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Freaky Deaky Fucking

Fantasy phone sexDo you think the “F” on my nicely shaved cunt stands for fucking? Most kinky men do. I wanted something to catch my wild crazy sexual desire. My “F” stands for Freaky!! Because I did not just want to fuck but I want to freaky fuck. Do a couple of pumps in my wet sweet pussy and then slide out and put a couple of more pumps deep in my ass. Grab me by the throat, lifting me up high keeping your hands tightly around my throat and just pound away hard slipping back and forth between my ass and pussy. I love fucking not making love. I love the dominate freak to come out of you which brings on my freaky deaky side.

My Sexy Playmate

Sensual phone sex


My sexy playmate and I were playing around he then said, “follow me but keep quiet so we won’t wake up everyone,” “ok I won’t.” I said, where are we going as he grabbed my hand, leading me into the laundry room. He picked me up and put me on the dryer then started it up.”What are you doing?!” I laughed, “let me taste that pussy,” he said. “We are going to get in trouble,” I explained. “No, we are not as long as you cover your mouth and just be quiet.” He took my pants off and pulled me closer to the edge of the shaky dryer. The vibration was very arousing, and the adrenaline rush that we might get caught turned me on. He then spread my legs wide and began licking my wet vibrating clit flicking it with his tongue, also sucking my lips and traced it back to my sweet cherry down inside me. It was pure ecstasy with extra stimulation from the dryer. Fucking me with his tongue while he fingered my sopping wet asshole. I couldn’t help grabbing his head-scratching him while shaking and trying to hold on. He spat on my clit and sucked me so good I squirted two times, but he was freak nasty he wanted more. I squirted so much it ran down his chin. He licked it off and licked me clean like he hasn’t eaten in days it turned me on so much. My body was so weak and exhausted from over stimulation I tapped out. He then grabbed me and said, “you know what to do.”I licked my juices off his face and kissed him. He smiled and said, “that’s a good girl.”

Making Me Cum

Large boobsThe phone rings it is you on the other line. You tell me you are on your way to my house and can’t wait to fuck me for the next two hours before you have to head home to the little wife and family. I stop what I am doing and get my dildo out to get my pussy nice and juicy wet for your ten-inch snake. You get the key from under the frog and let yourself in. I hear you coming up the stairs and you hear my dildo on max speed and my moans getting louder. Your snake makes a huge bulge in your pants as you walk in my bedroom. You see me naked playing with my pussy and jump right on in. You throw my dildo to the side and replace it with your big fat hard snake. I always forget how good you feel inside my pussy. Pounding away at my G-spot and making me cum.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I cater to them. The truth is I am ticklish plus I have a shoe fetish. I have a big closet of shoes; some I only have one outfit to wear with them. Most of my shoes are far from practicable, but I love designer shoes. I can spot a foot fetish guy quickly. I tease the ones who appear wealthy because it is tit for tat. You want a foot job? Well, I want a nice pair of shoes. You buy me the pair I have been eyeballing and I will let you cum on my feet. I find men at the high-end mall across town. It is not the mall of teens. It is the mall of trophy wives and rich soccer moms. The few men ever there are fetish guys. Either hanging out at lingerie stores for their panty fetishes or hanging at the shoe stores for their foot or shoe fetishes. When I met Michael, he was in the shoe department of Sacks 5th Ave. He was looking for a woman like me, so he could check out my sexy feet and my sexy legs. I spotted him immediately and made him a deal. I told him if he bought me some Jimmy Choos, I would bring him home and let him worship my feet. Guess who has a new pair of Jimmy Choos? I also got some hot cum on my toes.

You can look but you can’t touch

Erotic roleplayingI love fucking you up each and every day, it’s truly what I do best. Erotic roleplaying with super vanilla is my favorite because they’re the easiest to use and manipulate to do whatever the fuck I desire. Literally they love to do whatever the fuck I tell them to do without any hesitation whatsoever. Plus, it’s now officially bikini season and you know what that means!! You wallet is due to be drained to expense my whole entire new summer wardrobe. Take me shopping you little bitch and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Don’t spare a dime when it comes to giving me what the fuck I want. I’ll kick you ass to the curb real fuckin quick if you don’t! Sit back and enjoy the show as you watch me try on all my sexy outfits, you can look but you can’t touch you little bitch! Feel free to go broke for me though, i’ll definitely let you do that any time that you want! Queens never pay for anything, that’s your job bitch boy!

