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I Love Being A Sugar Baby

Fantasy Phone Sex

I have always been use to the lavish lifestyle, I grew up in money. Something inside me never felt quite right to just get money from daddy, I wanted to make my own money. Fresh out high school a friend of mine told me about being a sugar baby and even an escort. I signed up for many sites, I thought this is so perfect for me. I can go on dates with wealthy men while making my own income. I have always been pretty and older, rich men love beautiful arm candy. So I have been doing this for almost a year and I have this regular, he is pretty handsome and very successful. We went on a date to a function from the office and he loves having me, I am available for him anytime.

He told me he rented a hotel room for the night and I was excited, we have never done anything sexual, he has always been a real gentlemen. I walk up to the room and there are rose petals on the bed and little sheets covering the lamps. He told me to disrobe but keep my stockings and heels on. He had some nice lavender oil and had me lay down he let it drop down my back and then rubbed his hands together to give some warmth.

He started rubbing me and up and down my shoulders to my legs. This felt so good, he treats me like gold so I started getting turned on and he could tell. He wiped his hands and told me to turn over and he was rubbing the oil on my breasts making my nipples shiny and wet looking, he went down between my legs and he started blowing on my pussy. I almost came right there, he opened up my pink, bald pussy with his tongue and starting licking and kissing, and then was sucking on my clit with two fingers fucking me deep and hard and I could tell I was going to cum. I started feeling pure bliss and I squirted all over his face, he came up to me and gave me a kiss and told me next time he was going to fuck me harder than those fingers. He left the $500 on the table and left.

A raise for Dr Rebecca

Its so hard to be taken seriously sometimes in my profession. I went to my boss today and asked him if he had a moment to discuss my performance review. I have an outstanding record with my clients and I do anything and everything I can to keep them completely satisfied with my services. My boss tells me to close the door and to have a seat. As I sit down I can tell he is holding his cock behind his desk, he tells me that he has received mixed reviews about my services and wants to determine for himself if I should be getting a raise. He tells me to prove I have earned it. At this point I know exactly what he means and although I usually save this treatment for my clients, I go around his desk, pull his hard cock out and give him a raise. I suck his balls dry. I think he agrees that I have an outstanding performance review, because we both got a raise. Me in my bank account and him in his pants.


Cocksucking phone sex

Sexy Babe LOVES a Hairy Man!

Sexy babeHe was a grizzly bear!! From the moment I took his shirt off, I knew that I was in for a treat. The hairs on his chest and back were so full and thick, they almost completely hid his nipples. I ran my fingers through the piles of hair covering his body, playing my way down from his collar bone to his pants. I undid his fly, slid his pants and boxers down, and was immediately met with a massive bush. I buried my hands in it, playing with hair, cock, balls, and taint. I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth, and I started fucking his cock with my face, burying my face in that massive bush with every thrust. I couldn’t wait anymore. I sat my cunt down on that shaft as I lay down on top of him. I ground my cunt and my body against all of that hair, letting the sensations drive both of us wild. We fucked for HOURS, and I swear, it was so fucking amazing!!Shaved wet pussy

Sex Therapy Porn – Cursed Cock

Sex therapy pornHe thought he’d been cursed. He sat in my chair, completely distraught, telling me how he hadn’t been able to fuck his wife in months, since the day he’d had a tryst with a “priestess” who got angry when he said it was a 1-night stand. She had cursed him with impotence, and swore Papa Legba would make sure he’d never be able to fuck another woman til he did right by her.

I had him close his eyes and sit back in the chair. Once behind him, I started to gently massage his scalp as I lowered my mouth next to his left ear, blowing a very gentle breeze past his ear every few seconds. I felt him finally start to relax into my chair, and moved my hands down to his neck and shoulders. When he was fully relaxed, I had him open his eyes and turned on some upbeat jazz. I started a sexy little dance in front of him, slowly working my way to him. I propped one leg up on the chair next to his thigh, showing him that I had no panties on. One glimpse of my tight, shaved pussy had his pants stirring. I proceeded to take off my top, slowly, wiggling as much as possible in the most seductive ways I could. I leaned in close enough for his face to be almost between my breasts as I laid that shirt around his neck. By the time I finished my strip tease, his cock was nice and hard. Just to prove to him that he wasn’t cursed, I pulled him out of his pants, and I started sucking him like a hoover vacuum cleaner. I ran my tongue from base to tip and back again, swallowing him whole in the process. Then, I climbed on him and started riding him. He had a nice, big orgasm, and walked out of my office ready to fuck his own wife.

Hot Sexy Woman Gets it at the Store

I know I’m a hot little piece. Men make no secret of letting me know it, no matter where I am or with whom. I went shopping the other day, I needed a new suit for a presentation I’ve been invited to give. While I was looking through outfits, I noticed a man sitting near the dressing rooms, presumably to wait for a significant other to finish changing. However, this man was staring at me, hard. It creeped me a bit, but once I had the outfits I wanted to try on, there was no avoiding going near him.Hot sexy woman

I pushed through the changing room door as quickly as I could, but I wasn’t quick enough. He edged his way in through the closing door and shoved it shut behind himself. I started to scream, but his hand snaked out and squelched it. He spun me around, pinning me to the mirror at the back of the room. He told me how beautiful I was, how he’d been watching me since I walked through the doors, and that he really couldn’t resist. He tore my clothes open, repeatedly telling me to look at myself in the mirror, how perfect I was, and how beautiful every inch of me was. His hands slid up and down my body, sending shudders of revulsion through me, but I guess he took them as a positive. When I tried to push away, he only pinned me more firmly in place with the weight of his own body. None of the maneuvers I had learned in self-defense were working. He slid fingers into me, and I groaned because he went in dry. He thought he was doing well, though, because he started pounding them into me over and over, forcing my cunt to lubricate itself against the intrusion. Finally, I felt his cock slide to the entrance of my cunt, and then I felt him filling me. He was large, and it hurt, the way he stretched me. I gasped and groaned, and he plunged on ahead like he was fucking a long-lost love. By the time I was finally able to leave that room, I walked my way straight to the register, handed her the tags for the suit I was wearing, paid for all the suits I had tried on, and handed them to a homeless lady on my way away from that store. I shredded the one I was wearing when I got home.

