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Cocksucking phone sexI love this picture of myself. I think I look great with all this cum on me. Giggles I would look better with more cum on me. I wish I could be covered in cum from head to toe. And all three of my fuck holes full of cum that I just leak out cum for hours and hours. I can not get enough cum baby. I am always on the look for more cum and new cum. I have had every guy in the neighborhood. At least three times. And I do enjoy their repeated visits to my holes. However I always need new cum to fill my three holes and to cover my body. I love it when multiply guys show up at once. Or when one guy shows up and there is still a guy here who is not done. I love it when they join together to give me their fuck rods. One of the things on my bucket list is to do hundred guys all at once and to have all their cum on my body and all their cum in all my holes. Giggles I will be leaking for days.

Photo Shoot

Fantasy phone sexhad a photo shoot a week ago with this photographer that I have known for years. We met when I was a teenager. He told me he would take my photos for free In exchange for my yum yum holes for a few hours each session. Of course I agreed very quickly. Over a thousand dollar photo shoot for my holes, for a few hours. Every three months or so I make an appointment for another photo shoot. Not that I need so many pictures but I really do like his cock. I like the smoothness of his cock when slides into my pussy. He has a great tongue too swirls that tongue in and out of my pussy. Slithers it on my clit. He really knows what he is doing under the sheets. Getting the photo shoot for free and his cock… Giggles. Well as you can see being a slut has advantages.

Time To Pay The Rent

Phone sex sitesIt is the first of the month and time to  pay the rent.  My Landlord George waits for his wife to leave for work.  Then he slips on down my way.  I was ready for him in my cute little outfit he likes so much.  Even tho the outfit never stays on long.  I was in my bedroom on my bed with my legs spread real wide.  I could hear him slip in through the back door.  And up the stairs to my bedroom.  As he walked in I smiled knowing I was getting his cock and paying no rent.  And all I had to do was open my fuckable holes to him.  George is so silly he thinks he is making out on this deal.  Nah,  I get to have cock for hours and live rent free.  I am the one making out on this deal.  

Deep In My Pussy

Ass fetishYour cock is so big I cannot even get my pussy to slide all the way down to your balls. But yet I can feel you deep in my pussy. Hitting up against my cervix. Allowing me to fuck your huge cock with my pussy. Feeling your cock explore my entire pussy from the inside. My pussy so wet with my juices and your cum, it just glides up and down on your cock. The inside of me tingling as your cock brings my body great pleasure.  This is a good position for getting deeper into any hole you want.  I like this position cause it brings your cock in at the perfect right angle for me to have multiple orgasms of me squirting across the room.

I Love Being That Special Slut!

Fantasy phone sexI love being that special slut just for you. I love to see you walk threw my door. That always puts a smile on my face, when you surprise me like that. The way you cum in and just take control of my body. Making me shiver and quiver until I begin to cum. And still you keep thrusting deep in me. Bringing my body to ecstasy with your cock. Letting me feel every inch of your cock as you hit my cervix. My moans and screams in pleasure become louder and louder as you ravish my body.  Playing with every inch of my body for your pleasure and mine  I had this picture taken especially for you.  Because I love being your special slut.

Sexy hot woman being naughty

sexy hot woman

Sexy hot woman being naughty is a beautiful thing. Haven’t you ever fantasized about fucking your girlfriend and her best friend? Well if you are like my husband probably not. My husband is so boring and just the definition of sad. I no longer feel bad about my sexual escapades with neighbors and randoms. I realized that I need to take care of my needs and I have been a pretty damn good wife keeping in shape and looking my best. I signed up to be living the dream life he promised me. I never knew it would turn out to be a dream life with terrible sex. So I get my fix with Roxana and Gabriella and Brielle. They are hot, delicious and slutty. Roxy came over today and we immediately helped each other to orgasm. My husband would freak out if he knew that my pussy has been being pleased by half the neighborhood and many of our wedding guest and friends.

Hot sexy woman wanting BBC Deep In All My Needy Holes

Hot sexy womanI am a hot sexy woman craving BBC. Do you have BBC? If you do have BBC, please baby cum my way. I had a dream last night that I was getting gang banged by five BBC! It was such a hot dream. There was a BBC in each one of my three holes and in both of my hands. And they all kept rotating so that I had every cock in every one of my three holes. And in both hands.   I squirted several times in my dream.  That when I woke up I had soaked my sheets with my juicy yummy cum.  I was still so very turned on by my dream.  I got out my 10 inch dildo and bunny shaped vibrator.  And continued to soak my sheets even more over and over.  thinking of my dream letting my cum squirt out.

Ready For Any Thing Ramona

Hot Sexy Woman Wanting To Be Filled With Your Little One

Hot sexy womanI need more little ones running around. Would you be the one to give me another little one?  I am a hot sexy woman ready and wanting more little ones. I have been having little one fever for some quiet time.  Please help me out with my dilemma.  I am a very sexual person and says no to very few things.  So if you would be so kind as too bring me your cock with your fertile seed.  I will do anything to get you to cum deep in my pussy.  Coating my cervix.  Mm I can almost feel your seed deep in side my pussy.  I can almost feel your little one growing and moving around.  I need to find a Man wanting to give me my biggest desire.

Pure Ecstasy

GFE phone sexPush me up against the wall, sink your teeth into my skin and kiss my neck, your hot breath in my ear telling me how fucking irresistible I am, your fingers slipping in and out of my wet pussy slit as you whisper for me to cum for you. That to me is pure ecstasy, when you fuck me like you’ve missed me. Don’t even say a word, devour my body with all of the fire that I see in your eyes, your hand on the small of my back as we move to our own rhythm. My legs are wrapped around your waist, my heels on the back of your ass as I pull you even deeper into me. Let your lips dance between my creamy thighs and then let your tongue tango with my lips. I drive you absolutely wild as i’m wearing nothing but stilettos and a smile. Pretend you’re on death row and I am your last meal, consume me completely! This isn’t my first rodeo but I am going to ride your face like it is. Growl my name when you bust your huge load of cock cream for me, I want you to be my dirty sexual deviant! I’m quite a catch and you should feel beyond blessed and lucky as fuck to have the pleasure of giving me so much pleasure, just like how I deserve! It’s so fucking sexy to have GFE phone sex with you, babe!

Cuckold Phone Sex with the Neighbor

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex lovers call me all the time.  I bet you love a sexy mature babe who laughs at your small dick and has real life cuckolding experience. I have cuckolded two ex husbands and numerous men who needed knocked down a peg. Ego is only sexy if you have the goods to back it up. I find many guys who are overly egotistical have small dicks. No amount of confidence or charm will make up for a small dick. I have a new neighbor across the street. He is divorced. This is his post divorce house. He has been throwing parties about every night. Saturday night, he invited me over for dinner under the guise of apologizing for the loud parties. He is in his 40s. I assumed he must have a big working dick because lots of hot young girls have been coming and going at all hours. When we were making out on his couch and I felt no boner, I assumed it was how he was tucked. I made two wrong assumptions. He had a turtle hiding in a shell. The girls coming and going had to be pros. No way women would fuck him without payment. Fuck, I would not fuck him even if he paid me. I got up the moment the turtle made an appearance. I told him I don’t do small cocks. He apparently realized his dick was small because he said, “come on Farrah, girls find it cute.” I told him baby ducks are cute and that I was not a girl. As a mature woman, I don’t want cute dicks. I want big manly cocks. Small dick humiliation was all he got from me. It is all he will ever get from me. It is all you will ever get from me too if you have a “cute dick.” Big dicks are never cute. Big dicks are sexy as fuck.

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