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Very Friendly Neighbor- Three

Shaved wet pussyHe pushed himself up and moved my legs off of his shoulders. Slowly he slid his hands up from my ankles to under my ass. He lifted me up gently, my face close to his as he carried me. I kissed him, tasting my pussy juice on his lips. He sat down having me straddle his lap, I only sat hovering over his cock teasing the head in and out of my Shaved wet pussy. He leaned forward and started to suck on my nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore and slid down onto his rock hard cock. He slid his hands under my soft ass and bounced me up and down as fast as he wanted, taking turns between my breast sucking kissing. His cock began to pulse, when I started to cum letting his cock and balls get dripping wet with my cum juice. I fucked him harder and harder until I felt that burst of cum in me I had been craving from the start.

Very Friendly Neighbor- Two

Naughty neighbor phone sexHe grabbed onto my foot and got down on his knees. He rubbed my foot against his cheek before giving it passionate kisses that sent a way of pleasure through my body. He gently sucked and nibble on each little toe his eyes filled with passion looking into mine. My love button began to tingle with excitement. Who ever this new stranger was, has already started to rock my world in the first five minutes. He rest my foot down and removed his shirt, allowing the sun to highlight his fit figure. He grabbed my other little foot and gave it the same attention, I bite my lip trying to maintain my composure. He placed both of my feet on either side of his shoulders and began to kiss up my leg, giving big sloppy wet ones on my inner thigh. He made his way kissing through my bikini a little before moving it to the side with is finger. He used his tongue to part my honey lips and suckle on my clit. I could no longer hold in my pleasure and began to moan, arching my back. I used my feet against his back to push him down deeper. I haven’t felt this kind of passion is such a long time was all I could think about.

Very Friendly Neighbor- One

Naughty neighbor phone sexI was sunbathing in the backyard most of the morning. Watching the moving truck and movers bringing furniture and boxes into the house next door. I hadn’t realized that someone was moving in before now. I was curious to see who had brought it, was probably just a family but I decided to hang back a bit to found out. I watched as a very nice looking red Lexus pulled into the driveway and a very attractive looking man stepped out. He said a few things to the movers and heading to his own backyard. He looked around and eyes rested on me a few feet away, so I waved him over. I pointed to the fence he could use to get into my yard. He came over and introduced himself and offered his hand. I looked him up and down but didn’t feel the need to move much so I lifted my leg and offered him my foot to shake instead. He grab my littlefoot, my pink nail polish sparkled in the sunlight. “What adorable and very soft feet you have” he flashed me a devilish grin. He pressed my foot against his stomach and slid it down until it was resting over his bulge. I was intrigued by his forwardness he was not a man without confidence. I stared up at him waiting for his next move.

I Love Licking Her Toes

Foot FetishesA foot fetish can be so hot and turn me on. I invited my sugar daddy along and I had one of my very best friends. When we got to the hotel he went to the corner of the room and I got down on the bed and she was lying on her back and I started kissing up and down her leg which was covered by a stocking and I took her heel off and was sniffing it. My sugar daddy was getting very excited and he took his big dick out and started stroking it. I peeled her stocking off and was kissing her feet, licking between her toes and sucking on the big one like a hard dick. I turned around and she was rubbing my panties on my hot moist cunt. I took my panties off and went back and sucked on her toe again for more lube. She was rubbing it up and down my clit to my hole and then stuck it in my hole and I was riding that toe and it felt amazing. My sugar daddy came over and was kissing her feet while he stroked and he came all over he toes and I felt it squirt on my butthole. I didn’t stop, I loved the sound of my wet pussy about to climax on her toe, she was wiggling it and I came all over and he licked it up and then we shared a hot cum filled 3 way kiss.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I can always spot a foot dude too. Usually, I will indulge him if he is handsome.  I went shoe shopping yesterday. I started the morning off with a pedicure, so I would have pretty feet for the shoe stores. I was walking around the mall when I realized I had an admirer. I wasn’t immediately aware that he was a foot guy. When he followed me into the shoe store and stared at my feet, I knew for sure. I crossed my legs continually, bringing attention to my feet. His eyes followed my freshly pedicured feet. I had him hooked. I signaled him over. He looked wealthy by his attire and Rolex watch. His watch cost half of my teacher’s salary I was sure. He looked like the kind of man I could strike a deal with, so I did. Buy my shoes and get a private showing at home. He ate that deal up. Honestly, I thought he was foaming at the mouth with excitement. He didn’t blink an eye when I racked up a $3,500 shoe bill. I have a shoe fetish. I am the kind of woman who buys shoes to match every outfit. When we got back to my place, I modeled every pair I had while he stroked his cock. I was surprised by how large his dick was for a fetish guy. I was happy to watch him masturbate for me. I did more than that, however. I let him cum on my feet. His hot jizz ran through my toes. It felt amazing. I gave him a footjob too. I took a sexy ass pic of his cock in between my pretty feet. I know I am too old to be a sugar baby, but this guy was loaded, submissive and had a big cock. He doesn’t want to fuck me sadly. He is married. I told him if he keeps me in pretty shoes, he can have a footjob whenever he wants.

