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I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. I have a hot body that men want to fuck, and I know it. I put on a kinky little show for my neighbor working on his lawn outside my bedroom window. I pretended not to realize they could see into my window and stripped naked and crawled into bed and started rubbing my shaved wet pussy with my hands. I saw him stop working and start watching me. I kept going, still pretending not to notice the voyeur watching me through the window rubbing my cunt. I pulled out my big dildo from the bedside cabinet and slid it into my dripping pussy and started to fuck myself. I put on a nice little show for him, pounding my cunt with the fake cock and writhing and moaning in the bed like a whore. When I was done I cleaned myself off and walked over the window and pulled the curtain shut, but not before giving him a wink and watching him blush furiously.

Mature Phone Sex Women Know Size Matters

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are the best for cuckold calls. With age comes knowledge. When I was younger, I didn’t think cock size mattered much. What can I say? I was young and foolish. Those days are over. So are the days of acting like every man was the best lover I have ever had.  I had to visit my ex-husband’s place of business the other day. We share a daughter and I needed his help with her college tuition. He has plenty of money, more than me. He just never had a big dick. He had this nerdy guy fixing his computer when my ex hit on me. He said he would pay for our daughter’s tuition if I fucked him for old time sakes. He has been jonesing for my pussy ever since I cut him off and took him to the curb. I told him once again, size matters and I am not wasting anytime with his 3-inch dick. He kept trying to fuck me. My ex is such a loser. He still insists more than a mouthful is a waste. We had this conversation in front of the tech guy. I could see the bulge in the geek’s pants. Now, he may have been a geek, but he was more than a man than my ex-husband. I made a geek’s day. I fucked him in my husband’s office, in front of my husband. My ex was livid. He tore up the check he wrote for our daughter’s tuition as I was riding the geek’s face. The tech boy even had a better tongue than my loser ex-husband. I got the tech guy fired, but he said it was all worth it because my ex-husband is a total dick. I decided taking out a loan for my girl’s college and small dick humiliation for my ex was way better than fucking his small dick.

Tease and Denial

tease and denial

This sexy teen slut loves tease and denial. Something about a man wanting what he can’t have driven me insane. You invited me over to just chill and watch movies. Did You actually think you were going to get my pretty pussy or my intense oral skills? This little young whore loves to fuck but please, really? I took this as an opportunity to really tease you. Short skirt and fishnet panties and thigh highs. A tiny top so you could see my perky nipples harden thinking about what you would not get tonight. Oh, baby, reaching over you to get the remote after I had crossed and uncrossed my legs showing you most of my pretty pink bald pussy. I felt you harden as I searched for something to watch. You kissed me and reached between my legs. I told you I could do it myself. I did a sexy strip tease and rubbed my whole body for your viewing pleasure. Every time you reached out for me I jumped back. I spread my pussy and began to play with my clit. I had you begging for me. Oh, but I came and pretended to be embarrassed. I wasn’t shy It is just these denial sessions really pump you up for when I do let you fuck me. I enjoy teasing the hell out of your hard cock baby.

Barnyard Bucking


Forced feminization

When I get down and dirty, he likes me to cover myself with mud, and he loves for me to squeal like, oink, oink out loud. I think my friend is kinky, but it’s okay with me because I like to squeal it really turns me on. He calls me his Barnyard babe and says I can do it all, I’ve been loving it because I like to make those sounds. The other night he wanted me to moo, moo like a mother fucking piece of living beef. I don’t mind it, it makes him hot and makes his dick so hard, so I do it. I make that outdoor motherfucker go barnyard crazy with my sounds. I danced around for him while shouting out the things that he wants me to say. I guess you can call me if adventurous because I don’t mind being the wild girl who will do anything. Do you want me to be one of the worst whores, do you want me to put a strap-on and fuck you while you make those sounds too? I don’t mind because that’s what he likes; also, he loves to be those things while I fuck him real hard. He can really take a ten-inch strap-on so good. Do you have a need to be fucked by someone who really knows how to work a strap-on you should connect with me if you do? Don’t let me stop you from enjoying yourself I can really help you to love what you do and what you’re a part of Boo. Do you want to be my sweet boo, do you want to be my bae if you do then you should try us. Open your mind let’s decide what you want to, don’t hold back because that holding back shit it’s not useful you need to enjoy yourself thoroughly. I’m going to make sure you have fun don’t worry about anything at all. I’m not the type to lose the ball if you know what I mean. I’ll suck your cock to the balls I will fuck you good to that’s what I do I take care of every single want and need.

