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We are property of BDK

Great blowjobsMy Big Daddy King called me up and told me to get dressed in my sexiest outfit because he was going to be at my house in his Rolls Royce to take me on a shopping spree for our exotic vacation coming up. I told my sexy BDK that I had a special surprise for him, my super hott girlfriend Veronica! I’ve told her all about how he spoils me unlike any other sugar daddy and treats me to only the best that life has to offer. Veronica has been dying to meet the living legend so I figured that bringing her along to come bikini shopping would be the perfect date with our perfect anaconda dick! We both give great blowjobs and I wanted Big Daddy King to experience double the pleasure and double the fun while we went on our naughty outing together. When he arrived, his driver opened the door to the Rolls for us and we hopped in the back where he had a bottle of thousand dollar champagne on ice and some chocolate covered strawberries awaiting us, he knows those are my favorite! I was all over him as I gave him kisses and smelled how fucking yummy his cologne was. Veronica looked sexy as fuck in her tight little dress and high heels, BDK was very pleased and excited for our fun! The anaconda bulge in his pants was already out of control, he was pushing through and attempting to come out and play with us already! Big Daddy really knows how to take care of his sugar babies, he had already called ahead to the high-end stores we were about to go to and had them custom make some bikinis for us to have! Of course everyone thought we were celebrities as we paraded through the stores and ran up a huge tab. BDK doesn’t even care about the price tag, he tells us to just throw it in the bag! Whatever our hearts desire is ours, it’s truly a woman’s dream come true! When the three of us went into the private VIP dressing room together, Veronica and I changed into our skimpy swimwear and gave Big Daddy King a kinky fashion show, complete with lap dances, kisses, sucks and fucks! That throbbing big black anaconda cock was ready to have some fun as we undressed him and pulled down his diamond encrusted man-sleeve. Our dick sucking lips were deepthroating and licking all over BDK’s delicious cock, we couldn’t get enough! Our expensive bikini bottoms had quite a special surprise on the fabric of the pussy area, it read ‘Property of BDK’ in pink diamonds! We love hearing our Big Daddy King moan as he face fucked us and thrusted his yummy cock deep inside our tight pussies! When he was about to cum we begged him explode his huge load all over our titties, and he sure did deliver! The both of us were smothered in his liquid gold. God damn we love those big millionaire balls! We are so fucking lucky to be treated like princesses by our BDK, we have the hottest fantasy phone sex with our naughty sugar daddy!Fantasy phone sex

Chocolate cock for Valentine’s Day

Best phone sexI had some of the best phone sex yesterday and received the most delicious gift ever for Valentine’s day, a big black anaconda cock! So fucking thick and tasty, I couldn’t leave it alone all day long. Who needs real-life chocolate when a throbbing black boner is so much better! I had a bunch of new sexy lingerie purchased for me by one of my pathetic pay pigs, I was changing in and out of multiple skimpy outfits throughout the day, I just looked so god damn sexy in every single thing, I couldn’t help myself! Sucking on a BBC is my favorite, I love slobbering all over a yummy fudgsicle until it’s sloppy fucking wet. When it’s lubricated up enough to shove into my tight cunt slit balls deep, I straddle on top of it and spread my legs wide while I inch my perfect body slowly down on top of it. I make sure that I can feel it hitting my cervix, hehe. Nice and slow, easy does it. My pussy gets even wetter as I feed that big black cock balls deep up into my slutty fuck hole. My titties woblbe and jiggle as I ride on top of my chocolate stick like a cowgirl. A big load of dick cream oozing out of me looks so fucking sexy, it’s sticky frosting that I love to lick up with my fingers. I can say that my sweet tooth was definitely satisfied, i’m such a spoiled princess!

Masterbation With You

mature phone sex

Mature phone sex with the classiest piece of ass makes us both cum so hard. I love when my callers get all dominate and tell me exactly what and how to touch my body for them. It is so hot; my pussy is getting wet thinking about it. I am told what color of thongs to pick out of my drawer. Blue it is tonight. Blue high heels are demanded. I feel so sexy. I am asked to make sure my hair is up. I look in the mirror And I know I am perfect for him. He says sit my whore ass on the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs wide, slip your fingers in your panties and spread your sweet pussy lips for me.” I do as I told, I am soaking wet. I am lead through playing with my pussy. We even pick out a nice purple dildo together and I fuck myself silly for him. I love when he tells me how much precum is oozing out of his hard ten-inch cock for me. I cum one more time as he tells me he is shooting his load into his girlfriends’ panties. God that is so fucking hot. Come play with me, I am ready.

