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Great blowjobs

Great blowjobsGreat blowjobs by this Latina phone sex hottie. Look at my sexy Mexican body Papi all for you. Let me rub all this juicy tits all over your face. Yeah Papi stick your tongue out and lick my pretty brown hard nipples. I’m rubbing my cunt on your rock hard cock getting you harder and making my self more fucking wet. I could just feel that big fat mushroom cock rubbing against my clit. You make me so fucking horny, I grab that cock and sit on it penetrating my pussy with your big fat long juicy cock. I feel that huge head going in and out my Panocha. I fucking love it. I start squirting all my pussy juice out on your cock. Then I get off drop on my knees and start licking all of my pussy juice off your big throbbing cock. I love the taste of your pre- cum!

Hot sexy mess

One of my clients called me a hot sexy mess today. It was unexpected and it really actually was a big turn on. I asked him why he thought that, with a little chuckle, he stood up ass naked. Mind you we had just finished one of our amazing sessions. We always have hot raunchy and yummy sex when we have our sessions. He looked a little dis-shoveled as he put his pants on but he seemed thoroughly satisfied.

Fantasy phone sex

He looked down at me and held his hand out to help me up off of my therapy couch, I took his hand and he pulled me closer saying, you have to be as fucked up as me to love these sessions so much. At that moment I had an epiphany that he was correct. I fuck my clients and I like it. I really am a hot sexy mess, but I don’t care. If it means I get to fuck hot clients and make them feel good, while I get to come too, then so be it!

Sexy Babe Beth Always Gets Her Way

Sexy babe

Being a sexy baby like myself, I’m pretty used to getting whatever I want. Any guy who tries to date me knows I’m kind of a spoiled brat. I have to get my way all the time. I know that I’m sexy enough that I can get away with it. If my boyfriend tells me no to something that I want then I just tell him no to something that I know he desperately wants, my sweet bald little pussy. It’s a wonderful tool use and I use it all the time. He already knows that if he wants to fuck me or get his cock sucked then he has to keep me happy. I can be a hard girl to please, I just know what I want, and I don’t want to wait to get it. So, as long as you let me have my way and spoil me like I deserve then you’ll get the best sex you’ve ever had.

Erotic Roleplaying For Hot Phone Sex

Your unable to sleep and this erotic roleplaying scene has been bugging you, keep you so turned on and horny. There is one thing you can do to achieve some relief of that throbbing cock and those reruns of the hottest fucking experience you are dealing with. I’m here for you baby with me dirty mind and demure and innocent look and attitude is meant to throw you off.

What I really want is to be thrown down and fucked really good as you manhandle me and harshly whisper in my ear how much a tramp I am. Seduce me into being a little whore for you, and I promise to make it a good struggle to accept that I am, indeed an uptight priss on the outside and a total kinky whore when you get me alone.

erotic roleplaying


The Perfect GFE

gfe phone sexI got a call from an old friend last night. He needed a date for a fancy business meeting dinner and his wife couldn’t make it. He said he knew that men sometimes paid me to go on dates with them, especially because I am way more fun and not to mention sexier than their wifes. And really I am, I can offer the perfect girlfriend experience to any man. So anyway I dressed in a real nice form fitting black dress and 5 inch heels. The men at the meeting were blown away and kept asking my friend how he met a knock out like me, it’s a great thing I love and welcome all male attention. The meeting went really well, he got what he came for thanks to me. After, he took me to a hotel room he rented for the night and we decided to take a swim in the pool. No one else was there so he fucked my perfect bare pussy with his huge cock while fingering my tight little asshole and sucking my titties. I love sex in the pool, it’s always so much fun. So next time you are looking for a woman for the night, call me for the best girlfriend experience.

Who’s The Boss?