Exhibitionist Whore

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Sometimes I feel so damn hot and horny! I simply cannot help myself sometimes, I love sex and playing with my hot bald wet pussy seems to be my only cure. Luckily, I always make sure to tote around my favorite fuck toys when I need a quick fix. Early today while using my sugar daddy’s credit card to shop, I felt so fucking wet and horny. My creamy wet pussy practically leaked through my panties.

I couldn’t take it longer! I spotted an empty park bench and decided it was the perfect time to pleasure my throbbing wet cunt. The look on passerby’s faces made me even wetter as I pumped my creamy cunt with my favorite dildo. I bit my lip in pleasure as a small crowd of horny men gathered around me enjoying the little show I was putting on. I was in such a state of ecstasy, I didn’t even realize that they began clapping when I squirted all over the bench!

He watched me all day long

exhibitionist sexMy neighbor is completely in love with me, I can’t blame him I am a beautiful woman and his wife is a fat old hag. He watches me all the time, I don’t use curtains really so he can see right into my house and I must confess that I try my best to give him a naughty show almost daily. I feel bad for him, his wife is a bitch, she’s old and fat and I know if I were in his shoes I wouldn’t want to fuck that! So this morning I got all comfy on my couch and gave him a show he would never forget! I slowly stripped off my clothes and fingered my pussy to get it nice and wet. Then I pulled out my vibrators and fucked my pussy and ass till I squirted all over the place. He loved the show, I could tell he was jerking his cock the whole time, I just wish I could get him to come over here and fuck me for real!

You’re In Luck

Cuckold phone sexI bet you are wondering why I am so happy today? It has to do with you babes.  Yes, you!  I have decided that it is time that you had some fun.  I see that smile and look in your eye which indicates that you know exactly what I am talking about.  No, no, not yet.  Come into the bedroom with me first.  That’s right you just follow me.  I’ll even undress you.  It has a been a long time since you have felt my touch on your skin hasn’t it sweetie?  How long has it been? I think about eight months at least.  You are so excited!  Look at you!

Cocksucking phone sexYou sit right there and I will turn on some music.  Remember when I used to strip for you to this music, before your cock decided that it was lazy and didn’t want to work anymore.  Oh honey, it is okay, I am sure we can get it standing up straight and tall in no time at all. Let me just put these stockings around your wrist.  I know, they are soft aren’t they?  They are the ones you brought back from Paris for me.  I just love them.  There, both hands tied tightly along with your ankles.  Wiggle around for me, let’s see if you can get loose. Lovely!  Securely in place.  I promise you will love this.

Domination phone sex

That’s right!  This is the bra and pantie set you purchased along with those stockings!  How do I look babes? Aww, thank you.  I see your cock twitching, I think it just might be working.  Let me just get completely naked … oh shoot!  I forgot something, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I will be right back, I promise.  Her let me wiggle my tits in your face for a few seconds to tide you over until I get back.  I’m almost done, just hang on!  Alright I’m back.  Who is this? Oh this is my new lover.  Don’t look so disappointed my love, you didn’t think I was actually going to allow you to try to fuck me did you? I was just giving you a little thrill before my real fun started.  You look so upset, but at least those stockings that you have close to your skin has my pussy juice on them.  Yes, that’s right, I masturbated with them earlier today, so at least you have that.  Now, I think I want to make this real cock grow so I am going to give this massive new toy of mine a sloppy blowjob.  I am sure you won’t mind watching at all, will you?

