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Father Son Sandwich

Mature phone sex I am taking care of a friends dog why she is out of town visiting family. And why I was there I ran into the neighbor that lives in the apartment right next to hers. Jack is an older gentleman in his late sixties. We were chatting for a good forty minutes about this and that and even finding a few common things to bitch about. As we were chatting it up his twenty three-year-old son Billy comes home from work. He was a cute young man and he was definitely catching my eyes. As he walked passed me he jokingly said: “stop flirting with my dad”. I giggled at him watching his tight ass walk away from me. Jack caught me checking out his son. I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice him catching me. But Jack didn’t let me get away with it. He leaned in and said, “If you want to fuck my son you have to fuck me first.” I gave him a little wink and whispered. “I thought you would never ask.” I wiggled my ass walking past him into his apartment. I got the impression this is something these two did often. I was happy to be one of their sluts in this father-son fuck sandwich that I was about to be a part of.

Exhibitionist Whore

Best phone sex

Sometimes I feel so damn hot and horny! I simply cannot help myself sometimes, I love sex and playing with my hot bald wet pussy seems to be my only cure. Luckily, I always make sure to tote around my favorite fuck toys when I need a quick fix. Early today while using my sugar daddy’s credit card to shop, I felt so fucking wet and horny. My creamy wet pussy practically leaked through my panties.

I couldn’t take it longer! I spotted an empty park bench and decided it was the perfect time to pleasure my throbbing wet cunt. The look on passerby’s faces made me even wetter as I pumped my creamy cunt with my favorite dildo. I bit my lip in pleasure as a small crowd of horny men gathered around me enjoying the little show I was putting on. I was in such a state of ecstasy, I didn’t even realize that they began clapping when I squirted all over the bench!

Bisexual Cuck

Cuckold phone sex

The key to being a good cuck is willingness to suck my side boyfriend’s thick fat cock. My husband loves being a good bi cuck! He loves sucking off the well-hung guys I bring around. Unfortunately, his pitiful cock isn’t enough to satisfy me. I love him dearly, but I need a big, thick, juicy hard cock. Luckily enough, my husband is the perfect cock sucking cuck for me! We both love licking and giving huge fat cocks a nice tongue bath!

I love inviting my hot side pieces over to entertain me and satisfy me! The best part is that my cuck hubby loves to join in for the fun. We both love sucking my bull into our mouths until he gets rock hard and ready to fuck my wet cunt. My cucky hubby and I love running our tongues over his thick throbbing cock until it’s nice and slimy for my pussy! My cuck loves to suck my boyfriend’s balls while he is deep inside me! And boy does my cuck hubby and I love when my bull finishes inside of his tight ass!

On The Naughty List

GFE phone sexOf course I am on the naughty list yet again this year, just like always! That’s what happens when my Big Daddy King and I have tons of GFE phone sex together. BDK knows that I always hold the top notch spot on the naughty list, right alongside his sexy self! He even refers to me as his sexy little hoe hoe hoe, hehe. I’m all dolled up like usual & looking like a total dime piece for my sexy Living Legend. Big Daddy King had a surprise for me as always & of course I was super excited to see what he was going to spoil me with next. Everyone knows that i’m the Living Legend’s snow bunny sugar princess, especially this time of year! Daddy and I have explored all over the world & next on the list was Colombia! We fucked on the private jet on the way over to our beautiful new multi-million dollar oceanfront oasis that BDK recently purchased. He also hired a world-renowned photographer to meet us at our seaside palace to snap some super sexy photos of me and Daddy King together. My dirty mouth was looking delicious in my red lipstick, BDK’s favorite! I’ve made a whole career out of being my Big Daddy King’s nasty spoiled princess. My mouth is like a jacuzzi and our photographer caught all of the picture perfect images of me sucking off my Big Daddy’s huge anaconda cock! There were red lipstick marks all over his white compression shorts & all over his huge black dick! Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Daddy surprised me with signing me as the co-owner of of our gorgeous new Colombian mansion! Every day is Christmas when you’re the hottest sugar baby around with the best sugar daddy in the whole wide world! All these peasants wish that they could be on BDK’s level but instead they will just forever be on his payroll, lol. I’m a multi-millionaire all thanks to my Big Daddy King. There’s no need for mistletoe with the two of us, i’m always sucking that throbbing anaconda dick! I’m a bad ass snow bunny sugar baby and I got my Big Daddy’s name right here on my pussy! All of you lame fucking losers can continue to fantasize about being as sexy and as perfect as we are together!

