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Exhibitionist Sex Gets Me Off

Exhibitionist sex

I am no stranger to hot exhibitionist sex, I get so fucking turned on knowing that fucking out in public. Yesterday, I went to the country club to scout out some sexy, older, married men. I took my tight body to the country club pool and lounged around with my legs spread and my tight body on display. I got so fucking horny, I just couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my bikini bottoms off and spread my legs exposing my bald wet cunt to the country club goers. I rubbed my soaking wet pussy and moaned so loud. I waved over this older married man and begged him to fuck me. He pulled his cock out and fucked my sweet mouth and throat. I got it all nice and wet so he could shove it in my tight wet pussy! My pussy gets so wet fucking him in front of the country club crowd. I squirted all over him and begged for his cum!

Horny for You

fantasy phone sex

I am so fucking horny for you right now. My bald pink pussy is just dripping waiting for your call. I am so fucking horny and I would do anything that you want me to do. If you asked me to drop down to my hands and knees and suck your rock hard cock at the dinner table, nothing would stop me. Not even if your family is all there. I don’t care who watches. I would be your whore girlfriend whenever you please. Day and night, my mouth and my wet fuck holes are yours whenever you want. I will always be ready to please you. I’m laying in bed right now rubbing my hard wet clit and finger fucking my wet pussy just thinking about you. I want to grind my hot wet pussy all over your cock and ride you until you cum deep inside me.

Do You Deserve Small Dick Humiliation?

small dick humiliationHe deserved small dick humiliation. He had a 4-inch dick and tried to get into my panties. I met him at the gym. I knew he was not lover material. He was more like a stalker than a lover. He would show up at every machine I was working out on, asking if I needed help. I told him to get lost many times. My rebuffs fell on deaf ears. He just wouldn’t take the hint. So, I found this young stud I have hooked up with before and told him I had a situation. The trainer stud was happy to help me put my stalker in his place. We went into the men’s’ locker room and exercised my pussy. I was bouncing on his dick stretching my cunt out properly. I knew it would just be a matter of time before my stalker came in. He was looking for me and he found me riding on a huge dick. He looked annoyed. He said something about me not being allowed in the men’s’ locker room. I just laughed at him and told him he didn’t belong in a man’s room either.  He brought this on himself. He didn’t get it. My young stud lover pulled out his 10-inch, thick cock and showed off. He told my stalker that this is what I deserved and nothing less. It was a hard phone sex therapy lesson to learn for him, but I doubt my stalker will be following me around again.

A sexy babe and her brother in law’s

sexy babeThis Sexy babe can’t keep her hands off her brother in laws. I have three, and they are each yummier than the next. I can’t keep my hands to myself. I love being fucked well. I have no limits and will fuck and hop on the first dick that catches my eyes. My husband has no idea I am double stuffed by his brothers. I was even a nasty slut and got both of them at the very same time. I couldn’t contain my moans I was moaning and groaning so loudly. I can’t believe no one noticed. Thankfully the garage has thick enough walls to keep party and pleasure separate. Can’t say no to what makes my cunt happy. I like being a whore and won’t stop.

Spill Some Midnight Tea With Your Cuckold Princess

cuckold phone sex


I want to tell you how juicy my pussy is thinking of you.

See today when I came to audition for your porn set I couldn’t help but think of all those nights you came over to watch me while my parents were away. I am not the same girl I was when I filmed that sweet sitcom.  I was so excited as we rode downtown and you made me suck the cab driver off before I gave you a big mouth deep tongue kiss. I had to prove that I was not the innocent naive girl I once was. I used to play with my pretty pink pussy after you would massage my legs from a cramp after soccer. You are my dads best friend and I have always wanted you to touch me. You managed my budding career so well, but as a grown-up princess, I needed something to show the world I was an adult. After I took those big black cocks and made you watch me degrade them, I knew you were the man I wanted to fuck after every porn shoot. I love showing my body off and making you wait until the last minute to come. The longer your cock holds that cum the more excited my tight coed pussy gets. Please get back to me with any dirty fetishes you want me to do, I love secrets and roleplays for my sexy men. My pussy gets sooo juicy thinking of the cum you will give me.

Until I ride black cock again, your Princess,

xoxxxo kisses CJ

PTO Meeting Orgy

exhibitionist sexNo one ever expects an orgy at the PTO meeting, but when this milf slut gets involved, it’s a guaranteed good time. If you’ve ever been to one of these meetings, you’d know how dull they can be. I decided to spice it up the only way I know how: with sex. I was watching this sexy dad present about a bake sale, and started thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts about him. I spread my legs wide and started rubbing myself hoping he would notice. The man sitting next to me did, and got visibly erect. I reached over and started rubbing his bulge. The dad up front finally noticed my little display, and he got hard too! “I’ve got a presentation to show you!” I said, and went up to the front of the room. I stripped naked, revealing my tight milf body and huge mommy tits. Then I started sucking off the bake sale guy.

