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You’re In Luck

Cuckold phone sexI bet you are wondering why I am so happy today? It has to do with you babes.  Yes, you!  I have decided that it is time that you had some fun.  I see that smile and look in your eye which indicates that you know exactly what I am talking about.  No, no, not yet.  Come into the bedroom with me first.  That’s right you just follow me.  I’ll even undress you.  It has a been a long time since you have felt my touch on your skin hasn’t it sweetie?  How long has it been? I think about eight months at least.  You are so excited!  Look at you!

Cocksucking phone sexYou sit right there and I will turn on some music.  Remember when I used to strip for you to this music, before your cock decided that it was lazy and didn’t want to work anymore.  Oh honey, it is okay, I am sure we can get it standing up straight and tall in no time at all. Let me just put these stockings around your wrist.  I know, they are soft aren’t they?  They are the ones you brought back from Paris for me.  I just love them.  There, both hands tied tightly along with your ankles.  Wiggle around for me, let’s see if you can get loose. Lovely!  Securely in place.  I promise you will love this.

Domination phone sex

That’s right!  This is the bra and pantie set you purchased along with those stockings!  How do I look babes? Aww, thank you.  I see your cock twitching, I think it just might be working.  Let me just get completely naked … oh shoot!  I forgot something, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I will be right back, I promise.  Her let me wiggle my tits in your face for a few seconds to tide you over until I get back.  I’m almost done, just hang on!  Alright I’m back.  Who is this? Oh this is my new lover.  Don’t look so disappointed my love, you didn’t think I was actually going to allow you to try to fuck me did you? I was just giving you a little thrill before my real fun started.  You look so upset, but at least those stockings that you have close to your skin has my pussy juice on them.  Yes, that’s right, I masturbated with them earlier today, so at least you have that.  Now, I think I want to make this real cock grow so I am going to give this massive new toy of mine a sloppy blowjob.  I am sure you won’t mind watching at all, will you?

Erotic roleplaying

Teen Slut Therapy

phone sex therapy

I was his phone sex therapy tonight. He had been edging for hours. He needed a hottie with a tight pussy to tell his fetish too. He knew he had a problem. He wanted to keep his dick hard as punishment for his demented thoughts. But now it has become a need. To keep it as hard as he can for as long as he can. I even got to watch as he could barely touch himself anymore. One light stroke had him moaning so fucking hard. His foreskin had become his own enemy as it slipped down after a nice long upward stroke. He knew if he called an escort he would blow his load the second she looked at his raging dick! I loved that he called me so my pussy could get wet at how hard he was and the way he groaned and slid down the chair after each stroke. He was a stroking slut. I made fun of his addiction and called him out. He knew what he was, and I was there to watch as he took that last stroke and lew his load over his head. I really love being a cock queen! My name is CJ, and I am a Cock Junkie. I wanted to watch as I teased and released him. I really think he just wanted me to see the labor of his edging. It was an exhibitionist sex move completely. He wanted me to keep him up as my sugar daddy fucked me in the background. Background edging But I couldn’t take it as I slipped my sex balls in my pussy and came and he let out that cum. I was so satisfied that I had control of his orgasm to that point. Nice cocks are always fun to fucking play with no matter how I get them.

Submit to Me

Domination phone sex

Let my cunt tell you what to do from now on you motherfucker. I am your mistress I own you everything you do you better beg me to do it, and that includes breathing. I want you to thank me for letting you lick the bottom of my feet after all that’s a delicious treat for your dirty fucking tongue. Your mouth is a filthy Palace that doesn’t deserve any residence. I’m going to give you golden showers all day long I’ve been drinking a lot of water. You should get down on your knees and bow to me let me know who the queen is. If you displease me I’ll spank you with my leather whip I’ll make you see that annoying me is the worst form of disobedience. Your a foul nothing you mean nothing to everyone that’s why you’re all alone because of your sick twisted mind. Without me no one would want to be around you but because I’m beautiful Sultry and tremendously sexy I make all everyone you know come around. You want me you dream about me so beg me if I tell you. Remember I am your owner oh I am the ruler of your world and my happiness is the only thing that’s ever going to be important. Do you understand? I’ve got some Adventures I’m going to send you on really soon.

