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A horny hot babe like me deserves to be showered with money and gifts! That’s why my new boy toy slave took me shopping. I love racking up charges on his card while I have his little dicky locked up in his pretty pink cage. I bet his cocky twitches watching me flirt and whore with the shop attendants!

I then took my boy toy into the lingerie store and I just knew his puny cock was jerking around in his cage! I love watching him pathetically shift around while I show him racks of tight outfits I would wear while teasing his cock. I found a few good options to try on and dragged him to the dressing room. I made him sit and watch me slowly undress.

To his surprise, I was already wearing a sexy neon set of lingerie that I had ordered with his credit card. I rubbed and tapped his wittle package in his pants and giggled when I felt it jolt. “Let me see that little baby dick,” I demanded. He took out his caged cock and I could see the droplets of precum that leaked out.

I swayed my hips for him and rubbed on my tight ass and pussy for him to get a good look. Then I bent over and slid my thong down to tease his cocky. I got a great idea! I called in the young hot shop boy and asked him what he thought about my ass and cunt. He stammered, and I noticed he had a thick hard cock.

I did what any horny hot whore would do in that situation, I made the shop boy pump my ass full of cum while my boy toy cuck watched. Then I walked over to him, spread my ass cheeks and dribbled the shop boy’s thick cum onto his pathetic tiny caged cock. Then I rewarded myself by racking up more charges on his card. Hehe.

Cuck Lover Teen SLut

cuckold phone sex

How can this hot teen slut be so good at cuckolding you? Your mine Bitch. I keep you on a tight leash so I can make you watch the way I love deep throating these large juicy cocks! I love keeping you as my cucky boyfriend because you get so hard and jealous of these heavy cut cocks down my sweet young throat.  I know I am every mans dream fuck toy, I have the tight sweet sweet pussy you want to pound but is your cock up to my standards? I enjoy teasing you with a mouth full of cum, do you want it, baby. I will spit it into your mouth if you beg. Are you my good cuck? Will you eat the cum out of my mouth and then I will let you clean my soft juicy cum filled honey pot!? Cum for me ass I gulp this huge cock right in front of you. The one thing this hot teen Mistress is not is Shy! Let me tease, deny and seduce you with my young Mistress Ways!


Best phone sexYou surprised me with a picnic today. It was a beautiful day. We laid a blanket out on the grass and had grapes and wine in the park. The park we went to usually has a lot of people, so it was really exciting when you had me bend over and you pulled my dress up. I hope we don’t get caught, but you fucking me out here where the whole world could see, is so fun! It’s such an adrenaline rush. Suddenly, a jogger ran next to us and stopped when he realized what we were doing. He got out his phone and said he’d be calling the police, but then you told him he could fuck me too, if he didn’t tell anyone. It was so hot having a sweaty stranger fill up my tight pussy and then be on his way. Best picnic ever.  


Sexy Chicks Deserve the Best

sexy chicksI am the total package: brains and beauty. That means I am smart enough not to date losers. I hate a Splenda daddy. Do you know what that means? That is a term for a man who is an imitation sugar daddy. He either doesn’t have the money to spoil a girl properly or the cock to fuck her properly. David was a double loser in my estimation. He was buying me, and my girlfriends drinks all night at the club. He was a bore and not that handsome, but the rich fucks seldom are the kind of guys you would still want to fuck if they were pumping gas. He had a tab and we were drinking top shelf booze. We aren’t bottom shelves girls. Anyway, we acted like he was the greatest man in the world because we thought he had money. Complete poser. His credit card declined at the end of the night. He tried to ask us for money. You offer to buy some sexy chicks drinks, you pay loser. Now, the bartender wasn’t rich, but he was handsome, and we were sure he was hung. We were correct. He had almost a foot-long cock in his pants. We made the broke ass Splenda daddy watch as we fucked the only man in the place. He called us cunts and bitches. I sat my cum filled pussy from the help on his face and asked him who the real bitch was, then we left him there. Broke with a bill he couldn’t pay and another man’s cum on his face. I told the bartender to call the cops if the loser couldn’t’ pay his bill then come over to my place when he was done working so I could get some more of that big fat dick. I don’t mind slumming if the man is hung and not a poser.

