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Cocksucking phone sex

 cocksucking phone sex

I have a new friend that is obsessed with me. He really wants to take things to the next level of our relationship. I know though that his cock is on the smaller side. I want him to know why we can never be perfect together because I can not be pleased by him.

I brought over a friend of mine named Jared. I made my new boyfriend sit on the couch and watch how quickly Jared makes me fall to my knees, something he could never really do. He took his pants off and his big fat ten incher flopped right out.

I fell to my knees rubbing his cock all over my face and lips getting ready to down it down my throat. I sucked him deep and hard into my throat. He was making me gag all over his cock. I guess we can also add that to the list my new BF could never make me do. I can gag on this cock.

Now watch me get a big fat load out of his balls.

Phone sex sites

Phone sex sitesLook at your sexy big titty Latina! This big tits are all yours honey! Cum here take my clothes off and make me your woman! Grab my huge tits with both your hands and lick my nipples! Yum rub your face all over my big tits and tell me how bad you want to stick your big fat juicy dick in my cunt! Hell yeah I cant wait for you to penetrate me with that big peace of meat! My pussy is so dripping wet for you now honey! Pick me up against the wall so I could put my thick Latina legs around your waist and you just ram your dick in my tight pussy! Fuck yeah keep fucking me baby pound my pussy fuck yeah! I’m in love with you and your big fat long juicy dick and Oh my that big fat mushroom head you have makes me squirt all the time!

Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexBabe look at me opening this pussy wide open for you, while you fuck my tight little fucking asshole! I want to ride your cock all night long. I love how you get my pussy all fucking wet baby! I cant wait for you to get down on your knees and start licking my pretty little tight pussy! Oh yeah baby I love you so much keep fucking me like this every night and you will have to turn my little princess ass into your wife! I love how you fuck me every night and I just want to make you and your big fat long juicy cock happy! Let me pour some vanilla flavor onto your dick and let me start sucking your cock till I could drain all that cum out your big fat dick! I just want to milk your cock into my pretty little mouth baby!

Time To Pay The Rent

Phone sex sitesIt is the first of the month and time to  pay the rent.  My Landlord George waits for his wife to leave for work.  Then he slips on down my way.  I was ready for him in my cute little outfit he likes so much.  Even tho the outfit never stays on long.  I was in my bedroom on my bed with my legs spread real wide.  I could hear him slip in through the back door.  And up the stairs to my bedroom.  As he walked in I smiled knowing I was getting his cock and paying no rent.  And all I had to do was open my fuckable holes to him.  George is so silly he thinks he is making out on this deal.  Nah,  I get to have cock for hours and live rent free.  I am the one making out on this deal.  

Sexy phone sex

 sexy phone sex

 I am at a store needing to try some stuff on so I ask a man who works there to open up a dressing room for me. I see the ring on his left hand. It is rather funny. It is like a collar to let girls like me know that you are not getting any pussy. As he opens the door for me I step inside and pull on his hand behind me to follow.

I undress out of my sun dress and stand in front of him in my white g-string and matching skimpy white bra. I get on my hands and strip off the rest of my garments. I hit his cock against my lips and try sucking his mushroom head into my lips. I pop his cock head in and out of my mouth. I bend over and face the mirror and guide that cock into my pussy hole to fuck me from behind.

His cock pumps hard and deep inside of me. Looks like his balls will be completely drained for his wife at home.

Phone Sex Therapy Gets ROUGH!

