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Coed Fun

coed phone sexSexy Coed sex is one of my favorite pastimes.  I might be your Teen Dream for cuckolding but I do love as everyone watches me fuck my dorm mate out on the balcony. She has been teasing me and tonight I took her hands above her head and shoved my naked body against her. You will give me your pussy bitch! She whimpered like a kitten as I undid her bra and tore her panties off. I kissed her hard and her lip bled a little from my bites. I bend her over calling her a slutty whore and shoved my fingers inside her. She was soaking wet I knew she needed a good fisting before I even touched her twat with my tongue. She screamed as a crowd gathered to watch me fuck her. She squirted in my face and I turned her so she would squirt down on the crowd below us. I spread her legs wide and slurped and licked like never before. Her moans made the onlookers clap and whistle. I pulled her by the hair into the living room and waited for your arrival. As you sat I proceeded to fist her again and again with my bare slit dancing in front of you. you left my allowance after you jerked your cock. Such a good cuckold for me baby.

Magic Little Hands

GFE phone sexI know how much you love getting handjobs. I know you love it when I’m completely naked in front of you, so you can clearly see my tits and bald pussy. You love feeling my fingers softly tease the sides of your shaft getting your cock rock hard. I love the sound you make when I take one hand and firmly wrap it around the base and jerk up and down just a inch very slowly. Using my thumb to softly rub in a circular motion right on your frenulum. Then I gentle bend my head down and spit a little on your head and use my free head to lightly massage the head. In short time I start to feel your cock throb and I direct the cum all into my mouth as a little reward for myself.

Spanish teacher slut

naughty teacher

The new Spanish teacher is a naughty teacher in your school. I like being the schools head slut. I’m not even a student, and I fuck more than most the girls on campus. I love seducing young guys who will do just about anything to fuck all the  students. I have no shame. I have broken so many campus relationships! Oh well, like to use my body to suck and fuck. I love being a little cum slut. I want all positions and being used and teaching you new things. After all, I am the teacher. I will sread my legs for big a cock. I have no limits and will guide you how a real whore likes to fuck. I get my holes filled at all hours of the day I get loads and pass on A’s.

Kelly I Tease no More


Exhibitionist sex

It’s a beautiful day outside today, I’m feeling so sexy on this sunny and naked worthy day. Right now all I need is some authentic bulging rock hard cock to eat up. Kelly, my insatiable neighbor has been sitting on his deck, ogling over my ass and I can imagine the ways he punishes his cockstick after watching me pour suntan lotion all over my toppless bakinni bottom body. I do it for him I love his cock control while forcing himself to fight off the instinct to take his precum soaked man meat out and start ripping at it. My soft supple primed ass drives him bonkers I can tell because of the way his lips tremble. When I turn on my tummy, Kelly curls his lips at me like a hungry motherfucking monster I can feel him sniffing the wind begging for a bite of me. My cunt is a juicy pussy and I need to touch myself, I lick my lips take my fingers and start to fuck my cunt in the sunshine on my deck. Kelly takes his cock out of his shorts and starts to beat it up. I notice his cock is so fucking big and beautiful. The head was calling me so I went over to his deck, do you want to know what happened next, I’ll bet you do.  

Virgin cock

ass fetishI was dreading staying home, so I decided it was time to go out and have a good time. I met up with a guy that wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. I was just horny and ready to get some dick that I allowed him to take me out. He was a bit younger like fresh out of high school young. I was shocked he could afford the 5-star restaurant we were heading too. I just rolled with it and thought maybe his parents gave him an allowance. It was like nails on chalkboard talking to him. He was too sweet, and I felt terrible that I was giving him any illusion that I was okay with going on multiple more dates. I certainly wasn’t going to call him after this date and after I got his cock. He was nervous as hell when we finished our date. I invited him inside. I knew he had a mean ass fetish by the way he was already creaming his damn pants. I wanted his dick and wanted him gone. He took forever and kept stalling. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes in did I realize he was a virgin. I was devastated, but I knew I needed some. I did what I could and made him my fuck toy for the night. It took some trial and errors, but he finally did it. He came to quick the first time, so I had to punish him and make that tongue work before I gave him any more attention. I created a decent fuck. I might even invite him over again.

Feel like a lady

GFE phone sex   GFE phone sex calls are so awesome! I love how you talk about eating my pussy nice and slow. Circling my clit with your tongue sucking on it gently until. Right before you make me cum you stick two fingers inside of my cunt. This makes me squirt all over your face. When you flip me over on the bed face down ass up is the position you love. I reach back and spread my pussy lips as you push your hard cock deep inside. My cunt wraps around your dick like a glove. You feel so amazing inside of me. I never knew there were so many levels of orgasms until you. You make me have so many that my legs are weak once we finish.