Capeesh Sweet Cheeks

Sexy women masturbating


Pay me or else I’m going to fuck your grandfather into a coma. I told you, you stupid bitch you can’t dance in the club where I’m a superstar and then forget to give me what I deserve. I’m not taking your bullshit anymore, I know precisely where your grandma and grandpa lives and I have a need to be nasty if you don’t have a need to pay I know old Grandpa would love to give me some hard cold cash for me to ride his face that is. Your granddaddy has been looking at me ever since I was a little girl and I don’t give a fuck if I’m your best friend bitch you better fucking do what you’re supposed to do. I think you don’t understand, I didn’t have to help you, and you didn’t have to betray me by taking one of my best fucking tricks away. I’m only going to tell you one more time if you don’t want your grandpa with a face full of my yummy cunt you better come up with my fucking money no fucking games. How old is your grandpa these days it seems like 80 or 90 can you really handle me climbing on top of his face and riding him like a horny porn star cowgirl? I’m not joking you might think I am but I’m not kidding at all your grandpa is chopped liver babe, and he’s been asking for it all this long he’s going to get it so you need to get me my cash, my dollars my bucks or else papa is going to get fucked. I know you’re terrified of me putting your grandpa’s old wrinkly cock in my mouth and sucking it and until it got as hard as he could get it, but it’s going to be your reality I’m not joking. Grandpa is a horndog and Grandpa wants some of this pretty pussy so you need to do something so that we can both make sure that Grandpa doesn’t have him a nice little heart attack. In fact, I’m really horny right now, and if you don’t have my money I think I’m going to call Gramps and ask him does he want to cool my heated body. You should get my fucking dollars for me do you understand, capeesh?

Tease and denial


Taking Control

Best phone sex

I love being dominant and dirty with my little sissy fuck boys. I invited this hot little sissy over yesterday while my boyfriend was out. I had him step into my apartment and made him strip down to his tighty whiteys. I love being sensual and dominant so I had him thrown on a blind fold so he couldn’t see what I was doing. He could only feel my hands and lips touching him all over.

I took him into my bedroom and made him cross his hands behind his back as I tightly bound them together with rope. I lightly whipped his nipples and pinched them with my fingers! He whimpered when I whipped his nipples and thighs! I spread his legs open and pulled his thick hard cock out from the side of his tighty whiteys and began stroking it.

He got harder and harder in my hand but little did he know, I had a hard surprise for him! I began stroking my hard strap on up against his tight ass as he moaned, “what are you doing?” I giggled and began shoving my long strap on dildo inside his tight rosebud as he moaned harder. I fucked his tight ass and jerked his cock off in my soft hands until he came all over!

Spa Day

Mature phone sex

After that insane party on New Year’s Eve, I decided that my boy toy and I needed a spa day.  Having someone pamper you for a couple of hours is well worth it.  A hot stone massage hit the spot.  When I went into the sauna afterward there were already a few people in there.  I spoke to some of the women that were sitting there, and then my boy toy walked in.  He flashed that beautiful smile of his and all the women smiled back.  One of them whispered to me that he was very hot.

I patted the spot next to me, he sat down, leaned in and gave me a short kiss.  I looked at the other women, some of them had their mouths open in disbelief.  I heard one of the women quietly say to another, “Why on earth is he with her? Look at him!”  I do not think she knew that I heard her because she started to speak to me in a friendly manner. Before she could finish her sentence I stood up, dropped my towel and said, “This is why.” I turned in a slow circle.

I know I’m not in the best shape of my life, but for my age my body is amazing.  The woman who was wondering why he was with me started to become uncomfortable.  She said, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”  Bullshit.  Women will snatch as many moments as they can to be bitchy to another woman.  That is a fact.  I said to her, “Perhaps if you took better care of your body you could have a piece of candy as I do.”  I stepped in front of him, he started to kiss my tits.

The women all left, looking back over their shoulder at us.  He was already rubbing my pussy and had his towel off.  The last women out stopped to tell me that she agreed with me, and if I had the chance to have a good looking younger man to fuck then I should take full advantage.  Then she shut the door so that we could fuck in peace.