The other parents were shocked, but soon they were all turned on by my little show. I could see everyone touching themselves and it drove me wild! I love turning people on and being an exhibitionist slut. I went and grabbed a mom from the audience and put her up on a table. I started licking her sweet mommy cunt until my whole face was covered in her juices. While I was snacking on muff, bake sale dad came up behind me and started fucking me doggy. The other parents got naked and came to the front of the room to join our fuckfest. It quickly became a writhing pile of fucking and sucking and moaning. I ate every woman’s pussy and sucked every man’s cock. I got double penetrated by the coaches of the softball team, fisted by my neighbor, and face fucked by my son’s best friend’s dad. The orgy didn’t stop until every person had come at least three times! I feel bad for the janitor….maybe I’ll fuck him as an apology for the mess.

Fantasy Whore Needs A Cleanup Boy

fantasy phone sex

You want to fuck me, baby? This princess requires large and in charge cock. You better be packing a nice hard cock and know how to use it on my slutty teen ass! See My Sugar Daddy has a kink, and it always involves me wearing my heels for him. He was on vacation with his wife and I was sexting him nude pictures. Just wanted to remind him what was waiting at home after two weeks of a neglectful woman. I put on my favorite heels and sent him a small video of me finger banging my sweet tight hole. No response. So I amped it up and pulled my fingers out of my soaked cunt and sent him a picture of the sperm dripping from my fingers. Three seconds later I could hear him whispering in the bathroom when he called me. Baby, I need to be your clean-up boy save some of that spunk for daddy you hear me? I told him I would find more cum when he got home. I would be full of a load in my pussy and tight puckered pink ass for him. I even sent him a picture of the cock that was waiting for his ass when he got back. Now, who is going to be my kinky cleanup boy until my sugar daddy gets home?

Horny Mistress

Mature phone sex

I’ve been feeling so fucking horny and naughty lately! Too bad the married man I’ve been fucking for months now is too busy with his wife and brats tonight! How dare he! I’m a bit of a spoiled mistress so when I need cock, I need it now. I demand to be fucked so hard right that instant. I found out my married boyfriend was out to dinner with his fat wife and his ugly brats. Well, now is the best time to crash dinner! I got to the restaurant looking hot as ever! I grabbed him from his seat and took off my coat exposing my naked body. I sucked his hard cock right there in front of the whole restaurant and his shocked family. I made him bend me over and fuck me right there on the dinner table. I looked right at his wife’s face and said, “you won’t get your dessert until I get mine first!”


Sexy babe

I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. I have a hot body that men want to fuck, and I know it. I put on a kinky little show for my neighbor working on his lawn outside my bedroom window. I pretended not to realize they could see into my window and stripped naked and crawled into bed and started rubbing my shaved wet pussy with my hands. I saw him stop working and start watching me. I kept going, still pretending not to notice the voyeur watching me through the window rubbing my cunt. I pulled out my big dildo from the bedside cabinet and slid it into my dripping pussy and started to fuck myself. I put on a nice little show for him, pounding my cunt with the fake cock and writhing and moaning in the bed like a whore. When I was done I cleaned myself off and walked over the window and pulled the curtain shut, but not before giving him a wink and watching him blush furiously.

Mature Phone Sex Women Know Size Matters

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are the best for cuckold calls. With age comes knowledge. When I was younger, I didn’t think cock size mattered much. What can I say? I was young and foolish. Those days are over. So are the days of acting like every man was the best lover I have ever had.  I had to visit my ex-husband’s place of business the other day. We share a daughter and I needed his help with her college tuition. He has plenty of money, more than me. He just never had a big dick. He had this nerdy guy fixing his computer when my ex hit on me. He said he would pay for our daughter’s tuition if I fucked him for old time sakes. He has been jonesing for my pussy ever since I cut him off and took him to the curb. I told him once again, size matters and I am not wasting anytime with his 3-inch dick. He kept trying to fuck me. My ex is such a loser. He still insists more than a mouthful is a waste. We had this conversation in front of the tech guy. I could see the bulge in the geek’s pants. Now, he may have been a geek, but he was more than a man than my ex-husband. I made a geek’s day. I fucked him in my husband’s office, in front of my husband. My ex was livid. He tore up the check he wrote for our daughter’s tuition as I was riding the geek’s face. The tech boy even had a better tongue than my loser ex-husband. I got the tech guy fired, but he said it was all worth it because my ex-husband is a total dick. I decided taking out a loan for my girl’s college and small dick humiliation for my ex was way better than fucking his small dick.

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