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is enjoyable to me. I am not necessarily a ball busting bitch, but I do love shaming little dicks. Older women don’t take any shit. We also don’t take any small dicks in our pussies. I was enjoying a night out with my girlfriends last night. We were at a wine bar. When this loser wouldn’t go away, he turned our place into a whine bar. He started calling us stuck up bitches. He was an annoying fuck. Horny men are the worst. They are ruled by their hormones and say and do stupid stuff because they want to fuck. This guy had no clue he was out of his league. He wasn’t tall. He wasn’t handsome. And, he was apparently broke because his card declined when he bought us a round of drinks that we had refused earlier. No amount of booze makes me blind to a man’s major short comings. There was no way this train wreck had a big cock. He kept saying big things come in little packages. He had little man syndrome. Often, short men have big egos and short tempers to overcompensate for their short stature. When I hit my limit of his annoying ass, I told him to put his money where his mouth was. If he had a big dick, then I demanded to see it. He pulled it out and we all laughed.  My girlfriends put on their glasses and still snickered, “Where’s the beef?”  We couldn’t even call the cops on him for indecent exposure because we couldn’t see anything! He was not handling the barrage of small dick jokes well.  He asked for it, just like some of my callers. I mean, if you have a dick smaller than 5 inches, you better check yourself before you claim to have what sexy hot women need.

Sophisticated Sluts

sexy chicks When my husband is away on a business trip, I always find the time to invite my good friend Denise over. Denise is gorgeous she’s a very tall beautiful modelesque beauty. Denise is the complete epitome of a young trophy wife. All my friends are sugar babies or trophy wives that’s just the type of clique I fancy. I love to do all kinds of naughty things with my girls. I think my husband hates the fact that I hang out with all the girls more than I do with him, but I have to hang out with girls who have similar interests as me. I have told Denise all about my hot young stepson Zach. I knew my husband was going to be gone for a long time this month. So I got very excited when I found out that my step-son was going to visit from college. Knowing that my husband will be leaving us too alone got me turned on. I knew it was going to be a total blast.


sexy babe
My husband was isolating both of us, and we were going to find a way to entertain each other. This time I was inviting a friend over if my husband knew what was going on he would die. Denise was so excited to see how handsome and sexy and very well built my step-son was. She even told me if I was sure it was my husband’s son. I can’t believe it half the time just seeing how well endowed my stepson is, His dad is the polar opposite. When Denise came over, The two of us wasted no time. We both were dressed up sophisticated and slutty at the same time.  My step-son knew that we were going to devour his cock. The only wish my step-son had was to enjoy the show with both of us just getting very acquainted in front of him. I liked that he was getting so hard at the site of Denise and I just playing with each other and scissoring and fucking each other with some good toys. My stepson’s Dick was twitching like crazy. He needed to fuck us. As soon as he just whipped out his big dick we were all his.




Ass fetishThe thought of getting caught with my best friend and my step-son was making me ride him crazy. Denise was putting her little pussy over my stepson’s mouth. Zach was enjoying Denise‘s tight twat. Zach couldn’t get enough of our cunts. Denise and I both share similar interest. We both crave meaty dicks. It’s hard when you are married to a very successful guy with a small short dick. Both Denise and I share this common problem. So we both need to get what we want elsewhere. We can’t help but look for good rods when our husbands are gone. We are both always ready to play. Denise and I both agreed that we would have Zach’s dick at least once a week together.

edgeplay phone sex

Mature Swingers Party Slut

mature phone sex

Needing something for that man meat tonight? How about a nasty mature phone sex session? I just got back from hot swingers party and my ass and pussy are sore as fuck!  I have taken more cum loads tonight than a skanky street whore. I am that high-class ass that doesn’t mind being dirty and freaky for my man. I brought my boy toy to a fancy party and the lights dimmed and women were shedding their gowns and picking names out of a crystal bowl. When It was my turn I picked two names. I am a greedy bitch like that. I had my two sweet business men types with a fire in those eyes as the last woman had no name left so I invited her to our little party. I knew what my slutty ass was doing. We found a perfect spot and I took this huge titted milf into my arms and begin to play with her pussy as the men stripped and got those thick cocks out and started rubbing our bodies.  All of a sudden both guys turned savage and took us by the hips and began dry fucking our asses as we made out.  We were made to suck and lick the taste of our asses of those meaty members before we were allowed any pussy play. My greedy ass got some dominant males who made all of our holes sore. What A night!!!!

Serving Your Every Need

ass fetish

Baby DO you have an ass fetish? I have the best ass and I keep it in perfect shape for you. My ass is waxed, and my thighs and legs toned. My body will always be on point for you. As your woman, I must keep you happy. I will always turn heads when we are out and I will always please your dick. I know why I was made and that is to make you happy in every way.  Just today you told me you wanted to go to a swingers party and let someone else fuck me and you fuck another hot female. I agreed and I picked the hottest young thing I could for you. We laid in the living room in front of dozens of people and I took a nice thick cock and let you know by my moans how much I was enjoying it. I watched as you destroyed that sweet ass of that hottie and how she drank your cum like she hadn’t had a drink in days. I was happy to serve your needs and will continue to do so.

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