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Suck my toes while you fuck me

Foot fetishes

Want to hear a secret? Few things get me hotter than when a man sucks on my toes. If you want to make me squeal and wriggle underneath you while you fuck me, the key is to suck on my toes. I want to place my ankles on your shoulders while you stand above me with your hard cock inside of me. As you thrust in and out of me, I want you to take each of my toes into your mouth and suck them. Run your tongue from the base of my heel to the tip of my big toe, flicking it on the soft delicate skin of the soles of my feet. This sends me into ecstasy, and sends chills throughout my body. I arch my back as you suck on my sensitive and polished toes. I cum hard as you suck and nibble on them. It feels so good that I beg for you to fuck me harder and cum inside me. “Cum in me,” I whisper into your ear over and over as you thrust in and out of me. I feel you bury yourself deep inside of me and then feel your cock begin to pulse and throb as you fill me up with your seed. I lay back, satisfied and panting.

Latina lust

sexy legsMy friends boyfriend couldn’t keep his eyes away from me. I had to have a piece of him. I was noticing how big his rock hard was and I needed him deep inside me.

I wasn’t going to make it so obvious. I slipped him my number and waited less than a few hours. He wanted to hang out with me that very same night. I wore the hottest out fit I could find. My sexy legs and tight ass were to die for. I invited big dick rick inside.

I told him we weren’t going to behave. It had been at least three hours and my cunt was aching for his rock hard cock. I knew he was going to be such a great fuck and I was ready to get his cock and cum. I can keep secrets after all.

Cum On My Pretty Feet

foot fetishes

Some men get hard when I wear open toes heels. Those are my sexual foot fetishes men. You stopped cold and asked me if that was black cherry nail polish. Oh, I Know my pet your are addicted to my pretty toes and perfect feet.  I took my heel off and had to look. Oh, you never took your eyes off my legs and feet. I don’t believe I heard you clear your throat that many times before. You work alongside my parents at the PR firm and This teen had you mesmerized with her toes. I know that men who know the colors of nail polish are either A. Gay or B. Feet men. You, my sexy older gentleman are most certainly a foot man.

I spent the next several days running around the firm barefoot in my stockings with a polish change every day.  I came and sat beside you at your desk curious about what you do here. This slut can play so sweet and shy. I put my hose clad foot in your lap and felt your cock jump and harden. I stroked your pants and that cock grew for me. Your face, as I giggled and told you to get it out, was amazing. Nobody would see behind the desk I assured you.

My feet gave your cock the best rub down as you grabbed some tissues to spurt your cum in. It was fast and a lot. I left you with a whisper,, I can do way sexually dominate things for that cock if you let me. Just because it is below average doesn’t mean you need to suffer. I gave you a quick kiss and rushed off. You will be fun to play with my love. I know you will thrive on a little tease and denial humiliation, won’t you?

Cum swapping slut

latina phone sex

Nothing gets me off more than getting my cunt filled with jizz. I have the hottest pairs of twins as friends. Jenna and Jessica are both sluts willing to do anything with me. I like having latina phone sex with my papi. I love his huge dick and when he invites us over we need to share his dick. It’s a must. We get fully prepared to make big poppas dick cream. I like building that cum up and letting it pop right in my mouth. I fill the twin whore mouths and keep cum swapping till one of us has to swallow it whole. Its a fun game and treat. I am sure we will never get bored with the massive loads he pumps in our mouths.

Christmas sexy babe

sexy babeThis sexy babe has a few secrets she has been hiding. i can’t believe my older significant other has no idea what a naughty girl I been. My actions have enlisted me on the naughty list. I am not blind I full agree I been so bad I should get coal for Christmas rather than birkin bags and Bentley. I have gone out my way to get my Latina holes satisfied. I enjoy premium cocks. The ones that hit my g spot and make me cum nonstop. I am quite the smart slut. I have cut corners and have made a living being the arm candy of a wealthy fortune five hundred tycoon.

