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Single, Sexy and Sophisticated

Erotic roleplayingI Veronica am now a single woman. It was fun while it lasted but now I am on to a new chapter. You know I am an extremely sexual person. If I am going to be tied down, I need a man to match or beat my sex life. Anyway, I am so happy to be free again and spread my sexual wings. I am a very sophisticated woman out in public but I turn into a Sex goddess in the bedroom. I have a guy friend that I have known for years. I called him up a few days ago and let him know I am now single. He definitely didn’t waste any time coming to see me. Before I was married this gentleman taught me how to be a real freak in the sheets. His biggest turn on was roleplaying, he always wanted me to be a maid, when he was feeling really horny he wanted me to be his sexy mommy or teacher. I wasn’t surprised when he showed up to my house with brand new outfits to roleplay in. I guess after all these years we knew, if I ended up single we would go back to the old days. He didn’t waste any time getting into his character, as soon as he stepped foot inside the house he was talking to me as if the house was his and I was his maid. I didn’t do any cleaning after I put the maid outfit on at least not the house. I did, however, clean all the cum off of his hard throbbing cock once he got done shooting deep inside my pussy. Yea I can tell already thing single life is definitely for me.

If I Was Your Woman

If I was your woman, you wouldn’t ever feel the need to go astray. Like a dog, you would know who your owner is and be loyal to me. You know you won’t find what I can give you. I am a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I love to surprise my man and get real freaky with him. Waking you up in the middle of the night with a blow job because I am too horny to sleep. I will be waiting for you to get home from work in my lingerie. I want you to release all your stress out on me, or even inside of me. I will treat you like the king you are. I will satisfy any role play or fetish you have in mind. I am not your boring woman, I am the woman who likes adventure. Let’s go hiking and when we get to the top we can fuck and watch the view. If I was your woman you would always be satisfied. Hot sexy woman

Lo From the block

sexy babeA sexy babe like me knows how to treat her man like royalty. My body was created for fucking, and there is no denying or hiding that. I happen to be your complete lust and fantasy. Once you lay your eyes on me, you have to have me. I walk right up to you because I have my eyes on the prize. Making you release all that candy rain is all I want. This Latina knows how to please and makes sure to leave a lasting impression. The only Spanish mami you will ever need. I am determined to make you mines. I will be the best you ever have. 

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex may be something you dabble in occasionally, but once you have it with me, you are hooked for a lifetime. You know it drives you crazy when I call you Papi. I know how to make your cock happy. My sexy tight bum makes all the boys on the block go loco. I have a perfectly plump derriere and the hottest pair of boobs straight from Bogota. This Caliente Colombian mami knows how to take dick. It has been said I am a carbon copy of Jennifer. Well thanks guys but  Pshh Ms. Lopez isn’t even a quarter of the freak I am. You can call me Lo from the block because I don’t mind getting around it one bit. 

ass fetishSo Papi, if you have a raging hard-on matched with an insatiable appetite and ass fetish, come holler at your girl. Let me take that dick and work that load right out like the bad Mamacita I am. This tight ass was made for fucking, and that is what I am going to dowith it,  I am going to get loads of cum. I am happiest when I use my assets. Let me show you the best time ever. A no limits latina is what the doctor ordered. 




Country Girls Make Do

Sexy babe

Growing up in the south, my parents tried to raise me to be a sweet proper southern girl. They couldn’t stop their daughter from being a cock hungry slut though. As soon as I blossomed, men and boys started to notice me and they all wanted to taste me like a Georgia peach. I used to sneak boys into my room at night and try to quietly fuck them without mama and daddy hearing and chasing him off. Other times, I would get so horny I would have to come up with my own ways to entertain myself. I didn’t have access to dildos or vibrators like city girls do, so I had to improvise. My favorite way to get myself off was using stuff like corn cobs or cucumbers to fuck myself. I would rub my clit until my pussy was nice and wet, and then slowly stick the big vegetable into my pussy and fuck myself hard and fast with it. I would squirt so much that my sheets would be soaking wet!

Small dick humiliation

Fantasy phone sexLots and lots of guys come to me for small dick humiliation. They know their oversized clits that some might call a cock is so laughable to me. They know I will tease mercilessly until that little sissy baby is crying. I only take REAL man cock – no less than the lucky number 7 in inches. That thing? It is SO SMALL! I can’t stop laughing, I’d never let that thing touch me. I bet your cum is as pathetic as your mini dickie – judging from the size of your equally measly balls. The closest a fairy faggot like you could ever get to the pleasure of seeing me cum is at the hands of a true man, hung like I need, thick and juicy and fucking me right in front of you. My tiny body takes more cock than a small-minded bitch like you could imagine. Don’t you wish you were blessed enough to fuck me? I know you wish you had a dick worthy of my presence and attention, but it’s only worth a good laugh to me. You’re my personal clean-up crew – so get to licking and slurping up all this cum left over in my cunt from my real big cock man. You know, it’s even still warm.

