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Ass Fetish for Mature Women

ass fetishI have a student with a naughty ass fetish. I caught him in my office going through my gym bag. He was looking for my dirty panties to sniff. I forgot to lock my office door in between classes, and he helped himself to what was not his. I had to admit to myself that it was sexy that he wanted to smell my dirty ass. I bent over my desk, pulled my skirt up and my panties down. “Sniff the real thing pervert boy,” I quipped. He fell to his knees and buried his face in my ass. He licked my taint, inhaled my scent and tossed my salad until I had an assgasm. I love a tongue up my ass, so when I find out a guy loves a woman’s ass, I make him my ass slave. Jerry is a college athlete. He has a pretty coed girlfriend. He is a good student and he likes ass sex porn. He will be coming by my office daily to take a whiff and lick of his hot teacher’s sweet ass. Do you want your turn?

Ken’s Dick

Mature phone sexMy friend Ken was down on his luck his girlfriend kicked him out of the house. He needed a warm bed to sleep in and I have a spare one. Ken is a straight-laced one woman guy. Ken also supplies me with my weed. And every week when he shows up to give me my package I try to seduce him but he never takes me up on my offer of a good fucking. After his bitch kicked him out I offered up for him to come here. I knew he had no place else to go I had him right where I wanted him. He was here for about twenty minutes and then I attacked him. I tore off his clothes and forced myself on him. He was not going to deny me his dick anymore.

Spring breakers

sexy chickslatina phone sexSexy chicks are the best party sluts. My friend Lena and I invited all our closest and hottest friends over. We were both on the same page. We needed girls vacation on it was all on our husband’s tab. We wouldn’t be smart if we didn’t take advantage of them. Lena and I are two peas in a pod. We love getting in trouble. Together and separately we have all sorts of fun. I have to say there is nothing better than when we combined forces and do slutty things together. We are dime pieces and enjoy all the finer things in life. We don’t have to give up good fuckings cause we have short cock husbands. We invited only the sexiest of our friends. What’s better than spring break with hot sluts? Spring break with a ton of big chocolate dicks of course. We loved visiting Jamaica and the grand Turk. We had plenty of big black cocks around to keep us busy. We had the best orgy ever. I can’t thank Lena enough for bringing out the inner slut in me. When I first got with my husband I tried hard to be the proper wife. I was sick of being appropriate and wanted to be the hot sexy Latina phone sex slut and whore I am to the bone.

Cock For My Oral Skills

best phone sex

I am addicted to cock and the sweet taste of cum. It makes my sweet young cunt explode to just to suck on a cock and I can’t wait to get yours in my mouth. You called and I told you how hot, wet and juicy my little pussy had been all day and that I really needed your cock in my mouth. I could hear your chuckle as you said you were wrapping up a few things and take off work early and come straight to me. In less an hour and I was ready and waiting, you were in the living room we both knew what I needed and started to Strip naked for you. Your slacks were off I shoved you in the Leather chair in my living room and got down on my knees in front of you and took your hard cock deep down my throat. Grinding your cock harder and faster in and out of my mouth until you shot your sweet hot cum down my throat and I savored every last drop of it! We spent the rest of the evening with you fucking my little pussy until I was raw! I am so happy you wanted to cum with me! Nobody can take care of that cock like your princess!

Cuckold Confessions

cuckold phone sex


I have a cuckold slut confession to make. As you were boarding the jet this morning, I spied a married man. He was an ordinary fellow shy with a fat wedding band on.  I made my move as my pussy was pulsating at conquering another married man. I bent over to pick up my dropped clutch, oppsie. I flashed him my pretty pink panties and acted embarrassed. My hand on his shoulder as he stopped to help me pick up my belongings. His dick was hard. It was sizable. His briefcase quickly covered it. I turned and pushed up on him and asked if he would join me in the hotel that you paid for baby. I know I am such a big cock slut. I can not help it. My sweet young pussy needs to be stuffed with a nice hard dick from time to time. As you read this his cum is still inside me. I am spread eagle on the sheets that you and I made love in before you headed back to your wife and family. Perhaps when you meet me again It will be in another man’s hotel suite. I hope you are masturbating for me as you read this. Would you enjoy fucking me on another man’s sheets, after another has filled my pussy up with cum?

Love Your Princess,


Mutual masturbation

Best phone sex

The hottest part of being a Sexy babe who works for a phone sex line, is getting to hot mutual masturbation sessions with my callers. I had a caller early this morning who wanted me to help him get rid of his morning wood. I had just woken up too, and I’m always wet and horny in the mornings. He wanted us to cum together, so we started masturbating at the same time. I would tell him exactly what I would want him to do to me if he were in the room right now. Then he would tell me exactly how he wanted me to touch my body and describe how it felt. “Pinch your nipples with one hand and rub your clit with the other.” I would do exactly as he said and I would picture him playing with my tits and rubbing my clit. We both came at the same time and it was one of the hottest phone sex experiences of my life!

I Love Forced Bi!

