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Public Fucking

Fantasy phone sex Getting fucked in public is a special kind of high. Looking around and seeing men and women watching me get pounded. I love how they get all hot and bothered by the show and soon a huge fuck fest breaks out. Clothes are being torn off and all I can see are cocks, tits and, cunts. Cum starts to decorate the room as the fuck fest gets wilder. The longer the fucking lasts the crazier it gets. That is when the good action starts. I get DP, I get to have myself a little train. And I get to fuck some nice looking whores like myself. And when it is all done and over with. There is nothing but naked hot sweaty bodies and sticky creamy cum as far as the eye can see.

Have Backup

Cum on boobsvoicemails. They must all be off with their wives. Haha!! Being the pro of a slut that I am. I am never without cock even if it is the plastic kind that takes double A batteries. When my pussy is aching and super sloppy fucking wet I have no patience and need to blast my pussy juices everywhere. I need satisfaction immediately. I am sure you all can relate to that. Giggles. I grabbed both my 9-inch dildo shoving one in my pussy and one deep in my ass. I wanted to fucking explode have the bomb of orgasm. I was showing myself no mercy with both dildos. I wanted to cum from both of holes I needed to put the fire in between my legs out. I was fantasizing about it being 2 of your massive cocks fucking me even harder than I can fuck myself.

Phone Sex Therapy: I’m the One on the Couch

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy with me is different. Usually, the client lies on the couch, but with me I am the one on the couch. I am naked too. I like to lay naked on my couch while you confide your deep dark fantasies and confess all your dirty secrets. I talk to cuckolds, perverts, sissies, small dick losers and a variety of fetish guys daily. Some of you have dirty secrets that make my cunt wet, others have pathetic lives that make me laugh. One guy this morning told me all about his weekend as a cuckold. His wife put him in panties and made him watch her get fucked by real men. It gets better though. He was forced to gobble up all the cum in her dirty holes after every fuck. She took a lot of cock too. I was even envious. Before this weekend, my caller only had cuckold fantasies. I have been coaching him on how to make his fantasies a reality. Some wives need a little nudge to cheat. All I ever needed to cheat was the sight of a big cock! My caller’s wife has been cheating on him for months, he just didn’t know it. I had my suspicions, however. Women don’t put on make up to go to the gym. I had him confront her, give his blessing. I even had him tell her how happy he was that she could find the sexual pleasure she needed. When your wife has your blessing, she is more apt to just stop sneaking around and fuck in front of you. I love being a phone sex therapist, because I have my own sort of happy ending for callers. I get to cum listening to how their wives denied them and humiliated them in front of their lovers.

Carpet Muncher

Sexy phone sex A sweet tasting pussy is a nice treat too snack on. When slut just like me puts her pussy in my face I don’t need any ques on what to do next. I take my hands spread those pussy lips apart and have my way with her into she squirts all over my face. I like to take a sluts clit and pull it with my teeth. And shove two fingers in her twat hole at the same time. I love it when a slut pushes her pussy in my face because of the pleasure my wet mouth is giving her. I have a wide tongue and love to lap at pussies like a dog giving wet sloppy kisses. Sluts often come to me to get their pussies.

Mature Phone Sex and College Boys

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who crave women with experience and women with confidence. I have no inhibitions. Any I did have, are long gone. I am the kind of woman who can fuck with the lights on. My body isn’t perfect, but it is my body and I love it. I enjoy watching myself ride a big cock. I have a mirrored dresser that faces the bed. When I brought Luke home last night, I wanted to watch his cock going in and out of my pussy. Reverse cowgirl is one of my favorite positions with big dicks because when I position myself right, I can see that fat fuck stick stretching my pussy lips. It is no secret that I am a size queen. Girth matters more than length. No woman wants a foot long cock if it is as thin as a pencil; however, most women are very satisfied with 8 inches if it is thick. Luke was not carrying a snake in his pants, but it was thick and had my pussy on fire to feel it inside of me. A bunch of girlfriends and I met at a local cougar club after we ditched our families after the holiday festivities. I am always horny for big dick after seeing my ex husband. We share a daughter, so on holidays I am reminded why I became a size queen. It was amazing I got pregnant because his short stack swimmers had a long way to travel to fertilize me. Anyway, Luke stood out. He was a country boy in a metrosexual club. He was just in town from Tennessee for the holidays. Spring break and Easter brought the college boy to my town. Looking for a hot sexy woman brought him to the club. I was grateful because he rode my pussy like a rodeo star. My girlfriends were jealous that cowboy wanted to go home with me. I may never see Luke again, or not for a while, but I have a sore pussy full of cum as a reminder of what a great time we had last night.


