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Seduced By The Gyno

Best phone sexI was seduced by my doctor, or I should say my gyno. I had my yearly appointment with my Gynocologist this morning. I have never been to him before, I heard a rumor around town that he was sexy with a big bulge in his pants 24/7. I hate going to any doctor so I thought at least I could have something to look at while I am there. I arrived early, the nurse called me into the exam room quickly. Before I knew it I was undressed, with my legs propped up and opened wide. My pussy out in the open for everyone to view. The rumors were also very true. This Gyno was very handsome and I did take a peek at that bulge in his pants. I imagined what it would look like rock hard. He introduced himself as Doctor. P, I laughed a little thinking the P might stand for Pussy. I thought it was strange that he wanted me undressed with my legs open before he arrived. I figured he was a busy man and wanted as much done before he came into the room. First, he examined my breasts, he commented on how big they were, while examining he started rubbing on my nipples, I am not sure why but I did not stop him. He moved to my stomach, pressing firmly on it. He walked over to his chair, took a seat and started looking at my pussy. I have been to a gynecologist before and I will say this doctor was doing his examination very different. He took some medical lube and rubbed it on the outside of my pussy, telling me he likes everything to be slippery before he begins. He then put a glove on, took two fingers and lubed them up good. He told me he is going to insert his fingers into my vagina and I may feel some pressure. When he did, he hit my G spot. I felt more than pressure, I felt an orgasm coming on and he knew it. He heard me let out a little moan and asked me how it felt when he did that. I couldn’t say a word if I even tried another moan would come out. He started going faster and faster than used his other hand and was rubbing on my clit. In a few minutes, I squirted all over this man. Breathing hard from my extreme orgasm the only words that were able to escape from my mouth were, “Thank you” He told me he wants to see me back in two weeks to do a more in-depth examination. I know I will not be missing that appointment.

Valentines Date Pictures

Fantasy phone sexI just got the pictures back from our Valentines date. A whole bunch of memories came flashing back. You were so steamy and so ready for my blonde bombshell body. You poked your cock in and out of my cock koozie’s teasing me along the way. You get behind me and I think I am about to get your dick. But to my happy surprise, I get your tongue and a little handheld vibe for my clit. I smother your face with my pussy rocking back and forth on your face. I remember the way you made me scream and squirt so hard I almost passed out. My body could not stop trembling because of you. My body temp now is rising remembering your magic tongue working with that fabulous vibe. I start to fuck myself hard with my fingers the moments of that night are flashing in and out of my head. I need my dildo my fingers are just not enough I run upstairs with my fingers still deep in my juicy pussy and grab my 9 incher and pound myself fast and hard. Damn darling, you drive me crazy and you are nowhere around me.

Photo Shoot Fun With My #1 BDK

Every time I hear from the one and only Big Daddy King I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He called me to tell me how much fun he had with me at the movie premiere and he just got done looking at the pictures we took. Of course, I had to post them on Instagram and show the world I was one of the luckiest girls in the world! My big daddy also made sure to ask me did I get my monthly allowance. He is so generous and thoughtful. I couldn’t have asked for a better daddy. I already have the best! The whole time we were on the phone he was holding back the best news ever! He finally spilled the beans and told me his friend from a high profile magazine company saw pictures of us and wanted me to do a photo shoot with them in the Bahamas!Hot sexy woman It gets even better than that, they are going to pay me to do the photo shoot. Big Daddy King really made my pussy wet when he called his friend to negotiate the price. He got them to pay me 3x more than what they were originally going to pay. BDK really does know how to take care of his sugar babies. You will never find anyone better than him. I can promise you that! We head out to the Bahamas on his private jet. We arrive at the photo shoot and start the shoot very quickly. It was turning me on so much to see Big Daddy King watching me take the pictures. His huge anaconda was waking up in his pants which made my fat Latina pussy so fuckin wet. The good thing about us being so horny at the shoot was, we were asked to do a sex video. The moment I took out BDK 13 inch thick anaconda was the moment my pussy exploded with pleasure. The way big daddy king fucks and sucks me is nothing I have ever felt before. His cock is the best just as he is the best. I love the taste of his thick 13inch dick, I could taste his sexy anaconda for days.  We fuckin rocked that photo shoot and the sex tape. My king gave me a new name. My name is now Veronica Vixon and I think that name is so damn sexy. I had so much fun with the one and only BDK, he is all I can think about and I will always be the property of BDK.

