanks for the workout” and walked away with a smile on my face.

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI love teasing my cuckold. I know he will be home early today and I have an eleven incher that has been wanting to be pushed inside of me all day. I get on the bed where me and my cuckold sleep at night. I make sure we are right on his side. I beg for this much fatter and meatier cock to be wedged inside of me.

I open my thighs trying to take every inch of his pole rammed into me. I look over to the door way. And there is my devastated cuckold. I need a fatter cock to crave my needs tonight my love. Sit there and watch as he takes me and owns every bit of me, like you could never do. I feel that cock throbbing.

I invite all of that cum to rush inside of my pussy and fill me up. My cuckold is going to have a huge mess to clean up.

Nothing Sexier

Mature phone sex Nothing is sexier than a boy on his knees begging for the pleasure of a Domme.  It is such a rush to see that you know your place.  I love a boy on his needs that I can just take the back of his head and push his mouth into my pussy and smother him with all my juices.  Letting you suckle and please me orally.  I keep pushing on your head moaning.  My body quivering.  Feeling your eagerness to make me  cum in your mouth.  Pushing your fingers in, my pussy pushing down, grinding.  Your tongue lapping at my clit.  My moans getting louder.  I begin to quiver as I squirt into your mouth.  Giving you the present you desire and that you have earned.  

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