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Exhibitionist sex In the Shadows

Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex has always made me curious. Everywhere I go, especially when I am out at night, jumping from spot to spot, I watch for couples having sex. The few I have been lucky enough to catch were very hot, erotic scenes. One was right out of that movie Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise and Nicole type people, madly embracing, touching and grinding while they kissed so deeply. I almost went to them, I wanted to touch their faces, kiss them and taste them. When I think back about it, I do go to them, I do join in and it is outstanding.

I’ve seen some Great blowjobs when I caught horny people having public sex. Girls just love to show off when they are sucking their man’s big hard cock out in public. If someone does see them, they want to be doing a real good job. I thought one girl was going to come over and take my mans cock out when she saw us watching her. Horny bitch just didn’t care. All she wanted was big hard cock down her throat. My boyfriend was so wound up when we got home, we fucked for hours!

There are a lot of Sexy hot women out there having sex in the shadows. My boyfriend says I’m like a fuck magnet, I’m drawn to people having sex in public. So keep your eyes wide open when you are out in the shadows.

Sexy girlfriend porn: He caught me while I was sleeping.

Sexy girlfriend pornSexy girlfriend porn starts with me already in bed, softly snoring. I didn’t hear you when you came in. I layed in bed leg up my fat ass cocked in the air. I didn’t feel you hovering over me. But I know you were staring at every inch of my chocolate skin. Your hand cupped my ass cheeks. I heard “fuck” escape from your lips. You got closer and began placing gentle kisses on my back. I felt you move my body. Before I knew it your dick was invading my walls. ” Dam that pussy so good” You slapped my ass firmly and began to pound my pussy. My fat ass bounced up and down against cock. ” Shit.” I screamed fully awake. You slammed inside me faster. You grab my waist and relentlessly pounded my hole. My kitty was creaming all of your stick. You quickly flipped me over and began sucking on my harden nipples. A moan escaped my lips. Dam you feel so good inside me. You grabbed my titties and used them for leverage to pump into me faster. I felt your dick throbbing inside me. I knew you were about to cum. I love being the perfect piece of pussy for you, ready at any time to serve you. “ I’m cumming” you shouted as you unloaded in me. You slid out slowly and I went back to sleep.

Cum on Boobs from a Young Stud

cum on boobsCum on boobs is a nice look. At least it is when you have sexy boobs and a lot of hot cum from a nice cock. School is out for the summer, so I need to find my younger men elsewhere. I am lucky though because I live in area where milfs are super popular. I can’t go anywhere without the attention of a younger man. Yesterday, it was at yoga class. The 23-year-old stud behind me loved my downward dog. It accentuates my ass. I do have a nice ass for a forty something woman. My ass is nice for any age woman. This young stud had an ass fetish and I have a young stud fetish. He was back at my place in no time. He slid his cock between my ass cheeks like he wanted buns on his ample hotdog! He titty fucked me too which was wicked hot since his cock was big enough to go thru my boobs and hit my chin. One measure of a cock’s size is if it doesn’t get swallowed up by my big boobs. This young stud came on my tits then turned around and got hard again in 5 minutes and wanted to fuck my ass. I think yoga is my new college campus, at least for the summer.

Sexy Man With A BBC

Fantasy phone sex I looked out my window this morning and what did I see? I saw a fine looking brother mowing the lawn next door. Actually I saw a crew of fine looking brothers working in the lawn next door but one caught my eye. He was the sexiest one of them all and I wanted him. Watching his muscles in his chest as he worked that mower. My pussy was aching I grabbed my dildo sitting on my dresser and slammed it in my pussy. Stroking my dildo in and out faster and harder. I was staring at him hard. My eyes burning a hole in his flesh I just knew he had to be packing one of those famous BBC. He must of had a third eye cause he caught my eyes glued on him. I smiled at him. I pulled my dildo out and showed it to him. I showed him my skills of sucking big huge things. And with one finger I waved him over. He dropped that lawn mower like a dirty bitch and strolled over to my front door and up to my bedroom. And into my three lovely fuck holes.

Licking My Own Pussy

Fantasy phone sexI wish I could lick my own pussy. I know how my pussy tastes when I taste it on cock but still, I wish I could eat myself out. I would nibble and bite at my clit and slither my own tongue in out of my pussy hole. Imagine if us girls could get on down there between our pussy lips and just go to town munching away for fucking hours making myself cum then squirt then cum again. I never would stop munching on and fucking my pussy with my own tongue. I would have my fingers involved too. Oh I just thought of having a nice big fat dick sliding in and out of my pussy fuck hole and me licking his shaft as it does and still playing on my clit all at the same time

Nympho trophy wife

Great blowjobsI have gone to extreme measures to satisfy my cunt. I have had no issue cheating on my small cock husband. Lately, I have been fucking every big cock in sight. I can’t control myself. I get myself riled up and need to have a cock in each of tight pretty pink holes. My favorite thing is having a cock in my mouth. I give great blowjobs. I like to suck, and mouth fucks you. I want my mouth filled with all your cum. I like to swallow it as well. I know you don’t find many girls that do that. I sure love a cum mask and a cum drizzle. Makes me weak when a man has a lot of jizz to give.  I’m a hot latina trophy wife who wants her cakes and she wants to eat it too, 😉