Big Daddy King’s Sexiest Sugar Baby

Sexy babeBig Daddy King called me up and and asked me to accompany him as his sexy babe to a huge business seminar that he was the key note speaker at in Los Angeles, CA. Of course my Living Legend is the one and only speaker at such an impressive event. Everyone wants to know what BDK has to say and are dying to hear his words of wisdom and advice. The fact that he wanted me to sit front and center while he spoke at the podium to the mass audience made me cream my panties a little bit. He has turned me into such a celebrity and I feel so fucking lucky! Of course when Big Daddy King was deciding which one of his perfect sugar babies he wanted to bring along for the trip, he ended up choosing me! I mean can you blame him?! I am fucking perfect and he knows it! Birds of a feather flock together! He is a walking, breathing, living God and of course he wants a beautiful angel on his arm to show off to the world. A sexy little vixen like me deserves to be shown off and flown all over so that everyone in BDK’s life both personal and business are able to meet me and see how well Big Daddy has done for himself. It gives him so much joy to spoil me and dress me up in all the designer duds that I love to wear! And just as much as he enjoys treating me like a princess and spoiling me endlessly, I love doing the same for him. It was such an incredible experience to be seductively sitting right in front of BDK as he unleashed his multi-million dollar ideas onto a sea of peasants in the audience. Although he was talking business, I knew what was really on his mind in the back of his head…Me! I wanted to give my Big Daddy King a subtle reminder of what he was going to get once he was done dropping some wisdom on the entire population of the seminar. It’s enlightenment that they have been dying to hear and I could not be more proud of my successful and sexy Living Legend! I spread my legs open while siting in my seat and lifted up my Gucci dress to expose my sexy custom made g-string that I was wearing which had BDK encrusted on it with beautiful sparkling diamonds. I could see Big Daddy flinch a little bit but he never lost his focus. That’s what I love about him, he is such a business man and a boss ass motherfucker! His presence is a present and everyone knows it! He is literally such a blessing to all these jealous losers that daydream about being him as they listen with intent while he speaks. So many try to compete but you cannot compete where you do not compare! He has set the standard and raised the bar to an extremely high level which no one will ever be able to reach! Everyone bows down to him and respects him like the Living Legend King that he is! Once the conference was over, Daddy and I hit the town and went to a delicious five star dinner and had some fun at the club so that we could show each other off and indulge in public displays of affection so everyone else could be jealous as fuck per usual! We were horny and tipsy so we headed back to the condo where BDK had a big surprise for me! Not only did he have a duffle bag full of two million dollars of cold hard cash for me to fly home with but he also had his massive anaconda cock hard and ready to fuck his sexy sugar princess! Big Daddy King is always ready to go no matter where we are! I used my diamond tongue ring to slurp and lick all over my anaconda cock that I am so fucking obsessed with! Daddy grabbed on to my long pretty hair and plunged my wet mouth deeper onto his big black cock until my nose was smashed into his torso and his ball sack was slapping against my chin. BDK exploded a huge load of anaconda cum for me and Monica Lewinsky’d all over my silky black dress. I am never going to wash it now, I want to keep his Living Legend cum as a trophy for life! That long anaconda cock does crazy things to me, I am so in love with my Big Daddy King! #AnacondaCock #RichDickOnly #BigDaddyKing #SexySugarPrincess #NoBrokeLosers #HatersGonnaHate #TooSexyForYou #DesignerEverything #MultiMillionDollarPussy

Finger Blasting

Fantasy phone sexYou always say a slutty milf finger blasting herself is a piece of artwork. You love to watch me masturbate and I love performing for you. I squirt harder knowing you are watching me. I make myself a sloppy slippery mess before your dick even slides in. Our last fuck session was amazing that new trick you did with your tongue and the 9volt battery. You know I love the way you tongue my clit when I am blasting my pussy but zapping me with that 9 volts just as I was about to squirt again was out of this world I squirted so hard my piss shot out with my cum. You keep zapping my clit and I keep cumming. When you finally did shove your dick in, my pussy was so sensitive to your dick and I still couldn’t stop cumming.