Erotic roleplaying

Teen Slut Therapy

phone sex therapy

I was his phone sex therapy tonight. He had been edging for hours. He needed a hottie with a tight pussy to tell his fetish too. He knew he had a problem. He wanted to keep his dick hard as punishment for his demented thoughts. But now it has become a need. To keep it as hard as he can for as long as he can. I even got to watch as he could barely touch himself anymore. One light stroke had him moaning so fucking hard. His foreskin had become his own enemy as it slipped down after a nice long upward stroke. He knew if he called an escort he would blow his load the second she looked at his raging dick! I loved that he called me so my pussy could get wet at how hard he was and the way he groaned and slid down the chair after each stroke. He was a stroking slut. I made fun of his addiction and called him out. He knew what he was, and I was there to watch as he took that last stroke and lew his load over his head. I really love being a cock queen! My name is CJ, and I am a Cock Junkie. I wanted to watch as I teased and released him. I really think he just wanted me to see the labor of his edging. It was an exhibitionist sex move completely. He wanted me to keep him up as my sugar daddy fucked me in the background. Background edging But I couldn’t take it as I slipped my sex balls in my pussy and came and he let out that cum. I was so satisfied that I had control of his orgasm to that point. Nice cocks are always fun to fucking play with no matter how I get them.

Submit to Me

Domination phone sex

Let my cunt tell you what to do from now on you motherfucker. I am your mistress I own you everything you do you better beg me to do it, and that includes breathing. I want you to thank me for letting you lick the bottom of my feet after all that’s a delicious treat for your dirty fucking tongue. Your mouth is a filthy Palace that doesn’t deserve any residence. I’m going to give you golden showers all day long I’ve been drinking a lot of water. You should get down on your knees and bow to me let me know who the queen is. If you displease me I’ll spank you with my leather whip I’ll make you see that annoying me is the worst form of disobedience. Your a foul nothing you mean nothing to everyone that’s why you’re all alone because of your sick twisted mind. Without me no one would want to be around you but because I’m beautiful Sultry and tremendously sexy I make all everyone you know come around. You want me you dream about me so beg me if I tell you. Remember I am your owner oh I am the ruler of your world and my happiness is the only thing that’s ever going to be important. Do you understand? I’ve got some Adventures I’m going to send you on really soon.

Capeesh Sweet Cheeks

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Pay me or else I’m going to fuck your grandfather into a coma. I told you, you stupid bitch you can’t dance in the club where I’m a superstar and then forget to give me what I deserve. I’m not taking your bullshit anymore, I know precisely where your grandma and grandpa lives and I have a need to be nasty if you don’t have a need to pay I know old Grandpa would love to give me some hard cold cash for me to ride his face that is. Your granddaddy has been looking at me ever since I was a little girl and I don’t give a fuck if I’m your best friend bitch you better fucking do what you’re supposed to do. I think you don’t understand, I didn’t have to help you, and you didn’t have to betray me by taking one of my best fucking tricks away. I’m only going to tell you one more time if you don’t want your grandpa with a face full of my yummy cunt you better come up with my fucking money no fucking games. How old is your grandpa these days it seems like 80 or 90 can you really handle me climbing on top of his face and riding him like a horny porn star cowgirl? I’m not joking you might think I am but I’m not kidding at all your grandpa is chopped liver babe, and he’s been asking for it all this long he’s going to get it so you need to get me my cash, my dollars my bucks or else papa is going to get fucked. I know you’re terrified of me putting your grandpa’s old wrinkly cock in my mouth and sucking it and until it got as hard as he could get it, but it’s going to be your reality I’m not joking. Grandpa is a horndog and Grandpa wants some of this pretty pussy so you need to do something so that we can both make sure that Grandpa doesn’t have him a nice little heart attack. In fact, I’m really horny right now, and if you don’t have my money I think I’m going to call Gramps and ask him does he want to cool my heated body. You should get my fucking dollars for me do you understand, capeesh?

Tease and denial


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