Wet Dreams

Sexy phone sexI woke up and my sheets were soaked. I had an incredible kinky dream last night I was being fucked by 20 guys. I could feel those dicks in all my holes. Hands grabbing all over my sweaty body. Slapping at my ass and teasing my hard nipples. I was watching a few of the guys jerk their dicks. I started to moan and beg for them to all cum in my mouth and all over my face. Watching them made my pussy juices start to flow out in little squirts down my legs. I wanted more cum to swallow so I grabbed one of the cute guys dick and shoved his dick into throat. My mouth begging for his cum.

Mommy Role Play

erotic roleplaying

A good girlfriend knows how to satisfy her man. I love roleplaying for you. I would love to be a naughty mommy for my big boy. Come and climb into mommy’s plush king size bed. Tell mommy you don’t feel good and I will give you these luscious breasts to suck on while your little man dick gets hard on mommies thigh. I reach down as you suckle at my breast and begin to stroke your manhood. You’re such a good boy for mommy. You are making mommy very wet baby.  I need you to play with my cunt as I jack you off.  I pull you close as I orgasm on your fingers. You make mommy feel so good.

Worship my sexy body

Cum on boobsMy gorgeous eyes, big juicy titties and exotic looks are the reasons why you worship me with your pretty money. My addicting personality draws you in and my intoxicating beauty is what keeps you hooked like a good Daddy who loves to give me lots and lots of sugar. I know how much you love sucking on my nipples and putting cum on boobs, that’s why you do whatever the fuck I say and give me whatever the fuck I want from you. I drain you like you deserve to be drained. The reason your credit card statement is multiple pages is all because of me and my perfect ass. I’m so fucking hott and yummy, you consider yourself lucky to even be in my presence. Babes likes me are constantly milking you for all you’re worth and you love it! Do you think you’re even man enough to see my round booty? I taste just like a juicy peach! Men are worthless and useless unless they’re bowing down to their Goddess. You are to obey, suffer and spoil your princess. Femdom addiction feels so good!

I Need A Real Good Fucking

Large boobs I am in need a real good fucking. I need a huge thick cock to fill my holes. I need to taste and feel your thick man juices as they cover my body inside and out. Take your cock and slap on my tities, before you jam it in my wet moist mouth. Throat fuck me until I am gagging and drooling. Grab me by the hair flip me around. And please shove that cock balls deep into either hole. I have had some ok fucking in the past week. And now I need a good fucking a real good fucking to satisfy the slut that lives inside me. I want to be filled full that you drip out of me for hours. I want my pussy to hurt with such satisfaction.

High Class Ass

Fantasy Phone SexI am that sexy mature woman that that is paid a lot of money to bed professional men like you. I will deep throat that cock as long as the champagne is flowing and the money is good. I dress to the nines and behind the scenes, I am that woman that is a true high-class ass freak.  I will give you an experience that you will never forget. I offer up my pussy for a great tongue lashing and deep penetration. I will do anything to make your member happy. Let’s drink and have hot ass sex all night long. I am that mature sexy fuck you have been looking for all your life. I promise to please you. 


Hot sexy womanI brought home 2 black guys with BBC to be fucked by in front of my man. He is a bit of a sissy. And I run his world. I let him watch those hot black guys grope at me. I can see him off in the corner jerking off as I start to get fucked by those BBC. Being DP by the both of them as they throw me between them. In rhythm with those BBC and both cumming practically at the same time, I get up and walk over to my sissy man. I grab cigarette and plop myself down on the chair. Ordering him to eat the cum out of both my holes. He gets between my legs and I light up my cigarette. I can feel his tongue starting to work its magic. I tilt my head back and enjoy.

Ass Fetish

Ass Fetish

I have a great MILF ass that wants your fuckrod day and night! I want you to cum on my boobs and then I want to drain that fuckrod like the good Milf cocksucker I am. I have a thing for younger men but my gentleman I entertain can hang like the best 20-year-old!  I can roleplay I am your mommy sucking your cock for the first time or that I am your sister for some nasty incest fun.

I have a great snatch that wants to be fucked so bad. I am simple I just want to please my man any way he wants. I am that craving succulent GFE experience that will make you beg for more. I know you see how hot this ass is, why wait?

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