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BDK to the rescue

sexy babeMy boyfriend gave me an ultimatum; he told me I couldn’t keep seeing Papi king if I wanted to be with him. I can’t quit that anaconda its the biggest and best cock I have ever laid my eyes on for real. I refused to abide by his rule so he kicked me out. I made one quick call to Papi king and he came to rescue me. He picked me up in hummer limo and came to get me. I humiliated my boyfriend even more by not taking anything cause I knew BDK was going to gift me with shopping sprees and a ton of things. My boyfriend turned beet red and couldn’t believe I was getting ready to say bye to his small dick loser ass. The pathetic boy thought I was going to quit the king? Is he insane? Each time I get el Rey’s anaconda I get even more obsessed. What happened next Iย  didn’t even expect, BDK guided my hand to anaconda because anaconda was excited and doing some jumping jacks in his pants. I unzipped and went to work. I love having that anaconda in my mouth kissing it and worshiping it. I like being BDK’S sexy babe. I love being his latina sugar baby. My boyfriend was mortified, I told him to show off his nub. Surprisingly he did!!!! How embarrassing. That’s why he’s my ex, and now I stay in BDK’s fantastic estate. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

We tongued his bumhole

2 girl phone sexMy Aunt Daphne and I had the yummiest 2 girl phone sex together and I canโ€™t stop thinking about it! We licked our sweet boy’s bumhole and then swapped spit & kissed one another so that we were both experiencing just how delicious he tasted. That sweet little fuck hole was gaping open when Daphne and I had our way with him while our tongues were plunged deep inside of him. Our sweet boy needed to be cradled and nursed for a bit after we gave his ass a spit-bath. He really wanted some tasty fresh milk straight from our titties, he was craving it like crazy! Suckie suckie suckie, he has both of mine and Daphneโ€™s breasts in his mouth. He alternates from left to right breast, itโ€™s like his head is on a swivel as he nurses us. When he empties our boobies he just repositions himself to the next one so that he can drain that as well. The best part is that our sweet boy has a huge monster tent pitched in his thonged cheetah bikini bottoms. Auntie Daphne gave them to him to wear and he hasnโ€™t taken them off since lol, he is such a good boy! He loves how they feel when heโ€™s wearing them and he even more so enjoys the eye candy he gets when he looks in the mirror and admires himself in the tight little nut huggers that we force him to wear. He really does enjoy being in cheetah chastity with his two favorite Aunties. We burp our sweet boy and give his asshole another good licking before we tuck him back into bed all nice and cozy. The two of us are the naughtiest treat together and he loves it. Our ass fetish gets even more fuel to the fire added after we eat him up like he is our last supper! Ass fetish

Lucky Slut

Naughty neighbor phone sexI am a very lucky slut I have two very hot BBC living next door to me. And as an extra bonus, they make porn videos right out of their home. Any time I am in the mood for BBC or to make a sex video with me as the star I just have to walk out my front door make a left and walk ten steps. Any time I am over at their house there is other sluts and people fucking everywhere. I have joined in on three-some videos, black cock on white slut, girl on girl action videos, and the list goes on and on. It is a fuck party any time of day or night over there.

Elite royal princess pussy

Erotic roleplayingI am Big Daddyโ€™s elite royal princess and we love erotic roleplaying with our super sexy latinaย Loretta.We flew her out on our private jet to meet us in the Bahamas so that the three of us could indulge in some freaky private time with each other. After all, itโ€™s very well-deserved! The sugar daddy and baby of the year deserve only the best! Only the living legend Big Daddy King would be enjoying an exotic getaway with his two favorite little island tings. When we arrived to the oceanfront penthouse, BDK handed me and Loretta a few brand new expensive designer bags that were stuffed full of cold hard cash money! Daddy always showers us in crisp bills, no one spoils us better than he does! We both look so fuckin sexy in our custom-made black bikinis that say Property of BDK on the pussy, right where it matters. Our diamond tiaras complete the look, we are his little fuckin beauty queens. Thereโ€™s a public beach and a nude beach that we were deciding to go to and we agreed on the public so that we could show off how fuckin hott we are in our matching bikinis. The three of us are by far the sexiest trio of showstoppers that anyone on this island has ever seen. BDK helps us as we untie and take our bikinis off of one another. Daddyโ€™s anaconda is breaking through the front of his tight Speedo and all the people are getting a view of an epic monster cock explosion! We love making all the men and women drool with our naughty sexual antics. Loretta and I are snake charmers as we give him kisses all over and leave our red lipstick marks on that white speedo like a rainbow! Our tongue rings look sexy as fuck, we started to stream It on our social media live feeds so that everyone could watch us as we worshiped our Big Daddy. Loretta spread my legs open wide so that Daddy could shove the head of anaconda in his princessโ€™s pussy! He went back and forth between mine and Lorettaโ€™s sexy cunts and exploded his big load of millionaire nut all over our pretty faces! We sent Loretta back home on our private jet, Big Daddy and I wanted to have some private one-on-one time together alone on the island before we departed. We went and met up with Big Daddy’s friend who hooked us up with all the amazing hotel accommodations, only the best for BDK and his princess! His friend was so blown away by how fuckin hott I am, he knows that Big Daddy only keeps the most gorgeous sugar babies on his arms, we always have the hottest 2 girl phone sex! #AnacondasOnly #MillionairesOnly #FatWallettsOnly #ElitePrincesses #OnlyTheBest #LivingLegendCum2 girl phone sex

Fucking my brother in law again

cum on boobsMy brother in law was visiting again and I couldn’t wait to get a repeat of last time. I was ready. The whole night during dinner I could feel his hands work their way under my skirt while my husband was at the table. I liked being so careless. I couldn’t stop thinking about getting my brother in laws cock. Time was going by so slow and my husband didn’t go to bed fast enough. When he finally fell asleep my brother in law made his way to our bed. I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck by brother in law in the same bed where my husband was. I knew he wouldn’t wake up but just the riskiness of the situation had us going at it. I liked sucking and fucking his cock. It was hot knowing that I was being a nasty slut by my husband. Cum on boobs was exactly how the night ended. I couldn’t help myself I want what I want.

