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The Perfect GFE

gfe phone sexI got a call from an old friend last night. He needed a date for a fancy business meeting dinner and his wife couldn’t make it. He said he knew that men sometimes paid me to go on dates with them, especially because I am way more fun and not to mention sexier than their wifes. And really I am, I can offer the perfect girlfriend experience to any man. So anyway I dressed in a real nice form fitting black dress and 5 inch heels. The men at the meeting were blown away and kept asking my friend how he met a knock out like me, it’s a great thing I love and welcome all male attention. The meeting went really well, he got what he came for thanks to me. After, he took me to a hotel room he rented for the night and we decided to take a swim in the pool. No one else was there so he fucked my perfect bare pussy with his huge cock while fingering my tight little asshole and sucking my titties. I love sex in the pool, it’s always so much fun. So next time you are looking for a woman for the night, call me for the best girlfriend experience.

Sub Fun

best phone sexOh I had the best night last night! Thank you sir for dominating me the way you did. The feel of your hand squeezing my neck, pulling my hair, and spanking me, memories I won’t forget any time soon. Oh but when you invited that tempting wife into bed with us, fuck, she is an amazing woman. I am so very glad you let me eat that delicious cunt, the way she creamed all over my tongue. I could have just sucked and licked that perfect pussy for hours. Couldn’t get enough. But it got even better when you made me watch you fuck and told me I couldn’t cum. That was very hard but my reward was worth it. The way you stuck that fat cock in my mouth covered in her juice and cummed, was such a treat. I really hope I can join again soon.

Sexy Legs Wrapped Around His Head

Sexy legs

My boyfriend loves to have me wrap my sexy legs around his head. He can’t get enough of eating out my sweet honey pot. He says it’s the sweetest tasting pussy he’s ever had. I can’t deny him anytime and anywhere we are, if he wants to lick my tasty cunt then I let him. Just last week we were out at the mall and I was trying on some new sexy outfits that he was going to buy me. We were supposed to get them and then go home and have some naughty fun, but he just couldn’t wait. I tried on a tiny little dress and walked over to him sitting there and my pussy was right near his face. Having it so close to his mouth already had his cock twitching. So, he followed me back into the dressing room and ate my little pussy right there. I came so fucking hard for him and it was so hard to keep quiet so that we didn’t get caught!

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who like older women. Is that you? I’m in my forties, so younger men are my best friends. Younger guys know that a sexy MILF can keep up with them, even teach them a few things. I was at the local farmer’s market this morning. This young Amish looking guy was working the truck I always get my garden vegetables. He was clearly flirting with me. “Ma’am, if I was around you wouldn’t need any cucumbers,” he said assertively. I started to grope the cucumber while watching the bulge in his jeans grow. I was having very impure thoughts for a boy half my age, but clearly, he was feeling the same for a much older woman. I am horniest in the mornings. What about you? When he told me he had some nice ripe vegetables a woman like me would appreciate in the back of the truck, I knew I was about to fuck a young stud at the farmer’s market. I followed him around back while his brother helped the other customers waiting. I was going to get something far better than cucumbers. I was in the back of a farmer’s truck getting the shit banged out of my shaved wet pussy by an Amish stud. Wasn’t what I had expected, but it certainly made leaving the house worth it.

Well guys I think it’s time to retire

Cocksucking phone sex





I think I’ve had enough of parolees and punks and shit heads that don’t know how to fuck. So I think it’s time to move on, but I really think that I would be better off just being in the sex industry full time. I love you guys and how horny you are, so I think I should put all of my attention on you. So, this will be my last blog as a PO officer and onto my dick sucking career. But I think first, I want to know what you guys would do to me in this cell. If it was locked and us in it and they told you, you could do anything you want to me or with me, what would you do? *Whispering… I really love having my tits slapped. I think we should talk, tell me what you would do to my body.

