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Cuckold Phone Sex for Loser

cuckold phone sexSome men need cuckold phone sex more than others. Just like some men need to watch a woman suck a big cock more than others. Tony is a colleague. He is nice and smart, but he is a wimp. The kind of man who is a doormat for any woman. I will walk all over a doormat. I will fuck a man. Tony is persistent. He keeps asking me out. I keep saying no. I decided he needed to see me fuck a real man. I invited him over for dinner. The dinner for me was a big fat cock I was devouring. I timed it right so Tony would see me sucking his cock. Holy shit he didn’t react how I assumed he would. He pulled out his little dick and rubbed it. Doormat. He was acting like he thought I wanted. I enjoyed fucking my stud nonetheless. I didn’t care what Tony was saying or doing because I was lost in a big cock. I gave him some small dick humiliation that he ate up too. On the phone, I am used to easy cuckolds; in real life it rarely goes that way. Tony is just so pathetic, he acted like he thought I would want a cuck to act. I love cuckolds, but I prefer them to resist a little initially. 

Sexy women masturbating

sexy women masturbatingI couldn’t wait to try out my new toy. I went on a shopping spree earlier as a treat from my husband. Usually, if I’ve been an extra nasty girl for him, he’ll treat me with his credit cards. I had to go to the adult store because I heard they had a new product that I just HAD to try. It’s already looking like it’s going to be an exciting evening.I could barely eat after my shopping trip because all I could think about was getting home to that new vibrator. I got home and took a shower. While I was in there, I teased my pussy with my fingers. Getting myself to the edge and back over and over again. I was trembling as I got out and dried myself. I couldn’t wait to get to that toy and make myself cum over and over while I thought about riding a hard cock. Imagining a big, stiff shaft gliding in and out of my creamy pussy, had me moaning with joy. I played with myself and that toy until the batteries died and I was absolutely soaked! Now I’m ready to go out and find the real thing.

Cuckold sex slave

cuckold phone sexI finally found the perfect guy to be my little slave. He’s absolutely perfect. The best part is he works in Hawaii, so when I’m feeling like a get away, I have my own personal little fuck toy in paradise! He’s so adorable. I just love to watch the looks on his face while another man is going down on me. He looks so cute when I’m moaning and cumming all over another man’s tongue. When I’m getting fucked hard from behind, I watch him in the corner, stroking his hard cock for me. I blow him kisses and wink at him as I bounce on another mans cock and ride him until he fills me with his hot cum. When I’m nice and full of cum, he cleans it all out with his tongue and doesn’t stop licking. I soak his face over and over and make him thank me for my cum. Once I’ve had my fun, I make him take me out, show me off and spoil me! I love having my own little piece of paradise!

Mature Phone Sex with a Sexy MILF

mature phone sexIf it is mature phone sex you are looking for you are in the right place. I am a sensual milf. I have a much older husband who cannot satisfy me. He never could but I married him anyway because he is rich. He doesn’t mind my indulgences. I need younger guys. My husband is a college professor, so his workplace is my playground. I go to visit him on campus often for lunch just so I can have a frat boy for dessert. I was walking around campus in a short skirt and high heels this afternoon to see who I could snag for dessert. I did something even unusual for me. It is rush week on campus. As I was walking by a frat house, a bunch of guys sitting on a couch in the lawn started whistling at me. One asked me if I wanted a beer. Why not, I thought to myself. It was a hot day. As soon as I was in the Sigma Chi house, all the members around swarmed me. How could I pick just one college stud? I had them all. My husband was teaching economics and I was getting gang banged on a frat house pool table. Those boys invited me back for their big back to school bash this weekend. I just might indulge myself again.


Tempting you

sexy legsI know you love when I seduce you. I am the hot Latina slut next door. Your wife doesn’t give it to you as you want. I can tell you need me and want me so much. You are addicted to my sexy body from head to toe; you are in lust with me. My sexy legs and heels drive you crazy. You watch my every move and need me so badly. Don’t be sorry for wanting me. You want what you need. You need my Spanish cunt, and you can’t resist temptation. Get ready to get lost in my trance. You will forever be my prey. As soon as I get what I want, I am out for the good of course.

