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Sexy Girlfriend Porn With Candy


Sexy Girlfriend Porn


I know this might be a little extra kinky but I know you love to spice it up when you can so I thought of this brilliant idea. When you’re not able to see me because of the old wifey or if work has you down- you should have a videos and pictures of all the fun times we share together when we are alone. That’s right, it’s time for some personal and custom made sexy girlfriend porn made by me just for you. I’ve already started shooting a few short videos of me just playing with my pretty and perfect little pussy while I say your name and talk about all the things I want to do together but I’ve set the camera up right over in the corner to capture the blissful sex and oral pleasure that you’re about to enjoy. We’ll just keep updating our little video library every time we get together from now on so that you have plenty of eye “Candy” (lol) to keep you occupied. Love you so much, sweetie. I hope you like the videos.

Let Me Be Your Girl!

Ya know, I was thinking you and I could really give your wife a show. I mean she is horrible and does not know how to please you like I do. Really she is wasting your time and that fucktastic cock of yours. So here is what I was planning, I’ll come with you to your business meeting and after we could get a room at some fancy hotel. You tell her to meet you there and you have a wonderful night planned, make sure you don’t forget to give her the key. When she walks in I will be fucking you so good, riding that huge fucking cock, screaming your name. You’ll be sucking my tits and spanking me, telling me how much better my fuckhole is than hers. We can really stick it to her because she really doesn’t deserve you, you are just the best fuck in the world and super fucking hot. And hopefully when she sees that you finally found a woman who can take care of your every need she’ll leave. And if she doesn’t at least you have yourself a girlfriend cause baby I need and want that dick in my pussy, mouth and ass every day.

Switching Sides

Mature phone sexI love being the slut of the neighborhood. But every once in awhile it is nice to switch sides and have the man on the floor begging for me. Giving him my toes to suck on as I pretend to ignore him. Make him beg me to have his cock deep in my pussy. When I am in charge I like to taunt and tease. Make you come at the edge of cumming then refusing you your pleasure. Giggles I am wicked that way. I love to have my pussy licked and made a special fuss over. I will have your face down in there for hours. Wrapping my legs around you and smother you deeply in my pussy.. I would cum several times. You however maybe once. I told you I am wicked that way.

Getting My Tan On

Mature phone sexI decide to go out on my front lawn and sunbathe topless for the neighborhood men. It was a Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining brightly. And a lot of the men were out working on their lawns. I brought out my lawn chair but a towel down took off the top of my bikini top. Pretending I did not realize I had an audience. I did a big stretch and then lay down on my back. Spreading my legs slightly and arching my back. I had on my sunglasses. I could at least 15 guys staring, I bit on my lip feeling my pussy leak a little. I loved all the stares I was getting. A few of those guys made their way on over to me. And after a few gropes on my body. I was ready to give even a better show to the neighborhood.

Cum on boobs and drench me all over

Cum on boobs and drench me all over, also cum on my face please because that’s where I like to feel your hot creamy white load. I won’t deny you from shooting in my pretty mouth I will do that too if you wish to have me swallow it is no problem to swallow a huge load, I am good at that too, but I prefer to be drenched and to feel it run all the way down, that’s just how I like it and how I need it. I dont have any expectations when it comes to fucking as long as you have a meaty cock unlike my pathetic husband  its a total win. Anything is a step up compared to him. I just want to have a ton of hot orgasms till I can no longer cum anymore, Till I am tired and knock out that is the best fuck sessions ever. Make sure to give me every inch of that nice long cock and when you are ready to spurt just release on my tits and face. cum on boobs

Sexy babe who loves oral

Sexy babe who loves oral from her husband, that’s the only thing he does right, to be honest, I had to train him to use his tongue to get me off because we all know his 4 inches would never succeed at giving me a great big O. I have just jerked his cock of because my pussy does get sore from fucking other guys, I’m wrong I know but I just can’t help it, sometimes I make him go weeks without fucking me because it is gotten to the point where I can even fathom being in the same bed as him, but boy does that not run in the family because I have had both his brother and dad, and what a difference it is, his younger brother is huge and his father is even bigger, I can barely even believe they have any matching DNA. Other than success of course but boy did my husband fall short. I just love fucking his brother and father whenever I want.Sexy babe

My First Mister


sensual phone sex



Being a total cutie pie ain’t easy. The attention I have been getting my whole life from men
is absolutely wild. I sometimes softly pleasure myself thinking about all those times when I was
super young that older men took interest in me. I especially love reflecting back on my sweet next door
neighbor Mr. Fred who taught me all about my little pleasure button. See, he would watch me and my little
sisters when we got home from school- just for a few hours before mom and dad came home. He loved all three of us
girls so much but he was always so kind and expressive about his fondness for my tight pretty body
and developing breasts. One day while my sisters were asleep on the sofa, he picked me up out of the chair
I had fallen asleep in and carried me up to he and Mrs. Betty’s bedroom. Laying me down and confessing
his appreciation for my body and heart. He made love to me like I was his own daughter. Thankfully
he taught me everything I know now, so you have Mr. Fred to thank for my ability to make you feel so good.
Did you want to show me what else my little pleasure button can do?

A Store Of Sluts

Fantasy phone sexSluts “R” Us. Imagine if there was a store like this. Where you can go in and pick up a slut or two? Have our own little theme song for the commercials. Giggles, something like. “I can’t wait to grow big, cause when I do I can become a Sluts “R” Us shopper too.” Lol I like that. What do you think? Go into a store and sort thru all sorts of sluts. Get a red head. Maybe a blonde. Big titties. Little titties. Big asses. Little asses. Get a combination of a couple sluts and have a buffet. Dine on sluts for hours. Then when your bored go exchange them for different sluts. Slut make the world a happier place to live in.

The Plumber

Mature phone sexI called a Plumber to come over and fix my bathroom sink. Giggles seems somehow my favorite pair of panties got stuck in the pipe and caused a huge back up. I answered the door in a robe that I left open. Claiming I just got out of the shower. He walked in staring at my naked body. Grabbed me by the hips turned me around and bent me over the first piece of furniture he could find. Which happened to be a desk. What a turn on this man knowing exactly what I wanted and how to give it to me. Sliding that fuck rod in. Pushing his body against mine. Penetrating me even further than before. I do not know what kind of plumber he is with sinks. But with my plumbing he knew exactly how to fix the problem.

Submit to your princess

Fantasy phone sexThis is your daily reminder to be a good pay pig and hand your funds over to your bratty princess! You really have absolutely no control over me, don’t you think that that is so fucking hott!? You cannot stop your extreme femdom and fantasy phone sex fetish with me even if you wanted to! I want to see what happens when you really start to realize how good this is for your mental health and how you really do need this all day long, every single day! I am fucking you up in your brain and I do not even have to touch you to do so! This naughty habit is going to control every part of you and your life. You want this to happen so just let it happen! You really enjoy the way it feels when I walk all over you as your life crumbles to shit and heads toward bankruptcy. Don’t even worry about that, I am all that matters! You eagerly gobble up all of my delicious venom, no matter how badly it hurts! The more that you get inside, the more satisfied and happy you feel! These urges will keep you faithful to me and all of my wants and needs, perfect! Trying to fight them will be too much for you to handle. I will leave you completely and totally denied, let’s discover all of the fun that we can have, hehe!

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