Behave like a bitch, get treated like one

Forced feminizationNormally I don’t like to punish in a cruel way, sometimes you have to assert a little more discipline than normal when it comes to a stubborn individual, don’t you think? There is this guy that moved in across the street. I call him the jerkoff because he just acts like a POS. So I was walking out to get the mail and bring the garbage in, my morning thing to do. I just slip on some flip-flops and a robe, I don’t usually wear clothes around the house in the morning. So I got the mail and the turd neighbor starts giving me shit from across the street. Telling me to cover up and junk. I walked over to him, grabbed his wrist cranked it up behind his back and walked him to my house. I pushed him in thru the front door; I grabbed the restraints in the foyer table and pushed him down onto a chair. Slapping him in the face, I ask who in the hell he thinks he is. With no response I told him to get up and strip, he gave me a no way look and I grabbed him by the balls “would you like to rethink that answer?” He strips down, and lo and behold this sissy bitch is wearing panties, a garter, and stockings. I pulled his panties off his cock and slapped it, lessons for pointing out other people just to take the focus off you. I sat him back down and bound his arms while I put a nice coat of whore make up. “If I see you outside without makeup, I’ll come over to your house and put a goat milker on your cock while you sleep. Understand?” He nodded. Let’s see how long it takes the jerkoff to not comply. I did tell him on his way out the door looking all made up and pretty, that if he doesn’t play by the rules next time the makeup will come with a large ass plug.


Shaved wet pussy and rock hard cock

Shaved wet pussy gets me just as excited as a hot rod. The other day I decided to invite my friend Jana she is hot and has a husband that’s hung like a horse. We knew exactly what was up. I was going to enjoy her hot body and his hard cock all afternoon long while my pathetic husband is hard at work, my pussy mouth and ass are too. Well, I with pleasure anyways. I was so anxious for them to come over I got off by myself a couple times. As soon as they came in it was show time I licked her pussy while I got my ass and pussy fucked then I scissored my hot friend while he got off by watching, The cherry on top, of course, was being able to suck his 9 inch dick and play with his balls all while she was recording the whole thing, I got to enjoy all his cum all over my face. Shaved wet pussy

Phone Sex Therapist Dominated at Gym

Phone sex therapistHe slammed his hand on my locker door as I was in the middle of changing into my workout clothes. Seconds later, he had me on the floor, shoving his dick into my mouth. As he fucked my face, he told me it had been far too long since he’d last seen me at the gym, and he had a lot to make up for. He plowed my throat raw, I could literally feel it going raw, and I knew I’d have to take really good care of my throat for a few days. But, the thought of how hard he was going to hit that pussy when he got inside of it had me dripping wetness onto the damn locker room floor. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed him backward onto the bench, and laid him down. Hot sexy womanI straddled him and slid my pussy over his face, grinding it on his nose and tongue. After just a few minutes of that, I slid down his body until my pussy swallowed his cock whole. Then, he propped my legs up in the air and started plowing up into me hard and deep. Feeling him thrusting up into me, filling me up over and over again, knowing he was going to blow a huge load into me, I came hard and fast all over his dick. I fucked him all the way up until someone actually walked into the locker room. After that, I figured taking him home with me and doing even more would be enough of a workout for the day.

My Cuckold Sweetheart

Cuckold phone sexI love how we go out clubbing together. We have so much fun drinking and dancing. But the main reason we go out is to find a big black stud to take home. You’re a cuckold and I love you. You love watching a big black dick stretching my tight holes. You sit in your favorite chair and watch me suck on a black cock like a porn star. You watch my body bend into sexual positions that make your small cock so hard. I get on my knees facing you as my black stud fucks me doggy style. You love seeing my sex faces as black dick slips in and out of my wet hole. But your favorite part is when that big black stud fills my hole with cum. You push that stud out of the way and bury your face in my sloppy wet cunt. You lick me clean as I smash myself against your face. I love you, my cuckold sweetheart.

Mall Thief

Ebony phone sexI saw a skirt at the mall and I had to have it. It was short and sexy but I didn’t have the money to buy it. I couldn’t walk out of the mall without this skirt so I stuffed it into my purse. I thought I had got away with theft, but a strong arm gripped mine and I knew I had been caught.
“Come with me and we won’t call the police” ,a deep voice warned.
I turned and saw two security guards and my pulse raced with fear. They took me to their office at the back of the mall and told me they saw the theft on the surveillance camera. Tears filled my eyes and I begged them not to call the cops. They said I needed to undress completely because they needed to check for other stolen items. I undressed slowly down to my panties. They said the panties had to come off, too. I took off my panties and stood there naked. The smile on their faces let me know that they were never going to call the police. I knew what they wanted, I got on my knees and crawled over to the older security guard. I undid his belt and pulled his hard cock out and sucked him. The younger guard got behind me and filled my pussy with hard dick. They fucked me over and over again in that small office until the mall closed.

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