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Your Brutally Honest Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. It gives me great pleasure to tell men that their wives are cheating on them because they have small dicks. It never gets old. Guys call me daily to ask me questions about their wives’ behavior. I think they already know. They just want me to confirm their suspicions. Maybe, they even want some humiliation. Tony seemed like a smart man. Harvard educated with a great job at a top advertising firm. Yet, he was so dumb about his trophy wife. She is wife number two and half his age. She travels a lot for work and she is a Pilates instructor. According to him, she has three day trips monthly to improve her skills. She spends lots of time in other people’s homes teaching Pilates. She is hot. He needs Viagra to fuck his wife with his 4 inch dick. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she is out screwing guys with bigger dicks than her husband. I would be too. She sneaks around because of the prenuptial agreement. I gave him an honest assessment of his marriage. Men in his situation can either divorce their cheating wife or accept the fact that they married a woman well out of their league because they have money and let her fuck who she wants because other men will be envious because they have a hot wife. I mean when it comes to needing a big dick, women will create elaborate lies. We will deny deny deny too. We want our cock and our nice lives. Men need to wake up and realize how sexy it is to have a slut wife. My style of brutally honest phone sex therapy isn’t for everyone. I will not sugar coat your situation or coddle you. I will tell you, however, how to make the best out of having a slut wife who needs more than your little dick and your money to be happy. Money doesn’t equal sexual happiness.

Kiss me Tonight

Phone chat lines


Kiss me and let me know that I’m on your mind deeply. I’ve been thinking about you all night long, my body is just vibrating all over. I need you-you’re the very thing that I’ve been thirsting for you are my fantasy everything that happens in your mind turns me on. I love you and I’m not just saying that I mean it I’m always thinking about you whenever I can’t be near your body. David my heart belongs to you-you own it my entire being is yours for the keeping. Let’s get deep into your fantasies we can make them all come true I love how hot we get I just cannot get enough of you. I like to slobber on your cock and let your cum slide down my throat your balls are so tasty in my mouth. I could lick your cock and balls all night long. You make me feel like I am a sex goddess the way that you thrust your cock inside of me you dump your cum so far into my cunt that I lose my mind. I have to take a breath just to feel all of you-you capture me you hold me your body my body together doing all sorts of things it’s fantastic. I love you baby, and I don’t want you to forget that because it’s the most real thing I’ve ever said. When you fuck me I cum so hard and when we bust together it drives me insane.

The Naughty Teacher and the Student on Viagra

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher missed her own class yesterday. I was too busy fucking one of my students to pay attention to the time. Honestly, I thought it would be a quick fuck. He is hung, but he is 19. Boys that age don’t have stamina yet. Turns out my usual minute man took some Viagra that he stole from his dad. He doesn’t have dick issues, which means I got a 4 hour erection. I don’t know about other women, but I want a 4 hour erection fucking me. It was just bad timing. Teachers aren’t supposed to miss their own classes, but a four hour erection doesn’t walk into your office every day. I would have been a fool not to enjoy every minute I could.  It has been a very long time since I fucked that long with such a hard cock. This hot sexy woman was a tired woman afterwards. I was bent over my oak desk for hours. With his nut sauce leaking out of my pussy, I taught my second course of the day. I went home after my last class to soak in a hot tub and soothe my sore pussy lips. I think I need to get some Viagra to have on hand. That shit makes a mature pussy hurt so good.

Surprises are the best

sexy ass pic

I love being filmed. It really fucking makes my cunt wet. So when a very important client of mine asked for a sexy ass pic I wasn’t too sure how I was going to pull that off. Thank god for porn. I was watching for some inspiration when my next client walked in and surprised me. His dick was so hard I totally forgot what I had been searching for. I just threw him down on his back and stripped his clothes away. My cunt was already slippery and wet from searching the porn so his massive dick slid in with no problems. He grabbed my hips were thrusting as I was riding back. I squirted all over his cock so many times that I have to get my sofa dry cleaned from the puddle I left behind.

Welcome to fall semester with a naughty teacher

naughty teacher

I may be only a two or three year’s older than my students, but that doesn’t mean I treat them like my peers. The boy’s gravel at the site of me. I am the hot new latina teacher on campus. Why wouldn’t they? I can’t get the boys to focus on me, so it’s a must that I need to spend one on one time with some of them to get them focused on the lecture at hand. I think they finally get comfortable after our one on one chats.

I like getting the sluts in class jealous too; they can’t stand it. I have always had hating sluts most guys want to bone me. I have been told I have so much sex appeal and I am so hot I could turn a gay man straight. I can’t fight with that notion. I am a naughty teacher. I like to teach, and some of these boys act so shy around me. I have to break that out of them. This fall term I have made it my mission to have group activities with most of the football team. I enjoy getting hands-on with them. Sometimes a bit of particular attention goes a long way. Some learn better when they are proactive and taking action. I had two boys from the football team meet me up for my first week of the class already. My lunch break consisted of this hot mami showing them how to use their words in Spanish and annunciation. I showed them how to master the Spanish language using my body. I like to start off simple. I think body parts are the way to go. I let them touch and feel my body all over and translated each piece. When they got to my tight ass and twat, they nearly lost it. I pulled both their big chocolate cocks out and made them fuck me on my desk. I must have gone too long because my dean walked in on us. Thankfully my dean loved BBC porn and enjoyed the live action show in front of him. The new hot young latina professor is a hit with all the boy’s staff and students.