A Mature Sexy Babe

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. There is no expiration date on sexiness. I am a mature woman, but like a fine wine, I am only better with age. My next door neighbor has a house guest. A sexy younger man. Not too young, but younger than me. I wanted to explore things. You know, see if I could get his attention. I stepped outside to get my paper in my sexy lingerie that leaves little to the imagination. I don’t need to do much to grab anyone’s attention. I ooze sex appeal. I don’t mind showing off my body either. I am an exhibitionist sex slut. So, even if I didn’t get his attention, looking like I do, I would get some one’s attention. Who am I kidding? I always get my man. My neighbor’s house guest came out to say hello and see if I was locked out of the house of something. I saw the wood in his sleep pants. I invited him in for coffee. I don’t even drink coffee. There is none in the house, so I had hoped he didn’t want coffee either. He didn’t. He just wanted to fuck the sexy MILF next door. He wasted no time. He bent me over my couch and fucked me from behind. His cock was big and throbbing. It pulsated in and out of my cunt while I convulsed on his member. He was hitting my G-spot and I was squirting all over his young stud dick. This young man was a skilled lover. He had stamina too. He stayed hard after he came to fuck me again. This time we made an ass sex porn. His cock was super wet from my cunt, so it slipped into my ass easily. By the time he was gone, I was filled with cum and satisfied. I hope he plans on staying awhile.

Exhibitionist Sex with My Neighbor

exhibitionist sexI love exhibitionist sex. I have no problem with public nudity. I love showing off my hot body. I am a mature woman, but men love me none the less. They can’t get enough of my sexy MILF body. My college stud next door was home and it was a beautiful day. I had this idea that I would wake him up with a show. I was in my back yard naked. I started masturbating under his window. He wakes and bakes in front of his window every morning, so I knew it would not be long before he saw me playing with my pussy. About ten minutes after I started playing with my shaved wet pussy, he started stroking his cock. I could see it in all its glory: hard, throbbing and dripping pre-cum on the window. It was a fucking hot way to start the morning. After we both came with some mutual masturbation, we fucked. He got hard again quickly and summoned me to his bedroom. Been a long time since I fucked in a twin bed!

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesLet’s talk about a fetish that I know a you are really into, shall we?  Foot Fetishes are so hot! I love How much I get off with so hard during our feet calls! Let’s indulge your nylon and stocking fetishes as well shall we? Lovely feet and legs wrapped in silky material. Jack off on my legs and feet as I rub my soft kitty for you. Don’t you want these sexy feet and legs jerking you off? Foot worship is something that you will be doing to these beautiful legs and toes. Suck each toe right through my Pantyhose. Touching and tasting my sexy feet and legs makes your cock so hard. You will be leaking precum with me letting you lavish attention all over my lower body. But Don’t you worry I will take care of that cock! I will peel these hose right off and wrap them around your heavy cock and balls. Then I will use them jerk you off while I am sucking the tip of your cock! I know that feels so smooth and silky unlike any sensation you have ever felt on your cock and balls before! Come and let me be your sexy babe Tonight. I am waiting!


Exhibitionist Sex

exhibitionist sexI am an exhibitionist sex slut. I can’t help it. I love all eyes on me. It was a beautiful day outside and I have a lovely body. I found a nice grassy area away from the public and got naked. It started off as nude sunbathing. I just wanted to catch some rays. I soon noticed I had a small gathering of men watching me. They were stroking their cocks. They didn’t think I could see them, but they didn’t hide well. They were too loud too. I spread my legs and started rubbing my bald pussy. Before long, I had a few fingers in me deep. I was making my pussy gush all over my fingers. I licked my cunt drenched fingers clean and heard a few of them moaning like they nutted. I invited them closer. I told them it was no fun to hide behind bushes and watch me. I wanted to see a show too. I watched as four men stroked their cocks for me. They all had nice cocks too. Not porn star cocks, but I wasn’t fucking them. I was just watching. A sexy babe like me enjoys watching men be the master of their domains. It was a hot exhibitionist day for me.

Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is hot to watch. I love giving a sexy show. I am accustomed to being eye candy for men. I have a peeping Tom. A cute one though. He is no creepy fat fuck spying on me. He is the married man next door. My security cameras caught him. When I realized he was spying on me, I decided to give him a special show. I was lying in my bed last night with the lights on and the window open. I knew about what time he would be coming by to peek in on me. He walks his dog around 10 pm and that is when he spies on me. This time, I was ready. I had my favorite vibrator on standby. When I heard his dog barking, I started playing with my shaved wet pussy. I know how to make myself cum better than anyone. I love pleasuring myself, especially when I have an audience. I could hear subtle moans, so I know my hot peeping Tom was enjoying the show. When I came, it was epic. I plunged my toy deep in my cunt and rubbed my clit until I squirted. I drenched the sheets. If my neighbor had been between my legs, I may have drowned him. I am waiting for tomorrow night eagerly. I will top the performance I gave tonight.

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