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I slid my pussy onto your throbbing cock. We both made moaning noises as you filled my tight pussy completely. You cupped my ass in both hands, your thumbs reaching all the way around my waist, and aided me in setting a rhythm. As I rocked back and forth, my body tensed almost right away, my filled pussy convulsing with my second orgasm of the night. I felt the familiar juices surround your cock, and you rolled me over, looking down as the excess fluids sprayed on my ass with every thrust you took. My legs were wrapped around you, my heels on your back, as I played with my own nipples, you fucked me harder, slamming that huge cock deeper and deeper in my wet pussy. I was so wet, we could hear a splashing noise every time you buried your cock in me. I then twisted around, your cock making a popping noise as it left my slick tight pussy. Now on my hands and knees, my ass positioned up in the air, you slid into me from behind. My pussy was so wet you hit all the way to my cervix, bottoming out and making me scream. I then dropped to my knees and begged for you to cum in my mouth. Then my prize, cum spurting from your cock head, filling my mouth and dripping onto my perky tits. Swallowing, I began to use my finger to scoop up part of your stray load from my tits, licking my fingers with a smacking sound. Don’t you have more for me?Phone chat lines

Sexy Babysitting Neighbor

It was such a pleasure for my pussy and I to meet you, neighbor! Your wife needed to be rushed to the hospital, for what I don’t really care, and you had no sitter. You came knocking at my door, and asked me to babysit your little brat. I agreed because I wanted an excuse to get to know you a bit better. I mean that’s sort of a lie, I wanted an excuse to seduce you. I watched the brat for about an hour, until they decided your wife wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital until the next day, so you came home to be with your little ankle biter. Your brat was already in bed, but still, you were not expecting to walk into your living room to find me half naked, playing with myself. There was no hiding it I seen your cock instantly get hard, and I knew you wanted me too. Just like you asked me for help, I asked you for help scratching the itch my fingers just couldn’t reach. In response, you bent me over the couch and told me to bite the cushion so I wouldn’t wake your little one. You plowed into my tight bald pussy while my titties slapped against me. Then I left without a word. I hope your wife stays in the hospital, so that we can continue to help each other. Don’t you neighbor?

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Birthday Boy

Fantasy phone sexI knew you’d love fucking all three of our cunts! When thinking about what to get you for your birthday, I thought about how every man dreams of a threesome. I couldn’t just do the bare minimum though and how was I to decide between my two hottest friends?! I couldn’t just pick one! I decided a foursome would be the best! So I coordinated with Kay and Tiffany and had them come over. We shaved each other’s pussies and got dolled up to surprise you when you got home. You walked in the door and we were all posed with our asses and cunts exposed. We all worshiped your cock. We sucked and kissed your cock. You watched as we fingered each other and ate each other out. Then, you fucked all three of us. Each in the pussy first. I told you there was only one rule to this present, and it was that you save all your cum for me! You know how much your cum whore needs her cum! Happy Birthday, baby!


Snow bunny sugar baby

Phone chat linesBDK knows that my phone chat lines are constantly being blown up by jealous splenda daddies that wanna get their broke hands on me. They don’t even come close to comparing to the living legend that is Big Daddy King! We took a private jet up to our Colorado mansion so that we could enjoy some sexy one on one time together in the snow. Daddy King is so busy making multi-million dollar deals all around the world, it’s always so special to be able to spend special quality time with him. My Big Daddy King is the ultimate sugar daddy and all these other jealous losers can continue to daydream about their pathetic bank accounts while BDK and I live out our jet-set lifestyle! Daddy is so superior to every other man on this planet and he knows it. That rich & big anaconda daddy dick is all for me! Of course BDK had a stretch limo waiting for me to bring me up to our beautiful ski palace. Daddy and I have been missing each other soooo much, we cuddled right up and gave endless kisses to one another. Big Daddy King’s latest business venture was to invest in a whole bunch of weed clubs, thankfully for me I get to enjoy the fruits of his labor, hehe! He brought a whole bunch of yummy edibles for us to enjoy and boy did we ever! I was looking like a total goddess in my sexy silky g-string as I stretched out on the ground on top of our mink rug in front of the fireplace. There was a tray full of chocolate covered strawberries and delicious French champagne awaiting us, the setting was perfect and the mood was so sexual & tantalizing. My pretty pussy was the perfect palette for Daddy to nibble off some tasty treats. Anaconda was throbbing through BDK’s compression shorts and of course I had to put my red luscious lipstick marks all over him! The dry cleaners hates us! Big Daddy King whipped out his camera and told me to look right at him while I tell all the broke ass losers that i’m a sexy snow bunny in my ski house and I have my Big Daddy’s name plastered on my pussy!  We can’t help but laugh at how pathetic all of you wannabes truly are! I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed my delicious chocolate anaconda cock buried deep inside of my tight sugar pussy. Daddy bent me over and pounded anaconda into me while the beautiful fire crackled behind us. It was an intense moment that gave me the most incredible orgasm. I squirted all over BDK’s huge black dick while I moaned out loud ‘I’m cumming hard all over my Big Daddy King’s anaconda cock!’. #SkiWeekendWithDaddy #AnacondaCock #BigDaddyKing #NoBrokeLosersAllowed

