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Bet you won’t call me only once!

Best phone sexEvery caller always tells me that they have the best phone sex with me and it’s never a surprise to hear to be honest, lol. I know my worth and I know what this sexy body of mine has to offer. It’s a known fact that no one ever calls me only one time. I’m literally perfect. I always look at myself in the mirror and admire my beautiful tits & juicy ass as I think to myself how sexy I am. One taste of what I got and I swear you’re gonna be fuckin hooked, babe! Obviously these perfect holes of mine don’t come cheap though. I love getting super nasty for a freaky bastard that has no problem paying to play with me. My time is precious and I need to make sure you’re worth it! Suck on my nipples and slide your fingers up inside of my wet pussy, I swear you’re gonna be in love! 😉

I’m in Lust

Sensual phone sex


I just want to be the one you love to fuck I just need to be the girl who is good luck to you, babe. Can you let me suck your cock today I’ve been needing to wrap my lips around your cock all day, and now I really want to do so babe let me please you like you deserve to be treated and pleased? You’re the man who does the things for me that other men could only wish they do you make me happy babe you make me so sad inside and everything you said I believe it’s true cuz I believe in you. Whenever you want to make me feel like joy all you have to do is come around because you’re mine and I am yours, and that’s the way that life is supposed to be. Kiss me in my pussy wrap your tongue around my clit my cum guzzling pussy needs it more than anything. I’m Your Love slave, and you just make me feel overjoyed, I’m not playing with you boy. I need your body why don’t you come along and make it happen for me? I have been wanting you for so long. Everything you do is correct in my eyes, I think you’re special you’re so talented you make the world go around for me. And when you stick your big fat cum filled cock inside of me, you make me feel like I’m weak I love you so much. If you don’t fuck me, I am depressed the whole day long because I need you more than you understand. So please I’m begging you to give me a call back I am begging you on my knees I want to suck it, and all you need to do to me is say yes. I’m in love with you. I’m in lust with you your whole body turns me on. Please give me you because I deserve you and I will please you.

Naughty Sexy Babe

sexy babeI was a naughty sexy babe the other day. I was super horny. I was stuck on campus because of the weather. There was a tornado watch and the school has better shelter in case it touched down. I had cabin fever after only a couple hours. One of my favorite students lives in a dorm. I took a chance and walked to his dorm. I knocked on the door and asked if we could weather the storm together. Now, a ton of people saw me going to his room, but they don’t have X-ray vision, so I assumed no one would really know what was going on. I am a naughty teacher, but he is one of my assistants for the semester and we were on lock down because of mother nature. There is a reason there are a lot of little ones born 9 months after natural disasters and severe weather. What else is there to do but fuck? I have not fucked in a twin bed since the 80s. I hate storms. Fucking a college boy with a 10 inch cock and mad pussy eating skills is a great way to forget about the fact that you are in the midst of Wizard of Oz weather. We screwed like horny teens; well I did because he still is a horny teen. After a couple hours of hardcore fucking, we were drenched in sweat and cum and exhausted. Not a few minutes after we stopped rabbit fucking, the sirens stopped. We were safe from Mother Nature’s wrath. Honestly, it was the best way to pass time. I walked out of his dorm room looking unkempt I am sure. I likely had a freshly fucked face too, but no one saw anything. My story would be I graded some papers with my TA while I waited the storm out. There would be no proof I did anything wrong, because my TA will lie his ass off to keep banging his sexy teacher.

I Want a Star Role


Erotic roleplaying

I want to be on the casting couch and do all the nasty shit that the actresses do to get a role in tv and movies. I simply need to be a star, and I will do absolutely anything to become a star, and that includes sucking ass licking cocks and getting fucked by dozens of guys, I mean there is no limit. Calvin is an up-and-coming producer who is producing this great movie that I will do anything to be in, I mean I’ll take any role, and I will earn it in flesh. Bitches just don’t understand I am so fucking hungry for the spotlight I’m so hungry for the attention that comes with it, and I’m so fucking hungry for the money, all of the beautiful cash that comes with being a star. Calvin is going to put me in this movie, and I’m going to make sure of it I am going to sneak into his office and suck his cock all day long while he’s having meetings I’ll be under his desk sucking the cream out of his cock securing my way. I don’t care about any bitch that calls me a whore, I’m convinced all those country sluts are just jealous and they wish they had the opportunity to be in the midst of a producer like Calvin, that was making a great movie. Just watch what I’m willing to do I even think that I am going to videotape the whole thing to make sure that I get to watch myself over and over again.

Father Son Sandwich

Mature phone sex I am taking care of a friends dog why she is out of town visiting family. And why I was there I ran into the neighbor that lives in the apartment right next to hers. Jack is an older gentleman in his late sixties. We were chatting for a good forty minutes about this and that and even finding a few common things to bitch about. As we were chatting it up his twenty three-year-old son Billy comes home from work. He was a cute young man and he was definitely catching my eyes. As he walked passed me he jokingly said: “stop flirting with my dad”. I giggled at him watching his tight ass walk away from me. Jack caught me checking out his son. I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice him catching me. But Jack didn’t let me get away with it. He leaned in and said, “If you want to fuck my son you have to fuck me first.” I gave him a little wink and whispered. “I thought you would never ask.” I wiggled my ass walking past him into his apartment. I got the impression this is something these two did often. I was happy to be one of their sluts in this father-son fuck sandwich that I was about to be a part of.