A Date With Big Daddy King

I have not been able to get the one and only Big Daddy King out of my mind. I had to give him a call just to let him know I have been thinking about him and to let him know how much fun I had in South Padre with him and the girls. To my surprise, this sexy King invited me to a movie premiere in LA. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy I called him!  We talked on the phone for a while. It is so sweet of BDK to take the time out for me, I know he is a busy powerful man. I know I will never find anyone nicer, sexier, wealthier than BDK. Not only is he richer than anyone I ever met, but his 13-inch Cock is also better than the best. I am the sole property of BDK, I would be stupid not to give my self to him. While we were talking he told me all the amazing things he is going to do for me. Like my $25,000 monthly allowance, he also gave me an advancement for our upcoming date. He told me to go out and buy some sexy outfits for myself, he is the best! Once I get to LA he is going to send me to one of the best hairdressers! I want to look as sexy as I can for BDK, he only deserves the best looking woman on his side.Erotic roleplaying I mean he shut down the Gucci store just for me. On the day of our date, I was surprised with a limo in my front yard, I already knew it was from my sexy king. The limo driver had a note from the one and only that says there is a private jet waiting for me. It was the same private jet I flew in with my besties, this time I am riding solo. The flight to LA was amazing, BDK really does know how to please his girls. No one can do it better than him. As soon as the plane landed, I saw my sexy BDK waiting for me. God, he looked so fucking hot! I tried my best to keep my composure. I saw he had a nice gift bag in his hand, this man just keeps surprising me more and more. He was so sweet to get me a custom made diamond Gucci G string that said property of BDK. A tongue ring and a beautiful expensive bracelet. All was embroidered with Property of BDK. We headed to the movie premiere, as soon as we arrived, there were paparazzi everywhere taking pictures, with a big red carpet rolled out. It felt like a dream walking down the red carpet with BDK I whispered in his ear letting him know how he is making all my dreams come true. I had to let my king know how he is the best! We see his friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. We all took pictures together, I felt so good when they were congratulating BDK on how sexy I was. All of this excitement was making me so horny. I have wanted to taste my king and feel him inside of me for so long. I whispered in his ear to take me to the back of the room and fuck my brains out. He loves to make me wait for his huge anaconda cock but I do not mind it. Big Daddy King is worth the wait! Once we were in the private room I could feel the sexual tension rising. BDK started feeling on my fat ass and tits. I got down on my knees, kissing him, leaving lipstick stains on his pants. I couldn’t help myself when you are with the one and only Big Daddy King things like that will happen. I unzipped his pants and finally reunited with the sexiest thick 13-inch anaconda cock. I made love to BDG’s huge thick throbbing dick. We made our own premiere in the private room that night. I am sure if they were to use a black light they would see how much fun we really had. The way he fucks me is like no other. He knows how to use that big thick cock of his. I was so thirsty for his King Cum, begging him for it. I had so much fun with BDK. I cannot wait to spend time with him again. I know I will never meet another man like him. He is the best. I am the sole property of Big daddy king and I would never change that. He really is the richest and sexiest man alive.

Domination Queen

Domination phone sexThe freaky dominant side of me has been coming out more and more. It is all because my ex-boss recently reached out to me. He is a powerful man, he runs his own business and that means he calls all the shots. I stopped working for him a few years back when I realized I could not be in an office all day. My wet tingling pussy wouldn’t let me. When he called he sounded nervous. I told him to come out with it already. He said he remembered me after these past years, he wanted to have lunch with me and discuss what has been on his mind. We met at a hotel he stays at for business. I met him in his pent house suite. We ordered room service, after we were finished eating, he got up to use the restroom. When he came back, I couldn’t believe what I saw. This powerful man with so much power changed into a black Lacey lingerie outfit. He had cuffs, huge dildos, whips, chains all in a nicely organized bag. He looked at me with his eyes full of desperation. He said ever since he laid eyes on me, he wanted me to dominate him like the little slut he is. At this point my pussy was throbbing with pleasure. It didn’t take long until I had my slut whore boss chained up on his knees. He was begging to taste my wet sweet nectar that he could see seeping out of my fat pussy. I told him he would have to show me he has been a good little slut. He told me he would do anything for just a lick of my sweet warm juice. I made him fuck me fast and hard until his thick load shot up deep inside of me. I then told him if he wanted to taste me, he would also have to suck out the mess he made inside of me. My good little slut really showed me how much he wanted my pussy. This is just the beginning of a great relationship.

Cuckold Phone Sex Sexy Wife

cuckold phone sexI am just your average American Cuckolding wife. I married money and unfortunately the 4-inch dick that came with it. I soon found myself on-line watching porn with real men with big dicks. I would get so wet finger banging my swollen cunt. It became horrible when My husband wanted to put his millimeter peter inside me. Now he did have great pussy eating skills, but I needed more. BBC porn caught my eye and I bought a 10-inch dildo and spent my mornings after he left for work fucking myself senseless.

