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Hot Sexy Woman Domme

Hot sexy womanDo you want a Hot sex woman Domme like Me to be your ruler? I will put you under my thumb. And keep you at My feet. You may worship Me every day. Kissing and washing My feet with your tongue. Drying My feet off with your hair. Then you may praise Me. Tell Me how grateful and how much you love Me. Tell Me how much you desire me. Tell Me how much you want to please Me in all aspects. When I ask for something I expect it right away. When I command an action from you. I want that action,which I commanded done right away. With a smile on your face. And eagerness in your movements. You will never walk unless the need arises. You will never cum, piss, eat, drink, sleep or anything else, without My permission. You will always wear My collar. A beautiful diamond crusted purple collar with the inscription: This boi property of Goddess Clarissa. If you take off this collar means banishment from My world. If you are afraid the collar is coming loose and may fall off. Say something. Only I may remove your collar and put back on your neck. I expect peace, so you will get along with other boi’s that live and serve Me. I pay special attention to My favorite boi. If you wish this to be you. Then you have to work at it. Please Me unconditionally. Without question, With happiness. And this can get you in the position of being My favorite boi. I expect you to take care of all My needs. In every way any time I wish. When I bring real Men home to please Me. You will be kneeling and quiet unless otherwise instructed. I will make you watch as I Am ravished by another. If you think you can handle this and would like to be a boi to this Goddess, you know where to find Me.

hot sexy woman for you

hot swexy womanHot sexy woman for you was what my latest ad read. I was looking for something new I have had half the cocks in my neighborhood and was craving something more exciting and different. I got a reply from a cute Asian slut. She wanted to come over with her boyfriend who had a massive chocolate dick. I of course accepted. As soon as they arrived I was soaking just watching them make their way inside. Things escalated rather quickly. I ended up taking his dick and eating her cunt at the same time. He had whipped out a camera and recorded the whole thing, I looked at my email the next day and saw the video I opened it up and got excited again and Invited them up again. This time my husband was home and I was being banged and fucked all the while he was in the next room. It was quite tricky to make this mission possible but those orgasms and the riskiness of it all was well worth it.

Sexy Mail

sexy babe


When I get bored in the middle of the day and there is nothing to really do, that’s when I start taking sexy photos and videos of myself. I like to email them to you but sometimes also text or shoot them to you over messenger because I know it thrills you to have something to sneak a peak at during dinner with the wifey 😉 ! Sending you sexy mail turns me on so much, my pussy is soaking wet now just thinking about how you have amassed a large personal spank bank of just photos that are me in my finest poses. I lay across the bed with all my toys you’ve bought me and make you short videos that get you through all the days we are not together and that I cannot be there to personally make you drain that spunk from your balls. What kind of sexy mail would you like next??

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying has always been something I truly love to engage in. Sadly I married someone so boring and so unimaginative. It sucks not getting what I need from my husband that why lately I have totally rebelled and have been on a cheating spree. I have gotten it from everyone I laid my eyes on. If I see someone I like and someone I want to fuck I will do so and I will do so with no regrets. I use to feel bad for my husband but not anymore. I like dressing up and I love pain. Pain and pleasure go together In my world. I love inviting over those who will fill me up and make me orgasm not stop. I enjoy hot sluts like me I like dressing them up and licking their slits and making them cum with me. I have a hot plan and I hope my boring husband will participate. I plan on showing him what brings me excitement later this week. I will show him what gets his slut wife off. Hoping he’s a good sport and learns to please me like a good bitch. I just dream of fucking a ton of people right in front of him and I plan to make that happen ASAP. erotic roleplaying

Spoil Me

GFE phone sex

I’m so glad to be back and especially because of you. You’re the perfect mature and handsome gentleman who knows how to make a young girl like me beam with glee, and I more than return the favor. You spoiling me all the time leaves me in the position where all I want you to know is how special you are to me. I really adore our time together and especially pleasing you for hours and hours. Making sure my sweet sugar daddy knows he’s adored by his darling girl. All the time we get to spend together away from your wife and whatnot- I know I make you happier and more fulfilled than she does and that’s why we always have such a wonderful time together. From our sex to our conversations, it’s easy to say I’m one lucky lady to have you.

