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Let me help you

phone sex therapy I had a new client for phone sex therapy yesterday. He had been fantasizing about watching his wife with other men. Men with huge throbbing cocks. He wanted her to make him watch as she fucked them all. He felt ashamed and dirty about his fantasy. I reassured him that the things that feel dirty are what make sex so much fun. That if people would embrace their desires instead of trying to hide them and act as if they don’t exist that we would all be so much happier. I told him that the things people want to keep hidden away is exactly what makes turns me on and makes my pussy wet. It also keeps me in a job because I get to help you explore all of your fantasies.

Phone sex therapy

Phone sex therapyAs you already know, one call with me is not nearly enough to feed your sex addiction. I’m hard to resist baby, this I know. You already know that calling me for some naughty phone sex therapy is the only way to find a cure. There is an insatiable sexual appetite within you for deep and meaningful intimacy, that of which you have not been able to find in anyone else. Share with me your life stories all night long. Perhaps sex won’t be the goal and instead an added bonus between the two of us. Whether you are married or not, we all long for the way it feels to be given attention and the time of day. Some flavors can tend to manifest in very interesting ways but i’m here for it. First off, you must admit that you are intrigued. I have brains, beauty and confidence.. what do you bring to the table?! I’m the mastermind therapist and you are here to be recognized. My treatment options usually tend to be humiliating to my client in some way. I am the only one who can offer you what it is that you are seeking. Your untamed infatuation with sexual deviancy turns me on, I must admit. The truth can be hard to face but it’s time to accept it. Some refer to me as a controversial genius who keeps you on edge, but don’t worry… I won’t let go. 😉

House calls

best phone sexSometimes I have been known to make a house call when necessary. My bedside reputation does have quite the reputation. I like being able to comfort my patients from the comfort of their own homes. Laying them flat on their back crawling between their leg. Watching their cocks start to rise knowing that my mouth is coming for it. My pussy gets wet when I take him into my mouth and he moans out as his back arches slightly off the bed. As I go further and further down on his cock and I can taste the pre-cum slipping out of the tip.Tastes good too. I never leave anyone unsatisfied either. I swallow all that hot creamy load. Leaving behind another satisfied client.

Carpet Muncher

Sexy phone sex A sweet tasting pussy is a nice treat too snack on. When slut just like me puts her pussy in my face I don’t need any ques on what to do next. I take my hands spread those pussy lips apart and have my way with her into she squirts all over my face. I like to take a sluts clit and pull it with my teeth. And shove two fingers in her twat hole at the same time. I love it when a slut pushes her pussy in my face because of the pleasure my wet mouth is giving her. I have a wide tongue and love to lap at pussies like a dog giving wet sloppy kisses. Sluts often come to me to get their pussies.

Latina tease

sexy babeGrowing up in Latin America I was ingrained that you could get whatever you wanted if you were a pretty girl. I grew up using my looks to my advantage and making a pretty penny going out with a couple narcs and tourist. When I got to the states, I ended up working a bit paying school working as a go-go dancer, and in this scene, I met a couple of older men who like to spoil me rotten. I loved going to parties and events and showing off and being eye candy. I’m a sexy mama who doesn’t mind to get her pussy filled with the most beautiful dick. When I see a dick, I like I go after it. I don’t care if you are married or taken and happy. I will show you what you are missing out. I like knowing I can become your deadly obsession. I love having you submit to my body and worship me like the sexy babe I am. Show me you want me, and I will treat you like a king. 