Cum Shots

Fantasy phone sexMaybe I should not be proud but getting cum blasted all over my face and tits is such a freaking thrill for me. Do not get me wrong I love the way cum feels in my holes all warm and gooey and then feeling of it when it starts to drip out is just amazing. But it feels just as good when it is blasted all over me. I love to rub it into my flesh making my skin glow and leaving it feeling so soft and smooth. And hell let us just point out the obvious I look fucking fantastic with all that cum splattered all over me! I know I am not the only slut to feel this way. Just ask any one of us.


sexy breastMy latina body hypnotizes you and lures you right in. You try your hardest to not give into temptation but you can’t say no. I like having that effect on you. Its complete power in my eyes and gives me a rush. I like showing you what I can do to your throbbing cock. I am the best little fucker ever. I am more than sexy breast and a tight ass. I am an enigma that you will need. You can’t wait to have me riding your cock and taking you inch by inch. I always want more. My purpose is to get you hooked and treat that cock like it has never been before. I will having you climaxing like no one has made you before. When I am done with you I will etched in your mind forever. I have done it time and time again. Once I fuck someone they are forever hooked on me. Let me be the best you ever had.

Horny Sugar Baby

Best phone sex

I love money, clothes, shoes and makeup, but above all things, I love cock. And lately, I’ve been craving thick, juicy cock! I decided to search around a few sugar daddy websites that I’m exclusively apart of- business men, lawyers, etc. I have some high standards for dick. I instantly got hundreds of messages from sugar daddies begging to have a taste and a go at my sweet, tight pussy. But I was only looking for the best of the best. Thick cock over 8 inches, over six figures and a fetish for rough sex!

I ended up finding the perfect suitor! I invited him over to my loft and he arrived shortly toting a bottle of champagne and a diamond necklace for me. I could instantly see his thick bulge in his dress pants. I couldn’t even wait for the damn champagne, I immediately stripped off my clothes and started grinding on his cock through his clothes. My pussy lusted and dripped for his cock. I helped him take off his suit and had him on the floor waiting for me to ride him in reverse cowgirl.

It felt fucking amazing, my pussy was so creamy and wet on his large cock. Without a second thought, he slid his cock into my ass and he fucked me like his little horny anal whore sugar baby. He fucked me raw and balls deep as I rubbed my clit and clutched my tits. We fucked for hours! I squirted so many times, my floor was practically all wet. He filled my holes with generous amounts of creamy thick cum. I thanked him for the orgasm, the champagne and diamond necklace and bid him farewell. Do you think you could be my next sugar daddy fuck toy?

Ass Up Slut

Sexy hot women Ass up tits down and my mouth open and ready for dick. This is the best position for a sexy slut like me. At this angle, I can get a dick in all three of my wet squishy holes. I just dig it when all three of my holes are filled at once. That incredible feeling I get feeling the dicks slither in and out of me from every fucking direction. There is only that thin layer of skin that separates the dick in the cunt from the dick in the ass and sometimes it feels like they are going to bust right thru that thin layer of flesh. I become such a freaking sloppy mess squirting all over the fucking place.

Office Fantasy

Mature phone sex

My ex-husband is in a very important position in the financial world.  There were times where I would go to his office and it was amazing to see all the suck ups there were, simply because I was his wife.  It almost made me laugh.  There was one young man in particular who I could just tell was a very submissive male.  He was too willing to please any of the females in the office.  It was pathetic to watch.  I was able to observe him quite a bit due to my ex-husband being delayed in meetings at times.

I started to fantasize about him.  Not him fucking me, oh no, he wasn’t my type at all.  However, I would see me as his boss.  Then the day would roll around that he would either really mess something up, or it would be between him and another for a promotion  I would call him into my office where he would make every single excuse as to why he made mistakes, or tell me why he should have the promotion.

I would listen, but he would have to pay for his mistake, or go further to assure his promotion.  What does that involve? A very large strap-on, Ass Worship, Shoe Worship, and anything else I wanted to toss in for good measure.  I would have him completely at my disposal at any time, any where, and in any way I wanted.  It would never stop, he would have to remain under my complete control so much that it starts to invade his home life. 

I think about this fantasy from time to time simply because I think it is pretty hot, and because I have never lived this fantasy.  I hope to one day, and you can rest assured that I will tell you every juicy detail. 

Watching Me

Best phone sex

I can see you watching me with those horny, hungry eyes. Your appetite to gaze upon my sweet pink pussy is clear to see. I can see how turned on you are by the way I’m sucking your coworker/best friend’s cock. Does it turn you on when I gag on it? Does the spittle of saliva and cum make you tremble as it spews out the corners of my mouth, dribbling on my voluptuous tits? I love when you watch me sit on another man’s cock as he thrusts deep inside me, forcing my pussy open with his girth. Even better, I see how hard you get when he plunges his thick long cock into my petite rosebud asshole. You rub your cock as he plunges his deep inside my ass, thrusting in and out, in and out. I bet you even quiver in ecstasy when you see that thick white, cream pour out of my ass and trickling down into my pussy and down my legs. Maybe next time I’ll allow you to join.

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