A sexy babe is always in high demand

sexy babeA sexy babe is always in high demand. I went to this new club over the weekend. I was dressed to kill. The problem was there were no guys in the club worth dying for! I mean every man  there was a broke ass loser. I only date rich men. I am all about the Benjamin’s. I have expensive tastes. After a few hours of talking to losers, I called an Uber. While I was waiting outside, this handsome man in a cashmere coat wearing a Rolex tried to steal my Uber. It was too cold outside for a hot chick like me to wait when that one belonged to me. When I explained that it was my ride, he offered me money to call another one. I suggested, we just share it. He agreed to that. He was clearly in a hurry. I tried to talk to him in the back seat, but he seemed disinterested. I saw no ring on his finger. The guy had to be gay not to like me. Even married men go for me all the time. I grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and he stopped me. Told me he wasn’t paying for sex. He thought I was a hooker. Now, I was insulted. A sugar baby maybe, a dirty hooker, never. We argued a bit, but I ended up riding his beautiful hard cock all the way to the airport. He wasn’t bitching when his cock was up my tight shaved pussy. When he left the ride at the airport, he made a rude comment. What the fuck was this dude’s issue. The joke was on him because I lifted his wallet. I mean, I was paying for this Uber ride and he was a total dick. I deserved something more than his cum up my pussy. The Uber driver saw me do it, but he didn’t care. He got to watch a hot sex show and he didn’t like the guy much either.

Hot Wife Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex


My husband loves that I am a cuckold phone sex slut. When he hears me in the other room on the phone with you, it gets him so hard. He loves that I talk to horny men all day and tell them about the dirty things I like to do. I like to masturbate when I’m on the phone with a client and it makes me cum even faster knowing he’s in the other room hard as a rock trying to hear what I’m saying. He likes to read my blogs and see what I write about. He gets a little thrill from knowing that there are men looking at pictures of his wife stroking their cock and cumming reading about what a little sissy cuckold faggot that he is. I don’t do phone sex for the money, do it because I fucking love it. Making men cum for me and letting them listen to me play with my pussy while my husband can’t even come into the room is just so fucking hot.

The Watcher

Exhibitionist sex

I am not sure why I hadn’t noticed before but you can see into the bedroom of the Daughter of the Family that lives behind me. I was out on my balcony drinking some wine, and I noticed the houselights come on in their house. Their house sits below mine on a pretty good slope.  I certainly was not trying to looking into her bedroom but when that light came on my attention was drawn right to it.  I could see her on her phone, texting away, she was home for Christmas Break from college. Lovely girl.

A few days later I was sitting outside enjoying the view and reading when I saw movement in her bedroom.  She walked in and plopped down on her bed.  She once again was on her phone, after she hung up she closed her bedroom door, then started to take her jeans off.  I stopped looking at that point until my brain said, “Nobody will know, you are too far up for her to see you, so go and and look.” I put my book down and watched.  I thought she was just undressing to get into a shower or bath, but she just had her jeans and panties off.

She reached for something on the one side of her bed and when she brought it back up I could see it was a dildo.  She started to play with her pussy. She was very gentle with herself at first, then she started to push the dildo inside of herself, still going slowly.  I have to say I was becoming wet just watching.  She sped up the pace, her fingers were moving fast over her clit, the dildo was slamming in and out of her pussy.  She would stop every so often and just lay there breathing heavy.  Then she would start the whole thing over again.

She was on her third go when I saw her Mom’s car pull into their drive.  She must of heard it too because she quickened her movement.  She came just as her Mom went to the front of the house.  I saw her jump out of bed, pull her jeans back on and leave her room.  I stayed there for a few minutes then went inside and got myself off. I am really hoping that some point over the break she will have a boyfriend over and they fuck. I would just love to see that.

Shoe and Foot Fetishes Welcum Here

foot fetishesDo you have foot fetishes? I have pretty feet. I have a huge shoe fetish, so I understand men with a foot fetish. A man with a foot fetish picked me up yesterday, while I was indulging my shoe fetish at Nordstrom’s. I am certain he was there looking at women’s feet while they tried on shoes. If a man is willing to pay for my shoe fetish, I will let him cum all over my feet if he wants. When it comes to fucking my feet, I don’t care if you have a small cock. Well, I don’t care if you have a small cock if you buy me some expensive shoes. Here is the deal. If you buy me an expensive pair of shoes, your little dick doesn’t mater because I can fuck myself with the heal of my new designer shoes. The heel of a shoe can give me more pleasure than a tiny cock. I can’t afford many of the shoes I like, so I watch before I shop. I know a foot creeper when I see one. Bingo. I had not been sitting for more than a minute, when Scott approached me. I cut to the chase for him. I am a sure thing if you buy me the Manolo Blahnik Clizia Floral Mesh Peep Toe Booties that are $2,1000. I have coveted those for months now and Scott put them on his American Express card. We went back to my place for a fashion shoe show. While I was rubbing his average cock between my sexy babe feet, I had the heel of my new shoe up my cunt. Felt amazing to cum on an expensive pair of designer shoes while he was cumming on my feet. Men with a foot fetish are welcome to play with my feet if they indulge my shoe fetish.

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