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I love Cum On My Small Boobs

Cum On BoobsI am quite conservative, but on one hand I can be quite the little slut with a cute heart shaped ass. I love mutual masturbation as much as fucking, there is just something about watching each other get our self off while we are in touching distance of each other. I have a favorite toy that is pretty thick and it has a suction cup on the bottom. I love having my partner watch me fuck it and how my pretty flower just opens up. I want him to come over to me jacking off that big dick and let me lick his balls while my tiny titties are bouncing with hard nipples and keep stroking harder and faster making me squirt all over my toy and when he is ready to come I want him to come on my small boobs and then I will lick it up and swallow down that load.

Tease And Deny That Eruption

Tease And DenialOne of my favorite things to do since I have such sexy stems and very smooth skin is tease and then deny a man of his eruption. I called my fuck buddy over and I was waiting in my office chair that spins around in my bra and panties with my legs spread so wide. I told him to come into the room and he was already drooling looking at my body. He loves my small perky breasts and my white milky skin. He laid down on the bed and I spread my legs and started rubbing my thigh going up grazing slowly over my panties with my pussy that is nice and bald. I then took my bra off very slowly and making sure not to lose eye contact, biting my bottom lip. I was seducing him and I could see his tent pitching. I walk over to him and take that nice schlong out and start sucking hard and fast. I let up not to let him cum and he was begging me while playing with my perky breasts. I started stroking him rubbing the head over my nipples and I was going faster talking really dirty in his ear and he was moaning and ready to cum. I let up and got back on my chair and was playing with my pretty bald pussy. I wouldn’t let him touch himself I had a really good orgasm and had him lick my fingers clean.

My husbands younger brother

ass fetish

My husband was telling me that he needed to bring over one of his brothers. I was very irritated and didn’t like the idea; I hated the fact that his brother was such a bum. I have heard stories, but I’ve never met him. I knew he was about 22 and such a troublemaker. I knew he was going to be around the house not doing a thing.

Knowing he would be a fly on the wall present for all my rendezvous had me nervous. I was frustrated I knew it was going to put a damper on my plans.

When I was introduced to him, I saw something I didn’t think I’d see, my husband’s younger brother was everything he wasn’t.
He was handsome, and I could already tell he was well hung.

The chemistry was instant I was already wet as can be within seconds of meeting him.
To my surprise we hit it off, he was quite the Joker and told me all about his ass fetish.

I could tell he liked what he saw because he couldn’t stop checking me out since the moment he stepped in the front door.

When my husband was gone one morning, I would soon realize the extent of it. I woke up to someone pulling my panties down, and just going down on me.

I honestly thought it was my husband using his pathetic charm on me, the only way my husband knows how to get me off is with him eating my pussy, so I assumed it was him, but then I saw that it was his brother.

I couldn’t deny that I was wet as can be even if I did tell me to stop he would call me out. I let him finish up, and then I gave him a return because honestly, I just imagined his big beautiful cock in my mouth. You can imagine how much fun we had whenever my husband would be out the door from then on.

I Loved Riding His Tongue

Small Boobs

I had promised my parents since they were going on vacation I would watch their house. So no sugar daddies or dick for me or so I thought. They had compiled a list of things they need done and one was their trees trimmed with the hedges. I called the neighbors and their college age son was home and does it for them usually and from what I remember he was nerdy. When he came over my how life has been good to him, he was buff and so hot! I could see as he was cutting the hedges his muscles were like wanting to burst out of his shirt. I was getting so turned on, I got naked and I love my small tits so I went by the window and was watching him while playing with cute tight, pink bald box. He saw me and I made a come here motion with my finger. He came inside and I went over and got on the counter, I told him I wanted him to eat my muff like it was last dinner. He got down and pulled his shirt off and the beads of sweat were dripping down his big chest. I grabbed his hair and when I felt his tongue on my clit I came so hard. He had me so excited, he didn’t stop and he just dove his tongue in my hole, grabbed my ass and started fucking me. I was arched backed and I came again riding his tongue. I pulled him up and kissed and sucked my juices off his tongue.


No Bug A Boo’s, Only Pathetic Men

Forced CrossdressingYou think you can handle this spoiled princess? Well in order for some of that to happen you are going to need to put on my sexy satin panties of mine and the choice is mine. I know a few guys who would do anything to get a piece of me and that means wearing panties and putting on a wig with heels and I love degrading pathetic fucks like that. I don’t even want you to be a bug a boo about it. I want your cock sticking out the top of the panties likes a good sissy and then I want you to watch me fuck other men but you aren’t allowed to play with yourself, you can however lick their juicy prick as I slide up and down. I then want you to lick my pretty cunny like it’s your last meal, savor every flavor and scent. I want your teeth to roll my clit making it real hard and I love a lot of pressure so I will grab the back of your head and bury it in deep. I love how stupid you look and that will make me come almost as much as money does.