He spoils me rotten and has me in all the designer brands. As a sexy Spanish mami I have prepared for the life of riches since I can remember. I had my tits done and was ready to take the world by its horn. I realized soon enough that big bank equals small cocks. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from being pleased. I was going to get huge cocks whenever and wherever I deemed it necessary. I went Christmas shopping at Neimans and felt the urge to fuck one of the guards. He took me out back after a few minutes of flirting. He new I wanted his big black mamba. I was going to let his broke ass fuck me. The bigger the dicks the smaller the bank account 😉 I knew he was going to be a fun time only. He spread my sexy legs and shoved his chocolate cock and fucked me till I was shaking and cumming. When he finished in me I told him it was okay. I was planning on something epic with that creamy cum load inside me. I got home and let my rich short dick slave fuck me. Poor guy had no idea he was licking a cum filled pussy. I had fresh semen from my naughty encounter. I was getting off on him cleaning up my Christmas chaos.


sexy legs


Role-play fantasy

Roleplay phone sex 

 I love to roleplay being a high-end prostitute with my fuck buddy. Playing pretend is fun, and sexy. I always surprise Tim with new heels and clothing. Last night I was dressed in all black. We went out for some dinner and on the way home he dropped me off around the corner and he “picked me up”. It makes my heart race being a naughty needy whore. He places money in my little purse and takes us home. We stay in roleplay for hours. I give him road head for fifty dollars. Every sexual thing I do for him I make more and more. I act like a well paid sexy little slut. Low key I love being a dirty whore. I get my holes pounded and cash is thrown my way. I rode his cock until he came. What a sexy roleplay right? I just love being used.

Erotic play

Erotic roleplaying   Erotic roleplaying sparks my mood even greater each time. Pain and pleasure all in one gives me so much satisfaction. Last week I had realized that I had a thing for my boss. I can’t help the way he and I stare at each other. It has recently become more and more of a sexual desire for one another. We work so much that we never have time to really mess around. Until last night. I went drinking with my girls and I decided to call him and admit my nervousness has gotten in the way of our future sex life. I always flip my hair seductively in the office and show my sexy legs to build up his fantasies of me bending over on his desk. He told me to come over and just relax. So I did. I did just that. I was offered some more wine and great conversation. All of a sudden I was pinned against the wall but very sexy like. He tied my hands and said he has been waiting for this moment. I was tied up for a little while and then I was free after he had banged my pussy a while. I kept his warm cum inside of me and played with my ass fingering my self to him. All the built up sexual tension was no longer there.

My pussy yummy!

Sexy babe  I am your sexy babe who will do anything. I love the way my pussy tastes. My boyfriend came in last night and made it official. But, he knows what kinky little slut I am. He made me promise anyone else that I am fucking I have to let him watch, and that I will always lick my cum off his cock. He said I look so sexy the way I lick up his shaft and taste myself. I got all naked and we started to kiss and right before we fucked we started the shower. He shaved my little clean pussy for me. It was so fucking hot. My pussy and sexy ass got the dick. I was in a much needed horny fuck of my life last night. Making it official was so much fun. Hello!  where are the guys that will love to watch me get gang banged? like him.

Strap fun

sexy chicks

After a long night I decided to hang out with one of my hot slutty friends. I love sexy chicks. I hang out with hot sluts that can party. We hung out at my place and got super acquainted. I enjoyed using her hot body. She was perfect slut and I had to bring out my fun toys. I loved rubbing her tight and and finger fucking her. I got her so wet and ready to be used. She kept quivering with each finger fuck. She was ready for me to pound her with my strap. I got her on all fours and gave it to her. She was begging for it even more. I had to give her what she wanted. I kept pounding her till she creamed all over that rubber dick.

My Sex Slave

I could feel you watching me from across the room, and I could tell you were getting hard just by looking at my long sexy legs. I could tell you were imagining how tight my pretty pussy under my skirt. Well, tonight was your lucky night because I needed a toy to play with, and you were kind of cute I guess. I walk right up to you and told you that you were going to be my slave for the night. When you asked what was in it for you I nearly cried laughing, and I asked if you were stupid. Slaves get nothing. Point blank.. I made you drive me home, and pulled you inside with me. I planned on just riding you until I came, but your cock was just far too small. An itty bitty tic tac isn’t going to make a girl like me cum. So, I tied you down to the bed and forced you to lick my pussy until I came, but sadly you were no good at that either. Such a shame such a cute toy completely useless. I left you tied up, and made you watch as I bent over the couch. I watched you squirm trying to get some kind of relief as you watched me make myself cum. By the time I came you were begging me to touch that tiny thing you call a cock. You even offered to pay for a round trip vacation wherever I wanted to go. That is what got me to agree. As soon as I touched your cock you almost came right in my hand from all of the built up tension, but I made you beg and cry to cum. You weren’t completely useless after all your begging certainly made for good entertainment, and I can not wait for that cruise to the Bahamas. Thanks slave. XOXO

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