He was so humiliated

cuckold phone sexOh man, I really did a number on my newest cucky bitch boy, I’m pretty sure that I broke his spirit. He was a cocky little motherfucker but I really don’t understand how he got that way seeing as how he is short, skinny and has a tiny penis. What exactly is attractive about that?? He doesn’t even have money so he is pretty much irredeemable in my eyes but man he acted like he was some kind of stud or something! He was far, far from being a stud so I decided to show him what a real stud was. I invited one of my lovers over and  when little cucky boy got mad I had my lover restrain him so that he would be forced to watch us fuck. Boy was he mad! Until I compared their cocks, then he just started crying and begging me not to tell anyone about his tiny peepee. As if I would bother to keep that a secret! I told everyone I knew and even posted pics, pretty sure I broke him after that but who cares? I know I don’t give a fuck about a stupid lil cuck.

I Love Married Men

Erotic roleplayingHaving hot married men is one of my many fetishes. Nothing will make my pussy drip more than fucking the hot cum right out of a married man. Just the thought of a married man going home to his wife with my warm cum dried on his thick cock will have my clit swell up with sensation. I have been fucking this one married man for a while now. When we get together it is an all-day fucking session. When he is about to bust a thick one, he puts his cock deep inside my pussy until it reaches my cervix. That is when he lets that thick sauce explode inside of me. Every time he unleashes his thick sauce inside of me, I explode in orgasm all over his cock. The way his thick hard cock throbs inside my dripping pussy is enough to send me over the edge. That isn’t the only reason I love when his sauce explodes deep inside me. See, my married friend and I love mixing our warm sex juices together. Our juices dry on his cock and he goes home to his wife. His wife isn’t a freak like me, she doesn’t appreciate a nice hard cock. She is the boring type who likes to lay on her back and fuck in the dark. My married friend hates fucking his wife he tells me he thinks of me when he is inside of her. That is when I came up with the brilliant idea to mix our orgasmic cum together and have it dry up on his cock. When he goes home to his wife, he will still be turned on knowing he is going to put his dried up cum cock right into his wife’s fuck hole. He told me the other day he finally got his wife to suck our dried up cum right off his cock. She had no idea she was cleaning my pussy juice right off his hard cock. Fucking married men will always be something I love doing. I do not think there is one married man I couldn’t resist.

Latina phone sex with the best

latina phone sex

Papi wants to have fun have latina phone sex again. 😉 Let me show you my assets and make you weak in the knees.

My sexy body and holes are all yours to play with; I love to worship you and make you happy. I am yours for the night and possibly every night.

I want to play my cards right and show you how grateful I am to have you devour every inch of my body. I want to feel you take control of me and use me to your liking. I know my tight ass has your cock growing and ready to pop out. I cant wait to rub and tug on it and lick the head and tip. Feel my tongue flicker all over and watch me spread my legs and rub my clit. I know it drives you crazy when I moan and call you Papi. You are this latinas master. I want you to fuck me raw and let me build up the biggest cum load. I wish it all over me.
Most importantly let me have a taste because I have a sweet tooth for your candy rain. My mouth full of cum is the treat I been waiting on. Great blowjobs are the best with this Spanish slut.

great blowjobs

True Rumors

Fantasy phone sexI had some furniture that I needed moving out of my house and into my storage unit. There was no way I could move it myself so I called a moving company and I asked for them to send me the two biggest guys they had. A few hours later I heard a knock on my door and what do I see but two very fine black brothers. All of a sudden I was more interested in seeing what they are packing under their uniforms instead of getting my furniture moved. I was not subtle in my attempt to let them know I had another thing on my wicked little mind. I pushed the one brother back on my leather couch the very one I wanted to be moved and jumped on him straddling him. I would like to say he was surprised but I guess this kind of thing happens to him them. The other brother was joining us in seconds. It was almost like they were expecting it walking into my place. I giggled softly to myself and wonder if the true rumors about me and moving me are getting around town.

Teen cock tease

Cheapest phone sexI can’t get enough of my teen boyfriend’s dick while having the cheapest phone sex. I have been fucking him for a few years now. It was a long process training him, but I think I finally have him trained in how to please his favorite slut. Young boys lack stamina and focus. You need to train them so that they won’t just cum in three pumps and fall asleep. He surprised me last night. I went out to run some errands and when I came home, he had a romantic scene set up for us. Candles and a home cooked meal. He had been watching some porn on pussy eating too. He said he wanted to give his favorite slut a hot squirting pussy. I was impressed and excited to test out his new skills. He found a Ron Jeremy film on how to make a girl cum hard on Porn Hub and he studied it to a tee. I explained not all teen girls cum the same, but what he watched worked! I was squirting all over his face. I drenched him. You should have seen him. He was so proud of making his favorite teen slut squirt. He ate my tight pussy all night long. I couldn’t get enough. I can’t wait for him to come home from school for round two.

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