Fucking my brother in law again

cum on boobsMy brother in law was visiting again and I couldn’t wait to get a repeat of last time. I was ready. The whole night during dinner I could feel his hands work their way under my skirt while my husband was at the table. I liked being so careless. I couldn’t stop thinking about getting my brother in laws cock. Time was going by so slow and my husband didn’t go to bed fast enough. When he finally fell asleep my brother in law made his way to our bed. I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck by brother in law in the same bed where my husband was. I knew he wouldn’t wake up but just the riskiness of the situation had us going at it. I liked sucking and fucking his cock. It was hot knowing that I was being a nasty slut by my husband. Cum on boobs was exactly how the night ended. I couldn’t help myself I want what I want.

My Golden Pedicure

Foot fetishesSo I have very particular Daddy that I spend time with. He buys me gifts and make sure I have the very best of anything I want. In return I do whatever he wants me to do. Well he took me out for a spa day which is normal he really like me to wear sandals because he loves my feet, so I very often go out and get a pedicure. This time he had very explicit instructions for me to follow. He observed the whole time which was different, he watched as the scrubbed and massaged my feet. He picked out this lovely shade of pink they delicately painted on. He patient sat with me while I finished up with the rest of my visit. When leaving I ask if we were going anywhere special he just shook his head and said we were going home. I shrugged and didn’t push further. We arrived back at his condo and he had a cute little bikini laid out for me as we walked in. He instructed that I put it on and meet him by the pool out back. It was a adorable fit in pink, with a cute skirt attachment. He always has great taste. When I went out to the backyard I was only semi startled that he wasn’t wearing any clothes. I giggled and he turned around his big limp cock started to harden as he walked towards me. He smiled and offered me a spot to lay out in the sun. As I laid down and got settled he stood at the end of the chair staring at my feet. He took his cock in his hand and slowly started to stroke it. He then told me I was about to get really wet, which I giggled. I had no idea he meant he was going to start peeing all over me. I felt the warm stream start hitting my feet, I wriggled my toes as it start running between them. He continued to started up my legs and aiming for my pussy. It was warm and wet, I got goosebumps covering my arms. I laid back and smiled allowed him to do what he wished.

Beg To Worship Me

Phone humiliation

So there’s this guy who I often pass off my papers too. He’s never complain and does whatever I want him too when I ask. He’s a totally nerd even fit with those big rimmed glasses all I have to do is smile and hand over what I need him to do. Well today things didn’t go over how they normally do. I went to his dorm and knocked on the door until he came to answer and I started talking to him letting him know what I needed and being adorable. He stops me mid sentence “What do I get?”. He actually asked me, he was shaking so much I was surprised he didn’t faint. “What do you want?” I asked. “I want to touch you…just a little bit” he basically mumbled. I pushed him, and he fell back onto his ass. I entered the room shutting the door behind me. “You want to touch me?” I mocked as he stared up at me startled. “What makes your hands worthy enough to touch me? What makes you worthy enough to even be in my presence?” I hissed at him. “Please” he whined. “Please” I repeated “Please, Please, Please” I started to sing over and over again. “Your going to have to say that and a lot more to convince me to let you lay a finger on me. Unworthy scum”.

Latina tease

ass sex pornBefore I got into the sugar baby lifestyle, I was using my body and looks to get exactly what I wanted. I had just started working as a tutor for a wealthy family. The man of the house was very intrigued by my hot body and my sexy latina look. I was fucking him for bonuses. He loved ass sex porn and enjoyed making me watch it like a good slut. I would have to strip naked for him and let him fuck my tight twat. I love having that big cock deep inside I just kept begging for more. Each inch going in had me needing it. I was getting addicted to that daddy cock. It was like no other cock I had gotten up to that point. I was fucking pathetic dweebs my age who couldn’t make me orgasm like an older guy with experience. I especially loved fucking him in his bed where he would sleep with his wife. It was taboo and had me going every time.

He Spoils Me

Foot fetishes

Dexter is a really rich and giving guy he knows how to treat a lady like myself. I had never been to Europe before and he wanted to take me and not for one second did I think he was lying. Dexter is the greatest guy ever, he told to clear my schedule for at least three weeks then he gave me his black card and requested that I buy at least five pairs of Red Bottom stilettos of my choice. I knew Dexter’s favorite color besides money green was red so I made sure to get red on red stilettos. A black card has no limit so I didn’t even think about what I would be spending and that’s just how Dexter want’s it. I couldn’t wait for the trip, all of my paperwork was in order and we got our first class tickets. I was so overwhelmed by all that Dexter would do to make me happy that I fucked him and sucked his cock everyday leading up to the trip. You can only imagine what we did in the air and when we touched down and when we got to the room. All I can say is Dexter is amazing and he taught me so much. 

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