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I love Having Small Boobs

Small Boobs

I love having small boobs, I feel like it takes more confidence to rock them and feel good about your body. I don’t think I would look really that good with like a D cup. I have a tight body, I go to the gym five days a week and guys are very sexually attracted to me just the way I am. I have a very cute round bubble butt. I love when I am fucking a guy and he can get just enough tit in his hand and rubs the tip of his cock on my nipples, that makes me so wet. I know you will love what I have to offer, maybe you never have been with a tight teen like me. Come give me a shot, I am a sure thing.

I Want To Have Roleplay Phone Sex With You

Roleplay Phone Sex

Hello to all you horny men reading this or even just looking at my sexy body wish you could touch me. The best thing about a roleplay is we get to be anyone that we want to. Some of my favorite include a naughty teacher and you need to get your grades up and I smack my ruler across my desk while kind of bending over it with my shirt unbuttoned so you can see my sexy cleavage. Watch my nipples get so hard, I also see you look at my legs with my garter belt showing. Why don’t you be a good boy and come undo do it for me and while you are down there don’t stop lick my cunt. Another one I love is that I am your babysitter for the last moment and I know you aren’t being satisfied by the wifey and so you come home early and fuck me in the bathroom while the little ones sleep in dreamland. Maybe you have a different roleplay, I would love to hear from you and discover our bodies together.

Sexy Chat With Kelly

Sexy ChatI love talking to all kinds of men and women, I wish women would call me. I love all kinds of sexy chat, I can be very tame, and sensual.I would love to chat about any fantasy you have, no matter what it is. I love giving blowjobs and feeling that head get real nice and fat. While you rub your hands up my tight legs and up to my round ass and feel how tight it is and how wet my asshole can get. And rub your dick up against my cute ass. I want to feel your arms wrapped around me, Hold me tight and kiss me let me sit on your lap. I want to feel your hard dick against me and making me wet.

Come Get Me I Am Your Total Fantasy

Fantasy Phone Sex

I have a speciality with being an amazing GFE for most people. I want to be that fantasy you call when you want something catered to you. I can go from mild to wild in a heartbeat. I love laying on my bed fantasizing about what we could be doing with my favorite toy. I love thinking about being your nurse doing your exam, playing around gently with your asshole. Moving up to your balls and massaging them and making you cough. It makes my box so moist to think that you are looking down my shirt and see my nice small, perky breasts. Taking that dick out and getting it wet with my warm mouth. I want to feel your hand up my round ass.

Come Taste These Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs

I love having such a tiny body. I have such sexy legs and a cute little bum. I do have a friend with benefits and he can’t believe I am still single. He always tells me how beautiful I really am. I have been told I should do modeling or something. I know my goal is to please and believe me I love it but, it doesn’t hurt to focus a little bit on me. I love walking around the malls or wherever I can go to show off my long legs, the attention my body and legs gets me is incredible. I don’t think you will disagree, now will you? I want to feel your tongue going up and down my long, lustful legs.

Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization

I love being that small breasted GFE for any guy who deserves it. I do have a kink of mine however and I get to experience it every once and a while. So, I have this male friend which I will leave his name out of it. He will come over and I will lead him up to my bedroom and he knows what is waiting there for him. I have laid out on my bed some pink panties with a matching bra.He will try to resist but I make him put them on. I also have this black inch dong I love using on him.

After he puts that cute stuff on, I make him bend over and spread his legs so I can inspect. I kind of spank his butt with that heavy dong. He acts like he doesn’t like it, but, I think he secretly does. I put it down my pussy and make him suck it like it is my own dick. I even grab the back of his head and force him down further even with him gagging. I warn him to be a good girl for me or he knows what will happen.

His dick head has to be poking out of the top of the panties the entire time. I pull the panties to the side with my cock still wet, I start rubbing it on the rim of his pink starfish. I push it in and he groans I make him stroke his while I power fuck him and hard. I keep pounding until I feel like he is going to climax. I then make him get on his knees and suck my dick while he coming out of his.

Great Blowjobs

Great Blowjobs

I know you have had a long hard day at work and I want you to come home to a nice candle lit room. With some soft music playing and I have on my cute, soft cotton pink bikini style panties. I take your hand and lead you into the room and I sit on your lap and kiss your lips really soft. And you grab my cute round bubble butt and start sliding me, I can feel you are hard as a rock. I get up and slowly take those panties down and I can see my shadow on the wall. I put them in your mouth and make you smell and taste them. I go down and spit on your cock, and stroke it down. I stroke it all the way down to your balls, cupping them and then putting my mouth on the fat mushroom head and push my tongue hard against it. I go all the way down and you play with my puffy nipples. I go faster and faster until you unleash that load in my mouth with it dripping down my chin.

Voyeur Phone Sex

Voyeur Phone SexI love watching men take their dick in their hand and stroking it all the way down to their balls without me knowing they are doing it. It makes my little puffy nipples so hard. Wouldn’t you love to be out somewhere like a library and the urge strikes you, you just can’t help yourself and so you take it out under the table. You stroke it and you have no idea a beautiful female is watching and fantasizing about my tongue wrapped around the head of your fat mushroom head. It makes me so moist to watch you when you have no idea you are being looked at while enjoying that nice cock that should be in my mouth, ass or pussy. I love chatting about the naughty things you do to yourself.

Foot Fetishes With A Touch Of GFE

Foot Fetishes You know what I love being more than your GFE that you can’t get anywhere else? I love watching you squirm in anticipation as I show you my freshly manicured feet. Isn’t is nice right in the morning after you wake when you are hard, having me rub my soft feet all over that prick? I have on my cute peach thong panties and that is all. I start to slide them down real slow and you love watching things things come off my tiny little body.

I get out of bed and you smack my cute little ass, I walk over to the dresser and grab my favorite vibrator, it is so powerful and makes me cum really fast. I walk back towards you and get on my back with my vibe on my pussy. You pick my feet up and start kissing them, getting even harder. Put them together and you put your dick in between and I go harder on my clit with my toy. I am almost ready to climax. I turn over on my back and I squeeze your rod in between my feet going up and down making sure to cup your balls with my feet.

I go faster and harder coming up around the head while I am fucking myself with those powerful vibrations. I can tell you are about to cum, I flip back over onto my back and let you shoot that cream pie all over my feet. I love the feeling of that sticky, wet mess.

Small Boobs For You To Play With

small boobs

I love getting my small boobs played with. They are so sensitive that even the tiniest little flick of my nipple makes my sweet little pussy start to drip. This guy I used to hook up with knew how much I love my nipples being pinched and played with and whenever he was looking to slide his dick inside my tight little hole he would start by playing with my tits. I’m a small girl so I’ve never had a whole lot going on as far as tit size, but they are so sensitive. Even when I masturbate and rub my clit I have to squeeze on my tits and give my nipples a little twist. If I’m on the edge of cumming it’s a sure way to get the job done. So if I’m riding your cock or taking it nice and hard with you on top of me and you want my pussy to cum all over you and drench you with its sweet juices, just give my nipples a pinch and I’ll explode for you!

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