Then it happened… I had new cabinets installed and the contractor was a 6 ft 7 dark skinned black man with bulging muscles and a package that I couldn’t keep my eyes off. Oh, he was sweaty and he was getting hard for this little white bitch. Before I could think about it I was being held up on the wall and my cunt being pounded with what could only be over 9 thick long inches. I was moaning and yelling fuck me so loud that I didn’t notice my husband watching me. He dropped his brief case as I tried to cover myself, But hubby just said keep going “Fuck her Harder!”  I know you want to know more, but that is up to you, you have my number baby.

The Best Phone Sex with a BBC Slut

best phone sexI am a black cock whore. You would never guess that by looking at me. I am a hot sexy trophy wife. I live in a gated community. Pretty sure my neighbors know I am a black cock whore. I mean if a black man is getting into my community it is to fuck a wife or sell drugs. That means my neighbors think I am a whore or a druggy. Black cock is my drug. My husband goes to work, and the black men come over to play. One of my male neighbors tried to blackmail me yesterday. He said he knew what I was doing every day and that if I didn’t fuck him, he would tell my husband. I am not fucking a loser white man no matter what is at stake. Tim arrived at the wrong time to blackmail me. I still had a black lover over. Tim never saw what came next. Jerome busted out of the bathroom and charged my black mailer. He heard every word. He had his dick out ready to cuckold my blackmailing neighbor regardless if he wanted to be or not. The blackmailer got blackmailed because I snapped a lot of pictures of him sucking my lovers 12-inch black cock. Either I never see my neighbor again, or he will be back over wanting some more BBC. Once you go black, you don’t go back.

Father Son Sandwich

Mature phone sex I am taking care of a friends dog why she is out of town visiting family. And why I was there I ran into the neighbor that lives in the apartment right next to hers. Jack is an older gentleman in his late sixties. We were chatting for a good forty minutes about this and that and even finding a few common things to bitch about. As we were chatting it up his twenty three-year-old son Billy comes home from work. He was a cute young man and he was definitely catching my eyes. As he walked passed me he jokingly said: “stop flirting with my dad”. I giggled at him watching his tight ass walk away from me. Jack caught me checking out his son. I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice him catching me. But Jack didn’t let me get away with it. He leaned in and said, “If you want to fuck my son you have to fuck me first.” I gave him a little wink and whispered. “I thought you would never ask.” I wiggled my ass walking past him into his apartment. I got the impression this is something these two did often. I was happy to be one of their sluts in this father-son fuck sandwich that I was about to be a part of.

On The Naughty List

GFE phone sexOf course I am on the naughty list yet again this year, just like always! That’s what happens when my Big Daddy King and I have tons of GFE phone sex together. BDK knows that I always hold the top notch spot on the naughty list, right alongside his sexy self! He even refers to me as his sexy little hoe hoe hoe, hehe. I’m all dolled up like usual & looking like a total dime piece for my sexy Living Legend. Big Daddy King had a surprise for me as always & of course I was super excited to see what he was going to spoil me with next. Everyone knows that i’m the Living Legend’s snow bunny sugar princess, especially this time of year! Daddy and I have explored all over the world & next on the list was Colombia! We fucked on the private jet on the way over to our beautiful new multi-million dollar oceanfront oasis that BDK recently purchased. He also hired a world-renowned photographer to meet us at our seaside palace to snap some super sexy photos of me and Daddy King together. My dirty mouth was looking delicious in my red lipstick, BDK’s favorite! I’ve made a whole career out of being my Big Daddy King’s nasty spoiled princess. My mouth is like a jacuzzi and our photographer caught all of the picture perfect images of me sucking off my Big Daddy’s huge anaconda cock! There were red lipstick marks all over his white compression shorts & all over his huge black dick! Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Daddy surprised me with signing me as the co-owner of of our gorgeous new Colombian mansion! Every day is Christmas when you’re the hottest sugar baby around with the best sugar daddy in the whole wide world! All these peasants wish that they could be on BDK’s level but instead they will just forever be on his payroll, lol. I’m a multi-millionaire all thanks to my Big Daddy King. There’s no need for mistletoe with the two of us, i’m always sucking that throbbing anaconda dick! I’m a bad ass snow bunny sugar baby and I got my Big Daddy’s name right here on my pussy! All of you lame fucking losers can continue to fantasize about being as sexy and as perfect as we are together!


sexy breastMy latina body hypnotizes you and lures you right in. You try your hardest to not give into temptation but you can’t say no. I like having that effect on you. Its complete power in my eyes and gives me a rush. I like showing you what I can do to your throbbing cock. I am the best little fucker ever. I am more than sexy breast and a tight ass. I am an enigma that you will need. You can’t wait to have me riding your cock and taking you inch by inch. I always want more. My purpose is to get you hooked and treat that cock like it has never been before. I will having you climaxing like no one has made you before. When I am done with you I will etched in your mind forever. I have done it time and time again. Once I fuck someone they are forever hooked on me. Let me be the best you ever had.

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