Sex on the Beach

princess phone sexThis weekend my Sugar Daddy decided he wanted to go out of town and take me on a little mini vacation to the beach. I packed my skimpiest little skin tight micro bikini. I love flaunting my perfect ass and tits for him.
We got to our destination and after giving the hotel bed a proper christening, he popped a little blue pill and we headed to the beach. Seeing me in my thong bikini got him so hard. He wanted me right here on the beach. It didn’t matter that someone could see us, he had to have me right now. I climbed on top of him and pulled my bikini bottom to the side and sank my pussy onto his hard cock. I started riding him right there on the beach for everyone to see. It made me even wetter knowing we could get caught. It didn’t take long before I was cumming. I arched my back and had a gushing orgasm. My bikini bottom was soaked in my cum. He pulled out and flipped me over onto my knees and jammed his cock back into my wet pussy. Within a few strokes he was cumming. He pulled out and came all over my ass and back. My sugar daddy loves seeing me with his cum on me.
We’re back in the hotel now on day two of our weekend fuck fest on the beach. Who knows what he has planned next. I guess I’ll find out, if I can manage to get out of the hotel room.

A Little Bit of Exhibitionism Is A Good Thing

Exhibitionist sex

Watching as a fat, hard cock slips into a wet, tight cunt is one my favorite things in the world to watch.  Whether it be in a porno, or in real life.  I prefer real life, but you have to take what you can get some times.  Another thing that I enjoy are “Private Parties” because I get to watch, and participate.  You do have to pay a hefty sum to even be considered for a place on the guest list, but money doesn’t matter to me.  This is one thing I do not mind spending it on.  Every year there are about four parties.  I cannot attend all of them due to commitments but I do get to go to one or two.

This past week I was lucky enough to be able to join in.  Usually there are a few people there, however, this time around there were about thirty.  There were so many new, fresh faced, younger people in attendance.  It was wonderful to see. I watched a lovely couple for a very long time.  They were more slow and sensual with one another.  He fucked her for a fairly good amount of time.  When he came he pulled out to shoot his load all over her beautiful tits.  She scooped it up with her finger and promptly sucked each drop off the tip of her finger until it was completely cleaned off her tits.

I moved into another room where another couple where doing anal.  I did not think the woman was used to it.  She was gasping, along with doing a little bit of whimpering.  She took his cock like a champ though.  After he was done plunging into her ass, she turned around to clean his cock off, then he mounted her, pressing his still hard cock into her wet pussy.

It went on and on like this.  As I was drinking a glass of wine I was approached by a younger man who told me he appreciated older women.  He wanted to know if he could spend some time with me.  I was all for it, he was handsome, hard, and I was pretty well horny from watching all the festivities.  We did not even move into a room, we fucked right there in the main room.  He filled up my pussy with the most delicious load of cum.

He asked me if he could call me so that we could meet in the “real world”.  I told him that I would take his number and decide.  I think I will just leave it as a “Private Party” thing I think that way it will make it more special.

University Slut Goes Streaking

GFE phone sex

This GFE phone sex slut has made a pretty penny on the bet that I would not run naked across the courtyard at School! I also got two hung dicks fucking me as a result. I texted you as I was in my rain boots and told you that My tiny body was going to be naked and advertising that I need a huge cum load.  The rain beat down on me as I flaunted my ass and pussy as I did sprints back and forth. Two of the football players grabbed me and slung me on ones back over his shoulder. We all climbed into the back of these guys van and started fucking my sweet tight pussy and making me gulp no less than 8 inches down my little slut throat. I took it all and when I got those cum loads I made them take pictures on my phone so I could show you what your young slut has done. You were impressed and I told you That I was coming over so you could eat this cum off and out of my holes!


Fired Due To Sexual Harassment

Mature phone sex

I really do not need to work, but I was getting a little bored so I decided to branch out.  I found a job, which at first I loved, that is until I was fired.  Can you believe that? Me?! Fired? I have never ever been fired from any job that I had in my life.  I suppose the company had a valid reason, however, I didn’t think the incident warranted a firing.  People have no sense of adventure anymore.  You tell me if you would of fired me over this slight digression. 

There was a younger man in the office that I managed.  I would see him every day sitting at his cubicle  diligently working away, trying ever so hard to climb that ladder.  A few months went by when my Assistant had to leave her position.  I took it upon myself to request this young man due to him showing so much enthusiasm toward work.  At least that is what I said, what I meant was that I wanted to watch him fuck someone while I watched.  I couldn’t say that of course so I told a teeny little lie to get what I wanted.