Sadistic Dominatrix

Fantasy phone sex I am a dominatrix and I love to torture and humiliate sissy little boys. Just today I had to take one of my sissy boys and put him over my knee whipping him hard with a belt. I whipped him so hard and I did not stop whipping him into the welts appeared and broke open with blood coming out of them. Why do you ask? What did he so wrong? Well, when he crawled to me this morning and got into the first position which is kneeling before my head lowered and hands folded behind his back. He did it wrong his hands were not folded correctly behind his back. So for this misdeed, he gets my sadistic side

She Is My Sissy

Phone sex sitesYou want to be her, don’t you? She is my sissy. Her pee pee is so small I only allow her to wear girly clothes. Pants are for men and she is no fucking man. I keep her pee pee tied tightly with sowing string around her little pee pee head and attached to a small anal hook coming out of her ass. I know it causes her pain but that is my pleasure. She has a very nice pussy ass I love to bend her over yanking the anal hook out of her ass and do her with my favorite purple 8-inch strap-on dildo. I dig my nails into her hips and pound her ass like a sissy bitch she is for me.

Do You Have an Ass Fetish?

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I do. I am an anal whore. I love a big dick up my ass. I had my ass pounded for hours last night. This dude I picked up wanted to fuck a MILF in the ass. I wanted fucked in the ass. He left me full of cum. I was about to hop in the shower, when this little cuck I know knocked at my door. Perfect timing. I invited him in because I needed cleaned up. It was like he could smell the cum on me. Turns out he was stalking me. Saw a man go into my house and knew I was getting fucked. He is a creampie slut. This was the first time he got my anal creampie. I was on all fours, so was he. He buried his face in my fine ass and licked me clean like a good pet. I pushed the cum out. It flowed into his mouth like a faucet. He is such a pathetic loser. I mean who stalks a sexy babe waiting for her to get fucked just so he can clean up the fresh cum from her holes? Nick, my neighbor with a 3-inch dick, that is who. I laughed at him. He had an itty bitty boner from tasting a real man’s cum. So, tell me something. Are you the man who gets to fuck me or the loser who gets to clean me up?

little Dick

Cheapest phone sex There was this small dick sissy at my friend’s house last night. Another dominatrix brought him for us to humiliate. She said her sissy had a big clit instead of a dick. But I thought she was exaggerating. But when they showed up and she had him take down his panties there was nothing there. I walked right up to him and tugged on that clit and asked him what the hell this thing was? And his balls grape size. I wish I was exaggerating but I am not. I have never ever seen a smaller fucking dick I have ever seen on a grown ass man. Of course, calling what he has a dick is an insult to all the real dicks out there.

Loving That BBC

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What is huge, black, and juicy? That dick that I am shoving every so greedily into my hungry mouth.  This is one thing that I have always enjoyed.  Way before money, marriage, or anything else.  I was still in school when I first saw my first beautiful black cock.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  I just happened to be at home when my sister thought I was out, and she was in her room having sex with a random guy.  I was shocked at how big it was. That started me on my journey of loving to watch people have sexual encounters, along with a love of BBC.

The only major thing that has changed between then and now is that my sexual appetite has grown.  Because of my age I am more comfortable with exploring, so I have begun trying new things, and learning new things.  This alone tends to lend to little time to enjoy a huge black cock as much as I used to when I was younger.

However, I had a craving and I simply could not ignore it.  The very taste of it almost made me cum.  I held out as long as I could with only caressing and sucking on it.  Within a very short period of time it was slamming in and out of my pussy.  He went slowly at first, he knew exactly what he was doing.  Inch by luscious inch it sunk into me until he had to speed things up, he was close to cumming and to be honest, so was I.  Him and I spent many hours together before he finally left.  I think I might have to make time to have some BBC in my life more often.  I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is.

Watching Me

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I can see you watching me with those horny, hungry eyes. Your appetite to gaze upon my sweet pink pussy is clear to see. I can see how turned on you are by the way I’m sucking your coworker/best friend’s cock. Does it turn you on when I gag on it? Does the spittle of saliva and cum make you tremble as it spews out the corners of my mouth, dribbling on my voluptuous tits? I love when you watch me sit on another man’s cock as he thrusts deep inside me, forcing my pussy open with his girth. Even better, I see how hard you get when he plunges his thick long cock into my petite rosebud asshole. You rub your cock as he plunges his deep inside my ass, thrusting in and out, in and out. I bet you even quiver in ecstasy when you see that thick white, cream pour out of my ass and trickling down into my pussy and down my legs. Maybe next time I’ll allow you to join.

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