He barged into my office 2 hours before his actual appointment. I am so glad my appointment for that time slot had just canceled, because this man was not in the mood to wait for what he needed. He didn’t even manage to get the door closed. My assistant did that as he stalked to my desk, physically lifted me from my chair, and carried me over to my client chair. Phone sex therapyHe had me settled on my feet and undressed in no time. Once his clothes were off, he lifted me again, sat on my chair, and settled me on him reverse cowgirl style. I started to ride him, but even that was a no go. He lifted my thighs, kicked my legs back, and started to press my body. He lifted me and settled me back on him, managing to get in a full upper-body workout while fucking me senseless. He thrust his big, beautiful cock into me over and over again, never letting me have any control of any part of our fuck. I could tell when he was getting close, because he pumped me faster until he just held me still and drilled that big dick into me from below. His load shot deep inside of me, and set my own orgasm exploding around him. By the time his shaft slipped from my cunt, I was dribbling juices down my ass crack and all. I guess he had a really hard day!Phone sex therapist

Small dick humiliation story of my husbands life

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what you deserve if you can’t please me. I love to make fun of my husband I let everyone I fuck know that they need to step up their game if they are fucking me. I am sex craved and hungry for real cock. I have no time to waste. I just want to get off and get back home to pretend with my pathetic husband. Why do I put up with such an idiot? Simple he gets me all the materialistic things I need. Except for being pounded hard. I crave real men with real hard cocks. I cheat none stop and have no shame in my game. I was with my neighbor again this weekend. My poor husband had no idea I was sneaking out every night to be screwed by our well-hung neighbor. He has no idea I am hooked on huge dongs. My neighbor even made me squirt. I have never had that experience before so you can say I am a bit hooked on that good dick. 

Who wants to be my boy toy

Latina phone sexLets me and you have fun. I want you to be my boy toy! This sexy Latina ass is all yours when ever you want baby. I will make any fantasy you have cum true! Any wild dreams you have I will do just for you baby. I’ll be here with my mouth wide open as well as my thick thighs open wide waiting for you to cum play with me. I cant wait to feel your big juicy mushroom head penetrate this tight fat pussy. I’m so horny for you right now, my pussy is dripping wet. I’m starting to slowly masturbate waiting for your call. Rubbing my clit softly all around up and down. Starting to put my fingers deep in my pussy wishing it was your big fat cock. I cant take it no more I’m going to use my 12 inch dildo with the big mushroom head wishing it was your dick in me!

Phone Sex Therapy with the Sex Ed Teacher

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy is 24/7 with a woman like me. I have decades experience as a sex education teacher. There is nothing I have not heard.  Trust me, teen boys have more sexual issues than grown men. The new school year as only just begun and I have been taking to boys about all sorts of things: prostate self exams, chronic masturbation, small dicks, panties and cock sucking. Young boys have a slew of sexual fetishes and dysfunctions. On the first day of school, a young boy came to my office to discuss his cock. He was told by his girlfriend that his dick was too small for her. She decided to hook up with one of our school’s black athletes. I knew the boy she dumped him for quite well. He has an 11 inch cock. No woman forgets that. I helped him with stamina. He was a quick cummer. No girl wants a minute man, regardless of his cock size. Anyway, Shawn was crushed at her small dick humiliation. I had to see his dick to help him. I couldn’t see his cock from across the room with my glasses on he was that small. To say he had a turtle was being generous. This young boy has a life as a cuckold or a sissy in his future. Likely, he will be both. No woman is going to fuck his dick unless being paid. I broke the news to him gently. Little freak punked me. He didn’t want therapy or a sympathetic ear. He wanted me to make him my bitch. I forced him to lick my pussy, making sure he knew that his job, his role in life, will be to worship pussy. He lapped up my juices like a good pet.  He is now wearing a pair of my panties under his school clothes every day. This phone sex therapist can handle whatever your problem or fetish may be.

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual masturbation stories

 I really like my best friend and her boyfriend. We are having a movie night tonight in my game room. I am super excited! My best friend leaves me and her boyfriend on the couch while she goes to the store to get some popcorn and snacks. I have been teasing him all night letting him peak up my skirt.

I spread my thighs in front of him and start rubbing my pussy. It is so wet. I slide my finger inside of my pussy hole and flick my clit harder and faster. He takes his cock out and starts fucking his dick in his hand going at the same speed that I rub my pussy at. I start moaning for him to fuck me hard.

I can feel my pussy about to squirt down my thighs and I can tell his cock is going to bust. We end up cumming at the exact same time. Perfect timing to since I just heard my front door open.

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