Off to the Bahamas with my Big Daddy King

GFE phone sexMy Big Daddy King just got back from a month long business trip in Japan, closing multi-million dollar deals and raising his net worth even more! No one can stack their money and make their bank account explode like my living legend does! As a welcome home gift during GFE phone sex, he told me to look out of my bedroom window and just as I did, a gorgeous and brand new murdered out Porsche pulled up into my driveway! It was all wrapped up in a pretty bow and it was all mine! BDK always gifts me with top of the line expensive things… and best believe it was all decked out in the most high-end detail! He calls me his Porsche Princess, rightfully so! My living legend King had me drive over to the airport in my sexy new whip, I looked so fucking hott in it. He has the most exotic taste when it comes to cars! Big Daddy said he had a surprise for me when I arrived onto his gold encrusted private jet.. all he had told me prior was to pack bikinis, heels and diamonds… I knew I was in for some fun! There’s a photographer in the Bahamas that is dying to do a photo shoot with me and my sexy Sugar Daddy King and we were about to fly out there to have some erotic one-on-one time with one another and enjoy a tropical vacation, just like how we deserve! I was so fucking excited, I kissed all over my my King’s monster anaconda cock through his jeans with my dick sucking lips. His dry cleaner alwaysssss wonders why he has a rainbow of lipstick prints all over his expensive designer pants lol. We turned on instagram live and hastagged our entire way to the Bahamas.. we love making everyone jealous as fuck of us! I sucked that perfectly huge cock while staring up into his eyes, he loves looking into my soul while I deepthroat his millionaire anaconda. Big Daddy King said he had one more surprise for me that was extra special and only I deserved something of such a high honor. I opened up the gift bag and wrapped all nicely inside was his NFL jersey, the same one he wore when he won the Super Bowl! He said it was all mine and had me put it on right then and there, tying it up underneath my big boobs, it looked perfect! My sexy stomach was showing and my long dark hair was draped over the fabric, he couldn’t wait to fuck my perfect pussy any longer! BDK bent me over and gave my big booty the spankings that I deserved while he plunged his big black cock deep inside of my wet, tight little slit. I screamed out to ‘Cum inside of your naughty sugar baby pussy that’s all property of BDK, baby!’ and be exploded his golden cum all up into my hott body. I love being his nasty cock-worshiping goddess, I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world!

Dick for Dew

best phone sexI fucking love mountain dew. There is a truck driver that comes by and drops them off. He is so damn ugly but I love sucking his rock hard dick for a few cases. once a week he drives by my house and pulls down his pants I don’t even let him in the house I love the fact someone might watch and I suck that big black dick dry for a few cases. I really don’t mind because there are only two things I love in this world free dick and free mountain dew. God, I get so wet when I hear him knock on the door. I can barely hold back my excitement when I zip down his pants I love feeling his throbbing juicy dick in my mouth and I love it when he shoves his big shaft down my throat I can taste his sweet cum and it’s almost better than my drinks. One of these days I might let him get some of my pussy but he’s gonna have to bring me something better.

Your little Princess

Princess phone sexI’m a very dirty girl with a very dirty mind and princess phone sex gets my pussy so fucking wet! It makes me so horny to be worshiped, spoiled and satisfied like how I deserve to be at all times. You better drain your fat wallet in order to make me happy. I really don’t care if you go broke for me, I want all the happiness and riches in the world! A Goddess like me is the hottest to ever walk the planet! My big tits, tiny waist and juicy booty have you wrapped around my finger which is exactly where you belong! I’m a real nympho and it turns me on to have a naughty pay pig weak at the knees for what I got! I have something very special for you and I can’t wait for you to explore to find out what it is! Fulfill my fantasies and beg for more, my pleasure is your reason for existence. Plus, you’re so cute when you beg. 😉

Phone Sex Therapist

                                                                                                                                                                   Phone Sex Therapist What is a Phone Sex Therapist you ask? Well I am a woman that helps you find a sexual side that you never knew existed. Yes, you may love your pretty wife very much. Do you crave her touch when she is near or find yourself daydreaming of her at work? Oh, really you don’t do either of those things. What a shame because I demand your full attention. After our first session you won’t be able to think of anything other then my tits bursting through the top of my blouse or the way my hand slid up your thigh while we were talking. I’m positive as your reading this now you can still feel my mouth wrapped around your hard cock. Allowing yourself to shoot your wad down my throat is something your pretty wife won’t allow. But it is exactly what brought you to my office today. Everyone leaves with a smile from my office.

Do You Need My Cunny

 Naughty neighbor phone sex
Let’s get fucked up Charlie I’m really feeling like I need to just get drunk. I know I can trust you Charlie I never had to worry about you before so why worry about you now. Charlie give me another drink it’s getting late and I just wanted to drink my brains away. Charlie my boyfriend cheated on me with my sister I’m so lost I don’t know what to do. Look at me I’m beautiful doesn’t he love me Charlie do I make you horny I want to make you horny. I like the way you look at me do you want my cunny Charlie do you want my hot sweet pretty pussy Charlie. I think I’m going to fuck you Charlie I feel so good I feel so free and I’m so mad am I fucked up boyfriend I want to do something to get him back. Charlie take my clothes off I’m going to fuck you and let you fuck me are you going to Charlie?

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