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Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are something I enjoy. I find feet phallic. Do you? That is why if a man wants me to suck on his toes or feet, he better wear at least a size 11 if you know what I mean. If a man has small feet, that means he has a small cock too. If a man gets back to my place wanting me to give him a foot job and he has tiny feet, he is getting the same treatment he gets if he has a small cock. Since I let small dicks lick my pussy and ass, I will let small feet give me a foot job. I made Mr. Size 7 suck my toes as I cock teased him. I wouldn’t let him cum, because only big feet and big cocks get that privilege. I do enjoy having my toes sucked. It is sensual for me, often humiliating for the man, especially if my feet are bigger than his cock. Mr. Size 7 enjoyed sucking my toes and he enjoyed the small dick humiliation too. Dare I ask, what size shoe you wear?

Please Me Like I Please You

Foot FetishesEvery time that he comes in town he sends for me and no matter what I’m doing I stop and make time for him. He has women in every city and I don’t care I’m only interested in pleasing him so they don’t even enter my mind when I’m with him. My attire is always nearly nude and Red Bottoms, the man loves to spoil me rotten. He always says when your rich like him you attract a certain type of woman he’d tell me I’m that type of woman for certain. I dance for him and lick every inch of his body before I do all the sexual fantastic treats he loves so much. He tells me to take my clothes off slow he’s really talking about the shoes, the last item he’s a foot man. I’ve never made love to a man with such intense passion our love making last all weekend long even longer if he’s in town longer. I’m deeply in love with him and I don’t care how gullible or insane that sounds I still feel the way I feel. I understand him when he says he’s the worlds star but I’m his star. I melt inside.

He took me shopping

cuckold phone sexI have a wimpy little cucky pet that pretty much does whatever I tell him so today I made him take me shopping. He sat there humiliated while I flirted with the sexy clerk, I made him pay for everything and when I had all the shoes I wanted, I made him watch me fuck the clerk too! We were all alone in the shop so I had the clerk lock the door and pull out his huge throbbing cock. It was so big that it was hard to suck but boy did I love trying to get it all down my throat! That little wimpy cuck was crying while I was doing it, he wished so hard that I would suck his dick like that but he has a tiny little clit, why would I want to touch that? I only touch big cocks, the kind that real men have and his definitely doesn’t make the cut! He just had to sit there and watch that superior man fuck me. And in the end, he had to clean up my cum filled pussy too!

foot fetishes

Female Domination

Female Domination Porn

I am going to be bare ass naked except my thigh highs and red heels when you come over. I will not speak a word as I handcuff you and push you down on the bed.  I slid my heel off and run it up and down your body stopping at your engorged member.  I wrap my tiny toes around your organ and start stroking it. With my leg up, I start running my new purple vibrator along my pussy lips.  I crawl up the bed and lay my silky legs across you. I am now stroking that member with both stocking clad feet and pre-cum is on my toes. I lay back and begin fucking myself with my toy. You’re begging me to have mercy as I squirt.  I decided to give you a little as I take off my thigh highs and stroke your cock with them.  Your eyes are pleading so I put the tip of your raging hard-on in my mouth.  I slowly lick and suck all the way down and back up again. With my nylons and my mouth, you cum so hard all over. I slurp that sweet cum up and release you. Then I tell you to leave as I have had enough playtime. Until next time lover.

Foot Fetishes are Common

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. Women have them just as much as men. I have a confession. I love putting my sexy feet on a nice big cock. The feel of a throbbing shaft between the soles of my feet makes my pussy drip. When I picked Tom up at the bar last night it was because I saw what big feet he had. Most women know that a man with a big shoe size, most likely has a big cock to match. I wanted to give a foot job more than a blow job last night. Sometimes, I just want to feel hot flesh between my pretty feet. I got a pedicure earlier in the day, so I knew I had the perfect feet to give a hot foot job. When we were back at my place, I watched him undress for me. I was anticipating his beautiful cock as I watched him unzip his pants. His cock was above average, but it was not what I was expecting either for a size 13 shoe. I didn’t want to fuck him, but I did want to feel his cum between my toes. I told him his cock wasn’t big enough for my pussy. He read my mind, however, when he asked about my pretty feet. We shared the same fetish. I stretched my feet up to greet his cock and pretended like I was making a fire out of a stick. I rubbed my feet against his cock and soon fire erupted. He was quick to cum on my toes, so I was smart not to fuck him. It was still a hot encounter that fed my secret foot fetish. This sexy babe may be a size queen when it comes to what enters her pussy, but you may still have a shot of cumming on my feet if you have an average dick.