sexy babe

Good Times on Vacation in Cancun

Phone chat lines

I want to be your Lolita, your sexy Spanish prostitute lover. I can do anything you desire, and I aim to please. I met him, Todd, on the beach on vacation, in Cancun. I was looking sensuous wearing a two-piece wet shell bikini, my hair was flowing down. I walked in his direction, hoping he would stop me, he did. He grabbed my hand, saying to me, his name was Todd. “You look beautiful, I had to let you know,” that is what he told me. I smiled, and I aid thank you, of course, I have manners. When he touched my hand it seemed as though my whole body spoke, my pussy started to throb and sweat. Todd looked me in my eyes I was Spellbound by his beautiful blue eyes. I wanted to fuck him right there but I couldn’t. I asked him would you like to come up to my room to have a drink he looked at me like he wanted to fuck me then responded, yes. He came up to my room with his big broad shoulders, and his stunning physique looking like a delicious lover. As soon as we passed the threshold, he closed the door, grabbed me and put his tongue down my throat. I kissed him back passionately, we started to rip each other’s clothes off. We were kissing all over each other sucking on each other’s bodies, he was grabbing my hair, and I was grabbing him we couldn’t make it to the bed before we started to tear into one another. His cock was terrific his balls were huge and full of cum, his cock was enormous at least 10 inches driving inside of my hot wet pussy. I was going insane as he was fucking me I was straddling him fucking him back letting him know that I could handle all of that big fat cock. We fucked everywhere in my room and in every position. I can’t wait to do it again. The things that we did I want to share them with you I want to do them to you-you should let me.

Squirting On BBC

Sexy hot womenI am naked in bed with my ass in the air ready for the BBC I am about to get. One of many boyfriends Chris love to watch me get fucked by some huge BBC. He sits in the corner jerking himself off as I scream from all the squirting orgasms I am having. The guy he enlisted to fuck me I have been with many times before. He loves to throw my white whore body around and fuck me raw in every fucking hole I have. And I can’t help but squirt my pussy juices all over his BBC. We usually fuck for a few hours then Chris will come over and clean his cum out of holes and making me squirt some more of my pussy juices all over his face.

Sexy Little Accident

ebony phone sexI got into a small fender bender with a cute white guy. It was completely my fault, I’m not the best driver. He wasn’t a jerk about the situation and he even flirted with me. We exchange information and went our separate ways. But I couldn’t get his cute face out of my head. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about him fucking me in all sorts of positions. For seven nights, I used his smile as a masturbation tool. I finally couldn’t hold myself back and I called him. When he told he’d been thinking about me non-stop, too, my pussy began to throb. We made arrangements to meet at a cheap motel. We fucked so hard that we fuck the sheets off the bed. I was so wet that my pussy was making loud smacking sounds. His cock was huge and it felt euphoric sliding in and out of my wetness. Porn was playing on the TV but we were the real porn stars. I pulled his cock from my tight black cunt and licked off my juices. I wanted him to finish in my mouth. I sucked, licked, gagged and slurped on his hard cock until warm cum touched my tongue.

All I need

Fantasy phone sex All I need is a sissy boy to eat my sweet nectar from my tight pussy and to hand over all his money to me his princess. I need my pussy taking care of several times a day. I will start and end the day with your tongue and mouth deep in between my pussy lips. We will take daily shopping trips and you will take care of me making me squirt in the dressing room as I try on a skimpy little black dress. I will drag you into the woman’s bathroom and you will show all the women that walk in and out what an amazing pussy eater you are. They will stop just to watch you do your magic for your princess. Stopping for a bite to eat you will be under the table giving me exactly what I crave and need.

Dumb Fucking Cunt

GFE phone sexHis wife Jenny is a fucking cunt whore Bradford’s wife called me today and attempted to tell me something crazy. I’ve always thought of Bradford’s wife Jenny, as a problem she’s so fucking needy. She can’t just let the man go, leave him alone you dumb bitch. Of course, Bradford was next to me sleeping in my bed after fucking me all night long. Bradford was exhausted after he stuck his big fat solid cock into every hole in my body. What is the problem with his wife, she is not getting him back, I deserve him Jenny is a loser. I hate bitches that are so fucking pretentious and entitled. I have a mind to tell that entitled cunt that her husband is mine now and I’m not giving him back. This bitch thinks she’s someone because she created two or three little cubs with him, and I hate them too. I have plans for her little rugrats, I’m going to sell them on the black market and get money for the becoming sex slaves. I hate dumb fucking cunts like Jenny. I want to tie her fucking lips together so she won’t talk so much shit. She’s always saying how she’s going to kick my ass and beat me up, I’m waiting I have been waiting for that bitch. Her man is fucking me right now he’s making sweet hot sex with me with his big fat cock. Jennifer, you’re nothing but a piece of whore trash you could never take the place of a sexy situation like Bradford and me, he is mine now, I’m not giving him back you fucking bitch.

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