Naughty Girl

gfe phone sexI was stealing from Walmart. Money is just so tight these days.  I wanted that red Lacey bra so bad, it even had matching panties. So I put them on under my clothes and I swore I take the tags off but apparently I didn’t. Next thing I know I am in the back of the police car. I slid my handcuffs off and got into the front seat and dove off as fast as I could. God, I loved the adrenaline rush. After thirty or so minutes passed I had a whole train of police cars chasing me. I was going well over 100 miles when I pulled over to the side and ran into the woods. I was throwing off my clothes as I ran. First my shirt, then my pants next I slid off one shoe at a time and then my socks. Until finally I stood there in only my new bra and panties. It didn’t take long for them to find me. Oh, but when they did I was fingering my pussy and begging for there cocks. They almost tripped over themselves trying to get to me.There had to be 20 officers. All of them just stuffing my holes with there big thick rock hard cocks. One dick was in my mouth I was socking it so good for him I loved the feeling of it being shoved down my throat and another was begging jerked right by my face. One was in my tight juicy pussy and he was just pounding it so good his balls just kept hitting against me. Another was in my ass. I couldn’t help but moan and scream I loved all there cum I begged for it please just give me all of it. Every last one of them toke turns on me and by the time all of them where done I was covered head to toe in cum ..my pussy twitched and I was exhausted but needed more so I begged them to keep going. It toke so long for all of them to Finnish the first time. By the second time, the first officer was ready again.

Lick That Cum Off My Feet

Foot FetishesI am a princess and deserve to be treated to so that is what you better do. Foot fetishes are so kinky and they feel good when I stroke with my pretty smooth feet. I love walking around with a pathetic man who can bend down all the way and kiss my feet in my high heels. I want to walk around so long that my feet start sweating through my socks. I want you when we get back to my place to take my high heels off and sniff them real good and I know that will make you dick hard. I want you to then get naked and put those heels of mine on and I don’t care how much it hurts. You can rub it around in my foot sweat, I am going to be lying naked on my bed with you at my feet while I rub my bald pretty pussy and you jacking off on my feet. I want your big load on my feet with my high arch. I am fucking myself harder and harder and you come all over them as I am coming i demand you to lick it off and swallow that warm load.

Sexy Hot Women in Heat

sexy hot womenSexy hot women love teasing men. I was shopping in a short jean skirt last night. I was wearing a pair of sheer panties. I bent over in the frozen food section and caught this dirty old pervert trying to look up my skirt. He had to have a shriveled up old dick. I am surprised looking up my skirt didn’t make him stroke out. He followed me around the store trying to get a look up my skirt again. I teased the geezer. I didn’t know if he thought he could fuck me or if he had a panty sniffing fetish. I confronted him in the parking lot. He wasn’t as old as I thought. He was 65. He was 20 years my senior. He looked older. He said I was the first woman to give him a boner in a decade. I was flattered. I could see the sizable outline in his pants. This dirty old man had a huge cock. I thought about it for a moment. I don’t have an old man fetish, but I am a cock size queen. A big cock is a big cock regardless of age. I said, “Grandpa, I’m about to make your day.” I blew his old huge cock in the back of his car. He came quickly, which was disappointing but understandable. It has been 11 years since he came from a woman’s touch. I took my wet panties off and gave them to him as a souvenir. He looked like he had died and gone to heaven. Okay, so I might have slipped him my phone number too.  That old geezer had at least ten inches of cock that was going to waste. I knew just the sexy babe to bring life back to his aging Anaconda.  Don’t judge me. Your little dick isn’t doing anything for me or anyone for that matter.

Sissy Boy Andy

Cuckold phone sexI have a new sissy boy his name is Andy. He is useless, In the 3 weeks I have been training him I have only allowed him to cum once. I embarrass him in front of his sister too. She is younger than him but has always been in control. Andy did all her chores for her, making her bed, doing her laundry, Andy was her maid growing up. She started him on his first pair of girly silk panties. Andy loved it so much he never went back to men’s underwear again. And now it is my turn, I embarrass him in front of everyone and anyone. Strangers, friends, family. I dress him in the cutest outfits and we go out and about here and there. Hearing all the laughs, pointing and stares coming from the passing crowds. She got him started on a very good training path. But now a real woman is taking control of the situation. And Andy will end up being a very good trained sissy boy.

The Guy of my Dreams Steve

Exhibitionist sex


I think I’m in love and not like the times before when a guy just tricked me and pretended like he loved me, no this time it’s real without a dout. The first time Steve and I went out he treated me like I was a Royal or something.He took me to a beautiful musical and I got lost in story and songs. After the musical he took me back to his hotel suite and we dined in lambchops and kale with butter sauce, it was devine. I stayed the night at his suite we talked got to know eachother and laughed for what seemed like forever. Our love making session started out in the bubbles in the juccuzzi, I sucked his huge thick throbbing cock under the water and made him spray me with jack juice. I couldn’t get enough of Steve and he sure couldn’t get enough of my wet fat juicebox either. That was our first date so can you imagine all the nasty sexy things we have been doing since then. I bet you want to know and I want to tell you.

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