Mature phone sex Remember that TV show Who’s the boss? Well in version of it. You would be Tony and you would be doing a lot more than just cleaning the house. Cooking the meals. And doing the laundry. My satisfaction would also be a multi daily chore. And your daily outfit would be a thong, bra, and high heels. I always loved that show and imagine how someday my pet would be if he was Tony. How I would dress him. And instruct him with a list of chores that must be completed every day or be punished. The punishment you ask? Well it is none of my kitty for you to suck. You do not get to taste the sweetness of my kitty.

Erotic roleplaying with Becca the Babe

I am having a dinner party tonight and the theme is erotic role playing. I have arranged for all of my guests to dress in lingerie and erotic pajama style themed attire. I have been planing this event for months and I know a lot of my friends are looking forward to it. Last year when I did this I had a different theme but it still turned out to be an amazing event I will never forget. It turned into a mass orgy with loots of fucking, moaning and grunting all night long.

Erotic roleplaying

It was like a real life version of the movie “Eyes wide shut” party. That is what I am hoping for this evening. I have made food that is aphrodisiac  enhancing, all the decor screams erotic at you and the attire says fuck me now, I am yours. Every cock and cunt who is attending this event has a  been made aware to expect a sexual experience they will never forget. This party will be an orgasmic explosion, just wait.

Solo Fun

best phone sexThe other night i had quite the evening full of sexual adventures planned for myself but than thanks to a string of the stomach flu that seemed to strike everyone but myself the evening got cancelled.  I couldn’t believe my bad luck. I was alone, bored and horny.  So i decided to take care of business myself. I opened up my special drawer of vibrators and sex toys.  I pulled out the biggest, most powerful vibrator i had. I put fresh batteries in just to be safe and turned it onto the highest vibration possible.  I started off teasing myself by rubbing my clit with the head of the vibrator it was so intense and felt so good. I immediately started to get wet with pleasure.  I was going to tease myself for a little while longer, but i was just too horny.  So slowly i inserted the tip into my pulsating, juicy pussy.  And than i inserted it as deep as i could,  sliding it in and out  as hard and as fast as i could.  The vibrations combined with with how fast and hard as i was going, pushed me right over the edge of pleasure i thought my bed sheets would be shredded by the time i was done climaxing. But there was a rather considerably sized wet spot on the sheets.   A real cock i’m sure woud’ve been so much better but the  vibrator did the trick just fine.

The little neighbor boy has his first P mommy

Best phone sexMe being the cougar I am, had to go visit the new neighbors they have a teenage son that I just couldn’t wait to meet. I decided to wear a skimpy little white dress and some sexy panties underneath just in case. I walked over and knocked my pussy dripping awaiting the door to open, and then bam there is there hot ass son looking straight at my tits as he opened the door. I went in and to my acknowledgement his parents weren’t home, so he started to show me around and we went to his room. I acted as if I was intrested in the design of his pants but really I just wanted to see that big fucking cock in my face. I came on a little strong when I just started to unbutton his pants and pull out that big cock and start sucking every inch of it. He looked down at me and could barley control himself as I went deeper and deeper.

I started rubbing my pussy and slowly I took my soaking wet panties off and shoved them into his mouth. I told him I was his new p mommy and that he was going to do whatever I said. I told him to get on his knees and start jerking his cock to me rubbing my cunt for him. He did as I asked and then I bent over and told him to come fuck my tight p mommy pussy. He came over and started thrusting his cock in and out until he just couldn’t help himself and busted all in my tight cunt.

Getting My Tan On

Mature phone sexI decide to go out on my front lawn and sunbathe topless for the neighborhood men. It was a Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining brightly. And a lot of the men were out working on their lawns. I brought out my lawn chair but a towel down took off the top of my bikini top. Pretending I did not realize I had an audience. I did a big stretch and then lay down on my back. Spreading my legs slightly and arching my back. I had on my sunglasses. I could at least 15 guys staring, I bit on my lip feeling my pussy leak a little. I loved all the stares I was getting. A few of those guys made their way on over to me. And after a few gropes on my body. I was ready to give even a better show to the neighborhood.

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