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A Pearl Necklace



cum on boobs




I kept asking you for a pearl necklace just like the one your wife has.
you made a cute joke about how you wanted to give me a bigger and better one
and while this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, darling it’s fabulous and sexy
to get to wear you like this. Down on my knees under your desk at work, giving you
the most delicious blowjob you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting. Working my way
with my tongue from under your balls all the way up to the tip of your head. Sucking
and kissing the shaft. Watching you with my big pretty eyes while you tilt your head
back in sublime pleasure. Your hand on the back of my neck, helping me take you deeper and
deeper. Then you tell me to come up and lift my head back. You spray ropes of your cum
all along my neck and chest. It really is bigger and prettier than the one the wifey wears
but, “we are going the mall after this right?” I say with a smile while I lick your
delicious cum off my fingers. I’m always happy to take another one of these.

Didn’t I look stunning wearing you, baby?

GFE Phone Sex with Feet

GFE phone sexHe loves my feet, so what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t indulge his fetishes every once in awhile? By the time he walked into the house, I was in the kitchen, in plain view, with my feet up in the air, ready for him. The grin on his face, and the bulge in his pants, were exactly what I was hoping for. He dropped his pants as he made his way to me, and then leaned down and started kissing my feet. He licked all along the arches, and he sucked each toe into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around them. His cock was bobbing and throbbing, and I could tell that he was getting off, which only made my pussy that much juicier. I pulled my feet away enough to drop them a bit and wrap them around his dick. He stood still and enjoyed it enough to let me stroke his dick a few times before he grabbed onto my feet and started fucking them. He pounded into my feet as though they were my pussy, watching my toes curl up and away from him. He came hard, pulling his dick away so that he could cum all over my feet, and then he licked and sucked the cum right off my feet. After that, I knew that it was going to be a long and delicious night!

Erotic roleplaying loretta

Erotic roleplayingErotic role playing is my favorite thing. I love to also dress up and set the mood. So this past week for Halloween I decided to be a naughty nurse. I went to a party scouting for a good cock. I set my eyes on this guy wearing a surgeons costume. How perfect I was the naughty nurse and he was the surgeon with the big cock. We went to one of the rooms upstairs and decided to roleplay the whole thing. It was hot and a bit weird but it got me off at the same time. Loved that he had such a massive bong. Not only was it huge it came with a nice set of balls. The man could fuck, I was on cloud nine. Too bad I never got his name. After I came and he finished I hopped off his cock got myself back home and made my husband eat my pussy, He has no idea I let a stranger cum in me and he is now eating another man’s cum.

Trick-or-treat with my feet

Shaved wet pussy and rock hard cock

Shaved wet pussy gets me just as excited as a hot rod. The other day I decided to invite my friend Jana she is hot and has a husband that’s hung like a horse. We knew exactly what was up. I was going to enjoy her hot body and his hard cock all afternoon long while my pathetic husband is hard at work, my pussy mouth and ass are too. Well, I with pleasure anyways. I was so anxious for them to come over I got off by myself a couple times. As soon as they came in it was show time I licked her pussy while I got my ass and pussy fucked then I scissored my hot friend while he got off by watching, The cherry on top, of course, was being able to suck his 9 inch dick and play with his balls all while she was recording the whole thing, I got to enjoy all his cum all over my face. Shaved wet pussy

Foot Fetishes Really Turn Me On

Foot Fetishes

I love guys with foot fetishes. My pussy gets soaking wet watching my toes slide up and down your cock. I used to hook up with this guy that just loved when I gave him a nice footjob. He would have me come over to his house with a short tight dress and tight high stockings on. He loved the thigh highs so he could see my pretty pussy and watch me run my clit while I stroked his cock with pantyhose covered toes. It felt so good when his creamy hot load shot right out of the tip of his cock and covered my feet. I loved curling and wiggling my toes with his cum making them so slippery and wet. Then I would take my cum soaked feet and stick them right in his mouth. Telling him to clean up my cum covered pantyhose toes, he would suck off every last drop of his load.

Suck On My Clit

ass fetish

I’m such a lucky little sweetheart that I get to be all yours now. I know you love getting
to spend more and more time learning my tight sexy body and you feel so good touching, kissing
and licking all over me. Tasting the sweet folds of my young flesh down in my pleasure pocket
area. Sucking on my clit and watching how my legs shake from your energy. You love seeing
me feel the pure pleasure only a man like you could guide a young lady like myself into the
groove of feeling like a woman for the first time. You’ve been waiting for the moment to make
me yours and it’s finally here. You help me climb on top of your big cock and ride it till
you fill your pretty pussy all the way up. So now we go to brunch and out shopping, right?

Hot Sexy Woman Domme

Hot sexy womanDo you want a Hot sex woman Domme like Me to be your ruler? I will put you under my thumb. And keep you at My feet. You may worship Me every day. Kissing and washing My feet with your tongue. Drying My feet off with your hair. Then you may praise Me. Tell Me how grateful and how much you love Me. Tell Me how much you desire me. Tell Me how much you want to please Me in all aspects. When I ask for something I expect it right away. When I command an action from you. I want that action,which I commanded done right away. With a smile on your face. And eagerness in your movements. You will never walk unless the need arises. You will never cum, piss, eat, drink, sleep or anything else, without My permission. You will always wear My collar. A beautiful diamond crusted purple collar with the inscription: This boi property of Goddess Clarissa. If you take off this collar means banishment from My world. If you are afraid the collar is coming loose and may fall off. Say something. Only I may remove your collar and put back on your neck. I expect peace, so you will get along with other boi’s that live and serve Me. I pay special attention to My favorite boi. If you wish this to be you. Then you have to work at it. Please Me unconditionally. Without question, With happiness. And this can get you in the position of being My favorite boi. I expect you to take care of all My needs. In every way any time I wish. When I bring real Men home to please Me. You will be kneeling and quiet unless otherwise instructed. I will make you watch as I Am ravished by another. If you think you can handle this and would like to be a boi to this Goddess, you know where to find Me.

hot sexy woman for you

hot swexy womanHot sexy woman for you was what my latest ad read. I was looking for something new I have had half the cocks in my neighborhood and was craving something more exciting and different. I got a reply from a cute Asian slut. She wanted to come over with her boyfriend who had a massive chocolate dick. I of course accepted. As soon as they arrived I was soaking just watching them make their way inside. Things escalated rather quickly. I ended up taking his dick and eating her cunt at the same time. He had whipped out a camera and recorded the whole thing, I looked at my email the next day and saw the video I opened it up and got excited again and Invited them up again. This time my husband was home and I was being banged and fucked all the while he was in the next room. It was quite tricky to make this mission possible but those orgasms and the riskiness of it all was well worth it.

Sexy Mail

sexy babe


When I get bored in the middle of the day and there is nothing to really do, that’s when I start taking sexy photos and videos of myself. I like to email them to you but sometimes also text or shoot them to you over messenger because I know it thrills you to have something to sneak a peak at during dinner with the wifey 😉 ! Sending you sexy mail turns me on so much, my pussy is soaking wet now just thinking about how you have amassed a large personal spank bank of just photos that are me in my finest poses. I lay across the bed with all my toys you’ve bought me and make you short videos that get you through all the days we are not together and that I cannot be there to personally make you drain that spunk from your balls. What kind of sexy mail would you like next??

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