I Miss You

Sexy breasts


My pussy is wet and hot. I want some dick right now. I am willing to do anything to fuck you because it’s been so long and I miss you. I know you have a girlfriend, but she just needs to be able to share today. I don’t care about your woman I want your fucking body I want to fuck you, and I want you to fuck me. I will ride your cock so good I know that you’re full of cum because you used to be and why would you have been done changed. You’ve got a hot body your washboard abs, or just what I know you turn me on every time I see your pictures. I like to go to Facebook and watch your live feed because I lust for you all the time I miss you so much. Please call me and let’s get together tonight I won’t disappoint you at all. I miss your big fat throbbing cock I miss it inside of my cunt I really want you right now. Can you tell me that you don’t miss me sucking your cock all the way to the balls? If you can say to me that you don’t want me as much as I want you, I’m going to stop, and I’ll let you be with her even though I really want to fuck you so bad. I need you, please give me a callback tonight I’m begging, and I need it so bad I don’t know what to do. It’s raining outside remember when it rained we used to fuck all day and straight into the night we would fuck so good it would feel so fucking right. I love you. I need you. I miss your beautiful body. I want you back with me so bad. I’ll bet your girlfriend doesn’t suck your cock and lick your ass quite like me I know she isn’t as nasty as we used to be. You are my dream guy and I really miss you so much I can’t say it enough you are my everything. I had a dream about you last night, and you came inside of my pussy so much it drove me insane.

Tease me and please me

Hot sexy womanI’m such a hot sexy woman and I deserve to be teased and pleased as much & as often as I want! I love sliding down my man’s pants and having his huge hard cock slap me in the forehead because he’s so fucking horny for me. We love getting naked and cuddling while we tongue kiss each other & swap spit. Good dick makes my sexy pussy super wet and my man’s dick is magical! Every morning I wake up looking like a beautiful sexy goddess and my man can’t ever seem to get his cock inside of me fast enough! I love when he’s fucking me super hard & deep and one of his friends is licking on my slit while I get pounded! That shit drives me crazy! Being called a good girl only makes my pussy wetter and my heart flutter for my kinky man! I love being your nasty little bitch and making all of your wild fantasies become a reality!

Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy Photo Shoot

Best phone sexI am the luckiest sugar baby alive. I got to spend yet another weekend with the Legendary BDK. He has been in Denver on a business trip. I had to call him, I missed him and his big 13-inch black anaconda. I just couldn’t take being away from him for so long. I told him how much I missed him when we got on the phone, and that I need his big black dick asap. My Bid Daddy King gave me some exciting news as well. He told me he got a call from a guy who runs a sugar baby, sugar daddy website. They saw all of our past photos together and think we are the perfect sugar daddy and sugar baby couple and the best news is, they want to do a deal with us! Their offer was a good amount of money but my Big Daddy King is the best businessman around, he called his office and told him our terms and in the end, BDK got us a way better deal! That is why he is the one and only BDK, there is no other man out there like him. After our amazing talk, BDK told me to pack up because I am flying out to meet him in Denver as soon as we got off the phone. Oh, I love my Sugar daddy so much! I was on the way to see my sexy king on his private jet. He told me when I arrived, I will be taking a limo to one of his homes in the Colorado Rockies. He took me to some of the dispensaries he owns. Then the people from the sugar baby, sugar daddy website came to meet us on the third day of my visit. We were getting ready for a photo shoot. We walked up to his loft and there was money everywhere! Big daddy king is the richest man I know. He even surprised me with a special outfit he had professionally made for me. It was a black bikini top with a black pair of spandex booty shorts. On the back of the shorts, it said, world-class fat ass. On the front going across my pussy, it said Sugar life with BDK on it. He also bought me new diamond jewelry. Daddy had on sexy white compression shorts, they looked so good against his chocolate skin. It said Bid daddy sugar stick going across the front. We had a sexy photo shoot with the company. So sexy in fact at the end of the photo shoot I was begging Big Daddy King to let me have a taste of his big black anaconda. He had some warm oil he used to rub on my big sexy titties. He was teasing me so much with his big anaconda. He told me to watch him as his big thick black dick flexed right through his compression shorts. We had the best time together. I always have the best time in the world when I am with the one and only Legendary Big Daddy King. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for us next time.



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