Princess phone sex Darline

Princess phone sexWe got a new maid!

Not just any made but a young little sissy for me and Lorine to play with.

This young man was thin, pretty, and made such a pretty little maid.

She was so nervous as Lorine and I looked her over as if she was meat. Our fingers tracing over the shiny latex uniform, pulling on the cotton ribbons and apron.

She was practically shaking with nerves, so rather than try to make her feel feel better I told her. “You are ours. Your body… Skills… Mind… You are here to serve us. Understood?”

I saw her adam’s apple bob before she nodded. “Yes ma’am!”

I grinned, grabbing her by the hair and making her moan and her knees seemed weak. “I want you, as your first task to make my Lorine cum.” I pushed her down by the hair, her knees hitting the concrete hard making her gasp. The latex skirt tenting with her erection even as Lorine pulled up her skirt and revealed her wet hairy pussy. My hand pushing our little sissy’s face into that musky, beautiful, wet pussy. “Lick slut.” I commanded, knowing she followed it as Lorine shivered and moaned.

We were going to spend hours training, teasing, and fucking with this little sissy maid and I’m sure that we’ll have a long, fun, and loyal employee after this.

Latina phone sex

GFE Phone Sex Takes a Turn

GFE phone sexWell, the other day, I had the request that I be a lover’s “girlfriend” for a family gathering. He was focused on studies and his job, and he really didn’t want to deal with the dramatics his family would put him through behind still being single. I agreed, and quite happily. He’s a good guy, an excellent lover. We showed up, and his family gushed over me. I didn’t realize how much of an impact I had until later, though. My lover stepped inside to use the restroom, and before I knew it, I was being led away to a secluded part of the yard where no one else could see. His uncle was on me before I could register what was happening. As my lover’s uncle held me, his wife stripped my panties out from under my skirt. Her tongue found my clit, and I lolled my head back, I melted into the sensations she was drawing on my pussy. Then, her husband’s hands found their way into the top of my dress, and he started massaging my breasts. When his cock started jabbing me in the back, I turned and got on all fours so she could keep enjoying my pussy and I could gobble his cock. That afternoon was amazing!

Dominatrix Delight

best phone sex reneeWhen we Doms get together there is no telling what ideas we will come up with for fun, One of the Mistresses suggested that we pick out a submissive from the submissive whore site and descend upon her as only we know how
The idea sent shivers of delight straight to my pussy and images began to flood my thoughts.
We sat together reviewing the biographies of all the girls on the site. Going over their pictures and blogs.
Hours passed and we were all so fucking horny and ready to choose who the lucky submissive would be that would receive our attention, direction and humiliation.
Finally we decided that just one would not suffice. Just one would not satisfy the cravings to dominate that the last few hours had stirred inside of us.
So tomorrow we begin. One at a time the submissive of the site will get to know us very well.
It is going to be an interesting few weeks for the girls of Submissive Whores…I have a special pendent that my favorite submissive will be required to wear 24/7.mature phone sex

Say Hello To The Black Widow

best phone sex renee“Get down on your knees, NOW!”
As I raise my whip I see the whites of your eyes. You feel the sting on your flesh as the sound of my voice meets your ears.
“Did I say you could look at me? Roll over on your back you insolent fool.”
I raise the whip high in the air and bring it down with perfect accuracy to meet the tip of your throbbing dick. Instead of going soft from the sting you get harder. Your nipples are responding to the feel of the leather whip being run across your skin, up your abdomen and to your mouth.
“Lick it like you would my pussy. If I should decide to give you the pleasure that is.”
Sticking your tongue out, you obey, longing for the feel of the sting again.
I walk around you and crush your dick and balls with my highly polished black stiletto boots. You know the spiked heel will soon enter your pee hole and shove so far down in your cock that the pain will make you moan with pleasure.
You know that the Black Widow kills her mate after she uses him for her pleasure.
You long for what ever it is I have to dish out and you will beg me for more before the night is done.
Submit to your Mistress.

Foot Fetishes and Lacy Stockings

foot fetishes

Foot fetishes and lacy stockings go perfect for what I want to do with you!  I love to dress up for a man. I have a closet that is full of lingerie. When I go out of town I always have to find something sexy to bring home. I have collected a considerable bit of lingerie all over the world. I guess you could say they are my treasures. Some people like stamps, or baseball collections, I like lingerie. I like to find the tightest sheer nylon and put it on! I know if I want to get a lingerie piece or not just by touching it. The satiny silk or lace of a piece will just make my pussy so wet! Dressing up for a man and seducing him with my outfits is an art I have learned.

    I start with the hose of course and work them up my legs. Making sure to stop short of my pussy so you can see how wet I have become. You run your hands over my silky bra and feel how hard you have made my nipples. You run your tongue along my neck and I can see how hard your cock has gotten. You nearly explode when the length of your cock slides against my pantyhose. You grab my arms and tease with your hard cock. I beg for you to fuck me. My lingerie hits the floor and you take control of me! You fucked me hard pounding your cock in my throbbing pussy. Each thrust makes me moan for more!

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