I Am Your Ultimate GFE

GFE Phone SexI love GFE phone sex, it’s so sensual and can be very sexy without being so obvious. I love connecting with guys and being that shoulder they need to come to about anything. I will always be here and so into what you are telling me and I will never judge you. Unlike your wife or girlfriend, or you might even be single I will always also be a sure thing. I love rubbing your shoulders to relieve the tension of a long day. Lying in bed with you watching a movie and cuddling, I would be topless and I want you completely naked. You would love to have a hot teen there with the perfect heart shaped ass and cute bald cookie to bend to your every desire. I love when you place your hands on my soft, thin thighs. I want you to go up farther and rub on my lacy panties while I reach there and play with your dick and feel it growing. I love how your dick feels in my hand getting hard. I want to jack you off until you come all over my hand, there are times where sex is not necessary and just feeling your member pulsate in my hands is enough.

My Naughty Teacher Got What He Wanted

naughty teacher

My naughty teacher has been giving me looks in class that let me know he wants me. I do dress like such a slutty little cock tease so I can’t really blame him for wanting to fuck me. I wanted to make all his fantasies come true. I dressed up like a kinky schoolgirl slut and went into his room after school. I locked the door behind me and sat up on his desk. He was sitting his chair and put my legs around his neck. He could see my pretty pink pussy, so smooth and bald spread for him. I started rubbing myself and let him watch while I got my fuck hole wet for him. He fucking loved it. His cock so hard for me when I pulled him to me and unzipped his pants. He pounded me and begged me to cum inside me. I couldn’t help but let him, he had such a nice cock and it felt so good to let him fill me up. I walked home from school with my pussy dripping with his load.

GFE For Your Relaxation

GFE Phone SexI want to be the one you call when you are having a rough day or just a day where you want to talk. I will never judge you and I will always make you feel like it’s all about you because it is. I have these nice oils and I will dress up in my pretty pink panties and matching bra. You can undo the bra while I massage you. I want you lie on your back and I will pour some oil in my hand to warm it up and then rub starting at your nicely sculpted chest and work my way down. I want you put more in my hand while you rub my cute pussy over the panties making a nice wet spot. I will go down to your dick and massage all the way to your balls. I take my wet panties off and put them on your face so you mask in the smell of my pussy. I keep rubbing and you are standing at attention. I rub a little harder and it’s slick, going in and out of my hand real nice and then I go up by the head and cup it keep massaging over. You prick is so big and plump, I start sucking on your balls and keep stroking your manhood. I feel you tense up and I go real fast, I want you to release that stress.

Teasing You In The Brothel And Deciding When You Release

Tease And DenialI have this guy I see a couple times a month, he is kind of a sugar daddy but not really. He surprised me and booked a trip for us to go into sin city. I am so excited it has been a hot minute since I went there. He is going to take us to the famous brothel that is right outside of sin city. I knew I had to kind of upstage the girls, we were about the be amongst a buffet of desire. I put on my cute little see through dress with matching bra and panties, it was like a cream color. We got checked into our hotel and drove to the brothel. The girls were all lined up and man were they beautiful, I could see him eyeing one of the ladies and I knew I had to do something to keep his attention. We sat down on the couch while we waited and he picked someone. I started rubbing on his pants and he was getting excited. He picked his girl, she was petite with large breasts and long dark hair. Her lips were plump and she was wearing her bra and panties. She took us back to her room. We all sat down on the bed and I looked right at him and I went over and kissed her and I whispered in her ear I want to tease the fuck out of him and then deny him and she was game. We started kissing and she was putting her hands up to my breasts making my nipples hard. I was kissing down her body and licking her pussy over her panties. I made a come here motion for him to come over and he did I could see he was hard. He pulled it out, and I was backing up and barely touching his head with my bare, wet pussy. Her and I both starting sucking his big cock and we were getting that thick spit and he was moaning we were sucking him until he was going to climax. We stopped and she went down on me and I was stroking him and he was getting close again and I stopped. I made him watch her eat my cunt and me come all over her face. She started rubbing her bald cunt on mine and I was stroking him again and I was going fast, I almost let him come because what she was doing felt so good we both were coming. I thought I would be a good girl and let him release finally the girl and me went down with our tongues out and heads tilted and was jacking him hard and fast. When he did come on us, he watched us lick it off of each other’s faces and then kiss with thick white cum on our tongues.

I Love My Small Breasts

Small BoobsI love having small breasts, I can wear the sluttiest outfits with no bra and let you see my hard nipples poking out. I love when my friend with benefits comes over and sees my hard nipples. It makes his dick so hard, he always he thinks girls with big breasts they sag too much and the areola is to big. He came over and lifted my top up and bit hard and sucked on my nipple. Picked me up and put me on the kitchen table and kept kissing and licking even caressing my breasts. He took his dick out and rubbed the head on my nipples making it all shiny, he then put his dick in my pussy and fucked me slow and deep. My heart shaped butt was bouncing off the table, he always does me good. He pulled out and came all over my chest and he loved watching me lick the cum off my nipples.

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