Best Phone Sex`

Every one knows I just love being a dominant sexy mistress. I have such high standards for what enters this glorious, goddess-like pussy. Sorry to tell you, but any man under eight inches is automatically a pathetic sissy cuck to me. I love fucking around and bossing around these small dick faggy little sissy cucks. My favorite way of toying with these pitiful dicklit having, sad excuses for men is to make them into my little cock sucking whore. I love using them as my submissive cum dumpster. If you want to even get near me, you have to prove yourself as a cock obsessed, cum eating bi cuck! I love forcing my little cuckies into being the perfect cock worshipping bi boys. My best cuck loves to slurp huge cocks up and down, working that pink tongue all over that juicy fucking thick cock. I love seeing a fucking nasty little whore choking on that veiny dick. The best part is slamming the back of my sissy cucks head down on that throbbing cock until his pretty mouth fills with cum!

matching cum shots for six of my bitches

latina phone sexI usually cheat on my significant other with huge big black cocks. Latina phone sex and big black dicks are my weakness and having fun with my girls. It isn’t unusual to take a girls trip, where I end up getting into trouble. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas doesn’t it? We were at Drai nightclub and saw a young guy who was all talk we thought. The cute boy kept trying to get our attention. We paid him no mind. I even told him we play with the big boys. Determined to get our attention he kept buying us shots and even at one point sent us gifts to our room. Technology is a trippy thing we received text messages informing us we had all special deliveries. Once I realized this youngin wasn’t going to back down, I decided to see what was up.

I told him the flowers and shots were good, but us girls are into some very different kinds of shots.
Valentino was his name a cute young nineteen-year-old trust fund offspring from Sicily. He had his eyes on all seven of us. Tino told us that he always gets what he wants. The stud muffin wanted all of us in his suite for the night. We asked him however can he can satisfy every one of us? Mildly mocking him I wasn’t prepared for his reply. Valentino mentioned he had an overactive gland. We shrugged him off till he got our attention. He said All the cum was enough to give us all matching facials. That was the money shot we wanted to hear. Sure enough, Mr. Valentino was right. We got down to the nitty-gritty. By the end of the night, I had matching cum shot facials with six of my bitches. Sexy chicks love good cream.

sexy chicks

Big Daddy King’s Sugar Babies Are The Hottest

GFE phone sexCassandra and I are Big Daddy King’s favorite and hottest sugar babies and we have been telling our friend Veronica about all of the super kinky GFE phone sex that we have together. She’s literally been dying to meet the Living Legend himself, especially after hearing how massive his bank account and anaconda cock are! Thirteen sold inches of thick black dick, what could be better?! Nothing! BDK is a Super Bowl champion and multi-millionaire businessman with more than enough wealth to share with his slutty Princesses. Cassandra and I have been so fuckin spoiled for so long now and Veronica has been waiting patiently to come face to face with the King to have her chance to impress him as well! I was over at Cassandra’s house the other day and she called up Veronica herself to invite her with us to not only go on a trip to paradise but to also finally have her chance to meet Big Daddy King. Of course Veronica was over the moon excited and started to pack her bags while she was on the phone, lol. Cassandra told her not to worry about packing because we won’t be needing clothes where we’re headed! Big Daddy is white man rich with a huge black dick and he is more than happy to have us bring along a new hott Princess to have some fun with us! Great blowjobsBDK knows what great blowjobs we give and we were so excited for Veronica to have her chance to slobber all over his regal shaft! We don’t need splenda daddies when we have BDK and his gigantic wallet! He knows how to take care of us and no dildo could ever replace Daddy’s delicious anaconda! When we landed Big Daddy’s private jet at our destination, the limo picked us up and of course brought us to the biggest mansion on the island! It was a palatial palace that sat right on the sand, oceanfront and gorgeous! It’s such a turn on how our King has real estate literally all over the world! We are so lucky that we get to travel and have all of these incredible experiences! Cassandra, Veronica and I were butt ass naked in our new mansion dream house and it felt amazing to frolic around our castle while feeling the warm island breeze kiss our soft skin. Veronica was in total awe and couldn’t believe her eyes at the royalty that surrounded her! This is definitely a lifestyle that she will have to get used to! Being a sugar baby for Big Daddy King is a whole new ball game! We score touchdowns every single day with him! There’s levels to this shit and BDK is untouchable on his pedestal! We have hours of fantasy phone sex together in our new mansion and worship Daddy every chance that we get! He’s a very busy man so it makes it all the more special when we are able to have quality time together! Three sugar baby bimbos ready to please and serve Daddy’s tasty anaconda, BDK truly is a God! Eeenie meenie miney hoe catch a sugar baby by the toe! What happens in the vault room, stays in the vault room! We were on all fours on top of millions of dollars cash and it was the hottest sight ever! We begged our Big Daddy King for his millionaire nut! He has more than enough cum packed inside of anaconda to be able to bukakke all three of us! Load after load, our Living Legend showered us with his fresh sugar daddy ejaculation juice! Broke ass losers, eat your hearts out! #SugarBabyLena #SugarBabyCassandra #SugarBabyVeronica #BigDaddyKing #MillionaireNut #RichAnaconda #SugarPrincesses #NoSplendaDaddies #NoBrokeLosers #HottestSugarBabies #YouWishFantasy phone sex

Best Phone Sex MILF

best phone sexI’m what you would call  cougar, I’m an older woman but I can’t get enough of younger men and their huge cocks. When my husband is away, I like to have some fun. All of the teen boys in my neighborhood love coming to visit and volunteering to clean my pool or mow my lawn, because I’m the filthiest milf on the block. I wear tight revealing dresses that show off my big tits and ample ass. Young Steve from down the street volunteered to clean my gutters for me and I decided to put on a show for him. He was on a ladder cleaning the gutter in front of my front window. He didn’t know I knew he could see me when I sat on the couch and spread my legs and began to play with my pussy. I used my biggest dildo to fuck myself right there on the couch while he watched. I pumped the rubber toy in and out of my sloppy wet cunt and played with my tits with my free hand. I moaned and writhed on the couch, pretending I was totally oblivious to the horny young 18 year old watching me through the window. Knowing he was watching just made me even hotter. I rubbed my clit while fucking myself with the fake cock until I squirted hard. Steve has been back to my house every week for the past month doing chores and trying to get a peek at me playing with my milf pussy.

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