Rub My Feet And Fuck Me

Foot fetishesMy sexy and perfect feet are my sweet spot, to say the least! I absolutely love having them rubbed and played with, licked and sucked on, that shit makes me so horny, especially when you’re doing it while we are fucking! They’re like my second g-spot, it feels so damn good and I get so turned on by how nasty you want to get with me! It’s so sexy how much of a naughty foot fetish you have, I want to see how dirty you really love to get with my set of yummy soles. I want to fuck your mouth with them, slip and slide your tongue in between my toes, tickling me and making me giggle with pleasure, I seriously love that shit! My pussy gets wet as fuck from the sensation, it sends chills up my spine! Massage my calves and ankles while you smother yourself with my feet! Bask in how delicious they are and use them to stroke your throbbing cock! Shove your shaft deep up in to me, stretch my lips out with your hard ass dick! I want you pounding my fuck hole while you obsess over my soft, silky feet! When you make me orgasm, it will be so much more intense and i’m going to squirt juicy cum all over you! It will splatter all over my creamy thighs, I want you to lick it up! Can’t wait to get kinky as fuck with you and all of your fantasies!

Pay My Rent You Loser

Erotic roleplaying I’m a sophisticated hottie with some deliciously creamy thighs and I deserve to have all of my rent and bills paid for by your loser ass! I know you can’t resist me and I know that you love to do whatever I say. You’re my weak loser boy sugar daddy that never gets any sugar, haha I love being a sexy ass bitch to you! Having my cake and eating it too is the best. Your fetish is my gain! I’m your reason for living, so keep on destroying yourself for me! My tits and ass own your bank account, so shovel it over to me you filthy mother fucker. Spoil me as much as I want! My rent is expensive and so am I, so get with it! While your human garbage ass is working and making a salary to pay for my lifestyle, i’ll be lounging lavishly by the pool, enjoying another beautiful day in paradise! You’re a dumb fanboy and you need to hand over your life savings right now!

Foot fetish and a naughty sissy

Foot fetishes

My sissy hubby loves … and I mean loves anything foot related in sex. As a special treat for my hard working sissy boy, I planned something out of the ordinary.
My bestie sorority sister from back in the day came over to help me with this treat. We did our pre-evening shopping and had a blast. After setting it up I brought sissy into the bathroom, blindfolded. We sat him down, put his accessories on and removed his blindfold. He was sitting in a princess’s chair with a little tiara and a pink dress was all laid out for him to get into. He seemed pretty elated about what was going on and I asked the pretty little sissy if he was ready for his foot show. His face went from a huge smile to a frown rather quickly. I asked what was wrong and he said, “I am not allowed to cum My Madam.” I knew why, but I was just making sure slave was paying attention.
My bestie and I got down and dirty right away. We both just had silk robes on and we slid them off our shoulders. I reached over and flicked and played with her nipple and I could see the strain come over my hubby’s face. I sat her down on the sauna bench and put her legs over the front of me, just enough leg to be able to play with my nipples. The sissy’s cock cage prevents him from getting hard. I got up and pushed up his little pink dress and sure enough, stuck with cum everywhere.

Magic Feet

 Foot fetishesAfter that foot massage you gave me with that hot oil, made me so horny to see you getting a hard on just by massaging my cute sexy feet. Now my pussy is dripping wet. I would love to please my man with my hot sexy covered in oil feet with that cute nail polish. I just want to start slowly putting my feet on your neck giving you little massages then coming down to your belly. Then down to that big fat cock you have, slowly start caressing your balls then start stroking that big fat long cock with both my feet as I lay naked in front of you. I’m playing with my tits as I feel your rock hard dick between my feet. I love all that pre-cum all over my sexy feet. I keep stroking your cock with my feet I just want to make you cum all over my sexy feet.

Get More Addicted

Phone humiliationThat’s right, get more addicted to me. Every part of me is perfect, but you already know this, don’t you loser?! Big lips, big tits and a big juicy ass, let’s have some wild and dirty phone sex so that you can beg to play with every sensual inch of me! I’ve put so many boys under my spell, my ass rules you! I know that your pathetic cock is getting all twisted up just thinking about me and all of my sexy goodness! I love having domination over you and watching how you’re weak at the knees while you worship me! I live a high-end lifestyle so you fucking better be able to keep up and please me exactly how I want to be pleased! Beg to pay me, beg some more, send me as much as you have, serve me, send some more! It’s really that simple and that’s all you’re good for anyways! You’re the luckiest loser around to even be able to talk to me! Contributing to my perfect life makes your life worthwhile. I love humiliating you in the best of ways!

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