Big Daddy King loves his Sugar Princess

Princess phone sexBig Daddy King surprised me and said that he was going to be coming home early from his business trip and he wanted to have princess phone sex with me all night long. I was so excited, there were butterflies in my stomach as I anxiously awaited his arrival. Just knowing that I was going to get to see him sooner than expected sent me on a natural high! I went into my closet and brought out his Super Bowl jersey and ring so that I could go on instagram live and model them both to all of my haters & fans. I love being the sexy show-off that I am and it drives my BDK crazy to see how conceited I get with these jealous ass hoes! I decorated our entire master suite with exotic rose petals and made sure they were gently placed all over our huge custom-sized bed as well. I slipped into my sexiest lingerie which perfectly adorned my pretty little princess pussy. It became later and later into the night and he still wasnโ€™t back yet so naturally I dosed off into my beauty sleep. When Big Daddy walked through the french doors of our penthouse-sized bedroom, he was graced with the beautiful vision of me sound asleep with my ass sticking out of our pure silk sheets. He cuddled right up behind me and pressed anaconda against my ass cheeks. As he stroked himself he became harder and harder and it eventually woke me right up! I was so happy to see his face, I love my Daddy sooo much! We gave each other kisses while I put my hand down his pants and gripped on to my big bulging monster anaconda shaft. Big Daddyโ€™s white compression shorts exposed his entire package so perfectly, my mouth was watering as always! I gave anaconda those rainbow red smooches with my dick sucking lips that he loves soooo much. Daddy and I are past the point of giving a fuck what the dry cleaners think! My tongue ring and belly ring both say โ€œProperty of BDKโ€ in diamonds so that motherfuckers will never forget who I belong to! I love hearing my Big Daddy moan while I deepthroat anaconda with my sexy wet mouth. When I suck his cock and let everyone on Instagram see it, we get sooo many jealous haters! BDK blasts his huge load of liquid gold all over my face so that the entire world can see what perfectly delicious Daddy King cum looks like! #MillionDollarCock #MillionDollarPussy #MillionDollarCum #HotterThanYou #RicherThanYou #YouFuckinWish #PropertyOfBDK

Ass Fetish?

Do you have a ass fetish. I have a great ass and would love for you to worship my fabulous ass. My goal is to make you completely happy baby. You can lick my perfect rosebud ass hole and then put that nice hard man meat right in my tight ass. I love how it feels to be fucked nice and hard in my ass. Grab my hips and fuck me deeper and harder. Yes, baby I will get on my knees after and suck ass my ass off your handsome dick. Gag me until I canโ€™t breathe and then side in my wet aching cunt. My pussy muscles holding you tight ass I buck up and give you this pussy back. Right now I am watching ass sex porn thinking of you fucking my tight ass and cunt.ย ass fetish


The best Papi King ever

๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–ass fetish๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–2 girl phone๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

The next day after the club premiere Lena and I had a bunch of jealous whores leave sly comments. We paid no attention to salty sluts. We are sugar babies, and we don’t let anyone sipping on haterade get to us. BDK was so sweet and ever so generous as he usually is and sent us both off on a long shopping spree. I loved hitting rodeo with my best friend, Lena. We got a ton of outfits we knew our big daddy king would enjoy. Papi king loves to have his sweet girls dressed in insanely sexy attire but most importantly he loves having the world know we are his property. If you don’t know now you know ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything looked so right on Lena her tits are to die for and my nice round tight latina ass will make any guy develope an ass fetish at first glance. When we finished our shopping spree, we had to get to daddies estate and give him and that yummy anaconda some extra lovin








My Secrets

Lesbian phone sex The neighborhood knows what a cock whore I can be, but not many know what a carpet muncher I am. I love a sexy woman dressed very nicely and wearing at least 3″ heels. I love to nibble and suck on their beautiful tits. And then I carefully lay them down and slowly kiss up against their thighs. I put their legs over my shoulders so I can have their pussy right in front of my face. I like to spread their pussy lips and look at that wet warm site in front of me. Pushing my fingers into there hole as my tongue traces their pussy lips and flicker at their clits. I can munch for hours on a sweet tasting pussy, just as much as I can suck on a sweet tasting cock.

BDK’s sugar babies

sexy chickssexy babeIt’s the grand opening night of a major club. Big Papi rey is friends with the owner and wanted Lena and me to get dressed up and make the whole club green with envy. Papi king knows how to treat his sugar babies. We are his property, and we know it. We had the sexiest outfits jimmy choo’s and mini skirts, and we couldn’t forget our BDK branding all over. We were proud to let the world know we are the king’s property. Its an honor to be his princesses. Lena and I are half BDK’s age. Actually, Lena and, I ages combined don’t even equal to Papi’s age. We are his youthful babies. Doused inย  channel of course.

We walked in, and all eyes were on us. We knew they all were green-eyed monsters. All the girlsย  were drinking that haterade. It didn’t phase us we made our way to the VIP section. We were helping our king host the night. I couldn’t help but be his latina mami and tease Papi real good. That anaconda was popping out offย  papi’sย  Versace pants. Lena and I just had to give that anaconda what it needed. There we were in the VIP room treating our beloved anaconda with french kisses and letting Papi provide us with that five star million dollar facial we love.





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