Legs For Days

Sexy legsWhat is that new saying now? As fuck? Yes! That is exactly it.  I was in the grocery store this morning and a younger man said that my legs were sexy As Fuck.  He used the abbreviation though.  He also told me he liked my heels and my stockings, so I knew I was talking to a leg, stocking and foot fetish man.  Three of my favorite things.  I told him that he didn’t look all that bad himself.  He laughed. 

He then told me that I reminded him of his Aunt Patricia.  I told him I hoped that that was a good thing, he said it was.  I kept catching him off and on as I walked the grocery aisles looking at my legs.  He would smile, then I would smile back.  I really wanted to take him in the back, into the bathroom and have some fun.

I was thinking I could have him sit on a box, then just lift my leg up to place the ball of my foot onto his thigh.  I would allow him to rub his face and hands over my stockings, he could even lick my heels if he wanted.  I find that a little bit sexy honestly.  Then I could lean back on the bar as he slips my shoes off to run his warm mouth over the bottom of my foot.  At the end I might even let him keep my stockings for a memento of the occasion.

I was so deep in thought and working up the fantasy of it all that ran into someone with my cart.  I said I was sorry, they said it was alright but I think I really hurt them.  On my way out of the store I was really hoping that he would show up while I was putting everything into my car.  He did not.  Shame really, I think we could of had an amazing time together.

Teasing Ready Ramona

Fantasy phone sex I need you! I saw you today washing your truck with your shirt off. I swear you were out there just to tease the fuck out of me. The way you were bending over letting me see that tight fucking ass. You know I was watching you and finger blasting my cunt. My eyes glued to your body watching you get all wet. Then I watched you walk inside and the show was over. I was not done and very upset. But Ready Ramona always gets what she wants! I snuck in your back door knowing you always keep it unlocked. And I made myself comfortable right on your living room floor. When you come popping around the corner you see me there spread wide open for you my cunt nice and juicy. I have a smirk on my face. And you pounce on me like white on rice. Nobody teases Ramona!


2 girl phone sex

I knew you thought I would be mad catching you cheating on me. When I walked in though to find you with that tight hot body teen, I couldn’t help but to join in. You had jumped off the bed and off of her when you saw me walk in, so it made an excellent opportunity for me to strip down and get to know your whore a little better. I started touching her. Then I started licking her and kissing her. You starting stroking your cock in awe watching us. Oh, you like that, don’t you, baby? Maybe she and I don’t even need you to have a good time… That would just be mean to leave you and your hard cock out of it now though, wouldn’t it? Here, I’m going to sit on your little whore’s face while you fuck her tight little pussy. As long as your save your cum for me, baby. Maybe you can shower us both in it!

Bling Bling from Big Daddy King

Sexy babeAnother day, another multi-million dollar business deal signed & sealed by the Living Legend himself. Big Daddy King is so fuckin rich, he has more money than he even knows what to do with. Thankfully, he has me! His sweet little sugar princess that he sure does love to spoil! BDK came home from his business trip where he made a ton of money off of oil so you know he came home rolling in the dough! Big Daddy King blindfolded me and sat me in the passenger seat of the Ferrari. He told me that he has a couple of really special surprises for me & I was soooo excited to see what he had in store! BDK is always full of extravagant ideas, he spoils me like no other! When we pulled up, he helped me out of the car and undid my blindfold. Much to me pleasure, there was a pink Ferrari right before my eyes! Big Daddy went and purchased me my dream car! Of course he got it with black interior, he knows how much I adore the color black, hehe! The building behind my new pink Ferrari was the second part of my surprise. BDK told me that it was a new nightclub that was being opened in my name! Daddy is so damn wealthy that he has to have new businesses all opened in my name so that he doesn’t get taxed on them! I can’t believe I am now the new owner of the hottest nightclub in town! Of course Big Daddy has had it all secretly under construction this whole entire time. And now that it’s all ready to go, we are gonna have our big grand opening for it! I invited out all of my hott girlfriends to enjoy a night of A-list fun with me and the Big Daddy King himself! I was looking like the ultimate sexy babe in my custom made Versace dress that was shipped to me straight from Donatella herself! Big Daddy knows that I look best when my yummy curves are adorned in the most stylish designers around! As another surprise, he gifted me with some brand new diamonds! He knows that bling bling is my favorite! My neck was iced out, the necklace was so heavy that it was practically weighing me down! It matched perfectly with my ‘Property of BDK’ tongue ring and belly button ring that I also had on! I bent over and lifted up my dress to show Big Daddy my tight little g-string panties that I had on that were encrusted in diamonds that read ‘Big Daddy’s Sugar Pussy’. Big Daddy’s anaconda cock was throbbing through his compression shorts so he bent me over right then and there and shoved his dick deep inside of my sexy little cunt. He blasted his delicious anaconda sperm all over my pretty white girl face. I look so much better when i’m covered in Daddy’s sexy cum!

New Lingerie

What do you think of my new lingerie, baby? I was thinking of you when I bought it with your credit card. When I saw the stockings, I thought of your tongue running up and down my legs, on it’s way to my juicy tight shaved pussy. The black slinky thong with the straps that go high up on my fit waist made me think of your hands wrapped around my waist and bouncing me up and down on your hard cock. The fabric clings to my moist pussy just thinking about it. The bra with the lace and red trim made me think of your pulling it down below my nipples and you sucking and biting them, making me moan. All these thoughts in the middle of the lingerie store actually made me so fucking hot, I couldn’t leave the store without touching myself. Sexy babe

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