Naughty Neighbors Cock Gets Hard For Me

Naughty neighbor phone sexYour such a Kinky perverted man and I love it. Staring at me through the window while I was having pictures taken of me in my backyard. I made sure to do extra sexy poses just for you. I wanted you to see this Latina ass and my warm wet cunt poking out at your window so you could have a really good view. I am sorry if my tight asshole and plump cunt made you make a mess on your window. I saw you wiping the window clean shortly after. Maybe in time, you will be able to stick your face between these big titties of mine. I would love to know how your mouth feels suction cupped to both of my breasts. I bet your tongue feels amazing, so slippery and warm, sliding across my nipple. I know your cock will start rising when you feel my nipple getting harder and harder in your mouth. I will make sure I take care of your fat hard cock. You can lay me down on my back. I want you to get on top of me and stick your aching cock between my big soft titties. Let me feel the hardness of your cock slip and slide between my chest. I will get it wet for you when your sexy thick mushroom head slides between my warm big titties, reaching my mouth.

Yummy Dick And Pussy

Fantasy phone sex My skills for eating pussy are just as good as my skills for fucking a big fat cock. I dive right on in feasting on her pussy just like a cock. They both taste yummy in their own ways. But both are sweet and delightful to eat. Ralph is a neighbor of mine and Shelley is his wife. Mostly I fuck the men behind their wives back but not Ralph and Shelley the minute those little brats of theirs are off to school they over my house and ready to swap fluids with me. They both treat me like their sex toy and I fucking love every minute of it. They throw me between the both of them like a sex doll. Using every inch of my body to satisfy all of their sexual hunger.

Pool Boy Seduction

Best phone sexSummer is almost here, I made it a priority to get my pool cleaned. It is already so hot, I never want to put any clothes on. The pool boy arrived early in the morning. I was just waking up out of bed when I heard my doorbell ring. I would have dressed myself up a little better if I knew how hot this pool boy was! I quickly woke up when I saw that body and those sexy plump lips. I invited him in, asked if he needed anything to drink. He was a quiet boy, not sure if he was shy or if he was trying to keep his dick from popping out of his pants Yea, I saw him staring at my fat ass and titties. My body was barely covered as I just woke up and it was already too hot for me to even think of putting anything on my body. I got him some water and walked him to the pool. I told him what I wanted to be done to the pool and he quickly started getting to work. As the sun started rising more, it was getting hotter and hotter by the minute. My cunt was also getting hotter and hotter by the minute watching this sexy pool boy put in some hard work. I could see the sweat dripping down his body. He ended up taking off his shirt and my fat cat almost lost it! At that moment I made up my mind that I am going to seduce the pool boy. It was not going to be a hard thing to do but I did not want things to be too easy. There is no fun in an easy chase. I also did not want the poor thing to jizz before he could get his dick out of his pants. I got myself cleaned up and decided to go outside to “Tan”. I rubbed oil deep into my skin, I wanted this young man to know or at least have an idea that I wanted to have some steamy, creamy fun with him. As soon as I walked out to the pool area his eyes darted to all of my womanly good.Erotic roleplaying


He turned around for a moment and that made my clit instantly fill with warm blood. I already knew why he had to turn around so fast, his young cock couldn’t handle a cougar like me. I laid down on my chair with my ass up in the air. I wanted him to be able to see my phat cunt popping out a little. I laid there for a while, soaking up the sun, I also wanted a little time to pass before I went into seduction mode. I sat up, grabbed my sunscreen and opened my legs a little wide, rubbing the inside of my thighs. I could feel his eyes staring at me the whole time. Then I started rubbing my shoulders and once I was done with that, I was ready for action. I called the pool boy over and asked him if he could get my back. He came over surprisingly fast and sat behind me. I loosened the top to my bikini as my first plan of seduction. As he rubbed my shoulders my top fell right off. I apologized and then things took a turn. This innocent pool boy was not so innocent after all. He told me there was no need to apologize and started rubbing the sunscreen on my tits. He then told me I had amazing tits and he knows I want to fuck him. He has been watching me watch him the whole time. I was so shocked by what he said I froze, I was too hot and horny for any words to come out of my mouth. At this point, it was time for my slippery cunt to do all the talking. I got up, took the pool boy by his hand and walked inside. All I have to say is, never judge a book by its cover. This pool boy took me to places some of the more mature men I have been with have not gone. The way he dug deep inside my cunt and delicately licked up all of my juices that were flowing out of me was amazing. I could tell I am not the first woman to come onto him at his job. I will tell you, my pool won’t be the only thing this pool boy will be cleaning up when it is time for him to return.

Finger Blasting

Fantasy phone sexYou always say a slutty milf finger blasting herself is a piece of artwork. You love to watch me masturbate and I love performing for you. I squirt harder knowing you are watching me. I make myself a sloppy slippery mess before your dick even slides in. Our last fuck session was amazing that new trick you did with your tongue and the 9volt battery. You know I love the way you tongue my clit when I am blasting my pussy but zapping me with that 9 volts just as I was about to squirt again was out of this world I squirted so hard my piss shot out with my cum. You keep zapping my clit and I keep cumming. When you finally did shove your dick in, my pussy was so sensitive to your dick and I still couldn’t stop cumming.

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