Foot Fetishes With A Touch Of GFE

Foot Fetishes You know what I love being more than your GFE that you can’t get anywhere else? I love watching you squirm in anticipation as I show you my freshly manicured feet. Isn’t is nice right in the morning after you wake when you are hard, having me rub my soft feet all over that prick? I have on my cute peach thong panties and that is all. I start to slide them down real slow and you love watching things things come off my tiny little body.

I get out of bed and you smack my cute little ass, I walk over to the dresser and grab my favorite vibrator, it is so powerful and makes me cum really fast. I walk back towards you and get on my back with my vibe on my pussy. You pick my feet up and start kissing them, getting even harder. Put them together and you put your dick in between and I go harder on my clit with my toy. I am almost ready to climax. I turn over on my back and I squeeze your rod in between my feet going up and down making sure to cup your balls with my feet.

I go faster and harder coming up around the head while I am fucking myself with those powerful vibrations. I can tell you are about to cum, I flip back over onto my back and let you shoot that cream pie all over my feet. I love the feeling of that sticky, wet mess.

Foot Fetishes and Sex Therapy

Foot fetishesMy one client has a real foot fetish, and I always try to prepare something special for him. I was so glad I had, this time. I had myself set up and waiting for him to walk in. I was posed against my comfy couch with my feet prominently displayed in one of my sexiest pairs of shoes. He slammed into my office to find me like that, a look of complete anger on his face. That anger translated quickly to lust, and he was stripping his tie and belt off without even closing my door. The receptionist managed that for him while he dove right in behind me. He started kissing and sucking on as much of my toes as he could manage, rubbing his dick and balls against my other calf and the shoe straps there. He all but fucked my leg all the way until he came, and he barely kept from cumming. I twisted around and sat up on my couch, lifted my legs up, and caught his dick between my shoes, rubbing up and down it as he watched my sexy feet fucking his cock. His hand went to his balls, and before I knew it, he was shooting a load directly into my face and across my chest. I licked it all up, and then began to really take our session in depth.

My Sexy Feet


foot fetishes


Keeping my feet as pretty as the first time you laid eyes on them has always been super important to you, sugar. I love sitting next to you while you massage, kiss and lick my feet from heel to toe. Kissing all ten of them individually as I look down at you adoringly, watching you worship me like a real queen. You get out the massage oil and begin giving me a relaxing rub down. You especially love to tease me by tickling my feet and driving me totally crazy! I giggle and try to pull my feet back playfully but you wont let up that easy on me. You then kiss your way up my body and allow my to pull your beautiful cock out. I kiss and suck on it gently then give you what you’ve really wanted this whole time. I sit across from you with my feet wrapped around your dick, tightly jerking you off with just the balls and arches of my feet. Taking the time to run my slippery lubed up toes around you. You release your load, letting it drip down my toes and gently cleaning them off with the silk sheets. You make this foot fetish thing ours, baby.

A Pearl Necklace



cum on boobs




I kept asking you for a pearl necklace just like the one your wife has.
you made a cute joke about how you wanted to give me a bigger and better one
and while this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, darling it’s fabulous and sexy
to get to wear you like this. Down on my knees under your desk at work, giving you
the most delicious blowjob you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting. Working my way
with my tongue from under your balls all the way up to the tip of your head. Sucking
and kissing the shaft. Watching you with my big pretty eyes while you tilt your head
back in sublime pleasure. Your hand on the back of my neck, helping me take you deeper and
deeper. Then you tell me to come up and lift my head back. You spray ropes of your cum
all along my neck and chest. It really is bigger and prettier than the one the wifey wears
but, “we are going the mall after this right?” I say with a smile while I lick your
delicious cum off my fingers. I’m always happy to take another one of these.

Didn’t I look stunning wearing you, baby?

GFE Phone Sex with Feet

GFE phone sexHe loves my feet, so what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t indulge his fetishes every once in awhile? By the time he walked into the house, I was in the kitchen, in plain view, with my feet up in the air, ready for him. The grin on his face, and the bulge in his pants, were exactly what I was hoping for. He dropped his pants as he made his way to me, and then leaned down and started kissing my feet. He licked all along the arches, and he sucked each toe into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around them. His cock was bobbing and throbbing, and I could tell that he was getting off, which only made my pussy that much juicier. I pulled my feet away enough to drop them a bit and wrap them around his dick. He stood still and enjoyed it enough to let me stroke his dick a few times before he grabbed onto my feet and started fucking them. He pounded into my feet as though they were my pussy, watching my toes curl up and away from him. He came hard, pulling his dick away so that he could cum all over my feet, and then he licked and sucked the cum right off my feet. After that, I knew that it was going to be a long and delicious night!

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