Things were going fantastic!  I had him wrapped around my little finger in no time at all.  I would give him little “bonuses” here and there.  You know, like jacking him off in my office, letting him cum on my boobs, things like that.  This went on for awhile, then I told him I wanted to watch him with someone else.  I wouldn’t participate, I would just watch.  He decided; after a few weeks of me talking him into it; that he would take his girlfriend to a hotel, and I could hide and watch.  I told him that it would have to be a suite, otherwise there would be no where for me to hide.  Arrangements were made.

I showed up early, placed myself behind one of the sofas and waited until things moved into the bedroom.  I saw the lights go off in the room I was, waited until they brushed their teeth, yadda, yadda.  Then I saw just soft candle light, that was my cue.  I moved across the room, and stood just outside the light.  We all know it is much easier to peer into the light from the dark then to peer into the dark from the light, plus, they were already engaged in foreplay.  I watched him take her from behind, then she climbed on top, then she sucked her pussy juice off of his cock, all this went on and on.  I wasn’t really paying attention to her face, I really didn’t care what she looked like.  Then, he hit a candle and knocked it to the floor.  I could see it, burning, not going out.  I decided I didn’t want to burn to death in a fire just because I was watching people fuck so I cleared my throat very loudly.  Their heads popped up, she screamed.  I actually laughed.  I said, “You knocked a candle over!”, walked over and stomped it out.

She was not happy from what he told me in the text messages afterward.  I left after I put out the candle, I wasn’t going to stick around for the aftermath.  Turns out, he was fucking the Daughter of the CEO  of the company.  One thing lead to another, I was called into HR and accused of Sexual Harassment and that is an automatic firing.  I couldn’t deny it, the girl saw who I was, there was communication between him and I discussing sexual acts and what not.

It doesn’t really matter though, I had fun while it lasted.  

Hello Fall with Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexMen call me daily for cuckold phone sex. It is a wonderful way to hello to Fall. I love it too. Nothing more fun than laughing at a small thin dick. Now, sometimes guys call me for a fuck call. If they are stupid enough to say I am going to tear up that pussy with my big 6-inch cock, I laugh. I mean 6 inches is not big. At best it is average. I am not an average woman. I deserve more than average. I love Fall and big cocks. Paul thought he had a big old dick. I had to burst his bubble. Paul had a pathetically average dick. I don’t let average touch me. Paul was not permitted to fuck me. Pretty sad when a sexy babe blocks you even from virtual sex. I rarely have virtual sex because men with big dicks are too busy getting real pussy to call me. Only losers and dumb asses have the time for phone sex. I have a large variety of dildos, so I don’t need virtual sex. Plus, I get off on humiliation. I love being that wake-up call to men who think they are a gift to my pussy with their average dick. I will go outside in the crisp Fall air and masturbate before I let an average dick touch me. Paul was not amused initially that I blocked him from my pussy. No one, not even his wife had complained about his cock. It is sad how many women, your wife included, don’t strive for better in bed. I made Paul see the light. I had him watch some big dick porn because seeing is believing.  If you call me with a small or average dick, understand you get humiliation or therapy. Now that Fall has arrived, my body is not as visible, and neither is yours. I may not initially figure out you have a small dick buried in your jeans, but regardless of the season, I am a hot babe and I deserve big dick.

sexy babe


You make me want to dance

Erotic roleplaying

I met Howard at the club last night, and Howard is impressive. Howard is tall dark chiseled and oh so handsome. I found out that Howard was super stressed at home with his annoying, stuffy wife. The handsome man said that he had to just get away and he wanted someone to dance for him you see Howard, says he’s not going to cheat. Well, I guess I’ve got the challenge set. I offered Howard a free private dance because he was so fuckable. My pussy got wet before we got to the VIP room, I was so horny for this man, I mean I had not had a man like him in a very long time. I kept thinking in my head how will I get to see what’s going on in his pants. I started to dance on Howard moving my perfect little tight ass on his cock. I felt his cock rising, and it was girthy. I could tell there was something substantial going on with Howard down there and it turned me on like nothing else. My nipples got hard I started to think to myself I’m going to turn around and give him a head dance. I told him I didn’t want to make him cheat I just wanted to dance for him I said, Howard, I wish to do a special head dance for you. It took some convincing before Howard would let me take his big fat cock out of his zipper, but it was worth it, it was huge and as thick as I imagined. Straight away I filled my mouth up Howard was saying something about stopping this is cheating. I kept sucking viciously passionately taking as much of his delicious cock in as I could. All of a sudden Howard grabbed the back of my head and started to push his cock as far into my mouth as he could. It started there I bet you want to know where it ended.

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